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A Capstone Project

Presented to the Faculty of Philippine Christian University

College of Engineering and Information Technology

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements

For the Degree Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Submitted to:

Ms. Catherine Garcia

Submitted by:

Acosta, Manilyn O.
Estuaria, Florenz Mae S.
Gonzales, Honey Lyn S.
Martin, Jennylyn
Naguit, Edri Myr Reidell E.
Navarro, Sharon
Oliva, Jermelyn V.

Nowadays, computer is very important in every transaction we made. We are now living

in a modern technology so we have to follow the flow of the new technology for us to be

competitive and aware.

This research aims to discuss an example of web-based payment design to provide an

easy, fast and secure payment for the student and parents. Online tuition fee payment is a website

that can manipulate the billing of the entire student in their school year.

An online tuition fee system has developed for two main purposes. First, it provides an

easy payment. Second, it can assure the security of the student when paying their tuition fee. And

it also provides basic information for a parents or guardian for them to know if the student has a

balance or not yet paid.

The researcher has been aware in developing an online tuition fee payment of Philippine

Christian University and so, we conducted this study.


This study is important to the Philippine Christian University because it will improve the

enrollment system of the said university.

By implementing an online tuition fee system, it will be easier because you don’t have to

go to school you just have to go to website and pay your tuition fee there. And the student can

assure their security, they will not bring big amount of money. It will help to lessen the time that

the student can consume when they were enrolling their subject. And for this parent or guardian

will also assure if the student has a balance or not yet paid.


ONLINE TUITUION FEE PAYMENT – is a project that the student of Philippine

Christian University can pay their tuition fee thru internet. This project is applicable for all the

levels and branches of the said university. The student can logging in, input their student number

and can view how much they needed to pay and also they balance.

This online tuition fee payment is only for students or parents owning a bank account on

BDO and Metrobank and also can pay using the atm card.

Ever since Philippine Christian University use the manual strategy of paying tuition fee.

The student will fill up the form before fall in line in the cashier then go the accounting for the

assessment. This manual process causes some problems like:

1. Slow processing of paying tuition fee.

2. The student bring big amount that can bring them on danger.

3. It will also cause of not paying the full amount of tuition given by the parents or