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Victorian Fingerless Gloves

by Knit Picks Design Team

Picot Bind Off

BO 1 st, *Pass st back to LH Needle, CO 1, BO 3 sts; rep from * around.
Lace Edging (make 2)
Using Knit Cast on, CO 13 sts. Work first row:
K2, YO twice, P2tog, K7, YO, K2tog.
Begin working from chart at row 2; all other repeats will begin on line 1. Work four
repeats of chart. BO.
Pick Up for Wrist Finished Size:
Along garter edge and with RS facing, P up and knit 38 sts. Do not turn work. Fits wrists 6-8”
Finished measurement approximately 7”
Place marker and join round; knit plain for three rounds. in circumference by 6½” long
Set Up Gusset Yarn:
Left glove: On next round, place marker after 9 sts, K2, PM, K to end of round. Knit Picks Shine Sport(60% Pima
Right glove: On next round, place marker after 27 sts, K2, PM, K to end of round. Cotton, 40% Modal; 110 yds/50g):
Willow 23816, 1 ball.
Increase Gusset (both right and left worked the same)
Row 1: K to first marker, PM, M1L, K to next marker, M1R, PM, K to end of round. Needles:
Rows 2 and 3: Knit. US 4 (3.5 mm): Circular or DPNs

Repeat these three rows four times more, for a total of five increases: 48 sts. Notions:
Yarn Needle
Shape Thumb Hole Stitch Markers
Next Round: K to four sts beyond first marker, BO 4 sts (there should be 4 remaining
sts to the next marker), K around to other side of thumb hole; begin working flat. Gauge:
24 sts/34 rows = 4 inches in St st on
Decrease row 1: P2tog, P to end. US 4, unblocked. Check your gauge
Decrease row 2: SSK, K to end. before you begin.
Repeat these two rows two times more, for a total of three decrease sets: 38 sts.
Work in St st for three rows.
Increase row 1: K1, M1L, K to last st, M1R, K1. (40 sts)
Next row: Purl.
Repeat row 1 once more, do not turn work. (42 sts)
Place marker and begin working in the round; work for 2 rounds. BO using picot bind
Weave in ends, wash and block.
It is up to you whether or not to seam the two edges of lace together; you may seam
using mattress stitch, leave the ends open, or use ribbon to decoratively lace the sides
Optional Picot Thumb Hole Edge:
P up and Knit 22 sts around thumb hole; BO using Picot Bind Off directions. *C50633*
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Placeholder - No stitch made.



WS: Drop second loop of double YO off LH

RS: Drop second loop of double YO off LH

RS: Knit two stitches together as one stitch

WS: knit stitch

RS: purl stitch


No Stitch


WS: Knit 2 stitches together


WS: Purl 2 stitches together

RS: Purl 2 stitches together

needle without working.

needle without working.


WS: Yarn Over

WS: purl stitch

RS: Yarn Over


RS: knit stitch


Drop YO








Abbreviations CO cast on pm place marker sl1p slip 1 pwise

cont continue pop popcorn sm slip marker
“ inches dec decrease(es) pr previous row ssk sl, sl, k these 2 sts tog
( ) rep inst bet ( )’s as DPN(s) double pointed prev previous sssk sl, sl, sl, k these 3 sts
many times as noted needle(s) psso pass slipped stitch tog
afterward fl front loop(s) over st st stockinette stitch
* rep inst foll single * as foll follow(s)(ing) pwise purlwise sts stitch(es)
directed inst instructions R row tbl through back loop
* * rep inst bet * *’s as K, k knit rem remain(ing) tfl through front loop
many times as noted k2tog knit two sts together rep repeat tog together
after kwise knitwise Rev st st reverse stockinette w&t wrap & turn (see
[] rep inst bet [ ]’s as LH left hand stitch specific instructions in
many times as noted lps loops RH right hand pattern)
after m meter rnd(s) round(s) WE work even
alt alternate M1 make one stitch RS right side WS wrong side
approx approiximately MC main color sk skip wyib with yarn in back
beg begin/beginning mm millimeter(s) sk2p sl 1, k2tog, pass wyif with yarn in front
bet between ndl(s) needle(s) slipped stitch over yd(s) yard(s)
BO bind off oz ounce k2tog: 2 sts dec yfwd yarn forward
CC contrast color P up pick up skp sl, k, psso: 1 st dec yo yarn over
cm centimeter(s) P, p purl sl slip yon yarn over needle
cn cable needle p2tog purl 2 sts together sl st slip stitch(es) yrn yarn around needle
pat pattern sl1k slip 1 kwise