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Issue 30 // Jan 8 – Jan 21 // 2011



A Hirafu favourite

AKA Battleship Island
Your guide to Niseko – page 42 22WWEEKS
 CONTENTS // issue 30

winter print run 35,000 estimated readership 100,000+

25 編集長 managing editor Lizzy Hoo リズィー・フー

出版者 publisher Bevan Colless ベバン・コレス ,

Kris Lund クリス・ランド

RESTAURANT REVIEW // ni’s dining 副編集長 associate editor Ross Cole-Hunter ロス・コールハンター

企画運営アシスタント editorial assistant Kisato Kurihara 栗原季里

デザイナー designer Paul Malandain ポール・マランデイン,

Shane Agard シャネ・アガrド (conceptual designer)

投稿者 contributors Chris Chan

写真撮影 photography Niseko Photography, Glen Claydon Photography,

Paul Malandain, Ross Cole-Hunter

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Taste the Region – Milk Kobo

29 Powder Poster Gunkanjima

cover photo // ross cole-hunter

5 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com


photography // niseko photography

ONCE again, Niseko has been transformed into a winter wonderland. 今シーズンも再び、ニセコは素晴らしい冬を迎えました。陽気な人々で街は活気付き、多くのレストランは

The streets are busy, the restaurants are packed and everyone is full 予約でいっぱいです。地元の人、観光客が思い思いにニセコを楽しんでいる様子を見るのは本当に嬉し

of energy. It’s great to see so many excited locals and visitors いことです。

making their way down the mountain.

Niseko wasn’t always this busy; it’s interesting to hear the stories about the ニセコは昔から今のような世界に名だたる人気スキーリゾートだった訳ではありません。長い間、

area’s transformation from people who have lived here for a long time. この地に住んでいる人々にニセコがどのように変化したのかを聞くのも面白いです。

Many individuals and businesses have helped Niseko grow over the last few て、多くの人々とビジネスの影響によってニセコは成長しました。冷蔵庫のドアを使った入り口で有名な

years. Adding their own creative style to the area is Hisashi and Ioanna from 『Gyu+(ギュータス)バー』のオーナーである仙司さんとイオアナさんはユニークな創造性をニセコに

Gyu+ Bar, aka Fridge Door Bar (interview page 19). People thought Hisashi 持ち込みました。12年前、仙司さんがバーを開くために店舗となる土地をニセコに購入した時、皆は

was crazy when he bought land in Hirafu’s lower village 12 years ago to make 驚いたそうです。今ではサマービジネスとして、倶知安でペリカンバーガーをオープンし、一年中ニセコ

a bar. Now, the couple has this and a summer business in Kutchan, Pelican に暮らしています(19ページのインタビュー記事参照)。

Burger, and live here year round. インタビューの中で仙司さんは、バランスある人生がビジネスにどのような効果をもたらすのか、

During the interview Hisashi mentioned how having a balanced life is た、


beneficial to your business and how he uses skiing/snowboarding as a way キーシーズン中にニセコで働き、時には山へ行く時間もないニセコの住人にとって素晴らしいアドバ

to relax. In between all the emails, meetings and social events, sometimes we イスです。

(myself included) forget why most people live and visit this part of the world – Eメール、友だちとの約束、遊び事など、多忙な日常生活の中で、私たちはなぜ自分がニセコに住ん

to experience Niseko’s powder. Seeing all the visitors in town sure makes us でいるのかを時々忘れてしまいます(もちろん、世界一のパウダースノーを経験しに来たのですが)。そ

realise how great the area really is. して、ニセコを訪れる観光客によって、


Our travel story profiles a place that’s the very opposite of Niseko – 今号の”Travel”コーナーでは、ニセコとは両極端な場所を取り上げています。かつては炭坑によりに

Gunkanjima (Battleship Island). Once a bustling coal-mining island, it is now ぎわいましたが、今では無人島となり廃墟と化している


unoccupied and abandoned. People visit this island to see what is left of a city から去ったとき何を残したのかを見る目的で観光客が集まりつつあります。

when people disappear and nature takes over. We hope you enjoy this issue
of Powderlife – our third for the season. 今シーズンの第3号である今号もどうぞお楽しみください。

Lizzy Hoo, Powderlife, Managing Editor, email lizzy@powderlife.com リズィー・フー, パウダーライフ, 編集長, lizzy@powderlife.com

7 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com


Local Voices

Name Risa Ikee Age 22 Hometown

Sapporo Time in Niseko 4 years Ski or
board and for how long? Snowboard,
4 years Favourite restaurant? Mina
Mina Favourite bar? Jam Bar Favourite
onsen? Yugokoro-tei Favourite ski run?
Ura Miharashi Local secret? There is a
nice yakitori restaurant in the village, come
find me! Your fortune cookie saying?
photo // niseko photography Got drunk again...
名前 イケエ リサ 年齢 22 歳 出身地 札幌
First tracks ニセコ年数 4年 スキー、
スノーボード暦 スノーボ
the crowds. Niseko Village’s first-tracks cat ski- ード4年 お気に入りのレストラン ミナミナ
ing is an unforgettable experience; rise before お気に入りのバー ジャムカフェバー お気に入り
SKIING or riding in Niseko is everyone else (6:20 am start) and enjoy fresh の温泉 湯心亭 好きなゲレンデコース 裏見晴らし
all about getting first-tracks turns before the lifts start running. There are コース ニセコの秘密 ヒラフには以外にいい焼き
also selected days in January when there is an
on a perfect powder day. early gondola at Niseko Village too, from
鳥屋があるらしいよ 人生の
格言 また、飲んじゃっ
NISEKO’S mountain life is definitely a different 7:30 am on January 8, 9, 15, 22, 23, 29 and たなあ。。。死ぬ前
experience. The day is about riding and finding 30. Annupuri opens early from 7:00 am on に行きたいスキ
powder stashes more than it is about skiing Januar 9–10 and on Februay 2 and 11. Hirafu ー場 チリ、ア
or snowboarding under sunshine and après will be open from 8:00 am everyday from Janu- ルゼンチン
ski, like in Europe and North America. Here, ary 11 to February 13. And at Hanazono there
everyone is trying to get first tracks and there is also a Powder Guides First Tracks Tour for
are a few options that can get you out before those that want to be shown the best runs.

door-to-door shuttle

OPERATING until February 14th, Niseko Town’s

free door-to-door shuttle will connect central
Niseko Town to resort hotels and vice versa. Name Charlie
There are five departures each day and a night ser- Harrison Age 27
vice will also operate, connecting hotel guests with Hometown Noosa, Australia Time in
restaurants in the area. There is no cost associated Niseko 3 winters Ski or board and for
with the service, however, your assistance would how long? Snowboard, 9 years Favourite
be greatly appreciated in determining the viability of restaurant? Vale Bar & Grill Favourite
a permanent service. The service does not directly bar? Tamashii or Barumba Favourite
connect to Hirafu, however, it will intercept with onsen? Niseko Grand Hotel Favourite
other services that connect to Hirafu. Please ask ski run? Gate 5 Local secret? Nomihodai
your hotel reception for further details. is evil! Your fortune cookie saying?
Carpe Diem Place to ski before you die?
Beautifying Hirafu-ites Gulmarg, Kashmir or Alaska.
名前 チャーリー ハリソン 年齢 27歳 出身地ヌー
サ、オーストラリア ニセコ年数 3シーズン スキ
Opening this season is Hirafu’s first beauty salon. スノーボード暦 スノーボード9年 お気に入り
Spa Niseko is offering hair, beauty and massage のレストラン ザ・ヴェールバーアンドグリル お気
services to clients wishing to be pampered in 5-star に入りのバー 魂バー/バルンバ お気に入りの
luxury, either within the ambient salon downstairs of 温泉 ニセコグランドホテル 好きなゲレンデコー
the Nisade office, across the road from Seicomart, or ス ゲート5番 ニセコの秘密 飲み放題には悪魔が
within the comfort of your accommodation by one of 住んでいる。人生の格言 がむしゃらに生きろ 死
its mobile beauticians. This is something Hirafu’s ladies ぬ前に行きたいスキー場 インドとアラスカ
have wanted for a long time.

9 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com



ANNUPURI is often overlooked by visi-

tors, simply because it’s perceived as
being too far from Hirafu. It’s not, it’s
very accessible, and getting there can
actually be half of the fun.

THE Annupuri area is a lot quieter than

Hirafu, both on the mountain and in the
village. It has its own village, many onsens, Snowmobiling
restaurants and some of the most beauti-
ful houses in the area. Buses also link the
resorts, if you don’t feel like skiing back. 150 words to write about snowmobiling is a hell of a lot of fun. With this
snowmobiling is superflu- seemingly limitless power on tap, gravity is no
ous, as just three letters longer your foe. You’re free to go where you

will suffice – O-M-G! please, up hills, down hills or just traversing

along flats.
JUST as skiing and snowboarding trump snow- Even though the already heavy snowmobile is
shoeing with the exhilaration of speed – snow- coupled with your additional weight, the machine
mobiling out does the lot. 600cc of two-stroke still floats three-dimensionally through the pow-
power, channeled to a fat, powder-specific rear der the same way you do on a snowboard.
track, capable of hurling you around at speeds It’s not just about brute speed though, smaller
01 that aren’t even legal on the roads here in Japan, and tamer snowmobiles are available to those
that want to go around a course calmly.
Cocoro Okonomiyaki

ON Eki-mae-dori in Kutchan, this restaurant serves

03 02 up authentic Osaka-style okonomiyaki that is both

cheap and delicious. Goto-san is from Osaka, the
birthplace of okonomiyaki. For those who have yet
to be acquainted with okonomiyaki, you’re missing
out on one of Japan’s finest cuisines. It’s similar to a
pancake, but it’s savoury and is made with cabbage
and an assortment of other ingredients and covered
04 in a delicious sauce. Within this modest shop on
Eki-mae-dori in Kutchan, you’re able to cook your
01 SKI or snowboard Annupuri bowl, one very own okonomiyaki on the hotplate at your table
of the premier off-piste areas in Niseko, under expert the guidance of Goto-san.
and probably the most easily accessible.
Japanese Cultural Tour
02 REWARD yourself after a hard day in the
powder with the giant Mountain Burger from
Forester Café within Niseko Northern Resort. WHILE Niseko can provide a plethora of options for
an amazing snow-sports experience, those seeking
03 WARM your core with an indulgently to taste a little-bit of traditional Japanese culture
rich hot chocolate from Forester Café within might have to search a little harder. This four-and-
Niseko Northern Resort. a-half-hour tour run by the Kutchan Tourist Centre
gives visitors the chance to witness and participate
04 SOAK away the fatigue from tired mus- in several uniquely Japanese cultural activities,
cles in Yugokoro-tei onsen, a local favourite. including tea-ceremony, taiko drum performance,
Open late and on the spa-bus circuit. laido sword-sheathing demonstration and sake
brewery tour. This eventually culminates in a deli-
cious Japanese dinner. See p.49 for more details.

11 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com


JAN 08 8/9 09
DJ Party Early Gondola Japanese Cultural Tour
DJパーティ アーリーゴンドラ 日本文化体験ツアー

Koji Eguchi from Tokyo (Sound Discovery) If you are a fan of fresh tracks don’t miss Tour of Japanese cultural activities, including
playing progressive house, tech house and the chance to ride the “Early” Niseko Village special bonus events to coincide with Japanese
techno. Gondola on select mornings in January and Coming of Age Day.
For more information, see p.49

February. ¥1000 Adult // ¥500 Children
東京からDJコウジが登場します。ハ 人数限定で朝一のファーストトラック
ウステクノミュジックを楽しんでくだ を味わえます。 このチャンスをお見逃
さい。 しなく 。大人1000円 子供500円
Start // 8:00 pm Start // 7:30 am – 8:30 am Start // 3:00 pm
Place // Wild Bill’s Place // Niseko Village Gondola Place // Meet at Seicomart Carpark
Contact // 0136 55 5774 Contact // 0136 44 2211 Contact // 0136 23 0222

9/10 11 12 13
First Tracks Hirafu Early Morning Girls Night Out Acoustic Music Night
ファーストラン 朝一番トラックス ガールズナイトアウト アコースティックナイト

Annupuri is opening their gondola for early Starting today, every morning until Feb 13, Beer, basic spirits, wine and sparkling wine - Live acoustic music by Darci Ford in the comfort
morning runs on untracked slopes. ¥1000 Center Four chairlift will start at 8am. Free for ¥300. If girls come with 6 or more female friends, of Java Bar, relax and unwind with friends.
Hirafu Club members, ¥500 non members each girl in the party gets first drink free!
一般営業前のノートラック・グルーミン 朝一番のノートラックバーンを滑ろう! ビール、 スピリット、
ワインとシャンペ ダーシーフォードがアコースティックミ
グバーンを滑走。料金1,000円。 あなたが狙うのはパウダー? グルーミ ンが300円でご提供。6人以上の友達 ュジックを奏でます。
ング?料金: ¥500(通常のリフト券では と共に来た方は最初の一杯は無料
乗車出来ません。 です。
Start // 7:00 am – 8:20 am Start // 8:00 am Start // 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Start // 6:30 pm
Place // Annupuri Ski Resort Place // Center Four, Niseko Grand Hirafu Place // Paddy McGinty’s Place // Java Bar
Contact // 0136 58 2080 (Japanese Only) Contact // 0136 22 0109 Contact // 0136 55 8020 Contact // 0136 23 0788

14 15 16 17
Nomihodai DJ Party Mikio Egawa Quartet Funky Church Toss The Boss
飲み放題DJパーティ 江川美喜夫カルテット ファンキーチャーチ トス・ザ・ボス

DJ Darci Ford, (House, Electro, Funky House) Bebop trumpet player, Mikio Egawa used to Every Sunday night, a funkier style of music, Toss a coin with the bar staff, if you win, the
and INUNECOX (Psy-Trance, Rock). ¥2500 all play in one of the top big bands in Tokyo. He is live percussion and a chance to get dressed drink is free! Dance music later in the night.
you can drink, open bar (that’s everything). going to play cool and hot Jazz with his quartet. up and get funky. ¥500 Entry
DJがファンキーなミュジックを演奏し トランペット奏者です。今回はカルテ 毎週日曜日魂バーでファンキーナイト コインゲームでスタッフと対決。
ます。2500円、3時間飲み放題。 ット編成で「クールでホット」な演奏を やってます。ドレスアップしてくるもよ 勝ったらフリードリンクゲット。
お届けします。 し。エントリー500円。 ミュジックあります。

Start // 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm Start // 9:00 pm Start // 6:00 pm Start // 8:00 pm

Place // Apres Bar Place // Half Note Place // Tamashii Bar Place // Yeti Bar
Contact // 080 6081 4242 Contact // 0136 23 2727 Contact // 080 4040 4470

19 20
Brick Club Party Night Ping Pong Tournament
クラブパーティナイト ハーフノート卓球大会

Regular club party nights held at The Brick Win CRAB (as in the animal) and 5 free
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night. drink vouchers. Entry fee: ¥1000 (One drink
¥500 Entry. included)
毎週・月・水・金曜日ダンスパーティ。 優勝者には毛蟹とハーフノートドリン TRA
エントリー500円 ク券5枚が当たります!参加費用は

Start // 9:30 pm – very, very late Start // 9:00 pm

Place // The Brick Place // Half Note
Contact // 0136 23 2727

21 22/23
SURFICA, a combination of classical music
Friday Night Live
and surfing will be presented on the 22nd at
Hanazono 308.
Price: ¥4500 for adults, ¥2000 for children
Live music night every Friday night at
Tamashii Bar. 2nd WINTER MUSIC Place: Hanazono 308
Contact: info@nisekotourism.com
FESTIVAL 第2回 ニセコ冬の音楽祭
Time: from 7 pm リチャード・トネッティー、エマニュエ
Details: Richard Tognetti and members of the ル・パユ、ACOの若手奏者 + 鼓流(1/21
Australian Chamber Orchestra will be joined by と1/23)
the exhilarating Youtei Taiko Serve Associa- 会場 Hanazono 308
Start // 6:00 pm tion taiko drummers (23rd only) and one of 開場 6:30 pm 開演 7:00 pm
Place // Tamashii Bar the world’s greatest flute players, Emmanuel チケット代 大人 4,500円
Pahud. Award winning documentary, MUSICA 小中学生 2,000円 

13 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com


JAM Bar is known for throwing great
parties, and this night was no exception.
It was an all-night, ¥2000, all-you-can-
drink nomihodai. Bar staff Aki-san spent
the night with his giant bottle of cocktail
encouraging everybody to drink-up. The
party continued well into the morning, FOR your chance to win
with great tunes all night long. a Hanazono Powder

Guides First Tracks
Tours for two, A
valued at ¥32,000, T E R TO TOUR
answer the following: GU

“What’s your favourite

run at Hanazono and why?”

Send your entry to

Name // Shogo Kageda Name // Captain Obvious Name // Tomomi Yoshida
WHAT are you wearing today? Shogo, from nearby WHAT are you wearing today? Captain Obvious is model- WHAT are you wearing today? Tomomi, from Osaka,
Imakane Town, is decked in a superlong DC jacket and ling clothing from upcoming Australian clothing company, is wearing some fine threads by Japanese company, REW. Get creative!
matching DC cargo pants. Obvious. Items include Leather Bomber Jacket, Japanda Tall On top is a REW Manifesto jacket, and on the bottom, REW
Tee and model’s own brand new Adidas high tops. Manifesto cargo pants.

Question // What do you love about Niseko?

SONG and her monochrome friend from Korea love GARY and John Cox from Sydney, Australia love Niseko’s
Niseko’s amazing snow and the multi-cultural presence. laid-back Japanese culture.

FEATURING exotic cocktails, belly
dancing, pole dancing and cream
SUBMIT your gnarly crash story and the reason why you wear pies thrown at staff for charity,
a helmet and/or need a new helmet to ross@powderlife.com. blo*blo’s opening party was as good
Entries are required to be 100 words or less and must be as always. As with most parties here
ROY David and Helen Barcham from Sydney, Australia CHRIS, Leanne and Nick from Singapore love Niseko’s accompanied with valid contact information. We will be picking it was standing room only.
love Niseko’s fusion of Japanese and Western culture. great off-piste areas and delicious restaurants. a winner every two weeks.

15 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com 16 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com
 IRRASHAIMASSE // “welcome!” – great local businesses

NICHII SYOKUDOU, Hirafu, Yasuhiro Yokoi YUKARA, Upper Hirafu, Syozo Hirokawa
WHEN Yasuhiro-san realised he wanted to learn how to make pizza, he went SYOZO Hirokawa opened his first souvenir shop in Sounkyo in Daesetsu
to Yuzawa Onsen (Niigata) to work at one of the best pizza places in Japan – Zan Kurodake ski area in 1973. He later saw an opportunity in Niseko and
Pizzeria La Locanda del Pittore. There is also one of these restaurants at opened another souvenir shop here in 1990. He also had a ramen restaurant
The Windsor Hotel at Lake Toya. This year, Yasuhiro’s friend who operated in Sounkyo, of which his son opened up another branch in Niseko – Tozan-
Nakaya Hot Pot Restaurant, offered him the same space for his own res- ken, just below the souvenir shop. His daughter also operates Berg Pension,
taurant – Nichii Syokudou (Nichi is Japan 日 and I is Italy 伊). This is Yasuhiro- just behind the new Tozanken and Yukara. Hirokawa-san lives in Niseko in
san’s first winter owning a business here and he hopes that people come to the winter and Sounkyo in the summer and wants to continue this for the
try his pizza and that the restaurant will be a great place to relax with friends.
He also hopes he won’t be too busy so he can go snowboarding.
rest of his life because all of his family is in Niseko now. He hopes many
more people come to Niseko and enjoy their time here. Getting to the airport
横井康宏さん ニチイ食堂 ミドルヒラフ 広川省三さん ユーカラ アッパーヒラフ just got easier
新潟県にある、かの有名なイタリアピッツェリア・ピットーレで、大好きなピザの勉強をしたいと心に決 広川省三さんが生まれ故郷である層雲峡(大雪山の麓)に、土産屋ユーカラ民芸店を開いたのが1973

スノーボード中心の生活に終止符を打った、釧路出身の横井康宏さん。ピットーレは洞爺湖ウィンザ 年。夏には多くの人が観光で訪れるが、冬には雪に覆われてしまう層雲峡。

ーホテルにも姉妹店を構える有名店である。そこでの修行を終え、友人からの提案、サポートと支援が たくさんの観光客がやってくるニセコに目を留め、1990年に2号店をオープン、そして今年の冬には心
大きな後押しとなり、今年の冬よりここニセコでの新しい挑戦であるニチイ食堂を切り盛りすることとな 機一転、現在の場所に移転を行った。一階にある旭川ラーメン登山軒は息子さんが経営、敷地内にある

った。石釜を使い、薪で焼くナポリスタイルの手作りピザが一番のお勧め、イタリアンワインを数多く取 ペンションベルグは娘さんがと、現在はニセコが家族の拠点となっている。今でも夏の層雲峡、冬のニ

日本食メニューにもかなりのこだわりが感じられる品揃えとなっている。来たお客さんが心地よ セコと行き来をしている広川さん、老後はニセコがいいですね、羊蹄山の見えるこの景色と自然が本当

またおいしいピザの常連客が沢山できるようにがんばりたいと意気 にすばらしい。
Private and Comfortable Affordable and Efficient
込みを話してくれた。ニセコは北海道でも格別の雪質ですよと、大好きなスノーボードが出来ることも えていく必要がある、そして国際色豊かなニセコをもっと多くの人たちが訪れ、楽しんでたくさんのお土 Rates 1 person Child under 6
Ride in style in a spacious, climate Low price, with more room for Private
一つの楽しみとなっているようだ。 産と共に帰っていってほしいと語った。 controlled luxury shuttle bus. your bags. New Chitose ¥6,000 ¥4,000
Airport - Niseko one way one way
車内は広くて余裕の快適空間 低額料金でしかも荷物置場は
たっぷりのスペース Niseko - New ¥10,000 ¥7,000 from ¥28,000
Chitose Airport return return one way
Ski in, ski out
dining and bar. No fuss. No hassle. Door-to-Door
No delays. Convenience Niseko Scheduled Transfer Services (Available 1 Dec thru 31 March)
Live apres music and happy 
hour drinks, twice a week! Niseko - New Chitose Airport New Chitose Airport – Niseko Niseko - Sapporo City
No changing trains. No dragging We pick you up from your hotel and
your bags through stations. take you to the airport. Departs Niseko Arrives Airport Departs Airport Arrives Niseko Departs Niseko Arrives Sapporo
ヴェイルバーアンドグリル No standing around. 札幌のホテルから空港まで直行 08:00 10:30 12:00 14:30 09:30 12:00
乗換え、手荷物運搬、待ち時間に スピーディーにらくらく移動 09:00 11:30 14:00 16:30 Sapporo City - Niseko
さようなら 10:00 12:30 16:30 19:00 Departs Sapporo Arrives Niseko
11:00 13:30 19:00 21:30 12:30 15:00
15:00 17:30 21:30 23:59 If the timetables above do not suit your requirements, please consider our
Private Transfer Services. Services may depart/arrive at different times due to
17:00 19:30 road and/or weather conditions, flight delays and/or airport closures.

www.skybus.co.jp Airport Service • Trips and Excursions • Ski Shuttle

Food served all day  from 7am.
Tel: 011-788-4994 Secure VIP Transfer • Wedding Hire • Chauffeured Charter
Email: info@skybus.co.jp Licensed Travel Agency 2-589 ONBOARD
Ph +81 (0)136 21 5833

17 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com 18 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com
 FEATURE // gyu+ bar  FEATURE // gyu+ bar

ntrigued faces wander off the ヒラフ・ローワービレッジにある冷蔵庫の house attached to it himself. 地を購入した時、皆が驚いたという。当時、 and said it was just dumping in っとニセコに住んでいます」
street into the quirky doorway ドアを使ったバーで有名な『Gyu+(ギュー If Hisashi had listened to those あまりお金がなかった仙司さんは自宅と Japan and that I should come here. んは話す。
of Gyu+ Bar – aka Fridge Door タス)バー』。
この不思議なドアが人々の好 people around him, he may have 小さなバー兼用の建物(“普通のドア”が付 I met Hisashi in the summer and we る程に仙司さんとイオアナさんは仲睦ま
Bar – in Hirafu’s lower village. 奇心をかきたてる。小さなドアの向うに広 never started his bar, met his wife いた)を自分で建てた。そして、わらで作る dated for about two weeks then we じい。たいていの人は2週間付き合った
Their eyes light up as they duck がるピアノと可愛らしいバーカウンター。 Ioanna or created their summer 家、
ストローベイルハウスに興味を持った decided to get married in October だけで結婚するのは早すぎると言うかも
through the low entrance, pass the お店に入った誰もが喜びで目を輝かせ business, Pelican Burger in Kutchan. ヒサシさんは、
日本で唯一ストローベイル and I’ve been here ever since.” しれない。
piano and look into this endearing る。棚にきちんと並べられたレコード、天 Attracted to the tree that you can ハウスを建てていた男性を訪ねた。
ワーク Since their paths crossed the pair なかった。海外旅行や起業によってより深
bar. Records are neatly stacked 井から下がる面白い形のライト、
カウンタ see through the glass windows in ショップで意気投合した二人はアメリカ・ jokes that “they’ve been together for い関係を築いた。今年だけでもスペイン、
on shelves, interesting lights drop ーには、選りすぐりの日本製のウィスキー the bar, Hisashi acted on a hunch, ニューメキシコへ一緒に渡り、
ストローベ 24-hours a day.” Most would warn ポルトガル、モロッコ、
down from the ceiling, hand-picked が並ぶ。そして、窓枠という額の中にあた and with a bit of luck, creative イルハウスについて勉強した。その後、北 against getting married after two 旅したという。旅行中は、ほかの人がどの
Japanese whisky lines the bar かも計算されたアートかのように木々に thinking and the help of his wife, 海道へ帰った仙司さんは新しく学んだ技 weeks, but gut instinct seems to ようにビジネスをしているのかを見るの
and the glass window at the back 降り積もる雪の情景が飾られている。お気 he has created a cult following of 法を使い建て増しを行った。
これが+barと work for both of them. This naturally だそうだ。それによって多くを学べるから
perfectly frames the snow-covered に入りの物だけを集めたインテリア − ま visitors and locals in the area. いう名前の由来だ。
ゴミ捨て場で冷 strong partnership has evolved after だ。最近ではニューヨークの注目エリア・
tree outside. Gyu+ Bar is really るで友達の家にいるように快適でリラック Like most people that visit Niseko 蔵庫のドアを見つけた仙司さんの友人が many overseas trips and working ウィリアムズバーグを訪れた。ニセコのよ
relaxing, warm and comforting – like スできるのがギュータスバーだ。オーナー in the winter, Hisashi and Ioanna それをヒサシさんにプレゼントしたのが、 together on their small businesses. うに過渡期であるウィリアムズバーグでは
a friend’s lounge room that’s been の渡辺仙司さんとイオアナ・モレリさんの came here to ski and snowboard. 今のギュータスバーのドアだ。 This year alone, they have taken

decorated with the things that they ヒラフという土地への熱意と情熱が人気 The access to powder snow and 冬場にニセコを訪れる多くの人々のよう trips to Spain, Portugal, Morroco,
care most about. Its owners Hisashi mountains in Hokkaido made America and Canada. 日本人の若い人たち

バー・ギュータスバーを作った。12年前に に仙司さんとイオアナさんもスキーとスノ
Watanabe and Ioanna Morelli, 仙司さんがヒラフ・ローワービレッジに土 Sapporo the ideal place for Hisashi ーボードをするためにニセコへ来られた。 It’s travel and seeing how other
to embark on his life パウダースノーと山々に魅せられ、17年 people run their businesses, which
as an economics 前に経済学の学生として北海道で新しい fuels their passion. Recently they やって欲しい
student 17 years ago. 生活を始められた仙司さん。
「日本には驚 went to New York’s hipster capital
Ioanna tells a similar くほど雪があるから絶対来るべきだって友 Williamsburg, which like Niseko, is
story: “I came here だちがメールをしてきました。だから5年 frozen in transition. The number of 若年層が自分たちのスケールでビジネス
to snowboard five 前にスノーボードをしに来ました。そして young people who own businesses を展開している。
years ago. My friend 夏に仙司に出会い、2週間付き合った後 there and the comfortable scale on ることで仙司さんとイオアナさんは良い刺
wrote me an email 10月には結婚を決めました。
それ以来ず which they operate inspires Hisashi 激を受けたという。
and Ioanna. In the future, they would 人々を奮い立たせることができたらと思い
like to see more young people, ます。特に日本人の若い人たちに何か新
starting up businesses in the Niseko しいことをやって欲しいですね。ニセコに

area. Hisashi says, “I hope I will はたくさん可能性がありますから」
whose enthusiasm and passion for inspire other people to start things, さんは語る。休暇を取り、旅行、芸術、山を
I hope I will inspire
providing something unique to the especially young Japanese people. 楽しむ人生こそ、成功への鍵だとヒサシさ
other people to start
area, have made Gyu + Bar one of Niseko has a lot of potential.” んは話す。
things, especially young

Hirafu’s most popular drinking holes. Taking time out to enjoy travel, にかかわることが大切。
People thought Hisashi was crazy Japanese. art and mountain life is what Hisashi の一部となることもね。仕事のことだけを
when he bought a piece of land 12 says is the key to their success: 考えていると成功はしない」。
years ago in Hirafu’s lower village. At “Don’t just own a business you have 暇を楽しむ時間を見つけることができる
the time, Hisashi didn’t have much to be involved in other things and be 生活、
money and constructed the bar and a part of other things around you. If ちは今の状況に満足しています。時に人々
words by // lizzy hoo // photography by // ross cole-hunter // translation by // yuri pangier
you only think about your business はどんな状況が一番良いのかを考え過ぎ
you won’t be successful.” Being です。私たちにとって現状は快適なもので
able to find this time is something す」
Ioanna puts down to scale, “We’re を描くことや絵本を書くことも仙司さんの
happy just having this place. リラックス法のひとつだ。ギュータスバー
Sometimes, people overestimate には仙司さんが初めて書いた絵本『鳥の
what kind of scale is comfortable. 社長』が誇らしげに飾られている。今ニセ
This is the scale that works well コは過渡期にある。
for us.” Hisashi also relaxes by れる人々がたくさん住んでいます。
illustrating and writing his own うな人たちの力で何かできたらと思いま
children’s books – his first Tori no す。ニセコが観光都市として成功するため
Shacho is proudly on display には、
at Gyu+ Bar. るべきです。
Controlling scale is a factor they 功しているカミムラレストランのシェフ上
believe will influence the success 村さんが良い例です」
of the area, and how individuals かに語った。仙司さんは文化面でのニセ
cooperate both internally and コの活躍も期待しているという。それに

19 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com 20 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011 www.powderlife.com
continued from previous page

 FEATURE // gyu+ bar

externally with other places in Japan. よって多くの人々が一年を通してニセコに need something more.”
Ioanna muses, “The town has to try 滞在することを考えるからだ。
「映画祭なん With Gyu+ Bar and Pelican
and attract more talent in terms of かいいですね。
もちろんアウトドア映画のみ Burger, Hisashi and Ioanna have
professionals living in the area. It has なんてことはないですよ。
文化面で充実して definitely stamped their own style
to offer something to those people. いるからこそアウトドア生活が楽しめるの on the area. By having businesses
And the only way that that can です。
冬季のみのバックパッ in Kutchan and Hirafu, Hisashi
happen is to try and attract domestic カー旅行者に人気の土地でしたが、
今では and Ioanna have noticed their role
tourism. As well as people that are 移住する人が多いです。
新しく引っ越してき in linking the towns and cultures
doing things other than skiing. People た人々は生活する上での何かを求めている together. In the future, they
like Kamimura for example; people と思います」
とペ believe Kutchan is on the verge
that are doing something in their field.” リカンバーガー
という二つのビジ of connecting with the foreign
Hisashi would also like to see more ネスを通して、
仙司さんとイオアナさんはす community. Ioanna explains,
art and culture in the area so that っかりニセコに定着し、
倶知安とヒラフの二 “Kutchan has a great link to the
more people will stay year round, つの街を結びつける役割を担っている。
現 outside world because of the skiing
“like a winter film festival, but not just 在、
倶知安は増え続ける外国人によって国 in Hirafu. We hope that other people
about outdoor life.” They both believe 際化が進んでいる。
「倶知安はヒラフスキー start businesses here. Not us – we
that this outdoor lifestyle needs to リゾートによって外国とつながっている。
ほ have enough.”
be complemented with something かの人々にも倶知安でビジネスを始めても Their final words of advice to
cultural. “Niseko used to be a らいたいです」
とイオアナさんは話す。最後 those who might want to start their
backpacker, skiing place, which was に仙司さんとイオアナさんは、
これからニセ own business in the area comes as
okay because everybody would leave コで起業を考えている人々へメッセージを no surprise then – “Kutchan is an
after the season, but now people 残してくれた。
起業 interesting place, so start a business
want to live here, which means people をするなら倶知安がオススメです!」 in Kutchan.”

21 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com


J-Sekka Jam
Kat and Kim from Sekka let us in on their top Niseko eat and drink secrets.
For more tips visit their blog www.bigfoodsmallworld.blogspot.com
A FRESH facelift has been given to these
local favourites, created by Sekka chefs

fini sh all the sou p

Kim Wejendorp and Shaun Widger using
u-C ha wit h ric e & an egg to
But a Kimchi Na be at A-B fruits from nearby Niki Town. There are
ni the Dutchm an
new Wi ld Bill’s, made by Den seven flavours to choose from, starting with
Lill ybulb cro que tte s at the
ma . Kimchi & Bee f
selections like Very Berry and Golden Ras-
iya ki Pok ka at Ok ono miy aki Jyu u in Hig ash iya berry for traditional palates through to exotic
Ten don Thi n Pan cak e combinations like the refreshing Blackberry
on top
wit h cre am & cin namon
Hot coc oa at Graubu nde n,
& Lemon, the indulgent Raspberry & Vanilla
and the unexpected brilliance of Blueberry
Rame n Mo unt
Hab ene ro Rame n at Nis eko & Bay Leaf. Needless to say, all combina-
rgo ne at The Bar n
& a gla ss of Gon tard Bou
Ril let tes, Pate or Ter rine
tions are exquisite and unique. They’re all
available from Sekka Café & Deli for ¥895
Mi na Mi na
Late night Ja Ja Me n at for large, and ¥495 for small.
ill sha pe, at Mo koroya
Cri spy gyoza, in a win dm

RECIPE // shabu shabu by M’s Cafe KEBABS served by a guy that speaks with
a heavy Welsh accent and whose name is
Elvis may seem like a strange combination.
But, honestly, it works. On Route 343, just
next to White Bear, you will find a small
orange hut that’s been transformed into
Niseko’s only kebab joint. Serving Kebab
Sandwich, Kebab Wrap, Kebab Curry with
Rice and a Potato Kebab, Elvis will no doubt
be a popular choice for quick lunches,
after-ski hunger and late-night snacks. And
when there are no cars parked in front of the
building, you can pull up to the window and
treat it like a drive through.


Ingedients – serves 3–4 Method

BLUE Cielo is nestled snugly within the
• 1/4 Chinese cabbage diced 1. Place the slice of konbu and a small amount entertainment district in Kutchan and is a
• A bunch of Spinach (cut in half) of sake into the pot, add enough water to half fill popular restaurant with those who have
• 1/2 daikon sliced with a peeler the pot and boil the ‘dashi’ soup. dined here previously. Cooking up vari-
• 1 carrot sliced with a peeler 2. When the dashi boils, put the ingredients in ous delicious Italian fare, as well as their
• Pack of shimeji mushrooms, enoki the soup. The vegetables will take a few minutes specialty, Dutch-oven baked chicken and
mushrooms and king oyster mushroom to cook (ponzu sauce recommended with vegetables, Blue Cielo’s chefs manage
(sliced thinly) these). Beef will take just 2-3 swift actions. Hold to squeeze out phenomenal amounts of
• 600g of sliced beef for ‘shabu-shabu’ the beef with your chopsticks and dip the beef in natural taste without relying on additional
• A 5 cm-slice of konbu seaweed the soup – this is where the name comes from flavouring. It’s not just about Dutch oven
• A dash of sake – the motion is what’s called ‘shabu shabu’. dishes; Blue Ci elo’s pizzas and pastas
Don’t cook the beef too much. also bring the customers back time
3. Add spring onion or Momiji oroshi (grated and time again.
daikonradish and chili ) in your favourite sauce.

23 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com 24 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com
 RESTAURANT REVIEW // ni’s dining

WORDS BY // lizzy hoo PHOTOGRAPHY BY // ross cole-hunter

JAPAN has always had a strong culinary sesame soup – highly recommended).
The bowls of ramen are around ¥850
connection with China. Ni’s Dining on the and most meals are under ¥1000,

outskirts of Hirafu (intersection of Route with various lunch and dinner-set

options available.
631 and Route 5), is testament to this. Following the ramen is the Yurinchi
– fried chicken with spicy soy sauce.
NI’S Dining is run by Katsutoshi and perfect when dipped with some This is a classic Chinese style dish,
Tada who was born and raised in soy sauce. Ni’s also serve a little Dijon but it tastes lighter and the sauce has
Kutchan. He spent six years working mustard with its dumplings for a bit a sour element – perhaps this is the
at The Prince Hotel (now The Hilton of bite. Japanese influence coming through.
Niseko Village), which is where he Next to arrive is what Ni’s is fast Other a-la-carte options available
started learning Chinese cooking, becoming known for – bowls of include classic Japanese/Chinese
and then 16 years at the Hotel Nikko beautifully made ramen. You can re- dishes such as Crab Fried Rice,
in Annupuri. Last year, Katsutoshi ally taste the love in each bowl of Ni’s Mapodofu, Fried Noodles and Fried
started his own business. ramen. We are treated to Sanrata- Prawns in Chili Sauce.
We think it’s best to go with the men – ramen noodles in hot and sour For dessert, you have to try Ni’s
chef’s recommendations: Yakisoba sauce soup. The sauce in this ramen Chinese Pudding – apricot kernel tofu
(fried noodles), Yurinchi (fried chicken is a little thicker and a bit spicier than topped with dry fruits. It’s Ni’s ichiban
with spicy soy sauce) and Sanrata- usual. Egg is mixed through the sauce (number-one) dessert and is made
men (ramen noodles in hot and sour and is served with chicken, tofu, in true Hong Kong style. Other des-
sauce). We also order a few appetis- cabbage, spring onions and a drizzle serts include, Sesame Balls, Chinese
ers, or dim sum, to start. of chili oil. With each bite, you move Steamed Cake and Fried Doughnuts.
First to arrive is the dim sum. The closer to an inevitable ramen-induced For those of you that drive past
spring rolls are crunchy and fresh and coma. this building and wonder what’s T. 0136 22 6646
served with a sweet sauce, and are Other ramen options available inside, you can now imagine people Location: Intersection of Route
essential to any Chinese restaurant include Chashyu Ramen, Tan Tan devouring big bowls of steaming 631and Route 5 ( Hirafu 159–13)
visit. The Steamed Seafood Dump- Ramen and Tan Tan Man (ramen ramen, delicious fried Chinese dishes Times: 11:30 am to 2:00 pm (LO)
lings are served in a bamboo steamer noodles with spicy mince and a rich and creamy tofu desserts. 5:00–9:00pm (LO)

25 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com 26 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com
 TASTE THE REGION // milk kobo

CRUNCHY on the outside and uct with a beautifully soft texture. puffs. Located on the road to Niseko
filled with creamy goodness on It’s much like a sponge-cake sand- Village on the right, stop by Milk Kobo
the inside, choux creams are wich with tasty fresh cream in the for a treat. Next spring, Milk Kobo is
definitely one of Milk Kobo’s middle that’s made with the fresh milk opening up a new dining area, which
best sellers. from Takahashi Farm nearby. In this will no doubt be a popular choice for
Equally as impressive and new iconic factory, there are also many summer visitors to Niseko.
to Milk Kobo for the New Year is other milk-made treats such as ice Open: 10am to 6pm daily
‘Manmaru souffle’. It’s a new prod- cream, drinking yoghurt, and cream Tel: 0136 44 3734

CONTACT // Tourism and Industry Division, Hokkaido, Niseko Town,

Aza Fujimi47 Japan. T. 0136 44 2121. Ask for Paul.

27 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com 28 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com
Brought to you by


LOCATION moiwa // RIDER nathan // PHOTOGRAPHY rory gardiner, niseko photography


photo // niseko photography // goshiki onsen
www.myairblaster.com www.hanazononiseko.com www.inski.com.au
photo // ross cole-hunter //kyogoku

www.proski.com www.skihirejapan.com/niseko/ www.niseko343.com

What’s on your playlist? First IMpression

NIC Toumayan has been working as an English

teacher and DJ in Tokyo for the past three years.
1// Paul Engemann // Push it to the Limit
2// The Crystal Method // Born Too Slow photo // glen
 1000 WORDS
claydon // hira
fu If a picture tells 1000 words, then here’s 8000 words to help you get
He’s now living in Niseko and works at Sekka. 3// Led Zeppelin // Immigrant Song
a better understanding of this awesome place we call home.
He guaranteed us that this is the best playlist 4// Rob Zombie // Dragula
we’ll get all season. Note: The Four Seasons 5// AC/DC // Shoot to Thrill photo // niseko photography // hirafu
Vivaldi is for admiring views. If you want to win a 6// The Prodigy // Voodoo People
ski shot from YETI BAR, 7// Antonio Vivaldi // The Four Seasons, Winter
8// Daft Punk // Da Funk
send your playlist to
9// Megadeth // Holy Wars
10// Gorillaz // Rhinestone Eyes Name: Dave Pires. Nationality: Canadian.

Ski or snowboard? Snowboard, since I was 5.

Why Niseko? I wanted to board untracked

Nic’s Playlis
powder everyday and experience a
fresh culture.

First thoughts? Niseko isn’t the futuristic

neon-lit Japan that you see in movies, it’s
beautiful nature with friendly locals.

Something that made you look/think twice?

Feeling out of my element walking around a
supermarket, not being able to read labels.

Going anywhere else in Japan? I want to photo //glen cla

ydon // hirafu
head south towards Kyoto and Tokyo. photo // niseko photography // hirafu
photo // niseko photography // goshiki onsen

31 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com 32 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com
 1000 WORDS

 EYE SPY // art and culture in japan

Shigaraki Pottery
photo // glen claydon // hirafu
JAPANESE pottery
and porcelain is one of
the country’s oldest
photo // glen claydon // hirafu art forms.
photo // glen claydon // hirafu

THE art of pottery production in Shigaraki

Town, 1.5 hours by train from Kyoto, has a

photo // niseko photography // nise

long history, which can be felt when walking
down the streets of the village.The pottery
here is constantly evolving because of the
younger potters learning the skill. Today,
alongside the traditional pottery plates and
bowls, you can also find everything from
bathtubs to stereo speakers.
One young artist, 28-year-old Tadanao
Okuda has grown up with pottery and can
be found almost daily making works of art at
ko the family kiln – Okuda Chuzaemon gama,
photo // niseko photography // nise photo // niseko photography // niseko which has been operational since 1888 (Meiji
Period). Today, it produces works that are far
different from those made 122 years ago.
The piece below is titled ‘1000 years of
PAINTING BY // satsuki kitaguchi tranquility’ (Sen Nen No Yasuragi). An es-
sential element of the pieces is the jizou – one
of the most loved of all Japanese divinities.
traditional japanese painting
In this work, a very tranquil jizou is standing
with his hands clasped and is backlit to create
a tranquil mood to all that see this piece of
INSPIRED by travel, the human form and Nihonga – work, which was designed so that people
a traditional Japanese painting technique – Satsuki could remember departed family members or
pets. Interpretation, however, is up to
Kitaguchi’s art is instilled with a bold style that takes on a the individual.
different look and feel with each work. There are many things that stand out in
Shigaraki, a short variation in your travels to
Kyoto can see you enjoying a totally
IN all her paintings, whether they are of travel semi-precious stones like malachite, azurite different world.
memories, nudes, or stills, Satsuki use Nihonga and cinnabar.
style – paintings that have been made in accor- To make the paint, Satsuki will formulate powder @ http://tougeimura.jp/
dance with traditional Japanese artistic conven- into 16 gradations, from fine to sandy grain tex-
tions, techniques and materials. The term was tures. A hide-glue solution called nikawa is used as
coined in the Meiji Period (1868 until 1912) to dis- a binder for these powdered pigments. Originally,
tinguish such works from Western-style paintings. this style was used for hanging scrolls and hand
Paintings made using Nihonga style present scrolls or folding screens. However, most paintings
quite an elaborate process for artists. But, this is done in this style today are now produced on paper
what makes Satsuki’s works so beautiful. Typically stretched onto wood panels, suitable for framing.
executed on washi (Japanese paper) or eginu (silk), Satsuki is quite a prominent Hokkaido artist and
Nihonga paintings can take on either a mono- a high-school art teacher in Sapporo. She has had
chrome or polychrome visual. Satsuki’s paintings her works featured in many galleries around Japan,
are quite rich in colour and striking. and has received recognition for her contribution
If Nihonga paintings are monochrome, the artist to preserving Nihonga techniques.
will typically use sumi (Chinese ink) made from soot A sample of her works can be viewed at Hirafu’s
mixed with glue derived from fishbone or animal new photography, art and antique space Momiji
hide. If polychrome, the colours are derived from Gallery, located in Momiji Street, Hirafu.
‘1000 years of tranquility’ // by tadanao okuda
natural ingredients: minerals, shells, corals and even @ www.momijinisekogallery.com

33 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com 34 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com
 SNOW CAVES// the freshwater 502 advertising promotion

THE freshwater 502

Tastefully appointed in cosy warm

surrounds, this snow cave delivers its oc-
cupants a sanctuary with vistas sweeping
180 degrees from Kutchan to Niseko.
THE living space utilises the tantalises the senses with an
southern aspect to capture the alpine warmth.
morning sun as it rises off the As a dual key property it offers
flanks of Mount Yotei. the kids their own private space
On a clear day the inertia to with their own view right across
snuggle up on the leather lounges the lower village. Built in 2008 the
with a cup of coffee and bask in property is like new and is currently
the ambience of all that Niseko on the market for sale via Nisade.
offers is hard to counteract. It’s a well-priced penthouse of-
Imagine a day of pure relaxation fering both guests and owners a
capped with an immersion in the wonderful addition to their property
6-person spa bath. The use of portfolio.
timbers, stone and leather really

»» 3 bedrooms
»» 2 bathrooms Booking Information
»» 1 car space Contact T. +81 (0)136 22 0038
»» Upper Hirafu Check online rates and availability

35 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com 36 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com
193-7 Aza Yamada, Kutchan-cho,
Hokkaido Japan 044-0081

 REAL ESTATE NEWS by lizzy hoo

Alpen Ridge 104

¥35,000,000 S 1 1

Ski in, ski out luxury apartment with village views

and fantastic occupancies. This is the only studio
apartment in the building and rents very well.
LOCATION: Upper Hirafu Village

Alpen Ridge 202

Niseko Home design AGENT PROFILE ¥45,000,000 1 1 1

A HOME is only as good as the sum of its parts, and Name Jason King Agency Hokkaido Real
it is essential to look past the glossy finished product. Estate What’s your forecast for 2011? Buyer
interest is strong at this early stage, and with a
For Niseko Home Design’s director Shigeru Uehara, backlog of inventory, keen vendors and some Here’s your chance to buy into Ski-in ski-out
practicability and durability are the main foundations excellent pricing, I feel sales will be strong. unbeatable accommodation in Niseko Ski-in ski-out, luxury slope side, one bedroom
apartment with spectacular views looking
of his design philosophy. The handful of GFC-priced properties will sell directly down on the Ace Family chairlift.

SHIGERU graduated from Chuo University, cold climate, volcanoes, climate change and
quickly as diligent buyers sniff out the bargains.
What projects in Niseko are you excited
Alpen Ridge LOCATION: Upper Hirafu Village

Tokyo in 1989 before moving to Portland, Oregon earthquakes. There are many practical ways to about? The Hanazono site remains the best in The very best Western style, luxury, ski-in, ski-out accommodation in Hirafu Vil-
Alpen Ridge 504
to further pursue and develop his skills. He then lessen the impact that the environment has my view. PCPD is moving forward aggressively. lage. The apartments are within 2 minutes of the heart of the village, close to the
¥79,000,000 3 2 1
commenced his career as a builder in 1992 on your home in Niseko. Shigeru does this by There are nearby investments for canny buyers supermarket, bars, restaurants and onsens that make any visit to Niseko unique
for Cross Pacific before attaining his Japanese using local Japanese wood and materials first, as including well-priced luxury houses, like the one in the skiing world.
architect and builder’s license. It was then that he well as Niseko-area tradesmen. Also by having pictured above. We also have land parcels,
realised his passion for combining strong Western insulation, climate-control techniques such as some of which are ski-in ski-out development Luxury in design, developed with care free living in mind and thoughtfully
structures with contemporary Japanese design proper sealing of corners, windows, doors and opportunities. From what countries are in- appointed with all modern appliances. For extra convenience, Alpen Ridge
and established Niseko Home Design in 2006. vents, as well as a pitched roof to reduce water terested buyers coming from? Hong Kong, incorporates a ski school, ski rental service, personal ski lockers, staff reception
Since then he has been applying his design and and weight stress on your home. Singapore, Taiwan, mainland China, Malaysia desk, Niseko Property real estate office, attached cafe and an on site manage-
Ski-in ski-out, luxury, three bedroom apartment.
building skills to a number of varied projects. Shigeru’s houses are synchronic with the natu- and Aussies. What type of real-estate ment team. The views from apartment 504 capture both the
ski resort and Mt Yotei in all its glory.
He is equipped with both a building licence and ral Hokkaido environment. The houses he designs investment would you recommend to buy LOCATION: Upper Hirafu Village
architectural design expertise to ensure that the are typically Japanese in style – clean lines, mini- in Niseko? Each buyer has a preference de- A selection of studio, 1, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments available for sale. FLOOR AREA: 120m²
project is perfect from start to finish. Partnering malist décor, and with impeccable attention pending upon yield versus capital growth, and
with local Japanese industry partners, Shigeru to detail. Combing this with Western comforts risk/benefit comparisons. There are some keen For more information on these properties and Alpen Hotel
Alpen Ridge 403
oversees all aspects of design to satisfy the and his quest for beautiful design that’s practical secondary sale vendors, so do your homework a huge selection of other properties available
FT Prince ¥85,000,000 3 2 1
unique environmental demands of Niseko. and sustainable, Shigeru is committed to and search for the best value. What are your throughout the Niseko region PA
IR Hirafutei
Builders and architects in Niseko have to pre- making a house that is harmonious with words of wisdom for potential buyers? Call into our office in the FA
Park Hotel
Alpen Ridge Building AC
pare for many natural challenges such as snow, the environment. There’s a lot for sale. You can afford to be
choosy and careful. The old adage applies: -Z
location, location, location! What do you think SALES ENQUIRIES Hi

will make more people come to Niseko? Ruskin Mclennan: ak
Alpen Ridge Seicomart -Z
Ski-in ski-out, luxury, three bedroom apartment.
Streetscapes (underway), more commercial PH 080 60987882 d ol
on Huge apartment with uninterrupted views of Mt
space for businesses, restaurants and better Peter Murphy: ROUTE Yotei from 2 balconies and the finest finishes.
PH 080 60818989 LOCATION: Upper Hirafu Village
transport. Lift upgrades would be a great shot FLOOR AREA: 122m²
in the arm.
(Image: Hanazono, 220 sqm house, 5 bed, 2
bath, huge land ¥75,000,000)
www.NisekoProperty.com - sales@NisekoProperty.com - Ph:+81 136 21 5060
37 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com
 REAL ESTATE NEWS by lizzy hoo

YTL ANNOUnces hinode hill

than 50 years of diversified experi- of The East’, YTL has a long-term
ence in planning, urban design and vision. Kemmy explains, “The market
AT last month’s reopening of The Green landscape architecture for projects is in its infancy stage. It’s very early.
throughout the United States, Central We’re not in a hurry to finish it. We
Leaf Niseko Village, its parent company America, Europe, the Middle East, have a goal, but we’ll like to see how
YTL announced a new development in the Asia and the Far East. it goes within the master plan that we
The next likely development is a have in mind. The prices in Aspen
first phase of Niseko Village’s master plan. village core with retail and service have grown by 100% within a span
space for guests. There will be a of 7 years. This is just a start. I think
HINODE Hill (meaning sunrise in “With the master plan for Niseko central street with a vibrant mix of in most communities where there is a
Japanese) is the first residential devel- Village, due to be completed within retail, food, wellness, entertainment potential to reach end stage, anyone
opment in Niseko Village and features the next 5–10 years, Hinode Hill and recreational establishments. coming in early would really enjoy the
125 fully furnished, ski-in, ski-out owners will enjoy a strong first-mover Visitors and residents will enjoy the upside in terms of investment.”
apartments. Located next to The advantage and significant invest- best of international and local offer- Niseko Village is backed by YTL a
Green Leaf Hotel and the ski lift facil- ment returns as we commence the ings in shopping and dining from company that has a lot of experience
ity, this condominium development development of further residential and top luxury labels and world-famous in the luxury hotel and real-estate
features a mix of one, two and three- commercial properties in the area,” restaurants to Japanese art galleries. market. Some of its other hotels and
bedroom apartments, and premium said Kemmy Tan, Director of Interna- “We are confident that once the resorts include Pangkor Laut Resort,
penthouses with private onsens. tional Real Estate of YTL Singapore. village core pops up this will give The Chedi Phuket, Tanjong Jara
Guided by Asian and Japanese YTL also intends to reconfigure the guests an alternative recreation Resort Malay, The Ritz Carlton Kuala
architecture principles, Hinode Hill existing resort ski-ways, golf courses area and more will come and spend Lumpur and Muse Hotel De Luxe in
encompasses generous landscaped and hotels into a comprehensive, their time here. We think the local St Tropez.
gardens featuring Japanese-influ- mixed-use resort community with authorities have done a good job in Hinode Hill is expected to launch
enced water features surrounding residential areas. promoting Niseko and with that more mid 2011. There is a property show-
the four apartment blocks. Each The master plan will be designed people will definitely come,” said case at Komakusa Room, Level 3 at
apartment has views of neighbouring and implemented by award winning Kemmy Tan. The Hilton Niseko Village.
Mount Yotei. HOK Planning Group which has more Dubbing Niseko as ‘The Aspen @ www.hinodehill.com

39 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com 40 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com
YOU have mastered the the bare essentials. Make sure you POWDERLIFE is your Niseko Travel Guide – in print and online. With www.powderlife.com
groomers, been on ski holidays know how to use them. and Powderlife Niseko magazine, you’ll discover the essential information for the
several times all over the world, and 5. Let someone know when you’re perfect holiday.
you want to escape the crowds planning to be back. During your stay, experience Niseko’s restaurants, bars and cafes, where you can feast on
– chances are you’re ready to go 6. If the gates are closed don’t risk anything – from the most authentic sushi to beautiful local sake. Make the most of your skiing and
backcountry. The satisfaction of entering them. boarding with the specialist ski and snowboard stores and mountain guides around town.
hiking peaks and then making your 7. No-go zones include Yu no Inside you’ll also find Powderlife’s onsen guide, short history of the area and village maps.
way down in untracked, waste-deep Sawa (between Annupuri and For everything else visit www.powderlife.com/niseko-resort-guide.
snow is exhilarating. Niseko Village area), and Haru no
In Japan, Niseko is renowned for Taki (cliff area west of Hirafu).
its liberal stance toward backcountry 8. Ducking ropes may result in you
skiing and snowboarding. With that losing your lift pass.
freedom comes the responsibility 9. Hire a guide if you’re not sure
Name Sam Kerr Company Niseko Extreme to respect the mountain. Niseko’s about going off-piste. trains run through Sapporo and Otaru. You will be ¥500 Adult and ¥300 for child.
(two prior seasons with Black Diamond) Ski powder may look soft and friendly, 10. Explore the backcountry with Tourist Info required to change platforms. ¥2600 approx.
or board Both, 20 years What’s your best but don’t let its light and fluffy ap- experienced riders and skiiers. T: (0123) 45 7011 – Airport Station Grand Hirafu Village shuttle bus:
backcountry experience? The feeling of joy at pearance fool you. Kutchan Information Centre T: (0136) 22 1310 – Kutchan station Shuttle buses run throughout Hirafu every 15
the top of a hike, and the anticipation for the ride Plenty of brochures and English-speaking staff. W: www.japanrail.com minutes, all day, every day, until the end of night-
down Best tip for backcountry skiers/boarders visiting Powderlife has collected some tips AVALANCHE INFO // Location: Main Street, Kutchan (map p.53, A4) skiing.
Niseko? Know how to use your safety gear, and ride with people that do. from local experts to keep you safe Shinya-san’s daily avalanche T: (0136) 22 1121. ¥: Free
on the mountain. report: www.niseko.nadare.info
FREE BACKCOUNTRY INFORMATION SEMINAR // 1. Obey the Niseko Rules: Listed Powderlife’s Backcountry Guide is The Niseko Grand Hirafu Welcome Centre Hanazono Shuttle Bus: Travels throughout
Ever hiked the peak? Been through a gate in Niseko? Considered the on the course map (p.52) online – www.powderlife.com Wide range of brochures from the area and Niseko Auto Rentals Hirafu Village and out to Hanazono from 7.50am
consequences? Know what you’re getting into with Black Diamond 2. Check weather and avalanche // ‘Backcountry basics’ transport information. Specialising in large 4wd 7-8 passenger to 6pm. Look out for the blue buses.
Tours free information seminar. reports – www.niseko.nadare.info // ‘Inside a 2-day avalanche course’ Location: Top of the main street (Hirafu Zaka) vehicles: Delica Space Gear and Toyota Hiace. ¥: Free
Location // Above Proski Demo shop, opposite The Vale Niseko 3. Respect Niseko’s ski patrollers // ‘Lost in the backcountry’ in Hirafu (map p.54, E1) T: (0136) 44 1144
Time // 6–7pm every Tuesday during winter 4. Use essential equipment: // ‘How to build a snowcave’ T: (0136) 22 0109. W: www.bdlodge.com Kutchan Night Go Bus: Runs to and from Hirafu
A beacon, probe and shovel are to Kutchan Station every night.
Toyota Rent-a-Car ShinSapporo ¥: ¥200 for 1 week pass/¥500 for a season pass
HEALTH – deep vein thrombosis // by bevan colless Getting here & there One-way hire from Chitose to Hirafu is about
¥7000 for six people/24 hours. Pick up at MONEY
New Chitose Airport. Chitose airport, Sapporo or Kutchan
BY now, we’ve all heard of the need to work against gravity (below do not just sit still in your seat during the same flight, so it’s clear activity For departure and arrival times. T: (0118) 15 0100 (English ok!) ATM Locations
increased risk of suffering deep the knee). This is why we always the flight. Wriggling your toes in your helps! Do not cross your legs for long T: (0123) 23 0111 Hokkaido Tracks Holiday’s Office, Hirafu
vein thrombosis (DVT) on long- think our shoes have shrunk when seat is of some help but weight-bear- periods. Drink plenty of water and W: www.new-chitose-airport.jp/language/english The Powderlife website has some great tips on how Map: p.54, E2
haul flights. As most of you we put them back on to land (well ing exercises are the gold-standard. avoid alcohol. to drive on snow as well as good contacts if you Accepts: All major cards
have an accident.
will have two long flights in a at least I used to think that – cabin Stand outside the toilets doing one- Getting from New Chitose to Niseko
relatively short period, I thought pressure and time zone changes leg squats and heel-raises for as long Bus: This is a cheap and efficient option. Kutchan Main Post Office
some tips on how to reduce your can do strange things to cognitive as you can stand people staring at Buses leave every 30 minutes from the airport to Map: p.53, E3
risk would be in order. function). you. There has been no recorded Niseko and take about three hours (includes rest Accepts: All major cards
Transport around niseko
Commonly refered to as “economy Your chances of developing DVT case of a passenger joining the mile stop and drop off at Rusutsu). Companies provid-
class syndrome” by the smug who from a long flight are thought to be high club and developing DVT on ing this service: Whiteliner Buses, Chuo Bus, 7 Eleven
always fly business class (read: bitter only one in several million, but if you Donan Bus and Hokkaido Resort Liner. Visit the Taxis: Drivers probably won’t speak English so Map: p.53, C1
small business owner who always have been into Niseko Physio with Welcome Centre for bus bookings back to Chi- you will need a business/place name and map for Accepts: Visa Plus, JCB, AMEX, Dinners Club,
turns right on boarding the plane and a lower limb injury on your holiday, • Have a low-dose aspirin just before tose. ¥2,300 approx. (one way) or ¥3850 where you are going. Discover, China Union Pay
desperately avoids eye-contact with you are at an increased risk, oh all boarding the plan, which helps thin approx. (roundtrip). T: (0136) 22 1212 Kutchan Hire // (0136) 22 1171
those on the left), DVT is basically right – and if you are flying economy the blood. Misora Hire // (0136) 44 2635 Niseko Hire. Credit Cards Lift tickets, ski hire and ski lessons
a clot that forms in the veins due to class. To help prevent DVT, have a Door-to-Door Transfer Skybus offers a door-to- can all be paid for by credit. Most large restau-
blood not being returned effectively single low-dose aspirin just before • Wear loose clothing with compression socks and tights, door transfer service to and from the airport to Bus rants offer credit card facilities too, however some
to the heart. you board the plane, which helps to which will help blood return to the heart. Niseko, or Sapporo. See p.18 for details. small businesses are cash only. Check with your
When we remain still for long thin the blood. However, do not take T: 011 788 4994 Niseko United Shuttle: Connects Hirafu, Niseko retailer before purchasing.
periods, the veins don’t have the it if you have stomach ulcers or suffer •Try not to sit down the whole time. Wriggle your toes W: www.skybus.co.jp Village and Annapuri resorts. Pickup/drop-off
muscles around them contracting to badly from indigestion. Wear loose while sitting and stand outside the toilets doing one-leg points in Hirafu include Hirafu Gondola and the Currency Exchange Kutchan Post Office and
help blood travel back to the heart; clothing with compression socks squats and heel raises. Train This is the most scenic route to Niseko. bus stop near Hirafu intersection. Hokuyo Bank (Map p.53, B3)
the de-oxygenated blood can pool and tights, which will help the blood There is no direct train from Chitose to Kutchan ¥: Free if you have an all-mountain pass //
in areas of low muscle activity, which return to the heart. Most importantly, Station (closest major station to Hirafu), and all 1 point if you have a 12-point mountain pass //

41 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com 42 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com

SHOPPING 0 and dial everything else. LOCAL LINGO onsen guide LOCAL HISTORY
Post Offices
Look for the red ‘〒’ symbol. There are two post
For everything from toothpaste to alcohol and offices in Kutchan. In Hirafu, post-office boxes GOING to the onsen for the first time can be WHAT does Niseko mean?
late-night snacks try: and stamps are located at Piz Gloria and GREETINGS a little daunting. Powderlife’s guide and onsen ‘Niseko’ was the name originally given to the
Seicomart – Hirafu Seicomart. Good morning Ohaiyogozaimasu etiquette tips will help you fall in love with this area by the Ainu, Hokkaido’s indigenous people,
Location: At the main intersection in Hirafu Hello Konichiwa quitessential Japanese experience. and means ‘a cliff jutting over a riverbank deep
Lawson – Hirafu (24 hours) Good evening Kon ban wa in the mountains’. Meanwhile, Nupuri is a word
Location: 5 minutes from Seicomart in the direc- Goodnight Oyasuminasai Yukoro Onsen commonly heard around these parts, namely
tion of Kutchan. Goodbye Sayonara T: 0136 23 3434 (Hirafu map p.54 B4) because it’s the Ainu word for ‘mountain’. Put it all Jagata-kun: Little fat skiing
Piz Gloria and the Alpen Hotel offer a smaller Standard voltage is 100v AC. You can use most See you later Mata ne Hotel Niseko Alpen together and Mt Niseko Annupuri (the mountain potato boy
range of snacks and drinks, and Sekka Deli electronic items without a problem, but some high What’s your name? Onamae wa nan T: 0136 22 1105 (Hirafu map p.54 E1) that is home to the Niseko United resorts) means
provides gourmet items from Hokkaido. watt devices such as hairdryers may not run on desu ka? Hot Spring Poporo ‘a mountain which has sheer cliffs and a river be-
full power. Plugs are the international standard My name is ... Watashi no Namae T: 0136 23 3291 (Hirafu map p.54 F1) low’. Other nearby mountains which have carried
Kutchan Shopping (flat, two-blade type). wa (insert name) desu Yumoto Niseko Prince Hotel Hirafutei their Ainu names until today include Chisenupuri
For a big shopping trip, it’s worth venturing into (nice to meet you) Dozo yoroshiku T: 0136-23-2239 (Hirafu map p.54 D1) and Iwaonupuri.
Kutchan Town. Here is a list of the major stores How are you? Genki desu ka? Hilton Niseko Village
stocking the basics, but if you explore a little I’m fine Genki desu T: 0136 44 1111 (Higashiyama map p.53 G7)
further you’ll find small local fruit and vegetable How old are you? O toshi wa Ikutsu Green Leaf Hotel Niseko Village SKI RESORT HISTORY
retailers and great souvenir shops. No skiing/boarding on roads or footpaths desu ka? T: 0136 44 3311 (Higashiyama map p.53 G7)
While it may seem much quicker and easier than BASIC QUESTIONS Niseko Grand Hotel 1911 Theodore von Lerch
Jagako: Jagata-kun’s snow-
Try Best Denki for all your electrical and walking, skiing and snowboarding home from the Where is ...? ... wa doko desu ka? T: 0136 58 2121 (Annupuri map p.53 A8) ascends Mount Yotei
boarding girlfriend
technical needs. hill is dangerous and is frowned upon by locals. toilet toire 1949 Mount Yotei is desig-
Location: p.53, B4 Are you okay? Daijoubu desu ka? nated a National Park
onsen etiquette
One third of all injuries in Hirafu are caused by 1956 Rope tow installed at
Rummage through M-Pocket for imported people falling on the street. Wear shoes with a Asahigaoka ski area GOMI GUIDE
groceries and alcohol. good grip or buy and attach rubber sole cleats RESTAURANT TIPS What to bring? 1961 First ski lift in Grand
IF in doubt, don’t just throw it out!
Location: p.53, B3 with metal studs. How many people? Nan mei sama Bath towel, modesty towel and toiletries. Most Hirafu ski area
desu ka? onsens provide body soap and shampoo, and sell completed
What is burnable rubbish? (燃えるゴミmoeru-gomi)
Visit Homac, which shelves basically every two people ‘ni’ mai desu modesty towels for about ¥200. 1962 40th All Japan Ski
Contrary to what most of us are brought up to
household product. Afterwards head next door to Be careful when walking or parking your car (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) (san, yon, go, roku, How much? Championships believe, burnable rubbish includes plastics, as
major supermarket MaxValu for all your food sup- under roofs shichi, hachi) Most onsens range between ¥600 to ¥1000. (Alpine) well as paper and food scraps.
plies as well as Tsuruha Drug (red signage) Heavy snow slides from rooftops in Niseko. The What would you like Onomimono wa What to do? 1963 Niseko mountain
if you need a pharmacy. snow slides can seriously damage your cars too. to drink? okimari desu ka? 1. Enter the changing room through the appropri- range is designated a PET bottles and cans (ペット、缶)
Location: Route 5 and Route 343. (p.53, G3) One beer please biiru ‘hitotsu’ ate door: 女 for women, 男 for men. Quasi-National Park Plastic drink bottles (with lid/label removed) and
Drinking Dangers kudasai 2. Remove your clothes and put them in the bas- 1966 Taiheiyo Club Niseko aluminium/steel drink cans
Take a trip to the ¥100 store if you’re on a budget. Make sure you leave the bar with someone else. Food counters ket or locker provided. Moiwa International
Location: p.53, B4 Also make sure you rug up and stay warm – one hitotsu 3. Have a shower before entering the onsen. ski area opens Compost (生ゴミ nama-gomi)
When available, compost bins are for food
people have been known to fall asleep in the snow two futatsu Rinse yourself thoroughly and then your shower 1970 Kutchan hosts the
scraps. Though be careful, tea bags are not
SHOPPING on the way home. If you do notice someone who is three mitsu cubicle before going into the onsen. 25th National Ski
considered compost.
intoxicated, report them to the police or the safety four yotsu 4. Use the modesty towel when walking into the Competition
hut located outside Seicomart. Before you eat say Itadakimasu onsen then gracefully slide into the water 1972 Niseko Annupuri ski Non-burnable rubbish (燃えないゴミ moenai-gomi)
Internet After you eat say Gochisosamadeshta – never jump. area opens Non-burnable rubbish is for rubbish that doesn’t
J-Sekka Deli and Downtown Café have free Cheers Kanpai 5. Don’t let your towel enter the onsen water – just 1982 Niseko Higashiyama fit the other categories, including items such as
Internet terminals. Delicious Oiishi rest it on your head or on a rock on the side of ski area (currently broken glass, ceramics and metals.
Mobile Phones the onsen. Niseko Village) opens
Only 3G phones will work in Japan. Some Kutchan Kousei Hopsital OUT AND ABOUT 6. Soak, contemplate and relieve your sore muscles. 1993 Free Passport lift
accommodation providers offer mobile phone hire. For anything you think is broken. X-ray, MRI and Great snow Sugoi yuki 7. Dry yourself off before going back into the pass system valid at What can you do to help keep
Domestic Calls medical dispensary. No appointment necessary. Excuse me Sumimasen change room, as best you can. 4 ski resorts Niseko beautiful?
Green and grey public phones take coins or pre- Location: p.53, A3 I don’t understand Nihonga ga introduced Take a second to be sure you’re throwing
paid telephone cards. Local calls don’t require the T: 0136 22 1141 Japanese wakarimasen Many onsen have rooms where you can relax, 2002 Niseko starts to re- your garbage in the correct bin
‘0136’, unless made from a public telephone. Niseko Physio Do you speak Ego ga drink a cold beer or tea, or even sit in a mas- ceive a large number For more information visit
International Calls The only acute sports injury specialist in the village. English? hanasemasu ka? sage chair. of Australian tourists www.town.kutchan.hokkaido.jp
Dial (010) and then the code of the country you Location: p.54, B2 Cute Kawaii Information courtesy of the
Niseko Promotion Board
wish to call. If the number starts with 0 – drop the T: 0136 22 0399 Japan’s great! Nihon wa sugoi

43 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com 44 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011 www.powderlife.com

C2 p54
A-Bu-Cha 2
D2 p54
Bang Bang
F5 p54
Hana Jizoh
B3 p54
J-Sekka Café and Delicatessen

Try our popular Japanese dishes or hot-pots. Choice of 400 Ramen lunch at Bang 2 starting this season! We take great Amazing sweet and savoury breads and pastries from a For a hearty breakfast to get you ready for the slopes, or a lazy
drinks! Japanese seating available. Families welcome. Lunch pride in our fresh seafood and look forward to offering you friendly local family baker. You must try this! Get the free Hirafu afternoon spent discovering the delicious Hokkaido produce
and Cafe: various lunch dishes, coffee, homemade dessert. mouthwatering dishes from our wide-ranging menus. Village shuttle to bus stop 27, near Unitas Log Village. used in our house-made delicacies.
Eat in or takeaway.
www.abucha.net www.niseko.or.jp/bangbang
Lunch 11am – 4pm Lunch 11am – 4pm 8.00am – 4.30pm open from 7am daily
A wide variety of meals Dinner 6pm 2am We take great pride in our Dinner 5.30pm – 11.30 pm Creative and delicious breads Closed Wednesdays A taste of Hokkaido
and drinks – top marks (LO 3pm/11.30pm) fresh seafood Occasionally closed from a local baker
 0136 22 5620  0136 22 4292  0136 23 0331  0136 21 3088

E7 p53
Black Diamond Restaurant
C3 p53
Cocoro Okonomiyaki
D4 p54
Java Lounge
C3 p54
Kabuki 1 and 2

Offering a wide variety of food and drink from around the Real Osaka-style okonomiyaki and yakisoba cooked by you on Come and relax on the Java Lounge sofas, try our At Kabuki 1 you can do make-it-yourself Okonomiyaki and
world. Japanese daily specials, Western, Mexican and Italian your teppan (hot plate). Try out takoyaki (octopus) and chicken • Italian coffee • Assorted Panini Teppanyaki. Kabuki 2 (next door) is a full-service Teppan Yaki
dishes! Billiards, darts, happy hour and drink specials daily! balls. Japanese sweets also available. • Home baked muffins and cakes • Hot soups Restaurant. Early bird 20% for all meals – in by 6pm
Free pickup from The Hilton and The Green Leaf for groups of • Iced-cold beer • Daily special lunches out by 7pm.
6 or more. • Quiches or all day breakfast
www.bdlodge.com www.nisekokabuki.com
4pm–midnight 11am – 9pm Daily Open 7 days
Free pick-up from The Hilton and (LO 11pm food // Great Food, Great Value! Early morning breakfast, lunch 7am to 8pm Okonomiyaki and Teppanyaki 5–11pm
The Green Leaf for 6 or more 11.30pm drink)  0136 22 1528 (Jap) and après drinks Restaurant
 0136 44 1144  0136 23 0008 (Eng)

A1 p54
Country Grill
B3 p54
Downtown Café
E2 p54
E8 p53
M’s Cafe (Saison Club)

Unique flavours not found anywhere else in the area, with all Hugely popular with locals, this top-rated cafe-restaurant Trained by one of the world’s top chefs, Tetsuya Wakuda, chef Try our huge traditional Japanese nabe hotpots with meat,
local products by La Andy. From Hokkaido-grown beef, country offers all-day breakfast, bagels, daily blackboard specials and Kamimura uses the abundance of Hokkaido produce to create seafood and vegetables. We have shabu shabu, sukiyaki  and
roast chicken, and our specialty Hokkaido Venison, try the new great coffee. Eat in or take out. Free high-speed internet. a memorable degustation dining experience. chanko hot pots.
Country Grill, just outside busy Hirafu in the quiet community
of Country Resort. www.saison-club.com
www.nisekocountryresort.com www.kamimura-niseko.com
Breakfast 7.30–10.30am Open 7 days Dinner 6pm – 11pm Day 10am–3pm
Grilled favourites, relaxed Dinner 17.00 to late Hirafu’s finest cafe free internet 8am to 10.30pm Blessed by land, sea and a Occasionally closed Warm your body with our big Evening 5.30–7.30pm
dining, casual atmosphere terminal + Wi-Fi Breakfast, lunch and dinner creative chef hearty hot-pots Open daily
 0136 55 5123  0136 23 3354  0136 21 2288  0136 44 3380

A4 p54
C4 p54
Half Note
B3 p54
Maki Lounge
B4 p54
NICHII Shokudou

Finished skiing? Drop in for great food and a good time! Enjoy live weekend jazz nights as well as Dancing and other With an open fire and sweeping views of the Hirafu ski hill, un- Specializing in Japanese food & Italian food cooked with
Laugh and drink at this lively izakaya inn. Enjoy our assorted live music on weekdays. With, jazz, billiards and table tennis, wind on our leather lounges. Apres drinks include an array of wood-fired oven. Please enjoy our delicious food!
Japanese hotchpotch. there’s always something going on at Half Note. Check out Half fine Japanese whiskey, sake, sho-chu and plum wine as well
Note’s regular jazz events at www.nisekohalfnote.com. as classic and house-blend cocktails, spirits and glass wine.

www.ebcbar.com www.nisekohalfnote.com www.j-sekka.com http://nichii.pittore.jp/

Open daily 6pm–midnight Coffee, snacks and games Open daily
Have fun with our genki and 5pm – midnight Hirafu’s only jazz bar! Open daily Japanese whiskey, sake from 10am // bar 2pm–late Japanese and Italian food Iza- 4pm to midnight
laughing oden bar staff and shochu by the fire 7 days kaya with wood-fired oven.
 0136 22 6544  0136 23 2727  0136 21 6133  0136 22 2161

45 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com 46 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011 www.powderlife.com

D2 p54
Niseko Pizza
D2 p54
Paddy McGinty’s Irish Pub C4 p54
The Barn
D2 p54
Tozanken Asahikawa Ramen
& Restaurant UPPER HIRAFU
Niseko Pizza is a family run restaurant offering a menu Enjoy your perfect powder holiday at our popular pub and Come and enjoy our alpine food and wine in Hokkaido’s warmest Asahikawa ramen is made from 100% Hokkaido wheat
with lots of love and the best quality ingredients. You will be restaurant with its welcoming fun atmosphere, imported and and authentic bistro atmosphere. Drop in on the way back from noodles served in a smooth and rich soup. There is a wide se-
delighted by the smell, enticed by the flavours, pleased by the local beers, wines, spirits and great value meals. the slopes for a snack and hot wine in our friendly bar on the lection of dishes to choose from including Donburi rice bowls.
atmosphere and comforted by the staff upper floor, or stay the evening for dinner in the main restaurant. From Asahikawa’s original ramen restaurant.

www.nisekopizza.jp www.paddymcgintysirishpub.com www.nisekobarn.com

Open 4–11pm weekdays Open daily Open 7 days 6pm to late Open daily
Dine in, Take-away and delivery 11am to 11pm weekends, Value Drinks, Hearty Meals, Live 1pm till Late Hokkaido’s one and only (LO 9.30pm food // New location this winter! 10.30am–11pm
holidays, Chinese New year Sports and Music alpine bistro drinks 11.30pm) (LO 11pm)
 0136 55 5553  0136 55 8020  0136 23 0888  0136 23 4549

B2 p54
Sekka Dining
D1 p54
Senchou 2
E4 Tsubara Tsubara C2 VBG – Vale Bar and Grill
Experience a taste of Hokkaido in style at Sekka Dining, with Founded in 1996. While we have seen many changes, the Everyone falls in love with our carefully prepared soup made Full breakfast available from 7am. Serving an eclectic fusion-
an impressive cellar and a menu that celebrates simplicity, quality of our fresh seafood remains as good as ever. form delicious ingredients. Restaurant recently renovated to style menu all day. Daily Specials. Warm up with our VBG
innovation, and absolute delicacy in preparation. Try us while you are here. The food is so fresh it will dance give improved access and a larger seating area. Enjoy our Ultimate Hot Chocolate or something a little stronger in our
on your tongue. famous Hokkaido soup curry. relaxed après lounge. Shots and cocktails. Live music events.

www.j-sekka.com www.senchou.com www.tsubaratsubara.com www.nisekoalpineaccommodation.com

Open daily Winter only Lunch 11.30am–3pm Open 7 days
Showcasing the best Dinner from 6pm Best choice for gourmet seafood 5pm–midnight Evening 6–10pm 7am to late
Spicy, flavoursome and local Ski-in ski-out bar and dining
of Hokkaido Occasionally closed Open daily Closed 2nd/4th Wednesdays All-day dining
 0136 21 5022  0136 22 5454 Hokkadio curry soup
0136 23 1116  0136 21 5833

A5 p53
C3 p54
Souan Genghis Khan Lamb BBQ
B2 p54
Wabi Sabi
D3 p54

Having trained in various countries, our expert chef creates a Goes perfectly with beer and makes a great party menu. Bring Quality prepared and cooked Yakitori (various skewered meats, Try our popular Japanese food nabe hotpot for your experience
colourful array of dishes. Bread freshly baked after ordering. your family and friends for the ¥1700 all-you-can-eat for 60 seafood and vegetables barbecued). All food cooked in of Japanese culture. We recommended Sukiyaki, Shabushabu
Vegetarian menu available. Chilean wines from ¥2,000. minutes offer (reservation only, minimum 4 persons). traditional Japanese style. and Kimuchi hotpot to get warm your body up  in the cold
Niseko winter.

Lunch 11am–3pm Open daily Open 7 days Dinner 6–10pm

Creative fusion cuisine from Dinner 5–9pm ¥1700 all-you-can-eat barbecue 5pm–2am Specialty Yakitori restaurant 5–10pm Carefully selected Japanese 7 days
land and sea Closed Sundays for 60 minutes (LO 1am) wagyu beef and special soup  0136 23 3048
 0136 23 1882  090 2059 6701

C3 p54
Steak Rosso Rosso
F3 p54
Taj Mahal
F3 p54
Yakitori Yosaku
B3 p54

Casual steak house with a contemporary flavour. Juicy, tender Experience the best of authentic Indian cuisine and courteous Hirafu locals’ favourite yakitori restaurant. Come in after a day Ceasar Salad, Avocado Salsa Salad, Chicken Wings, Bacon
wagyu and Kobe beef and a variety of imported wines. Enjoy service. Enjoy an authentic Indian meal with Indian beer at of powder and try some of our Japanese barbecque, sukyaki Pepper Steak, Baked Cream Potato, Cheese Fondue, wines
yourself to satiation with our stylish cuisine and our prestigious restaurant. 10% discount on takeaway orders. and hot sake. and of course various styles of pizza. And more more!
refined hospitality. Vegetarian meals available. Free local delivery.

www.rossorosso.net www.tajmahalgroup.com www.yummyspizza.com

Dinner 6pm–11pm Open all year, 7 days Open daily 5–11pm daily
A must for steak lovers! Occasionally closed Visit Inidia in Taj Mahal Niseko 11.30am to 10.30pm Serving yakitori every night 6pm to 3am Yummy homemade crust pizza Delivery available
 0136 22 4566 until 3am and western foods restaurant in the Hirafu area
 0136 21 7100  0136 23 4390  0136 21 2239

47 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com 48 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011 www.powderlife.com

C2 p54
Black Diamond Tours
E2 p54
Deep Powder Tours Ski Holidays
B3 p53
D3 p54
Ezo Seafoods

Check out Niseko’s incredible backcountry A licensed I.A.T.A international travel agent. Check out our Located on Kutchan high street, Cocoroya offers a wide We stock seafood for takeout sourced daily from the coast –
or visit Rusutsu, Sapporo Kokusai or Teine Highland. We also website for a broad overview of the many ski resorts in range of Japanese antiques, furniture, Kimono and original oysters, King Red Crab, salmon, and more. We also prepare
have a range of backcountry tours to suit your lung capacity. Japan that we offer. handmade gifts.We also stock a selection of high-quality seafood platters and fish and chips.
power stone jewellery.

www.blackdiamondtours.com www.deeppowdertours.com www.cocoroya.jp www.ezoseafoods.com

8am–8pm daily 7 days 11.00am–7.30pm 7 days
Niseko’s backcountry Above Proski Demo Shop The ultimate ski and 10am–6pm Take home a unique piece Open every day Niseko’s seafood supplier Open from 4pm
powder specialists Opp. The Vale Niseko snowboard experience  0136 21 5827 of Japan
 090 2054 8687  0136 23 0008  0136 22 3019

B4 p53
Japanese Cultural Tours
D1 p54
Niseko Photography Tours
D1 p54
Fusion Sports Shop
E3 p54
Momiji Gallery

Tours will take you to various cultural attractions in Kutchan: From the deepest powder pics to group tours and family shots Great gear, good value, friendly staff. Fusion provides all your Gallery is a mix of stunning photography, renowned Hokkaido
Tea ceremory, Iaido sword demo, Taiko drums, sake-brewery – Niseko Photography are the local professionals. Book a pri- on mountain and après needs. Popular brands like Burton, artists, ( working in paint, bronze and plastic), unique antiques
tour and Japanese dinner. ¥5000/¥3000. Departs Seicomart vate tour and we will capture your priceless holiday memories Oakley, Dakine, The North Face, Volcom and more. and gifts, postcards and gourmet cookies.... An artful fusion of
Hirafu, ends in Kutchan. while you and your friends or family cruise the mountain. old and new, Japanese and Western.

www.niseko.co.jp/plat/ www.nisekophotography.com www.hanazononiseko.com

3–7.30pm Gallery: midday–8pm Hirafu 8am-9pm Open 7 days
Special event – ‘Coming-of-Age Dec 28/Jan 9,21/Feb 3,18 Niseko’s professional On the mountain: Gear for the elements at two Hanazono 8.30am-5pm Art and Photo gallery, gifts 2–7.30pm
Day’ 9th Jan (Sunday) Bookings essential photographers all day, everyday locations in Niseko  0136 21 6633(Hirafu) and antiques
 0136 23 0222  0136 22 5764  0136 23 0911(Hanazono)  0136 55 8585

E1 p54
Niseko Foot
B2 p54
Niseko Massage
D1 p54
Niseko Photography Gallery
D2 p54

Visit this popular relaxation salon and sample some of our many Experienced massage therapists, specialising in oil massage Stunning prints and fine art canvas works. Niseko Pho- Tucked in behind Paddy McGinty’s, Sakura offers a wide
treatments. All different styles of massage are avaliable for body for recovery and relaxation. Early bird special offers discounted tography’s gallery is a showcase of beautiful photography seleciton of gifts including kimonos, geisha hairpins, pottery,
and feet. 30-minute, 60-minute and 90- minute courses avali- rates for massages before 2pm. From ¥6,000 per hour. from Niseko’s stunning four seasons. We also stock t-shirts, paintings, traditional wooden furniture and more.
able. Big groups welcome. Also osteopathy and sports injuries. Gift vouchers available. handmade beanies and souvenirs as well.

www.grand-hirafu.jp/nisekofoot www.nisekomassage.com www.nisekophotography.com www.sakura-niseko.com

Open daily 7 Days 7 days Daily
Closest healing relaxation 11am–10pm Sports and relaxation massage 8am to 8pm Photo gallery – fine-art prints midday–8pm Your one-stop Japanese 1–7pm in winter
therapy spot to Centre 4 lift Free pickup available in the middle of Hirafu and souvenirs souvenir shop  0136 21 7007
 0136 22 1224  0136 22 0399  0136 22 5764

F1 p54
E3 p54
B3 p54
SEKKA STYLE Shop & Gallery
D2 p54

Niseko International Snowsports School is designed to assist NOASC is Niseko’s premier winter adventure company. A collection of unique photography, antiques and objects d’art Stocking a wide variety of souvenirs, original t-shirts, Hokkaido
your Hanazono/Hirafu snow holiday. With two great locations We offer ski school (skiing/snowboarding/telemarking) lessons selected by Shouya Grigg, the style-impresario behind the sweets and more. Remember your holiday and take home a
and a suite of programs we’ll help you learn new skills, gain for kids through to advanced skiers, powder lessons, mountain SEKKA projects.     souvenir with you.
confidence and above all enjoy your time in the powder guiding, snowshoe tours, CAT skiing, Niseko Explorer Private
of Niseko. tours, kids adventure school, and backcountry tours.
www.hanazononiseko.com www.noasc.com www.sekkastyle.com
8.30am–4pm 8:00am to 7:00pm 7 days
Kids are our speciality Ticket sales/Kids Centre Just Do It adventure tours – an All year round You can never get enough SEKKSY 1–7pm Reopen on 2nd floor of Tozanken 9am–10pm
Hirafu and Hanazono Hirafu and Hanazono 308 experience you won’t forget Closed Mondays Asahikawa Ramen Restaurant
 0136 21 6688  0136 23 1688  0908 274 4814 0136 23 4546

49 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com 50 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011 www.powderlife.com

D1 p54
Demo Equipment Hire
E3 p54
Glen Claydon Photography

New store at The Vale Niseko. Huge fleet of K2 and Salomon Complete photographic services including architectural,
skis and boots, Burton snowboards and boots, helmets landscape, stock, prints and panoramic photography for online
and snow shoes for adults and kids. Deep powder, park, virtual tours.
groomed,off-piste, back country – we have equipment to suit
all conditions and all levels.
www.hanazononiseko.com www.glenclaydon.com
Hirafu 8am–9pm
Free drop off at Hirafu The Vale 8–10am, 4–8.30pm Complete photographic
Free O’night Storage 308 Hanazono 8.30am–5pm services
 0136 21 6677  080 6098 7244

C3 p54
Hermosa Angel Massage
NA J-Build

Offering both traditional shiatsu and relaxing oil massages • Consulting

either in your suite or at the J-Sekka massage space, Inka • Project Management
Rebeza’s skilled practitioners provide truly exceptional service. • New Homes
Chida-sensei’s team have a course to suit you, with flexible • Renovation
bookings and a variety of packages available. • Building Supplies
www.j-sekka.com www.jbuildniseko.com
Open 7 days We never close
Relax and rejuvenate in the Appointments available 18 years’ experience in Japan
heart of hirafu from 3pm–midnight
 0136 21 6133  090 9380 5729

F7 p53
Niseko Auto Rentals and Sales
B2 p54
Niseko Physio

Complement your holiday or home with a 4WD vehicle. Australian trained physiotherapists, sports injuries, back and
Locallicensed dealer offering affordable rentals and sales IN neck pain, rehabilitation, taping, braces, pain relief, managed
ENGLISH. Short and long-term rentals available. by Tokyo Physio (est 2002). Massage service also available.
English navigation available. Hakuba clinic now open in Phoenix Hotel.

www.nisekoauto.com www.nisekophysio.com
9am–9pm 7 days
4WD vans from ¥46,200/week 24hr Emergency English Niseko’s sports injury centre in 8am–8pm
or ¥135,000/month Roadside Assistance the middle of Hirafu
 0136 44 1144  0136 22 0399

E3 p54
Niseko Realty Sales
D1 p54

Dealing in real-estate sales, property management, and Australia’s #1 snow holiday specialist with 39 years’ experi-
holiday lettings. Our staff are native to the area and know the ence, offering a wide selection of pensions, hotels and quality
property market. For trustworthy advice, sales, accommodation apartments in Niseko and other resorts. CMH Heli Skiing in
contact us at 0136-23-2221, info@nisekorealtysales.com, or Canada – information night every Wednesday at J Sekka.
drop by our Hirafu office across from the SPLASH bar. For more information contact Travelplan.
www.nisekorealtysales.com www.travelplan.com.au
8:00am to 7:00pm 7 days
Secure your future in Japan’s All year round The world’s best ski holidays 8am–8pm
premier powder ski area
 0136 23 2221  0136 21 5354

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53 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com

photo // niseko photography

photo // canparkgolf -flickr

photo // ross cole-hunter

photo // glen claydon


THERE are generally two ways to RUGGED coastlines and rocky pin- A UNIQUE Hokkaido twist on the CATCHING fish is only half of the lure
go wake boarding: one involves nacles floating off the shore are some golfing formula, park golf takes of this sport; the other is spending
being pulled behind a power boat, of the things to be seen in this quasi- golf and makes it accessible to time relaxing in nature. And natural
the other way is to be pulled by national park. It’s an outdoor lover’s more people, both physically and locations don’t get much more tran-
something resembling a rope-tow. paradise, with a huge list of activities financially. The sport is basically a quil and beautiful than the rivers and
It’s the latter that Hanazono built this possible in this area, from hiking up simplified and shrunken version of lakes surrounding Niseko. There are
year, and it’s just another feather in Shakotan-dake and taking in the golf using oversized golf balls, a locations and options to suit most
Hanazono’s summer activity cap. amazing views, including Yotei-zan single club, and shrunken fairways. anglers, small fresh-water tributaries,
Unsurprisingly, due to the rarity of and Niseko-Annupuri; sea kayaking Of course, the game still requires large fast flowing rivers, beaches and
cable-ski in Japan, it’s been quite around the spectacular peninsular; practice and skill to be successful. deep lakes. It would be well advised
popular. Prices start from ¥1500 for glass-bottomed boat tours or just Some liken the sport to what lawn to hire a fishing guide to get the most
15 minutes of wake boarding action. driving along the amazing coastline. bowls is in Australia or England. value from your time in the area.

Summer // niseko cycle week

THE premier annual summer event in

Niseko, increasing in popularity and
success each iteration.
NISEKO has a lot to offer all cyclists an individual timed event around
of all different abilities and types. Mount Yotei and a downhill moun-
Whether you like the open roads for tain-bike race. There are also many
cycling on clear days with no traffic scheduled group events, sessions
in sight, or if you’re more inclined where you can brush up on your
to take to challenging downhill skills, nutrition seminars, downhill
courses, there is something here training and special activities for
to suit. the kids. And, of course, there are
Recognising this attraction, a few parties that coincide with the
Niseko now has a week dedicated event’s start and finish dates.
to cycling. There are organised This year, the Tour of Hokkaido
events over a nine-day period, coincided with Niseko Cycle Week,
some on the comfort of bitumen, and the last leg of the race started
others far, far from it. from Hirafu, and after 186 grueling
The events have been organised kilometers, the professional riders
to cater to riders of at least moder- finished back at the top of Hirafu-
ate ability, with an emphasis on the zaka – near the Welcome Centre.
social aspect of cycling – not just For those who come here in
on outright competition. However, summer, cycling is definitely some-
it’s in our nature to be competitive, thing you should do. If you’re not
and to satiate those needs, some here duing Niseko Cycle Week, be
of the events are races, including a sure to hire a bike and test out the
photo // niseko photography
cross-country mountain bike race, area’s great terrain.

55 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com 56 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com
 TRAVEL FEATURE // gunkanjima

PHOTOGRAPHY AND WORDS BY // ross cole-hunter

TINY island in the few photos of an entire island, covered and hope that the ocean was calm have collapsed, and while I’m no civil
Japan Sea was for a in abandoned and decaying concrete enough to allow you to go ashore. engineer, the lean on some of the
while one of the most buildings it got me as excited as a child We joined an organised tour and buildings still standing look ominous.
densely populated seeing photos of Disneyland for the boarded the catamaran. En-route, People who previously lived on
places in the world. In 1974, the first time. These photos showed entire the captain warned us over the P.A. Gunkanjima ran the tour, and they told
7000 residents of this once-bustling apartments that had been left in stasis system that there was a chance an amazing tale (all in Japanese) of
island were required to leave after for decades. There were towering that we were not going to be able what life was like on this remote and
the coal that was being mined there skeletons of apartment complexes to land due to unfavourable weather crowded concrete island. Work was
stopped being profitable. And so, mixed with rubble and decay. It was conditions. We hoped that this was his tough and fraught with danger, there
for the past 36 years this island amazing and I had to know more attempt at humour. Slowly, a speck of was very little personal space and
and its buildings that once housed about it. I had to go and see it for an island appeared on the horizon. We the island was devoid of vegetation,
thousands of people have stood myself. I had become somewhat got closer and closer, and we could yet they were happy and relatively
unoccupied and abandoned. Left fanatical about Battleship Island. start to make out the silhouette of a wealthy. There was an incredible bond

to the elements, it is slowly being and sense of community between
broken as storm after storm breaks residents, something that is sometimes
against its concrete exterior. An entire island, covered in abandoned and missing in modern society, and

Gunkanjima, meaning Battleship decaying concrete buildings. something that they missed after they
Island, is a nickname given to Hashima were forced to leave.
due its striking resemblance of a The tour was over, and we too had
battleship’s silhouette. This island was The island is a few kilometres off the battleship. The stillness of the island to leave and watch Gunkanjima fade
once a very small rock of an island, coast of Nagasaki in south-west Japan was eerie; it looked like the scene of an away into the horizon. It’s hard not to
but over time, the use of concrete has and has now recently semi-reopened apocalyptic catastrophe. be impressed and the eerie feeling is
helped it to expand to its moderate to the public and is gaining lots of The boat docked at a newly built not something I will easily forget.
480m length. interest from people who want to jetty and we rushed ashore. Once
Abandoned buildings have always see what is left of a city when people on the island we were confined to Details:
held a fascination to me, though I can’t disappear. Previously the only way onto a short, fenced concrete pathway Where: Hashima, Nagasaki Prefecture.
say why, and it’s not just me, there is the island was to charter the use of a and were herded by eagle-eyed tour Getting there: Ferries leave from
a popular (underground) movement fisherman and his boat and sneak over operators. Their concern for safety isn’t Nagasaki Port via Ioshima.
in Japan called Haikyo. When I saw a under the cover of fog and darkness, unfounded, as several of the buildings Cost: ¥4500~

57 powderlife issue 30 // January 8 - January 21, 2011  www.powderlife.com

Big mountain.
Big dream.
Big picture.
A property investment in Niseko offers tremendous potential for both lifestyle and
financial returns. But the market is complex and dynamic. To invest wisely you need
to consider many factors. In other words, you need to accurately see the big picture.
Led by long time realtor Jason King, the Hokkaido Real Estate team boasts over
60 exclusive listings, putting you ahead of the pack right from the start. Having
focused on the Niseko market for over six years (a long time for this area), we have
comprehensive knowledge from both local and international perspectives. We do
not trade in the market, so we remain impartial, allowing us to always keep your
best interests at heart.
In short, we’ll objectively present you with a wide range of options and
considerations so that you can make informed and intelligent investment decisions.
For a private discussion anytime, or to join a Wednesday evening ‘Big Picture’
seminar, call Jason on +(0136) 21 6211 or email jason@hokkaidorealestate.com

This week’s feaTure





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