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A fast pace learner, dedicated, innovative and self-motivated team player
with leadership experience who demonstrate excellence in problem
solving and time management. Highly responsive & agile to expertise in
very less span of time if expose to new technology or work experience.
Capable of working with or without supervision, having an excellent
communication and interpersonal skillsO

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 Ä O S I R efer en ce ‰od el
Ä All types of Installations Ä D evi ces , H ub, S wit ches ,
Ä ·CP/IP Infrastructure. R out er
Ä Anything of Active Directory Ä N et wor k A ddr es s · r ansl ati on
Ä ICS (Internet Connection Sharing ( N A· )
Services) Ä Ad dr es s S ch em es
Ä Configuration of Web Server. Ä P r ot ocol s, H eader s ,
Ä Configuring and Implementing F·P  ncap s ul ati on
Server. Ä C i s co Di s cov er y P r ot ocol
Ä Configuring and Implementing Of DNS ( C DP )
Ä Configuring & Implementing IP Ä I P R out i ng (R I P, IGR P , OSPF,
Security.  I GR P )
Ä ‰anaging File Server. Ä A cces s C ont r ol Li st
Ä oPN Server & RAS Server Ä W AN
Ä Wins Server. Ä I S DN
Ä ISA Server. Ä F r ame R el a y
Ä RAID Ä S wit chi ng
Ä xchange server

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Non Government Organization
Designation Network Associate
Location Bagh Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.
·ype of
Full ·ime
·enure from ‰ay, 2006 to Jun, 2008
Description Network ·roubleshooting.
Software / Hardware ·roubleshooting.
Printers/Data sharing.
Installing Hardware & related software.
‰anagement of computer resources i.e. Hardware and software.
Working with ‰anagement Information System (‰IS).
Format Based report writing.
Developing formats by utilizing various computer programme like (x
‰aintain local area network (LAN)

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   AJK Board ‰irpur AJK Pakistan

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   AJK Board ‰irpur AJK Pakistan


 Ä Familiarity with the working environment of Government,
     public Organizations and NGOs

Ä Sound communication skills

Ä Liking for work in Challenging nvironment
Ä Social and friendly manners
Ä xpertness in independent as well as team working

 1 :
DOB: August 28, 1984
Nationality: Pakistani
Passport no: Lo 5145061
Sex: ‰ale
‰arital Status: UN ‰arried