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Today, pyromaniac Than Shwe has waited long enough to disperse the international criticism against his “sham
elections”. It is the time for him to push forward his parliament as part of seven steps road map, by carefully
calculating the world’s recognition with regard to the formation of the “new government”. His “buying the time”
move has always paid off. Myanmar's new parliament will hold its first session on Jan. 31. The new legislature
dominated by pro-junta lawmakers was elected in polls last year decried as unfair by international community and the
opposition parties, including NLD led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi a Nobel Peace laureate and the world’s democratic
As we all know, Ban Ki-moon, China and Than Shwe wear the same jersey to play in military dominant rule of
Burma. The neighbors like ASEAN and India will chip in their efforts. And, the free-market oriented western nations
will eventually accept the “new government” for sure. Their co-operative mechanism to the regime now is a harsh
reality for the people of Burma to endure anyhow. In additions, the ongoing human rights violations such as the
releasing of the prisoners of conscience, the tortures in prisons, the ongoing civil-wars, the atrocities against the ethnic
minorities, the floods of refugees into Thailand, the use of prisoners as porters at the war-zones, the military draft and
the human rights rapporteur Mr. Quintana’s call for the Commission of Inquiry have never been effectively addressed
by the world body.
Burma indeed is at the labyrinth and maze for the people whether to go back to the outdated rule of Than Shwe
dynasty or to end it once and for all. It is the crucial moment for the people of Burma to fight back the regime’s seven
steps road map before it goes further. Due to the deteriorations of social, economy and politics in Burma, we strongly
denounce and reject Than Shwe’s Kangaroo court so called Myanmar's new parliament.

1.We urge the international governments to reject the results of the “sham elections” and the parliament.
2.We call Ban Ki-Moon to press the regime for national reconciliation by rejecting the results of the “sham
elections”, and to endorse the Commission of Inquiry.
3.We call on the people of Burma to rise up and call for the end of the “new parliament” that will definitely
drag the whole nation down to inferno.
4.We finally call on the military personnel to join with the people and fight for the restoration of freedom and
democracy in Burma.

In conclusion, we have nothing but on our own. Due to the prevailing circumstances, we the people of Burma must
fight for the restoration of freedom and democracy in Burma in order to enjoy the real independence of Burma. Make
no mistake! Daw Suu had repeatedly said that if you really want democracy, put your own effort. Don't wait for
somebody else. You are the master of your soul. We are on our own to fight back the regime. We are the ones who
can make up our own history by showing the world that we can achieve the international standard democracy at our
own cost. Our courage, determination, consistency and unity will be tested in this battle.

As the activists overseas, we vow to fight for the freedom of Burma side by side with the people of Burma until the
mission is accomplished.

Date: January 31, 2011

National League for Democracy – Liberated Area (The Netherland)
Hla Myint Naing
E-Mail : hlamyintnaing@yahoo.com

All Burma Monks Representative Committee (India)

Ashin Thavara
General Secretary
E-Mail : abmrc.delhi@gmail.com

Bama Thahaya (Belgium)

Dr. Moe Moe Hnin
E-Mail : Naga@fulladsl.be

Burma Bureau (Germany)

Sonny Aung Than Oo
Foreign Affairs
E-Mail : atoburma@web.de

Burmese Democratic Community

Myat Thiha
Political Department
E-Mail : myatthiha101@yahoo.co.uk