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Bera Distributors

Midnapur – 72 101

Further to our various interaction and interview with you, we are pleased to offer you as “Sales
Executive” with effect from ………………………………………… as per details mentioned below:

1. Salary & Packages

A separate sheet attached containing the same.

2. Job Responsibilities:
Your main job responsibilities will be as Sales Executive of Specific area of W.B. is to build the
brand image of BERA Product, run and grow the business. Your basic detailed responsibilities
involves role with the office, distributors and retailers.

Role with the Office:

a. Daily market report over phone to BM.
b. To update the current stock and materialize the sale accordingly.
c. To consult our accountant with any account related query.
d. Reporting at office in person on every second and fourth Saturday of the month.

Role with the Distributors:

a. To track the month wise sale and collection plan.
b. To track the existing stock and item wise movement.
c. To submit the Sales & Collection plan in the second of every month.
d. To communicate about the market visit to the respective distributors.
e. To grow business relation between retailers and the distributors.
f. To insist the distributor for appointment of DSR (Distributors Sales Representative) if required.
g. To reconcile the account once in a month between distributor and producer.

Role with the Retailers:

a. To visit to every retailer at least once in a month and to make it necessary to have contact over
phone regularly.
b. To carry on sales promotion activities like distributing catalogues, putting up banners, posters
and other advertising materials.
c. Verbal commitments not to be entertained.

3. Location:
Your current posting is based at “Howrah, Hoogly, Part of Burdwan, Bankura, Purulia, Birbhum,
Nadia, Kolkata & South 24Pargana“.

4. Secrecy:
You shall not give out to anyone by word of mouth or otherwise, particulars or details of our
operating Process, Technical Know-how, Security Arrangements, Administrative and/or
Organizational matters of confidential / secret nature which may be your personal privilege to
know of by virtue of your being our employee.
All inventions, improvements and discoveries made by you either alone or with any other person shall
become the sole property of the Company.

5. Prohibition of Private Trade & Employment :
You are required to devote the whole of your attention and abilities exclusively to the business of
the Company and shall in all respects obey and confirm the regulations from time to time issued by
the Company as applicable to you. You shall not engage yourself in any outside work over and above
your legitimate work, on holidays or when you are on duty days, or on leave, or accept any other
emoluments without obtaining the Management’s prior permission in writing.

6. Medical Fitness:
Medical Fitness at all times during your employment with the company is a pre requisite for
continued employment.

7. Termination:
Your services are terminable on either side by one month’s notice or pay in lieu of notice. However,
in case of proven misconduct or indiscipline, the Management reserves the rights to terminate your
services forthwith without notice.

8. N.O.C:
You have to furnish the N.O.C. of previous employer
You will be abiding by the rules and regulations applicable to the Company from time to time.

Please sign and return to us the copy of this appointment letter signifying your acceptance to the
terms and conditions mentioned above within…………………………………………….

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully

For BERA Distributors. Agreed & Accepted

Sukumar Bera Signature: ________________

Director Date:

Witness for the agreement…

Ujjal Chakraborty
Branch Manager

Salary & Packages:

a. Fixed Salary: Rs.5000/-

b. Incentive on monthly TGT Vs Achv on sale

(to be fixed on 2nd of every month) Rs.2000/-

c. Commission on Distributor reach

- (applicable on minimum billing of 50000/- for each DTR) Rs.2000/-

d. Incentive on monthly TGT Vs Achv on collection

(to be fixed on 2nd of every month) Rs.2000/-

e. Telephone Bill Rs.500/-

f. Conveyance (Actual)

g. Incentive on Quarterly growth

against Target Rs.6000/-