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Edward the Confessor Catholic Church

January 9, 2011 † The Baptism of the Lord
St Edward the Confessor
Catholic Church
Phone: 496-1307 ~ Fax: 496-1557
Monday-Friday 8 am - 8 pm (949) 496-1307
Saturday 8 am - 5 pm
Sunday 8 am - 5 pm 33926 Calle La Primavera
8:15 am & 5:30 pm (Vigil)
7:30, 9:00, & 11:00 am
Dana Point, California 92629
Mon– Friday
12:30 & 5:30 pm
8:15 am & 5:30 pm www.stedward.com
Eve of Holy Day 5:30 pm
Holy Day 8:15 am, 5:30 & 7:30 pm
Wednesday 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Sacrament of the Sick
Saturday 4:00 – 5:00 pm In the event of serious illness or medical emergency, Anointing
(and by appointment) of the Sick and Eucharist may be arranged by contacting the Par-
PASTORAL MINISTERS ish Office. Call (949) 257-8017 for a medical emergency
Rev. Steve Sallot - Pastor after 8 p.m.
Extension 2880 Sacrament of Baptism
Rev. Chris Heath—Parochial Vicar
Parents of infants requesting information about Baptism may
Extension 2109
Rev. Loc Tran - Parochial Vicar contact the Office of Religious Education. Infant Baptisms are
Extension 2206 celebrated on the first and third Sunday of each month following
Rev. Mario Juarez – Parochial Vicar catechesis for parents and godparents of candidates.
Extension 2870
Celebration of Christian Funerals
Deacon Ron Tiberi Extension 2505
At the time of death, a family member should contact the parish
Business Office—429-2874 office, as soon as possible, to arrange the date and time for the
Accounting—429-2873 Funeral Liturgy.
Christian Service—496-1572
Mary Baur, Director Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
Adults requesting information about full initiation and commun-
Laurie Saine, Assistant to the Pastor ion with the Roman Catholic Church (the sacraments of Bap-
tism, Eucharist and Confirmation) may contact the Office of Reli-
Music – 496-1307, extension 2872
Rick Dellefield, Director
gious Education.
Parish School – 496-1241 Sacrament of Matrimony
Sharon Rands, Principal The Sacrament presumes active sacramental participation on the
Preschool – 240-8485 part of one or both persons. Couples must begin preparation
Cheryl Pickrel, Principal for their Sacrament at least six months prior to their proposed
Faith Formation – 496-6011 wedding date. Please call the Parish Office for more information.
Office of Religious Education Eucharistic Adoration
Donna Couch, Director
Gloria Fetta, Director of Family Ministries On the first and third Monday of each month we gather in
Neil Sampson, Confirmation Coordinator prayer and praise before the Blessed Sacrament. The Diocesan
Aimee Martinez, Coordinator Sunday intention is that of an increase of vocations to the priesthood
Children’s Ministry and religious life.
Youth Ministry – 496-9719
Gary Foote-Coordinator Please visit our website, www.stedward.com, for more
Parish Ministries — 496-1307
Neil Sampson, Coordinator, Extension 2229
Parish Ministries
To assist you in discerning a ministry or for more information,
please contact Neil Sampson, Parish Ministry Coordinator at (949) 496-1307, ext 2229

Liturgical Ministries: Outreach & Support Ministries:

Altar Guild Mary Ann Connolly (949) 240-1164 Binky Patrol Mary Howe (949) 249-2066
Altar Server Deana Progar ((949) 525-7092 Blood Drive Greg Montevideo (949) 493-7605
Alter Server (scheduling) Tom Littlejohn (949) 489-5595 Support Group for Margaret Prendiville (949) 496-7312
Art & Environment Deana Progar (949) 525-7092 Chronic Illness (HELP)

Eucharist Minister Rocco Falabella (949) 240-8037 Christian Service Mary Baur (949) 496-1572
(Food Distribution)
Eucharist Minister to the
LaVerne Klopp (949) 496-1307 x2207
Sick & Homebound Detention Ministry Diane Wetherbee (949) 489-8016
Lector Maureen Walker (949) 374-0506 English & Spanish Lessons Maria Simmons (949) 661-8827
Music Ministry Rick Dellefield (949) 496-1307 Faith in Action Ellen Loretta (949) 493-5949
Usher Rob Wagner (949) 842-2277 Knight of Columbus Paul Sampson (949) 429-6461
John Di Mare (626) 824-6084 Respect Life Don Walz (949) 493-3134
Youth Music/Faith Out Social Justice Jo & Mel Mothershead (949) 487-2020
Tim Horrigan (949) 496-1307 X2501
St. Vincent de Paul Society Maria Simmons (949) 496-1307
Faith Formation:
Tijuana Ministry Suzanne Luke (949) 496-1307
Adult Formation Donna Couch (949) 496-6011
Bible Study Donna Couch (949) 496-6011
Parish Enrichment:
Children’s Sunday Liturgy Bereavement Conrad Esser (949) 361-9813
Aimee Martinez (949) 496-1307 X2500
of the Word Finance Council Randy Redwitz (949) 753-1514
Confirmation Neil Sampson (949) 496-1307 X2210 Hospitality Esmeralda Troge (949) 362-7495
Elementary Children’s Mary’s Corner Gift Shop Suzanne Luke (949) 496-1307
Gloria Fetta (949) 481-0882
Religious Education
Pastoral Council Fr. Steve Sallot (949) 496-1307 x2880
Infant Baptism Ministry Aimee Martinez (949) 496-1307 X2500
Serra Club of South OC Carol Lavigne (949) 240-7621
Insight (Grade 9-12) Gary Foote (949) 496-9719
Stephen Ministry Catherine Hallett (949) 496-1307 X2503
Outlet (Grade 6-8) Gary Foote (949) 496-9719
Dan Nichols (949) 496-1307 X2503
RCIA Donna Couch (949) 496-6011
Web Ministry Laurie Saine (949) 481-4000
Sunday Sacramental
Aimee Martinez (949) 496-1307 X2500 Welcoming Committee Neil Sampson (949) 496-1307X2229
Family, Faith & Prayer Enrichment: Community & Social
Adoration Society Deana Progar (949) 525-7092 Guess Who’s Coming to Donna Rosen (949) 661-2514
Circle of Praise Pam Conway (949) 661-0158 Dinner
Cursillo Dan Abalos (949) 366-3710 Cub Scouts Mary Litwinski (949) 240-0727
Disciples of Divine Mercy Girl Scouts Kristen Stovesand (949) 249-4968
Deana Progar (949) 525-7092
School and Preschool Ministries:
Families of Nazareth Ann Marie Eckl (949)230-0476
Consultative School Board Jackie Brady (949) 291-6152
Legion of Mary Margaret Maistrou (949) 215-9897
Campus Ministry Gloria Fetta (949) 481-0882
Marriage Enrichment Joe & Rosemary Sinacori (949) 496-3478
Bob & Mary Dausch (949) 481-1102 Family Photo Fundraiser Natalie Del Castillo (949)369-9818

Natural Family Planning Meredith Thomas (949) 493-5914 Fiesta with Friends Lisa Gipe (949) 248-7383
Golf Tournament Kathy & Robt. Hancock (949) 488-8323
Our Lady's Blue Army Ann Mintie (949) 496-4653
Retrouvaille Open Position Monarch Main Event Sue Buckley (949) 493-8256

Serenity Days Donna Couch (949) 496-6011 Tara Newkirk (949) 690-7136

Spiritual Direction Donna Couch (949) 496-6011 Parent Guild Org. (PGO) Linda Cook (949) 487-1395

St. Anne’s Circle Charis Williams (949) 481-6194 Consultative Preschool Christy Pagel (949) 443-1418
Surf and Scripture Kevin Perkins (949) 370-6924
Tuesday Bible Study Elizabeth Smith (949) 837-2141 School Religion Rikki Daniels (949) 306-4006
Two Hearts Prayer Group Pam Conway (949) 661-0158
School Volunteers Mary Payne (949) 581-7785
Women of Wisdom Shirley Filadelfia (949) 496-1307
Young Adult Prayer Group Chris Kampmeier (949) 973-6106 Scrip Program Sara Brechbill (949) 498-2044

For a list of descriptions, visit www.stedward.com and click on Ministries or pick up a Ministry Directory. II
San Felipe de Jesús Chapel
26010 Domingo Ave
Capistrano Beach, Ca 92624
(949) 496-1307 (St. Edward)

Victor Samano, Deacon

(949) 493-8918 (San Felipe)

San Felipe Chapel Office Hours

Mon., Tues., Thurs.: 5:30—9 p.m.
San Felipe de Jesús
Sunday: 8:30 a.m.—1:00 p.m. )
(949) 493-8918
Sábado 5:30 p.m. Sunday 8:00 a.m. Ministries/Ministerios
Domingo 10:00 y 11:30 a.m.
SACRAMENT OF PENANCE Baile Folklórico Dance Javier Martinez (949) 394-3912
Dia de Obligación 7:30 p.m.
AT ST. EDWARD CHURCH Caballeros de Colon Juan Avila (949) 495-1359
Primer Viernes 7:30 p.m.
Wednesday 7:00 p.m. Capo Community
Rosa Ceja (949) 830-1560
Saturday 4:00 p.m.
Miércoles 7:00 p.m. Cenaculo Misionero Anita Uribe (949) 728-0283

Sábado 4:00 p.m. ADORATION Choirs/Coros Vidal Ruelas (949) 606-6240

of the Blessed Sacrament Eucharistic Ministry
Jeanne Exworthy (949) 496-4115
LA ADORACION 1st Friday of every month, (English)
al Santisimo Sacramento 8am—7:00pm.
Ministros Eucarísticos
Luis Rodriguez (949) 400-0206
cada primer viernes del mes,
Faith Formation/
8am—7:00pm RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Educación Religiosa
Martha Samano (949) 493-8918
(949) 493-8918 Jóvenes Para Cristo Osvaldo Sandoval (949) 510-5295
Lunes y Martes 5:30a 8:30pm Knights of Columbus Juan Avila (949) 495-1359
The 2nd Saturday of each month Lectors (English) Jeanne Exworthy (949) 496-4115
at 11 a.m. The class is the 1st Lectores (Spanish) Rafael Ocampo (949) 275-6689
Pláticas: primer Martes de cada
Marriage Encounter/ Javier & Veronica
mes. Bautismo: Segundo Sábado Tuesday of the month from 6:30— Encuentro Matrimonial Carbajal
(949) 859-3797

de cada mes 8:30 pm. Mendoza Choir/Coro Cruz Mendoza (949) 302-4110

To arrange baptisms, Mission Hospital Health

Miguel Martinez (949) 364-7723
Tercer Sábado de cada mes marriages and other events Teresa or Oralia
please contact Osorio Choir/Coro (949) 981-6269
Raquel Mares Osorio
Tel. (949) 361.4713 San Felipe de Jesús Quinceañera Raquel Mares (949) 456-5988
(949) 493-8918 R.C.I.A./R.I.C.A. Martha Rodriguez (949)842-7186
Ushers/Ujieres Alberto Sierra (949) 388-8650
Llamar 6 meses Registration forms are
Maria Dolores Padilla (949) 973-7056
de anticipación available at the church or online at
Vidas en transformacion Bertha Cardenas (949) 257-9030
Rosa Ceja (949) 830-1560
En caso de una enfermedad se- Coro de Jóvenes
ria, emergencia médica, un Contribuciones Semanales
In the event of serious illness or
fallecimiento o por la necesidad
medical emergency, Anointing of
de recibir la unción de los enfer- Meta $ 4,000
the Sick and Eucharist may be Christmas
mos y la Eucaristía, contacte con Week of 12/26/10 $ 1,809
arranged by contacting the St.
la oficina de Sn. Eduardo el Week of 01/02/11 $ 2,541
Edward Parish Office. Call (949) PSA 2010
Confesor. Por favor llamar a
257-8017 for a medical emer- Goal: $11,000—Pledges 65
(949) 257-8017 para una emer- Amount Pledged: $10,745
gency after 8:00 p.m. Amount Paid: $ 9,940
gencia después de las 8pm.
January 9, 2011 † The Baptism of the Lord

Meditando La Palabra Meditating on the Word

Conmemoramos hoy el bautismo de Jesús en el río Jordán. Today we commemorate Jesus' baptism in the Jor-
Podríamos pasar el tiempo preguntándonos si Jesús necesi- dan River. We could spend the time wondering if
taba ser bautizado, o ponernos toda clase de preguntas Jesus needed to be baptized, or get all sorts of tricky
complicadas sobre la identidad de Jesús y la conciencia que questions about the identity of Jesus and his aware-
tenía de ella… Esas preguntas pueden ser importantes e ness of it ... These questions can be important and
interesantes; pero aquí será mejor centrar nuestra aten- interesting, but here it would be better to focus our
ción en otro aspecto de la celebración de hoy: el bautismo attention on another aspect today's celebration: the
de Jesús nos da un ejemplo y nos recuerda nuestro propio baptism of Jesus gives us an example and we remem-
bautismo y nuestra propia vocación. ber our own baptism and our own vocation.
El bautismo de Jesús en el río Jordán confirma y manifiesta Jesus' baptism in the Jordan confirms and states its
su misión y su identidad: Él es el «Hijo amado» del Padre. mission and identity: He is the beloved Son of the
¿No es esa también la identidad y misión que recibimos en Father. Is that not also the identity and mission that
nuestro bautismo? También nosotros somos hijos e hijas we receive in our baptism? Also we are beloved
amados de nuestro Padre del cielo: en virtud de la muerte sons and daughters of our Father in heaven, under
y la resurrección de Jesucristo, pasamos del pecado a la the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we turn
gracia, de la muerte a la vida. No estamos ya separados del from sin to grace, from death to life. We are no
Padre que nos ama, sino que estamos llamados a experi- longer separated from the Father who loves us, but
mentar su favor misericordioso; a experimentar en nues- we are called to experience the gracious favor, to
tros corazones y en nuestras vidas la paz que el mundo no experience in our hearts and peace in our lives that
pude dar ni quitar. the world could not give nor take away.
Por nuestro bautismo, estamos llamados a compartir y By our baptism, we are called to share and continue
continuar la misión de Jesús. Como Jesús fue un «siervo», the mission of Jesus. As Jesus was a "servant", we
también nosotros debemos ser «siervos», servidores, del too must be "servants" servants of the Lord. We
Señor. Escuchamos en la primera lectura la presentación heard the first reading of Isaiah's presentation of the
que hace Isaías de la ‘misión’ del Siervo de Yahveh: «Miren 'mission' of the Servant of Yahweh: “Here is my ser-
a mi siervo, a quien sostengo; a mi elegido, en quien tengo mis vant whom I uphold, my chosen one with whom I am
complacencias… Promoverá con firmeza la justicia… para que pleased ... He shall bring forth justice ... to open eyes that
abras los ojos de los ciegos, saques a los cautivos de la prisión y are blind, to free captives from prison and to release
de la mazmorra a los que habitan en tinieblas» (Is 42, 1-7). from the dungeon those who live in darkness”,
Puede ser que en nuestras vidas no hagamos grandes co- Isaiah 42;1-7)
sas; pero sí podemos hacer el bien. Podemos trabajar co- Maybe in our lives we do not do great things, but we
menzando por nuestra familia y nuestra comunidad local. can do good. We can start with our family and our
Podemos ayudar a otros a quitar la ceguera de la ignoran- local community by helping others remove the blind-
cia y del prejuicio. Podemos comprometernos, en diversas ness of ignorance and prejudice. We should become
formas, con las necesidades de quienes viven y se mueven more aware of the needs of those in our lives and
cerca de nosotros. bring them closer to us.
Ojalá que en este día, en que celebramos el bautismo del Hopefully, on this day when we celebrate the Bap-
Señor, que es modelo de nuestro bautismo, nos esforce- tism of the Lord, a model of our baptism, we will
mos por seguirlo más de cerca, conocerlo con más clari- strive to follow Him more closely, to know Him mo-
dad y amarlo más… Que los demás puedan ver en nues- re clearly and love Him more dearly ... Then others
tras vidas que somos «servidores», como él lo fue. Que can see in our lives that we are "servants", as He
los demás puedan ver en nosotros que al igual que Cristo was. Others can see in us that, like Christ, we are
somos también signo de luz, signo de servicio, signo de also a sign of light, sign of service, sign of freedom,
libertad, y revelación del amor de Dios hacia los demás. and revelation of God's love to others.

Pbro. Mario A. Juárez Father Mario Juárez

St. Edward The Confessor Catholic Church

Upfront ~ En frente


TO DONATE: Bring a valid photo I.D.; Be healthy; Weigh at

least 110 lbs.
Be at least 17 years old; Eat a nutritious meal; Drink plenty
of water
And no tattoos within the last 12 months.

8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Knight Hall

January 9, 2011 † The Baptism of the Lord

Ministry News
Greeters Needed. Please join us January 10th from 4 p.m.
to 5:30 p.m. in the church meeting room
The Welcoming Committee is to pray together and discuss practical treatment and
looking for energetic and issues such as nutrition, exercise, rest, and stress
friendly parishioners to greet relief. If you need information regarding referrals
or home or hospital visits, please call Maggie Pren-
members and visitors to our Sunday
diville, RN, MS at 496-7312.
Services. Time commitment is minimal. —————–————————–——
BECOME A GREETER For 20 years St. Edward the Confessor Parish and
Next Meeting: School have been bringing hope to families in Ti-
January 13th 6:30pm– 8:00pm juana, Mexico through Build a Miracle. We have fi-
Ministry Building (Previous Rectory)
nanced and built 8 homes, donated thousands of
Christmas gift and contributed to educational schol-
Contact Neil Sampson arships for hundreds of children. You have truly
nsampson@stedward.com ~ 949-496-1307 X2229
made a difference in the lives of many otherwise
hopeless people. We need your help again this year
to continue to transform the lives of cold, desperate
SAINT ANNE'S CIRCLE (SAC) people. The Miracles we build together give hope
- is the mothers' ministry at St. Edward. We would and change families for generations. Representatives
love to offer you fun, faith and friendship with from Build a Miracle will be outside the church after
Catholic women called to the awesome role of every Mass this weekend. Please stop by and find out
MOM! Are you a new mother or an experienced how you can help.
mom looking to connect with other Catholic —————–————————–——
moms? Our SAC activities are a great way to meet PARISH MEN’S RETREAT
new moms. January 28th – 30th 2011
E v e r y o n e i s w e l c o m e . Last Reminder! There are still openings for our
Park day - Tuesdays from 2:30pm - 4.30pm. We annual retreat. The men of our parish will make
meet at Dana Crest Park in Dana Point. their annual retreat In Sierra Madre at the Mater
Dolorosa retreat house. In the quiet setting of the
Mother's Program - Monthly meeting - Friday San Gabriel foothills, the Passionist staff will guide
January 14th, 9am, Zumba Class!!! come dressed in you to a renewal for your faith and a new perspec-
your work- out gear and get ready to have some tive on your life. The Center provides a private
fun. Knight Hall, Drop Ins welcome. room and bath, (double rooms are available on re-
For more information about St. Anne's Circle quest). Delicious meals, beautifully landscaped
(SAC) contact Charis Williams@ (949) 481-6194 grounds, outdoor Stations of the Cross, altogether
or cnarkun@yahoo.com lend themselves to the spiritual benefits of this silent,
—————–————————–—— preached retreat. Don’t miss this chance to renew
yourself spiritually.
A non-refundable deposit of $50 is all it takes
SPIRITUAL DIRECTION AT ST. EDWARD to complete your registration. The total re-
Spiritual Direction is a traditional Catholic tool in quested donation for the retreat is $180 including
which you will find that in your everyday events of life, the deposit, but no one is ever turned away for
God is trying to reach you. If you are dealing with a lack of funds. A deposit can be by check made out
life crisis, loneliness, wanting peace in a busy world, to Mater Dolorosa or by MasterCard or Visa credit
or to grow in a deeper prayer life, you may want to card. You can’t afford not to join us. Pamphlets are
consider spiritual direction. One hour monthly ses- in the display case outside of church. To register
sions. Call Jane O’Connor, a parishioner and trained call Conrad Esser on 361-9813, Tom Phelan
and certified spiritual director, at 499-1468 on 218-5270 or Greg Wise on 240-1080. VI
St. Edward The Confessor Catholic Church

Please Pray for ...

The Sick In Memoriam
Helen Stawarz Socorro Fajardo
Beverly Brunner Myrna Clark
Glenn Swonk Megan Bruntz
Larry Waggoner Edwin Dinsmore
Louise Colosimo Tina Salazar Colleen Dorsey
Jacqueline Goodreau Stanley Okon Julio Campo
Vicki Bufalino Lauren Allain
William Renz, Jr. Nathaniel Offenheiser
Bruce Williams Elise Kauffman
Juliana Gordillo Jay Peper
Lem Hoover Daniel Mc Ginn
Viet Nguyen Sean Mahony
Phero Nguyen
Rejane Larochelle
Owen Dyer
Joe De Ritis Mass Intentions
Katherine Ngo Regina Loeza
Michael Ngo Msgr. Tony Mc Gowan Sunday January 9
7:30 a.m. Robert O’Connell †
Please remember in your prayers… 8:00 a.m. SF Joe Conners †
Our armed forces and their families. 9:00 a.m. Joseph Butatz †
Pray For Peace. 11:00 a.m. Nora & Pete McAleer †
If you or a family member are ill and would like to 12:30 p.m. June Wilson †
5:30 p.m. Sam Shimkus
be included in our prayers or are in need of a
Monday January 10
priest, please contact the parish office at 496-1307. 8:15 a.m. Laura Losorelli †
5:30 p.m. Naomi Landes †
Deceased Tuesday
8:15 a.m.
January 11
Ruth Louise Crawford †
Jan. 9: Ann Blake (1992), Edward Salmon (1995), 5:30 p.m. Robert Jacobs †
Enedina Echeveste (1997), Kristine Sommer (2000), Wednesday January 12
Rosa Francisco (2001), Veronica Tanber (2007), 8:15 a.m. Cecilia Casanova †
Vincent Cresanti (2009), Judith K. Brewer (2010) 5:30 p.m. Jeanne E. O’Houghlin †
Jan. 10: Rose Falk (1972), Thomas Russo (1982), Thursday January 13
Dianne Choitz (1990), Anthony E. Ferreira (1997), 8:15 a.m. Edward Dunne †
William A. Fodor (1998), 5:30 p.m. Julia Jeanett †
Jan. 11: Kay Mormino (1983), Robert Vincent Connolly (1997),
Friday January 14
Dolores Young (2003), Virginia Gowdy (2008),
Joseph Kwasny (2009) 8:15 a.m. John de Baptist Nguyen
Jan. 12: Ruth Schmidt (1986), Jimmie Gomez (1987), 5:30 p.m. Alan Francis Lugena †
Angela Boyer (2003), V.J. Lovero (2004), Saturday January 15
Gerald Chotkevys (2006) 8:15 a.m. Ray Flores †
Jan. 13: Gerald Shere (1975), Everett Grimmett (1985), 5:30 p.m. William Lang †
Robert Beals (1992), Bartlett Ray Camplin (1997), Sunday January 16
Amy W. Griffith (2004), Catherine D’Allura (2008) 7:30 a.m. Ruth Groboske †
Jan. 14: Baby Girl Rutan (1974), Roy Jordan (1996), 8:00a.m. SF Dr. Emilie Loeffler †
Sophie Straka (1997), Concetta Leone (1998), 9:00 a.m. Joan Graham †
Ann McEntegart (1999), Joyce Ann Tancus (2000), 11:00 a.m. Earl Parker †
Beverly Ralston (2003) 12:30 p.m. June Wilson
Jan. 15: Marian O'Connell (1975), Catherine F. Molera (1996), 5:30 p.m. Blayne Gumm †
Marion Pardo (2001), Lyle Surmeier (2002),
VII Eileen Mooney (2008), Richard H. Anzlovar (2007)
January 9, 2011 † The Baptism of the Lord

Good Stewards All Daily Schedule

7:30 a.m.— Monday-Saturday Rosary, Morning Prayer
In the month of November 2010 (Liturgy of the Hours)
St. Edward ministries provided: 8:15 a.m.—Mass—Monday through Saturday
5:15 p.m.—Evening Prayer (Liturgy of the Hours, except
Baptisms: 18 Individuals Sat.)
Weddings : 7 Couples 5:30 p.m.—Mass (Saturday is Sunday’s Liturgy)
Quinceañeras 3 Young Woman We invite you to celebrate daily Mass with us!
Bereavement: 4 Funerals
Christian Service ...
Food Distribution *: 199 Families Scripture Readings
(374 adults, 411children)
Services provided: 53 Monday: Hebrews 1:1-6; Mark 1:14-20
Referrals provided: 26 Tuesday: Hebrews 2:5-12; Mark 1:21-28
Wednesday: Hebrews 2:14-18; Mark 1:29-39
* Food Distribution is sponsored by Thursday: Hebrews 3:7-14; Mark 1:40-45
St. Vincent de Paul and administered by Friday: Hebrews 4:1-5, 11; Mark 2:1-12
St. Edward’s Christian Service Ministry. Saturday: Hebrews 4:12-16; Mark 2:13-17
Sunday: Isaiah 49:3, 5-6; 1 Corinthians 1:1-3
San Felipe de Jesus Ministries provided: John 1:29-34
Baptisms: 3 Individuals
Weddings: 0 Couples
Bereavement: 0 Funeral
Quinceañeras 0 Young Women
Weekly Calendar
Monday January 10
Your Contributions … 8:45 a.m. Cursillo, Church Cry Room
Last week/ month 4:00 p.m. H.E.L.P., Church Meeting Room
Week of 12/26/10 ………………. $ 20,427 Tuesday January 11
Week of 01/02/11 ………………. $ 21,081 8:45 a.m. Bible Study, Knight Hall
6:00 p.m. Blue Army, Church
6:45 p.m. Social Justice, Church Meeting Room
Parish Pay (monthly)—December $ 94,026
Wednesday January 12
Last year—same week/month 8:45 a.m. Circle of Praise, Church Cry Rm.
Same week 2010. ………………….. $ 22,509 9:00 a.m. No Women of Wisdom in January
Last Year’s Parish Pay —December $ 76,964 12:30 p.m. Families of Nazareth, Cry Room
Thank you for your generosity! 6:00 p.m. Cursillo, Church Cry Room

2010 Annual PSA Wedding Banns

St. Edward the Confessor
PSA Goal: $175,000
Victor Araiza & Jennifer Nasca, January 14, 2011
Manuel Soto & Eileen Therese Crowe, January 15, 2011
Pledges: 364 Eric Siemiantkowski & Emily Deeley, February 12, 2011
Amount pledged: $166,619
Amount paid: $148,793
St. Edward The Confessor Catholic Church

From the Office for Parish … Faith Formation

Our office is located on the Knight Hall side of the rectory . We can be
reached by calling 496-6011 or on the web: www.stedward.com

Confirmation II Students !!
This week
It’s time to sign up
Sunday January 9th
9:00am - Children’s Religious Education The mandatory weekend retreats are:
February 18-20 or March 4-6
9:00am- Children’s Catechumenate (F.I.S.H)- in
the Parish Room of the school.
A detailed letter and registration form have
4:00pm - Junior High “Outlet”in Knight Hall
been mailed to all Confirmation II parents
7:00pm - Confirmation II class
regarding this retreat.
Monday January 10th It is vital that you get the completed registra-
4:30pm - Children’s Religious Education tion form and payment turned in NOW to
Tuesday January 11th reserve your child’s spot on one of these
9:00am - Bible Study in Knight Hall (see below) weekends … please PLEASE do not wait until
4:30pm - Children’s Religious Education the last minute. First come-First served!
7:30pm - RCIA Lost your form? Or did not get one?
 Go to www.stedward.com
Wednesday January 12th
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7:00pm - Insight– Knight Hall
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Servants of the Word Opportunities.
Resumes this week Scroll down & you’ll find
continuing the study of the Confirmation
weekly Catholic Scripture calendars, and forms
Study---ACTS: The Spread including the
of the Kingdom! Retreat Registration Form!
Haven’t joined yet? New members are
welcome! You’ll meet newbies as well as
Plus: Confirmation II Parents:
experienced Bible enthusiasts. The materials
There is a mandatory Parent-Only meet-
and registration fee is $45.00. For more infor-
ing Monday, January 31st at 7:00pm in the
mation and to register, please call Elizabeth
Church. We will discuss all the details of
Smith at 949-837-2141
the retreat. Mark your calendars now.

Mark your Calendars for Youth Day! March 17th 2011!

Youth Day is and annual event for High School students from all over Southern California. It takes place
at the Anaheim Convention Center and is a chance to come together to spend a day together meeting
new people and learning more about their faith. Awesome speakers, musicians, and entertainers from
all over the US come to participate in the day. Youth Day is designed for all students from public and
Catholic schools, grades 9 through 12. The cost is $35 which includes registration, transportation, and
a t-shirt (bring a bagged lunch) For more information and to register contact Gary Foote at 496-9719.
Deadline to register is January 15th !
January 9, 2011 † The Baptism of the Lord

Please join us January 10th from 4 p.m. to
The providers of homeless services in Orange County 5:30 p.m. in the church meeting room to
regularly seek grant funding from state and federal agen- pray together and discuss practical treatment and
cies, as well as private funders, to support their efforts issues such as nutrition, exercise, rest, and stress re-
countywide. This “Point-In-Time” count of the county’s lief. If you need information regarding referrals or
homeless population helps to confirm the need for these home or hospital visits, please call Maggie Prendiville,
funds, and can be used to adjust service needs as appro- RN, MS at 496--7312.
priate. ————–————————
Volunteers are needed to conduct the “Count” on Sat-
urday, January 22, 2011. If you wish to get a realistic
view of the lives of our homeless neighbors, sign up at
this website:
Next Catholic Social Justice Meeting: 1/11/11,
6:45 p.m., Church Meeting Room.

On April 23, 1833, Frederic Ozanam's 20th

birthday, six students attending the Sorbonne
(the University of Paris), including Frederic,
gathered in the publisher's office of La Tribune Ca-
tholique. Ozanam's words moved all present: "We must
do what our Lord Jesus Christ did when preaching the
gospel. Let us go to the poor!" And so the Society of St.
Vincent de Paul was born. Join us at our next meeting as
we "go to the poor" Tuesday, January 18th at 7:00
p.m. in the Church Meeting Room.

Want More Freedom and Joy?

Did you know that there is joy and freedom when we

put the needs of others ahead of our own? Stephen Min-
istry provides this kind of care, freedom, and joy. If
you've ever thought about finding ways to bring Christ's
love to those who are hurting, you need to learn more
about Stephen Ministry To learn more about Stephen
Ministry at St. Edward's, call 949-496-1307 x2503

St. Edward The Confessor Catholic Church

Around the Diocese

7 p.m. Saturday, January 22, 2011
Holy Family Cathedral
In observance of the Supreme Court decision Roe
v. Wade Bishop Cirilo Flores and members of
Clergy will offer an evening of prayer to end abor-
tion. The event will take place on Saturday January
22, 2011 at Holy Family Cathedral at 7 p.m. Recep-
tion will follow in the Parish Hall.

Sábado, 22 de enero de 2011, 7:00p.m.
Catedral de la Sagrada Familia
En observación de la decisión de el Tribunal Su-
permo de Roe v. Wade el Obispo Cirilo Flores y
miembros de la clerica van a ofrecer una noche de
oración para terminar el aborto. El evento se lleva a
cabo el sábado, 22 de enero de 2011 en la Catedral
de la Sagrada familia a las 7:00 p.m. Recepición se-
guirá en el salón de la parroquia.
Catholic Charities OC will assist with the “Point-in-
Time” survey, counting homeless people in OC, on
Sat., Jan. 22nd, 2011. CCOC has pledged 1,000
Care Package hygiene kits. We need your help! Fill
a gallon size zip-lock bag in small sizes with tooth-
paste/toothbrush, comb, soap (liquid or bar), lotion,
deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, socks (white:
crew or taller), hand sanitizer, plastic rain poncho,
and non-perishable food (granola bars, nuts, or
any easy to open food packages). Please bring kits
to CCOC, 1820 East 16th Street, Santa
Ana, CA, 92701 by Monday, Jan. 17th, 2011. Credit
card and cash donations will also be accepted. For
more info contact Tita Smith (tsmith@ccoc.org) or
Becky at 714-347-9628,or visit us at www.ccoc.org.
Your care for our homeless brothers and sisters is
Please join us for an evening of sharing and discussion on
life today in the Holy Land on January 19th, 2011 at 7:00-
9:00 p.m. at St. Vincent de Paul Church Hall, 8345
Talbert Ave., Huntington Beach. Shirl Giacomi, Chancel-
lor of the Diocese of Orange will speak about her travels
to the region with Catholic Relief Services followed by a
short documentary film. For more information please
XI contact Dale Jimenez (714) 318-8710.