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Executive Summary

Communication is one of the basic

physical infrastructures for economic
development and plays a vital role in
stimulating economic growth and
improving the quality of life.
Telecommunication and postal
services reduce the need for traveling
and thus save both time and money.
Timely weather forecasting including
the forecasting of natural calamities
like cyclones, floods, etc. saves
valuable lives and properties and
helps in agricultural and other
development. Although the
contribution of transport and
communication to GDP was quite
significant, about 12 per cent in
1994/95, the present facilities,
particularly in the area of
telecommunication, are quite
inadequate in terms of requirement,
technology and quality of services.
The number of post offices and the
quality of postal services are also not
up to the desired level. Because of
the importance of communication
systems in the socio-economic

development, high priority will be
attached to this sector in the Fifth
Plan period.

Origin of the Report

This report on Mobile telecommunication in Bangladesh has been prepared as

a fulfillment of partial requirement of the course “Production & operations
management”. The course instructor Prof. Hasibur Rashid, Department of Business
Administration, The University of Asia Pacific, has instructed us to prepare a report on
Mobile telecommunication in bangladesh. This report has been assigned to submit it on
3rd March , 2005.

The Objective of the

There are two types of objectives in our reports - :

a) Primary objective:

Our main objective is to gather information about the Mobile telecommunication

in bangladesh and the study has given us realistic view point and information that are
needed to complete the report of our course.

b) Secondary objective:

 For the purpose of this report we have placed the main focus on the Mobile
telecommunication To find out the reasons why Mobile telecommunication are
facing problem in global market.
 Identify the market segment and selecting target market to analyze the
comparative advantages.

Sources of information

Both primary and secondary data are collected for the fulfillment of the
concerned study.

 Primary data:
Primary sources are original works of research or raw data without
interpretation or pronouncements that represent an official opinion or position. From
the primary source we came to know all the fundamental ideas about the Mobile
company. Firstly we search the web site of the major mobile co. in bangladesh.

 Secondary data:
Secondary sources are interpretation of the primary information. From the
secondary source we came to know the details about the company.
 We have also collected information from the annual report, leaflet etc of Mobile
 For preparing this report we discussed with our honorable course instructor
Prof. Hasibur Rashid and also with our group member.


 Research Methodology:
As the study aimed at through analysis of mobile phone user, the mobile phone users
were the main focuses of the study. The survey conducted to collect the information
from mobile phone user.
Unit of analysis: mobile phone user .
Duration: The research was conducted for a period of 3 weeks.
Place: The research was conducted in the Dhaka zone (Mirpur, Dhanmondi,

Data sources Primary data and secondary data

Research approach Survey method.
Research instrument Questionnaire
Sample unit: mobile phone user.
Sampling plan Sample size: 50
Sample procedure: Random sample
Contact method Personal interviewing.

Scopes of the Report:

As it is a part of our Production & operations management study, it will be very

helpful for us in the future. We have also gathered a little experience of a work place
and many more. This will help us in performing better when we will go for our work in
work places in the real life situation.


While preparing the report obstacles that we faced in collecting information are
the following-

 Some of the participants were reluctant to give exact opinions, as they

were scared about their security.
 Confidentiality of data was another import barrier that was faced during
the fieldwork of this report. Every organization has their own secrecy that is not
revealed to others.
 Rush hours and business was another reason that acted as an obstacle
while gathering data.
 Some participants were enabling to spare enough time because of their
work schedule

 The findings of the study were based on the primary data provided by the
participants and some time it could be biased.
 Lack of comparison of the respondent is the major problem that creates a
lot of confusion regarding verification of conceptual question.