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Service Organizations have a growing,

market-driven need to adopt World Class operating
technologies, including Lean manufacturing 5S
principles. Understanding the program's importance
and knowing how to get started are the most
crucial steps.

Workplace organization and visual order are the

foundation of excellence in service delivery. The
organizations that has implemented Lean manufacturing 5S displays a level
of visual clarity that many organizations never dream of. When these
principles are in place in the office and work areas, work is completed
efficiently and effectively.

Implementing 5S is not difficult but it requires discipline and persistence.

CnC can help you overcome the barriers:

y‘ Our expertise in education, Lean manufacturing training, and

teambuilding underpins the success of any Organizational performance
improvement effort

y‘ CnC¶s capabilities in operations consulting and specific experience in

5S implementation, will help you achieve the benefits in a short time

y‘ £y recognizing implementation pitfalls and introducing creative,

effective strategies, CnC can guide you to sustained application of 5S


The objectives of a 5S implementation program are to:

y‘ Vducate the management team in Productivity and Quality

Improvements and show how 5S supports World Class performance

y‘ Plan and carry out pilot applications of 5S principles

y‘ ÿevelop internal resource persons for training and coordination of the

5S program

CnC has designed a practical systematic approach to achieve these

objectives²with minimum time and effort²as summarized in the following
flow chart:




‘ !" 

# !


We support the execution of these work steps by:

y‘ Preparing and facilitating a management education and planning


y‘ Participating in structuring and documenting the 5S pilot projects

y‘ Preparing and delivering formal pilot team training

y‘ ›ssisting in the development of expanded orientation and education


y‘ Leading interim project reviews

y‘ Vducating an in-house resource to carry out 5S training and


y‘ Presenting a summary of observations and recommendations


›n investment in CnC¶s assistance with your 5S implementation will yield

many advantages:

y‘ åou will overcome the inertia or ³organizational procrastination´ that

can indefinitely delay implementation of a 5S program

y‘ We will help you identify the best possible starting point through
carefully selected pilot projects

y‘ Vxecution of the pilot projects will provide early economic benefits²
improved quality, increased productivity, and reduced waste²which
usually at least offset the entire cost of the pilot projects

y‘ åour management team will become knowledgeable in World Class and

5S concepts by seeing firsthand the effects of their application

y‘ Those who planned and implemented the pilot projects can now help
other teams in the expansion phase

y‘ åour in-house 5S resource will be capable of providing training and

project management support in the expansion phase

y‘ åou will have a clear vision of the role 5S principles play in addressing
vital business needs and opportunities