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A Research Analysis
By: Sheeza Ashraf

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2  Introduction 2

2  Current performance 2

3  Strategic posture 2
3 2 ission 2
3 2 Objectives 2
3 3 Strategies 2
4  Strategic mangers 3
4 2 Board of directors 3
4 2 Executive managers 5

5  PEST analysis 5

6  Analysis of strategic factor 7

7  Strategic alternatives and recommended strategy 7

7 2 Expansion through diversification 7

7 2 Restructuring 8

8  Recommended strategy 9

9  References 22

Appendix 22

Table 2IFAS 22

Table 2EFAS 28

Table 3SAFS 22

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2 m

Sony Corporation (Sony) is a Japan based electronics products manufacturing company

Sony Corporation is the parent company of all Sony Group companies Sony is engaged in
designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling audio and video products, information
and communication products, televisions, semiconductors, and host of other electronic
components The company operates in five reportable segments namely Electronics,
Games, Pictures (film and TV), Financial Services and Others The company, along with its
subsidiaries, has major operations in Japan, and across many countries in North America,
Europe and Asia Sony has its wide service footprint in about 2 counties, worldwide
The company is headquartered at Tokyo, Japan

make believe (´makedotbelieveµ)

This brand message symbolizes the spirit ofSony·s brand It stands for its power of
creativity, its ability to turn ideas into reality and its belief that anything it canimagine, it
can make real

The first thing that comes to people·s minds of the company and products of Sony is its
hightechnologyfilledwithgadgets electronic goods and innovation It was also this
innovation that makes Sony the greatest company that started in postwar Japan Sony has
used its innovation in building markets out of thin air and created a multibillion,
multinational electronic empire Sony·s major products are Audio and Video Electronics,
Televisions, Information and Communication, Semiconductors, and Electronic
Components Sony·s major competitors are Panasonic, Philips, Sanyo, and Visio


 c   c c

Sony has its wide service footprint in about 2 counties, worldwide During the first
half of 29, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc (SCEI) launched PSP (PlayStation
Portable) go (PSPN2), an advanced generation of PSP handheld entertainment
system This is targeted at the consumers, who download content on the go The
company reported revenues of (Yen) JPY 7,729,993  million during the fiscal year
ended arch 29, a decrease of 22 87% from 28 The operating loss of the company
was JPY 232,22  million during the fiscal year 29, as against an operating income of
JPY 462,222  million during 28 The net loss of the company was JPY 98,938 
million during the fiscal year 29, as against a net profit of JPY 369,435  million
during 28 


3 2 ission:




3 2 Objectives:




3 3 Strategies:

Sony today presented a series of new initiatives designed to build on its previous three
year revitalization plan and to position the company as the leading global provider of
networked consumer electronics and entertainment In particular, the company will
focus on strengthening core businesses, enhancing network initiatives and leveraging
international growth opportunities

 c   c c

Strengthening core businesses: Sony will focus on expanding its PC, Bluray Disc
related products, and component/semiconductor businesses by the end of FY22 At
the same time, it expects to improve the operations of TV business significantly and
implement a variety of cost reduction measures to restore that business to profitability
in the fiscal year ending arch 32, 29, and strive for the global No 2 position in LCD
TVs by FY22 Of the planned 2 8 trillion yen investment over the next three years,
approximately 9 billion yen will be allocated towards strengthening core focus areas
within components and semiconductors, such as image sensors, batteries, display
devices and Bluray Discrelated components 

Enhancing network initiatives: Sony will increase network and wireless connectivity
across its family of devices and build a service platform to provide a seamless user
experience across key hardware devices and content It is planning to expand services
that will enable customers to enjoy content such as motion pictures and television
programming through the network on a variety of Sony products such as BRAVIAT
LCD TVs, PS3, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) and Walkman® video music players 

Leveraging international growth opportunities: Sony believes that the largest growth
opportunities exist outside its traditional markets of Japan, North America and Europe
hence, expanding Sony·s business into new markets is a key area of focus New markets
in regions including the BRIC countries ² Brazil, Russia, India and China ² are
developing quickly, and Sony·s business in these countries is growing rapidly Going
forward, Sony plans to accelerate business expansion through collaboration and
integration, not just within each of the Electronics, Game and Pictures segments, but
across the entire Sony Group


4 2 Board of director

 c   c c

They determine the fundamental management policies of the Sony Group, oversee the
management of Sony Group·s business operations, appoint and remove the statutory
committee members and appoint and remove Corporate Executive Officers and
representative Corporate Executive Officers

i Yotaro Kobayashi: Chairman of the Board, also Former Chairman of the Board,
Fuji Xerox Co , Ltd
ii Sir Howard Stringer: Sony Corporation Representative Corporate Executive
Officer, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President
iii RyojiChubachi: Sony Corporation Representative Corporate Executive Officer,
Vice Chairman
iv Yoshiaki Yamauchi: Former Director, Sumitomo itsui Financial Group, Inc
v Sir Peter Bonfield: Chairman of the Supervisory Board, NXP B V
vi Fujio Cho : Chairman of the Board, Toyota otor Corporation
vii Ryuji Yasuda: Professor, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy,
Hitotsubashi University
viii YukakoUchinaga: Director and Executive Vice President, Benesse Holdings, Inc
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President, Berlitz
International, Inc
ix itsuaki Yahagi: Chairman of the Board, The Japan Research Institute Limited
x TsunYan Hsieh: Director Emeritus, cKinsey & Company
xi Roland A Hernandez: Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
Telemundo Group, Inc
xii KanemitsuAnraku: Director, izuho Financial Group, Inc
xiii Yorihiko Kojima: ember of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer,
itsubishi Corporation
xiv Osamu Nagayama: Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive
Officer, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co , Ltd

 c   c c

4 2 Corporate Executives:

They make decisions regarding the execution of Sony Group business activities within
the scope of the authority delegated to them by the Board of Directors They also carry
out business operations within designated areas, including business units, headquarters
functions, and/or research and development, in accordance with the fundamental
policies determined by the Board of Directors

i Sir Howard Stringer: Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President

ii RyojiChubachi: Vice Chairman, Officer in charge of Product Quality & Safety
and Environmental Affairs
iii Yutaka Nakagawa: Executive Deputy President, Officer in charge of
anufacturing, Logistics, Procurement and CS Platform
iv Hiroshi Yoshioka: Executive Deputy President, Officer in charge of the
Consumer Products, Professional Solutions, and Device businesses
v Keiji Kimura: Executive Vice President, Officer in charge of Intellectual Property
and the Disc anufacturing business
vi Nicole Seligman: Executive Vice President, General Counsel
vii Kazuo Hirai: Executive Vice President, Officer in charge of the Networked
Products and Services businesses
viii asaru Kato: Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

D   (refer to Tables in appendix 2)

2 Political/legal

 c   c c

The Governments hold the power to change any policies and regulations which may
affect Sony at the time They affect Sony Corporation It is attributed mainly to their
new business and tariff international policies European Governments have
changed policies by imposing trade barriers which hinder Sony from accessing
easily the European market As a result, adequate priority should be attached to
them, which would enable Sony to weather major global changes Î
2 Economic

Currently the state of world economy is not in a good position The economic
growth has shrunk which means that the growth of the economy is negative
Economically, due to this many changes can occur such as the interest and
exchanges rates The exchange rate of Yen has dropped which adversely affected
the revenue Since Sony is an international company the exchange rates can be
different to whichever country they trade with If the exchange rates in different
countries have changed, Sony would need to work out what prices are their
products being sold at and whether it would be worth it
Rising taxes in Japan, which stem from inflation, have, led to an increase in the
price of the products and hence the exports have become expensive Î
3 Social

Sony has competitors which have impact on it like icrosoft and Apple Sony must
ensure that they stay ahead of technology They must be able to create
revolutionary equipment for people because that·s what their company would rely
on to stay alive Î

People have trends which Sony must learn so that they may create products which
can relate towards them For example, many young adults tend to listen to music;
therefore Sony would create products which may allow people to listen to music
anywhere at any time People will have different tastes of style, trends, activities

 c   c c

etc Sony must also improve their work of ideas so that they can still please their
customers and that they have adapted with the ageing of the company Î 

4 Technological

Technological factors for Sony Corporation are very important to study Sony
Corporation works around the use of technology every day such as recent launch of
3D World and electronic book It depends on technology so that it may provide
efficient productivity of work internationally Sony must use upgraded and new
technology to increase its productivity level and to stay ahead of its competitors It
also needs to use new technology to conduct its research and development which
would help the business create new products using customer information and also
by conducting market research Î 


A Situational analysis (refer to SFAS Table in appendix 2)

B Review of current mission and objectives

Current mission and objectives are appropriate


 2! "
"    #

Expansion can be a recommended strategy for Sony considering its financial position
and current business portfolio Since Sony has huge amount of reserves on the basis of
which it is surviving in the current recession, so it can utilize these to diversify into
healthcare and education; especially in a country like India where healthcare industry is
at boom Further, it can initiate educational programs which aim at increasing schools·

 c   c c

access to technology, fostering innovative approaches to teaching, enhancing teacher·s

professional development and providing education leaders with tools to envision,
implement and manage change; also providing teachers with guidance on how to
integrate technology into teaching and share their knowledge with other educators


By investing in the healthcare sector in countries where its demand is at peak, Sony will
be able to add favorably to its revenue By having collaboration with top technological
institutes, Sony will not only be able to gain reputation/ goodwill but also have direct
access to highly qualified engineers which is most important asset for Sony Further, by
doing so Sony will be in a position to withstand competition against companies like
icrosoft, Samsung etc


Unrelated diversification will not only call for large amount fund but also diverse
competencies and thus it requires better management and integration of the business
into the corporate structure



A significant modification can be done to the Sony·s operations or structure of the

company to prevent the problems causing financial harm and putting the overall
business in jeopardy The hope is that through restructuring, a company can eliminate
financial harm and improve the business   !"#$#!% &!' ' !"(#!% &!  ()' * )+
(&!*, !"#$#!%#")+ reduction in the number of a firm·s employees and sometimes

in the number of its operating units Downscoping is a divestiture, spinoff or other

means of eliminating businesses unrelated to a firm·s core businesses, a set of actions
that causes a firm to strategically refocus on its core businesses

 c   c c


Changing the composition of businesses in company·s portfolio will lead to more

efficient operations Cost reductions leads to higher profitability Selectively divesting
or closing noncore businesses will reduce scope of operations and Leads to greater


The Primary disadvantages of Sony·s corporate restructuring relate to both internal and
external factors Sony runs the risk of losing consumer loyalty because consumers may
begin to question the strength, reliability, and dependability of the company during this
time of corporate crisis Corporate restructuring is very expensive; therefore, such an
initiative is a huge risk for a company already suffering the consequences of economic
downturn Job cuts will have a negative effect on unemployment rates 

% $   #

Sony Corporation should aim at restructuring its businesses to minimize the operating
losses and enhance its profitability 

i Sony Corporation is a much diversified group of businesses Increasing the size

of a business does not always result in lower costs per unit Sometimes a
business can get too big! This is what has happened with Sony Sony is facing
difficulties in managing its diversified businesses due to loss of direction and
coordination Hence, it can wind up certain businesses such as old television
models including LCD and focus primarily on LED and 3D World technology
##, Sony should make changes in its purchasing system; the number of suppliers
should be cut down to few which can meet the schedule, are more reliable and
thus help to minimize the chaos and difficulties in managing a large number of

 c   c c

suppliers Hence, it will reduce the annual procurement cost and also result in
well managed inventory 
iii It should focus on cost reduction through various actions such as:
Early retirement: early retirement program should be promoted by Sony because
the older employees contribute less to the organization as compared to the
benefits they achieve from the Company This is due to their long term service
they have been providing to the Company that they become deserving for it This
will also provide the older employees to seek opportunities elsewhere; beyond
Sony group Further, youth can provide better creative ideas which may be
beneficial for the Company
Lower remuneration: In order to cut down costs the company can also reduce the
amount of bonuses, benefits, or dearness allowances to bring back the
profitability position of the company, with a promise to distribute even higher
bonuses once the company has recovered
Job cut: Unnecessary job positions should be removed from the organizational

 c   c c

  $ #

2 Sony Annual report (29, 22)

2 www technologyreview com
3 www channel hexus net
4 www teamsony blogspot com
5 Tiller, Lauletta, Koch (29) Sony Televisions
6 www scribd com
7 www docstoc com
8 www slideshare com
2 www businesstech com
22 Global data
22 Djankov(2998) Restructuring of InsiderDominated Firms: A Comparative
23 swotattack (25) Sony company profile, history and culture and SWOT


 c   c c

Table 2: IFAS

Internal Strategic Weight Rating Weighted Comments

Factors Score
S2 Goodwill  6 4  24 Attracts new
customers and
improves loyalty
S2 Creativity and  9 4  36
S3 Human capital 7 3  22 Expertise and
knowledge of
Sony·s engineers is
its backbone
S4 Diversified 6 3  28 Allows to avail
product portfolio wide range of
S5 Research and 9 4  36 Provides an edge in
development the market
S6 Quality 2 5 5 Sony·s Key to
S7 Easy access to 9 5  45
S8 Intellectual 2 5 5 Builds distinct
property image
W2 Lack of 6 3  28 Can be played only

 c   c c

innovation in PS3 on high definition

W2 Loss of agility 7 3  22 Inefficient
W3 Diseconomies of 7 4  28 Increased cost of
scale production
W4 Demotivation of 6 3  28
W5 Lower returns 8 4  32 Due to economic
Total Score 2  3 97


$ ()

2 Quality:

On a continuing basis, Sony introduces new product quality improvement measures

into all processes, from development, planning, design and manufacturing to sales and
service activities Sony makes active use of customer feedback to improve its products
Complaints, suggestions, ideas and reports of malfunctions received from customers at
the Customer Information Center after purchase are promptly and accurately evaluated
and disseminated to the planning and design groups so that improvements in product
quality can be made in a timely fashion

Sony established the Product Quality Information Channel in 23, to gather product
qualityrelated information, including reports of problems, as well as opinions from

 c   c c

Sony Group employees Employees can send messages to the Product Quality
Information Channel website

As of arch 28, Sony had received more than 2,2 reports since the establishment of
the Channel The diverse range of information received included proposals to make
products and manuals more userfriendly, and has led to more than 75 improvements

2 Creativity and innovation:

The spirit of creativity and innovation has and always will be the lifeblood of Sony One
of Sony·s greatest strengths is their ability to produce innovative, quality products
Sony·s web page states ´Sony innovations have become part of mainstream culture µ
Sony released a number of new digital imaging products designed to redefine digital
photography New products included those equipped with the unique Exmor RŒ
COS image sensor, which allows for effective shooting even in low light, and other
technology and accessories to help consumers take great photos and video with user
friendly technology

Sony·s completely new lineup of BRAVIAŒ LCD televisions with LED backlight
technology and new onolithic Design is a clear example of how Sony will continue to
own the living room by creating products that deliver on Sony·s promise of exceptional
TV quality and performance³continuing with the upcoming launch of 3D televisions

VAIO PCs continue to impress with its strong combination of innovation, entertainment
and elegant design One particularly exciting model in the lineup is the Z series
Weighing in at just three pounds and featuring cuttingedge graphics, it is a wonderful
example of ultramobile engineering expertise

3 Diversified product portfolio:

 c   c c

Another strength of Sony is their ability to be successful in several different markets

They have made an impact in the video game market, the PC market, and especially the
television market and there are still numerous others like the Consumer Products &
Devices Group which brings together Sony·s traditional and vital hardware, including
televisions, digital cameras and video cameras, as well as key devices including image
sensors and batteries This group was established in year 29 to enhance product
competitiveness and improve operations in order to generate and sustain profitable
growth The Networked Products & Services Group is comprised of businesses such as
VAIOΠpersonal computers, other networked mobile products and network services
The mandate of this group is to accelerate innovation of networked products and
services to deliver new and exciting user experiences to customers
4 Human capital:
The greatest asset of Sony is of its human capital, especially its engineers which make
up the R&D department
5 Goodwill :
Sony has gained reputation due to its high quality product and the customers are
readyto pay the higher prices for it Sony Corporation uses an "umbrella branding
strategy" as it uses the corporate name while promoting its products and services across
different digital media segments In this way Sony Corp can leverage its corporate
identity for launching new products and adding brand extensions for its existing and
new customers Further, Sony·s sales service support is Sony is known for not copying
any of its competitors; hence it has gained more reputation
Sony Group in its efforts to help prevent global warming, recycle resources, ensure
appropriate management of chemical substances and address a broad range of other
complex environmental issues They believe taking political issues will help them
become more publicly known hence improving their goodwill

6 Research and development:

 c   c c

Sony R&D aims to create new value based on the linked concepts of "inspiration" and
"shared experience" and thus to strengthen products and applications After identifying
the key technological fields and R & D themes with potential to deliver growth, Sony
manages its R & D activities strategically to differentiate and increase the valueadded
components of its products and services While Sony naturally directs efforts towards
technologies that sustain and develop its current businesses, it also examines
technologies that will create new markets and give consumers fresh lifestyle ideas
7 Easy access to funds:
Sony has enormous amount of reserves due to which it is able to spend huge amount of
funds on reengineering and restructuring the organizational process (annual report
8 Intellectual property:
Sony has the technical knowhow as well as the ability to create miniatures which
cannot be copied by others easily

&* #

2 Lack of innovation in PS3:

Sony·s biggest and most recent weakness is its lack of innovation with PS3 Sony
focused on digital technology when building the PS3 and it has the ability to export
video in highdefinition But this technology can only be viewed on a high definition TV
so a lot of people will not even be able to see the full potential it has to offer Another
downfall to the PS3 is the price, which Sony has recently lowered by $2 Yet the
weakness of the PS3 is even deeper when considering the range of video game
selections The majority of games available are all firstperson shooter games, which
appeal to a particular market There are few games that appeal to a different section of
video gamers

 c   c c

2 Lower returns:
Sales and revenue were decreased BY 22 9% for the fiscal year 29 compared to the
previous fiscal year These losses were recorded due to the slowdown of the global
economy, the appreciation of Japanese Yen and the decline of the Japanese stock
3 Loss of agility:
Sony is facing difficulties in managing its diversified businesses due to loss of direction
and coordination Hence, it can wind up certain businesses such as old television
models including LCD and focus primarily on LED and 3D World technology
4 Diseconomies of scale:
Due to diversified business portfolio, Sony is no longer able to take advantage of large
scale operation since its size has reached such high level that ts cost per unit has started
5 Demotivation for employees:
Owing to the economic down fall, the loss of employees· purchasing power over the
years has left them demotivated Further, their bonuses are trimmed as the company
attempts to stem losses

Table 2: EFAS

 c   c c

External Strength Weight Ratin Weighted Comments

Factors g Score

O2 Electronic book  22 4  48 There is increasing
market demand
O2 &   23 5  65 Positive sales growth
in the longterm
O3 (+ "  2 5 5 Higher market share
O4    9 4  36

O5    9 4  36

O6 &'  9 3  27
T2 Competition  22 5 6 Loss of market share
T2 Piracy and  8 3  24 Adversely effects the
duplication reputation
T3 Rising taxes  9 4  36 Loss of customer
T4 Entry barrier  9 4  36
Total Score 2  4 23


 c   c c

 $- m.
2 Electronic book market:
The burgeoning electronic book (eBook) market is a significant business opportunity for
Sony It has launched a broad lineup of ReaderΠdigital books that support open
formats and contain features consumers want³including wireless access to books and
Periodicals³at prices they can afford Sony·s ReaderŒ digital reading device enables
users to take dozens of their favorite books when they travel for pleasure or business
2 3D World :
Sony·s technology in television and visual expression has marked 22 as the first year
of 3D entertainment at home Beginning in June 22, Sony has released 3Dcompatible
BRAVIAΠLCD televisions, followed by Bluray DiscΠplayers and home theater
systems Other 3Dcompatible products including VAIOΠPCs and digital cameras are
now also launched New offerings such as these will play an important role in the
realization of enjoying 3D at home
Sony is also focusing on the move to 3D sports broadcasting as this important content is
well suited to the dynamic nature of 3D television Through an alliance with ESPN,
thelargest sports network in the United States, Sony has participated in the production
of 3D coverage of such events as the X Games and U S college football, allowing
viewers to enjoy the full impact of 3D sports broadcasting Sony is also driving the
growth of 3D in the broadcasting of soccer and golf through previously announced
agreements with FIFA (FédérationInternationale de Football Association) and the PGA
Tour, Inc
3 Global reach:

Sony believes that the largest growth opportunities exist outside its traditional markets
of Japan, North America and Europe hence, expanding Sony·s business into new
markets is a key area of focus New markets in regions including the BRIC countries ²
Brazil, Russia, India and China ² are developing quickly, and Sony·s business in these

 c   c c

countries is growing rapidly Going forward, Sony plans to accelerate business

expansion through collaboration and integration, not just within each of the Electronics,
Game and Pictures segments, but across the entire Sony Group

4 Access to consumer products devices:

The Consumer Products & Devices Group brings together the traditional and vital
hardware, including televisions, digital cameras and video cameras, as well as key
devices including image sensors and batteries This group was established to enhance
product competitiveness and improve operations in order to generate and sustain
profitable growth
5 Access to network products and services:
Sony is one of the biggest innovators in the games industry Its Bluray technology gives
it an important advantage over the Xbox 36, as the PlayStation 3 (PS3) can play Bluray
movies However, it was slow to introduce an online service for the PlayStation 3, but
Sony Corp recently patented and has plans for an upcoming technology which would
allow consumers to not only watch movies, but interact with them while watching
videos and other media The combination of this technology with the recently
announced PlayStation 3 Netflix integration, could give a competitive advantage to
Sony over its two main competitors, icrosoft and Nintendo Games represents Sony's
secondlargest revenuegenerating unit (Sony Computer Entertainment Inc (SCEI)
contributing by 22% to its total sales in year ended 32st arch 22 It is likely that
Gaming will have much higher sales and contribute highly to Sony·s revenues
6 Weaknesses of competitors:
Weaknesses of competitors such as Samsung, Panasonic, LG are the opportunities for


 c   c c

2 Competition:

A common threat facing any company in sales is competition Sony·s Vaio is its newest
innovation in notebook computers The various models range in price from $845 
$23 However, Dell has a great reputation when it comes to laptops similar to the
Vaio and has a broader range of notebooks to choose from, not to mention that Dell has
also been a top seller when it comes to desktop computers Additionally, the cost of a
Dell notebook computer seems to have a lower price tag than many of Sony·s Vaio
Sony·s top competitors in the gaming industry are Nintendo and icrosoft The
PlayStation 3 sales have fallen behind recently In 27, 82, PS3s have sold and
36, Nintendo Wiis
In the LCD television market, Sony excels but still faces some strong competition,
including Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic and more any of these same brands appear in
the DVD player market that Sony has to compete with
@ Piracy and duplication:

ost of Sony·s products are forged and sold as fake which effects their reputation
ΠRising taxes:

The rising taxes in recent years have led to the reduction in the purchasing power of
individuals living in UK and USA For example, people earning more than 25,
pounds have to pay 5% tax on their income The employers have also reduced the
number of benefits given to employees such as tuition fees for children
 Entry barriers:

European Governments have changed policies by imposing trade barriers which

hinder Sony from accessing easily the European market

Table 3: SAFS

 c   c c

Strategic Factors Duratio Comments


Weighted Score
(Appendix2 & 2) n

S6 quality 2 5 5 X Sony·s key to success
S3 Human capital 7 3 22 X Expertise and
knowledge of Sony·s
engineers are its
S5 Research and 9 4 36 X Provides an edge in
development the market

S8 Intellectual property 2 5 5 X Builds distinct image

W2 Loss of agility 7 3 22 X Inefficient
management system
W5 Lower returns 8 4 32 X Due to economic
W3 Diseconomies of 7 4 28 X Increased cost of
scale production
O2 3D World 23 5 65 X Positive sales growth
in the longterm
O3 Global reach 2 5 5 X Higher market share
T2 Competition 22 5 6 X Loss of market share
T3 Rising taxes 9 4 36 X Loss of customer
Total Scores 2 4 49