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In remembering the God of my childhood, I recall very vividly my cousin Neil having an ''Uncle Arthur's
Children's Bible Book'' with the eciting events of the great old !ro!hets of Israel" #here was the miraculous
story of $amson % all that went with it, then there was &li'ah % the wonderful events in his life !lus many
others % I can remember that this was truly a wonderful God of the miraculous, which I knew if there was
any God that (e had to be one greater than what we were e!eriencing at that time" As time !assed I went
to a )ethodist $unday $chool who at least s!oke of the miracles of *esus but seemed to stress that it was
most unusual for these things to ha!!en in the here % now, which is the stand that most non+,entecostal
Churches still have today % may I also say that a growing number of ,entecostal's are emulating them even
now" As I grew older I seemed to forget the things of God % what with all the im!ortance of getting older %
what have you s!iritual things seemed to be very far my e!erience" I had a very good friend who was
almost like a brother, we both had the same Auntie but were not related" At the age of about -. /eon %
myself began discussing the future % religion in general % wanting to be good boys we decided to go to a
Ba!tist $unday $chool" #he message we heard was very similar to that which I had already heard with the
)ethodists that the Great miraculous God of both the 0ld % the New #estament was still around but not the
same any+more % so having nothing to hold us as we could not see any visual evidence of the greatness %
miraculousness of a God even in *esus Christ, we began to be very s!oradic in our attendance until other
things began to be more more im!ortant to us" Unfortunately there was nothing in these Churches to hold us
as there did not seem to be any mention of 1AI#("
In the dense forest of words I ws !ost,
In the !etter of tr"th ws t#redness $ fer.
%"t #n th& s'#r#t #s shde wter $ rest.
,eo!le cannot have faith for what they do not know or have not heard" 2hat we !reach % share is what
!eo!le will believe for" 3om -45-6" 7arby" ''So faith then is by a report, but the report by God's word.''
)ay I also say the full re!ort of God's 2ord"
My People are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge. (os 859"
2hen we first began our e!erience of raising u! an assembly, we shared what we knew % a number
received the ba!tism of the $!irit" 2hy: Because we !reached % shared it, we also shared that God in %
through *esus Christ was our healer" Not long after a dear young lady from right out of a very worldly
environment, who had received the $!irit, shared with me in tears that she had received news from her
7octor that ;+ rays had been taken that she had cancer of the womb" A growth was very clearly seen on the
;+ray" 2e had already shared to the !eo!le that *esus Christ in most instances in the word had healed 'all
that were sick' so we all !rayed % *ulie felt that she was healed immediately" *ulie then went to the 7octor
% asked for another ;+ray % to the 7octors ama<ement the growth had com!letely disa!!eared"
2onderfully the 7r who was very sym!athetic to these things also re'oiced with *ulie" Another time we had
a lady who was an asthmatic who was becoming very tired of the constant attacks % s!rays % what have
you had decided that she was trusting God com!letely" $he ke!t this secret from us" #his !articular evening
we were in service she took a very bad attack, one lady who was a nurse attended to her % we hel!ed her
into the foyer, she told the Nurse that she had no intentions of going to the hos!ital" #he outcome was that
she actually died in the foyer" #he Nurse who was an e!erienced one, told me that she was gone %
according to the nurse she was dead for at least = to -4 minutes" I immediately realised two things, one she
had trusted God % what this would do to the !eo!le, % secondly the strife that it would cause with the
authorities in not insisting that she receive !ro!er medical attention" I rushed into the Church, I do not
remember what I told them, but I want you to know that we certainly touched God" #his lady immediately
came back to life !raising God" 2hat a miracle >> #hat lady is still alive % well today % as far as I know
still serving God" #he !oint that I wish to make is that what we ,reach we get" &!ose it all % that is what
we get" ,ersonally I refuse to let the shysters influence me, let them do their thing they are answerable to
God" But two things I am certain of" 'hat we sow we reap' !lus?
!or without faith it is i"possible to please #i".
)oses who God used to bring in the /aw, brought with him 'deli$erance fro" capti$es % healing' this I
re!eat was under the law" An interesting thing is that there is no record of anywhere in the Bible of any sick
Israelite for 8=4 years after the time of )oses" #his changed in the time of $olomon when he made
tributaries with all sorts of !agan idolatries % so what he had become rubbed off onto his contem!oraries, of
which one was Asa who became diseased in his feet % he became severely ill" " '' yet in his disease he did
not seek the Lord, but relied on the physicians.'' . Chron -95-. A)," (allelu'ah, I have good news for all
there is a restoration taking !lace that which the locust has eaten is being restored"
,sa -4@5.+8" ''and forget not one of #is benefits&& @ ho forgi$es 'e$ery one of( all your ini)uities, ho
heals 'each one of( all your diseases, 8 ho redee"s your life fro" the pit and corruption, ho
beautifies, dignifies, and crowns you with lo$ing&kindness and tender "ercy*''
A #abernacles Gos!el is more than a full Gos!el it is the C0),/&#& restoration of A// #(ING$"
)ay God bless each % every one of you richly" I trust that this will be of hel! to those who read it" I remain
your loving brother in truth"
+alph Knowles.