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- Network of over 1 million alumni including

AIESEC, the world’s largest student-run heads of state and prominent business
organization, is the international platform for leaders.
young people to discover and develop their - Over 200.000 placements filled worldwide.
potential to have a positive impact on society.
In partnership with business and higher
education, AIESEC has over 60 years of AIESEC in Vietnam
experience in developing students into globally-
minded leaders. AIESEC’s innovative AIESEC in Vietnam began in October 2006, and
development process consists of unmatched is now present in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
leadership experiences and global exchanges. Over the next two years, AIESEC Vietnam will
With a focus on building personal networks and expand to other important cities through all the
exploring the direction and ambition of their Vietnam. Actually AIESEC in Vietnam has a
future, AIESEC has an innovative approach to membership of over 250 students and is ranked
engaging and developing young people into the in the top 10 counties of Asia Pacific in the
leaders needed today and tomorrow. AIESEC network.

AIESEC Vietnam’s Vision

”To provide young people with opportunities to

build their ambition, capabilities, and personal and
professional skills, and thereby provide
Vietnamese society with responsible young
leaders from Vietnam and the world who will
contribute towards its social and economical
progress and development.”

AIESEC Vietnam’s Board of Advisors

AIESEC in Numbers
Mr Milton Nebuya (Chair) - former Finance
Director, Unilever Vietnam
- 61 years of history.
Mr Nguyen Ho Nam - CEO, Sacombank
- Active in over 1100 universities worldwide. Securities
- Active in 110 countries and territories. Mr Kieran Brennan - Careers and Lifelong
- 7.500 leadership opportunities annually. Learning Director, RMIT Intl University
- 5.500 exchanges annually. Mr Tom Bowen – Former Regional Director, SCB
- 350 conferences globally each year. Mr Attila Vadja (AIESEC Alumnus) -
- 40.000 high-potential students developing Relationship Associate, ACB Securities
into globally-minded, responsible leaders.

|AIESEC in Vietnam |
| 214 Vo Thi Sau, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City | +84 (8) 393 208 88 (x22) | www.aiesec.org/vietnam |
Membership Information AIESEC Members’ Difference

Through our innovative and structured

AIESEC Vietnam members are students or experiential process, the AIESEC XP, our
recent graduates coming from the top members develop the following differences
universities in Vietnam. They are selected based from their peers:
on a set of competencies which - Leadership
includes self-awareness, stakeholder focus, - Functional skills
awareness of others, creativity, etc., as well as - Effectiveness
their English skills. By going through an AIESEC - Global and Diversity
experience which consists of leadership - Self-Awareness
opportunities, international exchanges and a - Proactive
global learning environment, AIESEC members
develop the skills, knowledge and network
necessary for
them to make a positive contribution to
Vietnamese society during and after their time in
AIESEC. AIESEC Vietnam alumni are now
working in organizations such as PwC, Unilever
and ACNielsen, or studying in Australia or
Singapore on a scholarship

The Global Internship Program Exchange

For 61 years companies have relied on the

Global Exchange Program to meet their
employment needs by gaining access to a global
talent pool of the best and brightest young
responsible leaders. The Global Exchange
Program is a tailored and reliable recruitment
AIESEC Vietnam Membership Overview and community integration process for high
quality international placements. Companies of
Our members are from over 10 of the top all sizes have used AIESEC to build their
universities in Vietnam. Over 85% of our leadership pipeline, increase competitiveness,
members study business degrees, such as grow a strong employer brand and fuel
International Business, Import-Export, HR, innovation. Participating in AIESEC’s Global
Marketing, Finance and Accounting. Exchange Program can directly benefit your
company’s bottom line. Through the Global
Exchange Program, your company can…
- Recruit the best and brightest: AIESEC
provides your company access to a global talent
pool of young responsible leaders from around
the world. AIESEC exchange participants come
equipped with established global networks and
proven leadership
- Get sought after skills: AIESEC provides
your company with candidates that fit your
organization’s specifications, available year
round. From accounting to I.T., supply chain
management to mechanical engineering,
AIESEC’s diverse talent pool gives you

|AIESEC in Vietnam |
| 214 Vo Thi Sau, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City | +84 (8) 393 208 88 (x22) | www.aiesec.org/vietnam |
access to the best and brightest. Pool of candidates
- Highly cost effective staffing method for Degree:
short, mid, or long term projects. AIESEC Undergraduate, bachelor or masters
handles all recruitment and selection of Origin:
candidates. More than 100 countries
- Excellent tool for projects that require Backgrounds:
specific language or business market knowledge Finance, accounting, marketing, HR, business
without having to pay specialist level wages administration, economics, languages,
- Long-term talent: We are an innovative route development studies, IT, engineering, law,
for building a global pipeline of future talent in hospitality, architecture, social sciences and
your organization. others.
- Top talent from Target Markets: We offer
access to top talent and perspective from a Exchange Candidates’ Selection Process
target market. AIESEC exchange participants stand apart from
- Globalize your workforce the average young person, having passed a
AIESEC provides companies with a unique rigorous screening and selection process. After
approach to enhancing international matching the best people to each role based on
perspectives, global ideas and cultures in your criteria set, the final selection of candidates is
workforce. This will enrich your culture, widen always up to the employer after an interview
views of world markets and fuel your innovation. process. AIESEC handles all logistics pre-arrival
- Simplify hiring strategic talent as well as ongoing communication and
AIESEC has 60 years experience in delivering a community involvement for the exchange
tailored and reliable recruitment process fully participant for the duration of the placement.
customizable to meet your employment needs.

|AIESEC in Vietnam |
| 214 Vo Thi Sau, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City | +84 (8) 393 208 88 (x22) | www.aiesec.org/vietnam |
Administration details: AIESEC ALUMNI

Duration: 2 to 18 months A global view, leadership skills and values

Start and End Dates: Any time of the year oriented activities are the result of AIESEC’s
Program fee: unique development cycle. Over our history the
450$ (tax included) for internship with duration university students who run AIESEC have gone
up to 3 months on to become leaders of industry, and in a
600$ (tax included) for internship with duration position where they have a great positive impact
longer than 3 months on society. Notable AIESEC Alumni have gone
220$ (tax included) for NGO, not-for-profit to be heads of corporations and
organizations government with a part of their skills and
Minimum Monthly Salary: $500 USD after tax success coming from what they learnt during
Turnaround Time: 2-6 months to fill your their time in AIESEC.

Opportunities for organizations to

partner with AIESEC

Benefits that AIESEC can provide to

organizations in return for sponsorship include: -
Vietnamese local talent development and
- Access to Youth Opinion, Impact on Notable AIESEC Alumni of Asia Pacific
Vietnamese Society/CSR. Junichiro Koizumi
- Exchange Program (providing placements for Former Prime-minister, Japan
graduates from overseas) Vikram Gandhi
- Learning Networks (HIV/AIDS, Sustainable Former President of Morgan Stanley, India
Development, Social Entrepreneurship) Dr. Rong-I Wu
President, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
- Talent Development and Acquisition
- Employer Branding
- Sponsorship Notable AIESEC Alumni of the Americas
Cesar Gaviria Trujillo,
- In-kind support
Former President of Colombia
Jack Wadsworth,
Advisory Member of the Board of Morgan Stanley,
James "Al" Merritt
Unilever Vietnam Ltd Partnership Case Chairman, MD International
Notable AIESEC Alumni of Europe
Aim: provide Unilever Vietnam with Employer Martti Ahtisaari,
Branding; and access to and development of Former President, Finland and Nobel Peace Prize
AIESEC talent. Ensure financial sustainability of 2008
Aleksander Kwasniewski,
AIESEC through Unilever’s sponsorship.
Former President of Poland
Provided to Unilever: Uwe Doerken
Company presentations and workshops at Chairman and CEO of DHL Worldwide
National Conferences; Hans Ulrike Maerki
Emails to AIESEC membership and Alumni; Chairman IBM Europe/Africa/Middle East
Surveys to University Students to access youth
opinion; Notable AIESEC Alumni of Africa
Branding during Recruitment and Local Koosum Kalayan
Conferences; General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Shell South
Assistance with Unilever activities/events at Africa
Universities; Israel B. Skosanaz
Excellence Awards named after Unilever; and Chief Executive, South African Express Airway
Corporate Recognition, including websites,
intranet, newsletters and promotional material.

|AIESEC in Vietnam |
| 214 Vo Thi Sau, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City | +84 (8) 393 208 88 (x22) | www.aiesec.org/vietnam |
They say about us…

|AIESEC in Vietnam |
| 214 Vo Thi Sau, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City | +84 (8) 393 208 88 (x22) | www.aiesec.org/vietnam |
AIESEC Global Partners

|AIESEC in Vietnam |
| 214 Vo Thi Sau, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City | +84 (8) 393 208 88 (x22) | www.aiesec.org/vietnam |
National Partners


Richard Tao Yang Diem Quynh Do Thi

National VP, External Relations HCMC LC VP External Relation
Mobile: +84 (0) 122 320 3624 Mobile: +84 (0)906663006
E-mail: r.tao.yang@gmail.com Email: diemquynh1911@gmail.com

Marcello Ciaramella Truong An Le Nguyen

National VP, Exchange HCMC LC VP Exchange
Mobile: +84 (0) 128 367 4068 Mobile: +84 (0) 903332309
E-mail: marcello.ciaramella@gmail.com Email: tomboyclassic@gmail.com

|AIESEC in Vietnam |
| 214 Vo Thi Sau, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City | +84 (8) 393 208 88 (x22) | www.aiesec.org/vietnam |