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Online Safety for the Family Initiative Launched by Morris & Schaefer

Learning Co.

Dallas, TX, January 12, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The Morris & Schaefer Learning Co., LLC, the owners and
operators of LearningFromAtoZ.com, announced today that they are launching an online safety initiative
that will focus on teaching parents how to keep themselves and their kids safe online.

The "Online Safety for the Family" initiative was launched today in conjunction with an appearance on
Daybreak USA. Derick Schaefer of the company's ownership group, joined host Scott West to discuss the
plans for the initiative and provide some simple overview tips parents can implement immediately into
their family's online habits. The online safety initiative will be centered at the company's blog entitled

“The Internet is a part of both family and educational life today and its utilization as an educational tool
will drastically increase in the future,” commented Derick Schaefer. “The key for parents and educators is
to become proactive in educating themselves about online safety and how to take a proactive role in the
their children's use of technology.”

As a traditional educational toy and learning aid product company, Learning From A to Z was acquired
by the Morris & Schaefer Learning Company this past December. One of their first business initiatives
since the acquisition was to take the company beyond just a manufacturer and marketer of learning

“We feel we are in a unique position to build an online community that helps parents and educators
connect with children in new and innovative ways,” stated Jerod Morris, co-owner of the company. “Our
first initiative is to build a sense of online community that resolves around topics that matter to both
parents and educators.”

Moving forward, the Perspectives blog at LearningFromAtoZ.com will include regular posts in the
"Online Safety for the Family" series in addition to other educational and parenting topics.

Learning From A to Z was founded by Galleon Distribution Inc. in the late 90's and acquired by The
Morris & Schaefer Learning Co., LLC in December of 2010. Learning From A to Z manufactures and
sells children learning aids and educational products including cloth calendars and reward charts.


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