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Email sent by AEF to A Nash 12.7.


From: Francesca Fanucci [mailto:francesca.fanucci@aeforum.org]

Sent: 12 July 2004 18:25
To: a.s.nash@herts.ac.uk
Subject: AEF Global Academic Network Membership

Dear Avril,

As you already know, in order to continue to build on the results achieved over the last five years, the
AEF is in the process of setting up a Global AEF Academic Network of international academic experts
specialised on one or more of the issues covered in the database, e.g. advertising and children, self-
regulation and the relationship between food promotion and obesity.

This letter is to thank you for accepting to join the AEF Academic Network.

The AEF Academic Network will be the first global, structured network of academics working on the
above-mentioned issues. Members of the network will be selected on the basis of their significant
contribution to the debate, and will be invited periodically to:

* Speak about their research at Committee meetings;

* Conduct ad hoc research on their issue of expertise, together with other leading academics in the
field globally;
* Provide comments/opinions on research relevant to their area of expertise;
* Evaluating methodology proposed by AEF for its studies;
* Provide the AEF with additional sources to add to its database.

The members of the AEF Academic Network will receive the following publications:

* AEF Academic Monthly: This monthly publication is specifically tailored for the members of
Academic Network and includes the following sections:

* Details on the documents added to the database the previous month introduced by a spotlight
note on the one that appear to be most interesting.

* Presentation of an influential institutional body, review of latest events worldwide, description

of new members.

* A section reserved to articles, editorials, comments etc. written by members of the Academic
Network on issues related to advertising and children

* A "Forum" section open to the members of the Academic Network to liase with each other.
* AEF Annual Report: This publication is released at the end of every year and analyses the most
significant trends of the past year on issues related to advertising to children. It also reports the
activities carried out by AEF and its achievements

AEF will also post on its website your details - i.e., name, title, area of expertise and contact details -
with hyperlinks to your personal web page. With regard to this aspect, I would be grateful if you could
let me know the exact details that you would like us to publish on our website.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention once again to the fact that the participation in the AEF
Academic Network does not entail any cost for the academics and that only the academics who will be
entrusted with specific research will be paid honoraria on an ad hoc basis.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With kind regards,

Francesca Fanucci
AEF Secretariat
Email sent by AEF to A Nash 10.8.04

From: Advertising Education Forum [mailto:aef@aeforum.org]

Sent: 10 August 2004 15:58
To: a.s.nash@herts.ac.uk
Subject: AEF Welcome Pack

Dear Dr.Nash,

The Advertising Education Forum would like to thank you again for joining
our Global Academic Network. We believe this Network will make a
significant contribution to the global academic discussion on this important
issue and we are very excited that you will be a part of this!

As we mentioned in our previous letter to you, we are planning to create an

AEF Academic Network section on our website (www.aeforum.org). This will be
similar to the current section on our Academic Advisory Board, but will
include many more members. We would like to ask you for your assistance
with preparing the following information for this section of the website:

1. We are planning to host a web page featuring every member of the

For your page, we plan to include:

a. a copy of your curriculum vitae;

b. your contact details at your university;
c. a listing and links to the academic work relevant to advertising to

2. To expedite this process, we would appreciate it if you could send

us copies of your CV, any relevant academic work (in Microsoft Word or Acrobat
pdf) and a photograph if you have one electronically (appreciated, but not
essential). Please send this information to me at
francesca.fanucci@aeforum.org by September 30, 2004.

3. It is important to us that you are happy with the information we

will provide about you and your work. Before placing your information on the AEF
website, the AEF Secretariat will send you the draft text for your review.
Where you wish to make changes, we will expect to receive those within one
month of your receipt of the draft text. Otherwise, if we do not hear from
you, we will assume that you are happy with our draft and consent to it
being posted publicly on the AEF website.

For your information, I have also attached a list of current Network

members. We are proposing an initial membership of nearly 80 academics from
all parts of the world. We are looking to expand this list as we come into
contact with new academics, so if you have any suggestions of academics to
invite to the network, please let us know! If you do bring an academic to
our attention, we will contact that person and refer to your recommendation
(unless you indicate that this is problematic).

Finally, we are pleased to provide you with an update on the latest academic
work that has been entered into the AEF database. The complete database
directory, with 1,500 entries ca, will be sent to you shortly. We hope that
you will find this information useful and contact us if you have any
feedback or suggestions.

Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you by
the end of September 2004.
Best regards,

Francesca Fanucci
AEF Secretariat

Note: with this email two attachments were sent – a “Welcome Pack” (which consists of Relevant
Articles on the AEF database) and a List of Academic Staff who are Members of the Network.
These two documents will be appended as separate attachments

Email sent by AEF to A Nash 27.8.04

Dear Avril,

As you may know, the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) has drafted a Children's Advertising
Code, which contains a number of controversial provisions relating to broadcast advertising to children,

Definition of Children’s programmes:

'Programmes that are commonly referred to as such and/or have an audience profile of which over
50% are under 18 years of age.

Diet and Nutrition:

'All children’s advertising for products or services coming within the recognised character of, or
specifically concerned with confectionery, must show an on-screen message on all children’s
advertising for confectionery products. For example, cakes, biscuits, sweets and chocolate'.

Use of celebrities, sports stars and children’s heroes on food advertising:

'Children’s advertising shall not portray or refer to celebrities, sports stars or children’s heroes, to
promote food or drink products, unless the advert is part of a public health or education campaign.'

As agreed at the Steering Committee meeting held in London on 23 June, the Advertising Education
forum (AEF) has organised an expert debate and has invited Dr. Michael O'Keeffe, Chief Executive,
BCI, to discuss the content of the BCI code and its future development at the first AEF Expert
Discussion entitled 'Advertising to Children and Media Literacy', which will take place on 21
September between 12.00pm and 1,15pm at 29 Cloth Fair, London. Also speaking will be
internationally-renowned expert on media and children Prof. David Buckingham, from the Centre
for the Study of Children, Youth and Media, London, who will outline the different views on
children's advertising literacy levels.

Please confirm or decline your attendance by sending an email to: francesca.fanucci@aeforum.orgor by

sending the fax form attached to the following number: +44 (0)20 7229 6630

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards, Francesca Fanucci

Note: the Invitation accompanying this email is appended as an additional attachment

Email sent by AEF to A Nash 13.9.06

Dear AEF AAN members,

We are currently compiling the next edition of the AAN Quarterly. We would like to give all members
of the Academic Network the opportunity to contribute. If you have any articles or submissions that
you would like to make, please get in touch. For example;

- News on your current research activities

- Your recent publications

- Details of upcoming events and conference

I look forward to hearing from you.

With kind regards,

Stephanie Lvovich

Advertising Education Forum

Langham House, 1b
Portland Place

Email sent by AEF to K Pine 24.9.08

From: Advertising Education Forum <info@aeforum.org>

Date: 24 September 2008 17:52:29 BDT
To: "Pine, Karen J" <k.j.pine@herts.ac.uk>
Subject: Advertising Education Forum research

Dear Ms. Pine,

My name is Margaux Dupont, and I am contacting you today

on behalf of the Advertising Education Forum (AEF). The
Advertising Education Forum (AEF) is a non-profit
organisation that offers a comprehensive database of
information on advertising and children, food advertising
and obesity, and advertising self-regulation. For more
information about the AEF, please visit our website at

We are currently in the process of conducting research on

“the role and value of advertising” with a number of
selected European stakeholders, and we have identified you
as one of the authoritative voices in this debate.

For this reason, I wanted to ask you whether I may contact

you by phone this week or early next week and ask you
about your views on advertising communications. The
conversation will not take more than 20 minutes of your
time and your answers will remain anonymous unless you
specifically wish for your comments to be attributed. The
results of this research will be used to inform the future
direction of AEF’s work and research focus.

Your opinion is important to us and I would be very

grateful if you could find some time to arrange for a
quick chat. I am looking forward to you reply and will
follow up with you on this issue towards the end of the
week to ensure my e-mail has indeed reached you.

Many thanks and best regards

Margaux Dupont

Advertising Education Forum

Email sent by K Pine to AEF 23.10.08 (in response to receipt of series of questions sent following
the immediately preceding message)

From: Karen Pine <k.j.pine@herts.ac.uk>

Date: 23 October 2008 12:59:20 BDT
To: Advertising Education Forum <info@aeforum.org>
Subject: Re: Advertising Education Forum research questions

> 1. What is your general view on commercial advertising?

It is a fundamental part of our modern, commercial world.

> 2. A) Do you think that advertising has mostly a positive or a negative impact over society in

It's more complex than that. Whilst it's easy to cite the negative impact of advertising - materialism,
promoting consumption, creating dissatisfaction and greed in people and pester power in children - we
also have to recognise that advertising contributes to the success of business and industries and this
creates employment and prosperity.

> B) Why do you feel this way?

> 3. What would you say are the main positive and negative aspects of commercial advertising?

see above
> 4. Please tell me if you agree or disagree with each of the following statements about advertising
(please indicate correct response):
> A) It promotes a wider range of choices for consumers
> agree++ agree disagree disagree++
> B) It generates trust in consumers for brands
> agree++ agree disagree disagree++
> C) It gives useless information
> agree++ agree disagree disagree++
> D) It increases competition
> agree++ agree disagree disagree++
> E) It increases prices of products
> agree++ agree disagree disagree++
> F) It stimulates innovation
> agree++ agree disagree disagree++
> G) It creates employment
> agree++ agree disagree disagree++
> H) It saves time for consumers who need to buy a product
> agree++ agree disagree disagree++
> I) It is used responsibly by private companies
> agree++ agree disagree disagree++
> J) It is an important revenue stream for the media
> agree++ agree disagree disagree++

This is far too simplistic a scale and the statements far too general to give a glib response to.
E) for example. Yes, advertising may increase prices of products but if advertisers have to compete for
the consumer they may decrease their prices.
> 5. A) Are there certain kinds of advertising that you think should be limited or banned by regulators?
> B) Which / Why?

Any that promote unhealthy lifestyle or potential damage society, e.g. cigarettes
> 6. A) Do you think that media could exist without advertising?

Not in its current form

> B) How/why (not)?
> 7. Is there anything else you would like to add about your opinions of advertising?