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To Kill A Mockingbird Study Guide

Abdu Errishi


1. The full meanings of the nights events hit her. Jem was kind and didn’t call
her out for crying.

. Atticus’s definition of a mob is that a mob is made up of a group of people he

gives an example using Mr Cunningham. He say even though Mr Cunningham was
part of a mob he is still human.

. Atticus says the children can stop a mob simply because their human, and its
human nature not to destroy innocence.

. Their people who have some traits similar to those of Amish, they belive in a
simple life. In TKAMB they are seen driving by in a wagon dressed in cotton sun
bonnets and dresses with long sleeves.

. Everyone is going to Tom Robinson’s trial. As I said before it is human nature

not to want to destroy innocence. It is also human nature to be intrigued or
intreseted in violence. So naturally every one yearned to see Tom fight for his life.

. Dolphus Raymond is an alcoholic who enjoys the company of the African

American community. He supposedly has a black wife and many mixed children.
He drinks out of a sack supposedly not to upset Maycombs ladies. Allegedly his
fiance blew her brains out right after a wedding Rehearsal.

. He includes Raymond to show another “ Mockingbird”. He also includes

Raymond so Jem and Scout can talk about mixed children.

. The jury consisted of older men not from Maycomb. They were not in favor of
Atticus defending Tom even though Atticus was appointed to defend him.
Chapter 17

.According to the sherif Maywell’s injuries are the following. “ Well, she was
beaten around the head. There was already bruises comin on her arms.” (Lee 242)
It is also stated that she had a right black eye and strangle marks.

. Mayella Ewell is Bob Ewell’s daughter. She is isolated and abused by Bob. She is
also the alleged victim of Tom’s rapeing.

. Bob Ewell is the father og Mayella Ewell. He is a drunk abusive alcoholive. He is

also considerably what one would call a moron.

. Bob Ewell says he saw Tom having sex with Mayella through a window. He then
says he ran to get Tate.

. Ambidextrous means that a persons left hand is their primary hand. This is
important because Bob is a lefty and Mayella was punched in the right eye.
Chapter 18

. Mayella says she was on her front porch when Tom came. She said she would
give him a nickel if he chopped some chiffarobe for her. She then says that after
going into her house to get a nickel he began to rape her.

. Atticus is kind to Mayella. Though she perceives him calling her miss as a type of

. Tom Robinson is a powerfully built man except that he has a crippled arm.
Chapter 19

. Tom says that he was going home as usual when he passed the Ewell’s place. He
then said Mayella asked for help putting a door back on its hinges. The door was
checked by Tom and he deemed it not broken. He then asked Mayella where the
children were. She says that they were all in town getting ice cream. Mayella then
tells tom she needs to get a box off of a chiffarobe. While Tom was reaching for
the box she grabbed his legs. She then got on top of him and kissed him. Tom
wanted no part of this and tried to resist without harming Mayella. He ran as Bob
came home.

. I belive in Tom’s story. I think that Bob beat up Mayella after finding out Tom
was with her.

. Link Deas is the person Tom works for. Link stands and said he never had any
trouble with Tom.

. He says that he was sorry for her.

.Dill feels bad that Gilmer was being so hateful towards Tom.

Chapter 20

. Dolphus Raymond is the man mentioned earlier as a supposed alcoholic. We find

out that all he had in his sack was actually Coca- Cola. He could be considered a
Mockingbird because he does nothing wrong. All he did was try to comfort Dill.

. Atticus starts off by removing some of his outer clothing and pocket watch. This
is strange to the children since they never seen their father do this in public before.
He then says that the case should have never been brought to court and is black and
white. He also goes over how Mayella broke a rigid and time honored code by
kissing and tempting Tom.

. Calpurnia enters the courtroom and the end of the chapter.

Chapter 21

. Calpurnia comes to give Atticus a letter from his sister.

. Thirty minutes to an hour.

. The atmosphere of the court remind Scout of last February in Winter.

. Tom is guilty.

. Her father is leaving.

Chapter 22.

1. Atticus silences Aunt Alexandra’s protest by saying the following.

“This is their home, sister, said Atticus. We’ve made it this way for
them, they might as well learn to cope with it. (Lee 307)

2. All the people that appreciate was Atticus has done send him food.

3. He means their is still an appeal

4. She gave Jem a piece from the big pie because she forgot about Dill.

5. Miss Maudie said that the people that agreed with Atticus were
righteous Christians.

6. Dill wants to be a clown who just stands in the middle of the ring and

7. Bob Ewell wants to start something with Atticus.

Chapter 23

1. He said he wasn’t going to carry a gun.

2. Because their was still a chance for Tom’s freedom.

3. That a white man’s word would win against a black mans word.

4. Because woman cant be in juries. Also because its hard for a man to
be in a jury because they are put into a situation when they have to
declare their views.

5. That Tom might get another chance.

6. Mr. Links because he did not want to declare himself.

7. To choose her friends.

8. It depends who they dislike and how long their family existed.

9. She says he probably wanted to stay inside all these years.

Chapter 24.

1.To try to upset/ provoke her.

2. Because the ladies think that they are better than then the Mrunas and
really don’t care about them.

3.She insults the food being served.

4.Aunt Alexandra was thankful for Miss Maudie angering Mrs.


5. Because they think the northerners shouldn’t think their as good as

them. No they are not right because every human is equal.

6. Tom was not taking being guilty well

7. She said Atticus was trying his best not to let Tom lose hope.

8. Scout grows a little closer to her Aunt because she says if she
sometimes can be a lady so can I.
Chapter 25

1. Because he tells Scout they don’t bother you.

2. Helen fainted.

3.That it is a sin to kill a Mockingbird a.k.a a bad thing to kill Tom.

4. That no matte what Tom was a dead man.

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