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The Truth

What the media
haven’t told you
about one of the
most powerful men
in the world

By Cliff Kincaid/AIM Staff

ver the decades, AIM has written numerous articles exposing George
Soros, but it wasn’t until Glenn Beck began his crusade against the
“creepy dude” that Soros’s name truly became well known. Today,
more people than ever seem aware of Soros and his immense influence in
the media.
Indeed, Soros is a huge player in the worldwide trafficking of information.
The media outlets he cannot directly influence with his money, he influ-
ences through the left-wing media watchdog group, Media Matters. Soros
funds several left-wing think tanks, which propose policies often referred
to glowingly by the media.
We applaud Glenn Beck for his work in exposing Soros. In this AIM
Special Report, we have gathered several notable articles AIM has published
over the years, documenting and exposing Soros and his agenda.

2 2011-1
The Hidden Soros Agenda: Drugs, Money,
the Media, and Political Power

ow many times have we heard or read stories about Vice President
Dick Cheney’s old firm, Halliburton, and its alleged influence over
the government? A public company with more than 100,000 em-
ployees, Halliburton had revenues of $13 billion in 2001. However, George
Soros is a human Halliburton who will be in a position if John Kerry is elected
president to pull the strings. He is reportedly worth $7.2 billion. But his role
in buying the White House for John Kerry has received generally positive
coverage. Soros, we’re told, is a “philanthropist” committed to “democracy.”
The Republican Party, by contrast, is supposed to be run by fat cats and Big
Business, such as those at Halliburton.
Soros may be the biggest political fat cat of all time. Convicted in France of
insider trading, Soros specializes in weakening or collapsing the currencies
of entire nations for his own selfish interests. He is known as the man who
broke the Bank of England. His power is such that his statements alone can George Soros
cause currencies to go up or down. Other people suffer so he can get rich.
But journalists don’t want to examine the questionable means by which he
achieved his wealth because they share his goal of electing Kerry and the In 1994 Soros received the Burton
Democrats. Curiously, once he made his fortune he became a global socialist, Benjamin Memorial Award at an Inter-
endorsing global taxes on the very means he employed to get rich — inter- national Press Freedom Awards dinner,
national currency speculation and manipulation. sponsored by the Committee to Protect
The media consistently ignore the fact that this so-called “philanthropist” Journalists. Five years earlier, OSI gave 4
has had several brushes with the law as he has laid siege to national economies grants, totaling $220,000, to the Com-
and currencies. Hard-working U.S. businessmen understand how Soros has mittee to Protect Journalists. Benjamin
made his money. In protesting a Soros appearance hosted by the University was senior executive producer at CBS
of Toledo, Edwin J. Nagle III, president and CEO of the Nagle Companies, News and served briefly as chair of the
highlighted “the immoral and unethical means by which he achieved his Committee to Protect Journalists before
wealth.” He added, “I certainly didn’t see included in his bio the stories on his death in 1988.
how he collapsed whole country’s currencies for his own self-interests so
that many may suffer.”
Here, Soros signed a consent decree in United States District Court, in a
Securities and Exchange Commission case involving stock manipulation,
and was fined $75,000 by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for
holding positions “in excess of speculative limits.” Stories about Soros rarely,
if ever, mention any of his legal problems.
Despite his vision of an “open society,” he operates an unregulated “hedge
fund,” open only to the super-rich, and is currently fighting a proposal from
the Bush-appointed chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission to
regulate and monitor these offshore entities. House Speaker Dennis Hastert
said on national television that no one really knows where the Soros money
comes from.
Soros has categorically denied receiving money from drug cartels or any
form of criminal activity. The fact remains, however, that at least some of
his financial operations have been based offshore, in banking and financial
centers that are widely reported to be considered conducive to money-laun-
dering. The Soros fund is based in the Netherlands Antilles, a self-governing

2011-1 3
federation of five Caribbean islands. A CIA factbook describes the region
as “a transshipment point for South American drugs bound for the US and
Europe; money-laundering center.”
Soros reportedly purchased a major stake in one of Colombia’s biggest
banks, at a time when the Drug Enforcement Administration, in its study,
“Colombian Economic Reform: The Impact on Drug Money Laundering
within the Colombian Economy,” was documenting how major drug kingpins
were taking advantage of the liberalization of the economy to put illicit drug
revenue into legitimate businesses. The report stated: “U.S. and Colombian
Government authorities have evidence of drug proceeds being deposited in
every major bank in Colombia… A Colombian source indicated that many
banks and businesses are owned covertly by principal members of the Cali
Pro-Soros media coverage dates back His complex web of financial interests, companies and foundations makes
many years and continues to the pres- Halliburton look like a Mom & Pop operation.
ent day, as detailed in this report. In The charge we read in the press is that Halliburton gets government con-
1996, Dan Rather’s CBS Evening News tracts and makes money from the Iraq war. Far less attention has been paid
highlighted him as a philanthropist and to the fact that the company has lost 54 employees as a result of that war.
humanitarian, someone who had made Nobody in the press mentions that Soros profits from the Kosovo war, which
a fortune but was now making a differ- he supported as a preemptive strike against Yugoslavia, because he runs an
ence. The story by correspondent An- investment fund that now does business there. Even though he pays big
thony Mason ignored his commitment bucks to advertise his opposition to the Bush policy of democracy-building
to legalization of drugs. in Iraq, reporters still describe him as someone with a reputation for build-
That same year, Judith Miller of the New ing democracy abroad.
York Times wrote that he was “bring- However, his position on Iraq may be a diversion from the real reason he
ing his philanthropy home.” While she wants to get rid of Bush: his longstanding desire to adopt a national “retreat
made a brief reference to his drug le- and defeat” approach to the drug problem.
galization agenda, the headline over the Soros’ long-time goal has been to subvert the national anti-drug policy of
piece said he was committed to “social the U.S. Government, to move away from the use of national and global law
justice.” His close adviser, Aryeh Neier, enforcement resources against the drug trade. He calls this “harm reduction,”
a longtime ACLU official, was described meaning that criminal activity associated with the use of drugs will suppos-
merely as a “human rights advocate.” edly be reduced if the government takes over the drug trade and provides
On the far left,The Nation magazine and drugs and drug paraphernalia, including needles, to addicts.
its Nation Institute have been supported In a recent article about his growing financial and political clout, the Wash-
by OSI. The magazine published a gen- ington Post sanitized Soros by claiming that he “funded efforts to reform
erally flattering piece about the Soros- campaign laws, decriminalize marijuana and change [the] criminal justice
funded Center for American Progress. system.” All of that is misleading, if not false. His “reform” of campaign laws
left a loophole that will enable him to set a record “for the most money do-
nated by an individual in an election cycle,” to quote the Post itself. So where
are the investigative stories into Soros and his agenda?
A key part of the Soros agenda — his proposed surrender in the war on
drugs — has been carefully concealed from the American people during
this campaign. A Soros role in formulating national drug policy is worthy of
special press attention because his pro-drug legalization campaign has been
considered at odds with the vast majority of Republicans and Democrats
who share the view that legalization would make the drug problem far worse.
Among the candidates who ran for the Democratic presidential nomina-
tion, Soros financially supported John Kerry, Wesley Clark, Senator Bob
Graham, and Howard Dean. He has been praised by Senator Hillary Clinton
and contributed to her Senate campaign and political action committee. He
4 2011-1
has also contributed to the political campaigns of Democratic Senators Tom
Daschle, Carl Levin, Jon Corzine, Mary Landrieu, Debbie Stabenow, Charles
Schumer, Joseph Biden, Patrick Leahy, Paul Sarbanes, Thomas Harkin, and
Barbara Boxer. In 2002, Soros funded Al Gore for president and contributed
$153,000 in “soft money” to the Democratic National Committee. Soros, who
is also very close to Bill Clinton, was described by Clinton’s Deputy Secretary
of State Strobe Talbott as a “national treasure.”
Soros also contributed to Barack Obama, running for the Senate as a
Democrat from Illinois. CNSNews.com reports that, “Not only did Soros
donate to Obama’s campaign, but four other family members – Jennifer,
sons Jonathan and Robert and wife Susan – did as well. Because of a special
provision campaign finance laws, the Soroses were able to give a collective
$60,000 to Obama during his primary challenge.”
Soros was described by the New Yorker as close to Harold Ickes, a former
Clinton deputy chief of staff who runs the Media Fund, one of many Soros- George Soros
supported “527 groups. Soros described him as a “real pro.”
Away from the scrutiny or even the notice of the establishment press, Soros
has emerged as a counter-culture hero.
The drug culture magazine, Heads, calls him “Daddy Weedbucks,” ran
an excerpt from his book, Soros on Soros, and declared that “he drops the
bucks exactly where they’re needed.” The September-October issue of the
drug culture magazine High Times recognizes the stakes, noting that there
are “ten reasons to get rid of Bush” and that one is that there will be “No
legalization of pot” under Bush. The implication of the article was that the
situation would change under Kerry.
None of this is being reported, however, by the major media.

The Soros media connections include:

• An investor in the Times Mirror Company, Soros funded the Project on Media Ownership. A total of $300,000 over several years
came from George Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI).
• OSI gave $60,000 to the Independent Media Institute, whose executive director, Don Hazen, is a former publisher of Mother Jones.
Hazen has called Soros a “progressive philanthropist.” A story carried by the Independent Media Institute on its AlterNet project says
Soros “believes in democracy, positive international relations and effective strategies to reduce poverty, among other things.”
• OSI gave a $75,000 grant to the Center for Investigative Reporting. The group’s board of advisers includes prominent journalists.
• OSI gave $246,528 to the Center for Public Integrity, headed by former CBS News producer Charles Lewis,“to support the continu-
ing expansion of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.” A total of $1 million went for “the Global Access Project.”
In total, it is estimated that the group has received $1.7 from Soros.
• OSI gave $200,000 to the Fund for Investigative Journalism. This group, too, features prominent journalists on its board.
• OSI’s “Network Media Program” gave $22,157 to Investigative Reporters & Editors.
• Soros Foundations have provided $160,000 to MediaChannel.org, a so-called “media issues supersite.” The executive editor is Danny
Schecter, a former news program producer and investigative reporter at CNN and ABC.
• OSI has contributed $70,000 toward the far-left Independent Media Center, or Indymedia, known as an “independent newsgathering
collective,” whose servers were seized by a federal law enforcement agency on October 7. The action was apparently related to an
investigation into international terrorism, kidnapping or money laundering.
• OSI provided $600,000 to the Media Access Project, a so-called telecommunications public interest law firm critical of conservative
influence in the major media.
• OSI provide $30,000 to the Media Awareness Project, a “worldwide network dedicated to drug policy reform” and promoting “bal-
anced media coverage” of the drug issue.
• OSI provided $200,000 to the Association for Progressive Communications, “an international network working for peace, human
rights, development and protection of the environment.”
2011-1 5
The Friends of George Soros

n October 28, 2004, just a few days before the election, George Soros
spoke to the National Press Club. It was the last date in his national
anti-Bush speaking tour. Soros is the most prominent drug legalizer
in the world but campaigned to get Bush out of office mainly because of the
Iraq war issue. Five television stations or networks, including C-SPAN, were
there to record or cover the event. The media covered Soros but ignored the
attack on an anti-drug activist, Steven Steiner, who had walked to the podium
and had attempted to say a few words about his son, who had died of a drug
overdose. Steiner was surrounded and led away, where he was thrown into
a door, injured and hospitalized. His hospital bill was $670.
You didn’t hear or read about that, and you also didn’t learn that one of the
“guests of Soros” on the dais was David Fenton, chairman of a controversial
public-relations firm that represented Soros on his national speaking tour
David Fenton and has also served as a registered foreign agent. Fenton also represents the
Soros-funded MoveOn.org and has worked for the Heinz Family Foundations,
associated with you know who. Fenton’s career began as a photographer for
Liberation News Service, which boasted contacts with communist guerrilla
forces during the Vietnam War. Liberation News Service was named in honor
Soros is the most prominent drug legal- of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam, the phony “nationalist
izer in the world but campaigned to get movement” established by Hanoi.
Bush out of office mainly because of the In the past, Fenton has represented the Salvadoran guerrillas, the Nica-
Iraq war issue. raguan Sandinistas, CIA defector Philip Agee, the Marxist government of
Grenada and communist Angola. Over his 20-year career as a publicist,
Fenton has had extraordinary success in manipulating the media. In the
summer of 2003, Fenton represented the Environmental Working Group and
claims to have “placed” one of its stories on “hundreds” of other broadcast
and print outlets.
Fenton represented the “Freedom to Marry” homosexual rights group and
hired Cathy Renna, formerly of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defama-
tion (GLAAD). Other Fenton clients have included the Ford Foundation,
the (Ted) Turner Foundation, and the Tides Foundation.
In his book, ironically titled The Politics of Truth, the discredited former
Ambassador Joseph Wilson describes his contacts with MoveOn.org and Win
Without War, a group also represented by Fenton. He says he joined with
these groups in the unsuccessful effort to block the $87-billion appropria-
tion bill to fund U.S. troops in combat. For over a year, the media echoed
Wilson’s charge that President Bush lied about Iraq seeking uranium from
Africa—a charge that was disproved by a Senate Intelligence Committee and
a British report directed by Lord Butler in July 2004.
In his book, written when he was a media darling, Wilson named those
Ambassador Joseph Wilson who bought into his story. They included Nicholas Kristof of the New York
Times, Chris Matthews of MSNBC, Walter Pincus and David Broder of the
Washington Post, David Corn of The Nation magazine, Bill Moyers of the
Public Broadcasting Service, filmmaker Robert Greenwald, and CNN’s Lou

6 2011-1
George Soros and the Press
BY CLIFF KINCAID | APRIL 13, 2005 The power of the Soros-supported me-

dia network was demonstrated in mid-
ast fall we noted that “The media consistently ignore the fact that this October when a controversy emerged
so-called ‘philanthropist’ has had several brushes with the law,” in- over Sinclair Broadcasting airing parts of
cluding a conviction in France for insider trading. On March 24, that “Stolen Honor,” a film raising questions
insider trading conviction was upheld. The Washington Post gave the story about the detrimental impact of John
one paragraph on page 2 of the Business Section of the paper. By contrast, Kerry’s 1971 anti-war testimony on U.S.
the story was on page one of the first section of the Washington Times. Vietnam POWs being held by the com-
This is the perfect opportunity for our media to finally start examining this munists. Kerry had branded U.S. soldiers
billionaire’s business and financial connections. Remember this is the man as war criminals, and POWs interviewed
who tried to buy the White House for John Kerry. SorosMonitor.com, an in “Stolen Honor” said this resulted in
educational initiative of the DAMMADD organization, is not waiting for the more torture to them.The Democratic
media. Dads and Mad Moms Against Drug Dealers launched the site because Party, the Kerry campaign, and various
of the millions of dollars Soros is pouring into the cause of drug legalization. groups denounced Sinclair for planning
If you go to the site, you will see a dramatic photo of DAMMADD founder to air “Stolen Honor.” MediaChannel.
Steven Steiner at the podium of the National Press Club. We covered what org, Common Cause, the Alliance for
happened to him last October 28, just before the presidential election, when Better Campaigns, Media Access Project,
Steiner attempted to say a few words at the National Press Club just before Media for Democracy, and the Office of
Soros was to deliver a speech. Steiner held up a photo of his dead son, a Communication of the United Church
victim of drugs, and was quickly surrounded and roughed up by security of Christ held an anti-Sinclair news con-
personnel. He ended up in a hospital. ference. They denounced Sinclair for
The case in France isn’t the only problem for Soros. The National Legal and allegedly abusing the public airwaves
Policy Center (NLPC) filed a formal Complaint with the Federal Election by planning to air “propaganda.” All
Commission (FEC), alleging that Soros had violated the Federal Election of these organizations — except for
Campaign Act in connection with a October 2004 media and speaking tour the possible exception of the Office of
to defeat President Bush. The NLPC says that Soros apparently failed to Communication of the United Church
report significant expenditures related to his anti-Bush tour. of Christ — are funded by Soros.
One possible reason for the gentle media coverage of Soros is the influence Media Matters, a left-wing media watch-
that Soros exercises over media groups through his money. Our report noted dog group that was also pressuring
Soros’ contributions to the Project on Media Ownership, the Independent Sinclair to abandon plans to air the
Media Institute, the Center for Investigative Reporting, the Fund for Investi- testimony of the former POWs, was
gative Journalism, Investigative Reporters & Editors, and MediaChannel.org. “developed” with help from the Center
Soros has always exercised influence over so-called campaign finance re- for American Progress, funded by Soros.
form groups. Those groups were behind the McCain-Feingold bill to reform The attack on Sinclair had the effect
campaign spending that also put limits on the ability of independent groups of diverting attention away from the
to influence political races. The law included a loophole that allowed Soros extensive and controversial media con-
to spend more than $20 million to defeat Bush. nections of Soros, his foundations, and
Now, Senator John McCain’s Reform Institute has been exposed for taking the organizations they subsidize, and
$150,000 from Soros’s Open Society Institute. Journalist and author Richard legitimate questions about the Soros-
Poe says the McCain group “has long served as a nerve center for the so- supported candidate John Kerry. These
called ‘campaign finance reform’ movement-a movement which has done groups—and the many prominent jour-
nothing to clean up campaign finance, but has done a great deal to empower nalists who serve on their boards—
federal judges and government bureaucrats to regulate political speech, in make Sinclair look penny ante.
defiance of the Bill of Rights.”
One would think that our journalists, who profess a commitment to the
Bill of Rights, would raise the alarm. But they’re too busy filling out grant
applications to the Soros Open Society Institute.

2011-1 7
George Soros and Hedge Funds

he liberal Center for American Progress has released an attack on the
“lobbyists” who have managed to get the scalp of William Donaldson,
the resigned head of the Securities and Exchange Commission. In one
of its daily newsletters, the center gripes about the “business lobby” that was
“fed up” with Donaldson’s work as a tough regulator who tried to empower
“average investors” and “demanded more accountability from top executives.”
The center says that Donaldson “implemented a number of reforms that have
Journalists carefully conceal their own clamped down on corporate wrongdoing, restored investor confidence and
conflicts of interest. On the Public protected the public.” This is fascinating and newsworthy because the Center
Broadcasting Service (PBS) NOW With for American Progress is funded by convicted insider trader George Soros,
Bill Moyers program on January 9 of this who runs a mysterious off-shore hedge fund and was a critic of Donaldson.
year, Moyers interviewed Charles Lewis Here’s what the Center for American Progress forgot to mention: One of
of the Center for Public Integrity about the Soros companies is a member of the Managed Funds Association, which
the big money supporting the presiden- describes itself as “the global voice for the hedge fund industry,” and was
tial candidates. But little time and atten- actively fighting an SEC proposal to impose more regulation on hedge-fund
tion was paid to how Soros was trying managers. The MFA includes managers affiliated with the 50 largest hedge
to buy the White House and pouring funds, which manages what it says is a “significant portion” of the estimated
millions of dollars into groups such as $1.1 trillion invested in hedge funds.
MoveOn.org to bring this about. Moy- Donaldson’s move to regulate the hedge funds run by Soros and others was
ers, former press secretary to President not a secret. But the Center for American Progress did not want to mention
Lyndon Johnson, failed to tell his view- that. And the notion that only Republicans were critical of Donaldson for
ers that he is on the board of Soros’ regulating hedge funds has no basis in fact.
Open Society Institute and that it has As we noted in one of our Media Monitors, some of the biggest sup-
funneled $1.7 million into Lewis and porters of Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry were hedge-fund
his Center for Public Integrity. Moyers managers. They include Orin Kramer, a partner at Kramer Spellman LP, a
had conducted and aired an interview New York-based hedge fund, and James Chanos, the President of Kynikos
with Soros on September 12, 2003, Associates. Chanos was one of several wealthy Kerry backers who attended
where he declared, “The Republican a New York Kerry fundraiser in the Park Avenue apartment of Blair Effron,
Party has been captured by a bunch of vice-chairman of UBS Investment Bank. The Wall Street Journal noted that
extremists?” Soros was presented as an Kerry was “courting” the super-rich while “using populist corporate-bashing
opponent of unchecked capitalism and rhetoric to woo the party’s liberal base?” The super-rich included Soros, a
a supporter of democracy and nation- key funder of the Center for American Progress.
building abroad. Now we know why they didn’t want to tell us that.

Soros Finances Media Empire


illionaire and convicted inside trader George Soros has proposed what
he calls “an annual issue of Special Drawing Rights (SDR) that rich
countries would donate for international assistance.” The SDR idea is
a variation of a global tax to finance more foreign aid. SDRs, created by the
International Monetary Fund, have been defined as a form of international
reserve currency intended to “supplement the existing official reserves of
member countries” in transactions with the IMF. What Soros proposes
would greatly alter and expand their use. As someone who has developed
a reputation for practicing financial and economic warfare against the na-

8 2011-1
tions of the world, he seems determined to drain more wealth away from
the United States.
What is also fascinating is that a column in which Soros makes this pro-
posal is available on the website of “Project Syndicate,” an emerging Soros-
supported media empire.
Project Syndicate claims to consist of 257 newspapers in 113 countries,
with a total circulation of 39,323,478. It is funded by “member papers in
developed countries,” as well as the Open Society Institute of George Soros,
Politiken Foundation, based in Sweden, and the Die Zeit Ebelin und Gerd
Bucerius Foundation, based in Germany.
In another column distributed by the Project Syndicate, Soros declared, “I
consider using an issue of SDRs preferable to the Tobin tax (a proposed tax
on international currency transactions) for a number of reasons, the most
important of which is that a special SDR issue was already authorized in
1997 and ratified by 71% of IMF members. It could be used for international
assistance immediately, if the US Congress also ratified it, and developed
countries pledged their allocations for that purpose.”
Lately, Soros has been talking down the American economy, saying the
U.S. dollar is weak and that we could slide into recession in 2007. Of course,
he could help bring that about through his global financial manipulations.
In a related matter, a Soros-funded group, the Open Society Policy Center,
which organized opposition to John Bolton as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.,
has been caught paying money to a political consultant who has pleaded
guilty to bank fraud and a failure to pay federal income taxes
John Bolton
The Dangerous Soros Agenda

f George Soros is the not-so-hidden hand behind the Democratic Party, A professed believer in democracy, Soros
as David Horowitz and Richard Poe maintain in their new book, The has used the “527” loophole in a cam-
Shadow Party, then we ought to take a close look at what the Soros Open paign finance law that he promoted to
Society Institute (OSI) is doing in the sleazy area of prostitution. In the name restrict the political activities of “special
of solving the AIDS problem, Soros-supported prostitutes are demanding interests.” He has set a record “for the
their “rights.” most money donated by an individual in
The topic may seem strange to those unfamiliar with the Soros agenda. an election cycle.” Those “special inter-
Rather than oppose dangerous conduct, such as using illegal drugs, the Soros ests” turned out to be other people—
approach is to legalize such behavior and “reduce the harm” associated with not him. He has since poured millions of
it, such as by providing free needles to addicts. This approach, which actually dollars into anti-Bush groups and voter
encourages the dangerous behavior and puts more people at risk of contract- registration drives, some marked by al-
ing serious diseases and even death, is now being applied to prostitution. leged fraud, for the Democratic Party.
The Soros plan is to legalize prostitution and then provide free condoms.
In the cases of illegal drugs and prostitution, the behavior would not only
be legalized but taxed and regulated and thus approved by government.
It didn’t get any attention from the major media, but the cause of “sex work-
ers” was a prominent topic at the recently concluded 16th International AIDS
Conference. And one of the main forces behind this movement is the OSI
“Sexual Health and Rights Project,” which pushes special “rights” for prosti-
tutes. OSI boasts that its staff and grantees participated in over 25 conference
presentations, satellite sessions and press conferences at the AIDS event.

2011-1 9
The official conference newspaper highlighted a workshop at the confer-
ence on the subject of sex workers, HIV and human rights. The moderator,
Melissa Hope Ditmore, was one of those consulted by the OSI in the June
2006 OSI study, “Sex Workers Health and Rights: Where is the Funding?”
The report highlighted the role of OSI and various Soros foundations, as
well as the Ford Foundation, in subsidizing “a large number of sex workers
organizations,” and attacked the Bush Administration policy for refusing to
fund such groups.
Newsday columnist and commentator James Pinkerton came across some
of these organizations at the AIDS conference in Canada, noting with some
surprise that “The effort to ‘mainstream’ prostitution is not at all a fringe issue
here. It is being waged by those at the pinnacle of the AIDS establishment-for
example, Melinda Gates, who delivered the keynote speech here last Sunday,
alongside her husband, Bill Gates.”
He found one group, called “Stella,” which “acknowledges funding from
George Soros’s Open Society Institute.”
Pinkerton said the activists see AIDS and prostitution as “a chance to turn
James Pinkerton tragedy into an opportunity to re-engineer societies around the world?”
That is the Soros agenda as well. His purpose is to transform American
society into one in which the use of dangerous drugs and the practice of
Soros is laying the groundwork for prostitution are accepted and protected by the government. His vehicle to
the creation of a system under which accomplish this goal, as the Horowitz/Poe book indicates, appears to be the
government and corporations would Democratic Party.
legalize, dispense and advertise hard This certainly seems newsworthy. Think about it-the billionaire that is try-
drugs, much like tobacco or alcohol, and ing to help the Democratic Party take control of both Houses of Congress
supply addicts with needles and drug has an agenda that includes legalization of drugs and prostitution. But will
paraphernalia. In effect, Soros appears we read anything about that in the national media? Probably not. Led by the
to be financing drug legalization for the Washington Post, the national press has seemed preoccupied with matters
purpose of creating a new market for such as the “racially insensitive” remarks uttered by Virginia Senator George
federal payments to underwrite drug Allen when he singled out a Jim Webb campaign operative as a “macaca” at
purchases for addicts. Soros appears one of his campaign rallies.
to favor an indoor version of “Needle The name of the media game: get Republicans and let Soros do his dirty
Park,” where addicts come to govern- work.
ment offices to inject or smoke their
drugs at taxpayer expense.
His position is also reflected in his fund- George Soros and the Dope Lobby
ing of the ACLU, which itself favors the BY CLIFF KINCAID | MARCH 23, 2007

legalization of all drugs—even heroin
and crack cocaine—and opposes virtu- unning for a spot on the Democratic ticket in 2008, New Mexico’s
ally all measures taken to curtail drug Democratic Governor Bill Richardson has decided to exploit the
use. In another example of its extrem- controversy over the firing of the U.S. Attorneys, saying that Attor-
ist approach, the group has rejected ney General Alberto Gonzales needs to decide if he is the nation’s lawyer,
funds from the Ford and Rockefeller the peoples’ lawyer, or “the President’s political flack.” Richardson is in no
Foundations, and participation in the quandary over whose interests he serves; he is a puppet of left-wing billion-
Combined Federal Campaign, because aire George Soros.
acceptance of the money would require Richardson took $50,000 from Soros and one of his pro-marijuana front
adopting measures to make sure it does groups and successfully pressured the New Mexico state legislature into
not employ terrorists or support ter- passing a fraudulent “medical marijuana” bill that offers false hope to sick
rorist activity. people. Meanwhile, a leading British newspaper, The Independent, has now

10 2011-1
admitted, years after promoting the decriminalization of marijuana in that
country, that the drug causes a loss of contact with reality, a condition known
as psychosis, and other mental problems.
The Independent, which had successfully campaigned to decriminalize the
drug in Britain, published a March 18 editorial apologizing for having misled
the public. The words, “Cannabis: An Apology,” appeared in large letters on
page one. The apology quoted Professor Neil McKeganey of Glasgow Uni-
versity’s Centre for Drug Misuse Research as saying, “Society has seriously
underestimated how dangerous cannabis really is. We could well see over the
next 10 years increasing numbers of young people in serious difficulties.” The
Independent also quoted Robin Murray, professor of psychiatry at London’s
Institute of Psychiatry and an editor of Marijuana and Madness, a scientific
work linking marijuana to various psychotic disorders.
That marijuana causes mental problems may seem pretty obvious to most
people. But the dangers associated with marijuana go far beyond mental
confusion and acting like a buffoon. It destroys a person’s productive capac-
ity and can help make people either wards of the state, unable to take care of
themselves, or criminals. We are increasingly hearing of notorious criminal
cases in which marijuana has been a factor. One case, from Richardson’s
home state of New Mexico, involved the boy who shot his family on a ranch
owned by Sam Donaldson. He was a marijuana user. The Discovery Times
cable channel just re-aired a documentary about the murder of 12-year-old
Polly Klass, who was abducted from a slumber party. Career criminal Richard
Allen Davis was convicted of the crime and sentenced to death. But many are
not aware that he said that he had been high on marijuana when he killed In the U.S., as the Bill Richardson
the girl. Davis had previously been convicted of possessing marijuana. cases shows, the pro-marijuana move-
The reversal by The Independent, which has not been covered by any major ment has a lot of money at its disposal
U.S. media, is quite extraordinary and has direct relevance to the increasingly and can buy politicians outright. So-
successful and controversial “medical marijuana” movement in this country. ros, who subsidizes a large number of
We have not come to this dangerous situation overnight. Here, as in Britain, liberal/left and media organizations,
there has been a movement over the course of many years to decriminalize was very close to the two leading
and legalize marijuana and other drugs. Playboy’s Hugh Hefner financed Democratic presidential candidates,
the movement in the beginning before such figures as George Soros, Peter Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
Lewis of Progressive Insurance, and George Zimmer of the Men’s Wearhouse
took it over. However, Hefner still opens his Playboy Mansion to fundraisers
for the Marijuana Policy Project, headed by Rob Kampia, who was himself
convicted of growing marijuana.
In Britain, Peter Stoker of the National Drug Prevention Alliance stands
vindicated. Stoker was one of only two speakers who spoke against the idea
of marijuana decriminalization in a public debate which The Independent
sponsored at the time. Stoker says, “It is no coincidence that the increasing
use of all drugs – and in particular the stronger strains of cannabis, coincides
with the increase of violence, gangs, guns and knives on our streets – and
thousands of young people unable to reach their potential through educa-
tion since they are stoned for much of the time, and at risk of developing
(as some are already doing) a chronic apathy and ‘amotivational syndrome,’
and in some cases are subjected to mental health damage which may or may
not be irreversible.” Peter Stoker
In the U.S., as the Bill Richardson cases shows, the pro-marijuana move-

2011-1 11
ment has a lot of money at its disposal and can buy politicians outright.
Soros, who subsidizes a large number of liberal/left and media organizations,
is very close to the two leading Democratic presidential candidates, Hillary
Clinton and Barack Obama.
So far, we have not seen the emergence of any presidential candidate from
either major political party willing to take on the Soros political machine
and its medical marijuana scam.
In taking on Soros, of course, a candidate would have to take on a hostile
media wedded to the notion that marijuana is a soft drug that has medical
benefits. The media use the term “medical marijuana” regularly, even though
the case for smoking a drug-laden plant to get healthy flies in the face of
common sense and medical science.

Obama Endorses Soros Plan to Loot

In a typical laudatory article about So- America
ros, USA Today author Rick Hampson
made a brief reference to his belief in
“liberalized drug laws.” Nothing was At the G 20 summit in London, President Barack Obama won rave reviews
said, however, about how Soros has from reporters, but the official conference document proves that plans are
managed to liberalize or weaken those being made for what can only be described as the further looting of American
laws across the country, and how he taxpayers in order to feed unaccountable and corrupt global entities.
has his sights set on national anti-drug This is not “global cooperation,” as so many in the media described it, but
policy. The National District Attorneys a massive new expansion of the power and authority of international agen-
Association says that since 1996 “incre- cies and institutions such as the United Nations, the International Monetary
mental changes in state drug laws have Fund and the World Bank.
continued at an alarming rate across By embracing the “global plan for recovery and reform,” which is how it
our nation” and they are designed to was officially described, Obama explicitly endorsed International Monetary
“ultimately legalize drugs.” Soros was Fund (IMF) surveillance of the U.S. economy, creation of a global “Financial
identified in this report as one of the Stability Board,” the expanded use of a new global currency called Special
wealthy individuals behind this “very well Drawing Rights, a new global warming treaty, and costly fulfillment of the
financed” drug legalization movement United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This is in addition
that is “highly adept at manipulating the to the explicit and reported commitment of over $1 trillion in additional
media.” taxpayer money to the IMF and the World Bank.
The Special Drawing Rights proposal, which is a vehicle for further U.S.
foreign aid to the rest of the world, was the brainchild of billionaire George
Soros, who told CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo that the G 20 conference was a
Dubbed the “Lenin of the 21st Century” by the Ripon Forum magazine,
because of his apparent transformation from super-capitalist into “neo-
Marxist,” Soros waged an expensive but unsuccessful campaign to defeat
President George W. Bush for re-election in 2004. He has been determined
to install a puppet in the White House.
In addition to financing Democratic Party politicians and left-wing orga-
nizations such as the ACLU, he has subsidized a wide array of liberal causes,
ranging from abortion rights to gay rights to legalization of dangerous drugs.
Even former members of the terrorist Weather Underground, such as Ber-
nardine Dohrn and Linda Evans, have appeared at functions sponsored by
his so-called Open Society Institute or accepted its grants.
Soros had backed Obama for president in 2008, saying that he had “the
charisma and the vision to radically reorient America in the world.” His
12 2011-1
prediction seems to be eerily coming true.
In the final analysis, the grand total of money to be looted from American
taxpayers as a result of Obama’s commitments at the G 20 conference could
easily surpass trillions of dollars. In a major understatement, the official con-
ference document calls it “unprecedented and concerted fiscal expansion.”
The proposed “new Financial Stability Board (FSB)” will have a “strength-
ened mandate” and work with the IMF to “reshape our regulatory systems.”
Among other things, its mission is to “assess vulnerabilities affecting the
financial system, identify and oversee action needed to address them,” “pro-
mote co-ordination and information exchange among authorities responsible
for financial stability,” and “monitor and advise on market developments and
their implications for regulatory policy.”
The Financial Stability Board is the new name for a more powerful and
expanded Financial Stability Forum, a body originally designed to “promote
international financial stability through information exchange and interna-
tional co-operation in financial supervision and surveillance.” Members of
the group include the central banks of various nations, international financial
institutions, and supervisors in important financial centers.
The document also states that “we call on the UN, working with other George Soros
global institutions, to establish an effective mechanism to monitor the impact
of the crisis on the poorest and most vulnerable.”
In the name of holding big banks accountable, therefore, Obama has put Dubbed the “Lenin of the 21st Century”
the U.S. in the hands of “global institutions” that are somehow supposed to by the Ripon Forum magazine, because
help provide a “global solution” to the “global crisis.” If anything, the record of his apparent transformation from su-
demonstrates that these institutions make human problems worse, not better. per-capitalist into “neo-Marxist,” Soros
But viewed in another light, Obama has sold out the sovereignty of the waged an expensive but unsuccessful
United States and has laid the groundwork for the death of the U.S. dollar campaign to defeat President George
as the world’s dominant currency. While President Bush started this insidi- W. Bush for re-election in 2004. He has
ous process of holding G 20 meetings, Obama has taken the process much been determined to install a puppet in
further down the road. It is truly unprecedented. the White House.
The “London Summit Leaders’ Statement,” dated April 2, 2009, was only
nine pages, and there were some vague and confusing statements in it. But
much of it was both understandable and frightening, if reporters would only
take the time to bother to read it.
“We have agreed to support a general SDR allocation which will inject
$250 billion into the world economy and increase global liquidity, and urgent
ratification of the Fourth Amendment,” the document says. Basic research
would disclose that this is a reference to Special Drawing Rights, a so-called
international “reserve asset” which under the Obama plan would evolve
into a kind of new global currency based on the willingness of the U.S. and
other countries to dramatically increase funding of the IMF. In the words of
the IMF, a Special Drawing Right is “a potential claim on the freely usable
currencies of IMF members.” That means that its worth is based in part on
claims to U.S. taxpayer dollars. It is a new form of foreign aid.
The reference to ratifying the Fourth Amendment (of the IMF Articles of
Agreement) means that Obama has agreed that the U.S. will vote to greatly
expand the use of SDRs. But the Congress can have a say in this.
This proposal had been demanded by billionaire leftist George Soros.
Indeed, according to a news account in advance of the London meeting, he
had come up with the specific $250 billion figure.
2011-1 13
As we had documented years ago, Soros has long viewed Special Drawing
Rights as a variation of a global tax to finance more foreign aid. Expanding
the use of SDRs is another obvious effort to drain wealth away from the
United States.
The two annexes to the G 20 document are full of detailed recommenda-
tions for regulating such matters as pay and compensation at financial in-
stitutions and “international standards in relation to tax transparency.” One
of the main objectives is to reduce the ability of people and corporations to
avoid high tax rates.
In a virtual throwaway line, the document calls for extending “regulation
and oversight to all systemically important financial institutions, instru-
ments and markets,” including “for the first time, systemically important
hedge funds…”
If such a proposal were actually implemented, and there are strong doubts
Known as “the man who almost broke that it ever would be, such supervision could possibly shed some light on
the Bank of England” and described by the mysterious behind-the-scenes activities of George Soros himself, one of
some as “extremely evil,” Soros engaged Obama’s biggest backers, who was convicted of insider trading in France.
in a complex financial transaction that
While decrying the lack of regulation, Soros has made billions of dollars
operating a secretive off-shore financial hedge fund and manipulating in-
resulted in the Bank of England losing
ternational financial markets and foreign currencies.
billions of dollars defending the British Known as “the man who almost broke the Bank of England” and described
pound before having to devalue it. He by some as “extremely evil,” Soros engaged in a complex financial transaction
has controversial investments in places that resulted in the Bank of England losing billions of dollars defending the
like Colombia, where the banks have British pound before having to devalue it. He has controversial investments
been penetrated by drug cartels eager in places like Colombia, where the banks have been penetrated by drug
to launder their drug money.
cartels eager to launder their drug money.
The Soros role in the U.S. housing market collapse continues to be the
subject of speculation, interest and even Congressional hearings. The col-
lapse of the financial system in mid-September greatly damaged the electoral
chances of John McCain and Sarah Palin, who were ahead in the polls at the
time, and paved the way for Obama’s victory.
In 2008, Soros was once again on the list of highest-paid hedge fund man-
agers, according to Institutional Investor magazine’s Alpha publication. He
made $1.1 billion during the economic collapse and recession.

Soros Bets on U.S. Financial Collapse


nother financial expert is expressing his deep disgust with the Federal
Reserve’s decision to print more money and buy more U.S. debt, saying
it is a sign that the U.S. capitalist system is moving closer to collapse.
“This is the type of stuff we accused the communist and socialist govern-
ments of doing—interfering in free markets through currency manipulation,”
declared Zubi Diamond, author of The Wizards of Wall Street. “What the Fed
is doing is not good for free market capitalism and it is not good for America.”
In an interview with Accuracy in Media, Diamond went on to say, “The
Fed is following the economic models of Third World countries by printing
more money and devaluing their currencies. If you keep doing what Third

14 2011-1
World economies do, eventually you will become a Third World economy.”
The Fed’s new action, labeled “quantitative easing” or QE2, follows a first
attempt at “QE,” known as QE1. QE means that the Federal Reserve is printing
more money and buying more government debt. In total, according to Inves-
tor’s Business Daily, “the Fed will have created $2.5 trillion out of the blue.”
Diamond said the result of the Fed’s policy will be to “increase the debt,
devalue our currency and create a bigger problem that won’t solve the crisis.”
Eventually, America could “collapse under its own weight of massive debt,”
he warned.
The QE2 “will devalue the dollar and lead to higher commodity prices,
asset and price inflation. It may even lead to the end of the U.S. dollar as the
world reserve currency,” Diamond predicted. He noted that Obama Treasury
Secretary Timothy Geithner floated the idea of the dollar losing its status
as the world’s reserve currency, “only to backpedal from it when it raised
some eyebrows.”
“What is most troubling to me about this,” Diamond added, “is that the Glenn Beck, photo by David Shankbone
Fed’s QE2 is in alignment with George Soros’s agenda to destroy global
capitalism.” The decline of the dollar “is what George Soros wants and what
he has proposed in the past,” he noted. “What is most troubling to me about
Soros, the billionaire hedge fund operator who finances various leftist and this,” Diamond added, “is that the Fed’s
Marxist groups, including Media Matters, has made his fortune by betting QE2 is in alignment with George Soros’s
on the collapse of national economies and currencies. He was convicted of agenda to destroy global capitalism.” The
insider trading in France. decline of the dollar “is what George
Media Matters recently received $1 million from Soros so that it could try Soros wants and what he has proposed
to mute the effectiveness of conservative media organizations and personali- in the past,” he noted.
ties, some of them critical of Soros.
In recent Fox News programs, Glenn Beck has been focusing on the decline
of the dollar and how Soros has proclaimed that “an orderly decline of the
dollar is actually desirable.” Programs like these have made Beck into a top
target of Media Matters.
AIM has been warning for years about the intentions of Soros, noting in
a 2004 report that he “specializes in weakening or collapsing the currencies
of entire nations for his own selfish interests.”
We noted, “Despite his vision of an ‘open society,’ he operates an unregulated
‘hedge fund,’ open only to the super-rich.” His Soros Fund Management is a
member of the “founder’s council” of the Managed Funds Association (MFA).
Diamond said that as Soros is betting on a U.S. financial collapse, his net
worth and the amount of money under the management of his hedge fund
have ballooned. The money that Fed chairman Ben Bernanke is putting into
the economy, Diamond said, is designed to “replace the stolen money from
American families and the capitalist corporations” under the cover of the
financial crisis.
The collapse of capitalism will be “a big pay day for George Soros and
members of the Managed Funds Association,” he said. “They are betting
against the dollar and moving assets to gold and to the emerging economies.
They are betting against U.S. survival as a capitalist nation.”
Referring to the members of the MFA who are betting against the U.S.,
Diamond asked: “Have you heard them say they want to restore capitalism?
No. But you will hear them talk about the ‘new normal’—meaning that we
are not going back to capitalism. And this is by design.”
2011-1 15
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