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“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some

other time. WE are the ones we‟ve been waiting for.

WE are the change that we seek.”
Maria B C (61) Amrita Marwah (62) Jai Patel()

Saurabh Pundir () Smitha V (97) Upasana D (112)

 Organised effort which seeks to influence the decision
making process within a specific group.
 “Message” is what ideas the candidate wants to share
with the voters and are repeated frequently to create a
lasting impression.
 Pre-campaign: Finance, Organisation (Team)
 Techniques: Ads, Media, Rallies, Modern Technology,
Direct Mail, Endorsements, Merchandising
 Post-campaign: Evaluation, Feedback, Constant
connection with the masses
Black Lacked experience
Immigrant father Command of policy?
Country where racism is Unexamined past
rampant Strong opponent
Perceived as “professorial”
Charisma Strong team
Portrayed candidacy as a Natural Leader
movement Skilled Networker
“Agent of Change” Ambitious
Changed his style to 5-minute video: “Man on the
inspirational Street”
Gifted Orator
 Brought in Christopher Hughes, creator of Facebook on
to his campaign
 Built 70 mn-strong network of bloggers, fundraisers,
volunteers through online channels
 Intensive market research
 Development of logo, slogan, brochures, message


Develop a
database to
grass roots

Brand – Increase
“Hope” & donation
Touch, High
returns – Be cost-
number of effective
 Hybrid segmentation
 Demographic
 Age, Race, Gender, Ethnicity, Religion, Marital Status,
Urban vs Rural, Level of Income, Professionals
 Geographic
 State-wise
 Behavioral
 Voters vs Non-voters – First timers, Apathetic,
Supporters, Opposition, Undecided
 >13 mn e-mail addresses  Varying technological
 Info cards at rallies channels based upon
 Website – registration by
users  Recruited volunteers
 7,000 different messages
through data so collected
for specific targeting  Cookie tracking to send
 Sent 1 bn e-mails –
personalised political ads
attracted donations
Micro Offline Online
targeting • Perfectly • Organise
• Multiple choreograp locally
touch hed • Talk to Mobile Video
points spectacles voters Phone Games
• Reached • Retail • Find events
out to all outlets • Raise funds
communitie • Social
s networking
Moderate or liberal

Message: student loans

• Commercial time on VH1, MTV
• Mobile ads – “Vote Early”, ChaCha
• Facebook, MySpace, Twitter
• Virtual billboards in 9 different video games
Black voters through the web:
„Community Connect‟

BlackPlanet members in
specific locales

Ads “get people to take action”

Asians, Jewish community, Gay

d online ad Tailored Use of local
for messages “Register media:
residents of on news to Vote” Centro,
different sites Cox
 Inexperience  Realist,  Assuage of guilt about racism
promise of “Change”, fresh  Unique style of oratory
thinking aroused enthusiasm
 Relate to minorities: “One of  Unlike McCain who:
Us”  Changed his stance regularly
 Moderate and liberal  Brought in Sarah Palin
 USP: “Change that we can  Missed the fundamental
believe in” concern of the masses
 Consistent message 
mindshare, heartshare
 Youth, Dramatic appeal,
3.0 million contributors
6.5 million online donations
93% less than $100
$80 Average online donation
$500 million raised online
 Small donors are likely to
repeatedly give over long
 @ Events: targeted young
supporters who texted in
small donations
 Appealed to impulse and
lowered donor barrier
 Conspicuous calls for
donation through website,
email, social networking sites,
 Built online support base by forming community
 Garnered support from industry – pharma,
entertainment, health care, internet
 Merchandising
Barack Obama John McCain

Marketing messages “Hope”, “Change we can believe in” “Country first”, “The original maverick”

Offline marketing channels TV, radio, print (including candidate’s books), TV, radio, print (including candidate’s books),
direct mail direct mail

Online marketing channels E-mail, display, organic and paid search, in-game E-mail, display, organic and paid search, social
advertising, mobile, social media media

Budget $150 million in Sept 2008 alone $ 84 million (public funds)

Marketing strategies Energize young voters; spread optimism and Energize the right wing; attack Obama’s
hope; emphasize McCain’s similarities to Bush weaknesses; emphasize experience and military
Influencer Brand Teams Community
Conversationa Identification & Building &
l& Research & Fan Product Peer
Buzz Tracking Outreach Programs Groups

Strategic Social Media Natural Seeding & Paid Seeding & Social Social Channels
Planning & Buying Social Media Media Advertising &
Optimization Viral Widgets
Phone Banking Tool
Event Finder

DIY Citizenship

Allows users to join groups, connect with other users, plan

events, raise money, write own blogs and volunteer. Basic tools
for grassroots organizing at your fingertips!
• The Obama
campaign spent $3.5
million on Google
search in October
2008 alone.
• Yahoo collected
$673,000 during the
same month.
• A million people signed up for Obama's text-
messaging programme
• On the night Obama accepted the Democratic
nomination at Invesco Field in Denver, more than
30,000 phones among the crowd of 75,000 were
used to text in to join the program
• Supporters on average received 5 to 20 text
messages per month, depending on where they
lived -- the program was divided by states, regions,
zip codes and colleges– and what kind of messages
they had opted to receive.
• On Election Day, every voter who'd signed up for
alerts in battleground states got at least 3 text
For weeks Obama ran in-game ads in 18 games such as Burnout Paradise for
the Xbox 360 across 10 battleground states. The Obama campaign paid Massive
Incorporated $44,465.78 for online advertising in early October.
“Above all, I will never forget who this
victory truly belongs to – it belongs to
1. Simplicity  FightTheSmears.com
2. Consistency  Negative Campaigning
3. Relevance
4. Integration
5. Advertising never started a
6. Powered by the web, not
advertised on it
We are Spot
trends of
the web tomorrow,

Out of
Be new, Be
don’t copy
sight is out
of mind
one off activities
community building and ongoing eCRM (optional)
ongoing activities (i.e. 4 to 6 reports per year)
Run many small community must
Define your goal
campaigns translate into real
world wins

Bring the best

Stay ahead of the Focus on the end
minds to the
curve game

Change the rules

Segment and
(whenever you

Leverage your
“The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get
there in one year or even one term, but America – I have never been more
hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you – we as a
people will get there.”