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Knitting Pattern:


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Golly measures approx. 38cm (15”) and is knitted using Double knitting wool
and 3mm (No.11) needles throughout.

You need stuffing (man-made fibres are most suitable).

Wool: Red 40g, Black 50g, oddments of White, Yellow, Blue (or colours of
your choice). For the hair use Black D/K, but, if you have any, Black Mohair is
very effective.


k – knit
p – purl
st(s) – stitch(es)
tog – together
inc – increase (work twice into same st)
dec – decrease (work 2 sts tog)
st-st – stocking stitch (knit on right side. Purl on wrong side)
g-st – garter stitch (knit on every row)
m-st – moss stitch. 1st row p1, k1, repeat to end.
2nd row. k1, p1 repeat to end.
NB. This applies with even no. of stitches on the needle.
If working with an odd no. of stitches use the 1st row throughout.

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The separate pieces that make up the Golly are:

• Body and Head (knitted in one)

• Trousers (legs) x 2
• Coat
• Coat sleeves (arms) x 2
• Hands x 2
• Shoes x 2
• Bow tie
• Buttons x 4
• Eyes x 2
• Belt


Begin at waist edge and using yellow, cast on 60 sts.

st-st 24 rows.
Next row: k9, (k2tog) 7 times, k14, (k2tog) 7 times, k9 – 46 sts.
p1 row.
Change to Black for the head.
st-st 2 rows.
Next row: k10, inc into each of the next 9sts, k8, inc into each of the next 9sts.
k10 - 64sts.
st-st 39 rows.
Next row: k2 tog to the end – 32sts.
p1 row.
Next row; k2 tog to the end – 16sts.
Leaving a long end, cut wool and thread through the remaining 16 sts.

TROUSERS (LEGS) (make 2 alike)

To achieve the vertical stripes on the finished Golly these are knitted
Using Black cast on 34sts and st-st 2 rows.
Change to White and st-st 2 rows.
Repeat these 4 rows until there are 20 stripes and finish with another Black
stripe (21 stripes in total).
Cast off loosely.
Knit 2nd leg.

With right sides tog join the trouser pieces to each other at cast off edges for
13sts – this forms the centre front seam. Repeat for centre back seam with
cast on edges placed tog. Now bring cast on & cast off edges of each trouser
piece tog and join these to form the legs.
Turn right side out. At this stage they will appear quite short, but will elongate
when stuffed.

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This is knitted in m-st (although you

could use g-st).
Beginning at the shoulder edge and
using Red cast on 18sts. m-st 2
Keeping in pattern, inc at each end of
the next and every following alternate
row until there are 30sts. Continue
without further inc until you have
knitted 48 rows in total.
Next row (dividing for the tails) m-st
15sts then turn and working on these
sts. K2 tog. m-st to the end.
Work one row.
Repeat these 2 rows until 9sts remain.
Now dec one st at each end of the next and every following alternative row
until 3sts remain.
k-3 tog.
Re-join wool to remaining 15sts – k2 tog. m-st to the end.
Work 1 row and complete as for 1st coat tail.

COAT FRONTS (make 2 alike)

Using Red and beginning at the lower edge, cast on 16sts.

g-st 2 rows.
m-st 34 rows.
Next row: dec one st at beginning of next row.
Work 1 row.
Repeat these 2 rows until 11sts remain.
Work a further 2 rows.
Cast off.
Repeat for the 2nd front.

COAT SLEEVES (ARMS) (make 2 alike)

Using Red and beginning at wrist edge cast on 24sts.

g-st 2 rows.
m-st 20 rows.
To shape the top: dec one st at each end of the next and every alternate row
until 6sts remain (ensure that you keep m-st pattern correct).
Cast off.
Repeat for the other sleeve.

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HANDS (make 2 alike)

Using Black and beginning at the wrist edge, cast on 22sts.

st-st 6 rows.
Cast on 3sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows – 28sts
st-st 2 rows.
Cast off 2sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows – 24sts.
st-st 6 rows.
Next row: dec one st at each end of the row – 22sts.
p1 row.
Next row: k1 (k2 tog, k1, k2 tog) 4 times, k1 – 14sts.
p1 row.
Next row: k2 tog to the end – 7sts.
Cast off purl wise.
Repeat for the 2nd hand.

With right sides tog sew up hand. Turn right side out (make sure the thumb is
pushed out) and stuff through the wrist opening.

SHOES (make 2 alike)

Using Black and at the sole edge, cast on 24sts.

Next row: k1, (inc 1) twice, k7 (inc 1) 4 times, k7 (inc 1) twice, k1 – 32sts.
p1 row.
st-st 6 rows.
Next row: (k1, k2 tog) 3 times, k26, (k2 tog, k1) 3 times – 38sts.
p1 row.
Next row: (k1, k2 tog) twice k26, (K2 tog, k1) twice – 34sts.
p1 row.
Cast off 2 sts at the beginning of next 2 row – 30sts.
Dec 1st at the beginning of next 2 rows – 28sts.
st-st 6 rows.
Cast off.

With right sides tog fold in half and over sew cast on edge tog to form a seam
along the length of the sole. Join row ends tog (this forms the front of the
Stuff firmly.

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Using Black cast on 85sts.

g-st 2 rows.
Join in White and g-st 4 rows.
Repeat these 6 rows once more.
g-st 2 rows in Black.
Cast off.
Knit a separate piece for the middle of
the bow by casting on 12sts in Black.
g-st 2 rows.
Join in White and g-st 2 rows.
g-st a further 2 rows in Black.
Cast off.
Form into bow tie (see diagram).
Fold as shown in diagram 2.
Catch into place.
Place crosspiece in situ, pull tight to achieve bow shape and sew securely.

BUTTONS (make 4)

Using Blue cast on 6sts.

Next row: inc into each st - 12sts.
Cast off.
Join row ends to form a circle.

EYES (make 2 - ensure that they are identical)

Using White cast on 8sts.

Next row: inc into each set – 16sts.
Cast off.
Join row ends to form a circle.
Using Black blanket st around the central hole to
form the pupil (see diagram).


Using Black cast on 60sts.

g-st 3 rows.
Cast of loosely.

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1) Position the shoes inside lower leg edge, pin and then sew into place.
Complete stuffing the shoes and continue approximately halfway up the
trouser legs.
2) With right sides tog, join row ends of Body and 4cm (1½”) of the head.
Turn right side out.
3) Mark centre front of body and match to centre trouser seam. Now align
body and trouser back seams. Sew tog (waist). This seam will eventually
be hidden by the belt.
4) Continue to stuff the trousers and body through the back of the head
5) Place the belt around the waist seam and sew into place.
6) To shape the neck run a length of Black wool around the first knitted row
of the head, pull up the gathers tightly, knot tog and secure.
7) Over sew the rest of the head seam (this will eventually be covered by the
hair). Continue stuffing through the top opening until you achieve the
shape that appeals (flatter rather than spherical). Finally pull up the thread
at the top of the head and secure.

Mark centre of face and sew a French
knot in Black to form the nose.
Place the eyes either side and sew into
place, secure end through the top of
the head. With White chalk draw in a
smiley mouth. Using chain stitch and
Red wool sew 2 rows of graduated
chain stitch to form a crescent.
Close top of head by pulling up wool
tightly and secure.

Using Black wool double sew loops to
cover the head from the front hairline,
making them shorter nearer the neck.


With right sides tog, over sew row ends of sleeves tog, leaving the shaped
portion open.
Turn right sides out. Place hands inside sleeves at wrist edge (make sure that
thumbs are in the correct position) and sew into place. Stuff the sleeves and
sew open edges to the sides of Golly, placing cast off edges 1cm (3/8”) down
from neck.

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With right sides tog sew fronts to back
along the side seams, from armhole
shaping down to row opposite the tail
divide (see diagram).
At shoulder edge sew in 6sts from
armhole, to form shoulder seam. Slip
coat on to Golly, adjust to fit snugly.
Fold back the upper corners of the
fronts to form lapels and catch into

By making a cross with Black wool sew 2 buttons to either side of centre back
of coat just above the V.
Using the same method sew the other 2 buttons either side of the fronts.
Tie Red wool around the 2 front buttons & finish with a bow.

Sew Black and White bow tie into place.

Add a smart Red bow to the front of each shoe.

HE IS FINISHED! Give him a cuddle.

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photographs and illustrations are the copyrighted property of

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