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To live in the hearts

of those whom you leave behind

is to not die.

Our beloved President, Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam has exhorted all the youth to take this pledge in order to realize his grand vision of a grand India.
Chief Minister
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 001
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email: chiefminister@kerala.gov.in

I am happy to learn that I . E . S . C O L L E G E o f

a magazine “Asthithva” on the occasion of the annual

I hope that the magazine will bring out the inborn talents of
students as well as teachers of the institution.

I wish all success for the endeavour.


Minister for Education
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 001
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I am happy to learn that I.E.S. COLLEGE of

proposed to bring out a magazine “ASTHITHVA”. I am
sure that this will be an apt forum for the manifestation of
inherent talents of students and the staff alike. I extend my
best wishes for the success of this venture.

E. T. Mohammed Basheer

Calicut University P.O., Malappuram-673 635, Kerala, India
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I am glad to know that IES College of Engineering, Chittilappilly,

Thrissur is bringing out an annual magazine in December, 2005.
I hope this publication would reflect the creativity of the
students and address the basic issues of the present-day campus.

I wish it all success and maximum readership and congratulate

each and everyone behind this initiative.

Prof.. Sy ed Iqbal Hasnain

PHONE: 0487- 2305704, 2306286, 2308325, 2308326, FAX: 0487- 2307164

I am extremely happy to learn that the College Union is bringing out the
college magazine for the year 2005. I hope that the magazine will provide
opportunities to the students to expose themselves through artistic and literary

I congratulate the Magazine Committee for the sincere and worthy efforts
they have made to bring out this magazine and wish all success for their

P. P. Hyder Haji
President, Ideal Educational Society

PH: 0487- 2305704, 2306286, 2308325, 2308326, FAX: 0487- 2307164

I am delighted to learn that the college magazine is ready for publication.

The college magazine is a unique scenario that provides unlimited opportunities to the
students to expose their creative talents through literary and artistic works. I hope
that the students might have utilized the opportunity worthily.

I sincerely congratulate those students and staff without whose

dedicated and untiring efforts, this would not have materialised within such a short
spell of time.

With best wishes,

M. T . Mohamed
General Secretary

(An Engineering College Promoted by the Ideal Educational Society)
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi & Affiliated to University of Calicut
PH : 0487 - 2309966, 2309967, Fax : 0487 - 2309967
e -mail : mail@iesce.org Url : www.iesce.org

“ASTHITHVA” the first magazine of the IES College of Engineering

is being released after a rather long period of persistent efforts by the
Magazine Committee to give the shape it has attained now in its style and
contents. Being the starter it could have its share of shortcomings, still it
would become evident as one goes through the magazine that it has
exhibited sparks of the vibrant life here at IESCE with flashes of brilliance
at times in its articles and presentation.

The Magazine Committee could very well earn acclaim for the good
work it has carried out. Let this become the starting block for bringing out
the future issues of the magazine at a faster pace and added vitality and
vigour that will reflect a truly dynamic and progressive campus life we
all strive to have here. All the best wishes are offered here for attaining
such a glorious future for the endeavours of the fraternity of IESCE.

Dr. M. George Joseph


There has been a very progressive trend in the higher education sector in Kerala with the beginning of the new
millennium. IES College of Engineering (IESCE), Chittilappilly, Thrissur, founded by the Ideal Educational Society in 2003,
is one of the prominent new generation engineering colleges in the Thrissur area which joined in the upsurge for high
quality technical education. A report of this college and its activities would do well to primarily focus on the stages of its
evolution and then switch over to the current affairs. This report aims to cover both these aspects.
1. The Beginnings
The college had obtained AICTE sanction to start four B.Tech courses in AEI, CE, CSE and ECE as per their letter
of sanction No: F.No: 06/06/KER/ENGG/2002/35, dated 12/05/03. The Kerala Government had given sanction to start
the college as per G.O.No (MS)No: 65/2003/H.Edu dated 06/06/03. The University of Calicut, our affiliating university
had issued affiliating order as per letter No: GAI/D4/2159/03 dt 25/7/03.
The Foundation Stone of the college building was laid by Shri.P.M. Sayeed, Honourable Deputy Speaker of
Loksabha, on 15th June 2002 in the midst of an august gathering of dignitaries. The three storeyed college building, built
in splendid architectural style and situated in a well laid out garden landscape, provides the right ambience to pursue
engineering academic career in a serene environment. Faculty members, technical staff and administrative staff had been
selected on merit basis and appointed well in advance of the start of the First Batch classes. The admission counselling of
the first batch of students was completed in early September and classes were started from 15 September 2003.
2. Facilities
The College is well equipped to conduct the theory and laboratory classes of all the 4 branches of B.Tech courses
namely, Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, and
Electronics and Communication Engineering. The classrooms, drawing halls, laboratories, workshops, library and computer
centre etc. have been furnished with all the modern amenities and provided with the latest equipments and furnishings.
2.1 Library
The College Library has a collection of 2823 books in titles and 7031 volumes. The library subscribes to national
journals and international journals. There are also more than 60 periodicals and magazines of general and technical interest.
The collection of the CD/DVD library is about 920 items. The library has reference section, general section and reading
halls for both, all of which are situated in 2 floors.
2.2 Computer Centre
The Computer Centre consists of 4 computer labs which have 120 personal computers in present use and additional
120 computers for use in the forthcoming semesters. The centre provides time slots for internet browsing by students and
staff, utilizing a 160 kbps dedicated connection which is being upgraded to 640 kbps. There are licensed softwares for
Windows XP professional, MS Office 2003, Autocad-2006 etc. Red hat Linux is also used as Operating System. Softwares
like Stad pro, Mat lab, Orcad, p-spice etc. are being procured now.
2.3 Laboratories
Civil Engineering Dept. has labs in (1) Material testing (2) Fluids Engineering (3) Geotechnical Engineering (4) Surveying.
Electronics & Communication Engineering Dept. has labs in (1) Electronic circuits (2) Digital Electronics (3) Microprocessor
& Microcontroller (4) Linear Integrated circuits.Computer Science & Engineering Dept. has labs in (1) Computer Programming
(2) Data structures (3) Hardware Engineering. Applied Electronics &Instrumentation Engineering Dept. has labs in
(1) Industrial Instrumentation (2) Control Engineering.
Electrical measurements & circuits lab, Electrical Machines Lab are also functioning well to meet the practical requirements
of existing courses.
The Basic Engineering workshops required for the first year of the courses are divided into (1) Mechanical
Engineering Workshops, Comprising of Machine Shop, Fitting, Sheet Metal and Welding Sections (2) Electrical
Wiring systems (3) Electronics Circuits Assembly/Fabrication (4) Civil Engineering Workshops in Masonry,
Plumbing, Carpentry and Model making.
2.4 Seminar Halls and Auditoriums
A general purpose seminar hall with 200 seating capacity has been set apart for conducting seminars and
symposia. Another hall with a seating capacity of 400 is in use. The OHP, LCD projectors available for paper
presentations in the seminar halls and lecture halls provide the appealing environment required for such duties.
Construction of a College Auditorium capable of accommodating 1000 members is in its final stage.
2.5 Recreational Facilities of Sports and Games
The college maintains a foot ball court with the dual purpose of conducting cricket matches as well as athletic
events in the Annual College Sports Meet. Games courts for volleyball, basket ball, tennis are also in use by
students, the latter two being introduced recently. Apart from these, college has the facilities for table tennis also.
2.6 In- Campus Hostels
Ladies and Gents hostels functioning within the campus are under the direct supervision of the Matron/Warden
and under the overall control of the Principal, who functions as Chief Warden.
3 The College Administration
The College administration is continuously supervised by the President of IES Mr. P. P. Hyder Haji and General
Secretary Mr. M. T. Mohamed.They are ably assisted in the administration by the Vice-President Mr. C. Alikutty
who is also the academic committee Chairman, Joint Secretary Mr. A.A. Mohamed Usman, Secretary
Mr. K.Kunhumohamed, Treasurer Mr. R.V. Hassanon. The other members of the Executive Committee
Mr. N.M.K.Mohamed ( Senior Vice President), Mr. R.V.Aboo (Director & Purchase Committee Chairman),
Mr. K.A.Kunhimon, Mr. K.P.Aboobacker, Mr. K.V.Mohamed Ashraf, Mr. K.K.Mashood, Mr. K.B.Majid,
Mr. A.V.Kader, Mr. K.K Mohammed Ali have also been attending to all their duties as Directors in the matters of
college administration. Apart from the above members of the Executive Committee, other members of the
sub-committees who also had been rendering good administrative support are Mr. K.T.M. Usman (Fin.
Comm. Chairman), Mr.V.C. Kunhimoidunny (Transp. Comm. Chairman), Mr. P.K Anwar, Mr. P.C.Rafeeq,
Mr. R.V. Musthafa, Mr. T.K.Khalid (Chairman, Agric. Comm), Mr. K.Aboobacker. A total of 21 managing committee
members routinely look after the administrative needs of IES which also has the prestigious Public School as it’s first
venture in the education sector and recently the B.Ed. Training College from the current academic year.
The sad demise of Mr. Marakkar Thamarassery, who was joint secretary and public relation committee member, has
engulfed all of us in grief. His services will always be remembered.
3.1 A B rief R eview of the IESCE Administration Procedure
The Principal, the Administrator, the Administrative Assistant and the Office Staff constitute the general administrative
unit of IESCE. The Heads of Departments along with the Principal constitute the Academic Administrative Body,
otherwise called the Staff Council.
The college admits students as per the Government and University regulations in force every year. The present senior
most batch of students are just completing their 5th semester. The first batch will pass out in 2007. The total student
strength at present is 617. By academic year 2006-07 it is expected to cross 900. The college is ready to accommodate
the increased requirements of class room spaces, labs and equipments. The college is also applying to AICTE for
sanctioning new branches of studies in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Engineering for which the
infrastructure is getting ready.
The students are provided with uniforms and identity cards. Academic performance evaluation is done conducting
sessional tests and assignment work as per University rules. The sessional test results and attendance progress are
informed to the parents through progress cards sent to them or handed over to them in PTA meetings. Remedial
classes are engaged for students found failing in the sessional tests. University examinations are conducted as per
University schedule. Students coming at the top level in the university exams will be awarded with prizes. Economically
weak but brilliant students are given scholarships to pursue their studies.
Good care is taken to appoint well qualified faculty members on consideration of merit alone and periodical assessment
of the teaching quality is done by getting feed back from students in the manner prescribed by the AICTE.
3.2 Department Activities
The four branches of study and other major sections of Engineering have the heads of dept. and the faculty members.
Faculties of all departments maintain a class work record. The teaching record consists of the course plan based on
prescribed syllabi and the college academic calendar. The teaching notes also will be a part of this record. Classes will
be conducted according to this plan and the progress will be monitored. The details of all tests, assignments and daily
attendance will be recorded here. The data relating to the attendance and marks will be entered into the college
academic data bank to be retrieved as and when needed.
Group tutor system enables the staff members to know well the students under their charge and guide them
properly in matters of studies and personal growth. The students can seek the assistance and guidance of the
tutors in all matters relating to their career here.
4. Technical Associations
The departments of the four degree courses, namely Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Computer
Science & Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electronics & Communication Engineering have formed their respective
associations to conduct co-curricular activities.
4.1 Association of Applied E lectronics and Instrumentation
The AEI association was formed and inaugurated in July 2004 by Mr. K.A. Nathan, Deputy General Manager of
Electrical and Instrumentation at HOC, Cochin. The association conducted lecture programs performed by
experts from the industries like Kochi Refineries. Students have made industrial visits to ITI , HOC, and FCRI
etc. with guidance of the faculty members. Students have presented technical papers at many other engineering
colleges like Jyothi Engg. College, Vidya Academy of Science & Tech and have won prizes. They have also taken
part in technical quiz, software debugging at NSS College of Engg, MES college of Engg, FISAT etc. and have
secured top honors.
4.2 Civil Engineering Association
The Civil Engg. Association was inaugurated by the noted architect and civil engineer Mr. V. R. U. Menon in July
2004. Invited lectures were conducted involving Mr. T. N. N. Bhattathiripad, Retd. Chief Engineer, Kerala Water
Authority; Dr. R.P.R. Nair, renowned Academician and Structural Engineer. Some faculty members attended
short term courses and workshops at GEC Thrissur, FISAT and Royal College of Engg. Students and staff
conducted industrial visits to Chimony dam, Malabar Cements, KAP India Tiles, Idukky Dam etc. Some students
took part in intercollegiate cultural events like ‘collage’ at Brahma of ASIET, Kalady, Technofest of GEC, Thrissur
and won prizes.
4.3 Computer Science and Engineering Association
The CSE association was inaugurated by Mr. Anwar P. Payyurel, Software Engineer. The students conducted
industrial visits to Techno Park, Thiruvananthapuram, and Reliance Base Station etc. Students took part in cultural
events and technical events like software debugging at ‘Resonance’ of GEC, Thrissur and of Vidya Academy.
Students conducted seminars, debate and quiz programs. Web designing competitions are also planned.
4.4 Electronics and Communication Engineering Association
The ECE Association was inaugurated by Dr.Thomas Philip GM (Per.) BSNL Thrissur. Invited lecture on Emerging
Trends in Radio and Satellite Communication by Mr. Subesh, All India Radio was conducted. Students made industrial
visits to Travancore Titanium industries and Keltech in Thiruvananthapuram. Dr.P.P.Nair, Principal, Vidya Academy
of Science & Tech, conducted an awareness program on IEEE for the benefit of our students. Our students took part
in events like debate, mock interview, GD and circuit debugging at MES CE Kuttippuram, VAST, Thalakkottukara
and won prizes.
4 . 5 Sports and Games Activities
Our college hosted the volley ball tournament of the Games Festival conducted under the auspices of ‘PECSAGA’, the
Private Engineering Colleges Sports and Games Association. IESCE also took part in the various games events
conducted here as well as in the other colleges of PECSAGA. Football, Shuttle Badminton and Table Tennis were the
other events of competition. The other colleges that form PECSAGA are Sahrdaya College of Engg., Kodakara, Jyothi
Engg. College, Cheruthuruthy and Royal Engg. College, Akkikkavu.
Our college conducts the Annual Sports and Games festival. Prize winners are awarded with medals and the champions
with trophies.
4.6 Cultural Activities
Mr. Sandeepan C. of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering participated in the ‘Thabala Competition’
held at Christ College, Irinjalakuda on behalf of D-Zone cultural festival followed by Inter-Zone cultural festival, 2005
held at Kunnamkulam conducted by Calicut University and bagged first prize for the college.
Our students conducted a Cultural/Arts festival ‘Out Burst’ in which all talented students took part in the art competition.
A few of our students took part in the debate program “OUT OF SYLLABUS” conducted for Amrita T.V. which was
telecast in November 2005.
5. Seminars and P rograms C onducted
A National workshop on ‘Environment and Pollution-2004’ sponsored by the AICTE was conducted in the college on 1st
July 2004. The District Collector Mr. V.M. Gopala Menon inaugurated the event. Prominent personalities in the field
including Dr.K.Raghavan Nambiar,eminent Environmental engineer, Dr.E.J.James, Executive Director, CWRDM
Dr. U. Lazar John, Principal, Jyothi Engg. College, Mr. Vijayabhas Senior Environmental engineer, Kerala State Pollution
Control Board presented theme papers. Fifty delegates from academia, governmental depts and industry personnel participated
in the one day workshop.
The college conducted an inter-collegiate Tech-Fest - LAURELS’05 on 19th November’05 which had competitions
in Technical Debate, Mock Interview, Software Debugging and Technical Paper Presentation. Laurels’05 was
inaugurated by Mr. Francis Jacob, DGM, BSNL, Thrissur. The Tech-Fest had participation from many engineering
colleges in the State.
6. College Students Council
The College Union was formed in the last two years by election of class representatives as Students’ Council
members and further selecting the Office Bearers from among the Council Members.
7. Toppers In University Examinations
The toppers in the Calicut University Examinations conducted in the college for which result are available till now
are as follows:
I & II Semester 2003 Admission
AEI Unnikrishnan Poduval Arun K.A. Salna Joy
CS Sheena Paul Abhisha Francis Chandana Therattil
CE Tony Jose Kiran Tony N. Nimisha V. Krishnan
EC Sajitha Sivasankaran Vinaya Krishnan K. N. Mohammed Rais
I & II Semester 2004 Admission
AEI Ajish A.A. Babu Bhavitha Chankarnkattil Aparna M.
CS Nimmi Thomas Jyothi Rajamohanan Premdas T.A.
CE Sony Vincent Karthika Mohan Ambili C. Valsan
EC Syama K. Ambili Prabhakaran Remya Ravindran
Third Semester 2003 Batch
AEI Unnikrishnan Poduval Arun K.A. Salna Joy
CS Sheena Paul Subi Abdulla P. Rahul Krishnan
CE Tony Jose Nimisha V. Krishnan Ajith Krishna
EC N Mohammed Rais Rekha P. Sajitha Sivasankran
8. Training And Placement Centre
The college has established a Training and Placement Training Centre to enable students secure placements before
they pass out from the college. This is guided by faculty representative from each department with the overall supervision
by Dr. C. J. James, Professor of Humanities. Specialized training for development of communicative skills and other
soft skills development are given emphasis in programs conducted under the TPC. External, visiting and guest faculty
are also invited to impart the required training programs.
9. Student Amenities
The college has provided internet browsing facilities to students at our computer centre. The interval times and
morning/evening sessions are utilized for this purpose. The College store supplies all essential books and stationery
items to the students and staff. Telephone facilities are provided by ITC system and coin box system. A reprographic
centre is available for the needs of the students in this regard. The college canteen also functions in the campus.
9.1 Conveyance
The IES College of Engineering is located in Chittilappilly (Adat Gramapanchayat) Trichur dt.Chittilappilly is only
10 km away from Trichur Corporation. The college provides conveyance to take students and staff residing in
places outside the campus.
10. Acknowledgements
I wish to place on record with gratitude the enormous support provided to me to discharge my duties as Principal
by the members of the executive committee headed by the President Mr. P.P. Hyder Haji and General Secretary
Mr. M. T. Mohammed. The other executive committee members and directors and sub committee members have also
provided their best efforts to administer the college effectively.
I also wish to acknowledge the sincere efforts of the faculty and other staff members and our students of IESCE in
bringing out the best in them for the welfare and prestige of our college.


(Hon’ble President of India)

The President of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam’s military power but also as an economic power.
Speech in Hyderabad, India. Both must go hand-in-hand. My good fortune
was to have worked with three great minds-
“I have three visions for India . In 3000 years of our Dr. Vikram Sarabhai of the Dept. of Space,
history, people from all over the world have come and Professor Satish Dhawan, who succeeded him and
invaded us, captured our lands, conquered our minds. Dr. Brahm Prakash, Father of Nuclear Material.
From Alexander onwards- the Greeks, the Turks, the I was lucky to have worked with all three of them
Moguls, the Portuguese, the British, the French, the closely and consider this the great opportunity of
Dutch, all of them came and looted us, took over what my life.
was ours. Yet we have not done this to any other nation.
We have not conquered anyone. We have not grabbed I see four milestones in my career: Twenty
their land, their culture, their history and tried to enforce years I spent in ISRO. I was given the opportunity
our way of life on them. Why? Because we respect the to be the project director for India!s first satellite
freedom of others. That is why my first vision is that of launch vehicle, SLV3, the one that launched Rohini.
FREEDOM. I believe that India got its first vision of These years played a very important role in my life
this in 1857, when, we started the war of independence. of Scientist. After my ISRO years, I joined DRDO
It is this freedom that we must protect and nurture and and got a chance to be the part of India’s guided
build on. If we are not free, no one will respect us. missile program. It was my second bliss when Agni
met its mission requirements in 1994. The Dept. of
My second vision for India is DEVELOPMENT
DEVELOPMENT. Atomic Energy and DRDO had this tremendous
For fifty years we have been a developing nation. It is partnership in the recent nuclear tests, on May
time we see ourselves as a developed nation. We are 11 and 13. This was the third bliss. The joy of
among top 5 nations of the world in terms of GDP. We participating with my team in these nuclear tests and
have 10 percent growth rate in most areas. Our poverty proving to the world that India can make it, that we
levels are falling. Our achievements are being globally are no longer a developing nation but one of them.
recognised today. Yet we lack the self -confidence to It made me feel very proud as an Indian. The fact
see ourselves as a developed nation, self- reliant and that we have now developed for Agni an entry
self -assured . Isn’t this incorrect? structure, for which we have developed this new
material, a very light material called carbon-carbon.
I have a third vision. India must stand up to the world.
Because I believe that, unless India stands up to the One day an orthopaedic surgeon from Nizam
world no one will respect us. Only STRENGTH Institute of Medical Sciences visited my laboratory.
respects strength. We must be strong not only as a He lifted the material and found it so light that he
took me to his hospital and showed me his Do you have 10 minutes? Allow me to come back
patients. There were these little girls and boys with a vengeance. Got 10 minutes for your country? If
with heavy metallic callipers weighing over yes; then read; otherwise, choice is yours. YOU say
three kg. each, dragging their feet around. He that our government is inefficient. YOU say that our
said to me: Please remove the pain of my laws are too old. YOU say that the municipality does
patients. In three weeks, we made these Floor not pick up the garbage. YOU say that the phones don’t
Reaction Orthosis 300-gram callipers and took work, the railways are a joke. The airline is the worst
them to the orthopaedic centre . The children in the world, mails never reach their destination. YOU
didn’t believe their eyes . From dragging around say that our country has been fed to the dogs and is the
a three kg. load on their legs, they could now absolute pits. YOU say, say and say. What do YOU
move around! Their parents had tears in their do about it? Take a person on his way to Singapore.
eyes. That was my fourth bliss! Give him a name - YOURS. Give him a face - YOURS.
YOU walk out of the airport and you are at your
Why is the media here so negative? Why International best. In Singapore you don’t throw
are we in India so embarrassed to recognize cigarette butts on the roads or eat in the stores. YOU
our own strengths, our achievements? We are are as proud of their Underground links as they are.
such a great nation. We have so many amazing You pay $5 (approx. Rs. 60) to drive through Orchard
success stories but we refuse to acknowledge Road (equivalent of Mahim Causeway or Fedder Road
them. Why? We are the first in milk production. ) between 5 PM and 8 PM. YOU come back to the
We are number one in Remote Sensing Satellites. parking lot to punch your parking ticket if you have
We are the second largest producer of wheat.
over stayed in a restaurant or a shopping mall
We are the second largest producer of rice.
irrespective of your status identity.
Look at Dr. Sudarshan, he has transformed the
tribal village into a self-sustaining, self-driving In Singapore you don’t say anything, DO YOU? YOU
unit. There are millions of such achievements but wouldn’t dare to eat in public during Ramadan in Dubai.
our media is only obsessed in the bad news and YOU would not dare to go out without your head
failures and disasters. I was in Tel Aviv once and covered in Jeddah. YOU would not dare to buy an
I was reading the Israeli newspaper. It was the employee of the telephone exchange in London at
day after a lot of attacks and bombardments and 10 pounds (Rs. 650) a month to, “see to it that my
deaths had taken place. The Hamas had struck. But STD and ISD calls are billed to someone else.” YOU
the front page of the newspaper had the picture of would not dare to speed beyond 55 mph (88 km/h) in
a Jewish gentleman who in five years had transformed Washington and then tell the traffic cop, “Jaanta hai
his desert into an orchid and a granary. It was this main kaun hoon (Do you know who I am?). I am so
inspiring picture that everyone woke up to. The gory and so’s son. Take your two bucks and get lost.” YOU
details of killings, bombardments, deaths, were inside wouldn’t chuck an empty coconut shell anywhere other
in the newspaper, buried among other news.
than the garbage pail on the beaches in Australia and
In India we only read about death, sickness, New Zealand.
terrorism, crime. Why are we so NEGATIVE? An Why don’t YOU spit Paan on the streets of Tokyo?
other question: Why are we, as a nation so obsessed Why don’t YOU use examination jockeys or buy fake
with foreign things? We want foreign TVs, we want certificates in Boston??? We are still talking of the same
foreign shirts, we want foreign technology. Why this YOU; YOU who can respect and conform to a foreign
obsession with everything imported. Do we not realize system in other countries but cannot in your own. YOU
that self-respect comes with self-reliance? I was in who will throw papers and cigarettes on the road the
Hyderabad giving this lecture, when a 14-year-old girl moment you touch Indian ground. If you can be an
asked me for my autograph. I asked her what her goal involved and appreciative citizen in an alien country,
in life was? She replied: “I want to live in a developed why cannot you be the same here in India?
India. For her, you and I will have to build this
developed India. You must proclaim India is not an Once in an interview, the famous Ex-municipal
under-developed nation; it is a highly developed commissioner of Bombay, Mr. Tinaikar, had a point to
nation. make. “Rich people’s dogs are walked on the streets to
leave their affluent droppings all over the place,” he making a positive contribution to the system we
said “And then the same people turn around to criticize lock ourselves along with our families into a safe
and blame the authorities for inefficiency and dirty cocoon and look into the distance at countries
pavements. What do they expect the officers to do? far away and wait for a Mr. Clean to come along
Go down with a broom every time their dog feels the & work miracles for us with a majestic sweep
pressure in his bowels? In America every dog owner of his hand or we leave the country and run
has to clean up after his pet has done the job. Same in away. Like lazy cowards hounded by our fears
Japan. Will the Indian citizen do that here?” He’s right. we run to America to bask in their glory and
praise their system. When New York becomes
insecure we run to England. When England
We go to the polls to choose a government and after experiences unemployment, we take the next
that forfeit all responsibility. We sit back wanting to flight out to the Gulf, When the Gulf war struck,
be pampered and expect the government to do we demand to be rescued and brought home
everything for us whilst our contribution is totally by the Indian government. Everybody is out to
negative. We expect the government to clean up but abuse and rape the country. Nobody thinks of
we are not going to stop chucking garbage all over the feeding the system. Our conscience is mortgaged
place nor are we going to stop to pick-up astray piece to money.
of paper and throw it in the bin. We expect the railways
to provide clean bathrooms but we are not going to Dear Indians, The article is highly thought
learn the proper use of bathrooms. We want Indian inductive, calls for a great deal of introspection
Airlines and Air India “to provide the best of food and and pricks one’s conscience too. ... I am echoing
toiletries but we are not going to stop pilfering at the J . F. Kennedy‘s words to his fellow Americans
least opportunity.” This applies even to the staff who to relate to Indians .....
is known not to pass on the service to the public. When
it comes to burning social issues like those related to “ASK WHAT WE CAN DO FOR INDIA
women, dowry, girl child and others, we make loud AND DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE TO MAKE
drawing room protestations and continue to do the INDIA WHAT AMERICA AND OTHER
reverse at home. Our excuse? “It’s the whole system WESTERN COUNTRIES ARE TODAY.”
which has to change, how will it matter if I alone forego
my sons’ rights to dowry.” So who’s going to change
the system?
Let us do what India needs from us.
What does a system consist of? Very conveniently
Thank you,
for us, it consists of our neighbours, other households,
other cities, other communities and the government. But Dr
definitely not me and You. When it comes to us actually (Hon’ble President of India)

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sNe-hn´ A\p-{K-loX \nan-j-ß-fn-te-s°m∂p ItÆm- F∂n-ßs\ \membn XcwXncn-®n-cn-°p-∂p. CXn¬
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πm\pw IW-°p-Ifpw a‰pw Xøm-dm-°n-bn-cp-∂Xv Ct±-
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]mc-º-cy-ambn Xs∂ hmkvXp-imkv{Xw Rß- ∂-Xn\v ta¬t\m´w hln-°p∂ Bfm-bn-cp-∂p. AXm-
fpsS c‡-Øn¬ Aen™p- tN¿∂n-cp∂p. ]mc-ºcyw bXv C∂sØ kq∏¿sshk-dnepw Db¿∂ ]Z-hn-bp≈
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IS∂phcm-Xn-cp∂ Ah-k-c-Øn-emWv Rm≥ FØn- K-am-bn-cp∂p (ap-dn-°¬, \n¿Ωm-Ww, XpS-ßn-b-h). X£-
t®¿∂-Xv. I\pw h¿≤-Inbpw \n¿Ωn®v D]-tbm-Kn-®ncp∂ IW-°p-
hmkvXp-hn-Zy-bpsS {][m\ XXz-ß-sf-s¥m- I- f - S - ß nb imkv { X- i m- J - b mWv C∂- s Ø- X- ® p-
s°-bmWv? im-kv{Xw.
kqcy- \ m- W t√m \ap°v i‡nbpw Du¿÷hpw Hmtcm {]tZiØn\\p- k - c n®v _n¬Unßv
\¬Ip- ∂ - X v , AXn- \ m¬ hmkv X p- i mkv { X{]- I mcw sa‰o-cn-b¬ amdptam?
"F√mw kqcy-\n-te°v A`n-apJw' F∂p ImWp-∂p. Xo¿®-bm-bpw, B ÿesØ \n¿ΩmW hkvXp-
AXm-bXv kzbw Idtß≠ kqcy\pw, kuc-bq-Y- °-fpsS e`y-Xsb B{i-bn-®m-W-Xv. DZm-l-c-W-ambn
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kzm[o-\n-°p-∂p. CXp a\- n-em°n CXn\v A\p-tbm- Ibpw h≥tXm-Xn¬ D]-tbm-Kn-®n-cp-∂p. F∂m¬ Ip´-
Py-amb hn[-Øn-emWv \mw Pohn-t°-≠-Xv. AXn-\mbn \mSv XpS-ßnb {]tZ-i-ß-fn¬ Krl-ß-fpsS Gdnb
\ap°v tbmPn® hn[-Øn-ep≈ Krlw \n¿Ωn-°-Ww. ]¶pw XSn-sIm-≠mWv \n¿Ωn-®n-cp-∂-Xv. AXm-bXv Ipd-
CXmWv hmkvXp-im-kv{X-Øns‚ {][m-\-XXzw. ™-Nnehn¬ B {]tZ-iØv e`y-amb _n¬Unßv sa‰o-
hmkv X p- i m- k v - { X- Ø ns‚ hnIm- k - L - ´ ß- f n- cn-b¬kv D]-tbm-Kn-®n-cp-∂p.
te°v H∂v IS-∂p-sN-√mtam? C∂v hf-sc-b-[nIw N¿®-sN-ø-s∏-Sp∂ Hcp
a\p-jy-cpsS Xe-ap-d-I-fm-bp≈ A\p-`-h-ß-fn¬ hnj-b-am-Wt√m tIm¨{Io-‰ns‚ A\n-b-{¥n-X-amb
\n∂mWv hmkvXp-imkv{Xw DS-se-Sp-Ø-Xv. XpS¿∂v hf- D]-tbm-Kw. Xm¶-fpsS ImgvN-∏mSn¬ \ΩpsS Krl-

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amtWm? \n¿Ωn®p hcp- I - b m- W - t √m, CØcw hoSp- I - f n¬
Hcp Krlw \n¿Ωn-°p-∂-Xns‚ {][m\ Dt±iyw hmkvXp Fßs\ D]-tbm-Kn°mw?
AXyp-jvW-Øn¬ \n∂pw AXn-ssi-Xy-Øn¬\n∂pw sNdnb ÿe-sØ "Square plot' B°n arXyp-
tamN\w \¬IpI F∂-Xm-W-t√m. AXm-bXv ]pd-Øp- kq{Xw IW-°m-°p-tºmƒ, henb ÿesØ At]-
\n-∂p≈ NqSpw XWp∏pw Krl-Øn-\p-≈n-te°v "Trans- £n®v AXv Xosc sNdpXv (Negligible) Bbn-cn-°pw.
mit' sNø-cp-Xv. Cu Dt±-iy-Øn-em-Wv hoSp-Iƒ ]≠pIm- AXn-\m¬ B ÿe-Øns‚ a≤y`m-KØv hoSns‚
eØv "Plaster' sNøm-Xn-cp-∂-Xv. F∂m¬ "Concrete' a≤yw (Centre of gravity) hcm-Øh -- Æw Krlw \n¿Ωn-
NqSv "Transmit' sNøp-∂p. X∑qew tIm¨{Io‰v hoSp-I- °mw.
fn¬ NqSv hf-sc-b-[n-I-am-Wv. AXp-sIm≠p Xs∂ `nØn \n¿ΩmWØn¬ hmkvXp tZmj-߃
tIm¨{Io‰v \ΩpsS ]cn-ÿn-Xn-°n-W-ßn-b-X-√. Fßs\ ]cn-l-cn°mw?
Materials amdp- ∂ - X n- \ - \ p- k - c n®v hmkv X p- KrlØns‚ a≤y- ` m- K Øv
imkv{Xw amdp-∂pt≠m? `nØn h∂m¬ AXv imkv{X-{]-
C√. hmkvXp-hn-Zy-{]-Imcw "Material' GXp-X-s∂- Imcw tZmjw D≠m-Ipw. AXv ]cn-
bm-bmepw Af-hp-Iƒ°-\p-k-cn-®mWv Krl-\n¿ΩmWw l-cn-°m-\m-bn, `nØn s]mfn®p
\S-Øp-∂-Xv. Cu Af-hp-Iƒ Db-cw, Np‰-fhv XpS-ßn-b- am‰msX GsX- ¶ nepw hiØv G1 G2
h-bm-Wv. sNdnb " Projection ' \¬Imw.
Krl-\n¿Ωm-W-Øn\v Np‰-f-hp-t]m-se-Xs∂ Cßs\ sNøpI hgn Np‰-fhpw,
Db-c-Øn\pw {]m[m\yw Ds≠∂v tI´n-´p-≠v. CXp a≤yhpw hyXy-ÿ-s∏-Sp-Ibpw sNøp-∂p.
icn-bmtWm? ]≠v ivaim\w D≠m-bn-cp∂ ÿeØv hoSp
AsX. Np‰-fhv IW-°m-°p-tºmƒ \mw B hkvXp- \n¿Ωn-®m¬ tZmj-ap-t≠m?
hns‚ F√m hihpw ]cn-K-Wn-°p-∂p. F∂m¬ Nph-cp- D≠v, hmkvXp-im-kv{X-{]-Imcw hoSp ]Wn-bp∂
I-fpsS Db-c- A-f-hp-Iƒ tN¿Øp In´p-∂Xpw as‰mcp ÿeØv F√v D≠m-Ip-hm≥ ]mSn-√.
Np‰-f-hm-Wv. AXm-bXv Nph-cns‚ Dbcw IqSpw-tXmdpw km[m- c - W - ° m¿°v hmkvXp- i m- k v{Xw
Np‰- f hpw IqSpw. hmkv X p- i m- k v { X- { ]- I mcw Hcp s]mXpsh {Kln- ° m≥ _p≤n- a p- ´ m- W t√m. CXv
KrlsØ \ne-\n¿Øp-∂Xv ]©-`q-X-ß-fm-Wv. (`q-an, km[m- c - W - ° m¿°p- I qSn a\-   n- e m- I - Ø ° coXn-
Pew, A·n, hmbp, BIm-iw) Ch-bn-tem-tcm-∂n\pw bn¬ hni-Zo-I-cn-°p∂ {KŸ-ß-fpt≠m?
{Ia-Øn¬ 3 3/4 tIm¬ hoXw Dbcw \nP-s∏-S-Øn-bn- km[mcW°m¿°v a\-   n- e m- ° m≥ hnj- a ap≈
cn-°p-∂p. Krl-\n¿ΩmW ka-bØv Krl-Øns‚ Dbcw `mj-bn-emWv hmkvXpimkv{X-{K-Ÿ-ßsfgp-Xn-bn-´p-≈-
A·n-bn-tem, Pe-Øntem \n¿Øm≥ ]mSn-√. AXv Xv. Fs‚ A—s‚ A—s‚ A\p-P≥ "ImWn-∏-øq¿
tZmj-am-Wv. CsXm-gn-hm-°m≥ Dbcw Ipd®v Iq´-Ww. i¶-c≥ \ºq-Xncn-cn-∏mSv' hmkvXp-hn-Zym-hn-Z-Kv≤-s\∂
F√m-Øcw _n¬Un-ßp-I-fnepw CXv D]-tbm-Kn-°mw. \ne- b n¬ hfsc Ign- h p- s X- f n- b n® Hcm- f m- b n- c p∂p.
World Trade Centre XI-cm-\p-≠mb Imc-W- At±lw 19-˛-Hmfw hmkvXp-hn-Zym-{K-Ÿ-߃ "refer'
sØ-°p-dn®v hmkvXp-hn-Zym-]-c- sNbvXv a\p-jy-cm-in°v {]tbm-P\ - s- ∏-Sp∂ {]am-Wß - ƒ
ambn Xm¶ƒ \S-Ønb Is≠- B A am{Xw tN¿Øv hni-Z-amb "illustrations' Dƒs°m-≈n®v
Ø- e p- I ƒ H∂v hni- Z o- I - c n- NE Xøm-dm-°nb {KŸ-amWv "a\p-jym-eb N{µnI'.
°mtam? ]≠p≠mbn-cp-∂-Xn¬ \n∂pw hyXy-kvX-ambn
apI-fn¬ ]d™ Db-c-]-cn[n Cu ]pXnb ImeØv hmkvXp- i m- k v{X- Ø n\v
2 1 {]m[m\yw IqSp-∂-Xmbn tXm∂p-∂pt≠m?
AhnsS ]men-®n-cp-∂n-√. (\n¿am-
Ww A·n-bn¬ Ah-km-\n-®p.) SW Aßns\ ]d-bm≥ ]‰n-√. ImcWw H∂v, {Kma-߃
c≠m- a - X mbn hmkvXp- h n- Z ym- tI{µo-I-cn®p \ne-\n-∂n-cp∂ aqØm»mcn k¶ev]w
{]- I mcw Hcp ÿesØ \mev 3 4 C√m-Xm-bn. AXp-t]mseØs∂ Iq´p-Ip-Spw-_-hy-h-
JWvU-ß-fmbn (Nn-{Xw1) Xncn- C D ÿnXn amdn AWp-Ip-Spw-_-am-bn, P\-kw-Jy-bnepw
®m¬ hoSp \n¿Ωn-t°-≠-Xv. sX. ]Sn-™m-dv. h. Ing°v h¿≤-\-hp-≠m-bn. Ch-sc√mw kzm`mhn-I-ambpw Bh-
JWvU-ß-fn-em-Wv. Diagonal"BD' arXypkq{Xw F∂-dn- iy-°m-cp-am-bn.
b-s∏-Sp∂p. CXv IS∂p t]mIp∂ JWvU-ß-fn¬ Krlw Krl-Øn\pNp‰pw hcm-hp∂ hr£-ß-sf-°p-
\n¿Ωn-°p-∂Xv A\p-tbm-Py-a-√. World Trade Centre dn®p ]d-bp∂ Imcy-߃°v B[mcw?
bpsS "Alignment' 2˛4 JWvU-ß-fn-em-bn-cp-∂p. CXpw AXv, Hmtcm achpw Fßs\ Krl-Ønse A[n-
AXns‚ \mi-Øn\v Imc-W-am-bn. hm-ksØ kzm[o-\n-°p∂p F∂p h®m-Wv. `qan-bnse

Hmtcm- ∂ n\pw kzm[o- \ - i ‡n ASn- ÿ m- \ - s ∏- S p- Ø n- \mw \ΩpsS Ign-hp-Iƒ {]I-Sn-∏n-°p-I. AXn¬
bmhmw ]≠v B \nK- a - \ - Ø n¬ FØn- t ®¿∂- X v . \n∂m-Wt√m a\p-jy≥ Db-cp-∂Xv. AXv th≠ hn[-
s]m∂p-Im-bv°p∂ hr£-am-bmepw Krl-Øn\v ASp-Øp- Øn-em°n Xo¿°-emWv {][m\w. AXn\v \aps°mcp
h-bv°-cpXv F∂ \n_-‘-\-Ifpw D≠v. Krl-Øn\v apI- Intuition D≠m-h-Ww. {]Ir-Xn-tbmSv {]m¿∞n-°p-I.
fn¬ hog-cpXv, AXp-Xs∂. ]g- b - i m- k v { X- ß - f psS A¥- k - Ø - I - s f√mw AXp-
hmkvXp {]Imcw Krlw \n¿Ωn-°p-∂-Xns‚ t]mse ]Wv U n- X - ∑ m- c psS Z¿i- \ - ß - f m- W v , AXv
{]m[m\yw? Dƒs°m≠v \oßp-I.
{][m-\-ambpw hkn-°p-∂-h¿°v Bbp-cm-tcm-Ky- bphm-°-fmb F≥Pn-\o-b¿am-tcm-Sp≈ Aß-
kuJyw D≠mIpw F∂-Xm-Wv. as‰mcp hn[-Øn¬ ]d- bpsS D]-tZiw?
™m¬ A-im-kv{Xob \n¿Ωn-Xn-Iƒ aqew Nne tZmj- `qan°v \ne-\nev]v thW-sa-¶n¬ {]Ir-Xn-°-\p-tbm-
߃ \mw hnfn-®p-h-cp-Øp-∂p. Py-amb \o°-amWv th≠-Xv. AXv GXp- im-kv{X-am-
ASp-°f Ing-°p-`m-K-Øp-Xs∂ hc-W-sa∂ bmepw \n߃ \n¿Ωn-°p-tºmƒ B coXn sIm≠v
\n_-‘\ Dt≠m? a\pjy¿°pw {]Ir-Xn°pw Hcp-t]mse KpWw D≠m-h-
C√, Ings° wing˛tem, hSt° wing-˛tem thW- Ww. AXp-sIm-≠mWv ]g-b-Im-eØv AXn-\p-hn-cp-≤-
sat∂ D≈q. \ap°v choice D≠v, {]tZ-i-a-\p-k-cn®v ambn sNøp- t ºmƒ AXp sNøp- ∂ - h ¿°p- I qSn
AsX-ßns\ hn\n-tbm-Kn-°p∂p F∂-Xn-emWv Imcyw AXns‚ tZmjw Ds≠∂p ]d- b p- ∂ - X v . At∏mƒ
Civil Engineering˛ F∂ C{X henb Hcp
Ah-cXv sNøn-√.
imkv{X-sØ-°p-dn®v, AXns‚ Dev]-Øn-°p-Im-c-W- imkv{X-߃ XΩn¬ tbmPn-∏n®p `qan-bnse Bhm-
am-bn-cp∂ ASn-ÿm\ Imc-Wßsf°p-dn-®p≈ Adn- k-hy-h-ÿ-bv°n-W-ßp∂ coXn-Iƒ \Ωƒ kzoI-cn-t°-
hn- √ msX As√- ¶ n¬ ASn- ÿ m- \ - a n- √ m- s X- b mW v ≠-Xm-Wv. \n߃ bphm-°-fn-emWv F√m-h¿°pw {]Xo-
engg. hnZym¿∞nIƒ ]Tn-®p-t]m-hp-∂Xv F∂v Aßv £. ]pXnb -h-gnIfn-eqsS k©-cn-°p-∂-h-cmWv bphm-
Icp-Xp-∂pt≠m? °ƒ. F∂m¬ C∂v ]pXn-b -hgnIfn-eqsS k©-cn-°p-
AXns‚ ASn-ÿm-\-ß-sf-°p-dn®v College˛¬ ]Tn- Ibpw ]g-b-Xn-te°v Gsd {i≤n-°p-Ibpw sNøp-∂p.
∏n-®n-cps∂¶n¬ Aev]w IqSn Bg-Øn-tebv°v Nn¥n- AsXmcp \√ e£-W-ambn Rm≥ ImWp-∂p. AXn\p
°p-am-bn-cp-∂p. \n¿Ωm-Ww Ft∏mgpw `qan-bn¬Xs∂ tIm´w X´msX kq£n- ® m¬ \ΩpsS `qansb
Bbn-cn-°-Ww. Fhn-sSbpw `qan-bn¬ amf-߃ D≠m°n CXpt]mse Xs∂ \ap-s°s∂∂pw \ne-\n¿Ømw.

kzc£ t\Sp∂ Pohn-I-fn¬ \n∂pw \ap-°p≈ Hcp
hyXymkw \map-≠m-°p∂ Krl-ßf - psS LS-\m-]c
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hyXymkw am{X-am-Wv. AXp-sIm-≠p-Xs∂ Hmtcm {]tZ-
i-ß-fnepw Ahn-S∂v e`y-am-Ip∂ material D]-tbm-Kn®v
hoSp-]-Wn-bp-tºmƒ AXp `qan-bpsS Xs∂ `mK-ambn
Xocp-∂p. Ahn-sS-bmWv {]mtZ-in-I-amb \n¿-ΩmW
kma{Kn-I-fpsS {]m[m\yw. C∂v CsXm∂pw Nn¥n-°m≥
Ah- k - c - a n- √ . ]t£ tImgnt°- m Sv Regional Engg.
College ¬ Ah-km\ h¿jw Hcp t]∏dmbn
hmkvXpimkv{Xw ]Tn-∏n-°p-∂p-≠v. AXp-t]m-se-
Xs∂ Bd-∑pf hmkvXp-hn-Zym-Kp-cp-Ip-e-Øn¬
F≥Pn-\o-b¿am¿°v th≠n Refresher Course
hmkv X p- h n- Z ym- { ]- I m- c - a p≈ Xm¶- f psS
{][m\ s{]mP-IvSp-Iƒ GsXm-s°-bmWv?
sIm®n A¥mcmjv{Shn-am-\-Ømhfw ˛ s\Sp-
ºm- t »cn loc- h m- k v X p- { Km- a w˛ Fd- W m- I pfw,
temI-Ønse G‰hpw henb _n¬Unw-Kv - Noida
City Centre - 160 floors (CXns‚ ]Wn ]ptcm-K-
k¿, R߃ Cu h¿jw {]Im-i\w
sNøm- \ p- t ±- i n- ° p∂ amK-   ns‚ t]cv
""AkvXnXz'' F∂m- W v. AXn- t e- ° mbn
Xm¶fpsS ktµiw F¥mWv?

Head of Department, Instrumentation
College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences



C≥kv{Ssa-t‚-j≥ F∂ imkv{X-im-J-bpsS ]T\w Im¿jnI k¿∆- I - e m- i m- e - b n¬ A\- e - ‰ n- ° ¬

]q¿Æ-am-hp-∂Xv CXp-ambn _‘-s∏´ b{¥-ß-fpw, D]- C≥kv{Ssa-t‚-j≥ F¥n-\mWv?
I- c - W - ß fpw a‰pw t\cn´v ImWp- I bpw Ah- b psS Im¿jnI k¿∆-I-em-im-e-bnse {][m\ LS-I-ß-
{]h¿Ø\w hy‡-ambn a\- n-em-°p-Ibpw sNøp-∂-Xn- fmWv aÆv, kky-߃, hf¿Øp-ar-K-߃ XpS-ßn-
eq-sS-bm-Wv. C≥kv{Ssa-t‚-j\p-ambn _‘-s∏´ D]-I-c- bh. Ch-bpsS ]cn-tim-[-\bv°pw, ]T-\-߃°pw
W-߃ tIc-f-Øn¬ A]q¿∆w Nne ÿm]-\-ß-fn¬am- th≠n-bmWv A\-e-‰n-°¬ C≥kv{S-a-t‚-j≥ ]co-
{Xta \ap°p ImWm≥ km[n°q. AXn-\m¬Xs∂ Ah-
£-W-ime D]-tbm-Kn-°p-∂Xv.-
sb-°p-dn-®p≈ ]T\w A{]m-]y-amWv F∂v tXm∂n-Øp-S-
ßnb Ah-k-c-Øn-emWv tIc-f- Im¿jnI k¿∆-I-em- A\- e - ‰ n- ° ¬ C≥kv { Ssa- t ‚- j ≥ at‰- s Xms°
im-e-bpsS Iogn-ep≈ C≥kv{Ssa-t‚-j≥ hn`mKw Rß- imkv{X-ß-fpsS klm-b-tØm-sS-bmWv \ne-sIm-
fpsS {i≤sb BI¿jn-®-Xv. ≈p-∂Xv?
Im¿jnI k¿∆-I-em-im-e-bpsS A[o-\-X-bn-ep≈ A\- e - ‰ n- ° ¬ C≥kv { S- a - t ‚- j ≥ D]- t bm- K n- ° p∂
tImtfPv Hm^v sh‰-dn\dn B‚ v A\n-a¬ kb≥kknse b{¥-ßfpw D]-I-c-W-ßfpw an°-hbpw kvs]Ivt{Sm-
C≥kv{Ssa-t‚-j≥ hn`mKw ta[mhn s{]m^. ]n.-B¿. N{µ- kv t Im- ] nbpsSbpw kv t ]Iv t {Smt^mt´m- s a- { Sn- b p-
ti-J-c≥\m-b¿ Rß-fpsS A`y¿∞\ am\n®v Rß-fp- sSbpw ASn- ÿ m\ XXz- ß sf B[m- c - a m°n
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At±-l-tØmSv R߃ tNmZn-®-dn™ Nne {][m-\-s∏´
A\-e-‰n-°¬ C≥kv{Ssa-t‚-j≥ D]-I-c-W-߃
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kv s ]Iv t {Sm- k v t Im- ] n- b p- s Sbpw kv s ]Iv t {Sm
Im¿jnI k¿∆-I-em-im-e C≥kv{Ssa-t‚-j\pambn t^mt´m-sa{Sn-bp-sSbpw XXz-ßsf Bkv]-Z-am°n
Fßns\ _‘-s∏-´n-cn-°p∂p?
{]h¿Øn- ° p- ∂ - h - b m- s W∂v kqNn- ∏ n- ® p- h - t √m.
Im¿jnI k¿∆-I-em-im-e-bn-ep-≈Xv C≥kv{Ssa-t‚- F¥mWv kvs]Ivt{Sm-kvtIm∏n?
js‚ D]-im-J-I-fmb A\-e-‰n-°¬ C≥kv{Ssa-t‚-
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j\pw, _tbm-sa-Un-°¬ C≥kv{Ssa-t‚-j-\pamWv.
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hn- s \- ° p- d n- ® p≈ ]T- \ - s Ø- b mWv kv s ]- I v t {Sm-
C≥kv{Ssa-t‚-j- \ p- a mbn _‘- s ∏´ D]- I - c - W - ß -
fmWv Chn-sS-bp-≈-Xv. kvtIm∏n F∂p ]d-bp-∂-Xv.
F¥mWv A\-e-‰n-°¬ C≥kv{Ssa-t‚-j≥? ]co- £ - W - i m- e - b nse D]- I - c - W - ß ƒ ]cn- N - b -
A\-e-‰n-°¬ C≥kv{Ssa-t‚-j≥ F∂Xv hnhn-[-Xcw s∏-Sp-Ømtam?
hkvXp°fpsS LS-\-bpw, Ah-bn¬ AS-ßn-bn-cn- 1. BZy- a mbn ªUv A\- s se- k ¿, a\p- j y- s ‚bpw
°p∂ a‰p ]e ]Zm¿∞-ßsf I≠p-]n-Sn-°p-Ibpw CX- c - P o- h n- I - f p- t Sbpw c‡sØ hf- s c- b - [ nIw
Ahsb th¿Xn-cn-s®-Sp-°p-Ibpw sNøp∂ {]{In-b- kq£va-ambn ]Tn-°p-hm-\p≈ D]-I-c-W-amWv CXv.
Iƒ Dƒs∏-Sp∂ ]T-\-im-J-bm-Wv. ck-X-{¥-hp-ambn CXns‚ klm- b - t ØmsS c‡- Ø nse cmk- ] -
hf-sc-b-[nIw _‘-ap≈ Hcp imkv{X-im-J-bmWv Zm¿∞-ß-sf-°p-dn®v hy‡-amb Hcp [mcW \ap°v
CXv. e`n- ° p- ∂ p. ChnsS D]- t bm- K n- ° p∂ kmt¶- X nI

hnZy, c‡-Øn¬ AS-ßn-bn-cn-°p∂ ]Zm¿∞-߃ sW-¶n-epw, D]-tbm-Kn-°p-hm-\p≈ kuI-cyhpw Ffp-
hnZyp-XvIm-¥nI Xcw-K-ß-tfmSv Fßns\ {]Xn-I- ∏hpw IW-°n-se-SpØv C∂v CXv [mcm-f-ambn D]-
cn- ° p∂p F∂ ]T- \ sØ Bkv ] - Z - a m°n c‡- tbm-Kn-°p-∂p. {Zmh-I-߃ am{Xta Cu D]-Ic-W-
Øn¬ AS-ßn-bn-cn-°p∂ LS-I-ßsf Is≠-Øp- Øn¬ ]co-£-Whn-t[-b-am-°m≥ Ign-bq. UV Xcw-
Ibpw Ahsb th¿Xn-cn-s®-SpØv IqSp-X¬ ]T-\- K-߃°v I R Xcw-K-ßsf°mƒ Du¿÷w IqSp-X-
߃ \S-Øp-Ibpw sNøp-∂-Xm-Wv. em- b p- ≈ - X p- s Im≠v Ah- k m\ Hm¿_n- ‰ nse Ce-
2. ASp- Ø - X mbn sPs\- k nkv kv s ]Iv t {Sm- a o- ‰ ¿ Ivt{Sm-Wp-Isf Db¿∂ Du¿÷-ap≈ Xe-ß-fn-te-
F∂ D]-I-c-W-am-Wv. Cu D]-I-cWw Hcp hkvXp- s°- Ø n- ° m≥ UV Xcw- K - ß ƒ Hcp ]Zm¿∞- Ø n-
hn¬ A-S-ßn-bn-cn-°p∂ X∑m-{X-Isf I≠p-]n-Sn- eqsS IS- Ø n- h n- S pI hgn km[n- ° p- ∂ p. CØ- c -
°m≥ D]-tbm-Kn-°p-∂p. Øn¬ B¿÷n® A[nI Du¿÷w
CeIvt{SmWpIƒ ]pd-tØ°v hnSp∂ tXmXns\
Cu D]- I - c Ww c≠p Xc- a p- ≠ v . H∂v knwKnƒ B[m-c-am°n X∑m-{X-Isf Xncn-®-dn-bm\pw km[n-
_oapw as‰m∂v U_nƒ _oapw. knwKnƒ _oan¬ °p-∂p.
]co-£-W-Øn\v hnt[-b-am-°p∂ hkvXp Hcp emb-
]®-a-cp-∂p-Ifpw ]®n-e-Ifpw a‰pw CØ-c-Øn¬ ]T-
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\-Øn\p hnt[-b-am-°pI hgn Ah `£-W-tbm-Ky-
Øn\v hnt[-b-am-°p-∂Xv F∂m¬ U_nƒ _oan¬
amtWm F∂-dn-bm≥ km[n-°p-∂p.
emb-I-hpw- h-kvXphpw c≠pw c≠m-bn-Øs∂ h®p-
sIm-≠mWv ]co-£Ww \S-Øp-∂-Xv. 5. ASp- Ø - X mbn sP¬ tUmIyp- s a- t ‚- j ≥ knÃw
]cn-N-b-s∏-Sp-Ømw. Cu D]-I-cWw sIm≠v Hcp
Cu D]-I-c-W-Øns‚ as‰mcp {]tXy-I-X-sb∂p
hkvXp-hn-e-S-ßn-bn-cn-°p∂ X∑m-{X-Isf th¿Xn-cn-
]d-bp-∂Xv CXn¬ LSn-∏n-®n-cn-°p∂ Hcp {]n‚¿
°m\pw sP√ns‚ km∂n≤yw Xncn-®-dn-bm\pw km[n-
]co- £ W- Ø n\p hnt[- b - a m- ° nb hkv X p- h ns‚
°p-∂p. CXn¬ LSn-∏n-®n-cn-°p∂ Iymad
Ãm≥tU¿Uv I¿hp-Iƒ {]n‚ v sNbvXp Xcp-∂p.
hkv X phns‚ Nn{Xw FSp- ° p- I bpw Cu Nn{Xw
CØ-c-Øn-ep≈ I¿hp-Iƒ a\p-jy≥ hc-bv°p-I-
ssat{Im-t{]m-k-kdpw Iºyq-´dpw tN¿∂v A]-{K-Yn®v
bm- s W- ¶ n¬ AXv hf- s c- b - [ nIw {ia- I - c - a mb
X∑m-{X-Iƒ th¿Xn-cn-°p-Ibpw sP¬ Xncn-®-dn-bp-
Ibpw sNøp-∂p.
3. ASp-ØXv t^mdn-b¿ {Sm≥kt^mw I R kvs]Ivt{Sm
6. Ah-km-\-ambn Aƒ{Smssl sk≥{Sn-^yqPv ]cn-
ao‰-dm-Wv. CXn¬ a‰p-]-I-c-W-ß-fn¬\n∂pw hyXy-
N- b - s ∏- S p- Ø mw. Cu D]- I - c - W - Ø n- \ p- ≈ n¬ h®v
kvX-ambn Lc, {Zmh-I, hmXI ]Zm¿∞-ß-sf-√mw-
]Zm¿∞sØ Db¿∂ thK-X-bn¬ Id-°p-I-bmWv
Xs∂ ]co-£-W-Øn\v hnt[-b-am-°m\pw ]Tn-°p-
sNøp-∂-Xv. Cu {]{In-b-bn-eqsS skUn-sa-t‚-j≥
hm\pw km[n-°p-∂p.
kw`-hn-°p-∂p. skUn-sa-t‚-js‚ `mK-ambn e`n®
I R Xcw-K-߃°v Du¿÷w Ipd-hm-b-Xp-Im-cWw ]Zm¿∞-ßsf kq£va ]cn-tim-[-\bv°v hnt[-b-
Ah IS-∂p-t]m-Ip∂ ]Zm¿∞-ß-fnse Ce-Ivt{Sm- am-°p-∂p. Cu D]-I-cWw hfsc A]-I-S-Im-cn-bm-
Wp- I sf Db¿∂ Du¿÷- a p≈ Xe- ß - f n- t e°v Wv. IrXy-ambn D]-tbm-Kn-°m-\-dn-bm-hp∂ Hcmsf
FØn- ° m≥ Ign- b p- I - b n√, adn®v Ce- I v t {Sm- W p- am{Xta Cu D]-I-cWw D]-tbm-Kn-°m≥ A\p-h-Zn-
Iƒ°v hnhn- [ - X cw ÿm\- { `w- i - ß ƒ kw`hn- °p-I-bp-≈q. ImcWw {]h¿Ø\-Øn-\n-S-bn¬ Hcp
°p∂p. Ah Xncn-bp-I-bpw, hnd-bv°p-Ibpw sNøp- a¨Xcn CXn¬\n∂pw ]pd-tØ°p h∂m¬
∂p. Ce-Ivt{Sm-Wp-I-fpsS CØcw kz`m-h-ß-fn¬ AXn\v shSn- b p- ≠ - t b- ° mƒ thK- X bpw Db¿∂
\n∂pw X∑m-{X-tb-XmsW∂v Xncn-®-dn-bm≥ km[n- Du¿÷-hp-ap-≠m-bn-cn-°pw.
°p-∂p. aÆv ]cn-tim-[-\-bv°mWv {][m-\-ambpw ]pdØv Kth-jW hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ ]co-£-W-
Cu D]-I-cWw D]-tbm-Kn-°p-∂Xv. im-e-bn-te°p {]th-in-°m≥ ImØp \n¬°p∂p
Cu D]-I-c-W-tØmSv LSn-∏n-®n-cn-°p∂ Iºyq-´¿, R߃°v A\p- h - Z n® kabw Xo¿∂n- c n- ° p- ∂ p.
]co- £ - W - Ø ns‚ ^e- ß sf hfsc hne- I q- S nb At±-l-tØmSv Rß-fpsS \µnbpw IS-∏mSpw tcJ-
tkm^v‰vshb-dp-I-fpsS klm-b-Øm¬ A]-{K-Yn®v s∏-SpØn ]co-£-W-im-e-bn¬\n∂p R߃ ]pd-
t^mdn-b¿ {Sm≥kvt^mw D]-tbm-Kn®v {Km^p-Iƒ Øn-d-ßn. {]IrXn `wKn-bm-epw, A¥-co-£-Øns‚
hc-bv°p-Ibpw {]n‚¿ hgn ]pd-tØ°v e`y-am-°p- im¥-X-bmepw sh‰dn-\-dn- tIm-tfPv Iymº-kn-eq-
Ibpw sNøp-∂p. sS- b p≈ k©mcw hfsc BkzmZy- a m- b n- c p∂p.
4. ASpØ D]-I-c-Ww UV kvs]Ivt{Smao-‰¿ BWv. Ipsd-b-[nIw t^mt´m-Ifpw FSpØv R߃ B
t^mdn-b¿ {Sm≥kvt^mw I R kvs]Ivt{Smao‰-dns\ Iem-e-b-tØmSp hnS ]d-™p.
At]-£n®v Cu D]-I-c-W-Øn\v IrXyX Ipd-hm-
˛ H cp B ap Jw
{io. Sn. B¿. N{µ-Z-Øp-ambn Hcp A`n-apJw

1985 ¬ BZ-c-Wo-b-\mb {io. kn. A®p-X-ta-t\m-

s‚- b pw, tUm. Sn. B¿. N{µ- Z - Ø n- s ‚- b pw, tUm.
sI. F≥. cmP-s‚-bpw, temdn-s_-°-dp-sSbpw Iq´mb
{]h¿Ø- \ - Ø ns‚ `mK- a mbn cq]w sIm≠
" COSTFORD ' AYhm " Centre Of Science and
Technology For Rural Development' F∂ kwL-S\ Øm¿÷n- ® n- c n- ° p- ∂ p. R߃ ]n¥p- S - c p- ∂ coXn
]ptcm-K-a-\-hm-Zn-I-fmb ae-bm-fn-I-fpsS Nn¥Itfbpw (1) {]iv \ - ß sf Xncn- ® - d n- b pI ( Identification ),
Pohn-X-ssi-en-tbbpw Hcp-t]mse kzm[o-\n-®, Ct∏mgpw (2) AXn\p ]nd-In-ep≈ hkvXp-XI - sf NnIs™SpØp
kzm[o\n-®p-sIm-≠n-cn-°p∂ Hcp-]mSp Bi-b-ß-fpsS tNmZyw sNøpI (Interpretation), (3) Imem-\p-kr-Xa - mbn
hnf-\n-e-am-Wv. kwL-S\ hnI-kn-∏n-s®-SpØ _Z¬ Ahbv°p am‰-߃ hcp-tØ-≠-Xpt≠m F∂p ]cn-tim-
kmt¶--XnI hnZy ]cs° {]Nmcw t\Sn-bn-´p≠v. [n-°p-I, Ds≠∂v ImWp-I-bm-sW-¶n¬ AsX-ßs\
tUm. Sn. B¿. N{µ-Z-Øp-ambn \S-Ønb Hcp A`n- F∂p Is≠-ØpI (Innovation).
ap-J-kw-`m-j-W-Øns‚ {]kv‡-`m-KßfmWv Xmsg Hcp DZm-l-cWw?
{]mtZ-in-I-ambn e`y-amb hkvXp-°-fp-]-tbm-Kn-
k¿, tImÃvt^m¿Uv F∂ kwLS-\-bpsS ®psIm≠p≈ "Corehouse' (k¿°m¿ A\p-h-Zn-®n-´p≈
cq]n-I-c-W-Øn\p tlXp-hmb ]›m-Øew F¥m- Rs. 6000/- sIm≠v) \n¿Ωm-Ww. DZm-lc - W
- a
- m-bn, Xr»q¿
bn-cp∂p? Pn√-bn¬ kpe-`-am-bn-´p≈ aÆn¬, IcnHmbnepw bqdn-
"Appropriate Technology for Rural Development' b-bn¬ AS-ßn-bn-´p≈ Nne [mXp-°fpw tN¿Øm¬
F∂ hnj-bsØ Bkv]Z- a - m°n \S∂ Hcp hnZym-`ymk NnX-em-{I-a-WsØ sNdp-°p∂Xpw aÆns‚ _e-°p-
{]Z¿i\w ImWm≥ FØn-b-h-cn¬\n∂v e`n® {]Xn- d-hns\ ]cn-l-cn-°p-∂Xpw Bb Hcp \n¿ΩmW hkvXp-
I-cW- sØ Bkv]Z- a - m°n \S-Ønb At\z-jW - ß- f
- n¬ hm-Ipw. Ccp-\q-tdmfw "sUsam' bqWn-‰p-Iƒ ]e-ÿ-
\n∂v cq]w sIm≠-XmWv tImÃvt^m¿Uv. e-ß-fn-embn Hcp-°n.
kwL-S-\-bpsS BZy-Ime {]h¿Ø-\-ß-sf- `mc- X - Ø n¬ \ne- h n- e p≈ \n¿ΩmW
°p-dn®v hni-Zo-I-cn-°mtam? coXnbpw _Z¬ kmt¶-XnI hnZybpw XΩn-ep≈
B[p-\nI imkv{X-km-t¶-XnI hnZy-I-sfbpw ]pcm- A¥-c-sa-¥mWv?
X\ k{º-Zm-b-ß-sfbpw tN¿Øn-W-°n-sIm-≠p≈ Hcp \ne-hn-ep≈ \n¿ΩmW coXn-bn¬ ]mgvsN-e-hp-Iƒ
_Z¬ kmt¶-Xn-I-hn-Zy°v cq]w sImSp-°pI, AXp-hgn [mcm-f-ap-≠v. \n¿Ωn-°m≥ Ah-ew-_n-°p∂ IS tImUp-
Pt\m-]-tbm-K-{]-Z-am-b, {]Ir-Xn-tbmSv CW-ßp∂ Hcp Iƒ F√m {]tZ-i-ß-tfbpw Dƒs∏-Sp-Øn-sIm-≠p≈
]pØ≥ Pohn-X-ssi-en°v XpS°w Ipdn-°pI F∂ icm-i-cn-bn¬\n∂v cq]w sIm≠-h-bm-Wv. F∂m¬
Dt±iyw h®p- s Im- ≠ mWv R߃ {]h¿Ø- \ - ß ƒ _Z¬ kmt¶- X n- I - h nZy {]tZ- i - ß - f psS `ua- ] - c n-
Bcw-`n-®-Xv. {]Xn-^-te—tbmSp-IqSn {]N-cn-∏n-°-s∏- ÿnXnI {]tXy-I-X-Iƒ°-\p-kr-X-am-bn-´mWv \n¿Ωm-
´n´p≈ \ne-hn-ep≈ k{º-Zm-b-߃ aqew D≠mb {Kma- W-coXn Xnc-s™-Sp-°p-∂-Xv. DZm-l-c-W-ambn ASn-Ød
˛-\-Kc A¥-chpw kv{Xo˛-]p-cp-j-t`-Z-hpw, kaq-l-Øns‚ H‰ \ne-sI-´n-S-Øn\v "Corrogated'11.43cm (4 1/2'')
KXn-hn-K-Xn-Isf kmc-ambn kzm[o-\n-°m≥ X° Icp- `nØn-bpw, c≠p \ne-sI-´n-S-Øn\v "Combination mortar'

(Np-Æm-ºv, kna‚ v, aW¬) D]-tbm-Kn-®p-sIm-≠p≈ coXn-bn¬ cq]-tcJ Xøm-dm-°pw. \n¿Ωm-W-Øns‚
"rat-trap bonding'˛Dw(22.86 cm thickness) BWv \¬Im- Hmtcm L´-ß-fnepw DS-a-ÿs‚ ]q¿Æ ]¶m-fnØw
dp-≈X - v. Plastering˛\p ]Icw "patch-painting'˛Dw kzIm- R߃ i- T n- ° m- d p- ≠ v . \n¿Ωm- W - { ]- h ¿Ø- \ - Ø n¬
cy- X bv ° p {]m[m- \ y- a n- √ mØ ÿe- ß fn¬ P\- e p- G¿s∏-´n-´p≈ ]Wn-°m-cpsS B¿÷n-X-⁄m\sØ
Iƒ°p ]Icw " Brick Jali'bpamWv D]-tbm-Kn-°m-dv. {]tbm-P-\-s∏-Sp-Øm-dp-≠v. \n¿Ωm-W-{]-h¿Ø-\-Øn¬
D]-tbm-K-iq-\y-amb "MP-tile' sIm≠p≈ filler-slab A©p]Wn-°m-cp-s≠-¶n¬ Bdm-a-\mbn {]h¿Øn-°p-
BWv ta¬°q-cbv°v sImSp-°m-dp-≈-Xv. Ipfn-ap-dn-bpsS ∂Xv F©n-\o-b-dm-Wv. ]Wn-°m-cpsS know-how Dw
Xd-bnepw Npa-cnepw sImSp-°p-∂Xv "waste marble F©n-\o-bd - psS know-why Dw tN¿Øn-W° - n-sIm-≠p≈
chips'˛Hm "traditional marble finish'˛Hm BWv. hoSn- Iq´mb {]h¿Ø\w KpW- t a- ∑ sb \ne- \ n¿Øm≥
t\mSv A\p-_-‘n®v "Leach toilet'˛Dw "Compost pit'˛Dw klm-bn-°p-∂p.
\n¿Ωn-°m-dp-≠v. ]pdsa°p≈ hmXn-ep-Iƒ am{Xsa tImÃvt^m¿Uns‚ kmaq-ly-tk-h-\-ß-sf-
Dd-t∏-dn-b-Xm-°m-dp-≈p. ap‰hpw ]cn-k-chpw tIm¨{Io- s¥-√m-amWv?
‰v sNøm-Xn-cn-°p-∂-Xn-\pw, "drip irrigation' hym]n-∏n-°p-
(a) Advocacy
∂-Xn\pw Bb {]h¿Ø-\-߃°v tImÃvt^m¿Uv
t{]m’m-l\w \¬Ip-∂p-≠v. aW¬hm-c¬ Ipd-bv°m≥ (b) Empowering poor communities
Costford M-sand s‚ D]-tbm-KsØ {]N-cn-∏n-°p-∂p. (c) Research
]q¥p-d, A´-∏m-Sn, X¶-t»cn, sN¶¬Nqf (d) Local level development and planning
F∂o ]p\x-c-[n-hmk ]≤-Xn-I-fpsS Bhn-jvI-cW (e) Multidisciplinary technical support teams
thf-bn¬ D]-tbm-Kn® \qX-\-hn-Zy-Iƒ Fs¥-√m-am- (f) Transfer of technology
(g) Human resource development
]q¥p-d-bnse `h-\-߃ hrØm-Ir-Xn-bn-ep-≈Xpw (h) Studies and dissemination of information
Im‰ns‚ KXn-°-\p-kr-X-ambn P\-ep-Ifpw hmXn-ep-Ifpw
(i) Training to masons, students and professionals
sImSp-Øn-´p-≈-Xp-am-Wv. AXp-sIm-≠p-Xs∂ sNdnb
in appropriate building technology
tXmXn-ep≈ {]IrXn t£m`-ßsf Chbv°p {]Xn-tcm-
[n- ° m≥ Ign- b p- ∂ - X mbn Imew sXfn- b n- ® n- ´ p- ≠ v . ktµiw
F∂m¬ A´-∏m-Sn-bn¬ `h-\-ß-fpsS \n¿ΩmW coXn- At\z-jWw XpS-cp-I. _Z¬ kmt¶-Xn-I-hnZy Hcp
bnepw LS-\-bnepw hyXym-k-ap-≠v. sN¶¬Nq-f-bn¬ H‰-aq-en-b-√. P\-߃s°m-∏w, P\߃°pth-≠n, P\-
aq∂p-\n-e-Ifp≈ sI´n-S-ß-fmWv \n¿Ωn-®n-´p-≈-Xv. ß-fn¬ Hcm-fm-bn, Ah-cpsS {]iv\-ßsf kz¥w {]iv\-
AhnsS ASn- Ø - d - b nepw ]mc- ∏ - ‰ n- e pw, NnX- e m- { I- a - ambn I≠v {]Ir-Xnsb s\mº-c-s∏-Sp-ØmsX Ah ]cn-
WsØ sNdp- ° m≥ Icn- H m- b n¬ sImSp- Ø n- ´ p- ≠ v . l- c n- ° m≥ \n߃ B¿÷n- ° p∂ kmt¶- X nI
X¶t»-cn-bn¬ "Surface beam'˛Dw D]-tbm-Kn-®n-´p≠v. ]cn⁄m\w D]-tbm-Kn-°p-I. \nß-fpsS ]T\w Hcp
Beam˛\mbn D]-tbm-Kn-®n-cn-°p-∂Xv sXßns‚ XSnbpw {]tXy-I-im-J-bn¬ am{X-ambn HXp°n \n¿Øm-Xn-cn-
apf-bp-am-Wv. °p- I , kmaq- l nI ]cn- h ¿Ø- \ - Ø ns‚ `mK- a mbn
_lp- \ nesI´n- S - \ n¿ΩmW taJ- e - b n¬ XocpI, Hcp ]pXnb Pohn-X-coXn I≠p-]n-Sn-°m≥ {ian-
\n∂pw tImÃvt^m¿Uv hn´p-\n¬°p-∂-Xn-\p≈ Imc- °p-I.
W-sa-¥mWv? ""Instead of being civil engineers alone
aq∂p \ne- I - f n¬ IqSp- X - e p≈ sI´n- S - ß - f n¬ try to become social engineers ''.
"Vertical Transportation' Bbn en^v‰v Bh-iy-ambn
hcpw. en^v‰v ÿm]n-°p-∂Xv hfsc Nne-th-dnb Imcy- ?
H‰ t\m´-Øn¬ tImÃvt^m¿Uv \n¿ΩnX
sI´n- S - ß sf a‰p sI´n- S - ß - f n¬ \n∂pw thdn´p
AXns‚ A\-\y-Xbpw X∑-b-Xzhpw.
sI´n-S-ß-fpsS Cu A\-\y-Xbpw X\n-abpw
\ne-\n¿Øp-∂-Xn-\mbn tImÃvt^m¿Uv Ah-ew-_n-
°p∂ am¿§-ß-sf-s¥-√m-amWv?
Bh-iy-°m-cpsS CjvSw, AX-\p-k-cn®v Ah-cpsS
PohnX coXn-Iƒ°pw Z¿i-\-߃°pw A\p-Kp-W-amb

An interview with Mr
-Pracoss Software Solutions, Palakkad



Sir,, could you kindly give us an account 3. Multimedia Solutions - Creating multi- media
about PPracoss
racoss and the idea behind it? solutions with international class which displays
all the dimensions of creativity.
Pracoss TTechnologies
echnologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ltd., formally
Netlink, is an organization operating through 4. IT PProfessional
rofessional Services - Study the IT related
its own business procedures with specialized requirements and put you in the right track to
teams for all aspects of development solutions. achieve your goals.
The company is moving rapidly towards
Can you tell us about your client base?
becoming a one-stop-shop for comprehensive
software solutions. Our mission is to provide As a whole we provide intelligence solutions
the full spectrum of software management to customers like Railways.
and development services to our clients
through the total commitment of our staff and Please comment on your technological
resources, while maintaining the integrity of the projects?
organizations that retain us and our industry’s Regarding technologies, we have RFID
professional standards of practice. (Radio Frequency Identifier) consisting of RF tags
What are the services that you offer with a tag reader. There will be a unique code
here? which detects, reads and displays your
information. You can program all data into tags
We offer services across the entire band of and basically it is a small device. You can take
the e-commerce spectrum viz. strategic an example of a library with 50,000 books and
consulting, technology development, with if you want to know where one book is, you
creative approach. If you take software domain have a tag stuck on the book and a code for a
as a whole, there are 4 domain areas of particular book and in the system you have to
activities. search for the code. Then the system will tell
1. Web Enabled Solutions - Consultancy for you exactly in which shelf the particular book is
corporates who want to establish or re-establish placed. This software is made applicable in
their presence in the market through web based stores for recording inventory, vehicle high speed
services. detectors etc. Other projects are Touch screen
and Biometrics in which thumb impression is
2. Application Software Development - made in security devices instead of swap cards.
Develop ERP packages, which runs on solid
networks to cater to the entire organizational With software development being the
requirements. latest trend, a lot of hardware engineers

are shifting over to the software field. projects. It doesn’t bring about any
Do you consider this a healthy trend? unemployment but adds values and
You can’t have totally hardware people
going for software because both are an Many companies are interested in
integrated methodology. I can say it differently recruiting experienced hands; will this
that nowadays many corporates are going for affect the job opportunities of freshers?
single point integrated solutions. A hardware
The companies want to execute the project
person needs to know the software side also.
in the quickest way possible. Definitely they
For example being a company representative,
cannot afford to take some trainees, develop
he has to present both the issues when called
them and ask them to do the projects. But
upon by clients. Hence both areas are very solid.
there are companies like ours, which take
What are the developments in Mobile certain percentage of freshers and develop
segment? them gradually.
Animations in mobile segment is another What about the views of your company
upcoming field. There are companies in Hong regarding campus recruitments? Are
Kong and Malaysia, which select songs and you already in this process?
convert them into polyphonic sounds and sell
to service providers. But what we do is video Definitely, we are planning to have
files of cartoon characters like Tintin, Tom and campus interviews because we are just
Jerry, Dennis The Menace which is basically for expanding out here.
US customers. What futuristic technologies do you
Software export is earning us consi derable
considerable foresee in the area of Computer
foreign exchange, in what way is your Science?
company contributing to this aspect? Software is going to be the future for
We have a very good base in the Middle tomorrow. That’s why this kind of investment
East markets. This year we are doing projects and development is happening in this
in the US markets mainly on net based particular line. It’s a question of continuous
applications. updating. It’s a never ending process. You are
getting the benefit in terms of cost, if you save
How do you compete with the corporate time and manpower. If you take any segment
giants like Infosys, Wipro, Microsoft etc. like Banking solution, you can see that they
for retaining talented software are upgrading with new technology like
professionals? internet banking, mobile banking etc.
Retention of manpower in software What is your message to us?
companies is important. First impression you get
carried away is the salary part. Apart from that, For the time being, you must be fully
there are people, who resign and come out of concentrated in the process of developing
these corporate giants due to various reasons. your logical intelligence in parallel with your
Giving them different projects, exposure, curriculum. The ability to apply your sense and
updated technologies, we will be able to retain/ presence of mind everywhere should be
attract manpower. developed.
Do you think computerization will lead
to unemployment?
It is not the question of losing the job.
Suppose if there is one task which was done by
ten people, the computerization system makes
it easier and it can be done by two people,
while the rest eight can be given new tasks or

- An Interview with Mr
Mr.. V

V. J. Kurian (IAS), born in a farmer’s family, he set his goals high

and attained them with splendid efforts. An IAS officer of 1983 batch, TONY JOSE S5 CE, Secretary
he had his graduation from Loyola college, Chennai and PG in Civil Engineering Association
Economics from St. Stephan’s college, New Delhi. He spends his leisure JAYAKRISHNAN MENON S5 CE
time by farming and reading. Presently, he is the MD, Cochin International
Airport Ltd. (CIAL) and Roads and Bridges Development Corporation
of Kerala Ltd.

In your career as a technocrat what do participation of private sector is essential for bridging
you consider to be your greatest achievement? the gap in resources
First of all, I am not a technocrat. People say about What idea did you have about the
this but I am not one. And about my greatest econo
economicmic viability of the project?
achievement what I consider is obviously 'The Cochin Cochin International Airport is the first of its kind
Airport’. wherein the Airport users mainly Nonresident Indians
Now talking about the Airport, we have joined hands with the Government of Kerala and
heard that you started it all with just a piece Airport service providers to build an international
of paper
paper.. So can you tell us how it all got airport. A public limited company, Cochin
started? International Airport Ltd. (CIAL) was incorporated on
30th March 1994 with an authorized capital of Rs
Cochin, which is the commercial capital of Kerala, 900 millions. More than that, 11,000 individual
had an Airport, which was run by the Navy that investors from more than 30 countries around the
facilitated the operations of narrow-bodied aircrafts. world have subscribed to the equity share capital of
An Airport of international standard was a long felt the company. The total cost of construction of about
need. However, the Airport Authority of India cited Rs 2,830 Million, (about 63 million dollars) was
the financial constraints for the setting up of a new financed by an equity capital Rs 900 million, loan
Airport. Since the resources, at the disposal of funds of Rs. 1680 million and interest free deposit
government for investment in Airport are limited, the of Rs. 250 million.

What kind of problems did you face in in between.
the process? Now the Airport is going on well with a
An area of 1300 acres of land was to be acquired good profit than earlierearlier,, is it because of the
for the project from about 2300 landowners and increase in the number of air passengers or
822 householders had to be evicted and rehabilitated, due to any other factors?
which fell within the jurisdiction of 3 panchayats and Firstly it is the increase in the number of air
one municipality. Thus about 53 electoral passengers, and secondly it has been possible by
representatives belonging to various political parties reducing the expenditure, increasing the revenue.
had to be consulted and taken into confidence for Our aim right from the beginning was to keep the
the completion of the project. The high project cost cost low.
and the company being the first of its kind in the What made you come to Nedumbassery
country, there were doubts about the safety of for such a project?
investments and timely completion of the project.
I, being the collector at that time was given the
Then we had three temples and two churches to charge of selecting the site for the new Airport. We
be removed to facilitate the construction of the airport had about 6-7 sites in our mind, one at Paravur then
without affecting the religious feelings of devotees. Nedumbassery where we now have our Airport, then
And about 400 civil cases were filed against the Edakattu vayal, Amballur, Perungodu etc. and finally
project at various courts out of which 5 cases were taking into consideration many factors like, proximity
decided at the Supreme Court of India. A large to National Highway and the fact that an airport
irrigation canal was shifted from the project area to outside the city will make the city grow and we also
facilitate cultivation on the nearby paddy fields. have 2 railway stations nearby. The environmental
What all sectors or works in the Airport impact assessment (EIA) study was carried out by
give a regular income to the Airport? Kothamangalam Engineering College and feasibility
study was done by KITCO.
Some core sectors were identified as a good sector
and competitive offers were invited some of which Talking about the railway
railway,, will the railway
are Ground handling of Aircrafts and cargo track running to the one side of the Airport
operations which were given to Air India, Aircraft premise lock the future expansion to that
refueling which Bharath Petroleum took over, and side?
Foreign exchange was given to Thomas Cook and No, actually we are planning to have a railway
SBI, also the restaurants, duty free shops etc. were station for the airport there in the long run.
given out at good prices. Why did you choose the typical K erala
What do you have to say about the style of construction for the Airport?
attitude of the people... certainly in a place I was very adamant on that. We are Keralites and
like Kerala where the problem of negative so I insisted on something which makes every one
attitude among the people is relevant? feel that this is an Airport in Kerala. For that we opted
It’s the basic Malayali nature to do so. If we come the temple architecture.
up with an idea they will tell you how much it is not When we compare with Airports in many
possible. They will give you 101 reasons for why it developed countries, do you find us still
just can’t happen. It was a big problem for the project. lagging behind in amenities?
And what did you do to overcome all The Cochin Airport is built as the most modern
these obstacles? International Airport with all operation safety and
Well its all in persistence to do good, the confidence passenger amenities, comparable to any other
that it can be done, taking it as a challenge and International Airport.
giving your best shot. The strategy should be to never The Airport is suitable for operation of b. 747-
give up. The problem, which I find in most of us, is 400 type Aircraft. It has a 3400 m length of runway,
that the moment we see some kind of trouble or with sufficient Apron for parking eight aircrafts at a
adversities we give up. No project in the world had time. Aircraft refueling system are provided by
ever gone through without any kind of problems; Bharath Petroleum Corporation Ltd. with most
your ability should be in solving them and overcoming modern state - of art Hydrant system. The largest
all the hurdles. And you must have the ultimate trust system prevalent in Singapore & Hong Kong Airport
in God also. Nothing should be started to be dropped have been adopted here.

A cargo complex of 4500 sq. mt has been develop employment and remove all other problems
constructed to handle the International & Domestic that we face. Civil Aviation, in India was considered
Cargo. as a mode of transportation for the elite group. But,
today, it is recognized that development of aviation
Do y ou t hink our d evelopment i s s low ?
is crucial for sustainable development of trade and
Well, it’s not that our development is slow. This is tourism. A good Airport contributes directly to the
all that we need at this time. The other Airports as country’s international competitiveness and the flow
you exemplified, Malaysian and all, are dealing with of foreign investment. There are many direct and
much larger number of passengers than ours. And indirect employment generations because of this
we are in a process of updating with demand. For such as a hotel room built due to inflow of tourists
that we are in the process of construction of a new gives employment to at least one. So this is how we
arrival terminal seeing the increase in number of must fight that.
passengers. We will be surely growing with demand. What do you think we, the new
And as I said earlier, our strategy is to keep the cost generation should do for the nation nation’s ’s
as low as possible. development?
One thing seen in your career is you have As you have already said about the attitude of the
been given charges with relation to civil- current generation students that no one really wants
A irport, R oads and B ridges D evelopment to be a scientist or a civil servant, no one is thinking
Corporation, is it your specific area of interes t?
interest? about any kind of new inventions. Your thoughts are
I am a government employee and am doing just locked in certain confined boundaries. You must
what I am asked to. change that. For that you must reform yourselves
first. And you should come up with innovative ideas.
If we conduct a survey in Kerala and go And the prime thing is to keep your integrity and
around asking students in 11th and 12th honesty.
about who they want to be, there will be a lot
of students saying that they want to be Conclusion
engineers, doctors etc. but no one wants to The first green field joint sector Airport in India,
be a scientist or go for civil service. What are Cochin International Airport is the culmination of five
your comm ents on this?
comments years of hard toil. Pitched against innumerable odds,
the construction of the Airport is the success story of
Well, it may be because people think getting into
Government/ public participation, especially with that
civil service is difficult and so they give up. It’s not
of Nonresident Indians in infrastructural development
possible unless you have the confidence that you will
in the state. The new International Airport will be a
make it. We have the maximum variety of jobs varying
catalyst for the growth of economic prosperity of the
from a district collector to MD of a pharmaceutical
city of Cochin as well as the adjoining districts and
company. No job will be as interesting as this. We
states. The Airport has excellent market prospects
must change our attitude and try some thing new.
owing to its strategic location. The new Airport due
As our honourable president says, “Dream”. to its unique characteristics like being a public limited
With the execution of large scale projects company and the only planned and developed
like Airports, H arbours, H ighways and M etros,
Harbours, Airport in the country can generate income from
our basic problems of unemployment, poverty poverty,, various non-conventional sources.
illiteracy etc. still persist. Do you think that The Cochin International Airport was the brain
we a re making mistakes in choosing our
are child of Mr. V. J. Kurian, IAS. A man of humility and
priorities? pleasant smile, he is loved and respected by all. The
We had been fighting with these priorities for the success of Mr. V. J. Kurian, IAS can be attributed to
past 54 years and where did we reach? So why can’t his positive attitude, honesty, dedication and hard
we think the other way? Projects like this can only work.

- An Interview with Mr
Hewlett Packard (High Performance Computing Division)


Can you give us a small introduction Linux kernel. In effect hundreds of thousands of
about yourself people who use Linux get benefitted. Even a very
My name is Krishnakumar R., I am working in High obvious patch such as removing some dead code
Performance Computing Division of Hewlett from the Linux source code improves the quality
Packard. and maintainability of the code. When one submits
a patch in the mailing list, the patch is reviewed by
What was your motivation to move into
some of the best programmers in the world. The
L inux platform?
feedback from them helps to improve one’s
Because, one can read the source code and figure technical side as well.
out what is going on behind the scenes. For
Can you tell us about your patch in L inux
example: When Linux boots up, it will show the
name and the type of your CPU. This is actually
done by software within the Operating System. We One patch was to introduce a feature called
can very well look at the Linux source code and “Network interface messaging” into one of the
find out how this can be done. That is the power Network drivers. This patch is available as part of
of having the access to source code. the vanilla kernel now.
What were the features of L inux which How did you get your patch into the linux?
attracted you the most? Whom did you contact for development
Can you tell us the interesting experiments For most of the subsystems (networking, virtual
that can be done in L inux? memory, drivers et. al.) there will be one person or
a group who are highly knowledgeable in that area
While forking off a process there is this concept of
of the kernel. They are called the “Subsystem
COW (Copy On Write). One of the experiments I
Maintainer/Maintainers”. We have to send out the
did recently was to actually “see” how this is done
patch to the subsystem maintainer with CC to the
in Linux. I wrote sample programs-userland as well
mailing list (subsystem specific mailing list or the
as some kernel modules to trace COW and see it
main kernel mailing list). The “Subsystem
happen on the fly.
maintainer” will review your patches. Other
What is the motivation behind the idea of developers in the mailing list will also review it.
writing patch? Once there is a general agreement in the
The main motivation is to contribute to the Linux community that your patch is “OK”, then the
community. By writing a patch I am improving the subsystem maintainer will usually forward it to

Andrew Morton. He is a senior engineer in the we meet, might have been already solved by
kernel lot of testing. Once your patch is included somebody in the community. So the interaction
into Andrew’s kernel (called-mm kernel), then it with the Linux community brings into picture the
receives lot of testing. Once it is found that the available solutions.
patch is stable then it is forwarded to Linus Torvalds. If the solution does not exist, write a new code to
And when Linus accepts the patch it becomes part solve it. Remember, the source code is with you.
of the official linus kernel (vanilla kernel You have the power to modify/fix the issues/add
downloadable from www.kernel.org). The above new features etc.
procedure although followed generally is not a
hard-and-fast model. The patches which are sent What are your views on how students can
out to the mailing list might be randomly picked improve their LLinux
inux knowledge?
up by Linus or Andrew based on the merit/ Some of the sites give news on Linux. Here are a
complexity of the patch. For my networking patch, couple of of them:
I sent out the patch to the Linux networking mailing 1. www.linuxtoday.com
list, with a CC to Jeff Garzik. He is the maintainer
2. www.kerneltrap.org
for Network driver patches. He included it into his
set of patches, which got forwarded to Andrew These sites will keep you updated with the Linux
Morton’s patch set. After being in Andrew’s patch community and what is going on. Another way of
set, it went into Linus’s official kernel. improving your Linux knowledge is to have hands
on experience. Use Linux for your day to day work.
Tell us about the L inux community? Be it running lab programs, be it preparing reports
Linux kernel development community revolves for projects, be it hearing music, be it for browsing
around the main Linux-kernel mailing list (http:// the Internet - use Linux. This will help you in
www.tux.org/lkml/gives more information identifying the areas which need improvement.
regarding this mailing list). Latest features to be Trying to improve those will result in increase in
included into the Linux kernel, the kernel patches Linux knowledge.
and a lot of other matters are discussed in this The next step is to start reading Linux source code.
mailing list. Almost all core developers (including Try to understand what is going on behind the
Linus Torvalds) of the Linux kernel are part of this scene. Interacting with the Linux community will
mailing list. also keep you updated. Become part of the mailing
What are some of the upcoming trends in lists and get to feel the pulse of the community.
L inux community? Visit http://www.kernelnewbies.org/for a start.
Linux is nowadays used everywhere. From watches What is your advice to students, both as
to research laboratories, Linux is used everywhere. an ex-engineering student and as a L inux
Linux is being increasingly used for high geek?
performance computing to build clusters and Being an engineer brings a lot of opportunities to
supercomputers. Virtualization products (such as you. But the point is how you make use of this
Xen) is another upcoming area. opportunity. The process of learning continues
What role can we (students) play in making throughout the professional life.
users shift to Linux? Always have the constant urge to understand/
learn/dissect new things that you come across.
First step should be to feel what the users feel. Use
Devote some time to make contributions to the
different softwares yourself and try to go through
community. Remember, most of the things which
the “user experience”. This exercise helps one to
we take for granted (getting education is one of
build a fair idea on the various problems that a
them) are things which are not accessible to a
user might face. This can also be done by a survey/
large part of our society.
meeting with the users. Once the problems are
listed out, the next step is to find the solutions.The For aspiring Linux kernel hackers- “Read the source
best way is to enquire with the Linux users group code”.
what could be the possible solutions. Most of the Thank you and Best of luck!
time, it happens that the difficulty faced by the user ?
-An Interview with Mr
Chief Engineer (Inst.) H.O.C.L.



E xcerpts from the interview conducted with data processing became easier. This was reflected
Mr. B. Venugopal, Chief Engineer (Instrumentation), in the instrumentation field. Instrumentation
H.O.C.L. Ambalamugal, Ernakulam. H i n d u s t a n depends on digital electronics. There has been
Organic Chemicals Ltd (H.O.C.L) is a petrochemical tremendous growth for the past 10-20 years in
plant which produces phenol, acetone and hydrogen digital control systems and digital data processing.
peroxide. It has units in both Ernakulam and Systems are now open control systems. According
Mumbai. Its head office is based in Rasayani, to the demand from customers, internal processing
Mumbai. has become much more transparent.
Sir,, could you please give us a brief Sir
Sir,, what according to you is the role of
description of your educational background instrumentation in a process industry?
and your career?
In any process industry, instrumentation plays a
I did my graduation in Electrical Engineering from pivotal role. The objective of an industry is to
Regional Engineering College, Calicut. I finished produce a product with sufficient quality and
my graduation in 1978 and post graduation in
quantity. To achieve this objective you should have
1981. After that I worked for 5 years in Kerala
an instrumentation system. Another factor is
Minerals, Kollam. Now for the past 20 years, I
safety. In an industry, lot of unsafe activities take
have been associated with H.O.C.L.
place so instrumentation provides total safety for
Could you make a comparative study a system.
between the instrumentation systems used
at the beginning of your career and the What is the difference between the
ones used presently? theoretical knowledge we acquire and the
practical aspects employed in an industry?
30-35 years back, process industries basically
used pneumatic control systems. Then there was Theoretical knowledge is not sufficient. Every
development in the electronic field. Analog and industry has its own environment, its own problems
microprocessor development was rapid. Digital and maintenance. You need to gain practical

experience by working in that industry. Each interfaced, unless they are of the same company.
industry is different. Instrumentation has to meet Hence a committee was set up for a common
those demands. Theory provides a base, protocol . Open protocol is such a standard
practical experience provides the rest. protocol for communication. Every manufacturer
or member is supposed to come out with that
What is your opinion about the current
protocol only.
technical education? Do you suggest any
changes? What are the attributes of an ideal
instrumentation engineer?
The current technical education is slightly lagging
compared to the developments in the industry. An instrumentation engineer should be adaptable
Students should have more interaction with the to a situation. He should maintain his learning
industries. Technology is changing very fast. Lot because technology is getting updated regularly.
of advancements have occurred like digital data Else you will become obsolete. Hence a continuous
processing. More practical orientation should be revamping is required.
In the current job scenario, what is the
Besides the content specified in the scope of instrumentation?
curriculum, we are being encouraged to
attend other technical courses. What do Instrumentation is a field with potential but
you suggest? currently there is an industrial recession. Chemical
plants are not doing too well but the steel sector
Industrial trainings should be encouraged. Many has revived.
industries do not provide inplant training. Every
industry should provide training atleast on a After graduation, most instrumentation
chargeable basis. engineers prefer a job in the software
sector.. Why is that so?
Does H .O
H.O .C.L . conduct any training
sessions for emerging engineers? This is not a good sign. The strength of the nation
Yes, we are conducting training sessions for depends on basic engineering. You need qualified
one month on a chargeable basis of Rs. 2500/- and talented people in that field. The IT field lies
per head. We have a lot of experienced people. on the superficial. Core industries are our back
Damaged instruments and models are provided bone. After independence, India developed the
to the trainees to get a better idea. In text books core sector. H.O.C.L. was developed on that vision
only diagrams are given. Here we provide a i.e, on developing the organic sector. If talented
demo set of the system. people go to the IT, the core industries will suffer.

What are the recent advancements in Would you like to pass on any message
instrumentation field? Does H .O
H.O .C.L .
.O.C.L for our budding engineers back home?
employ any?
Instrumentation is a good potential field. It creates
Earlier instrumentation systems were analog. an impact on future developments. Even if it is
Now they have been upgraded to digital control diminished now it will emerge again, similar to
systems. Softwares have been updated. the shares in the market. More interaction is
Sir,, what is open protocol? expected between IT and instrumentation in the
future and thus we expect a revival in the
Nowadays there is a lot of demand for instrumentation field.
standardisation. Earlier if a company produced
a product and the other company produced
another, the two products could not be ?

A Civil Engineering Feat
- Bringing Aesthetics
into Engineering

Fig 1

relations, aesthetics and rivers. A 760 km rail

Introduction path, laid on fairly flat rails over rivers and
“I ndian engineering skills go poetic and
valleys and through mountains and gorges. To
the amazement of disbelieving people, the
heroic in Western ghats”: The heading
project was designed and built exclusively by
appeared in a leading national daily, when the
Indian engineers. It is a feat in civil engineering
first train through Konkan was flagged off.
that the British had contemplated a century ago
Have you ever thought about the civil
and abandoned as being too formidable.
engineering master piece-Konkan Railway? It
was the largest project ever taken up and Konkan Railway runs close to 1000 km,
successfully completed by Indians. India could rides over 800 bridges (179 of them major),
triumph in a way that the West could envy. snakes through 92 tunnels and at its highest
Described as a marvel of civil engineering, this point it runs at an elevation close to Qutab
760 km long prestigious railway project, which Minar’s top.
few thought would materialise, was completed Konkan Railway project is an excellent
in a record time of 7 years and 3 months (Fig 1 example of management and public relations.
Map). The project met its hero in Dr. E. Sreedharan, a
Konkan Railway is an Indian triumph in veteran railway man known for his brisk
many areas: engineering, efficiency, innovation, efficiency. The entire length of 760 km was
speed, environmental awareness, public divided into 7 sectors of approximately 100 km

each. Each sector had a chief engineer with full - Pre-casting of pre-stressed concrete girders.
freedom of decision making. In any civil - Adoption of hollow reinforced concrete
engineering project, land acquisition is the most piers for tall viaducts constructed by slip
difficult and time consuming process. But here forming.
the displaced people were assured that their
- Panel interlocking and four aspect colour
environment and ways of life would not be
light signalling.
disturbed. For land acquisition near Dargoan,
a new burial ground was built and bones and - Forced ventilation of long tunnels.
remains from the old ground was transported - Optic fibre communication networks.
with reverence. This shows how the mentors - Computer network along the route to
of the project respected human sentiments. facilitate efficient train movements.
Ground Preparation
Konkan area consists of dark coloured
volcanic lava flows and laterites that are spread
out forming the innumerable spurs, hills and
hill ranges. Some part consists of phyllites,
haematites and laterites. There are marine and
river alluvium towards the sea.
With diverse parameters, locating a
railway line is indeed a fine art. A substantial
portion of the Konkan railway route has
involved the use of earth work. The sequence
of earth work was as follows: The site was
cleared. Marine clay was removed or treated
Design with sand drains. Earth was dumped in layers
of 30 cm, spreading with a bulldozer in uniform
A near flat track and a curvature of 1.25
layers. Water was sprinkled, rolled with roller,
km radius was to be maintained to attain target
testing was done to ensure required density and
speed of 160 km/hr. The problem was that the
the process was repeated to achieve the requisite
entire scenic Konkan coast is full of rivers,
mountains, ravines, valleys and human
settlements. The only solution left was to bore Earth works in cuttings and banks were
long and numerous tunnels through the valleys, highly vulnerable and required protection to
creating high embankments, making deep cuts ensure stability and avoid damage during the
between peaks and building several bridges rains. Protections were provided through catch
over water courses. water drains, side drains, side walls, Toe walls,
Retaining walls and RCC troughs.
Technological Innovations
A few technologies untried in Asia till then
were adopted. The technologies ensured The construction of tunnels on Konkan
reliability, longer service life and minimum Railway was the most critical activity. The
maintenance. Some technology innovations are Karbuide tunnel near Ratnagiri is 6506 m long
as follows and is the longest vehicular tunnel in the sub-
continent. Mechanical drilling jumbos and
- Satellite images were used for fixing
hydraulic loader were used for tunnelling.
Ventilation in tunnels consisted of providing
- Long welded rails on entire routes to ensure 600 to 900 mm diameter ducts made of plain
noiseless travel and minimum maintenance. galvanised iron sheets, fitted with angle rings
- Welding of rails by gas pressure welding. and using rubber rings to make it leak proof.

In long tunnels ventilation was provided with completion of the project was that, no political
shafts/adits. In Karbuck tunnel, 3 centrifugal influences were allowed at any stage during the
fans with 150 KN capacity each, were provided tenure of the project. By taking inspiration from
at the top of shafts. this project, many large projects involving great
Bridge construction was a high point on
the Konkan Railway project. Major bridges
were executed within a record time taking into
account safety and strength as crucial
parameters. The bridges of Konkan Railway
brought aesthetics into Engineering. Pre
tensioned, Pre Stressed Concrete (PSC) girders
had been adopted for construction of bridges.
The Panval Nadi Viadult, the tallest bridge in
Asia was the most formidable. For allowing
smooth navigation in the water, steel girders
were adopted for the Zauri and Mandovi rivers.
risk and capital input can be materialised. The
The longest bridge (2065 m) was constructed
success of this project is the fruit of hardwork,
over Sharavati river. In Konkan bridges cardinal
dedication, commitment and above all will
principles for bridge construction-strength,
power of Indian engineers.
durability, speed on construction and aesthetic
value have been implemented with a great Today, while travelling through Konkan,
degree of success. the bridges, viaducts and tunnels are a feast to
the eye. The journey by itself is becoming known
as a tourist pleasure. Rarely have nature and
Konkan Railway has proved that India man’s artifice blended so harmoniously.
has no lack of engineering skills. One major
factor which contributed to the speedy ?

Elecrical & Electronics Dept.


P ower line communication (PLC), also transmitted over the household wiring and
called Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) or decoded at the receiver. These devices may either
Power Line Telecoms (PLT) is a wire line method be plugged into regular power outlets or else
of communication that uses the existing electric permanently wired in place. Since the carrier
power transmission and electricity distribution signal may propagate to nearby homes/
lines. The carrier can communicate voice and apartments on the same distribution system, these
data by superimposing an analog signal over the control schemes have a “ house address” of the
standard 50 or 60 Hz alternating current. owner.
Traditionally electrical utilities used low speed There are also some very low- bit rate power
power line carrier circuits for control of sub line communication systems used for meter
stations, voice communications and protection reading.
of high voltage transmission lines. More recently, b) OUTDOOR
high speed data transmission has been Utility companies use special coupling
developed using the lower voltage transmission capacitors to connect low frequency radio
lines used for power distribution. A short range transmitters to the power frequency AC
form of power line carrier is used for home conductors. Frequencies used are in the range of
automation and intercoms. 30 - 300 kHz, with transmitter power levels up to
TYPES OF PLC TECHNOLOGIES hundreds of watts. These signals may be impressed
I. a) INDOOR on one conductor, on two conductors or on all
three conductors of a high voltage AC transmission
Indoors, the PLC equipment can use the lines. Several different PLC channels may be
household electrical power wiring as a coupled onto one HV line. Filtering devices are
transmission medium. This is a technique used applied at sub stations to prevent the carrier
in home automation for remote control of frequency current from getting bypassed through
lighting and appliances without installation of the station apparatus and to ensure that distant
additional control wire. The home plug system faults do not affect the isolated segments of the
is an example of this technology. The X 10 home PLC system. These circuits are used for control of
automation system uses power line switch gear, and for protection of transmission
communication at the zero crossing voltage point lines. For example, a protection relay can use a
in the AC wave. PLC channel to trip a line if a fault is detected
Typically these devices operate by injecting between its two terminals, but to leave the line in
a carrier wave of between 20 and 200 Khz into operation if the fault is elsewhere on the system.
the household wiring at the transmitter. The While utility companies use microwave and now
carrier is modulated by digital signals. Each increasingly, fiber optic cables for their primary
receiver in this system has an address and can system communication needs, the power line
be individually commanded by the signals carrier apparatus may still be useful as a backup

channel or for very low cost installations that these continued problems, Amateur Radio
do not warrant a fiber drop. operators and others filed a petition for
reconsideration with the FCC in February 2005.
Austria, Australia, New Zealand and other
Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) is the
locations have also experienced BPL’s spectrum
use of PLC technology to provide broad band
pollution and raised concerns within their
Internet access through ordinary power lines.
governing bodies.
A computer or any other device would need only
New FCC rules require BPL systems to be
to plug a BPL “modem” into any outlet in an
capable of remotely notching out frequencies on
equipped building to have a high speed Internet
which interference occurs, and of shutting down
remotely if necessary to resolve the interference.
BPL offers obvious benefits over regular cable
BPL systems operating within FCC part 15
or DSL connections : The intensive infra structure
emissions limits, may still interfere with the
already available would allow more people in
wireless radio communications and are required
more locations to have access to the Internet.
to resolve interference problems,
Also, such ubiquitous availability would make
Differences in the electrical distribution
it much easier for other electronics, such as
systems in North America and Europe affect the
televisions or sound systems, to hook up. The
implementation of BPL. In North America
amount of band width a BPL system can provide
relatively few homes are connected to each
compared to cable and wireless is in question,
distribution transformer, whereas European
practice may have hundreds of homes connected
High speed data transmission, or Broadband
to each substation. Since the BPL signals do not
over Power Line (BPL) uses the electric circuit
propagate through the distribution transformers,
between the electric substations and home
extra equipments needed in the North American
networks. A standard used for this is ETSI PLT.
PLC modems transmits in high frequency (1.6
to 30 MHz electric carrier). The asymmetric speed III. STANDARDS
in the modem is generally from 256 kilo bit / sec Several competing standards are evolving
to 2.7 mega bit / sec. In the repeater situated in including the Home plug power line alliance
the meter room the speed is up to 45 mega bit / (which has defined the Home plug 1.0 and is
sec and can be connected to 256 PLC modems. finalizing the Home plug AV high - speed
In the medium voltage stations, the speed from networking technology), Universal Power line
the head ends to the Internet is up to 135 mega Association , and the IEEE . It is unclear which
bit / sec. To connect to the Internet, utilities can standard will come out ahead.
use optical fiber backbone or wireless link.
Some groups oppose the proliferation of this IV. FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS
technology, mostly due to its potential to COMMISSION (FCC)
interfere with radio transmissions. As power On October 14, 2004, the U.S. Federal
lines are typically untwisted and unshielded, Communications Commission adopted rules to
they are essentially large antennas, and will facilitate the deployment of “Access BPL” - i.e. ,
broadcast large amounts of radio energy. use of BPL to deliver broadband service to homes
Recently, power and telecommunication and businesses. The technical rules are more
companies have started tests of the BPL liberal than those advanced by ARRL and other
technology, over the protests of the radio groups. spectrum users, but include provisions that
After claims of interference by these groups, require BPL providers to investigate and correct
many of these trials ended early and proclaimed any interference they cause. These rules may be
successes, though the ARRL and other groups subject to future litigation,
claimed otherwise. Some of the providers BPL vendors such as Amperion Inc. and
conducting those trials have now begun Current Technologies LIC have begun offering
commercial roll - outs in limited neighbourhoods BPL service in limited areas.
in selected cities, with some level of user References
acceptance. There have been many documented J.L . Blackburn (ed), Applied Protective
cases of interference reported to the FCC by
Relaying, Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Amateur Radio users. A video clearly showing
the interference at a site at Briarcliff Manor, NY (1976) Newark, New Jersey USA., no ISBN,
is available on the ARRL website. Because of Library of Congress Card No. 76 - 8060.

It is an agreed fact that presently all gadgets

and equipments are becoming sophisticated, PROF. P. DINAKARAN
complex and over flexible.To provide too much Head of Department of
to the user, most of them are to be controlled by Electrical Sciences
software. Also there are systems like
communication, e-banking and e-commerce
depending on widely dispersed computers
geographically. Multimedia and web
applications require software and artistic skills. a lot depends on the creativity, ingenuity, and
State of the art, medical instrumentation and innovation of the software developer.
similar expert systems take data analysis to Compounding this, there is the fact that software
heights unimaginable. Therefore there is such a cannot be mass produced, since the requirement
demand on software production that subjects of each client is slightly different from that of
the relatively young discipline of Software another. So each software project is a 'one -off
Engineering to intense stress. project'. Each software firm has a culture and
The time has come / when a software methodology of its own. So the software made
company has to apply sound engineering there also will reflect this culture. Standards will
methodology to software production process. be different and so also the non - functional
The outsourcing of such production jobs to aspects and qualities. Hence comparing them
developing countries by software firms of also becomes difficult.
advanced countries have resulted in renewed The behavioural models of software process
aspirations and expectations in some parts of the have been well documented. Most recently, the
world. Software jobs are in abundance and most UML has offered an unambiguous tool for
of our young B.Tech. students who graduate, describing software systems and processes. This
find enormous placement opportunities in this is especially suitable for the OOP paradigm. OOP
field. also encourages software reuse and prevents 'Re
However, the challenges of this field should -inventing the wheel'. But increased code size is
also not go unnoticed. Software is abstract and the penalty paid. It is a fact that more and more
intangible with its elegance, dependability, applications now turn to OOP.
performance and quality, evading easy The requirement of extreme computing and
measurement. Also software is the product of the inevitability of parallel processing in various
creative human mind. Automation and CASE forms is another challenge. Graphics and Image
tools, though available, often fail to deliver the processing require different forms of Digital
goods, especially in safety critical systems. Thus Signal Processing, imposing involved

computational techniques. The algorithms and fail to bring about the desired optimization in
dissection methods needed here make code the code, structure and configuration.
production a costly business. The semantic skills The spread of networking and the Internet
of the programmer are stretched to extreme have their own implications in this area. The
limits. TCP/IP protocol suite which have become the
It is also true that all stages of the software de -facto 'glue' of the Internet has become all
process starting from requirement analysis to pervading. More well documented ISO
implementation and testing are imprecise. standards does not seem to get their due share
It is difficult, to even specify the requirement of utilization, since the Internet is already in
desired of the software in precise ways. 'Wicked' place. So innovations in the performance
problems arise even defying requirement improvement of the various Internet protocols
definition. There are different paths to the final is a demanding software challenge.
goal, and the easiest one may never get More and more safety and mission critical
enlightened, because it is a creative job. Past systems are in demand in fields like military,
experience and preferred, prejudiced practices space research and environment research
often obscure optimal strategies. applications. Stringent objectives are to be met
Another problem is legacy systems and requiring optimal design in many cases.
resistance to change. New tuning requirements Creativity and imagination are stretched to the
are often made, but the human element always utmost.
objects to replacing systems with new ones. So In spite of all these, we see the silver line over
large, inefficient systems continue and the the horizon. Formal theories of Computer
software engineer is asked to do 'patch -work' Science often give the required precision at the
with no methodology, technique or tool. A expense of computational complexity. Massive
change in such a system may make many side parallelism and distributed systems give
effects which may come to notice only quite late. enormous computational power. Automatic
Quality control is also difficult in software graphic and code generation packages and
processes. Except in critical systems, there is no CASE tools give the software engineer with
strict quality metrics. So people tend to use innovative 'self - illumination', the necessary
indirect means like function points and length external help. Often a genius mind arises and
of code to measure quality. Because of the wakes up somewhere. Let us hope that software
obvious intangible nature of software, quality design will match the requirements and
control teams with lots of experience also often

The job of engineers is to invent. Physicists discover the laws of nature,
and engineers exploit the phenomena for some useful end. But in order
to exploit them the engineer needs to combine the phenomena, to
regroup them, to modify them, to interfere with them; that is ,
to create something new from existing components.

E ven though glass questions about the glass

was discovered accident
- ally about 4000 years
THE STO RY properties is that glasses
are not in thermal
ago, this Science is still in equilibrium and that the
its infancy. The term
glass signifies a state
BEHIND atomic structure of glass
is not periodic because
intermediate between glasses are not crystalline.
crystalline solids and
gaseous phase in the
GLASSES Glass Formers and
Network Formers.
sense of atomic B 2 O 3, SiO 2 ,Ge 2 O and
arrangement. The glassy P 2O 5 all of which come
state is an extrapolation from a certain area of the
of the liquid state periodic table readily form
to lower temperature glasses on their own when
and it is expected that their melts are cooled and
glass has a liquid like are commonly known as
structure in which long- “glass formers”. As 2 O 3
range periodicity in the DR. V1JOY P. S. and Sb 2O 3 also produce
arrangement of atoms Sr. Lecturer in Physics glass on their own when
is absent. The properties their melts are cooled very
of glasses are mainly rapidly. TeO2, SeO2, MoO3,
controlled by this disordered structure. The WO3, Bi2O3, Al2O3,Ga2O3 and V2O5 will not form
practical applications of glasses in the modern glass on their own, but each will do so when
world continues to exploit the transparency, melted with a suitable quantity of certain other
lustre,durability, optical and electrical properties non-glass forming oxides. Hence they are known
of these materials. A large number of superionic as “conditional glass formers”.
glasses have been fabricated and they have
Some alkali oxides like Na 2O, Li 2O, K 2 O,
found numerous applications in devices such as
solid state batteries, fuel cells, memory devices, PbO and CaO which when added in small
display panels, etc. So it is one of the oldest quantities to the glass network forming oxides
materials finding new applications. produce drastic changes (melting point,
The term glass is commonly used to mean the conductivity, etc.) in the properties of the
fusion products of inorganic materials which latter. Such oxides also modify the network
have been cooled to a rigid condition without structure of the glass and hence they are
crystallizing. The general answer to all the termed as “ glass or network modifiers”.

Density, mechanical properties, and thermal material science due to its wide range of
properties of glasses are similar to those of the applications. The ultra transparent glass fibers
corresponding crystals. However unlike are capable of transmitting more information
crystals glasses do not have a sharp, well- than copper wires. Glasses with high ionic
defined melting point. In the absence of conductivity have attracted interest because
applied forces and internal stresses, glasses are of their potential application as solid
essentially isotropic. The schematic electrolytes of variable composition that can
representation of an ordered crystalline form be fabricated easily. The exploitation of the
and a glass of the same composition is shown electronic conducting property of many
in the following figures. glasses is the base of the high-tech
development of the last two decades. This
is the only area of glass science so far where a
Nobel Prize has been awarded. Electronic
conduction is responsible for the
photoconductivity property in Se and As-Se
glasses that have been the heart of the
photocopying process. Some electrically
conducting glasses display switching behaviour
Atomic structural representation of between insulator and semiconductor states.
(a) A2O3 crystal (b) A2O3 glass. These are utilized in computer memory
devices. Electric conduction in amorphous
Preparation of Glasses
hydrogenated silicon and its alloys is
The range of glasses made is wider than ever responsible for its photovoltaic behaviour,
before. They include Silicate, Alkali Silicate, which is the basis of solar cell technology.
Boric oxide, Alkali Borate, Alkali boro Silicate, Because of its good durability relative to most
Chalcogenide, Halide and Metallic glasses. The metals, glass is the leading candidate for
techniques for producing glasses have also fixation or immobilization of radioactive
expanded notably in recent years; some of them
waste. The combination of hardness and
are commercially as well as academically
transparency at room temperature along with
sufficient strength and excellent corrosion
I Melt Quenching Method resistance make glasses indispensable for
a) Splat quenching method many practical applications. Now-a-days
glasses have a prominent role in the field of
b) Melt spinning method
electronics and have wide applications in
c) Roller quenching method Industry, Space research, Computer memories,
II Sol-Gel Technique etc.
III Ion Implantation Technique Latest news from the field of glass science
IV Laser Glazing Technique is very much promising. Doping of nano-
particles into the bulky glass matrix will
V Electrolytic Deposition Technique produce drastic changes in the properties of
Properties and Uses bulk glass materials. It will be a new
revolution in technology. Let us wait for the
Glass is now considered as the one of the
glass revolution.
best scientific materials in the branch of
S1 S2 EC

A telescope is a device used to form a will introduce a disturbance to the image due to
magnified image of a distant object. A very simple fluctuating air currents in the path of the light from
telescope can be made from two convex lenses: a celestial or terrestrial object.
one (the object glass, or objective) forms an upside-
While astronomers continue to seek new
down image of the distant object; the second is
technological breakthroughs with which to build
used simply as a magnifying glass to examine this
image. Telescopes for terrestrial use have an extra larger ground-based telescopes, it is readily
lens to turn the image the right way up. apparent that the only solution to some scientific
Binoculars are twin telescopes that have extra problems is to make observations from above the
optical components to “fold” the light rays’ paths Earth’s atmosphere. A series of Orbiting
and make the instrument compact. Astronomical Observatories (OAOs) have been
launched by the National Aeronautics and Space
Since the basic application of a telescope is to Administration (NASA); the OAO launched in 1972
magnify distant objects, it has great applications (later named Copernicus) had an 81 cm telescope
in astronomy. Although telescope was invented
on board. The most sophisticated space telescope
by Hans Lippershey, a Dutch spectacle-maker in
ever to be made is the Hubble Space Telescope.
1608, it was Galileo who first used it for
astronomical purpose in 1609. From there Hubble Space Telescope
telescopes have grown so much that a wide variety Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is the first
of optical telescopes using different techniques general-purpose orbiting observatory. It was placed
were developed like the refracting telescope in into orbit about 600 km (370 miles) above the Earth
US Naval Observatory, the reflecting telescope by the crew of the space shuttle Discovery on April
in Palomar Observatory, near San Diego, the 25,1990. It makes observations in the visible and
Schmidt telescope in European southern ultraviolet regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.
observatory in Chile and the Multiple Mirror It has a 2.4-metre (94-inch) primary mirror, a smaller
Telescope (MMT) in Whipple Observatory in secondary mirror, and various recording
Arizona etc. instruments that can detect visible, ultraviolet, and
But the ground-based telescopes have infrared light. The HST is equipped with five
drawbacks of its own. Firstly, its size. The most detectors: the Wide-Field Planetary Camera, the
important of all the powers of an optical telescope Faint Object Camera, the Faint Object Spectrograph,
is its light-gathering power. This capacity is the High-Resolution Spectrograph, and the High
strictly a function of the diameter of the clear Speed Photometer. It also has three fine-guidance
objective—that is, the aperture—of the telescope. sensors that can be used for high-precision
The advantage of collecting more light with a astronomical measurements such as determining the
larger-aperture telescope is that one can observe distances of stars. The most important of these
fainter stars, nebulas, and very distant galaxies. instruments is the wide-field planetary camera, it
The increase in aperture will result in the overall can take either wide-field or high- resolution
increase of the size of the telescope. Secondly, images of the planets and of galactic and
extreme care should be taken in mounting the extragalactic objects. This camera is designed to
telescope. Any vibration in the mounting will also achieve image resolutions 10 times greater than that
be magnified and may severely reduce the quality of even the largest Earth-based telescope.
of the observed image. Thirdly the atmosphere A faint-object camera can detect an object 50 times

fainter than anything observable by any ground- can trace the development of planets, stars, galaxies
based telescope; and a faint-object spectrograph and the universe itself. Most of the 10,000 galaxies
gathers data on the object’s chemical composition. it portrayed are mere tots, born only half a billion
A high-resolution spectrograph receives distant years or so after the Big Bang. Some of them odd
object’s ultraviolet light that cannot reach the Earth ball shapes such as loops or spears, and after these
because of atmospheric absorption. The telescope gawky youngsters collide, the theory goes, they
theoretically can resolve astronomical objects that develop structures that we recognize as more
are at an angular distance of 0.05 arc second apart. familiar-ellipses or, like our Milky Way, nice tidy
After one month of its launch scientists spirals.
discovered that its primary mirror had a spherical Perhaps the biggest surprise to come out of the
aberration, which caused the mirror to produce Hubble is that the universe is not just expanding,
fuzzy rather than sharp images. The HST also but expanding faster and faster, propelled by a
developed problems with its gyroscopes and with mysterious force called the Dark energy, which
its solar-power arrays. A service mission to repair constitutes 70% of the stuff in the universe. In
the problem was carried out in December 1993, December 1995 the HST took one of its most
using the space shuttle Endeavour. A device called important pictures, a composite of images made
the Corrective Optics Space Telescope Axial during 10 days of exposures and known as the
Replacement (COSTAR) was inserted in the slot Hubble Deep Field. By pointing the telescope at
for the High-Speed Photometer, which had to be an area of sky devoid of bright objects and taking
removed to make room for it. The Wide-Field long exposures, the astronomers were able to
Planetary Camera, which had a different optical image galaxies fainter (down to magnitude 30) and
path from the other four instruments, was replaced more distant (up to 12 billion light years away)
with the Wide-Field Planetary Camera II, which than any seen before. In October 1998 the telescope
consisted of 10 tiny mirrors, to correct the was used to take a 36-hour infrared exposure of a
aberration in the primary mirror. small portion of the Deep Field, revealing even
Objective fainter, cooler, and more distant galaxies.
A second servicing mission was carried out in A major breakthrough occurred in the history
February 1997: the main objective was to replace of Hubble when the HST obtained images of the
the telescope’s two spectrographs with two new first optical counterpart to be discovered of a
instruments, the Near Infrared Camera and Multi- gamma-ray burster. In May 1998 it imaged TMR-
Object Spectrometer (NICMOS) and the Space 1C in the constellation Taurus, which is believed
Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS). The first to be the first extra-solar planet to be directly
of these will enable the HST to view the birth of observed. The HST has also provided evidence for
stars as well as very distant objects at unparalleled the presence of a super massive black hole at the
resolution, while the spectrograph will enable centre of galaxies.
spectrums to be obtained from 500 objects
In a solar system not far from ours, the telescope
simultaneously (where the previous instruments
watched a planet pass in front of its parent star,
could only obtain one) and 30 times faster than
which illuminated the planet’s atmosphere and
the previous instruments. Many of the telescope
revealed its chemical elements. Even closer to
subsystems were also replaced or underwent
home, Hubble has discovered planetoids beyond
maintenance. A third mission was carried out in Pluto. And in 1994,it witnessed comet Shoemaker-
December 1999, which replaced all six of the Levy 9 crashing into Jupiter.
telescope’s gyroscopes and its computers.
Since Hubble’s 1990 launch, astronomers have
After 15 years from its launch Hubble has taken developed ground-based scopes that squint
about 650,000 images, many of them breathtaking, through the atmosphere and rival some of the
of stars and galaxies. Some of Hubble’s most Hubble’s observational powers. And other satellite
glorious images show clouds of gas and dust, some telescopes have joined Hubble in orbit. They’re
of them hundreds of light years across. Clear of tuned x-rays or gamma rays, however, which are
the earthly mists, Hubble peers through the mists scientifically important but have less stirring than
of time. With its sensitive eye, Hubble has the good old visible light Hubble sees. Let us hope
witnessed galaxies forming barely half a billion that this magnificent creation of man stays in the
years after the Big Bang -capturing light that was sky to show us more inside the universe.
generated 13 billion years ago. By flipping through
the Hubble’s extra-ordinary snapshots, astronomers

B usiness Process Outsourcing is the long-term other important projects and leverage their
contracting out of non-core business processes to an investment in technology. For example,
outside provider to help achieve increased shareholder processes that are handled in a shared
value. production environment for multiple
Many IT professionals are familiar with the term companies are ideal for BPO and a lot of
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), but knowing how money will be saved. ln most cases, high-
to distinguish it from other types of outsourcing requires caliber subject-matter experts are brought in
some scrutiny. to design and manage these processes,
Though some forms of BPO may include both IT bringing with them best practices,
management and business operations, the approach is innovation, and years of experience that
primarily about turning over functions such as payroll, most companies don’t have access to or can’t
accounting, billing or even real estate management to a afford on their own.
third party. Though these business processes may Increase Your Capabilities
depend on IT, they are separate functions from core IT With this expertise often comes increased
operations, such as data center activities or network capability. In addition to doing things more
management. efficiently, you can expand your ability to
WHY BPO? deliver new products and services to your
Free Your Resources and Work On Your Strategy customers. Then there are the factors of
scalability and scope. Companies that want
An important aspect of business process outsourcing to grow internationally must continuously
is its ability to free corporate executives from some of invest in infrastructure and find talent
their day-to-day process management responsibilities. around the world. Many outsourcing
Traditionally, executives spend 80 percent of their time providers are already established globally
managing details, and only 20 percent on strategy. Once and can help make the growth process run
a process is successfully outsourced, the ratio can be smoothly.
reversed. Executives get more control over their most WHY INDIA?
valuable resource: time. Time to explore new revenue In order to meet the growing international
streams, time to accelerate other projects, and time to
demand for lucrative, customer-interaction
focus on their customers.
centers, many organizations worldwide are
Improve Processes - Save Money outsourcing these services from locations like
Companies that outsource business processes are India. India has inherent strengths, which have
often able to re-engineer those processes and capture made it a major success as an outsourcing
new efficiencies. Then they can reallocate resources to destination:

Scope privatized. Domestic leased circuit tariff reduced by
A booming IT industry, with IT strengths 80% in last 1 year. International Internet Gateway
recognized all over the world. privatized-likely reduction in tariff.
Language As India emerges as a global outsourcing hub,
The largest English-speaking population after the the industry is forecast to explode at exponential
USA. rates - from 23,000 people and $ 10 million pa in
Manpower 1998 to over a million people and revenues in excess
A vast workforce of educated, English speaking, of $ 20 billion by 2008. Pivotal segments are going
tech-savvy personnel: A boon in a high-growth to be back office operations, medical transcriptions,
industry faced with a shortage of skilled workers. insurance claims processing, customer interaction
Cost-effective manpower centers and content development. Current trends
In a call interaction center operation, manpower suggest that the country is well on course for
typically accounts for 55 to 60 percent of the total achieving the above target.
cost. In India, the manpower cost is approximately BENEFITS OF BPO
one-tenth of what it is overseas. Per agent cost in Improves productivity and operational efficiencies
USA is approximately $40,000 while in India it is only Non-core business processes, such as human
$5,000. resources and finance and accounting, are critical,
Technical support but also resource-intensive, time-consuming, and
India graduates about 100,000 engineers each costly. Outsourcing improves operational efficiencies
year. These can be used in call centers for and drastically reduces costs without large, up-front
troubleshooting/tech support, as the salaries are capital investments.
dramatically lower than in Europe or the US. Reduce costs
Government Policy BPO provides quantifiable benefits through
The Government of India has recognized the improved efficiencies, lower overhead, reduced
potential of IT-enabled services and has taken payroll and benefit expenses, and fewer capital
positive steps by providing numerous incentives. investments.
IT is one of the top five priorities of the Allows organizations to focus on their core business
Government of India . The National IT Task Force BPO allows organizations to move non-core
submitted its 1 OS-point Action Plan to promote IT business processes to a services provider so that they
in the country. The Government of India has may focus on the more important strategic, revenue-
approved the plan and is in the process of generating programs that create profitable growth
implementing it.
and sustain business success.
A separate Ministry of Information Technology
Ensures best practices, skills, and technology
was set up to expedite swift approval and
implementation of IT projects and to streamline the BPO provides access to proprietary workflow
regulatory process. systems, processes reengineering skills, and
Information Technology Act 2000: The Information innovative staffing and delivery models, combined
Technology Bill that was passed in the Indian with world-class technology delivered by experts.
Parliament in May 2000, has now been notified as Provide access to scalable operations and on-
the IT Act 2000. The IT Bill brings e-commerce within demand resources
the purview of law and accords stringent BPO provides the flexibility to respond to a
punishments to ''cyber criminals''. With this, India rapidly changing marketplace and scale operations
joins a select band of 12 nations that have cyber laws. up or down as conditions dictate. In a BPO
Regulatory Enablers engagement, Go4BPO delivers access to global staff,
100% foreign ownership permitted in IT Enabled processes, resources, and technology—wherever
Services industry unlike other sectors where foreign and whenever they are needed.
ownership is restricted. Strengthen clients’ competitive position
Software Technology Parks (STPs) established to Organizations must leverage a BPO strategy to
provide ready to plug IT infrastructure and telecom improve their financial and competitive positions
facilities. and differentiate themselves from competitors. BPO
Single window clearance for all regulatory results in increased customer satisfaction, more
compliance issues. efficient operations, access to global capabilities,
Infrastructure Enablers increased cash flow, and faster time-to-market.
Basic, Cellular, Paging and Internet Services
Computer Science & Engg.

S teganography literally means covered writing. It is the

art and science of hiding information by embedding messages

within other. It works by replacing bits of useless or unused

data in regular computer files (such as graphics, sound, text,

HTML) with bits of different invisible information.This hidden

information can be plain text, cipher text or even images.

The art of Steganography dates back to ancient Greece,

where messages were etched in wooden tablets and they were

then covered with wax. Another method was by tattooing a

shaved messenger’s head, then letting his hair grow and then

shaving it again when he arrives at his destination and so on.

Steganography is used sometimes when encryption is not

permitted. Encryption is actually sending messages by hiding

the information contained in it and this may be known only

to the sender and the receiver. More commonly,

Steganography is used to supplement encryption. An

encrypted file may still hide information suiting

Steganography. Even if the encrypted file is deciphered, the

hidden message is not seen. Special software is needed for

Steganography and there are freeware version available at any

good download sites.

Steganography includes a vast array of methods of secret

communications that conceal the very existence of the message.

Among these methods are - invisible inks, digital signatures


Steganography is the art of concealing the existence of

information within seemingly innocuous carriers. It can be

viewed as akin to cryptography. Cryptograhic techniques

“scramble” the messages if intercepted and the messages

cannot be understood. Steganography in essence, “camouflages”

a message to hide its existence and make it seem “invisible”
thus concealing the fact that a message is being sent altogether.

An encrypted message may draw suspicion limitations of these methods will allow the
while an invisible message will not. construction of more robust methods that can
better survive manipulations and attacks.
Null ciphers (unencrypted messages) were
also used in Steganography. An example of The main driving force is concerned over
a message containing such a null cipher is : protecting the copyright such as audio, video
and other works becoming available in digital
Fishing freshwater bends and saltwater
form, the ease with which the perfect copies
coasts rewards anyone feeling stressed can be made and that may lead to large scale
Resourceful anglers usually find masterful unauthorised copying and this is of great
concern to the music, film, book and software
leapers fun admit swordfish rank publishing industries. At the same time,
overwhelming anyday. moves by various governments to restrict the
availability of the encryption services have
By taking the third letter in each word, the
motivated the people to study methods by
following message emerges :
which private message can be embedded in
Send Lawyers,Guns, and Money. seemingly innocuous over message.
Various Steganographic software packages Watermarking means hidden copyright
were explored. The evaluation process was messages and fingerprinting means hidden
to determine the limitations and flexibility of serial numbers or a set of characteristics that
the software readily available to the public. tend to distinguish an object from the other
The files used for evaluation included two similar object, which is the latest advancement
“message” files and two “container” files. in Steganography. The idea is that the latter
The “message” files are those to be hidden in can be used to detect copyright violators and
the innocent looking “container” files. The the former to prosecute them.
images selected had to be altered to fit into Conclusion
the constraints of the software and other
Steganography has its place in security.
containers were used. In all, a total of 25 files
Hiding a message with Steganography
were used as containers.
methods reduces the change of a message
Information Hiding : Steganography and being detected. However, if that message is
Watermarking also encrypted, if discovered, it must also be
Techniques for hiding information have cracked.
existed for centuries. Methods include Steganography is not a good solution to
communication via invisible inks, microdots, secrecy, but neither is simple substitution and
covert channels and spread spectrum short block permutation for encryption. But
channels. The techniques explored by the if these methods are combined, we can have
authors involved embedding information even much stronger encryption methods.
within digital media, specifically digital
References :
images. They analyse the limitations of these
digital methods which can in turn be used to AT&T Bell Laboratories Research Web
devise attacks. The goal of these attacks is to Page, http://www.research.att.com.
expose the existence of a secret message or to Security and Privacy Issues by Nell
render a digital watermark unusable. Finally Johnson, http://www.jjtc.com/security
in assessing these attacks counter measures
are developed to assist in protecting digital
watermarking systems. Understanding the ?
Electronics & Communication Dept.

Ever since the era of Charles Babbage, computers had considerable development in all of its
parameters viz. operating speed, storage capacity, ease of use etc. They have also shrunk to a fraction
in size, increasing their usage. As the control and assistance exerted by the computers in the life of
mankind attained a status beyond imagination, the need of fast and secure long distance communication
between them came to the fore. When the technologies like WAN and Internet failed to fulfill the
desired connectivity due to cost and security concerns, Virtual Private Network (VPN) emerged as a
viable solution. It was conceptualized as an effective means for securely exchanging the information
between geographically distant locations using affordable public facilities like the Internet. It has the
same security and encryption features of a private network, while taking the advantage of the economy
and remote accessibility of public networks. VPN scores further as it is capable of handling even the
users on the move, bringing mobility into the enterprise-wide corporate network.
The key word in VPN is “Private”. Privacy and protection of data is of utmost importance while
deploying services over the Internet, where it can be vulnerable to attacks. The last thing any firm may
desire is their sensitive corporate information to end up in the hands of a competitor or a hacker.
Therefore a comprehensive solution might incorporate a firewall, router, proxy server and VPN software
or hardware. The creation of a virtual private connection is a three step process comprising
authentication, encryption and tunneling.
1. Authentication
Authentication is the process of differentiating between the authorized users from unexpected
intruders. It also identifies his privileges in the Network. Authentication can be done through passwords,
token and digital certificates. In order to authenticate the VPN users, a firewall is preferred. When
used in conjunction with strong authentication, VPN can effectively safeguard the network from the
intruders. Authentication is also performed periodically to ensure that the current entity is same, the
one which initiated the session.
2. Encryption
To ensure that the VPN is secure, controlling user access is only one part of the equation. Once
the user is authenticated, the data itself needs to be protected as well. Without a mechanism to provide
data privacy, information flowing through the channel will be in clear text and can easily be viewed
or stolen with a packet sniffer. Encryption of data ensures the secrecy, making it intelligible only to the
authorized users. The data is decrypted and converted back into readable text at the destination.
Although an unbreakable algorithm is yet to be developed, a sophisticated encryption system will
greatly minimize the chance for security gaps.
3. Tunneling
VPN creates a data tunnel between the server and the clients over existing TCP/IP protocol to
protect data from interceptions. Tunneling or encapsulation is the transmission of data - intended for

usage only within a private network, through a through a third-party service provider.
public network in such a way that the routing 2. Site-to-site VPN
nodes in the public network are unaware that the This is the connection between two LANs
transmission is part of a private network. In this through dedicated VPN equipment and large-
method, the data packet is wrapped within a scale encryption. In this case, the sites are
TCP/IP packet. The client sends a stream of permanently connected to the service provider via
encrypted data packets to a remote server which the gateway that performs the tunneling
instead of going through a dedicated line, go procedure. Site-to-site VPN can be either:
across the tunnel. Data packets headed towards X Intranet based : If a company has
the remote network will reach the tunnel initiating many locations to be joined in a single private
device. It communicates with the VPN terminator network, Intranet VPN can be created to
at the other end to agree on an encryption scheme. interconnect various Local Area Networks.
The initiator then encrypts the packets and X Extranet based : If a company has close
transmits. At the terminator end, packets are relationship with another, Extranet VPN can be
decrypted and delivered to appropriate built to interconnect the private networks and thus
destination. Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) is various companies can work in a shared
one of the most popular tunneling protocols for environment.
VPN. A client initiated Remote Access VPN is
TYPES OF VPN established through the following procedure:
1. Remote-access VPN Step 1 : The remote user dials into their local ISP
Remote access refers to the ability to connect and logs into the ISP’s network.
to a network from a distant location. Also called Step 2 : The user initiates a tunnel request through
as Virtual Private Dial-up Network (VPDN), this the ISP’s network to the destination security server
is a user-to-LAN connection that may be used by on the corporate network. The server
a company having employees in need of authenticates the user and creates the other end
connecting to the network from various remote of the tunnel.
locations. Normally, a firm that wishes to set up a Step 3 : The data from the user’s end is encrypted
remote-access VPN will outsource it to an by the VPN software and transmits through the
Enterprise Service Provider. The ESP sets up a tunnel over the ISP connection.
Network Access Server (NAS) and provides the Step 4 : The destination server decrypts the
users with desktop client software. The received data and forwards the data packets into
Telecommuters can then dial to the NAS and use the corporate network. Any information sent back
the software to access the corporate network. Thus to the remote user is also encrypted before
Remote-access VPN permits secured connections transmission.
between a private network and remote users Positive Aspects of VPN
 Low cost
Since VPN uses a public network like the Internet
to distribute services over long distances,
expensive leased lines become a thing of the past.
In a traditional WAN, the number of leased lines
increases exponentially as the organization adds
more and more offices into the network. This limits
the flexibility for growth, whereas VPN avoid this
bottleneck by tapping into an almost universally
available network.
 Reduction in Management Onus
Managing a VPN is a cakewalk compared to
owning and operating a private network
infrastructure. Outsourcing the responsibility to
a third party service provider makes it easier for
the management. Thus VPN can theoretically
alleviate the support burden, as the service

provider will generally be responsible for through the Net, makes the headway slightly
supporting its dial-up customers. difficult. Other factors include staff to administer
 Scalability the VPN and expense of Internet accounts for
Scalability refers the ability of the network end-users.
to adapt to the changing needs of bandwidth VPN Performance
and connectivity. For VPN, increase in number There are a number of factors that can
of users does not result in increase of load as the contribute to the VPN’s performance. While
users are connecting from far off locations some of the issues may be related to the hardware
through the Internet. Hence the network can or software applications being used, much of it
easily adapt itself to the dramatic increase of depends on the Internet itself. The availability
users. and speed of services may differ from one area
Downsides to another, as well as provider to provider.
Moving from a dedicated communication Performance also depends on the encryption
network into a shared one, obviously presents scheme being used, as well as the client’s ability
enormous security challenges to the to process it. Highly encrypted data takes
Management. Perfect security is almost considerable time frame to be transmitted,
impossible to guarantee for the data though we especially for large packets being sent through a
can ensure a satisfactory level by implementing dial-up line.
toughest available measures. Since VPN rely on So, when would a VPN be more feasible
a public network, they are often at the mercy of than a private network?
Internet Service Providers. Equipment problems ' Global Access: Though the cost of domestic
can plague them at any time. Lately ISPs are leased lines has gone down phenomenally, it is
improving the reliability of their networks by still expensive and will take a longer installation
making them more redundant and upgrading time.
the infrastructure, but few will offer 100 percent ' When a large number of locations needs to
availability. be part of a network, it would prove impractical
Number of VPN users has not yet reached to physically connect various locations to each
a point enough to make it affordable in mass other, making VPN the better choice.
level. High cost of hardware and software ' When the mobile users are to be made part
required to enable the tunneled encrypted traffic of the network.

I n this modern day, computers are fast
becoming necessities. An engineering student,
whatever stream he is studying needs to use a
computer even at home other than using it in
restricted hours at college. But when such a
student enters as a buyer in a computer market
he finds an overwhelming confusing scenario
with wide range of products. This feature tries
to shed some light on how to choose a good
computer, which would be nice on your desk
and on your pocket too.
Basically computer market is made of two
segments, branded and assembled.
A branded computer is a computer, which SUVESH G.
is sold as a complete entity without any change. Lecturer
It is usually a product made by large companies Electronics & Communication Dept.
(like Compaq, HP, Zenith, LG, etc) backed by
large number of service centres. But they are
pricey and also not entirely suited for our use
sometimes. An assembled computer is a
computer in which the different components are
decided by the buyer and assembled by a person
known to the buyer or the computer product
seller itself. In this feature we will be dealing
with assembled computer as it gives us the
maximum juice for our money.
But before we enter into our deliberations the buyer should first decide two important things.
1) The budget for the system-the cost may vary from Rs. 15000 to around Rs. 60000. Also there
may be extra costs due to computer peripherals depending on the user’s requirement.
2) What will be the system used for? Are you a guy who only browses, uses word processor,
listens to music and play simple games then only a simple PC will suffix but if you are a game enthusiast
or a video audio professional then you should go for a powerful costlier system.
A PC has mainly two parts, the basic system and the peripherals.
Basic system is made of these components.
Processor Motherboard Keyboard Display card Floppy drive
Monitor Speakers Hard disk Sound card Casing with SMPS
Memory Mouse CD/DVD drive
Some of the peripherals are given below.
TV tuner card Modem Network card Web cam Printers
Scanners Combo drive UPS CD/DVD writers
All in one printer Headphone with microphone

It is the heart of computer system,which processes our data at lightening speed. Nowadays the
processors, which we see around us, are mostly 32-bit processors(i.e.they process 32 bits at a time).
There are only two or three manufacturers, which are producing competing products in this field.
1) Intel is one of the most popular processor manufacturing industry. Their processors have very
high clock speeds, which helps them to process data quickly. But their products are pricey. They have
two series of products.
a) Celeron is a comparatively cheaper processor.
b) Pentium 4 having more processing power is the big brother of Celeron.
2) AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) was a slow starter but it has made its presence felt quickly.
It has made products, which are cheaper but gives the same performance as Intel’s products. They
also have two famous brand names.
a) Sempron, the cheaper version.
b) Athlon, the powerful version.
AMD’s processors have lower clock speeds but their pipeline lengths are smaller which makes
them quicker in some. They now have introduced 64 bit processor. Thus making them the future of
3) Cyrix- Their processors are slowly diminishing from market, as their clock speeds are very
low. But their products are very cheap
4) IBM (International Business Machines) They supply processors for the stylish computers of
Apple Corp.
Name of the Company Product Name Price Range
Cyrix Cyrix 1000-1500
AMD Sempron 2000-4000
AMD Athlon 64 Bit 5000-8000
Intel Celeron 3000-4000
Intel Pentium4 5000-10000


keeping the graphic
It is the backbone of our system,which card
the slot for keeping
connects the processor to the memory, hard the processor
disk and all other input-output devices.
Different motherboards are needed for
different families of processors. Usually PCI Slots (5 slots)
motherboards are described best
depending on the chipset present in
them. Chipsets are the connections
(controller chip) in motherboard to Slot for connecting
which the processors are attached. the floppy drive
Chipsets currently available for Intel are Slot for connecting Memory Slots
the hard disk
875,915,925, etc. While AMD uses connector (2 slots)
chipsets like Nvidia nForce2, 760, etc.

Motherboards for Athlon are available in the Rs.2000-4000 range, while motherboards for Pentium
costs between Rs.2000 and Rs. 6000 depending on their performance.
When buying a motherboard we should also consider these things.
1) Maximum amount of memory (RAM), the motherboard can support.
2) The motherboard should have the latest chipset and should be able to support the latest memory
available in the market.
3) System speed (the speed with which data transfer occurs in the motherboard) should be considered.
4) At least three PCI slots should be present. PCI slot is a slot through which certain cards like TV
tuner card, sound card, modems, etc. are connected to the motherboard.
5) Similarly more than two USB ports are needed. USB ports are needed for connecting devices like
digital camera, portable mp3 player to motherboard.
6) Also watch out for new features like SATA, PCI Express, SLI, etc.

Memory acts like a buffer between the processor and the hard disk to compensate for the large
difference in speed of the two. Memories can be bought in a wide range of sizes from 32 MB to 1024
MB. Nowadays at least 256 MB RAM is a necessity without which some programs can’t even start. If
you are buying 256 MB it is always good to buy two modules of 128 MB, as the processor will take
data from two slots of memory at the same time thus increasing the overall performance.
The speed of memory is also an important factor, which has to be considered. The newest ones
run at speeds like 333 MHz, 400 MHz and 533 MHz.
The memories are of different types like SD RAM, RD RAM, DDR RAM and DDR2 RAM. Currently
DDR RAM is being used in our systems. Always buy memory from well-known manufacturers like
Hynix, Corsair, etc.

Product Name Price Range (in Rupees)

128 MB DDR 600 -1000
256 MB DDR 1000 - 3000
1 GB DDR 7000 - 8000

A good viewing experience can be got only if your monitor is from a good manufacturer. Refrain
buying monitors of unknown brands. Mostly LG, Samsung and Philips rule the monitor segment.
Monitors can be broadly divided into three groups- ordinary, flat and LCD. LCD screens are
the costliest of the lot. For a student, a 15 inch screen is more than enough and will cost less than
Rs. 5000 to Rs. 8000.
Nowadays we are using video and audio much more than earlier used. So we need a spacious
hard disk. They come in all capacities from 20 GB to 250 GB. Buy at least an 80 GB hard disk which
has a good storage to price ratio. rpm (revolutions per mintue) is used to describe hard disk’s speed.
Till now 5600 rpm hard disks were available. But now the costlier models having 7200 rpm and 10000
rpm are making their presence felt.

The IDE interface is cheap. The new SATA 5V, 12 V) as required by the different components
(Serial ATA) interface is much better than IDE, in the system. Cabinet’s choice is dependent on
but costs a bit more. the aesthetic sense of the user. The cabinet’s front
The 40 GB hard disks usually costs about panel should at least have one USB port for
Rs. 2500. 80 GB hard disks costs about Rs. 3000. connecting different peripherals like digital
For those who want to store a lot, 120 GB and camera, portable hard disk, etc.
160 GB hard disks are available in the price range SMPS used should be a quality product
of Rs. 3000 - 5000. having 300W specification at least. But if you
are having power guzzling graphic cards and
processors in your system them the SMPS should
Without this drive you won’t be able to use also be powerful. So you should consider moving
your video, audio and mp3 discs. Most of the to the SMPS with 400W or 450W.
software is also got on CD’s these days. LG and
Casing costs about Rs. 1000 - 2000 while
Samsung are the market leaders in this product.
SMPS costs about Rs. 400 - 600.
If you want to read the DVDs too then shell out
a thousand rupees and you will get a DVD drive. SPEAKERS
But today’s trend is towards the CD writer, In the present day a multimedia PC without
which helps us to write our important data speakers is unthinkable. The price range of
(videos and mp3) into CDs and stock them speakers is wide from Rs. 250 to around
safely. Rs. 50000. When comparing different speaker
CD ROMs are available in the 500 -750 price systems, don’t compare the PMPO (Peak Music
range. DVD Drives and CD Writers are available Power Output), which is misleading. Always
from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000. compare the rms power. There are even high-
end speakers (5.1,6.1,7.1,8.1 systems), which
FLOPPY DRIVE conform to Dolby digital, DTS and THX
It is very cheap (around Rs. 300 -500), but standards. But they are prohibitively expensive
is a necessity. So make sure you have a floppy costing above Rs. 20000.
drive. Most of the motherboards sold today have
KEYBOARD sound card and display card integrated into
One of the oldest input devices, still it is one them. So if you have less money to spare, you
of the most important one. At present most of don’t have to buy these cards as the inbuilt cards
the keyboards in the market are Internet ready are of very high quality. But if you are a
(i. e. having certain keys which are specifically demanding user you can obtain these cards.
for browsing). Before buying the keyboard, see Normal display cards cost about Rs. 2000 while
if the keyboard has soft keys and a wide armrest. the high performance cards may costs Rs. 10000
Ordinary keyboards cost about Rs. 300 while it or more. An ordinary sound card costs less than
may be as high as Rs. 2000 for wireless variants. Rs. 500 while the cost of high quality sound cards
may be atleast Rs. 2000.
We have gone through the different
Like keyboard it should be comfortable in components required for your system. Before
your hand. Scroll mouse is a very good idea. The ending this article I want you to know that each
scroll helps in quickly navigating through long of these components would be having individual
text files. Normal mouse costs anything between warranty. Don’t forget to get the warranty cards,
Rs. 250 and 500. software CDs and user manuals from your
CASING WITH SMPS (SWITCHED MODE assembling store. And it would be a good idea
POWER SUPPLY) to remain with the assembler while the system
Casing or cabinet is usually bought with is being assembled. The prices shown here are
SMPS in it. SMPS is the power supply, which as on August 2005. This is a very dynamic field
converts the ac supply into the dc voltages (3.3V, and the price scenario changes very rapidly.

(works for Windows XP Professional)
By default, MS-Windows XP Pro uses 20% of the user’s modem
bandwidth for updates, interrogation etc. If you use a 56 kbps
modem, XP Pro reserves about 11 Kbps for its exclusive use.
(Modem may show 56 or 54.6 or other speeds, but fact is that
you don’t get the whole speed).
Here’s what you should do:
(i) Click Start | Run | type 'gpedit.msc'.
(ii) This opens the policy editor. Then go to Local Computer Policy |
Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Network
| QOS Packet Scheduler | Limit Reservable bandwidth. SANJEEV S.
Click 'Explain' tab. S5 CS
Read the details.
(iv) Now Enable reservable bandwidth & set it to zero than default 20%....
........ and watch your system speed up.
(1) Click Start | Run.
(2) Type ‘Syskey’ and OK.
(3) You have now entered Windows XP Account Database. Click on Update Window button.
(4) In the next window, your options should say you have a system generated password and startup key
locally will be selected. Choose store startup key on Floppy disk and follow on-screen instructions.
(5) Done!! But BE CAREFUL, make sure the floppy drive or system will not Boot up. #


An introduction to Hardware VEENA V.

When most people think about computer technology, they S5 CS
think only about hardware because it is the physical, touchable
material parts of a computer. upgrading this single component can
It would be nice to offer a framework for understanding some bring new life to an aging system.
of the key hardware concepts, a good rule of thumb is, if you can Installing expansion cards is one of
delete it, it’s software, if not, it’s hardware. i.e. practically anything the most common system upgrades.
that you can see and touch are classified as hardware (like CPU, Before installing, it will be a good idea
keyboard, disks, chips, cards etc.). On the otherhand the programs to make sure that it will work in the
and operating systems that work on the hardware are collectively system to be upgraded. The latest
referred to as software. Software can be removed with the click of technology available for installing
button, while hardware requires a little more physical effort to expansion cards is called plug and
get rid off. play, which allows the user to make
The types of hardware are endless, but commonly used are configuration changes with minimal
computers, peripherals and network hardware. Printers, monitors, adjustment.
modems, scanners and external drives are all considered Upgrading an IDE (Integrated
peripherals to the computer. Network hardware includes all the Drive Electronics) drive requires some
wires, cables, routers and switches that let computers talk to one hardware (correct drive, place to
another. This is the hardware that is usually handled by the system install and proper cables and software
administrator and not the users. System administration and creating a bootable MS- DOS disk
maintenance or upgrading hardware by computer hardware containing disk utilities) preparation
professionals can help to keep the network from crashing or even to get it running properly.
our computer from crawling. Installing a new motherboard is
Upgrading a Computer one way to completely overhaul a
computer. To undertake this major
In today’s world of constant change, the task most frequently
overhaul is a major task. Replacing a
performed by a computer professional is upgrading old systems
motherboard is probably the most
to the latest technologies. The ability to expand and upgrade
difficult task that a computer
computer can prolong the life and utility of the system. With new technician will take up.
technology being introduced everyday, it is a constant struggle to So if we carry out the procedures
stay up-to-date. step by step at a time, we will not face
The problem that most frequently causes users to seek a computer any problem in computer upgradation.
upgradation is about the need for more computer’s memory. As we conclude, the following two
Memory upgradation is perhaps the simplest to perform, but they points will summarize the main
can be very confusing without advanced planning. The five things elements of upgrading the computers.
to be considered before installing memory are:
* Performing upgradation is one of the
* Memory chip format- Single Inline Memory Module (SIMM) or most common tasks of a computer
Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM). technician.
* Memory Speed -it is the time required to access data measured * Good knowledge in computer
in nano seconds. hardware is an essential requirement
* EDO RAM - Extensively used with Pentium processors to for upgradation.
improve the over all performance.
* Parity - It is used to check the reliability of data.
* Cache memory (L1 & L2)- It is fixed in most cases but some
machines allow the 12 cache to be upgraded or expanded.
As a hardware technician, we must know how to up date the
CPU in an existing machine although installing a new CPU is
becoming less common as prices of a new motherboard or even
new machines continue to drop. Upgrading a CPU is very simple
but understanding the possible scenarios for a successful upgrade
can be more challenging. As CPU is the “brain” of the computer,


R esistors and capacitors are used in much He also suggested to choose first term a=1.
larger quantities than any other type of components.
Therefore, the series becomes N=(√k 10)n-1
But have you ever wondered why these are stocked
N=1*(√k 10 )n-1
and sold only in “standard values”? For example,
the value of resistors commonly available in the For example, if it is required to choose three
market, say from I kiloohms, are 1k, 1.2k, 1.5k, distinctive values in a decade, substitute k=3
1.8k, 2.2k, and so on. in the above equation.
Resistor manufacturers produce certain fixed
values only, and not all possible values. Then, how
Then r = √10 =2.2

are these values arrived at? These are neither random Hence N = (2.2)n-1
numbers nor any fancy numbers but are based on Then values in a decade are 1.0, 2.2 and
the principle of geometric progression. The numbers 4.7.(Note that the values are rounded off), we
shown in the above example are more commonly call the above as E3 series in electronic
known as the ‘preferred values’. standards, denoting three preferred values in a
The concept of preferred values (standard decade.
values) was suggested by Charles Renard in 1870.
He had suggested a similar scheme to reduce the The E3 series will be 1.0, 2.2, 4.7, 10,
enormous number of cordage sizes used for ballon 22, 47,..... and so on in the subsequent
moorings in the French army. Electronic industries decades.
subsequently adapted these series of numbers for Other 'preferred value' series are E6, E12,
ease of production and stock.
E24, E48, and E96. Applying the same
Standard E series
principles, the series and their decade values
By definition, a geornetric Progression is written
are shown in Table 1(only E3, E6, E12, & E24
N= arn-1
series are shown here).
where a is the first term, r is the common ratio, Manufacturers normally choose one E-
and N is the nth term in the geometric series. series and produce components accordingly.
Renard suggested a formula for choosing the Usually, resistors are available in E12 and E24
common ratio ‘r’. If ‘k’ represents the number of series, capacitors in E6 and E12 series
units in a decade (i.e. number of distinctive values (electrolytic type in E6 and other in E12) and
in a decade), then the common ratio ‘r’ to be chosen potentiometers in E3 series. Generally, E 24
for optimum stock is given by series onwards are used only for precision
r= √10

Preferred Values
E3 E6 E12 E24 E3 E6 E12 E24
1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 3.3 3.3 3.3
1.1 3.6
1.2 1.2 3.9 3.9
1.3 4.3
1.5 1.5 1.5 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7
1.6 5.1
1.8 1.8 5.6 5.6
2.0 6.2
2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 6.8 6.8 6.8
2.4 7.5
8.2 8.2
2.7 2.7

Sr. Lecturer in Chemistry

The Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel directed The first Nobel prize for Chemistry was
in his will that out of the interest received from a awarded to professor J. H. Vant Hoff,(Berlin) for
foundation which was to be established, five prizes the discovery of the laws of chemical dynamics
should be awarded every year: ''One part to the and osmotic pressure in solution. In the next year
person who has made the most important discovery (1902) professor Emil Fischer was the winner of
or invention in the field of physics;one part to the this prestigious prize in recognition of his
person who has made the most important chemical investigation on sugar and purines, in which
discovery or improvement; one part to the person research attained ''its greatest and finest form”. In
who has made the most important discovery in 1903, the award was presented to professor
the field of physiology or medicine; one part to S. Arrhenius, Stockholm for the contribution he
the person who has produced the most outstanding has rendered to the advancement of chemistry by
literary work of an idealistic trend; one part to the his electrolytic theory of dissociation. Sir William
person who has done the most or the best for the Ramsay, from London discovered the inert gas
brotherhood among the nations....” Later on one elements in air and determined their place in the
more discipline was added to the list. In 1968, periodic system which fetched him the Nobel prize
the Bank of Sweden instituted the prize in Economic in 1904. In the subsequent year, A. Von Baeyer
Sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel. The prize received the award for his services in the
winners are announced in the month of October advancement of organic chemistry and chemical
every year. They receive their awards (a prize industry, through his work on organic dyes and
amount, a gold medal and a diploma) on hydroaromatic compounds.
December 10, the Anniversary of Nobel’s death. A French scientist H. Moissan (1906) won this
Since the first Nobel prize was awarded in coveted prize for the isolation of the element
1901, Alfred Nobel’s wish in his will has been Fluorine and for the adoption in the service of
carried out almost every year. The members of science of Electric furnace called after him. Buchner,
the jury selecting the prize winners have repeatedly then professor at the Agricultural University in Berlin
distinguished themselves by their impartial opened up the way for chemical investigation of
judgement. In the scientific sphere the award of cell free fermentation processes. In recognition of
the Nobel prize is ,without question, the highest this contribution he received the 1907 Nobel prize.
distinction. The award in 1908 was presented to Professor

E. Rutherford of Manchester, for his investigations of scientists. In 2001, the Nobel prize was shared
into the disintegration of the elements and the by two groups of research workers; one by William
chemistry of radioactive substances. Wilhelm Standish Knowles and Ryoji Noyori for their Chirally
Ostwald suceeded in finding the fundamental catalysed hydrogenation reactions and the other
explanation of the already well-known and by K. Barry Sharpless for the chirally catalysed
technically utilized process of catalysis by way of oxidation reactions. The 2002 Nobel award was
combination with Thermodynamics. For this and one half jointly to John B. Fenn and Koichi Tanaka
for many other achievements, he was honoured for their development of soft desorption ionisation
with the Nobel prize in 1909. In 1910 Otto methods for mass spectrometric analysis of
Wallach received the Nobel prize for his pioneering biological macromolecules and the other half to
work in the field of alicyclic compounds which Kurt Wuthrich for his development of nuclear
contributed to the growth of organic chemistry and magnetic resonance spectroscopy for deterrmining
chemical industry. the three-dimensional structure of biological
macromolecules in solution. In 2003, the prize
Ms. Marie Curie, Paris was honoured in 1911
was awarded for discoveries concerning channels
for the discovery of the Radioactive elements,
in cell membranes; one half of the prize to Peter
radium and polonium. Next year this award was
Agre for the discovery of water channels and the
shared by V. Grignard and P. Sabatier,
other half of the prize to Roderick Mackinnon for
Grignard,for the discovery of the Grignard reagent
the structural and mechanistic studies of ion
and Sabatier for his method of hydrogenating
channels. The prize was shared by Aaron
organic compounds in the presence of finely
Ciechanover, Avram Hershko and Irwin Rose in
disintegrated metals. Their contributions have
2004 for the discovery of ubiquitin-mediated
helped the development of organic chemistry in
protein degradation.
later years. Noble prizes awarded in chemistry
later have been mostly for the contribution in the The 2005 award goes to Yves Chauvin
field of organic chemistry as evidenced by the (France), Robert H. Grubbs and Richard R. Schrock
following: Richard Martin Willstatter (1915); (USA) for the development of the metathesis
Heinrich Wieland (1927); Adolf Windans(1929 ); method in organic synthesis.
Sir Walter Haworth (1937); Paul Karrer (1937); Of course, one may not forget to mention
Adolf Butenandt (1939); Leopold Ruzicka(1939); persons who received Nobel prize more than once
Sir Robert Robinson (1947); Kurt Alder (1950); and the field of chemistry has some such examples
Otto Paul Hermann Diels (1950); Hermann to show. The first one is Maria Sklodowska- Curie
Standinger (1953); Linus Carl Pauling (1954); (1911) who had already received the Physics prize
Vincent Du Vigneaud (1955); Robert Woodward in 1903 for her studies on radioactivity, while Linus
(1965); Sir Derek Harold Richard Barton (1969); Pauling (1954) received a second prize in 1962
Sir John Cornforth (1975); Vladimer Prelog (1975); for his peace efforts. Biochemistry is the only field
William N. Lipscomb,Jr. (1976); Herbert Charles which can show a person receiving two Nobel
Brown (1979); George Witting (1979); Roald prizes in Chemistry namely Frederick Sanger who
Hoffmann (1981); Donald James Cram (1987); was honoured in 1958 and 1980.
Jean- Marie Lehn (1987); Charles J. Pedersen
(1987); George A. Olah (1994); Robert F. Curl In chemistry we find compared to other
(1996); Sir Harold W. Kroto (1996); Richard E. disciplines-the broadest range of institutions hosting
Smallay (1996). Nobel prize winners.
So far we have been discussing about the United States is with a ratio of 38.3% of all
contributions of the distinguished chemists who won Nobel prize Laureates, the dominant country.
Nobel prize in the twentieth century. More recently Germany (20.6%) and U. K (17.7%) follow on
it is found that a Nobel prize in one year is shared rank 2 and 3. Undoubtedly the Nobel prize is the
by a group of scientists or more than one group highest honour that a scientist can ever dream of.


Libraries are obselete because reading is But libraries are well organised and well
no more an interesting hobby. This is the arranged place of knowledge, administered by
information technology era . Everything is knowledge managers. Due to technological
obtained on the Internet. explosion, libraries have witnessed a drastic
Has the Internet put an end to the reading change. That is, by the emergence of digital
habit? Serious and conventional reading still libraries, it is nothing but an organised
exists without much changes, though the collection of digitalized materials with no
means and objects may have changed. Harry physical counterpart which can be accessible
Potter, fifth volume [Harry Potter & the Half entirely from a desktop computer. This is the
Blooded Prince] is a good example for this. On fulfillment of the motive of the libraries, ie to
the publishing day itself, amazon.com [world’s provide right information to right users at the
largest online book seller] got above 5 lakhs of right time.
booking for this volume from U.K. itself. Even
The Internet and the world wide web are
though, all newspapers are available in online
not digital libraries. They have provided the
form, nobody is logging on to manorama
impetus and technological environment for
online.com or mathrubhumi.com, early
the development and operations of digital
morning by sipping up a cup of black tea.
libraries. Internet and web are the key
The Internet is not at all an alternative to components of digital libraries. But digital
libraries. Millions of people around the world, libraries are much more than this. A digital
find it amazingly simple to search for any library could be accessible any where, at any
information such as articles on artificial time, in a much richer content and in a more
intelligence, marketing tips for managers, structured manner. Digital libraries facilitate
communication tips, interviewing techniques, better preservation and conservation because
access to matrimonial bureaus and so on. So an accurate copy of an original can be made
it is likely to think ''google is a blessing to available any number of times. They occupy
mankind”. That is why almost all queries are less space and need less man power. They
laid to millions of sites. Among these sites a facilitate a scholar to refer his library, even by
few would be relevant for a particular user. lying in his bedroom. Unlike the Internet,
Due to the abundance of sites, users can’t go digital libraries have navigators- they may be
through all these. It is like an ocean of called librarian, knowledge managers or
knowledge without a navigator. Then how human search engines.
can a user sail through this chaotic condition?
S1 S2 CE

T houghts have great power.

Thoughts are like seeds you plant in your Mind.
The more ypu hold to a particular thought, the more power you invest in it.
Positive thoughts give us energy and strength.
Negative thoughts rob us of power and make us feel tired and strained.
We are by nature - positive.
Negativity is the result of faulty thinking.
You can change if you want to.
You can’t control other people, situations or circumstances,
But you can control what is going on inside you.
It takes time to change those old patterns of thinking.
Be patient with yourself.
It starts with a positive thought.
To All My Friends

S1 S2 EC

I wonder what has happened to me

Because I can Neither drink nor eat.
I miss your smile that brought a smile to my face
And your “Hello” that added colours to my life.

Now you never ring me or remember me

Still you have a special place in my heart.
I close my eyes and see you beside
That’s what you are and you will be for me.

But It’s all over now, because

Now I have understood that
Our lives are like parallel lines
That can Never meet and will never meet.....


If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn.

If he lives with hostility, he learns to fight.
If he lives with fear, he learns to be apprehensive.
If he lives with pity, he learns to feel sorry for himself.
If he lives with jealousy, he learns to feel guilty.
If he lives with encouragement, he learns to be confident.
If he lives with tolerance, he learns to be patient.
If he lives with acceptance, he learns to love.
If he lives with approval, he learns to like himself.
If he lives with fairness, he learns to value justice.
If he lives with honesty, he learns to value truth.
If he lives with security, he learns to have faith in himself and others.
If he lives with friendliness, he learns that the world is a good place to live in.

A human relationship is not a mechanical application of techniques,
it is the key to helping people.


Looking back, I just see the red stone wall behind my back,
Against which I sit reclined.
But gazing dreamily on to it,
Do I not see the past, the years that have gone by?
They’ll never come back because they have flown.......
Then the night comes and I watch the star - studded sky,
The moon’s beams encompass me, and make my spirits high.
Now I see myself as a plump little babe
Kicking its legs and its eyes in spate;
And mother comes running,lifts up her ‘little princess’ in her warm hands
Ah ! Those I must say were the best days of my life.
When every little wish was carried out,
When you could eat anything under the sun,
When you were free to run about and have lots of fun,
When there were no restrictions, no worries, no pains and no gains.
Then the kicking babe grows up,
Into a whining school kid with a satchel,
‘I can’t part from mum’, she yells.
And of course she’s named, ‘the naughtiest girl in school’
Then, through the rain-beaten window pane,
I see mum running behind me with a cane,
As I’d rolled in mud and got wet in the rain!!
Suddenly, I woke up from my trance,
I’m brought back from my dreamy prance.
Then did I realise that I was no longer a child!
But I pray to the Lord even now,
‘Please turn me back into a kid once more,
Bring me back those ages of yore.
let me cuddle into mum’s lap again,
And forget everything else which gives me pain’........
AtΩ AtΩ amas‚ ho´n¬
c≠p-\mƒ t]mbn Rm≥ \n∂n-St´
AΩmbn apt∂ ]d-™n-cp∂p
A∏p-h-s∂s∂ Iq´p-sa∂v C. K. RAVINDRAN
Administrative Assistant
sXt°-sØm-Sn-bnse N°-c-am-hns‚
amºgw Xn∂m≥ sImXn-bm-hp∂p
Im‰Øp hogp∂ amºgw t\Sm≥
Iq´-cp-am-sbmØv t]mbn-Sm-t√m. \o¥n-Øp-Sn°mw apßmw Ipgn-bnSmw
sImbvØp-Ig- n-s™mcm IÆm-‰p-]m-SsØ ]ns∂ sh≈m-c-¶√p s]dp-°oSmw
Bº¬Ip-fØ - n¬ Nq≠-en-Sm≥ ]mSsØ c≠mbv ]Ip-Øp-sIm≠v
A∏phpw Ip´\pw {io°p-´nbpw IqSn t]mIpw sNΩ¨ tdmUn-eqsS
X©-Øn¬t∏mbn ckn-®n-Smt√m ssk°nƒ Nhn´n ]Sp-]m-´p-]mSn
ap‰Øp \n¬°p-∂n-e™n ac-Øn¬ hne-ks´ Rms\≥ tXmg-cp-ambv
AΩm-h≥ sI´nb Du™m-en¬ \K-ca- ≤
- y-Ønse _lp-\ne ^vfm‰n¬
BImiw aps´ Db-c-Øn¬ Pbn-en¬ \ns∂s∂ ]pd-Øp-hnSq
BSn-∏mSn Ifn-°mt√m \K-ch- ¬°-cW - Ø
- n≥ sISp-Xn-bn¬s∏-´o˛
Aßp Ing-°mbv°m-WW {KmaoW \∑-Iƒ t]mboSpw aptº
Ip∂n≥ apI-fn¬ Ib-doSmw Hcp h´w IqSn \pI-cs´ Rms\≥

Iq´-cp-sam-Øm-Ip-∂n≥ \ndp-Ib- n¬ {Kma-Øn≥ imeo\ kuIp-amcyw.
BImiw t\m°n-°n-S-∂o-Smw.
Ip∂n≥sN-cp-hnse ]qt¥-\-cp-hn-bn¬
Iq´-tcm-sSmØp Ifn-®oSmw

au \w XI¿Ø Nmb-°q-´p-I-fn¬
IÆp-\o-cn-‰n‰p hoWp
au\w XI¿Ø kz]v\-ku-[-ß-fn¬ P. N. RAJANARAYANAN
hm°p-Iƒ _‘-\-ÿ-bmbv InS-∂p. Lecturer
inin-c-Øns‚ XWpØ Im‰n-t\m-sSm∏w Electronics & Communication Dept.
Hcp hnjmZw tXß-embv Hfn-®p.
{]nb-ap≈ taml\ kz]v\-ß-sf-∏tgm
au\-Øn≥ I\Ø taem-∏n-sem-fn-t®m-cp-Imew
Hm¿Ω-Iƒ hs∂s∂ ]nd-tIm-´p-h-en-°p-∂p.
lrZ-b-Øn¬ kqcy-\p-Zn-t®m-cp-Imew
IÆns‚ Ipgn-I-fn¬ kz]v\-߃ tImcn-\n-d-t®m-cp-Imew
kz]v\-߃ taml-ß-fmbv Nnd-Ip-s≈mcp IpXn-c-sb-t]m¬
A\¥ hnlm-b- n¬ hnl-cn® t\cw
au\-Øn≥ I\Ø taem∏v s]m´n®v
Db-cp-hm≥ a\- n¬ Ipdn-t®mcp Imew
]nd-In¬ \n∂mtcm hnfn®p
Ccp-´p-hoW tImem-bn-bn¬; DΩ-d-∏-Sn-bn¬;
sNfn-]p-c≠ XnÆ-bn¬; hm¿≤-Iyamw
Ak-ln-jvWp-X-bpsS thcp-Iƒ.
Ipgn-hoW IÆp-I-fn¬ kvt\lm¿{Zamw \\-hp-ambn
Cud≥k-‘y°pw ap‰sØ Xpf-kn°pw
Zo]w sXfn-°p∂ _‘-Øns‚ _‘-\-߃.
\n -lm-bm-h-ÿ-bpsS ]mc-ay-߃
G¥n hen-s™s∂ t\m°p-tºmƒ,
Du¿≤z≥ hen®pw \ndp-ØmsX ]ndp-]n-dp-Øpw,
Ah-ti-jn-°p-∂t√m Poh≥ I≠n´pw ImWmsX ]nd-tIm´v t]mcp-tºmƒ
Iºnfn ]pX-∏n-\-Sn-bn¬ \ns∂s∂ t\m°p-tºmƒ, I¿Ω-sa-t∂m¿Ωn-∏n®v ho≠pw Ime-sa≥ \mh-dp-°p-∂p.
ssIam‰w sNbvX ]q¿∆nI taml-`m-fi-߃ hcnI hcnI au\ta
Fs‚ inc- n-e-a-cp-tºmƒ; ]pW-cpI Fs∂ \o \ns‚ I\Ø `mh-ß-fm¬
am™ knµq-c-߃; NnX-dnb kz]v\-߃; saØ-sbm-cp-°pIsb\n°p \o \ns‚ Bg-ß-fn¬
NnX-e-cn°pw taml-߃; ]d-bmØ hm°ns‚ s]mSn-]n-Sn-s®m-tcm¿Ω-Iƒ
Ccp-´p-]-c°pw tImem-bnbn¬\n∂v Xf¿∂p-d-ßs´ \ns‚ Bg-ß-fn¬
Bbncw IÆp-ambv Fs∂ t\m°p-tºmƒ; Hm¿Ω-Iƒ Xmgn´p C∂p Rm≥ ]Sn-bn-d-ßp-tºm-gpw˛
]Sn IS-°m≥ Hcp-ßp-sa≥ Imep-I-fn¬ then-°-cn-In-embn aµm-c-]p-jv]-߃ ImWp-tºmƒ,
_‘-\-ß-fpsS Nße ]q´v hogp-∂p. \oeIp-dn™n-Iƒ ]qØXp ImWp-tºmƒ,
\ns‚ I¿Ωsat∂m¿Ωn-∏n®v Nn¥-bpsS thc-dp-°p-∂p. FXn¿]m´p tIƒ°p-hm≥ Ipbn-ep-]m-Sp-tºmƒ
\ns‚ tbmK-sa-t∂m¿Ωn-∏n®v Imep-sI-´p-∂p. Hm¿Ω-s∏-Sp-Øp-hm≥ tZim-S-\-]£n ]mSp-tºmƒ
]n∂n¬ \n∂mtcm hnfn-s®∂ t]mses‚ knµqcw Nmen®v k‘y ad-bp-tºmƒ, k‘y-sb˛
Imep-Iƒ ]nd-tIm´p t]mcp-∂p. Nµ\w Nm¿Øp-hm≥ N{µ≥ DW-cp-tºmƒ
Bÿm\ Ip-Xp-InIƒ s]m´n-®n-cn-°p∂p Cud≥ Xtem-S-embv Ipfn¿°m‰p hoip-tºmƒ
Fs‚ taml-ku-[-ß-fpsS hmXn-ep-I-f-S-bp-∂p. Hm¿Ω-Iƒ HmSn-b-W-bp-∂p-≠n-t∏mgpw

IÆn¬\n∂p apXn¿∂ c‡m-{ip-I-W-ßsf sNdnb Xtem-S-emb,v ho≠p-samcp t\mhm-bpw.


A long distance have I come

Travelling through different paths of life
Many dead ends have I come across
Many a time have I seeked the wrong path.

Today, as I am all alone, my mind not free

I could sense the past rushing; a feeling of eerie
All those painful memories, those tragedies
Instances of suffering, incidents of prejudice.
The past is a shadow, so vague
A blur; worse than a dreadful plague
Leaving behind in its trail, a mirage
Of pain and suffering, of humiliation and rage.

Memories are one’s most prized possession.

And when I peek into the past to find that passion.
That memory which could be cherished to the end
All I see is darkness, to the emptiness it blend
Times of misery, remorse and torment.
When have I mourned over the wounds that time couldn’t mend.
I used to have many hopes, many dreams.

But now in my sleep, I could hear the dreadful scream

Of my soul as it tries to extricate
From the very clutches of a horrible fate.

I came to the realisation that in my soul

Endured not but one memory that I can cherish
Not one thought which would make me happy.

Smile is nothing more than a mere mask

To hide the gnawing pain within.
My soul is as black as ebony, pure as a pearl
I found no better words to describe me-The Black Pearl.
\nW-a-Wn-s™-Ønb \Zn-tbm,
aWn-tam-l-\Km\w aqfn,
hrW-hp-am-b-cnsI \n¬°pw MOHAMMED RIYAS A. M.
aW¬°-c-b-tX‰p ]mSn.
cp[n-cw-t]dpw ac-W-°-c-tbm,
A[n-Im-cn-I-fpsS \b-\-Øm¬,
cXv\m-I-c-tam-Smbv tNmZn-®p,
bXv\-an-sX√mw hrY-bmtbm?
ssiew t]mepw inc p Ip\n®p;
^etam \mSn≥ i‡n £bn-®p.
]c-tZ-in-Isf B´n-b-I-‰nb
hoc-∑m-cpsS \mSn≥ KXn-I˛ aÆp Inf®p \S-°p-tºmƒ.-.....
≠Ise \oem-Im-i-Øn-cp∂v F∂psS ho´n¬ hmgpw tZho
a-Is\ ]pW-cm≥ t\m°o tZhn \n∂psS \n{Z-bn¬ \n∂p-W¿∂oSq!
IØn-°p-Øp-Iƒ I≠p aSpØv hmfn≥ Xpºn¬ Poh\p tIgpw
aØp-]n-Sn-s®mcp a\-tam-sS, Afn-X≥ \n\Zw tI´o-Sq.
CØn-cn-sh-´s - Øm-Øn-cn-t\cw sXmgp-I-tømsS \n¬°mw tZhn
IpØn-bn-cn-°m≥ tXm∂o-√. Igp-I-∑m-sc-b-I-‰o-Sq.
hc-≠aÆn¬ hnc-≠] - mZw sshI-ey-߃ am‰n-an-\p°n Cu
]cØn \n¬°m-\m-hn-√. sskI-X-sam∂v hncn-®o-Sq.
ASn-]-X-dm-sX-b-Xn∂p aosX agphpw ]mc-bp-sa√mw \o°n
ASn-b\p \n¬°m≥ Ign-bn-√. Ag-In≥ hkv{X-ap-Sp-∏n-°q.
A¥n-a-bßpw ap≥s]-t]mepw ss\¿Ω-ey-Øn≥ hnØp-hn-X®v
A¥n-°p-cp-S-∑m-cpsS hrµw [¿Ω-Øn≥ IXn¿ sImbvXoSq
a\p-jy-P∑w ISn-®p-Io-dm˛ hniz-an-Xn¬ im¥n kam-[m-\-Øn-\˛
\\p-Zn-\-a-hs‚ sImXn-tb-dn. \iz-c-am-sbmcp Nnd-tI-Iq.
]qhn-∂n-Xfp Nhn-´n-sa-Xn®v
t\mhn-∂m-\-µ-Øn¬ ebn-®v,
F∂psS \mSns\ ]t≠-t]mse
\n∂p-tS-Xm-°n-Øo¿Øo-Sq. #
IÆpw Icfpw I\nhpw \in®v


A s dusk descended upon the quiet streets,

As night opened its dark wings;
Crouched in a corner of an empty street,
Lay asleep a poor hungry lonely child.
I happened to pass by that day,
And stopped for a while to observe the child.
Hunger had caught him in every way,
His ragged clothes calling out his plight.
The day’s rain had also played its role,
In soaking the child from head to toe.
I wondered how he managed to sleep,
For the nights chill bit into the skin too deep.
The swollen eyes on his tear dried face,
Showed the pain of his weeping heart.
I wished I could drive away all his sorrows,
Free him from all his tears.
It was pitiful to see him in distress,
But what could I do for I was myself homeless!

ag s]øp-tºmƒ
\\™ Nnd-Ip-ambv
Hcp Xpºn Nncn-°p∂p ˛ _meyw
\\™v IpXn¿∂v
amß hogp-∂Xpw ImØv˛
Im‰v hoin-Ø-Wp-∏n®
kz]v\-°q-Sv- ˛ -a-\ v
t…‰v XpS-°m≥
hgn-b-cp-In¬ \n∂v
]dn-s®-SpØ ]®-bpsS˛
X≠n¬ \n∂q-dn-bXv ˛ Poh≥
hncn-s™mcp ]qhns‚
Np≠n¬ Icn-h≠v
tImdnb Nn{Xw ˛ PohnXw
Ime-tasd IS-∂n´pw C\nbpw
Xpcp-ºn-°mØ hm°v ˛ {]Wbw
ao\n-t\mSv ]d™,
]d-™mepw XocmØ IY ˛ acWw


- s
- ft∂ t]mbv Xpe-™p.....
ac-hn®p t]msb≥ _p≤nbpw `mh-\bpw......
Aa¿∂p Rm≥ imkv{X-Øn≥ Icm-f-l-kvX-Øn¬,
C∂p Rm≥ Xnc-bp∂p F∂nse Fs∂-Øs∂!
tI´p Rms\m-cp-]mSv aÆn≥ Ncn{Xw
]t£, tI´-tX-bn√ Rm≥ ]pXp-a-Æn≥ K‘-kp-J-sØ-∏‰n
\oscm-gpIpw thKX Rm\-f-s∂m-cn-°¬
AXn-sem-fn°pw cmK-ta-sX∂p tNmZn® Rm≥ Xncp-a≠n
\£-{X-Øn≥ LS-\t- bmXn imkv{Xw,
F∂n´pw, imkv{Xw ]d-™n√o \£-{X-߃ {]W-bZ - q-Xs
- c-∂v...
\pW-°Y - I
- ƒ ]eXpw ]d™p ^en-∏n®p KWn-Xi - m-kv{Xw,
taL-߃ ]™n-s°-´p-Is - f-∂m¬ ]pXn-sbmcp ^en-Xa- t{X!
hc®v kuµ-cy-am-kz-Zn®p iuNy-Kr-l-Øn¬ t]mepw
Adn-™n√ Cuiz-c≥ hc® P∑-Kr-l-Øn≥ kuµcyw
]Tn-∏n®p alm-ku-[ß - ƒ Xo¿°m≥˛
Im‰p-I-fn°pw Ac-bm-en≥ XW-e-dn-bm-Ø-h¿ Ch¿
]√n-fn®v ImWn®p Ãoepw tIm¨{Io‰pw
F≥ a\- mSpw Xmfi-ha- d - n-bmsX
aXn-{`-an-s®∂p ]d™p ]ecpw
kzbw ac-hn®p Rm\-Xn¬ \n›ew
C\n-sbmcp tamN-\s- a-\n-t°-Ic - ptX!
# C∂o Nß-e-I-sf-\n°p Iq´p-Im¿!


Im¨hm- \ m- I p- ∂ n√ Cs∂≥ Hcp t\m°p Z¿in- ° m≥ h∂nXm

{]nb tXmgs\ _‘p- a n- { Xm- Z n- I ƒ
It≠- b n- c n- ° p- t ºm- f - d n- ™ n√ I≠p aS- ß p- t ºmƒ angn- I ƒ \\- ™ n´pw
Cu \·- k - X yw. hmhn- ´ - e - ® n´pw
F{Xtbm Ime- a mbv F∂n- ´ p- a pƒs°m- ≈ p- h m- \ m- I p- ∂ n√m
H∂m- b n- c p- ∂ n- ´ p- s at¥ Cu \·- k Xyw
Hcp t\m°p ImWp- h m- \ m- I p- ∂ n√m th¿s∏´p t]mb- X mWo
Hcp hm°p t]mep- a - h ≥ {]nb- t Xm- g - s \∂
Dcn- b m- S n- b n√m {Iqc kXyw
Hcp t\m°p ImWp- h m≥ I≠pw Ic-™pa-h¿ thZ\ Xo¿°p-tºmƒ
I¨Xp- d - ∂ n√m H∂n- \ p- a m- I msX H∂p- a - d n- b msX
\n{Z- b n- e m- ≠ - h ≥ GIm- ¥ - \ mbv Rm\n- c n- ° p- ∂ p.
angn- I ƒ AS- ® nXm ho≠p- s a- ∂ - W - b p- s a∂p \n\®v
XocmØ \n{Z- b n¬ {]Xo- £ n®p Rm\n- c n- ° p∂p
im¥- a m- b - W - b p- ∂ p. th¿]m- S n- s ∂mcp thZ- \ - b m- I m- s X.

sa‰¬ jo‰p-IƒsIm≠v at\m-l-c-amb ta¬°qc
A¥m-cm-j{S \ne-hm-c-ap≈ Tile Profile Sheet -Iƒ HmSns‚ BIr-Xn-bn¬, hnhn[ \nd-ß-fnepw hep-∏-
Ønepw e`n-°p-∂p. hne-bn¬ Xmc-Xt- ay\ Ipd-hp≈ Cu jo‰p-Iƒ ]m¿iz-`n-Øn-Iƒ°pw ta¬°q-cI- ƒ°pw
`wKn-tb-Ip∂p F∂p am{X-a√ sSd- n\p apI-fn¬ NqSpw, tNm¿®bpw XS-bp-∂-Xn\pw D]-tbm-Kn-°p-∂p.

George Metals
akthan Thampuran Nagar
Sakthan Nagar,,
Near Heart Hospital, Thrissur - 680 001
Phone :0487 - 2443503, 2423453,
2443097, 2426914. FFax
ax : 0487 - 2429709.
Mob :9846033040, 9846080709

Trade enquiries in unrepresented areas solicited

ents of:
t complim
With bes

Manufacturers of Process Control Instruments

1. Oscilloscopes (Analog & Digital/STORAGE) 10 MHZ to 2 GHZ
2. Digital/Analog Multimeter. 1. Digital temperature Indicators/Controllers.
3. Linear/SMPS Power Supplies (variable, Fixed & Multi o/p) 2. Thermocouples & RTT.
4. Function & Signal Generater 3. Digital Speed Indicators/Controllers.
5. Decade Resistance/Capacitance/Inductance Boxes. 4. Digital Process Timer/Counter 4/5/6 (µµp Based)
6. Digital/Linear IC Trainer Kits
7. MicroProcessor Kit 8085/8086/8088 5. Digital Panel meters (All types)
98 Digital/Linear IC Tester.
8. 6. Inductive type proximity sensors/capacitive/Optical sensors.
#12, 7th Crs, 3rd Mn, Brindavan Nagar, Mathikere, B’lore - 054. Tel Fax : +91-80-23472659. Mob : +91 98451 21558. Email : addblr@sify.com. Website : www.addblr.com
Applied Electronics &
Instrumentation Dept.

Cu d-\m¿∂ Ccp≠ CS-\m-gn-s°m-Sp-hn¬,

Cu kv^SnI hmXn- e n¬ Hcp Nph∂ Ipcnip
AXn- \ p- a - ∏ pdw \n≥ \odp∂ ta\n, ]mXn- b - S ™
angn- I ƒ, \n≥ [a- \ n- I - f n- t e- s °m- g p- I p∂ sN∂nWw
tcmK- Ø n≥ cq£KŸw Xnßn- h n- ß p- a n- h n- s S,
ImØn- c n∏q Rm≥, \n≥ Ic- N - e - \ - Ø n- \ m- b n.
\n{Z- s bm- g n- t ™mtcm cmhpw ]Iepw
s\dp- I nse Ip¶p- a - Ø n≥ Imh- e m- f mbn
GI- b m- b n, \n∂- c n- I n¬ \n¬°- s h,
Hcp- \ mƒ, B ip{` hkv{Xw [cn- ® - h ≥.
lrZb- Ø n≥ \mZw tIƒ°p- ∂ - h ≥
]d- b p- I - b mbn \n≥ kv]µ\w \ne- ® p- s h- ∂ v.
taml- Ø n≥ Nn√p- ] m{Xw DS- ™ pthm?
\mw s]dp- ° nb Ip∂n- a - W n- I fpw NnX- d ntbm?
Cu ]pXp- a - Æ n≥ K‘hpw AI- ∂ pthm?
\n»- _ vZ- a m- h p- I tbm Cu Ipbn- e p- I fpw?
H∂n®p hµn®p {]`m- X - ß - s f√mw, C\n
Hm¿Ω- X ≥ IS- e n¬ AkvX- a n- ° - b m- b n.
\mw Xpg- s ™mcm taml- Ø n≥ Ifn- h ≈w
Zni- b n- √ m- X - e - b p- I - b mbo C∂o IÆo¿°- S - e n¬.
aßnb Nn{X- i - e `w IWs° ]d- ° p- I ,
\obn\n hnlm- b -   n¬ Db¿∂p ]d- ° p- I .
\nXy- X - b psS ]q°ƒ ]p¬I- s h, t\mhns√m
cn°- e pw, C\n im¥n- X ≥ a[p- \ p- I - c pI \o.
hk¥w h∂n- √ , Ip™p- ] q- ° ƒ hncn- ™ n√
angn- \ o¿∏q- ° ƒ hncn- b pao ]q¶m- h - \ - Ø n¬
ImØn- c n- ∏ q, Zn\- s a- Æ n- b n- c n- ∏ q.
Rm≥ \n≥ Acn- I n- s e∂p hcp- s a- t ∂m¿Øp.
Mechanical Dept.

]dbq {]nb-k-Xyta \o ]dbq \o˛

sb≥ tNmZy-߃s°√mw DØcw ]dbq
BcmWo `qansb NqSp-tNm-c-bn¬ K‘-a-Wn-bn-®Xv
`qansb kr-jvSn-s®-∂m-tcm-]n-°p-s∂m-cm-]n-Xr-°tfm?
AtXm ]≠hpw ]Whpw NpSp-tNm-cbpw \¬In
]nXr-°sf krjvSn-s®mco aqV-a¿Øytcm?
{]Ir-Xn-X≥ krjvSnsb ssZh-Øn≥ t]¿sNm√n
Cu [cWn bp≤-°-f-am-°n-b-Xm-sc∂v
]dbq {]nb-k-Xyta ]dbq \o
]dbq {]nb-k-Xyta F≥ ]nXr-Xz-Øn-\-h-Im-in-bmw
Nne¿ ]d-bp∂p Ch-\mWv \n≥ ]nXm-sh∂v
Nne¿ ]d-bp∂p Ch-\mWv \n≥ ]S-®-h-s\∂v
a‰p Nne¿ ]d-bp∂p Cu Icnw-I-√mWv \n≥ krjvSn
CXn-teXp Z¿i-\-Øn-eq-sS-bmWv Rm≥
k©-cn-t°-≠-sX∂v ]dbq {]nb-k-Xyta ]dbq \o
{]IrXn X≥ kXy-ßsf ssZh-Øn≥ IÆneqsS
t\m°p-s∂mco a¿Øy-k-¶¬∏-ß-fn-eq-sStbm
AtXm {]Ir-Xn-X≥ kXy-߃ a¿Øy-t\-{X-ß ˛c-‡-km-£n-bm-Ip-hmt\m
-fn-eqsS t\m°p-s∂mcm ]dbq {]nb-k-Xyta ]dbq \o
\· bmYm¿∞y-ß-fn-eq-sStbm F¥n-\mbv Rms\≥ c‡ao aÆn-sem-gp-°Ww
]dbq {]nb-k-Xyta \o ]dbq ]nXr-°ƒ°-h-Im-i-s∏-Sm-\¿l-X-bn-√m-sØmco
Rmt\Xp hgn-Øm-c-bn-eq-sS-bmWv k©-cn-t°˛ kz¿§-an-√msX \cIw krjvSn-°p-hmt\m
≠Xv ]dbq \o ]dbq AtXm \]pw-k-Iamw a¿Øy¿
]dbq {]nb-k-Xyta ]dbq \o kzm¿∞amw kz]v\-߃ ]Sp-Øp-b¿Øp-hm-\mbv
Rm\o `qanbn¬ ]nd-∂-tXXp I¿Ø-hy-Øn-\m-sW∂v Xs‚ kz]v\-߃ th´-bm-Sp-tºmƒ
]dbq \o ]dbq \n»-_vZ-cmbv t\m°n \n¬°p-s∂mcm
{]Ir-Xn-X≥ ]nXr-XzsØ Ah-K-Wn-®p-sIm≠v \n¿`mKy tkmZ-c¿°p th≠ntbm
s]‰-Ω-X≥ `qansb A¶-Ø-´m°n am‰n ]dbq {]nb-k-Xyta ]dbq \o B clkyw
]nXr-Xz-Øn≥ AkvXnXzØn-\mbv XΩn¬ XΩn¬ Ime-߃ X≥ bh-\n-I-bn¬
t]mcmSn kzb-an-√m-sX-bm-Ip-hmt\m C\n-bpam clkyw Hfn-∏n®p hbv°msX
AtXm acp-`q-an-bn¬ s]bvXn-d-ßp-s∂mcm ]dbq \o {]nb-k-Xyta ]dbq \o ]dbq
ag-Øp-≈n-Isf C\nbpw sshIn-bm¬ \c-I-Øn≥ Xpey-am-sbmcm
h¿≤n® Zml-tØmsS Bhm-ln-s®-Sp-°ps∂mcm ]nXr-°ƒ X≥ k¶¬∏-ßfpw
aW¬Ø-cn-Isf t]m¬ c‡-°-dbpw am{X-am-bn-cn°pw tijn∏q Cu
a¿Øy¿ X≥ tNmc-°mbv Zmln-°p-s∂mco kz¿§ob `qan-bn¬....
k¶¬∏ ]nXr-°ƒs°-Xn-cmbv t]mcmSn hoc˛

Hm¿Ω-Iƒ°v ac-W-an-s√-s∂≥ kJn ]d™p

Hm¿Ω-I-fnem t\cns‚ cq]hpw `mhhpw
NnI™p Rms\-t∂m¿Ω-I-fn-te-°q-fn-bn-´p.
Imev]-\n-I-X-bpsS temIØp \n∂-hƒ hs∂≥ ssI]n-Sn˛
t®m¿Ω-I-fpsS ImWm-°-b-Øn-te-s°s∂ sIm≠p-t]m-Ip-∂p.
XnÆ s]m´nb hmI-a-c-Øn≥ Nph-´n¬
\n≥ ]mZ-kz-c-Øn≥ kzchpw ImØv
ap√-sam-´p-I-fn-e-g-Im¿∂ \n≥ aµ-kvan-Xhpw ImØ˛
£a-\mbn Rm\n-cp-∂n-cp-∂Xpw
Nn¥-Iƒ sImSpw ImSp-I-bdpw t\c-a-hƒ
hs∂≥ Nmsc-bn-cp-∂Xpw
Hcp sNdnb I≈-∏n-W-°-a-hƒt°In ]cn-`hw \Sn-®Xpw
AXp-I≠p \o sIm©n-∏n-W-ßn-bXpw
Ccpƒ hogm≥ XpS-ßn-sbm-cn-S-\m-gn-bn-eqsS \mw
kz]v\-߃ ]¶p-sh-®p-\-S-∂Xpw
Fs‚bpw \ns‚bpw kpJ˛Zpx-J- `m-c-߃
\Ωp-tS-Xm°n am‰n-bn-cp-∂-Xpw,
Hcp km¥z\ kv]¿i-ambn \n≥ap-Sn-bn-Xƒ Xtem-Sn-bXpw Ime-߃ ambv°m≥ Xp\n-s™mcm
BZy-ambv \n≥ ta\n-bn-se≥ kv]¿i-\-ta-‰-t∏mƒ hnImc \n¿`-c-tam¿Ω-Iƒ, ambmsX
\o tImcn-Ø-cn-®Xpw a\- nse aWn-s®-∏n-sem-fn-∏n-®p.
\n\°p \¬Im-\mbv am{X-sa≥ IpSn-em-¶-W-Øn¬ hnS ]d-bm≥ t\cw,
Rm≥ \´ sNº-\n-\o¿ Xøn¬ \osb\n-t°-Inb hmSnb sNº-\n-\o¿ ]qhnse
BZy-ambv hncn™ ]\n-\o¿ ]pjv]w sImgn™p hoWn-cp∂ ss\¿a-ey-Z-f-ß-fn-eqsS
\n\t°In-b-t∏mƒ \ΩpsS taml-ßfpw C√m-Xm-hp∂p Fs∂≥
BZy-k-Ωm-\-ambv \osb≥ Ihn-fn¬X∂ a\ p a{¥n-®p.
kvt\lm¿{Z-am-sbmcm NpSp-Npw-_-\hpw ]s£,
NpSp-\n-izm-khpw F√mw ad-°m-s\-\n-t°-Inb hc-Zm-\-a-t∏m-tg°pw
Rm\n-∂p-tam¿°p∂p hgn-bn-se-hn-sStbm \jvS-s∏-´n-cp-∂p.



hnP-\ao hoYn-bn¬ \nXyhpw


au\w ab-ßp∂ \nanjßfn¬

Ae-bp∂ Im‰ns‚ Adn-bmØ ioep-Iƒ

{ipXn-teb `wKn-bmbn ImXn¬ apg-ßth

Hm¿Øp-t]m-Ip∂p Rm≥ ]n∂n-´-h-gn-Ifpw

hgn-Iƒ X≥ HmcsØ Pohn-X-k-Xy-hpw.

\nXy-ap-J-߃ X≥ Xoc-Øp-\n∂p Rm≥

Bcmcpw Adn-bmsX bm{X-bm-bn. C‰n-®tXm hnj-Xp-≈nbpw

HSp-hneo ]mX-X≥ NmcØp \n¬°p∂p Adn-bmØ hoYn-bn¬ Ah-sc-s∂sb-dn™p.

Ac-bm-en≥ tNmsS-\n-bv°p-ambn Adn-bm-Ø-sXm-s°bpw A\p-`-hn®p

Adn-bp∂p Rms\≥ I\-hnse `mchpw k]vX-h¿Æ-Øn≥ \nd-°q´v Nm¿Ønb

Ben-e-Xm-e-Øn¬ Bflmhv ]¶p-h-®-∂-h¿ amcn-hn¬ tim` Rm≥ tI´-dn-™p.

HmXnb hm°p-Ifpw ""\obm-Wv, \obmWv Poh≥ t{]b- nbmw \n≥ ZpxJ-Øn≥ Bgw

\o Xs∂-bm-sW≥ Pohn-Xhpw''. KZvKZ IWvT-Øm-e-dn-bp∂p Rm≥

hm\n≥ aSn-bnse Icn-ta-L-°q-´-߃ IÆo¿ XpS-bvt°-≠-sX-hn-sS-sb-∂-dn-bn√

IW-ß-fm-bn, h¿j-ß-fmbn tImcn-Ø-cn-∏n® bm{Xm-samgn sNm√p∂p ho≠pao ]Yn-I≥.

B\µ thf-bn¬ ImXn¬∏d™p \o sas√˛ Adn-bmØ Pohn-X-k-Xy-߃ tXSp-hm≥

""\n∂-¥-cw-K-Øn¬ XpSn-∏p-Iƒ I≠ Rm≥ Bflm-`n-am\w hn‰∂w sXc-bp∂

F{Xtbm `mKy-ap-≠m-b-hƒ''. Bflm-°ƒ \nd-bp∂ sXcp-hp-I-fn¬

\ng-enepw, \o‰enepw, kz]v\-Ønepw, Ime-N-{I-Øns‚ Xncn-b-en¬ temIhpw

a\ pw Xncn-s™mcp \mfns‚b¥y-Øn¬

F¥n-s\≥ Pohn-Xhpw \o Xs∂-bm-bn-cp-∂p.

Xqsh≈ {]X-e-Øn¬ tImcnb Nn{Xtam Adn-bp∂p Rms\≥ Nmc-Øn-cp-∂-hƒ

\n≥ aqKvk-em-h-Wy-hpw. \obm-bn-cp∂p \o Xs∂-sb≥ ]qØpºn

]mX-Iƒ ]n∂n´v Xf¿∂p Rm≥ \n∂p A∂p \mw ]ncn-bp-tºmƒ sas√ \o

]Yn-Is‚ bm{X-bn¬, PohnX bm{X-bn¬ ""ImØn-cnbv°pw Rm≥ \msf-{X-bm-bmepw

cma-I-Y-bnse koX-sb-t∏m¬''.

Ae-bp∂ t{]X-߃ Ae-bp∂ cm{Xn-bn¬

\nµy-cq-]-߃°v Rm≥ Iog-Sßn ]mdn-∏-d-°p∂ Iq¥-en≥ D≈n¬ hmSn-°-cn™

Ah-scs‚ IÆp-I-fn¬ hnjw Ie¿Øn a\- n¬ {]Xo-Iamw ]mcn-Pm-X-Øn≥

Zmlw he-®-sb≥ IWvT-Øn¬ CXƒ Xs∂-b-s√tbm \n≥ Pohn-Xhpw.



O ur
teen Cricket life
Ceases with a wife
on 20th or 30th overs
when we are all jobbers .

In the bribe-blaming pressure

lively batsman fail to fetch treasures.
The pressure of family balls, red
and the tr easures of livelihood, bread.

When balls bounce over the head

They hook it over the first night bed .
When balls swing to abdomen, hot
They kneel to play the sweeping shot .

When balls york to the toes, bottom

They drive st raight with mind rotten .
When balls turn to the offside end
They pull bat for a future mend.

At last, but.......................
It struck the life ball out
and makes the males “ALL OUT!”
And in the bribe-blaming pressures
lively batsman, fail to fetch treasures.....

I start my day by sitting on a chair,

Giving my monitor a hard, cold stare,
By evening I’m done with another coding,
Oh! This has become a routine so boring.

Like all, I entered this field with great hope,

Jobs were many and there was plenty of scope,
Dreams of joining the likes of Gates,
And a chance to make money in the States.

Thus, I entered the world of bytes,

Only to realize that reality bites,
‘Coz a programmer’s life, isn’t all that cozy,
The bed of software, isn’t all that rosy.

Seeing the monitor all day and night,

Have taken the power off my eye sight,
Late to bed and late to rise,
Has made me wealthy, but not healthy and wise.

Working holidays, busy weekends,

No time for family, no time for friends,
My job steals most of my time,
Helplessly, I watch this crime.

Just for bits of money,

I forego those moments with my Honey,
When I should be out, having fun,
I’m telling a comp, what’s to be done.

I hate U, yet I can’t get away,

‘Coz, I need the money U pay,
God, to thee I pray,
If there be one-show me the way.
tamln-®n-Sp∂p Rm\n∂p shdpsX
_meyw Ih¿s∂-SpØ Ime-߃
cmhn≥ \n»-_vZ-X-bn¬ ambmsX
hmk¥ eXnI ]fp¶p _meyw
Ime-Øn≥ GIm¥ tImWn¬
AS¿∂n-Sm-sXbo Hm¿Ω-s®-∏nepw
{]Ir-Xn-bn≥ hc-Zm-\-ao-`q-hn-te°n
dßn-Sp-∂n∂p ]mcn≥ s]m∂p-j- n¬
]mdn ]d-°p-∂bo h¿Æ-i-e`w
t]msesb≥ _meyao ]mcn¬ BSn
{]Ir-Xn-bn≥ hc-Zm-\ao Xcp
Pe-s]mSn ]S-em-Zn-I-fn-teXpw S5 CE
Ipfn-tcm-Sn-]-g-In-bn-cp-∂Xp t]mepw
am[p-cyao Infn-Iƒ X≥ KoXhpw
Ipfn¿a-tb-Ip-∂bo ssii-h-ß-fn¬
kzmX-{¥y-a¿ln-°pam iIp-\n-Iƒ X≥
\`- n≥ afi-e-Øn-se-∂-t]m-sebn
_mey-߃ {]Ir-Xn-bn≥ hc-Zm-\-a-Æn¬
AΩ-tbm-sSmØp \S-°m≥ ]Tn-®Xpw
]n® ]n® sh®p \S-∂-I-∂Xpw
aÆn≥ ^e߃ km£n-Iƒt]mepw
{]]-©-`w-Kn-bn¬ `qhn¬ A∂p
sX∂n hoWXpw Ic-™Xpw
hnkvabw ]qIn-Sp∂p kvacn-®n-Sp-In¬ sX{XtbmtamZao amXm-]n-Xm-thm-sSmØv
Hc-Ω-X≥ \mhn¬ \n∂q-dn˛ Hcp Poh-Xao _mey-Im-e-ß-fn¬
Cu ]qsam-´n-\m-in-j-a-\-s®-∏n¬ AkvX-an-®o-Spao am\-h-Øp-Sn-∏p-I-fn¬
Xgp-Io-Sp-∂-g-In\hXm-camw IY-Ifpw DZn-®p-b-cpao hm¿Xn-¶ƒ t]msebpw
]pecn X≥ Znhm-Ic Inc-W-ßfo hnS¿∂p hcpao ]qsam-´p-t]m-sebpw
a™n≥ ]p¬X-In-S-bn¬ t]msebo tim`n®nSp-∂bo \njvI-f-¶-_meyw
tImcI NnØ-Øn¬ Xg-Ip∂p AS¿∂p hogp∂ am\-k-s®-∏p-I-fn¬
B\µ ]p¬Ø-In-S-bn¬ InSØn hnÆn≥ Ia-\o-bamw ]q¿tÆ-µp-sXm´p
Xmcm-´p-ambn \n{Z-bn-em-°n-Sp-s∂m-c-Ωbpw W¿Øn-Spao \dp-tX≥ kpK-‘-_meyw
hm’-ey-\n-[n-bm-WobΩX≥ Aw_c Xmc-I-߃ km£n-I-fm-Ith
Ic-Øn-en´v sas√ Xgp-Inbpw Ac-hnµapIpfw am™p-t]m-Ip-∂pthm?
IY-I-fp-c-sN-bvXp-d-°o-Sp-∂p-bo-b-Ω. Ime-Øn≥ I\-I-\n-emth ambmsX
Dd-ßp-∂pbo hm’-ey-a-Sn-Ø-´n¬ \osb≥ _meyw XncnsI Xcptam?
kpc-£-tbm-sSbo Ipcp-∂p-_meyw shdp-sX-bo-tam-l-sa-∂-dn-™n´pw B hk¥w
`mKy-an-tX-Ipao ssZh Icp-X-en¬ Hcp h´w- IqSn, shdp-sX,
\nXy-kp-c-£-bmeo ssiihw shdp-sX-sbmcp tamlw!
aµ-am-cp-X-\mbo XmX≥ X≥ km∂n-[y-hpao


Mother’s harmonious voice called out wild, He is polluting you with fumes of death,
come back - come back my child He is ruling you from head to depth,
Her voice is with a rhythmic strain, You are put to struggle in depravity,
Haunting waves of sadness - all in vain, As he prowls along with cruelty.
But the child - mischievous child, But still Oh! mother your pious mind
Has his ears deaf and vision blind. Confers him a chance to respire in your mind.

The rising sun tells the story And still you, mother shall surely witness
Past fury and the glory. death of your son, who is rushtless.
Golden moon crawls through all night He will pinch himself off with anguish,
And dreams along amidst day light. and hence forever perish.
Timid trees, meadows and the greenery Neither a relic nor fossil.
All spellbound by your maternity. Shall survive that ferocious struggle.
The mist, the fog and tiny dew drops.
Melts the heaviest of the rocks. This will be the prize
Mother you are beautiful, of your deed - the mistake.
With sections of life - bountiful. Yes you committed a mistake.
You made him think
But still your mistake haunts you, You gave him brain
One of your sons has betrayed you. You made him earn food
He walks along challenging you With no pain
Destroying blossoms anew. You made him survive,
He persuades you to change adapt - adapt, this is your mistake
But you never change a bit. your lone misdeed.

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bnepw Ah≥ G®p-Iq´n. ]t£ B G®p-sI´v apg-®n-cn-°p-∂Xv IrXn-Iƒ cNn-°p-∂-h-cpsS FÆhpw Ipd-h√ F¶nepw ae-bmfw
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Ah≥ ImWp-∂n-√.
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amXr-`m-j-bn-ep-≈ {]mKev`yw h¿≤n-°pI hgn Nn¥m-i-‡n- bm-fn-Iƒ XpS-ßpw. amXr-`m-jsb Xnc-kvI-cn-°p-∂-h≥ kzbw Bflm-
bmWv hf-cp-∂-Xv. Adn-hns\ kzmwio-I-cn-°-W-sa-¶nepw Adn-™-Xn- lpXn sNøp-I-bm-sW-∂Xv A¿≤-cm{Xn IpS-]n-Sn-°p∂ Ch¿ a\- n-
\p-a-∏p-d-tØ°v a\- ns\ B\-bn-°-W-sa-¶nepw amXr-`m-jbvt° Ign- em°n hcp-∂-tX-bp-≈q. F√m ae-bm-fn-Ifpw B kXyw a\- n-em°n
bp-I-bp≈q F∂Xv \n w-ibw Dd-∏n-°m-hp-∂-Xm-Wv. Ign-bp-tºmƒ ae-bm-f-Øn\p \√ Imew ]nd-t∂°mw!
In our day-to- day life we often come across the situations where we get the knowledge of an event before
it happens or become aware of something that is out of sight, or can read what another person thinks etc. This
happens without the use of any of our five senses. Hence we call this ability as Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)
which literally means 'awareness outside the senses’. Some people also call it as 'sixth sense’.
But the scientists as well as psychologists are not unanimous about the existence of ESP. The controversy is
that this phenomenon can be explained in other ways and Science has not been able to either explain or prove
this. Branch of Science which deals with the phenomena which are happening without obeying any of our
natural principles is called ‘Parapsychology’. In 20th century research into parapsychology was also conducted
at some universities, notably at Duke University under J .B. Rhine and he has published a book named Extra
Sensory Perception.
There are four basic areas of experiments in the field of extra sensory perception. The experiments involved,
telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and psychokinesis. The ESP researchers use a special deck of cards which
contains certain symbols.
In telepathy experiment a person tries to read the mind of other person. Telepathy involves sending of thoughts,
feelings or knowledge from one person to another without any apparent medium. Clairvoyance is the state of
being mentally aware of something that is out of sight . Precognition is the knowledge of an event by means of
telepathy or clairvoyance before it happens.Psychokinesis is the psychological control of physical objects. For
example while tossing the coin a person might concentrate on the heads and cause it to appear.
It is said that all people do not possess such powers to see truth directly without reasoning. The scientists
have been studying this phenomenon because they feel it has enormous potential for a fruitful research. For
example a person with ESP abilities might be able to predict future wars, locate valuable mineral deposits or even
accomplish other things of great importance.
S1 S2 CE

Mechanical Dept.

1. Set your targets in advance and do planned 15. Spell out your ideas and reactions clearly and
preparation. substantiate your view points with logical
arguments and facts.
2. Kindly check up about whatever you have given
in your bio-data. 16. Look at the interviewer as you speak to him or
3. If you are able to form a group and organize
interpersonal discussions and make interviews it 17. Cultivate the faculty of speaking English fluently.
could be a good idea . What ever be, what is 18. Never form a rigid opinion on any issue.
required is exuberant confidence.
19. By being flexible you will win the art of adjustment
4. Familiarize yourself with the data you have in life, a quality of leadership which the interview
provided for your bio-data. board will admire.
5. Mentally figure out questions flowing from the bio- 20. A candid confession is far superior to any attempt
data. of bluffing.
6. Make a thorough self-assessment of yourself 21. Develop the courage to express your views with
before appearing for the interview. candour.
7. Prepare your own notes and do mock interviews. 22. Develop presence of mind.
8. Appear for the interview in a cool, composed and 23. Update your knowledge.
relaxed manner and do display your confidence
and courage. 24. Your ideas on any subject should be well
9. Knock at the door and enter as soon as you are
invited for the interview. 25. You should familiarize with your hobbies.
10. When you enter the interview remain relaxed and 26. Be honest about assessing your weak points.
be yourself. 27. Demonstrate in every way that you are eminently
11. The impression you create is given as much as suited for the job you have applied .
by, how you look and behave, as by what you say 28. Anyone who wants to achieve success in interviews
and this very definitely includes what you say. should have a positive frame of mind.
12. Try to appear in your best at the interview. Well 29. Interview is not a test of knowledge alone, but an
groomed hair, well ironed dress and well polished acid test of your personality.
shoes with a natural smile on your face is
preferable to turn up for the interview. 30. Lastly, ''Remember knowledge in itself is a part of
your personality and that knowledge inspires
13. Your appearance would convey whether you have confidence - the very essence of personality.'' This
taken the interview seriously or not. personality cannot be built overnight or over a
14. Be cool, be attentive, get to the core of the question span of a few weeks. So take pains to inculcate
and give your own view points. certain unique and distinct personality traits.

Mathematics Dept.

In simple words, ‘ATTITUDE’ is the way in which Two frogs were travelling together to a distant
we look at the world around us and react to it. The place. On the way they happened to fall into a vessel
word may seem to be very simple and is most half filled with curd. Both of the them tried and it
neglected by most of us. But, when we try to know was almost certain that the height was beyond their
about it, we realize our whole life whether A reach. Knowing this one frog said “What is the use
SUCCESS OR FAILURE, WHETHER POPULAR OR of trying again, I cannot jump any more”. But the
UNPOPULAR depends on our attitude. other frog said, “No, I will try till my last breath”.
After sometime, the frog that was lying idle died. The
Attitude is of two types “Positive and Negative”.
other frog that was trying to escape realised this fact,
To illustrate this, take an example. Two students
but did not lose hope and did not waste any time in
named Positive and Negative were walking along a
mourning his friend’s death but continued with his
street. They saw a rose flower. Positive said, “Aah!
effort. Finally after sometime a ball of butter was
What a beauty” But Negative said, “What is the use,
formed. When it became big enough, the frog
it doesn’t last for more than a day”. Try to analyse
jumped standing on the butter ball and at that golden
this situation. All of us have gone through similar
moment it succeeded. The frog that added the
experiences. Like the Positive, many of us appreciate
positive attitude to its effort succeeded gloriously. The
the beauty of the rose flower. The Negative aspect
frog with the negative attitude died a miserable death.
of the situation is given less importance and we
So from this story we learn that,
uphold the positive side and enjoy that. But people
with negative attitude, thinking of the bad outcome ''ALWAYS A POSITIVE ATTITUDE GIVES A
forget to enjoy the present beauty and throughout BOOST TO OUR EFFORTS.''
their lives only worry about what should not happen.
From the first story, you learnt that Positive
ADVANTAGES OF BEING POSITIVE AND thinking brings happiness and from the second
DISADVANTAGES OF BEING NEGATIVE COULD BE example you learnt that Positive attitude helps us to
BEST LEARNT FROM THE STORY OF TWO FROGS. succeed even in trivial situations.


1. Don’t worry about knowing people just 18. If a friend makes a mistake, don’t rub it in... rub

make yourself worth knowing. it out.

2. Friends are those rare people who ask how 19. Deal with other’s faults as gently as if they were
we are and then wait to hear the answer. your own.
3. If you can buy a person’s friendship, it is not 20. People are judged by the company they keep
worth it. and the company they keep away from.
4. True friends have hearts that beat as one. 21. A friend is a person who can step on your toes
5. If you cannot think of any nice things to say without messing your shine.
about your friends, then you have the wrong 22. The best mirror is an old friend.
friends. 23. The best possession one may have is a true friend.
6. Make friends before you need them. 24. Make friendship a habit and you will always have
7. If you were another person, would you like friends.
to be a friend of yours? 25. You will never have a friend if you must have
8. A good friend is one who neither looks down one without faults.
on you nor keeps up with you. 26. Doing nothing for your friends results in having
9. Be friendly with the folks you know... If it no friends to do for.
weren’t for them you would be a total 27. Anyone can give advice, But a real friend will
stranger. lend a helping hand.
10. A friend is never known till he is needed. 28. You can make more friends by being interested
11. Friendship is a responsibility...not an in them than trying to have them be interested
opportunity. in you.
12. Friendship is the cement that holds the world 29. A real friend is a person who, when you ’ve made
together. a fool of yourself, lets you forget it.
13. Friends are those who speak to you after 30. A friend is a person who listens attentively while
others don’t. you say nothing
14. The reason a dog has so many friends is that 31. You can buy friendship with friendship, but never
he wags his tail and not his tongue. with dollars.
15. Pick your friends, but not to pieces. 32. True friends are like diamonds, precious but rare;
16. A friend is one who puts his finger on a fault false friends are like autumn leaves, found
without rubbing it in. everywhere.
17. The way to have friends is to be willing to 33. A friend is someone who thinks you’re a good
lose some arguments. egg even though you’re slightly cracked.


A Divine Gospel for the Mankind !

The Bhagwad Gita is the divine gospel gifted by live without work. Self realisation is possible even by a
India to the world, to all human beings. The Gita does man of action who does his duty as a devotion to God
not belong to any particular religion. It, infact, belongs without any selfish motive. One has to do his duty well
to the religion of mankind. It tells us how to live on this and the fruit of action will be there in future. A student
earth, how to behave with our fellowmen, how to act constantly worrying about the marks will not be able to
and how to perform our duties as human beings in put his full concentration on his / her studies. He / she
different walks of life. There are 18 chapters comprising is thinking about a future yet to be born. It is the proper
700 verses or slokas. Each single verse is easily use of the present moments that makes the future
understood and when acted upon in actual life can glorious.
solve each and every problem. That is why the Gita has
been translated in as many as hundred languages of Gita says : Even the caste system was perfectly
the world. scientific in its approach. It is not birth but the deed
that decides your caste. A learned man interested in
TAT-TWAM-ASI is said to be the essence of Gita. It more learning and teaching is a Brahmin. Also a
means “That thou art!” You are that - a part of God Brahmin is the person who knows the depth of
and nothing else. The Gita enables man to realise his knowledge and the need of acquiring and imparting
true nature in three steps: knowledge. A person who is interested in serving others
(1) I am His (2) He is Mine (3) He and I are one. or offering service to others is a Shudra. One who
knows the secret of trade and agriculture was called a
According to Gita each one of us has been alloted Vaishya. A Kshatriya is the one who defends the weak,
a battlefield to act upon. It is nothing but our field of his country, the innocent and poor. He is the man with
action (duty). For a man of learning and who loves the mission of eliminating injustice, exploitation, torture,
knowledge above everything else his battlefield is tyranny and crime from society. One could change his
confined to books, schools, colleges, debates, caste by changing his character though tireless effort.
discussions, reading, writing and the like. One should
decide one’s profession or occupation in life according Gita says : A learned man never gets angry. He
to one’s nature. Then alone one’s effort will be crowned doesn’t give way to grief under any circumstances.
with grand success. The Gita does not teach escapism Because he knows grief cannot bring back anything
or running away from the challenges of life. There is no lost. Valour and wisdom ensure success in this world
escape from duty by anybody in this world. as well as in the next world.
Gita says: It is our desire that invites all our worries, Gita says : The Guru, the mother and the father
agonies, sufferings, headaches and turmoils. Desire are ever worthy of respect and reverence. They must
prevents us from seeing the soul or God within and never be insulted. Also there is no teacher like mother.
without. A pauper who desires nothing is virtually a Those who serve their parents are freed from all sorrows
prince. A prince who hankers after more and more and sufferings.
riches is nothing but a beggar. One’s own desires out Thus Gita tells us how to live so as to merge with
of one’s ignorance prevents man from merging with our creator when we have completed our mission on
God. this earth. Remember that what has happened is for
“Work is worship”, is the essence of Karmayoga good, what is happening is also for good and what is
or the Path of Action. Each one of us has to do going to happening will also be for good and what is
something or the other in his or her life. No one can to happen will not stay on its way.

Three people ran a marathon along with hundreds of others. None of them
won the race. Does that mean that these three people were losers? Not at all. Each
went into the race with different objectives. The first ran the race to test his endurance
- he came out better than his expectations. The second wanted to improve on his
previous performance, and he did it. The third person had never run a marathon -
his objective was to complete the race and he did. Each of these three entered the
race with different objectives, they all met them, and they were all winners, regardless
of who won the race.
Mark Twain said, it is better to deserve an honour and not have it than to have
it and not deserve it. Dignity is not in possessing but deserving.
If winning is your only objective, you may miss out on the internal rewards
that come with doing something well. More important than winning is winning
with honour and deserving to have won. It is better to lose honourably than to
succeed with dishonesty. Losing honourably may signify lack of preparation but
dishonest winning signifies lack of character.
The real test of person’s character is what he would or would not do, if he
knew he would not get caught. It is not worth compromising one’s integrity and
taking short-cuts to win. One may win a trophy but knowing the truth one can
never be a happy person. More important than winning a trophy is being a good
human being.
Winners live and work everyday as if it were their last day because one of
these days it is going to be and nobody knows which one. But when they leave,
they leave as winners. ?


Tsunami - tsooNAH mee, (now in Bangladesh) in May 1874 killed at least 12 lakh
Giant wave caused by an under sea earthquake, people.
Volcano or landslides, vibrations rush through the ocean The Kutch earthquake of June 16, 1819 generated
at hundreds of kilometres / hour. In the open ocean, the strong tsunami which submerged the coastal areas and
water level may rise and fall several feet as a tsunami inflicted great damage to ships and country boats.
passes by. When they reach shallow water they slow down The earthquake of December 26, 2004 that occurred
and build up into vast waves or a wall of water that rises off the Westcoast of the northern Sumatra took place at
more than (30-70 meters) high. the interface between India and Burma plates. The tsunami
The displacement of water will produce a wave, or a waves reached up to India, Sri Lanka and Maldives
series of waves, that will spread out from the area. The destroying the coastal area. The earth quake of 8.9
distance between successive wave crests may be 150 km. magnitude under sea was the world’s most powerful earth
Hence ships, even quite close to the site of the original quake in 40 yrs according to a coastal hazard study.
disturbance, may not notice their passage. The tsunami The destruction affected the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra
crashes on to the shore, sweeping away anything on its Pradesh, Kerala and Nicobar Islands. Tsunami that hit
way. Kerala coast were 3-5 metres high only. It affected
The word tsunami is a combination of Japanese word 250 kms of the Kerala coast. Because of the diffraction
meaning harbour and wave. The speed of a tsunami waves at Kanyakumari, the waves that travelled northward
depends on the depth of the water. In the Pacific ocean, lost their energy.
for example, a tsunami travels at a speed of 600 miles I was a person who in my life had never seen such a
(970 km per hour). As the tsunami comes close to the shore, hazardous destruction to the naked eye. I took more than
however, the speed it is moving drops at about 100 miles 7 hours to take in the full destruction of the area near Kollam
(100 km/hr.) . and Alapuzha. The wave came upto two to three kilometres
Tsunami is not as new to the world as it is for “India”. In in width, looted away all the belongings of the people, it
1755, Lisbon quake -12 metes high sea waves killing also included human beings. Everything was uprooted and
30,000 -60,000 people. The effect of waves 3.5m - 4.5m the sea waves ate away the lion’s share of everything.
in height could be felt as far as West India. Aug. 27. 1883- I thought, How can the sea be so cruel to human
due to the volcanic eruption in Krakatau in the Sunda Strait, beings? Sometimes it may be so. It will also be a lesson to
27 meters high tsunami waves slammed shores killing all, to end up the cruel mind of the people and be loyal to
36,000 people. In 1923 due to earth quake the sea floor society and Mother Nature.
of Sagami Bay of Japan was outsided from 305 km to Now, regarding the rehabilitation of the affected people,
457 km. In 1960, a tsunami near the coast of Chile caused it seems that the Government is not keen to look after them.
major damage across the entire Pacific ocean. The construction work of damaged and lost houses are in
In India, according to a former Director General of the half dead manner. The people have lost everything even
Meteorological Department, Dr. Mihir Gusha, a tsunami their means of living.
struck area adjacent to the Sunderbans in South Bengal Just think : Now it is Tsunami, What Next ?

118 ?
Head of the Department
Civil Engineering

One sunny morning, a consultant civil engineer

is sitting in his living room scanning through the morning
newspapers, unexpectedly a customer calls on him with
some details regarding his proposed house project. The
civil engineer discusses with him about his requirements
for his residence and the customer gives the details in
the sheet of paper he has brought with him. The
consultant engineer asks him to come to his office after
three days to collect the design and drawings for the
residential building.
This is only one example of the job a civil engineer operation for a thinking mind ie; 1) intuitive holistic right
is called upon to take up.How does he go about his brain and 2) the rational and analytical left brain. It is
job? He has to apply his technical expertise and give a not enough to develop the rational, logical and analytical
perfect and flawless design and connected working left side but capabilities of both sides must be developed.
drawings to his customer. To become more creative we have to use both sides
What engineers basically do is to think. In thinking of the brain and learn to think. That is, where it is very
an engineer has specific objectives in mind, namely, important to listen to what is going on in our head. A
problem definition and solution. Sometimes defining a few suggestions of Sam Bonasso, a former president
problem is more important than finding a solution.The of a U.S consulting engineering firm are relevant.
complexity of our society requires civil engineers to a) To become more creative we can use brain
further expand their problem solving techniques. We storming technique. Brain storming is a procedure,
must learn to become more creative to use more of suggested first time by an advertising executive, in which
our thinking ability. a small group of eight or even less gathers to discuss a
Creativity is combining of things and thoughts in special problem.One has to act as a facilitator to see
new ways to produce something new. But every material that rules are followed. Essential rules will be i) criticism
element that has existed is here, the only things really of an idea is withheld till the brain storming session is
new are the thoughts generated by a person or a group. over, ii) 'free wheeling’ or any suggestion or idea should
A screenplay writer has said “ imagination is the capacity be encouraged because it is easy to improve a crazy
to see what is there”. Engineers know that outstanding idea than to come up with an idea in the first place
design usually has an elegant simplicity, be it a bridge iii) the greater the number of ideas or suggestions the
or a building. better the odds of coming up with a good one.
To make better use of creativity, we must teach iv) combining ideas, magnifying, substituting , minifying,
ourselves more about thinking. Researches who have finding alternatives, rearranging, reversing etc. are all
studied about brain say that there are two modes of part of brain storming . It is easy, fun and successful.

b) To become more creative one has to cultivate For learning, there are generally three methods.
humour and wit. What makes things funny is the One is an authoritarion method in which an authority
unexpected, the unearthing of something hidden.Civil on a subject teaches the subject, the second is the
engineers are a serious bunch. Many people have an scientific method which is trying and failing and trying
impression that engineers take themselves very seriously. again. In the third method we learn through revealed
People who can laugh at themselves generally are the truths and this is creative thinking. Here ideas and
ones who can respond with creative ideas. Just think solutions to problems occur in a flash from a seemingly
of it! When was the last time you laughed at a joke unknown, unpredictable source.They are revealed to
about engineers? How often do you see a cartoon or us from the inner depths of our mind and come out as
read a funny story in an engineering magazine? whole ideas. Being alert to this process is one of the
Humour is the key to unlock our creative energies . most important aspects of creativity.
c) To improve creativity one must take advantage How to start to be creative? There is the story of a
of the technique of unconscious simmering. This is the student approaching the great novelist Ernest
art of studying a problem from all different perspectives Hemingway and asking ''How can a person learn to
in great detail and intensity and then sleeping over it. write?” The auther said, ''By writing''. That indicates that
Then watch ideas springing from the subconscious in we learn by doing. So to be more creative, we try to be
the predictably automatic fashion. While standing under more creative . Master the art of thinking process and
the shower in the morning, day dreaming or walking listen to what is going on in your head. What engineers
alone in evenings, ideas fire off in the brain.lt is said could do with fundamental principles of thinking process
that Poincar’e discovered a major mathematical theory might amaze us all. Every engineer can be taught how
while boarding a bus and Archimedes came out with to apply more creativity to problem solving. We must
law of floatation while he was bathing in his bath tub. learn from people like Newton, Edison, Disney and other
Making notes on these ideas and following up are creative geniuses who developed applied creativity to
important. Unless written down such ideas disappear make lasting contributions to science and humanity.
as quickly and effortlessly as they arrived.

Civil Engineering Dept.

Quality for a Noble Mission

“We are called to be a Shepherd” Education must make us responsible, zealous
(1 Peter. 5;2-4) caring and sensible human beings. Our profession
entrusts a valuable contribution to our nation by the
Education does not imply mere acquisition of Almighty in ourselves and in others. A teacher should
knowledge or qualifications and positions but it means be able to cope with every changing need of the child,
education of heart that embraces everyone of that mind has to know how to capture the attention of every child,
that thinks in terms of others, of the intellect that plans how to receive the pain, double the joy and quiet the
for the wellbeing of that society and nation. hurt with a gentle touch.

The heart of the teacher should be filled with the A teacher should appreciate which means to set
remarkable and noble traits to make the young hearts a value on, to esteem fully, to encourage him / her to
grow and expand. He/She should be able to inspire, use his / her talent in every possible way.
encourage, strengthen understand by giving time and The teaching profession demands high character
love to make the finest creation the noblest. No better and perfect morality. An ideal teacher stands to fill the
tributes have been paid to any profession on earth than call of the profession. Character is such that there is
that of the teacher. East or West every where, the teacher no difference between what is said and what is done.
is respected and worshipped. He / she is the architect The teacher should be an eloquent speaker, a forceful
of the nation, the maker of man and history. Like a writer, a torch bearer and a lover of humanity.
shepherd, the teacher cares, protects, loves and inspires
Let us be proud that we belong to that section of
young ones. He / she conquers and strikes the evil
the society which has always contributed for the making
powers which are enemies of the youth. He / she
of the nation. In short the role of a teacher is to
awakens the sleeping spirits and lights many candles
which in later years will, shine back to him / her.
Knowledge may be gained from books, but the love for We the teachers mould you for a better tomorrow!
knowledge is transmitted only by personal conduct.
Humanities Dept.

the time effectively can keep their walk

of life under control. Effective time
T he subject Time Management would be beneficial to all. Everyone management can help individuals
who would like to become a successful person in their respective career become Masters of their Goals and
can use it to learn and apply the principles of time management in day- Objectives. Time management is a
to-day life. Several students complain of lack of time to study to write skill, which one ought to learn in
assignments, to do project work, to read newspapers, to take part in order to develop habits of work which
sports activities and even to do physical exercise. Some students very are of great value and which will help
often complain that they do not get enough time to answer all questions us to attain success. There is a
in the examination. However, such students must realize that it is very misconception among us that only
essential for them to plan their work and work their plans. Planning is Executives need to study the subject,
very important. Only then they will find time to do all the activities in a ‘Time Management’. It is not true.
systematic manner. We must remember that where there is a will, there Irrespective of the position in the
is a way. If we are willing to find time for an activity, then we will be able society one has to make use of the
to really find time to do so. The future ahead of us is uncertain and filled available time to attain success.
with a lot of uncertainties. Modern organizations require candidates
Time has its own Psychology.
who are smart, energetic, and hardworking, with a creative mind which
Time is an opportunity. The key to
means that they should be able to manage the available time effectively
time management is to work
and efficiently.
smarter not harder. In every phase
Time is equally available to all and is one of the most precious assets of our life, each of us, regardless
of man. Very few people are utilizing it effectively and efficiently. A of our function in an organization,
successful person is one who understands the importance of time and can control time. Before we
uses it wisely. Some times Time gets neglected by all of us. The general manage our time effectively, we
tendency is to procrastinate. We take time for granted and pay little need to know how we are going to
importance to its effectiveness. Although time appears to be plentiful, use it. Many of us assume that we
we do not have enough, since supply of time is limited. Time once lost is know how to use our time. But it is
lost forever. Those who make worst use of their time, complain of its not possible to assess our time
shortness. Time is to be used effectively. Those who know how to use accurately. Periodic time audit is

essential. It is suggested that one devotes at least not the solution to gain time. Either we can sleep early
five minutes every night to review and analyze how to get up early; or we can go to bed late to get up late.
the day has gone by. This is the only way that we can get some undisturbed
The main problem as has been pointed out is time for reading, writing, personal work or for doing
procrastination. Why do we procrastinate? other work which requires full concentration. Getting
up early by 4. A.M is very good as it has several
• May be because the task at hand is not urgent.
advantages. Our mind is fresh, and there is serenity all
• We are afraid of failure. around. This enables us to work with full concentration.
• The task is too demanding. It is as good as getting an extra day.
• We don’t understand our requirements. Business time management involves time-saving
• We think that the task is boring or techniques in the office and also carefully utilizing it.
uninteresting. Always let’s finish our work assignment in time. All
• We need more time. pending work is double work. Jumping from one
incomplete activity to another means a lot of time and
• The job is not well defined or the requirements continuously working on one topic tires the mind. It will
are too complex. be better to change the nature of work and approach
There are certain personal traits and work habits a new subject with a certain degree of freshness. Going
that interfere with the proper use of time. One must be to office half an hour before others arrive will give one
alert to detect these negative traits in his own behaviour. time to concentrate on office matters; and keep work
Some people waste time by making excuses or ready for others. Several subordinates generally feel
explaining past failures. Negative emotions such as that their boss is their chief time waster. For a boss to
hostility, frustration and worry, excessive tension, can increase his efficiency, he should allot work to assistants
disrupt thought processes and also produce physical who in turn allot work to their subordinates and co-
and mental fatigue. The major techniques for managing ordinate activities and get a feedback from these
time more effectively are as follows: assistants. Delegation and team work are the essence
• List goals and set priorities. There will be no of executive success at the top. All papers, files, reports,
achievement without goals. We should have clear books, etc should be in the proper place in an office.
objectives in our mind. The table should be clear so that things are easily
• Make a daily-to-do list which needs priority. accessible. Visitors should be given a fixed and specific
slot of time. As far as possible, office work should not
• Start with A’s and not the C’s. be carried home.
• Do it now. To conclude we should budget our time. Decide on
Biological Time Management involves managing the a minimum amount of time to spend on a project and
needs of the body like sleep, food, digestion and regular stick to it. Time is a unique resource, it cannot be saved
exercises. Exercise will keep our mind and body fit. or stored, bent or borrowed, it is irreversible. It would
Discipline and regularity in food habits is important. be worth remembering about ‘TIME’ :-
One should eat at regular intervals. Sleep is essential Yesterday is a cancelled cheque, Tomorrow is a
for the body and more important, a restful sleep. In promissory note, Today is ready cash. USE IT.
order to gain time we often cut down our sleep. This is

Civil Engineering Dept.

Personality factors are extremely important in

human behaviour. Personality takes the whole man
concept because it affects the various psychological
processes. D.E.James, an eminent psychologist, in his
book, "Introduction to psychology”, opines that "it is
better to consider the individual aspects of a person’s
make-up as bricks and personality as the whole house
built of bricks, but held together with cement.’’
Though the term personality is frequently used
by people, there does not seem to be any consensus
about its meaning.
The term personality has been derived from Latin
word “Persona” which means ‘to speak through’. This
Latin term denotes the masks which the actors used to
wear in ancient Greece and Rome. Thus personality is
Today we are experiencing a steep fall in the level used in terms of influencing others through external
of character and behaviour. Many people are not giving appearance. However, mere external appearance,
importance to the moral values and honesty. They are though important for personality characteristics, does
misusing the opportunities for their personal gains and not make the whole personality.
happiness. Personality should include:
i) external appearance and behaviour
Personality is a set of characteristics and ii) inner awareness of self as a permanent
tendencies that determines those organising force and
commonalities and differences in the iii) the particular pattern of measurable traits,
behaviour (thoughts, feelings & actions) both inner and outer
of people that have continuity in time and
Accordingly, personality embraces all the unique
that may not be easily understood as the
traits and patterns of adjustment of the individual in his
sole result of the social and biological
relationship with others and his environment.
pressures of the moment.
Human personality development is a continuous
S.R.Maddi, Personality theories
process. It starts since the child is in foetal stage. After

birth, the child develops and learns and this process rate compatible with his abilities, he develops a
continues throughout his life. So, personality sense of enterprise. Otherwise, he develops a sense
development can be seen through different stages of of inferiority.
age of an individual. At each stage, a person develops 5. Adolescence: In this teenage stage, he tries to gain
different aspects of personality. These stages have been a sense of identity & tries to establish himself as
described differently by different personality theorists. socially different from his parents.
Erikson’s psychological stages of personality 6. Early adult hood: In this stage, the person tries to
development provide more valuable insights for resolve the crisis of intimacy versus isolation. The
understanding the development of personality. sense of identity developed in him helps to develop
Stage of development Age Crisis deep & lasting relationships.
Oral sensory stage 0-1 Trust 7. Young & Middle Adulthood: Generative persons
versus mistrust attach more importance to the society as
compared to themselves. They try to become
Muscular & Anal stage 1-2 Autonomy
innovative & creative. Self absorbed persons do
versus doubt
not show concern for future generations & they
Locomotor genital stage 3-5 Initiative remain preoccupied with their own development.
versus guilt
8. Mature Adulthood: In this stage, the person faces
Latency stage 6-12 Industry the crisis of integrity versus despair. The person
versus inferiority gets maturity, wisdom & perspective that can guide
Adolescence 12-19 Identity the younger generations.
versus confusion The most relevant stage is that of the young and
Early adult hood early 20s Intimacy middle adulthood. The best outcome for personality
versus isolation fulfillment would be an attitude of production and
Young and middle late20s Generativity concern for the world and future generation. Thus,
adult hood versus stagnation. young and middle-aged adults who solve their
Mature adult hood 30s Integrity psychological crisis by being productive will develop the
versus despair healthiest personalities.
Therefore, personality represents a process of
change and it relates to the psychological growth &
1. Oral sensory stage: In this stage, the child tries to development of individuals. The impact of biological
resolve the crisis of trust versus mistrust. The infant factors, family & group factors, situational factors &
who is cared well develops trust in people while cultural factors on the individual personality also affect
the infant who is not well cared develops mistrust. personality and the personality affects the behaviour of
This stage makes a serious impact on a child that
influences his behaviour for the remaining life.
a person.
2. Muscular & Anal stage: In this stage, the child
develops the sense of autonomy if his behaviour is
approved by the parents and other people. If the
child faces disapproval by the elders, he develops
a sense of doubt & shame.
3. Locomotor genital stage: In this stage, he tries to
discover how much he can do. If the child is
encouraged to acheive reasonable goals, he
develops the sense of initiative & if he is blocked
and made to feel incapable, he develops a sense
of guilt and lack of self confidence.
4. Latency stage: In this stage, the child tries to develop
many new skills and social abilities in this school
going stage. If the child experiences progress at a

abortion, female infanticide. And when she grows, she

doesn’t have the freedom to walk freely, to go to her
friend’s house, to laugh a bit loudly or sometimes even
to go to school. Every day some woman is being raped,
some woman is being abused, some woman is being
tortured and the society stands still as a silent spectator.
It is said in 'Manusmrithi' that if a society doesn’t protect
women, the Gods will not protect that society. Quran
and Bible also don’t differ much in offering protection
to women. But when it comes to the problems of women,
In Rome, spider weaves its webs where Caeser ruled. it seems people just forget what their religion teaches
The Mesopotamian civilization is extinct. Egyptian them.
civilization became confined to Pyramids. The Chinese
The moral devaluation of this civilization is another
civilization is having its last breath. But there has been
matter of concern. This was started with the entry of
one civilization with continuity of 8000 years or so still
Europeans. They were not ready to recognize the fact
living in the earth. The Aryan civilization which was born,
that Aryan civilization is much older and much greater
grew and is still living in their sacred land called Bharat,
than any western civilization. To counter this, they began
India, Hindustan etc. We, even though have had our
a false propaganda of ‘Aryan Migration Theory’ and
highs and lows, are still the only race in world which
of the ‘Aryan-Dravidian Divide’. When you talk to a man
can claim such a rich cultural heritage and spiritual
that his father was a scoundrel normally he will lose all
history. A greatness which was achieved even without
his pride and morale and he will swim to the dark. This
any conquest in its long history. But bad omens had
is exactly what happened to the minds of Indians. They
begun to cast a shadow on us. Is the dusk of our
fell to the western propaganda and accepted that we
Motherland near? Considering the situation of today,
became a unified nation only when the British came.
such a situation is not impossible. Let us have a look at
The biggest mistake we did was that we did not try to
the problems faced by this Nation and their remedies.
correct it even after we gained Independence. If a
A civilization can be easily evaluated by looking person proclaims that this Nation has a great history
into their attitude towards women. There was a period and Aryans were indeed the sons of Motherland, he is
in the history of this Nation when women were treated being dubbed as fascist meanwhile those who
as the purest form of life who are to be respected and proclaimed in 1947 that India should be divided into
protected. But all that has become just past glory now. 16 countries still lives peacefully in this Nation. This
In the present day Bharat that is India, the brides are moral devaluation spread into governance and
weighed by the dowry her family is ready to give. The bureaucracy also leading to corrupt practices. The fact
dowry is just one of the issues faced by women. In fact that a majority of present generation sees Politics as a
her problems start right from the period she is in her 100% corrupt institution is an eye opener for all.
mother’s womb. The census figures showed a steep
decline in the growth of female population for the last Even though the internal problems are still not over,
few years which can be only attributed to the large scale another matter of great concern is the military threat
of our northern neighbour. In 1950s she captured the in Value education. The revamping should be done by
holy land of Tibet and we thought she will not cheat us an expert academic committee with secular credentials.
again. But we were attacked and defeated by her in It is high time that Nation had a uniform Educational
1962. A quarter of Kashmir including the mighty Syllabus. Children should be taught to respect women,
‘Kailas’ is still under the boots of Chinese soldiers. They to love their Nation and to be physically fit doing their
had got the biggest army. She cheated us in the past course. To counter the growing danger to the integrity
and she is doing it again. She now wages an indirect of the Nation each citizen should be given one year of
war against the Indian state by fully supporting the compulsory military training at an age of 18. The
Maoists with Arms Supplies,creating a Maoist corridor introduction of e-governance will ensure transparency
stretching from Nepal to Andhra. And we instead of in Governance and will speed up the official machinery.
increasing our force are busy finding out corruptions Meanwhile we should continue our thrust in
in each and every defence deals. It does not require a Compulsory Education and free Primary Health
genius, but just a man with a sense of history to predict facilities.
that China will not tolerate us in the future.
Also the ideologies of today are really outdated. What
The problems of this civilization are still not over. we need is an ideology developed for our civilization.
Religious Terrorism, Maoist Insurgency, North East Foundation for such a thing was first laid out by Swami
Insurgency, Kashmir, rising unemployment, extreme Vivekananda. The work was carried forward by Gandhiji
poverty, population explosion... Why all this happens with his concept of the welfare state. A mix of ideas
to us only? inculcated by our national heroes on various occasions
would remain a guiding beacon for our development
We are now suffering because we left our precious and peaceful co-existence. The reemergence of this
tradition and culture and went for foreign values which great Motherland is still possible.
never suited our land. But all is still not lost. We still can
emerge as the supreme. The first thing of course will be VANDE MATARAM
a thorough revamping of education system with thrust ?

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ambn Ah¿ Xm°oXv \¬In-bn-cp-∂p. I¿Ω-\n-c-X-\m-th≠ Hcp A≤ym-
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Imbn-I-Ø-I¿® Hgn-hm-°m≥ ]‰m-Xm-bn. Ifn-°m≥ Xmev]-cy-hp-ambn
h∂ GXm\pw hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ°v hymbm-a-ap-d-Iƒ cpNn-°msX h∂-
t∏mƒ {Ku≠v ho≠pw hnP-\-am-bn. hnc-k-amb hymbm-a-ap-d-I-tf-°mƒ
kPo-h-amb a’-c-߃ Bbn-cp∂p Ah¿ B{K-ln-®n-cp-∂-Xv. A≤ym-]-
Is\ Ip‰-s∏-Sp-Øp-I-b√; sk¬^v ^n\m≥knßv tImtf-Pp-Iƒ XΩn-
ep≈ a’-cß - ƒ \S-∂t- ∏mgpw thmfn-t_mƒ Sq¿W-sa‚n-\mbp≈ BXn-
tY-bXzw hln-®-t∏mgpw At±lw \S-Ønb A£oW {]b-Xv\-ßsf
\µn-]q¿∆w kvacn-°p-∂p. C{Xbpw ]cn-an-Xn-Iƒ°p-≈n¬ \n∂p-sIm-≠p-
Xs∂ sF.-C.-Fkv Soan\v H∂v c≠v hnP-bß - ƒ t\Sn-Øc - m\pw At±lw


Here’s an incident that happened long back.

It was narrated to me by my beloved professor of
English,Dr. Jayanthi Balakrishnan from her personal

It was a rainy afternoon. The first hour of the

session- language now for all first degree classes,
got over. The students and the lecturer busily came
out of the lecture hall as everyone had class the
very next hour in their own departments which were
at a10-15 minutes walking distance. The old
college buildings are so scattered in the campus
that a bus service inside the campus can never be
considered as a luxury.

Everyone waited anxiously for the rain to lower

its intensity. But nothing happened. Slowly the
students started playing in the water logged in the
verandah and later they started dancing in the
rain too. The lecturer,as her age for a rain - dance
had passed, stood in the verandah enjoying her
students celebrating their youth in the blessing
shower of sky. A student whose legs were weakened
by an attack of polio, was sitting near to her in his
wheel chair. He too was watching with the lecturer,
the students making paper boats and all. Suddenly
he turned his face towards his teacher and asked
a question which was in no way related to the

“Madam, you’re having a child of three years,

no? Did you give him polio drops this year?”.

{]nb-s∏-´-h-sc, Fs∂ \n߃°v Adn-bp-am-bn-cn-°pw. hcp-tºmƒ Ah-fpsS an\p-k-ap≈ Ce-Iƒ Fs‚ Nn√-I-
Hcp- ] t£ Fs‚ cq]- ß - f n¬ Hcp cq]sØ F¶nepw fn¬X-´pw. At∏mƒ Bcpw ImWmsX Rm\-h-tfmSp h¿Ø-
\n߃°v ASpØv ]cn-Nbw D≠m-Ipw. Ct∏mƒ Fs‚ cq]- am\w ]d-bm-dp-≠v. Aßs\ Fs‚ PohnXw kt¥m-j-
Øns‚ t]cv "sUkvIv' Ft∂m at‰m BsW-∂mWv Bfp- ]q¿∆w apt∂m´p \oßp-I-bm-bn-cp-∂p.
Iƒ ]d-bp-∂-Xv. Aß-s\-bncns° Hcp- Zn-hkw Iptd a\p-jy¿ Rß-fpsS
Fs‚ P\\w hfsc hnim-e-amb Hcp ÿe-Øm-bn-cp- ASp-Øp-h-∂p. Fs‚bpw apØ-—≥ ac-Øn-s‚bpw Hs° XSn-
∂p. \nd®v ]® ]p√p-Ifpw \ndsb ]qºm-‰-Ifpw Hs° D≈ ]n-Sn®p t\m°p-Ibpw F\n°v ]cn-Nbw C√m-Ø ` - mj kwkm-
ÿew. AhnsS Hcp sNdnb ssX cq-]-Øn¬ Rm≥ apf-®p. cn-°p-Ibpw sNbvXn-cp-∂p. ]t£ HcpImcyw F\n°v a\- n-
Fs‚ ASpØv ]S¿∂v ]¥-en®p \n∂n-cp∂ Hcp henb ssX em-bn. Fs‚ XSn \√ an\p-ka - p-≈X
- m-sW∂v. Ah¿ Aßs\
(a-\p-jy¿ AXns\ "acw' F∂m-Wt{X hnfn-°p--∂Xv) ]d™p ]d-™Xv F¥n-\mhpw? ]nt‰∂v cmhnse a\p-jy-cpsS h¿Ø-
Hcp Xpem-h¿j-a-g-bn¬ s]m´n D≠mbXmWt{X Rm≥. Hcp- am\w tI´mWv Rm≥ DW¿∂-Xv. C∂se h∂-h¿ C∂pw
]m-Sp-Imew Ign-bp-tºmƒ Bfp-Iƒ Fs∂bpw ac-sa∂v hnfn- h∂n-cn-°p-∂p. ]pXnb Iptd Bfp-Iƒ D≠v. F\n°v I≠p-
°p-a-t{X. Rm≥ AXp-tI´v F{X kt¥m-jn-s®-t∂m. Ipd- ]-cn-Nbw C√m-Ø-h-cmWv Ah¿. s]s´-∂mWv AXv kw`-hn-
®p-Imew Ign-™m¬ acw BIm-a-t√m. ]ns∂ Btcbpw t]Sn- ®-Xv. AXn¬ Hcp-Ø≥ Hcp km[-\w-sIm≠v Fs‚ Imen¬
°msX Xe-bp-b¿Øn \n¬°m-w. Bs™mcpsh´v. Rm≥ sR´n-t∏m-bn. Fs‚ Imen¬\n∂pw
Fs‚ ssiihw hfsc Zpcn-X-߃ \nd-™-Xm-bn-cp-∂p. tNmc s]mSn-™p. sh´ns‚ i‡n-sIm≠v Fs‚ Nn√-I-fn¬
Hcp Znhkw a\p-jy¿ "BSv' F∂v hnfn-°p∂ Hcp Pohn, IqSv Iq´n-bn-cp∂ Infn-Iƒ F√mw ]d-∂p-t]m-bn.
Fs‚ Imen¬ Hcp ISn. F\n°v F{X- a m{Xw s\m¥p- F¥m-W-h¿ sNøp-∂Xv? F¥n-\m-W-h¿ Fs∂ D]-{Z-
sht∂m? At∏mƒ apØ-—≥ acw ]d-bp-Ibm, ""CsXms° hn-°p-∂Xv? F\n°v H∂pw a\-kn-em-bn-√. Rm≥ t\m°n
ChnsS ÿnc-am-Wt√m''. ""Hcp ac-am-I-s´, F∂n-´p-thWw Cu \n¬s° Ah¿ Fs‚ tZlw sh´n\pdp°n Ij- W - ß -
Pohnsb Hcp ]mTw ]Tn-∏n-°m≥'', Rm≥ hnNm-cn-®p. ]n∂o-S- fm°nsI´n Hcp h≠n-bn¬ B°n sIm≠p-t]m-bn. Aßs\
tßm´v Hcp acw BIm-\p≈ X{X-∏m-Sn-em-bn-cp-∂p. AXn-\p- Rm≥ Fs‚ hf¿∂ ÿew-hn´v Fs‚ apØ-—≥ ac-sØ-
th≠n [mcmfw kqcy-{]-Im-ihpw sh≈hpw hen-s®-Sp-Øp. bpw- Iq´p-Im-cn-sbbpw IqSv Iq´nb Infn-I-sfbpw hn´v ]pXnb
Aßs\ Rm≥ Xd-bn¬\n∂v Iptds» Db¿∂p-Xp-S-ßn. Hcp ÿe-tØ°v ]pXnb Hcp temI-Øn-te°v bm{X-bm-bn.
Aßs\ Hcp Znhkw Rm≥ apØ-—≥ ac-Øns‚ tXmƒ
hsc-sb-Øn. At∏m-gmWv Hcp kw`hw \S-∂-Xv, Hcp Ip™p- ]pXnb ÿehpw ]pXnb Bfp-Ifpw F\n°v Xosc
]£n, a\p-jy¿ AXns\ hnfn-°p-∂Xv "Ipcphn' Ft∂m at‰m ]cn-Nbw C√m-Ø-h-cm-bn-cp∂p. ""Bimcn'' Ft∂m at‰m ]d-
BWv. AXv Fs‚ t\¿°v Hcp ssht°mepw sIm≠p-h-cp- bp∂ Hcmƒ h∂v Fs‚ tZlw- sXm´v XtemSn t\m°n.
∂p. F¥n-\mhpw? At∏mƒ apØ-—≥ acw ]d™p AXp F\n°v BsI t]Sn-bm-bn. C\n ho≠pw sh´n \pdp-°p-hm≥
IqSp-Iq-´m≥ hcp-∂-Xm-W-s{X. henb ac-ß-fn¬ am{Xta BIp-tam? ]t£ t]Sn-®-Xp-t]mse H∂pw \S-∂n-√. Fs‚
Aßs\ sNøm-dp≈qt{X. F\n°v AXv tI´-t∏mƒ henb tZl-Øns‚ Iptd-`m-K-߃ Ah¿ ASp-°n-s]-dp°n am‰n-sh-
Ka-bm-bn. Aßs\ Ipsd-Imew Ign-™p. At∏m-tg°pw ®p. Iptd `mK-߃ Ah¿ h≠n-bn¬ sIm≠p-t]mbn. F¥n-
Fs‚ XSn°p Dd∏pw hÆhpw Hs°-IqSn. Fs‚ Nn√-I- \m-Wmthm?
fn¬ \nd®v Infn- I - f m- b n. Ah- c psS In∂m- c - ß fpw Ie- Aßs\ Rm≥ Hcp IjvWw Ib-dns‚ _‘-\-Øn¬
]nei_vZ-ßfpw Fs‚ PohnXsØ kt¥mjw \nd-™-Xm- Hcp aqe-bn¬InS∂p. C\n Hcn-°epw Fs‚ tZlØv Infn-
°n. ]ns∂ \nß-tfm-Sp-am{Xw Rm≥ Hcp kzImcyw ]d-bmw. Iƒ IqSv Iq´n-√. Cu Nn¥- Fs∂ hfsc thZ-\n-∏n-®p. Fs‚
F\n°v At∏mƒ Hcp Iq´p-Im-cn-sb-bpw-In-´n. Ahƒ apf®p IÆn¬\n∂v IÆp-\ocv hcp-∂p-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. ]t£ Bcpw
hcp-∂tX D≈q. Ft∂-°mfpw sNdp-∏-am-Wv. F¶nepw Im‰v AXv {i≤n-®n-√.

Aßs\ ]nt‰∂v cmhn-se-bmbn. Fs‚ {]`m-X-߃°v cpsS km[-\-߃ Fs‚ tZlØv h®p. AXm, Ah¿ Ah-
Ct∏mƒ `wKn-bn-√. Infn-I-fpsS Ie-]n-e-i-_vZ-ßfpw Fs‚ cpsS ssIøp-Iƒ Fs‚ tZlØv h®v Infn-Isft]mse Ie-
Iq´p-Im-cn-bpsS In∂m-chpw C√mØ BZysØ {]`m-Xw. ]n-e-Iq-´m≥ XpSßn. Fs‚ kt¥mjw ]d™dn-bn-°m≥
F\n°v h√msX Zmln-°p-∂p-≠m-bncp∂p. ]t£ sh≈w ]‰m-Ø-Xm-bn-cp-∂p. ho≠pw Infn-Iƒ Fs‚ Nn√-I-fn¬h∂v
hen-s®-Sp-°m≥ Fs‚ Imep-Iƒ Ah¿ sh´n-bn-t√. Rm≥ IqSv Iq´n-b-Xp-t]m-se. Fs¥-∂n-√mØ kt¥mjw tXm∂n
AhnsS InS-°p-I-bm-bn-cp-∂p. At∏m-gmWv C∂se Fs∂ F\n-°v.
sXm´p-t\m-°nb Bƒ Fs‚ ASpØv h∂-Xv. IqsS thsd Aßs\ Hcp-]mSv Ime-߃°v tijw Fs‚ {]`m-X-
Nne Bƒ°m¿ IqSn D≠m-bn-cp-∂p. Ah¿ Fs∂-thsd ߃ ho≠pw \nd-ap-≈-Xm-bn-Xp-S-ßn. Rm\pw ImØn-cn°pw
GtXm ÿe-tØ°v sIm≠p-t]m-bn. Ahn-sS-Ip-d-®vIqSn Fs‚ Ip´n- I ƒ Fs‚ t\¿°v hcm≥, Fs‚ tZlØv
hnim-e-am-bn-cp-∂p. \√ Im‰pw shfn-®hpw D≈ ÿew. Rm≥ ssIIƒ h®v Ie-]ne Iq´m≥, Fs‚ tZlØv h®v `£Ww
t\m°n-b-t∏mƒ AhnsS Fs∂-t]mse thsd Ipsd-t]cpw Ign-°m≥, Aßs\ Aßs\ Hcp ]mSp Imcy-߃. kt¥m-
D≠m-bn-cp∂p. lmhq! F\n°v kam-[m-\-am-bn. an≠m\pw ]d- j-Øns‚ Znh-kß - ƒ ho≠pw Fs‚ Pohn-XØ - n-te°v IS∂p
bm\pw Bsc-¶nepw Hs° D≠t√m. At∏mƒ "Bimcn' F∂ h∂p XpS-ßn. Aßs\ Rm≥ Pohn®p XpSßn.
Bƒ Fs∂ FSpØv Db-c-ap≈ Ft¥m H∂ns‚ ta¬ h®p.
]s£ s]´-∂mWv Hcp Znhkw AXv kw`-hn-®Xv. Fs‚
]ns∂ Ft¥m Hcp km[-\w-sIm≠v Fs‚ tZlØv Hcp
tZlØv Ah¿ Ft¥m Hcp km[\w sIm≠v IpØn. Hcp
hen, Atøm....... Fs‚ sXmen s]mfn-™p-h-∂p. Cuiz-cm....
\o‰-em-bn-cp∂p BZyw tXm∂n-bXv. Ft¥m Ah¿ Fgp-Xp-
Ch¿ Ft∂mSv F¥n-\m-Wmthm Cu t{Zmlw sNøp-∂-Xv.
I-bm-Wt- {X. H∂v Dds° Ic-bWw F∂p-≠m-bn-cp∂p. ]t£
Fs‚ tZlw IqSp-X¬ an\pkamIm≥ BsW-s{X. Aßs\
c≠v Ccp-ºp-Im-ep-I-fm¬ _‘n® Fs‚ i_vZw Fhn-sS-
Fs‚ sXmen Hcp-]mSv t]mbn. Rm≥ \√ an\p-k-ap≈
\n∂v ]pdØv hcm≥. Rm≥ AXv kln-®p-In-S-∂p. ]mhw
Bfmbn Aßs\ InS∂p.
Ip´n-Iƒ Fgp-Xn-t°ms´ F∂p hnNm-cn-®p.
]ns∂bpw {]`m-X-߃ Hcp-]mSp IS-∂p-t]m-bn. Ah¿
Ah¿ Fs‚ tZlw apgp-h≥ Fs¥m-s°tbm FgpXn.
Fs‚ tZlØv Fs¥m-s°tbm sNbvXp. Rm≥ AsX√mw
Hcp Znhkw Ahsc ]Tn-∏n-°p∂ Bƒ h∂v Ahsc NoØ
\ni-_vZ-ambn kln®p InS-∂p.
]d™p. F¥n\m Ahsc Aßs\ ]d-™Xv Bthm?
\mfp-Iƒ Hcp-]mSp Ign-™p. Fs‚ cq]w- amdnamdn Rm≥ H∂pw ]d-™n-√-t√m. ]mhw Ip´n-Iƒ. Ah¿ hnj-
sIm≠n- c p∂p. Ah¿ Fs‚ tZlØv Fs¥- m s°mtbm an®p ImWpw.
sNbvXpsIm≠n-cp-∂p. Aßs\ Aßs\ Hcp-]mSp Imew ]s£ Cßs\ Nn¥n®p InS∂ Fs‚ ta¬ Hm¿°m-
Ign-™p. HSp-hn¬ Ah¿ "Ccpºv' Ft∂m at‰m ]d-bp∂ ]p-dØmWv AXp kw`-hn-®-Xv. AXm Ah¿ Fs‚ tZlw
Iptd km[-\-߃ Fs‚ tZlØv ]nSn-∏n-®p. Ipd-s®ms° hen-°p-∂p. hen®p s]m´n-°p-∂p. Cuiz-cm...-Fs‚ tZl-am-
s\ms¥-¶nepw Ct∏mƒ Fs‚ tZlw -Ip-ds®m∂pb¿∂p. k-Iew Ah¿ hen®v s]m´n-°p-I-bm-Wv. s]s´∂v Ah¿
Ct∏mƒ Fs‚ t]cv "sUkvIv' Ft∂m at‰m BWv F∂v Fs∂ Ccpºp Imep-If - n¬ \n∂v hnap-‡\
- m°n. ]s£ AXv
Btcm ]d-bp-∂Xv tI´p. Aßs\ GtXm ag-°m-eØv s]m´n- C√msX F\n-°n\n \ne-\n¬∏n-√t√m. Rm≥ AXm Hcp
ap-f® F\n°v Iptd t]cp-I-fm-bn. henb i_vZ-tØmsS Xmsg hoWp. Fs‚ tZl-Øn¬ \n∂v
Ah¿ Fs‚ cq]sØ h≠n-bn¬ Ib‰n Ftßmt´m tNmc s]mSn-bp-∂p-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. F√m-hcpw B i_vZw tI´v
sIm≠p-t]m-bn. GtXm F©n-\o-b-dnßv tImtfPv F∂p-]-d- HmSn-°qSn. ]s£ Bcpw Fs‚ B Ah-ÿsb {i≤n-°p-
bp∂ ÿe-am-Wt{X AXv. GXm-Wmthm B ÿew. Fs‚ ∂p-≠m-bn-cp-∂n-√. F\n°v AhnsS InS∂v H∂v Ic-bp-hm≥
apØ-—≥ achpw Fs‚ Iq´p-Im-cnbpw D≈ ÿeamtWm tXm∂n. ]t£ AXn-\p-t]mepw ]‰mØ Ah-ÿ-bn-em-bn-
Ft¥m. Hcp-]m-Sp-Zqcw k©-cn® h≠n Hcp henb ÿe- cp∂p Rm≥.
sØ-Øn. AhnsS AXm Hcp henb sI´n-Sw. F¥p hep-Xm- C\n F\n°p ]Icw Ah¿ thsdmcp km[\w Ccnºp
sWt∂m? CXm- I ptam Fs‚ ]pXnb ÿew. Blm! Imen¬ hbv°m≥ t]mhp-I-bm-W-t{X. Fs‚ kvYm\w C\n
ImWm≥ F¥p-`w-Kn. Ah¿ Fs‚ tZlw FSpØv Hcp henb Fhn-sS-bmtWm Bthm. C\n Hcn-°epw F\n-s°s‚ Ip´n-
apdn-bn¬ sIm≠p-h-®p. \ndsb P\-ep-Iƒ D≈ apdn-bm-bn- I-fpsS Ie-]ne i_vZw tIƒ°m≥ ]‰n-t√? Fs‚ a\- ns‚
cp∂p AXv. AXm B apdn-bn¬ Fs‚ cq]-Øn¬ Hcp-]m-Sp- tX߬ Bcpw tI´n-√. Ah¿ Fs∂ Ftßmt´m sIm≠p-
t]¿ thsdbpw D≠m-bn-cp-∂p. F\n°v `b-¶c kt¥m-jw- t]m-bn.
tXm-∂n. B, ]ns∂ B apdn-bn¬ Hcp henb IdpØ km[\w
Ct∏mƒ Rm≥ Hcp Ccp´p apdn-bpsS aqe-bn¬ BWv
D≠v. AXns‚ t]cv F¥m-sW-∂-dn-bn-√. Fs‚ ASpØv
Ccn-°p-∂-Xv. ChnsS \nd®v s]mSn-bmWv. shfn-®hpw Im‰pw
Ah¿ Hcp km[\w sIm≠p-h-®p. AXns‚ t]cv "s_©v'
Xosc C√. Ct∏mƒ Fs‚ {]`m-X-߃°v Xosc \nd-an√
F∂m-W-t{X. F\n°v hfsc kt¥mjw tXm∂n. H∂p-an-
BsI-IqSn Fs∂-t∏mse InS-°p∂ Iptd cq]-ßf - psS tXß-
≠m≥ Hcp Bfm-bn-t√. Aßs\ Rm≥ AhnsS hfsc kpJ-
ep-Iƒ am{Xw. Aßs\ Rm≥ H‰bv°v, Hcp aqe-bn¬,
tØm-sSbpw kuI-cy-tØm-sSbpw InS-∂p.
Aßs\, Aß-s\.....
Ipd®v \mfp-Iƒ Ign-™p. Hcp Znhkw B sI´n-S-
Nne-t∏mƒ tXm∂pw B Xpem-h¿j ag-bn¬ s]m´n-
Øn¬ \nd®v Bfp-Iƒ h∂p. AXn¬\n∂v Hcp-]‰w Ip´n-
ap-f-bv°msX Ccp-∂n-cp-s∂-¶n¬.....
Iƒ Fs‚ t\¿°v h∂p. Ah¿ s_©n¬ Ccp∂v Ah-

Fßpw Ccp-´ns‚ a{¥-[z-\n, cm{Xn-bpsS Imsem® \ni- "in¬]n kam¿', Xs‚ t]cv hnfn-®Xp tI´v Xs‚ Dug-
_vZ-X-bn¬ Ah≥ tI´p. B \ni-_vZX Ahs\ `b-s∏- sa-Øn-b-Xmbn kam-dn\p a\- n-em-bn. kam¿ Xs‚ in¬]-
SpØn. AXv Ah-\n¬ \n∂v Dd-°sØ t]mepw ]ngp-sX-Sp- hp-ambn ^d-thm-bpsS ka£w FØn. B in¬]w ^d-thm-
Øp. Ahs‚ D≈n¬ Bbn-c-am-bncw tNmZy-߃ Ipan™p bpsS ]mZ-Øn¬ ka¿∏n-®p. B in¬∏-Øns‚ kuµ-cy-Øn¬
IqSn. F¥n-\mWv Xm≥ `b-s∏-Sp-∂Xv F∂v Ah≥ ]e-X- ^dthm aXn-a-d-∂p-t]m-bn. AXns‚ Ic-hn-cpXv A{X-ta¬
hW Xt∂m-Sp-Xs∂ tNmZn-®p....-]s£ DØcw \¬Im≥ A\p-]-a-am-bn-cp-∂p. ^d-thm, kam-dns\ Xs‚ Acn-In¬
a\ v hnk-ΩXn°p∂Xp t]mse. ASp-Ø-Zn-hkw Xs∂ hnfn®v Xs‚ Iøn¬ InS∂ kph¿Æ tamXn-c-aqcn kam-dns‚
kw_-‘n-s®-Sp-tØmfw Hcp Ahn-kva-c-Wob Znh-k-am-sW- hnc-en¬ AWn-bn®v Ahs\ BZ-cn-®p. XpS¿∂v At±lw
∂-dnbmw. Cu ZnhkØn\mbv F{X sImXn-®n-cn-°p∂p. kam-dns\ Xs‚ Bÿm\ in¬]n-bmbn hmgn-®p.
F∂n´v Ct∏mƒ F¥mWv ]‰n-bXv F∂v Ah\vv a\- n-em-bn- ^d-thm-bpsS Bÿm\ in¬]nbpw ASpØ kplrØpw
√. \mfsØ HutZym-KnI Imcy-]-cn-]m-Sn-sb-∏‰n Btem-Nn®v D]-tZ-i-I-\p-ambn kam¿ AXn-thKw hf¿∂p.-^-dthm Xs‚
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kqcys‚ BZysØ IncWw `qan-bn¬ ]Xn-®t- ∏mƒ kam¿ G¬∏n-®p. kam¿ Xs‚ Iem-hn-cpXv AXnepw {]I-S-am-°n.
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asb Ft¥m -sX-‰n\v in£n-®-t∏mƒ ASna Ic-™-XmWv Ønepw F\n°v Bh-iy-amW.v'' Cu hm°p-Iƒ tI´ kam¿
kam¿ tI´-Xv. At∏m-gmWv kam-dn\v ÿe-Ime t_m[w kvX_v[-\m-bn. C\nbpw Xm≥ ^d-thm°v H∏w Xs∂. AXm-
D≠m-bXv. At∏m-gmWv Abmƒ°p a\- n-em-bXv Xm≥ ]nc- bXv ac-W-Øn¬ ^d-thmsb A\p-K-an-°p-I. AXmWv Xs‚
anUv ]Wn-bpsS ASpØp am{Xta FØn-bn-´p≈qsh∂pw hn[n....
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X\n°v \S-°-W-at√m F∂m-tem-Nn®v kam¿ \SØØns‚ ]ibpw h®v AS-®p-sIm-≠n-cn-°p-I-bm-Wv. ]pdØv P\w kam-
thKX Iq´n. dns‚ "`mKy-Øn¬' Bi-vN-cy-∏-Sp-Ibpw Abmƒ°v Pbv hnfn-
sIm´mc Ihm-S-Øn¬ [mcmfw Bfp-Iƒ XSn®p IqSn-bn- °p-Ibpw sNøp-∂p. kam¿ CsXm∂pw Adn-™n-√. Abmƒ
cp-∂p. Ah-sc√mw ^d-thm-bpsS s]mXp ]cn-]m-Sn--°mbn shfn-®-Øn-te°v B¿Øn-tbmsS t\m°n-s°m-≠n-cp-∂p. C\n
FØn- b - X m- b n- c p- ∂ p. Ah≥ Ahn- s S- s bØn A¬]- k - Hcp sNdnb IncWw am{Xw _m°n. AXn-eqsS kqcy≥ AI-
abØn\p-≈n¬ Imlf\mZw Db¿∂p. kpc£m `S≥amcm¬ tØ°v FØn t\m°n-s°m-≠n-cp-∂p. Xma-kn-bmsX kqcys‚
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Øn¬ Bcq-V-\m-b-Xns\ XpS¿∂v A∂sØ ]cn-]mSn Bcw- C\n F¥v?? kam¿ kzbw tNmZn-®p. ^d-thm-bpsS Dd-°-
`n-°p-I-bm-bn. Øn\v Imh-en-cn-°p-I...... At±-lsØ DW¿ØmsX ......-kzbw

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fns∏m hep-Xm-bn-´p-≠mhpw, At√ chn-tb-´m......''
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bmIpw, AXn¬ kwi-b-eym...'' Abmƒ Ifn-bmbn ]d-™p.
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sR´n, ""tamjW {ia-Øn-\nsS Xangv kv{XoIƒ Ad-Ãn¬''
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]q¿∆ Ime-Øns‚ amkva-cnI Nn¥bnte°v sIm≠p t]mb,
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""]q thW-am..... -]q....,-\√ sNØn-∏q, ap√-∏q....'' tK‰n-\- F¥p-sImt≠m Abmƒ thZ-\n®p t]mbn. Xte-∂sØ
cn-In¬ B Zo\i_vZw tI´n-´mWv cho-{µ≥ \mb¿ ]mXn ab- B Zo\ cq]w Abmƒ°v Hm¿Ω h∂p, ""hni∏v kln°msX-
°-Øn¬\n∂p-W¿∂-Xv.sk‰n-bn¬ \n∂v Bbm-k-s∏´v Fgp- bmhpw Ahƒ...'' Abmƒ Xs∂-Xs∂ Biz-kn-∏n-°m≥
t∂‰v sN∂v t\m°n-b-t∏mƒ \o≠v saen™v, c≠v ssII- \s∂ hnj-an-®p.
fnepw \ndsb Ip∏n-h-f-I-f-Wn-™v, apSn \ndsb sh≈bpw
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a™bpw ]q°ƒ sh®-e-¶-cn-®v, aq°p-Øn-b-Wn™v, Icn-ajn ImSp Ib-d≠. Abmƒ Xs∂-Xs∂ \nb-{¥n-°m≥ {ian®p.
]pc-≠, Ipgn™ IÆp-I-fp-ambn Hcp s]¨Ip-´n. ]s£ a\- v, AXv ISn-™m-Wn-√mØ IpXn-c-sb-t∏m-se-bm-
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hƒ \n∂n-cp-∂Xv. F¥p-sIm-s≠-∂-dn-bn-√, Hcp t\¿Ø cho-{µ≥ \mb-¿°pw Xs‚ a\- ns\ ]nSn®p \n¿Øm-
s\mºcw Ah- f n¬ Xßn- \ n¬°p- ∂ - X mbn Abmƒ°p \m-bn-√. Gsd Ime-Øn\p tijw Abmƒ A∂-h-tf-°p-dn-
tXm∂n. apJØv Ir{Xn-a-amb Hcp aµ-lmkw hcp-Øn-sIm≠v t®m¿Øp. "ImP¬'-˛-Np-cn-°n-∏-d-™m¬, t_mws_-bnse
Ahƒ tNmZn-®p,""]q thW-am, km¿, \√ sNØn-∏q, ap√- At\-Im-bncw tNcn-I-fnsem∂n¬ Pohn-°p∂ Hcp \mS≥
∏q....'', F¥p sImt≠m Hcp adp-]Sn ]d-bm≥ Abm-fpsS s]¨Ip-´n. ]s£ "chn' F∂ cho-{µ≥ \mb-cn¬ Ahƒ
\mh-\ß - n-bn√. Ah-fpsS B \n›-eZ- riyw Abm-fn¬ Hm¿Ω- Hcp Ae-bmbn C∂pw B™-Sn-°p-∂p.
bpsS, `qX-°m-e-Øns‚ Bbncw Nn{X߃ hncn-bn-®p. B
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ambm aco-Nn-I-bn¬ \n∂v Xncn-sI-sb-Øn-b-t∏mƒ tK‰n-\-cn-
\n-bn¬ P\-d¬ amt\-P-cmbn tPmen t\m°p-I-bm-bn-cp-∂p.
In¬ Ahƒ \n∂-bnSw iq\y-am-sW∂v Abmƒ a\- n-em-
h¿jw 1978, {]mbw Ccp-]Ø - n-b©
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XI¿sØ-dn™ t_mws_-bpsS apJw ho≠pw H∂p ]p©n-
sk‰n-bn¬ sN∂n-cp∂v Abmƒ Fs¥m-s°tbm Btem- cn-®p hcp∂-tX-bp-≈q. as‰√m ÿe-ßsft∏msebpw, As√-
N-\-I-fn¬ apgp-In. B Znhmkz]v\-Øns‚ A¥y-Øn¬ ¶n¬ AXn¬°q-Sp-Xe - mbn A{I-aß -- fpw ]oU-\ß - fpw _emXv-
Abmƒ Hcp Dd-°-Øn-te°v hgpXn hoWp.""-c-hn-tb-´m,.... kw-K-ß-fp-sa√mw B alm-\-K-csØ Hcp- a-lm-\-c-I-am°n
hmXn¬ Xpd-°q.....'', cho-{µ≥ \mb¿ sN∂v hmXn¬ Xpd- am‰n. \mSns‚ DW- ¿ ∆mtI≠ ]e sNdp- ∏ - ° mcpw aZy-
∂p. kc-kzXn AI-tØ°v Ibdn h∂p. kc-kzXn cho-{µ≥ Ønt‚bpw I©m-hn-t‚bpw el-cn-bn¬ ASn-a-s∏´v IqØmSn
\mb-cpsS kl-[¿Ωn-Wn-bm-Wv. Abm-fpsS F√m t\´-ß- \S∂p. P\m-[n-]Xyhpw \nbakwln-Xbpsa√mw shdpw
fnepw tIm´-ß-fnepw ZpxJØnepw kt¥m-j-Ønepw F√mw t\m°p-Ip-Øn-I-fmbn \ne-sIm-≠p.
Hcp km¥z\hpw ]¶m-fn-bp-am-W-hƒ. Abm-fpsS B{Klw cho-{µ\pw Cu ]d™ Imcy-ß-fn¬ \n∂pw ap‡-\m-
t]mse Xs∂ Hcp s]¨-Ip-™ns\ {]k-hn-®-hƒ. bn-cp-∂n-√. aZyhpw Oc- p-sa√mw Abm-fpsS Zu¿_-ey-ß-
""chn-tb´m, tamfp hnfn-®n-cp-∂p, Ahfpw cmPqw ASpØ fm-bn-cp-∂p. bmsXmcp \nb-{¥-Whpw _m[y-X-I-fp-an-√mØ
amkw \m´n-te-°v≠vt- {X.....-Rm≥ ]d™p \∂m-bo-∂v. Ipt´ym- PohnXw aZn®p \S-°p∂ H‰-bms‚ `mhhpw cq]hpw Bbn-
sfms° F{X \mfm∂v h®m ]ncn-™n-cn-Iym.... C{]m-hiyw cp∂p A∂-bmƒ°v.

Aß-s\-bp≈ Hcm-fpsS lrZ-b-Øn-te°v kvt\l-Øn- tNmZn-®-dn™p. A—≥ Hcp Iº-\n-bn¬ sXmgn-em-fn-bm-bn-cp-
s‚bpw {]W-b-Øns‚bpw ]pXp tX≥Xp≈n-Iƒ Xfn®p ∂p. Ct∏mƒ bmsXmcp ]Wn-bp-an√. GXp ka-bhpw I≈p-
sIm≠m-W-hƒ h∂-Xv˛""Im-P¬''. Ip-Sn®v e°v sI´v \S-°p-I-bmWv. AXv ]d-bp-tºmƒ Ahƒ
Xms\ sdbn¬sh tÃj-\n¬ kplrØv tKm]n-\mYns\ Ic-bp-Ib - m-bn-cp-∂p. AΩ IjvSs
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kzoI-cn-°m≥ t]mIp∂ hgn-bn¬ sdbn¬th tÃj\p ]n∂n- Ah¿ Pohn-°p-∂Xv. Ah-fpsS IY tI´-t∏mƒ Abmƒ°v
em-bp≈ tNcnbpsS ap≥h-isØ Xpd- mb ssaXm-\Øp Ah-tfmSv IqSp-X¬ kvt\lw tXm∂n.
sh®mWv Abmƒ Ahsf BZy-ambn I≠-Xv. ""\o t]Sn-t°≠ ImP¬, \n\-°n\n F∂pw Rm\p-≠v,
ss]∏n-\-Sn-bn¬ sh≈w \nd-bv°p∂ _°‰v hbv°m≥ \nt∂bpw \ns‚ IpSpw-_-tØbpw Rm≥ t\m°pw, \o Ft‚-
a‰p admØn s]Æp-ß-fp-ambn tImem-leap≠m-°p-I-bm-bn- Xm-Wv, Ft‚Xp am{Xw.....'' Abm-fpsS a\ v a{¥n-®p.
cp∂p Ahƒ. Xm≥ Ahsf {i≤n-°p-∂p-s≠-∂-dn-™-t∏mƒ ]n∂oSv ]e XhW Ah¿ XΩn¬ Is≠-¶nepw Xs‚
Ahƒ H∂v im¥-bm-bn. CS-°Æ - n´v H∂p t\m°n X¬£Ww B{Klw {]I-Sn-∏n-°m≥ Hcn-°epw Abmƒ°v Ign-™n-√.
Xs∂ t\m´w ]n≥h-en-°p-Ibpw sNbvXp. Ahƒ ASp-sØ-Øp-tºmƒ GtXm Hcp amkva-cnI he-b-
Ah-fpsS tNe-bnepw Ahƒ Ccp ssIønepw [cn-®n- Øn¬s∏´Xp t]mse Abmƒ°p tXm∂n.
cp∂ ]e \nd-Øn-ep≈ Ip∏n-hf - I
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Øn-bn-ep-sa√mw Abmƒ Hcp ]pXp kuµcyw Is≠-Øn. ¶nepw H∂v ]d, As√-¶n-e-hfv h√-h-cptSw IqsS-t]m-t∆......''
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hƒ'', Abmƒ a\- n¬ ]d-™p.-tKm]n hs∂-¶nepw Ah-sf- tKm]n Abmsf Hm¿Ω-s∏-Sp-Øn.
°p-dn-®p≈ Nn¥-I-fn¬ apgpIn Abmƒ ]e-t∏mgpw kz]v\ ]nt‰∂v Xs∂ F√mw Ah-tfmSv ]d-bm-sa∂v cho-{µ≥
temI-Ø-e™v \S-∂p. ""Iym lphm `mbo,? Ipd®v Znh-k- tKm]n°v Dd∏v sImSp-Øp.
ambn Hcp kz]v\w ImW-ev, F¥v ]‰n Ip´m............'' tKm]n F∂m¬ cho-{µ≥ ]nt‰∂v Ahsf I≠n-√. ]n∂o-sSm-
Ifn-bm-°n. cn-°epw I≠n-√. Abmƒ Ahsf At\z-jn®v t_mws_
""H∂p-an-s√-tS....'' Abmƒ Hgn™p amdn. alm-\-Kcw apgp-h≥ Np‰n \S-∂p. F¶nepw ImP-ens\ Is≠-
F¶nepw ]gb t]mse IqØmSn \S-°epw e°p sI´v Øm-\m-bn√. ImP-ens‚ ho´n¬ sN∂ chn°v AhnsS \n∂v
Dd-ßepw F√mw Abmƒ Dt]-£n-®p. Pohn-X-Øn\v Hcp hy‡-am-sbmcp hnhcw In´n-bn-√. ImP-ens‚ AΩ acn®p
e£yhpw A¿∞- h p- s a√mw h∂Xp t]mse Abmƒ°v t]mbt{X. AXn-\p-tijw B ho´nse Btcbpw B `mK-
tXm-∂n. Øp-≈-h¿ I≠n-´p-≠m-bn-cp-∂n-√.
Hc-h[n Znhkw shdpsX apdn-bpsS ap∂n¬ ]pd-tØ°v cho- { µ≥ BsI XI¿∂p. tPmen- b n¬ Abmƒ°v
IÆpw \´v Ccn-°p-I-bm-bn-cp∂p Abmƒ. At∏mƒ Xmsg Xm¬]-cy-an-√m-Xm-bn. Pohn-X-am-Ip∂ Cu \c-I-Øn¬ \n∂v
Ken-bn-eqsS Ahƒ \S∂p \oßp-∂p. Abmƒ HmSn s]s´∂p c£- t \- S m≥ Abmƒ sImXn- ® p. BZy- a mbn Abmƒ°v
Xs∂ Xmtg-s°Øn. ]s£ Ahsf ImWm≥ Ign-™n-√. Xt∂mSv Xs∂ shdp∏p tXm∂n. ""Hcp s]Æn-t\m-Sp≈ CjvSw
Ch-fnXv C{X s]s´∂v Ftßm´v t]mbn F∂pw Nn¥n®v t]mepw Xpd∂p ]d-bm≥ Ign-bmØ hnUvVn'', Abmƒ kzbw
\ncm-i-tbmsS XncnsI \S-°m-≥ XpS-ßp-tºmƒ ap∂n¬ hne-]n-®p.
AXm Ahƒ. Abmsf Ku\n-°msX Ahƒ \S∂p \oßn. cho-{µs‚ PohnXw ho≠pw aZy-Øn-s‚bpw I©m-hn-
]n∂mse sN∂v Abmƒ Ah-tfmSv ""Iym \mw sl Xpam- s‚bpw el- c n- b n¬ ]Xn- ™ p. F√mw ad- ° m≥ th≠n
cm.......?'' F∂p tNmZn-®p. Abmƒ el-cn-bn¬ BdmSn \S-∂p. Abm-fpsS D≈n-se-cn-
sX√v A\n-jvS-tØmsS Abmsf t\m°n-bn´v Ahƒ bp∂ I\-ens‚ NqSv Bcpw Adn-™n-√.
\S∂p \oßn. ""s]Æn\v A{X Al-¶m-c-tam,'' Abmƒ hnNm-
Aßs\ Hcp \mƒ cm{Xn aZy-]n®v Abmƒ Ahn-SpsØ
cn-®p. H‰-tbm-´-Øn\v Ah-fpsS ap∂n-seØn Abmƒ, F∂n´v
tNcnbnse Hcp Ip{]-kn≤ thiym-eb - Ø- n-te°v sN∂p. H∏w
ho≠pw tNmZyw Bh¿Øn-®p, ""Iym \mw sl.........?'' CØ-
hW Ahƒ tXm¬hn kΩ-Xn®p. Np‰pw H∂v ItÆm-Sn®v tKm]n-bp-ap-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. thWtam th≠tbm F∂v i¶n®p
Bcpw Xßsf {i≤n- ° p- ∂ n- s √∂v a\ nem°n Ahƒ \n∂ chnsb tKm]n Hcp apdn-bn-te°v ]nSn®p X≈n ]pdØv
]d™p, ""ImP¬, -Hu¿ Ip®v Pm\v\m sl...? ]qt®m \m......'' \n∂v IX-I-S-®p.
Ahƒ tZjy-tØmsS tNmZn®p. F¶nepw Abmƒ H∂pw Hcp s]¨Ip´n AhnsS ]pdw Xncn-™n-cn-∏p-≠m-bn-cp∂p
]d-™n-√. Nhn-´n-°p-ep°n sIm≠v Ahƒ \S∂p \oßp- Xs∂ {]m]n-°m≥ hcp-∂-h-t\bpw ImØv. Abmƒ Ah-fpsS
tºmƒ Ah-fpsS ssII-fn¬ \nd™p InS-°p∂ Ip∏n-h-f- ASpØv sN∂v Ahsf X\n-°` - n-ap-Ja- mbn \n¿Øn. B £W-
Iƒ XΩn¬ Ie-ln®v _l-f-ap-≠m-°p-I-bm-bn-cp-∂p. Øn¬ Abmƒ tjmt°‰Xp t]mse Xcn®p \n∂p. AX-h-
"ImP¬', Abm-fpsS lrZbhpw a\- p-sa√mw ho≠pw fm-bn-cp-∂p ˛ "ImP¬'.
ho≠pw B t]cv G‰p-hm-ßn. Ip∏n-h-f-°n-ep-°hpw ]mZ-k-c-hp-a-Wn™v Xs∂ tamln-
]n∂oSv Ahsf ImWm-\p≈ hgn-Iƒ Abmƒ Xs∂ ∏n® AtX s]Æv. ]s£ Ah-fpsS IÆp-I-fn¬ ]gb B
Is≠-Øn. Ahƒ t]mIp∂ hgn-Ifpw Ken-If - p-sa√mw Abmƒ amkva-cn-I-X-bn-√. ]Icw Hcp Xcw ac-hn∏v am{Xw. Ahƒ
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]p©n-cn-°m≥ XpS-ßn. B ka-bØv Hcm-bncw \£-{X-߃ am-\n-X-s\-t∏mse \n∂p \odn-∏p-I-™p.
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Fs‚ Ip™n-s\m∂pw hcp-Øt√. \n -lm-b-bmb B AΩ-bv°v A{X- °ƒ I≠p-sh-®n-cp-∂-Xpw. DZ-b-kq-cys‚ apJ-
bt√ ]‰q. Ah-cpsS a\- n¬ ZpxJw Xfw sI´n-\n-∂p. F{X `b-¶-c-amb am-bn-cp∂ Ahs\ Ah¿ "BZn-Xy≥' F∂p hnfn-
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Xs‚ Ip™v.... Xs‚ Poh\pw amwk-hp-amb Xs‚ Ip™v... Ahƒ°v F∂p sN√-t∏cn-´p. sNdp-∏-Øn-t‚-Xmb F√m
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cma-\m-Y≥ AXym-ln-X-hn-`m-K-Øn\v AIØpw ]pd-Øp-ambn sh{]m-f-s∏´p BZn-bpsS GXp Ipkr-Xn-Ø-c-Øn\pw Iq´v B
\S-°p-∂p. Bip-]-{Xn°p ]pdØv Xnan¿Øp s]øp∂ ag-bn¬ IÆp-\o- tNcn-\n-hm-kn-I-fm-bn-cp-∂p. Ah-cpsS A\p-hm-
tcmsS {]m¿∞n-°p∂ Hcp Iq´w tNcn-\n-hm-kn-Iƒ, Ah¿°v hf-sc-tbsd Z-an-√msX Kucn°v BZnsb iIm-cn-°m-\p≈
{]nb-s∏-´h- \- mWv AIØv Poh-\p-th≠n ]nS-bp-∂X - v. ]s£ Ah-sc-t∏mse Ah-Imiw t]mep-an-√m-bn-cp-∂p. Hcp If-IvS¿
Xs∂ ssZh-Øn\pw Ah≥ {]nb-s∏-´h - \- m-sW∂v Ah¿ ad-∂p-t]m-tbm....... Bbn \n∂p-sIm≠v B tNcn-°p-th≠n sNøm-
tkXp-am-[-h≥ Hcp km[m-cW IpSpw-_-Øn¬ P\n-®p-h-f¿∂ Hcp hp∂ F√mw tkXp sNøp- a m- b n- c p- ∂ p. B
am\y≥. At±-l-Øns‚ {]bXv\w sIm≠pw amXm-]n-Xm-°-fpsS {]m¿∞-\- \µnbpw IS-∏mSpw Hcn-°epw Ah¿ ad-∂n-√.
sIm≠pw At±lw Hcp sF.-F.-Fkv Hm^o-k-dmbn. AXn-\p-ti-j-amWv Ah¿°v Hcp B{i-b-am-bn-cp∂p tkXp-hns‚
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imeo-\-Xbpw \njvI-f-¶-Xbpw tkXp-hns\ h√msX BI¿jn-®p. amXm- Øn¬ ImWp-hm≥ km[n-°p-am-bn-cp-∂n-√.
]n-Xm-°-fpsS kΩ-X-tØmsS Xs∂ Ah¿ H∂m-bn. Aßs\ kt¥m-j- "tNcn-\n-hm-kn-Iƒ' F∂ th¿Xn-cnhv Hcn-
tØmsS Ah¿ Hcp IpSpw-_-Po-hn-X-am-cw-`n-®p. tkXp-hn\v Xncp-h-\-¥-]p-c- °epw Ah¿°v tkXp-hns‚ ho´n¬\n∂pw
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sbmcp hoSp-hmßn. tkXp-hns‚ hoSv Dƒs∏sS c≠p-aq∂v henb hoSp- tN´≥am-cp-tSbpw tN®n-am-cp-tSbpw IÆn-ep-
Iƒ Ign-™m¬ ]n∂-hn-Sp-≈Xv apgp-h\pw IpSn-ep-Ifpw sjÕp-I-fp-am-Wv. Æn-bm-Wv.
F¥n-\n-ß-s\mcp ÿew sXc-s™-SpØp F∂p tNmZn-®m¬ X\n-°p-≠m-
hp∂ Ip™v ]mh-s∏-´-h-tcbpw I≠dn™v hf-cs´ F∂v tkXp ]d-bpw. BZn°v sNdp∏w apXte Hmtcm CjvS-
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Kucn°v Hcp k¶-S-ap-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. hnhmlw Ign™v \mev h¿jw Ign-
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™n´pw Ah¿°v Hcp Ip™p-≠m-bn-cp-∂n-√. F∂m¬ D≈nse hnjaw ad- s∏´ \ndw Nph-∏m-bn-cp-∂p. Nph∂ ]q°sf
®p-sh®v tkXp Ahsf Biz-kn-∏n-°pw. F√m-‰n\pw Hcp ka-b-ap-≠v. ka- Ah≥ Gsd kvt\ln-®p. tdmkm-]q-°ƒ
b-am-hp-tºmƒ F√mw icn-bm-bn-s°m-≈pw. Aßs\ Ah-cpsS ImØn-cn∏v Ahs‚ Poh-\m-bn-cp-∂p. AXp-t]m-se-Xs∂
F´p- h ¿jw hsc \o≠p. Kucn Xs‚ PohnXw {]m¿∞- \ - I ƒ°pw Ah\v {]nb-s∏-´-h-bm-bn-cp∂p Kp¬tam-l¿

]q°-fpw. AXns‚ Nph∂ CXƒ \J-Øn-sem-´n®v Iq´p-Imsc t]Sn- tfm-SXv ]d-bm-\p-≈ Ic-fp-d∏v tkXp-hn-\p-t]m-
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{]-Imcw Ah-cpsS ho´p-ap‰w sNSn-I-fm¬ \nd-™p. ]t£ Hcp HSp-hn¬ cma-\m-Y≥ Xs‚ `mcysb Imcy-ta-ev]n-
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bn-cp-∂p. F∂pw cmhnse Ah≥ ap‰-Øp-t]mbn F√m ]q°-tfmSpw t√m....... CSn-sh-t´-‰-Xp-t]mse Kucn Imcy-߃
kwkm-cn-°pw, hg-°nSpw, F∂mepw ]q ]dn-°m-dn-√. A{X-am{Xw tI´psIm≠ncp-∂p. X\n°p h∂ Ime-t°-Sn\v
Ah≥ Ahsb kvt\ln-®n-cp-∂p. ]q°-tfm-Sp≈ Ahs‚ Bthiw Ahƒ Btcbpw ]gn-®n√, hn[n-sb-t∏m-epw.
ho´n-ep-≈-h¿ Bkz-Zn-®n-cp-∂p. ]q°-tfm-Sp≈ t]mse-Xs∂ apØ-»n- X\n°v Btem-Nn-°m≥ kabw thW-sa∂v
tbmSpw Ah\v hfsc CjvS-ap-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. apØ-»n-bpsS aSn-bn¬ Kucn ]d-™p. tUmIvS¿am¿ cmhnse hsc
Xe-NmbvNv IY tI´p-d-ßm≥ Ah≥ \n¿_‘w ]nSn-®n-cp-∂p. Ahs‚ kabw sImSp-Øp. kz¥w Ip™ns‚ icocw
A\n-jvS-ß-fn¬ G‰hpw {][m\w `£-W-ambncp∂p. AXv AΩ ]e-Xmbn `mKn-°p-∂Xv GX-Ω-bmWv kln-°p-
\n¿_-‘n®v hmcn-s°m-Sp-Ømse Ah≥ Ign-°q. I. ]t£ Kucn kΩ-Xn-®p. \nd-߃ ImWm-
A∂v B i]n-°-s∏´ Znh-khpw AXp-X-s∂-bmWv kw`-hn-®- \m-{K-ln-°p∂ BZn-bpsS IÆp-Iƒ C\nbpw
Xv. AΩ `£Ww FSp-°p-∂-Xp-I≠v BZn Iq´p-Im-tcbpwsIm≠v \nd-߃ ImW-W-sa∂v Ahƒ B{K-ln-®p.
sSd- n\p apI-fn¬ Hfn-°p-hm≥ t]mbn. apØ»n AXp I≠p-an-√. Pohn-°m≥ sImXn-°p∂ B lrZbw C\nbpw
Aßs\ apI-fn-en-cn-°p-tºm-gmWv \ndsb ]q°-fp-ambn Xs∂ t\m°n Pohn-°s´ F∂-hƒ tamln-®p. tUmIvS¿am¿
Nncn-°p∂ Kp¬tam-l¿sImºv BZn I≠-Xv. AXv sSd- n\p apI-fn- Ahƒ°-\p-h-Zn® ka-b-Øn\p aptº Ahƒ
te°v FØn-\n¬°p-I-bm-Wv. BZn AXv ]dn-°p-hm-\mbn ssIIƒ Ah¿°v kΩ-Xw- sIm-Sp-Øp. ]ns∂ sshIn-
\o´n. ]t£ In´n-bn-√. Ah≥ ]Xnsb sSd- n\p Np‰p-ap≈ sI´n\p bn√, tUmIvS¿am¿ Bh-iy-°m-cmb \mev tcmKn-
apI-fn¬ Ib-dn. ]qhm-sW-¶n¬ In´n In´n-bn√ F∂ Ah-ÿ-bn-emWv Isf sXc- s ™- S p- Ø p. IÆp- I ƒ, lrZ- b w,
\n¬°p-∂-Xv. a‰v Ip´n-Iƒ Ah\v Bthiw sImSp-Øp-sIm-≠n-cp- hr°-Iƒ Hs∂m-∂mbn BZn-bn¬\n∂pw Ah-
∂p. _lfw tI´v apØ»n ap‰-tØ°v Cd-ßm≥ XpS-ßp-I-bm-bn-cp- cn-te°v amdn-s°m-≠n-cp∂p, BZn Adn-bm-sX......
∂p. s]s´∂v Hcp sIm®p Im‰p-ho-in. BZn sXmSm≥ FØn-\n-∂n- ASpØ kp{]- ` m- X - Ø n\v F∂p- a p≈
cp∂ sImºv ]nd-tIm´p amdn. Imep-sX-‰nb BZn \nb-{¥-W-an-√msX tim`-bp-≠m-bn-cp-∂n-√. BZn-Xy≥ Hfn-a-ßnb
Xmtgm´p hoWp. X\n°v tNmdp-ambn ImØn-cp∂ AΩ-bpsS apºn- Hcp DZ-b-amWv A∂-tØ°v am‰n-sh-®-Xv. Fhn-
te-°v. tNmc-bn¬ Ipfn®p InS-°p∂ Xs‚ Ip™n-s\-°≠v AΩ sSbpw Hcp ivaim\ aqI-X. BZn-bpsS hndp-ß-
\Sp-ßn. AΩ Ip™ns\ HmSn-s®-s∂-SpØp amtdm-S-W-®p. ]ns∂ en® icocw Bw_p-e≥kn¬ Ib-‰n-b-t∏mƒ
F¥p-≠mbn F∂v Kucn-t°m¿Ω-bn-√. t_m[w hcp-tºmƒ Ahƒ B aqI- X bv ° v A¥y- a m- b n. Iq´- \ n- e - h nfn
Bip-]{Xn InS-°-bn-em-Wv. k‘y-bm-bn. AkvX-an-°p∂ kqcys\ Db¿∂p. apØ»n Ahs\ aSn-bn¬ InS-Øn.
t\m°n Ahƒ a\- n¬ sR´-temsS hnfn®p ""BZn.......''. IqsS-bp- ]t£ IY-tIƒ°m≥..... B Bw_p-e≥kv IS-
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Hc-Ωsb Cu Ah-ÿ-bn¬ F¥p ]d-™mWv Biz-kn-∏n-°m≥ ]q°ƒ sImgn-®n-´n-cp-∂p. ]s£ AXp ImWm≥
km[n-°p-I. BZn°p Ign-bp-I-bn-√-t√m. Ae-ap-d-bn´p Ic-
]pdØv Hmtcm CSn-sh-´p-tºmgpw Kucn-bpsS a\ v sR´-temsS bp∂ \m´p-Im¿°n-S-bn-eqsS IsÆØm Zqc-
hnfn°pw, BZn...... BZn... apØ-—\pw apØ-»nbpw ]pd-Øp-\n∂v hnßn- tØ°v Hcp s]m´p-t]mse B hml\w ad-™p.
s∏m´n {]m¿∞n-®p. ""Cuizcm Ahs‚ Poh\p ]I-c-ambn Cu c≠p B ap‰sØ tdmkm-∏q-°ƒ C∂p hncn-
Poh-s\-Sp-tØmfq''. ]t£ kabw Gsd sshIn-bn-cp-∂p. BZn-Xy≥ bp-∂n-√. Hmtcm sam´pw Xe-bp-b¿Øn Np‰pw
Fs∂-t∂-°p-ambn AkvX-an-®p-I-gn-™n-cp-∂p. Ah\v akvXn-jvI-a- t\m°pw. BZn ASp- Ø pt≠m? Ahs\
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]t£ Ahs‚ D≈n¬ Pohn®p sImXn-Xo-cmsX XpSn-°p∂ Hcp lrZ- hnScpw aptº sImgn-™p-t]mIpw, BZn-sb-
b-ap-≠v. Hcp tUmIvS-dpsS ZuXy-t_m[w cma-\m-Y\v At∏mƒ D≠m- t∏mse. ho´p- a p- ‰ sØ Kp¬tam- l ¿ F∂pw
bn. a‰p tUmIvS¿amcpw cma-\m-Ys‚ A`n-{]mbw icn-sh-®p. ]t£ \ndsb ]q°-fp-ambn ImØp-\n¬°pw. Fs∂-
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ap-≠m-hm≥ t]mhp∂ \mep-t]-cpsS Imcyw {i≤n-°p-∂-Xn-e-t√. Aß- -h-cpw. A∂v Kucn-tbmSpw tkXp-hn-t\m-Sp-sam∏w
s\-bt√ Hcp tUmIvS¿ Nn¥n-°p-hm≥ ]mSp-≈q. cma-\m-Y\pw a‰p Hcp- ] mSv kv t \l- t ØmsS Ahs\ hc- t h-
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bmsXmcp {]Xn-I-c-W-hp-an-√msX tkXp Ccp-∂p. Aev]-k-a-b-Øn- kvt\ln-®, BZn kvt\ln® ]q°ƒ.
\p-tijw Imcyw Kucn-tbmSv Ah-X-cn-∏n-°m≥ tkXp ]d-™p, Ah-

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AhnsS Np‰n-∏‰n \n∂-t∏mƒ Ah¿ 10- a-Wnt°

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Ahsf ]cn-N-b-s∏´v A`n-hm-Zy-amb Salute
kzoI-cn®v Ign-™-t∏m-tg°pw Rß-fn¬ Hcp-

h\v Ah-tfmSv {]W-b-am-bn. “Love at first sight”,

F∂v thW-sa-¶n¬ ]d-bmw. Ah\pw Fs‚

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Fungus BWo cN-\. at\m-a-fi-e-Øn¬ Dcp-≠p-Iq-Snb ap´-Iƒ ]n∂mse t]mbn. “Ragging\m¬ \n_n-V-amb

Iq´n ap´n s]m´n D≠mb omelette BWo cN-\. Hcp College Library hcm- ¥ - b n¬ Rm≥ H‰°v \n¬°p-

{]Wbw. cm{Xn ""tImbo an¬ Kbm'' I≠v Ign™v InS-°p-tºmƒ tºmƒ Cf-¶m-‰n¬ apSn-]m-dn-®p-sIm≠v tImtf-

Hcp-aWn Ign-™n-cp-∂p. cmhnse ssSw]okv cm£-ks‚ Ae¿® Pns‚ XcwKw F∂v Adn-b-s∏-Sp∂ s]¨Ip´n

am-[-hs‚ IÆp-Iƒ, Aishwarya

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Hcp S®v D≈ Hcp kpµ-cn. Rm≥ Fs‚

College te°v h®p ]nSn-®p. c≠p ssIIfpw Db¿Øn Ah-tfmSv lmbv ]d-™p.

Ahƒ t{]am¿{Z-amb IÆp-I-fm¬ Fs∂ t\m°n ]d-

tImtf- P ns‚ ]Sn- I ƒ Ib- d p- t ºmƒ Notice

™p. ""Fgp-t∂¬°v, F{X t\c-ambn hnfn-°p∂p''. Rm≥

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tNmZn-®p ""F¥v?'' s]s´∂v Hcp A⁄mX i‡n h∂v

taml≥-em-ens‚ ]S-Øns‚ t]mÿ H´n-°p-∂Xp t]mse

Fs‚ DZ-c-`m-KØv ]Xn-®p. Rm≥ sXdn®v tImWn-∏-Sn-I-

H´n-®n-cn-°p-∂p “Ragging is a Criminal Offence” .B t]∏¿

fn¬ hoWp. ]Sn-I-fn-eqsS Dcp≠p hogp-tºmƒ Rm≥

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¶n-epw, kml-kn-I-X-bv°p≈ {]Xn-^-e-ambn {]n≥kn-∏¬ ®p. DS≥ h∂p Readymade answer ""Ft¥m?''. Rm≥

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t∏mƒ, F∂nse kml-kn-I≥ second show bv°v t]mbn. ÿm\Øv Rm≥ I≠Xv Fs‚ A\n-b-s\-bm-Wv. kw`-

h-ÿ-e-tØ°v AΩbpw HmSn-sb-Øn-bn-cp-∂p. Rm≥ clock

¢m n¬ Ib-dn-s®-∂-t∏mƒ AXm AhnsS Ipd®v

te°v t\m°n. kabw 5.30. \S∂sX√mw kz]v\-am-bn-

s]¨Ip-´n-Ifpw Ah-cpsS CS-bn¬ “Sugar Boy” F∂-dn-b-

cp∂p F∂v a\- n-em-°m≥ GXm\pw \nan-j-߃ th≠n

s∏-Sp∂ hnZym¿∞nbpw Ccn-°p-∂p. Ahs‚ knc-I-fn¬ h∂p. cmhnse HmSm≥ t]mhm-\p≈ A\n-bs‚ wake call

HmSp-∂Xv ]©m-c-em-b-\n-bm-Wv. AXns‚ Hcw-i-sa-¶nepw

Bbn-cp∂p B A⁄mX i‡n F∂v ]n∂oSv a\- n-

Fs‚ knc- I - f n- t em- S m- Ø - X n- \ m¬ Rm≥ Akq- b m- e p- em-bn. Every Action has an equal and opposite reaction F∂m-

hm- b n. Bag sIm≠v last bench¬ ÿew ]nSn®v Ist floor Wt√m. AXnse B opposite reaction Fs‚ A\n-b\v

te°v bm{X- b m- b n. First years s\ ImWm≥. AhnsS kΩm-\n-®p-sIm≠v Rm≥ HmSm≥ Cd-ßn. Hcp a[p-c-


FØn-b-t∏mƒ \ncm-i-bm-bn-cp∂p ^ew. kz-]v\-Øns‚ Hm¿Ω-I-fp-am-bn.


te-t°m-Sn.... A∂pw ]Xn-hp-tZmi Rßsf ImØn-cn-°p-

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te-bvt°m-Sp-tºmƒ ]Xn-hp-_kv In´ptam F∂ Bi-¶-bm-
bn-cp-∂p Rß-fpsS D≈n¬. {]Xo-£n-®-{Xbpw {]iv\-ß-fn-
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Xs∂ ]q¶p-∂Øp h∂n-dßn CS-h-gn-bn-eqsS \S∂v i¶-cw-
Ip-f-ßc Aº-e-Øn-\-cn-In-se-Øn. Aº-e-∏-d-ºn\p \Sp-hn¬
]S¿∂p]-¥e - n®p \n¬°p∂ B¬a-cØ - W - e
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hn{i-an-®n´p t]mImw F∂v Iq´-Øn-emtcm ]d-™p. hn{i-a-
Øn-\p-tijw Pe-tP-®n-bpsS IS-bnse anTm-bnbpw \pW-™p-
sIm≠v \S-∂-t∏mƒ a\ v Xnc-sbm-gn™ IS¬t]mse
tIc-f-h¿Ω-bpsS apJy-I-hm-SsØ ]n∂n-em°n Ir]-
bpsS hmXn¬°-se-Øn-b-t∏mƒ F∂pw ]p©n-cn-bp-ambn
Rßsf ImØp-\n¬°p∂ Znhm-It- c-´s - \-b√ A∂p ImWm≥
Ign-™-Xv. Xpd-∂n´ hmXn¬∏-Sn-bn¬ \n¬°p∂ Znhm-I-tc-
´s‚ æm\-amb apJw Rß-fn¬ Akz-ÿ-X-bp-f-hm-°n. H∂p-
ap-cn-bm-SmsX he-Xp-h-isØ Pme-I-∏m-fn-bn-te°v At±lw
c ≠v h¿j-߃°v apºv, IrXy-ambn ]d-™m¬ 2003 hnc¬ Nq≠n. Ahn-sS-sbm-´n-®n-cp-∂, ]g-°w-sIm≠v aßn-Øp-
sk]vXw-_¿ amk-Øn-emWv {]Xo-£-bpsS `mfihpw t]dn S-ßnb Hcp sh≈-°-S-emkv Rß-fpsS ZrjvSn-bn¬s∏-´p. CS-
R߃ sF.-C.-F- ns‚ ]Sn Nhn-´n-b-Xv. dmKnßpw ko\n- Xq¿∂ A£-c-߃°n-S-bn¬\n∂pw "]sØm-º-Xp-e-£Øn
tb-gvkp-sam∂pw C√mØ Hcp temIw Rßsf ImØn-cn-°p- Aº-Xn-\m-bncw' F∂ kwJy-bn¬ Rß-fpsS IÆp-S-°n.
∂p-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. tImtfPv tlmì XpS-ßm-Xn-cp-∂-Xn-\m¬ t\m´o-knse hcn-Iƒ hy‡-ambn H∂p hmbn-®-t∏mƒ Ir]
tIc-f-h¿Ω tImtf-Pn-\-Sp-Øp≈ "Ir]' tlmÃ-en-emWv P]vXn sNø-s∏-´n-cn-°p∂p F∂ bmYm¿∞yw R߃°v
R߃ FØn-s∏-´-Xv. AhnsS Rßsf kzoI-cn-°m≥ Znhm- Dƒs°m-≈m-Xn-cn-°m-\m-bn-√. "C\n-sb-tßm´v'? F∂ tNmZyw
I- t c- ´ - \ p- ≠ m- b n- c p- ∂ p. tlmì hm¿U- s \- ∂ - X n- e p- ] cn F√m-h-cpsS D≈nepw apg-ßn. hnZym¿∞n-I-sf∂ ]cn-K-W-\-
R߃°-t±lw Hcp apXn¿∂ ktlm-Z-c-s\-t∏m-se-bm-bn-cp- sIm-≠v, P]vXn-\-S-]-Sn-Iƒ c≠p Znh-k-tØ°v \o´n-h-bv°m≥
∂p. CW-°-ßfpw ]nW-°-ß-fpw-, sIm®p sIm®p Ifn-Nn-cn- _m¶v A[n-Im-cn-Iƒ Xøm-dm-bn. tlmÃ-ep-Sa hcpØn sh®
I-fp-ambn R߃ F√m-hcpw hfsc thKw \√ kplr-Øp- IS-_m-[y-X-bm-bn-cp∂p Rß-fpsS B Ah-ÿbv°v Imc-
°- f mbn amdn. ]e- t ∏mgpw A¿≤- c m- { Xn- ° - ∏ pdw \ofp∂ Ww. A∂p cm{Xn ]m°nwKpw Ign™v Dd-ßm≥ InS-∂-t∏mƒ
t{UmbnwKv tlmwh¿°p- I fpw kn\n- a - I - f pw - A - X n- \ n- S - a\ v kp\m-an-Øn-c-Iƒ B™-Sn-°∂ IS¬t]mse {]£p-
bvs°ms° Aev]w ]T-\-hp-ambn Znh-k-ß-tfmSn ad-™p. _v[-am-bn-cp-∂p.
{InkvXp-akpw \yqC-bdpw i_vZ-tIm-em-l-e-ß-fp-ambn ]nt‰∂v Rß-fn¬ Ipd-®p-t]¿ Znhm-I-tc-´-t\msSm∏w
"Ir]' PohnXw R߃ BtLm-jn-®p. H‰ cq]m Xp´p-Iƒ°p hoSp t\m°m-\n-dß - n. Ipd-®p-t]¿ F√mw ad-°m≥ kn\n-abv°p
]Icw Ccp-]-Ø©v ss]km-Øp-´p-Ifpw tImbn≥ t_mIvkn- t]mbn. Hcp Znh-kw-sIm≠v hosS-ßs\ Xc-s∏-Sm-\mWv?
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As∂-t∏mtgm Bbn-cp-∂p. aSp-∏n-°p∂ ]I-ep-I-fn¬ I\Ø bnse Ah-km\ Znh-khpw hs∂-Øn.
]mT-]p-kvX-I-ß-fpsS t]Pp-Iƒ°n-S-bn¬ kzbw \jvS-s∏´ A∂p cmhnse tImtf-Pn-seØn A[n-Ir-X-tcmSv hnh-
aWn-°q-dp-Iƒ.... Assk≥sa‚p-Ifpw Syqt´m-dn-b-ep-I-fp-ambn c-߃ [cn-∏n-®-t∏mƒ Ah¿ Ah-cpsS \n -lm-bX shfn-
]pkvX-I-ß-fpsS s]m≈n-°p∂ ho¿∏p-ap-´-ep-Iƒ°n-S-bn¬ s∏-Sp-Øn. Fßpw ÿew In´n-bn-s√-¶n¬ sdbn¬th-tÃ-j≥
\n∂pw Iq´p-Im-tcm-sSmØv IpkrXn Im´nbpw Xam-i-Iƒ kpc-£nX ÿm\-am-sW∂v ]d™ A≤ym-]n-I-bpsS hm°p-
]d™pw a\- nse {]W-bsØ Km\-ß-fmbn aqfnbpw Dudn- Iƒ Xam-i-bmbn Icp-Xm-\m-hp∂ Hcp am\-kn-Im-h-ÿ-bn-em-
®n-cn®pw Aß-s\.. Aß-s\... tImtfPv Zn\-ßfpw IS-∂p- bn-cp-∂n√ R߃.
t]m-bn. "em_v FIvkm'ans‚ NqSv s^{_p-h-cn-bnse XWp- ""]mºp-Iƒ°p amf-ap-≠v, ]d-h-Iƒ°m-Im-i-ap-≠v,
∏ns\ adn-I-S-∂p. Aßs\ B Znh-kw... s^{_p-h-cn-˛28 a\p- j y- ] p- { X\v Xe Nmbv ° m≥ aÆn- e n- S - a n√''
hs∂-Øn. F∂v ]mSnb kl- ] mTn F¥m- b n- c n°pw Dt±- i n- ® Xv ?
a[pckz]v\-Øns‚ amkva-cn-I-X-bn¬ \n∂v sR´n-bp- D®-bq-Wn-\n-S-bn¬ Znhm-I-tc-´s‚ t^m¨ h∂p, ""tlmÃ-ep-
W¿∂Xv Aem-dsØ i]n-®p-sIm-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. a\- ns‚ CSp- Sa Hcp hoSv icn-bm-°n-bn-´p≠v''. sshIp-t∂cw Ir]-bn-se-
ßnb tImWp- I - f n¬ \n∂pw Btcm a{¥n- ® p. "em_v Øn-b-t∏m-tg°pw km[-\-߃ Ib-‰nb sSwt]m Rß-tfbpw
FIvkmw'. a‰p {_m-©p-Iƒ kpJ-am-bn Iq¿°w hen-®p-d-ßp- ImØv InS-°p-∂p-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. Ir]-tbmSpw tIc-f-h¿Ω-
∂p. A∂m-Zy-ambn Ah-tcmSv Akqb tXm∂n. tai-bn¬ NnX- tbmSpw Hcn- ° ¬IqSn hnS- s Nm√n bm{X- b m- I p- t ºmƒ
dn-°n-S∂ sdt°m¿Up-I-fn¬ \n∂pw "^nknIvkv sdt°m¿Uv' Znhm-I-tc-´-t\m-sS¥p ]d-b-W-sa∂v R߃°m¿°p-a-dn-bn-√m-
X∏n-sb-Sp-°p-tºmƒ, Xte∂v Dd-°w-H-gn®v ]Tn® sIan-kv{Sn- bn-cp-∂p. ]Xnsb \oßn-Øp-S-ßnb h≠n-bn-te°v t\m°n
bnse cmk-hm-Iy-ß-sfm-´p-ap-°mepw Ftßmt´m am™p-t]m- ssIho-in-s°m-≠n-cp∂ Znhm-It- c-´s\ C∂pw R߃ Hm¿Ωn-
bn-cp-∂p. ]pkvX-I-ß-fp-am-bp-≈ bp≤-Øn-\n-S-bvs°-t∏mtgm °p-∂p.
Znhm-I-tc-´s‚ "tP°-t∫.....' F∂p≈ hnfn ImXn¬ apg-ßn-
b-t∏mƒ sdt°m¿Up-Isf hI-™p-am‰n `£-W-Øn\p ap∂n- BABURAJ P.R, BITTO JOHN JOB, RAKESH R.
Hcp t\m°v.....
SARITHA P. S. ""C∂v _ v In´ptam...... Ft¥m??'' ]Xn-hp-t]mse Ahƒ HmSn-sb-Øn. ""inhm,
S5 CS t]mtbm... tN®o?....'', ASpØv \n¬°p∂ tN®n-tbmSv Ahƒ tNmZn-®p. ""t]mbn-´n-√.....'',
""`mKyw......'', ""Ft¥? tamsf...... ASpØ _ n¬ t]mbm¬ t]mtc??....'' AXns‚ sXm´p-
]p-d-In¬ Xs∂ thsdbpw _ p-I-fp-≠v. ""AXv.... t\cw sshIpw tN®o......'' Ahƒ ]d™p.
_ v h∂p. ]Xn-hnepw Xnc-°p-≠v. kvIqƒ PwKvj≥ Ign-™m¬ Xnc°v Ip-dbpw. \nd®v kvIqƒ Ip´n-I-fm-Wv. AXv
Ign-™m¬ Ccn-°mw. ""F∂mWv Cu..... _p≤n-ap-´p-Iƒ H∂v Ah-km-\n-°p-I....''
ASpØ tÃm∏n¬ _ v H∂v BSn-\n-∂p.... Ahƒ ]pd-tØ-°p-t\m-°n. B IS-bpsS apºn¬ C∂pw Abm-fp-≠v....
Bcm-W-bmƒ?? \√ apJ{io D≠v. ]o®v If¿ j¿´pw {_u¨ If¿ ]m‚pw C´p-\n¬°p-∂p. c≠p-˛-aq∂p Znh-k-ambn ChnsS
ImWp- ∂ p.... s]s´∂v Abmƒ t\m°n. Ah- c psS IÆp- I ƒ CS- ™ p.... Ahƒ s]s´∂v IÆp- I ƒ
Xncn-®p. At∏m-tgbv°pw Infn s_√-Sn-®p.... h≠n \oßn. H∂p t\m°n-bm-tem...?? Abmƒ Fs∂ t\m°p-∂pt≠m?? th≠
F¥n\m shdp-sX..... ÿe-߃ Hmtcm-∂mbn Ign-™p-t]m-bn-s°m-≠n-cp-∂p.....
Hm^o-kn¬ FØn-b-t∏mƒ Ahƒ°v Ft¥m Hcp kt¥mjw tXm∂n. F¥n-\m-W-bmƒ t\m°n-bXv?? Fs∂-bmtWm??
Bhn√.... Ahƒ Ah-fpsS tPmen-bn¬ {i≤n-®p....
]nt‰∂v B _ n¬ Xs∂ Ahƒ Ibdn. AXm..... Ahn-sS-bp-≠v. Ahsf Xs∂-bmWv t\m°p-∂-Xv. Ahfpw
t\m°n. Adn-bmsX Xs∂ Ahƒ H∂p aµ-l-kn-®p, Abmƒ Xncn-®pw.... Cuiz-cm... Bcm-W-bmƒ?? _ v H∂v A\-ßn. hnS
]dbpw t]mse Abmƒ Xe-b-\-°n. Xncn®v Ah-fpw.....
Znh-k-߃ IS-∂p-t]m-bn... Abmƒ F∂pw AhnsS Nncn-®p-sIm≠v \n¬∏p-≠m-hpw.
]Xn-hp-t]mse A∂pw Ahƒ B tÃm∏v FØm≥ ImØn-cp-∂p. i\nbpw Rmbdpw I≠n-√. C∂v Xn¶ƒ, Cs∂-
¶nepw ImWWw...... ]s£ AhnsS Abmƒ C√m-bn-cp-∂p. Ahƒ AhnsS apg-ph≥ t\m°n... I≠n√!!!, C∂v _ v t\c-sØ-
bmtWm??? _ v A\-ßn... C√.. ImWm-\n-√.... _ v \oßn-Øp-S-ßn... Ahƒ t\m°n-s°m-≠n-cp-∂p....

Compiled by
God was in the process of creating the universe and S5 CE
he was explaining to his subordinates-
“Look, every thing should be in balance. For every ten deers there should be a lion. Look here, my fellow angels,
here is the country of United States, I have blessed them with prosperity and money. But at the same time I have
given them insecurity and tension. And here is Africa, I have given them beautiful nature. But at the same time I
have given them climatic extremes. And here is South America, I have given them lots of forest. But at the same
time I have given them lesser land so that they would have to cut off the forests..... so you see fellows everything
should be in balance”.
One of the angels asked, “God, what is this beautiful country here?” God said ''Ahah, that is the crown piece of
all, India. My most precious creation, they have understanding and friendly people. Sparkling streams, serene
mountains. A culture which speaks of the great tradition that they live. Technologically brilliant and with a heart of
The angel was quite surprised. “But God, you said everything should be in balance”.
God replied, ''Look at the neighbours I gave them!!''
a™ps]-øp∂ B cm{Xn shfp-Ø-t∏mƒ kqcys‚
BZy-In-cWØgp-I-te‰v Ahƒ Fgp-t∂-‰p. Ahƒ aoc. AUz.-
ao-c... cm{Xn apgp-h≥ hmZn-°m-\p≈ Xøm-sd-Sp-∏p-Iƒ°v CS-
bn¬ GtXm bma-Øn¬ Ahƒ Adn-bmsX Dd-°-Øn-te°v
hgpXn hoWp.- ]t£ At∏mgpw Ah-fpsS a\ v Dd-ßn-bn-
√. Dd-ßm≥ Ign-bp-am-bn-cp-∂n-√. ImcWw \msf Ah-fpsS
Pohn-X-Øns‚ Xmfw- Xo-cp-am-\n-°p∂ B tIkns‚ hmZw SANGEETHA K.
XpS-ßp-I-bm-Wv. S1S2 CS

]mh-am-bn-cp∂p kn≤m¿∞v. Pohn-X-kw-L¿j-߃°n-

S-bn¬ Ahƒ°v km¥z-\-am-bn-cp∂p Abmƒ.
Ime-Øn-s‚- I-Æp-Iƒ Ahsf t\m°n K¿÷n-®-t∏mƒ
Ahƒ°v \jvS-s∏-´Xv Pohn-X-Øn-s‚- k-t¥m-j-ß-fpsS ]gp-
Xp-I-fm-bn-cp-∂p. A—\pw AΩbv°pw aoc GI-a-I-fm-bn-cp-
∂p. amXm-]n-Xm-°-fpsS kz]v\-km-^-ey-am-bn-cp∂p Ah-fpsS
hnhm- l w. GI- a - I - f psS hnhmlw
Ah¿ B¿`m- S - a mbn Xs∂ \S- Ø n.
]t£ Ah-fpsS B bm{X Hcp henb
Zpc- ¥ - Ø n- t e- ° m- b n- c p∂p F∂v
Ah¿°-dn-bn-√m-bn-cp∂p. B bm{X-bv°n-
S- b n¬ Ahƒs°√mw \jv S - s ∏- ´ p.
`¿Øm-hn-s\, At±-l-Øns‚ amXm-]n-
Xm-°-sf, Aßs\ ]e-tcbpw. Cu Zpc-
¥-Øns‚ \Sp-°-Øn¬ Ahƒ°v Ah-
sImgn™ ]pjv]w
fpsS A—-s\bpw AΩsbbpw \jvS-
s∏-´p. Cuiz-cs‚ `n£-bmbn Ah-fpsS apºn¬ Ahƒ AI-s∏-´p. ac-WsØ apJm-apJw Z¿in® \nan-j-߃.
Poh≥ am{Xw _m°n-bm-bn. Hcp tZh-Zq-X-s\-t]mse At∏mƒ AhnsS FØnb kn≤m¿∞v Ahsf
]t£ hn[n-bpsS {IqcX CXp- c£n-®p. ]t£ AXn-\p-th≠n Abmƒ \¬tI≠n h∂ hne Abm-
sIm≠pw Ah-km\n®n√. A∂v Ahƒ fpsS PohnXw Xs∂-bm-bn-cp-∂p. Abmƒ°v AXn-\mbn Hcp sIme-]m-
BZy-ambn Abmsf I≠p, kn≤m¿∞n- XIw Xs∂ sNtø≠n h∂p. sNbvX sX‰p-Iƒ°p {]mb-›n-Ø-sa-∂-
s\. Pohn-X-km-l-N-cy-߃ sIm≠v Hcp hÆw Abm-fXv kt¥m-j-]q¿∆w sNbvXp.
]‰w ZpjvS-a-\p-jy-cpsS CS-bn¬ AI- ]t£ Cu kwL¿j-߃°n-S-bn¬ Adn-bmsX Ahƒ Abmsf
s∏- ´ - h - \ m- b n- c p∂p kn≤m¿∞v . Ah- {]W-bn®p XpS-ßn-bn-cp-∂p. timIm¿{Z-amb Ah-fpsS B GIm-¥-Po-
fpsS `¿Øm-hn-t‚bpw amXm-]n-Xm-°-fp- hn-X-Øn¬ Hcp km¥z\w Xs∂-bm-bn-cp∂p Abm-fpsS kmao-]yw. B
tSbpw Imc-W-tl-Xphmb B A]-ISw XW¬ Ahƒ°v \jvS-s∏-Sm-Xn-cn-°m≥ Cu tIkv Ahƒ°v Pbnt®
Hcp bmZr-›nI A]-I-S-am-bn-cp-∂n-√. ]‰q. ]t£ AXn- \ m- b p≈ IS- º - I ƒ XcWw sNøm≥ GI- b mb
AsXmcp Bkq- { XnX sIme- ] m- X - I - Ahƒ°v Ign-bptam? Hcp-]mSv {Iqc-X-Iƒ Im´nb hn[n Ah-tfmSv C\n-
ambn-cp-∂p. hnk-ΩX - \
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AXn\v Iq´v \n¬t°≠n h∂p. Hcp-]mSv \ymbw \S-∏n-em-°n-bm¬ Ahƒ°v GIm¥ Pohn-X-amIpw hn[n. Ahƒ
hmZ-{]-Xn-hm-Z-߃ tImS-Xn-bn¬ Ac- ImØn-cp-∂p....
tß-dn. Ah-km-\-hn-Pbw kXy-Øn-\m-
bn-cp-∂p. {]Xn-Iƒ in£n-°-s∏-´p. hn[nsb ]gn-°msX, hn[n tIƒ°m≥!!
Ah-fpsS Pohn-X-hn[n tIƒ°m≥!!
]t£ ]ns∂bpw {Iqc-hn-[n-Iƒ Hcp sImgn™ ]pjv]w t]mse
Ahsf ]n¥p-S-cp-I-bm-bn-cp-∂p. {]Xn- F√mw \jvS-s∏´ Ahƒ ImØn-cp-∂p.....
Im-c-Zm-ln-I-fm-bn-cp∂ B arK-ß-fpsS

°m≥ sIm≈q-e.. kulr-Z-Øn-\n-S-bn¬ CØcw

NXn-°p-gn-Iƒ Hfn-∏n-°p-∂h - c
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S-]gInbXv sX‰n-≤-cn-°-cpXv F∂v ]d-bWw Iq´p-
Im-c-t\m-Sv..'' hm°pIƒ°v h√mØ IWn-i-X. ]Iz-
X.. k¶Swap‰nb \u^-ens‚ apJ-tØ-°-h-ƒ
t\m°n-bn-√. F¥mWv c≠pt-]-tcmSpw ]d-tb-≠-
sX∂v F\n-°-dn-bn-√m-bn-cp-∂p. Ipd®v t\csØ
\ni-_vZ-X-bvs°m-Sp-hn¬ Ahƒ ho≠pw ]d-™p-
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_ ‘p-ho-´nse I√ym-W-cm-hm-bn-cp∂p C∂se. Hcp-°-߃°v XmWv... A∂v Iº-\n-bnse kºm-Zy-Øn¬ \n∂v
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shfn®w hoin-b-t]mse Id‚v h∂p. Ct∏mƒ Ahƒ°v F√mw ImWmw.
Imen¬ \n∂pw ]d-∂-I-ep∂ B ]m‰sb t]mepw. ?



1. Why do they call it rush hour when nothing moves?

2. A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it.
3. Men with pierced ears are better prepared for marriage, they have experienced pain
and bought jewellery.
4. Money won’t buy friends, but you get a better class of enemies.
5. It’s so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and then don’t say it.
6. Women don’t want to hear what you think, they want to hear what they think, in a
deeper voice.
7. If your parents never had children, chances are you won’t either.
8. If modern banks are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, why do
the doors have locks on them ?
9. A guy knows he’s in love when he loses interest in his bike for a couple of days.

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Etc From E&I Instruments/Eutech/Merck/Shimadzu Tech Service
3. Electronic Balances From Citizen/Aqualab 11. Analogue and Digital Multimeter of Meco
4. Microscopes From Carl Zeiss/Olympus 12. Insect Collection Boxes
5. Biotechnology Instruments From Bangalore Genei/Eppendorff 13. Eppendorf & Greiners Laboratory Disposable Wares


“ Knowledge is a burden,
If it robs you of innocence.
Knowledge is a burden,
If it makes you feel you are special.
Knowledge is a burden,
If it gives you an idea that you are wise.
Knowledge is a burden
If it is not integrated into life.
Knowledge is a burden,
If it does not bring you joy.
Knowledge is a burden,
If it does not set you free.''
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Y Fluid Machinery Laboratory Equipment Y Thermal Laboratory Equipment (Heat Engine Lab)
Y Refrigeration And A/C Laboratory Equipment Y Dynamics Laboratory Equipment
Y Steam Turbine / Gas Turbine Test Rigs Y Hydraulic / Electrical / Eddy current Dynamometers
Y Automobile Laboratory Equipment Y Fuel Laboratory Equipment
Y Chemical Laboratory Equipment

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