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Middletown Police Department Reform Subcommittee David Roane Sacha Armstrong-Crockett Diana Martinez Linette Gaunichaux Jennifer Billingsley Valerie Light Police Reform Proposal June 29, 2020 Overview: As our nation protests police brutality and uncalled for aggression when dealing with people of color: protesters here and around the world are out marching and calling for criminal justice reforms to our nation’s police forces. On behalf of those who support Black Lives Matter and the Middletown Democratic Town Committee, we are calling on you (Mayor Ben Florsheim), the Middletown Common Council and Police Commissioner to review the current police use of force policies to eliminate those that are of lethal force. Practices of concern are choke holds, strangleholds, neck restraints, and knee restraints on the neck or back. On June 15th Governor Ned Lemont announced an Executive Order that he states will “put a pause” on military style weapons and will ban chokeholds. Lamont says he will be working with legislature on further action in a special session, which he will further ‘expand these accountability measures within municipal police departments as well. Middletown is known as a progressive community in other areas of reform in criminal Justice. Our community is crying for reform, justice and faith in you, Common Council, and the Police Department to continue to move ahead of the norm and ban the application of the below use of force techniques. Our. goal is to make our community safe and inclusive for all. To say “Black Lives Matter’ is one thing but to take steps to prove to the community that Black lives matter takes more than words to make this happen we put forward the following list. Goals: Elimination of the following: a. Choke holds, knee restraints or neck restraints using the knee b. No-Knock Warrants c. Flash-bang grenades 4, Tear Gas ®. Military style vehicles and weapons f. Zeto Tolerance for charges of Racism/Excessive Use of Force (Duty to Intervene) Affix the following: 1, "B-can't wait” (https://Scantwait.org/) a, Ban chokeholds and strangleholds b. Require de-escalation ¢. Require warning before shooting d, Requires exhaust all altematives before shooting e, Duty to intervene f. Ban shooting at moving vehicles g. Require use of force continuum h. Require comprehensive reporting 2. Community/Citizen Review Board 3. Citizen friendly Municipality Website 4. Community Conversations made mobile and move from the Police Department. 5, Police Body Cameras a. Adopt a body camera video policy consistent with council policy and law 6. Adopt a use of force policy that encourages transparency and accountability 7. Train School Resource Officers in Restorative Practice/Justice 8. 50% of the Chief of Police hiring panel shall be made up of community members with priority given to people of color and (1) Middletown high school student. Specifications CommunityiCitizen Review Board: A municipal body composed of citizen Tepresentatives charged with the investigation of complaints by members of the public conceming misconduct by police officers, # Members (11) © Retired police Officer (1 out 11) ® Middletown High School Student (1 out of 11) # Subpoena power The Middletown DTC is calling on you Mayor Florsheim to enact through executive order, and with the Town Council yes vote on the aforementioned practices of choke holds, strangleholds, neck restraints, and knee restraints on the neck or back, no-knock warrants, flash-bang grenades, and tear gas; making it law in this city and no longer used by the Middletown Police Department.