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Living the Lectionary

Fifth Sunday after


Season: Epiphany
Week of February 6

“Shining in the World”

About the Season: We are in the season of

“Epiphany”. Epiphany is a season that shows us the
part of Christ’s life when He and His teaching
becomes known to many people. It is a time of
displaying and manifesting Christ in our personal and
public lives.

About this Sunday: Jesus tells His disciples to be

“salt and light” to the world. By that, He means that
the things that we do in this world should have an air
of witness about them, a sense that the things that
we believe and do are significant for our lives and
the lives of those in the world around us.

Reflecting on the Readings:

• Isaiah 58:1-12 – Shining in church and out –
God tells Israel that their worship in the temple
and lives in the world should agree with one
another. Is there a disconnect between your
life on Sunday and your life on other days of
the week?
• Psalm 112:1-10 – Set Free to Shine – The
psalmist rejoices in a sense of security that
God’s people have knowing that they have
followed God’s laws. Have you ever felt secure
knowing that you’ve done the right thing?
• I Corinthians 2:1-16 – Shining in the Spirit’s
Guiding – Paul explains that the Spirit shows us
the wisdom we need to shine. How do you find
out what the Spirit is guiding you to?
• Matthew 5:13-20 – Shining on a Hill – Jesus
explains to His disciples that they are to shine
into the culture and to season it – in other
words, to make an impact. Are you impacting
those around you with the grace of God?
Law and Gospel:
• Law: How will you impact the world? If you are
going to be remembered for something in the
next 5, 10, or 45 years – what are you hoping
to be remembered as? God is calling you to be
known, but not known for/as yourself, but
being known for and as His disciple. How are
you known and is it something that displays
your relationship with Jesus?
• Gospel: Even people who don’t want a lot of
attention from crowds of people, still want to
be remembered. Jesus doesn’t tell us that we
have to be anonymous, but rather that His
identity given to us in our Baptism actually
makes us shine.
Living the Lectionary Ideas:
• Learn: (Re)Memorize the 10 commandments
and look in Luther’s Small Catechism
explanations to find positive ways to live out
the principles of the commandments.
• Do: In preparation for a time when you may be
given the opportunity to witness, practice
telling your story of faith beginning with your
Baptism to a friend or family member.
• Live: Courageously. Witnessing requires
courage. Ask God for the courage to shine in
the world and live courageously.