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Morning Prayer

Hallelujah! Praise the lord! Glory be to the Lord! Thanks be to the lord!
Let trillions and trillions of Praise, Glory and thanks be to the holy name of the lord.

Lord, Please forgive all my sins, the sins I have done with and without my
knowledge, Indeed all the sins I have done were with my knowledge. I beg to you to
have mercy on this unworthy and unprofitable servant and to forgive the sins
committed through all my senses, sins through speech, sins through sight, sins
through hearing, sins through smell, sins through touch, skin and feeling, sins of
sins of mouth, sins of mind, sins of thoughts, sins of body, sins of soul, all sins of
breaking your holy commandments, the sins which I have forgotten to confess and
the unpardonable sins i have committed.
Grant me Pardon and Penance in your abundant Mercy.
I am the worst sinner in this world who has done all sins with my knowledge
knowing the truth; According to your righteous Judgment i am condemned to the
worst torments in hell,
But my hope of salvation lies in your eternal mercy, Oh Lord! For which i am truly
unworthy of.

Deliverance Prayer:
In the holy name of my lord Yahshua for which every knee shall bow and in his Holy
precious blood shed for the sins of mankind, I cast out, you the wicked spirits of sins
and all evil spirits and demons from me, my family and my loved ones to the feet of
my lord Yahshua right now.
You wicked spirits of evil have no right over me, my family and my loved ones, Be
bound under the feet of my Lord always because We are a child of god who is saved
and redeemed by the precious blood of Christ.

Lord, I thank you for giving me everything i need in my life.

I thank you for giving me your Everlasting love,
I thank you for giving me your Divine grace,
I thank you for giving me the fear of god,
I thank you for giving me your loving care; the care that exceeds a mother’s love in
every way,
I thank you for giving me your protection,
I thank you for having mercy on me,
I thank you for forgiving my disgusting sins,
I thank you for giving me your Divine Holy spirit,
I thank you for giving me your Divine wisdom,
I thank you for giving me my daily food,
I thank you for the clothing you have given me to cover my nakedness,
I thank you for the shelter you have provided,
I thank you for giving me a Christian Parents, and for showing me the correct way
to live.
I thank you for giving me nice friends,
I thank you for giving me loving relations,
I thank you for giving me a work to labor,
I thank you for giving me the money for my necessities, and
I thank you for giving me the breath of life as I breathe in and realize that i am
I especially thank you for giving me another beautiful day to obey your holy
And to do your holy will in humility.
I will make the best use of this beautiful day and do all things for your glory with
your grace.
I love you Almighty father, I love you my lord Yahshua, I love you divine Holy Spirit.
Lord, I surrender myself completely to you for you are my Confidence.
Lord, fill me with your Divine Holy Spirit and with your Divine Wisdom.

Lord, have mercy on me for the sake of your bitter suffering, I plead for your divine
Lord, whom can I ask for help? In whom, can I put my hope? You are my everything
in this world.
Even though everyone in this world may abandon me, you will not abandon me my
You are the one in whom I trust forever. I was the worst sinner in this world my lord,
But you redeemed me with your precious blood and you lead me to the salvation.
Lord, I am like a dust under your feet, but still you love me so much my lord.

When I felt lonely, you said “My Child, for the mountains shall be moved, and the
little hills shall tremble, but my mercy shall not depart from thee and the covenant
of my peace shall not be moved”
Why, Can a woman forget her infant, that she will not have pity on the son of her
And if she should forget, yet will not I forget thee. Behold, I have written thee in my
My Sweet Lord, tears flow from my eyes when I see your wounded hands,
Caring Divine hands which were pierced to write my name in it!
I was like an ungrateful animal that bitted your caring hands which was feeding me
every day.
Lord, you provide all my daily needs, you give me all that I want.
The things that look so great in my eyes are so simple and easy for you my lord.
I trust in you completely my Lord; I surrender my life completely to you,
Let my life be filled with your holiness and love.
Lord, with your everlasting strength and radiant love, Help me encourage everyone
i meet in my life.
Lord, let your will be done in my life, because you are always right, you are hundred
percent Perfect,
You think trillions of times ahead of us.
Bless all my plans lord, let it all be done according to your holy will.
Lord, fill me with your Divine Holy spirit, fill my family with your Divine Holy spirit
And fill everyone in this world with your Divine Holy spirit.
Lord, fill me with your Grace, Fear of god and Self control
So that I will be able to resist even the hardest temptation,
Fill me with Self Sacrifice so that I may be able to sacrifice anything and everything
for you my lord.
With you i am a Hero, without you I am a Zero.
Let this peaceful day give me a chance to get more close to God.
Lord I pray the prayer you had taught me,

Our Father, who art in heaven, Sanctified be thy name. Let thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done, as in heaven, in earth also. Give us today our daily Super
Substantial bread.
And forgive us our sins, as we also forgive those who sin against us.
Let us not fall into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen

Heavenly Father sprinkle your clean water upon all humanity and creatures through
your son Yahshua
so that all may get a new heart, new spirit and new mind of a Saint.
Fill my mind completely with the word of god and fill my heart with firm resolve to
obey it,
for your holy scripture is our weapon to defend when the evil one attacks us with
Remove our stony hearts and give us a new heart of flesh and blood,
Touch our heart so that it radiates your love,
Give us a heart that thirsts for virtue and prefers bodily death than sin,

Kindly write down your commandments and precepts in this new heart,
Which are as follows:

“I am the lord your God, you shall not have any other gods, idols or any worldly
object of love before me,
You shall not take the Holy name of the Lord your God in vain, nor swear, just say
“Yes” or “No”,
Remember to keep holy the Lords day and all the holy days of obligation,
Honor your Father and your Mother, Respect them and be obedient to them and
Serve them as a slave for they brought you into this world and never forsake them
or make them angry.
You shall not kill, nor be angry with your brother, nor discourage him with harsh
You shall not commit adultery, nor look at any woman with lust and commit
adultery in heart,
You shall not steal nor take away anything that does not belong to you;
You shall not Judge anyone; Judge not, that ye be not judged.
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor, nor tell lies.
You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife,
You shall not covet your neighbor’s possessions, nor desire your neighbor’s goods,
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
And help us to keep the commandment of love and truth with all sincerity, that is

So that we may have one heart, one mind, and one spirit in Lord Yahshua.

Lord Yahshua, Protect me under the shade of your holy cross and hide me inside
your precious wounds.
Sprinkle your precious blood upon me and on my family, relatives, friends, those
who consider me as enemies, and everyone in this world.
Lord Yahshua, by faith in your merits, I now take your Precious Blood and anoint
myself right from the crown of my head to the very soles of my feet. I claim total
and complete protection for my life.
All dangers of this world and all that does not belong to your kingdom is under your
feet, I need not fear!
All Blessings and Gifts of your Holy Spirit are in your hands and you give to me even
before I could ask!

Holy Mother of god, Holy Angels, All Apostles, Saints and Martyrs pray for me that
the lord may fill me and strengthen me with his grace and fear of god so that i may
be holy in all things,
Let me never commit even a single sin at any situation for the smallest of sin can
condemn us to the eternal fire of hell and let me love the lord whole heartedly
And remain faithful to him even though the whole world is against me.

Lord, let me be patient in troubles and be devout when humiliated,

Let me be moderate in prosperity and humble when praised, let all praise be to you
my God; my creator.

Holy Mother of god, all holy angels, Apostles, Saints and Martyrs pray for me,
Especially St. Benedict, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Jerome, St. Augustine, St.Dominic ,
St. Patricks, St. Ignatius, St. Bridget, St. Mother Theresa and St. Alphonsa.
Let the lord allow me to experience the fullness of his redemption.
Come Holy Spirit, come and fill in me, Hallelujah, Amen

I see my lord with stretched out hands asking me,

“My Child, All this, I have done for thee, What has thou done for me?”
Therefore I will spend all the God-given time and money for the purpose of God,
Reading holy scripture, giving charity selflessly and doing god’s will for his glory,
even though nothing becomes great for us to give him for his greatest sacrifice.

Lord, let me become fruitful in

Humility – I am just a drop in a ocean and it’s by your mercy and grace that i live,
use me to the fullest.
Fruitful in Charity – Let me feed the hungry, bury the dead, visit the sick, clothe the
naked, shelter the homeless, visit the imprisoned and give drink to the thirsty.
Fruitful in Mercy – Let me Counsel the doubtful, instruct the ignorant, Admonish
Sinners, Comfort the Afflicted, Bear wrongs patiently, pray for the living and the
Fruitful in Joy – Lord, My Hope of Salvation in your Divine Mercy fills my soul with
Everlasting Joy.
Fruitful in Peace – Lord, Meditating and Contemplating in Prayer fills me with your
Divine peace.
Fruitful in Patience and meekness – Help me to be Patient and Meek in times of
troubles and temptations.
Fruitful in Kindness – Help me to be kind to everyone, especially to the uncared and
the unloved.
Fruitful in Goodness – Help me to do Good to those who persecute and harm me,
Let all who curse me be Blessed and Forgiven, Let me Spread your Goodness to all
like a crushed flower spreading its fragrance.
Fruitful in Generosity – Let me be generous in Charity and Give all things for the
Lords service.
Fruitful in Gentleness – Let me be gentle in speech, walk, dressing and in character.
Fruitful in Faithfulness - Let me be faithful to your commandments at all times.
Fruitful in Modesty – Let me be self-less in all things sacrificing the things I love for
Fruitful in Self-control – Lord help me to control all the desires that does not lead me
to you.
Fruitful in Chastity – Lord I consecrate my chastity for Holiness; I steadfastly desire
to be holy like you
Fruitful in Temperance – Let me be temperate and moderate in all things during the
times of prosperity.
Fruitful in Persistence – Let me be Persistent to become your Holy Angel in the
Eternal life.
And become at least as the last among the least in the kingdom of god,
For a servant in heaven is greater than the king of hell.
Lord, a pinch of your grace is enough to survive all temptations till the end and win
this race,
For your power is trillions of times stronger and greater than the power of this
Anoint us with your divine holy spirit and fill us with your divine wisdom
So that we may for see the traps, temptations and disguised schemes of the evil
And dodge his arrows and break it with your grace, when shot at us at our weakest

Lord, let my mind and thoughts, my heart and words, body and soul be completely
pure and holy in your sight through your grace, for we are the living Tabernacle and
Eucharist of god, our heart is your altar and our body is the temple of god where
the holy spirit dwells,
Let us hate all kinds of bodily lusts and all carnal desires of flesh to the core of our
heart just as you do
And help us to desire only you and your divine will in our life.

Lord, teach us your divine wisdom,

Let our eyes see, let our ears hear and let our heart understand your holy words,
Put a holy seal in my mouth and make me a saint, my Lord!

I am not worthy to share your suffering, but in your great mercy share with me the
joy of your suffering.
Holy mother, pray for me! For the lord will definitely listen to your plea, pray that I
may share his suffering and be filled with his grace and fear of god till the last
breath of my life.

Lord I pray for these favors:

Fill my soul with your Divine Love, so that I may Love you above all things and let
my love for you increase abundantly each and every day of my life. Help me to love
you with Infinite desire and passion.
Fill me with Fear of God so that I would be Obedient to your commandments at all
Fill me with your Humbleness and Meekness
Strengthen me with your Grace till the last breath of my life and Help me to Pray at
all times with Grace
Fill me with your Divine Holy Spirit and Divine Wisdom
Let me Love all children of god equally with brotherly love which is precious in the
sight of Angels
And help them as a brother considering myself as the least servant of God
Let me seek all Praise and Glory to you my God and let your holy will be done in my
Let me hate all the worldly things and not even love a single one
Give me an Altruistic heart filled with Generous Charity which entertains the Angels
Increase my belief and make me strong in my faith, let my faith and hope be strong
as a mountain.
Make my Heart Compassionate, Sympathetic and let it be filled with Pity.
Let the compassion of my heart turn into fountain of tears for human tear drops are
like pearls in the sight of Angels and our cry for help you will hear and shower your
Divine Mercy upon us.

Lord fill our soul with the seven virtues necessary for our salvation,
Magnify and beautify our soul with these beautiful vestments.

Contrition - Confession
Desire for God – Desire for Chastity
Work in honor of God – Patience in Adversity
Caring neither for Human (Praise and Reproach) – Caring for the honor of
God alone.
Abstinence of Flesh – True Humility
Consideration of God’s Favor - Fear of his Judgment
Love of God above all things – Perseverance in Good undertakings

With God’s Grace and Mercy, I am chosen to become a Soldier of Heaven in the
Army of God,
Hating all sins and evil I will live like a Man and doing Good and Just I will die like a
I want to live a Holy life neither for the reward in Heaven nor for the fear of hell,
But for the love of God alone, I want to obey my loving lord who said “Be Holy for
I am Holy”
And want to do his holy will with the deepest love, even if I suffer for the sake of his
Divine Justice.
Lord, as you increase my suffering; Increase abundantly my love and thirst for you
in my heart!
Strengthen my body, soul, mind and heart to overcome the most cruel torments
and suffering,
Take my heart and make it yours, use me fully for your purpose for I am completely

St. John the Baptist – Put on me the tunic of Consideration of God’s Kindness
and Remembrance of my sin.

St. Peter (The Prince of Apostles) – Put on me the golden protective armor of metal
rings that is
Love of God and Divine Charity

St. Paul (The Thirteenth Apostle) – Put on me the golden breastplate armor of Love
of Neighbour.

All the Holy Saints in Heaven – Put on my head the helmet of The Intention of
Pleasing God Alone.

Holy Immaculate Mother Mary - Put the armors on my hands,

On my Right Hand – Works of Justice

On my Left Hand – Godly Prayer

Holy Martyrs and Confessors – Put the armors on my legs,

First Leg – Humility – Refusal to sin even if no

punishment were to follow.
Second Leg – Work – Doing God’s work with Great
Patience and Love of God
even if I am condemned to
eternal punishment.

Holy Angels – Give me the Shield of Spiritual Purity - Consideration of

God’s Bitter Passion.

And the two bright colors of the Shield

- Self Control over disorderly emotions.
- Purity and restrain with regard to the
promptings of flesh.

Exulting in Joy the Holy Angel’s say “Behold the sign of Purity and token of our
Trembling in Fear the demons say “Glorious Knight who is armed with weapons of
Behind him is an Army of Angels, beside him is God Himself, we can never prevail
against him”

Holy Patriarchs and Prophets – Give me the Spiritual Sword of Trust in God

With two sharp Edges

- Upright Justice in Prosperity.
- Thanksgiving in Adversity.
Holy Apostles of my lord – Give me the protective golden covering for the weapons
– The Charity

- Of readiness to die for God.

- If possible to be separated from God for the sake
of the Salvation of one’s brethren.

I am pilgrim on earth and a Citizen of Heaven;

Living in Spiritual and Divine fellowship with God and his Saints here on earth,
Eagerly waiting each and every second of my life for the day I will be united with
my Divine family in Everlasting Joy!