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QTECH Partners with Metex to Offer Legacy Application Modernization Services to

the€Canadian Government
QTECH Hybrid Systems Inc. ("QTECH"), of Ottawa, ON€is pleased to announce its part
nership with Metex Inc. of Toronto, ON to provide game-changing application mode
rnization services to€its€Canadian Government and€private sector€clients.
Ottawa, ON, February 08, 2011 -- QTECH Hybrid Systems Inc. ("QTECH"), of Ottawa,
ON€is pleased to announce its partnership with Metex Inc. of Toronto, ON to provi
de game-changing application modernization services to€its€Canadian Government and€pri
vate sector€clients.
"The Metex Solution allows us to rapidly and cost effectively modernize existing
legacy applications to current platforms and technology so that we can assist o
ur clients in addressing both current and future business needs. Organizations w
ill no longer be constrained by€legacy code that cannot be easily maintained, supp
orted or extended", says Mr. Bill Pezoulas, President and Lead Technical Archite
ct of QTECH.
"The Metex solution€is based on a unique ability to adopt the client's€target€architec
ture, efficiently introduce transformations€within the modernization process and€cos
t effectively produce native code without imposing dependencies on proprietary l
ibraries. This capability will allow our clients to get past the obsolescence of
their legacy application technology and position themselves to address current
and future business needs within a modern application architecture of their choi
Mr. Dai, President and CEO of Metex Inc., expands, "QTECH is an ideal partner to
bring our services to the nation's capital due to their emphasis on achieving a
high degree of fit€between their delivered solutions and their client's requireme
nts, their strength in€requirements development and solutions architecture€and their
thorough understanding of the government procurement process. We have establish
ed a solid working relationship over the past several months and share the deter
mination to provide outstanding value€to the Ottawa marketplace."
QTECH Hybrid Systems Inc. is a consulting firm€that provides custom fit IT solutio
ns to enterprise grade business problems. Over its 22-year history, it has provi
ded expertise to both private industry and the federal government. QTECH focuse
s on solutions for the "Agile Enterprise" and for Collaborating parties as well
as providing senior level business and technology professionals for in house pro
ject teams. For more information, please visit www.qtech.ca or contact Bill A.V.
Pezoulas, President, 38 Auriga Drive, Suite 200, Ottawa, ON, K2E 8A5.€Tel: (613)
233-8939 ext 102; email billp@qtech.ca.
Metex Inc. is a leading global provider of client server modernization solutions
serving all major verticals and industries. With 20 years of experience develop
ing enterprise software applications, providing IT consulting services and trans
forming legacy client server applications to modern Java and .NET platforms, Met
ex has assembled a comprehensive suite of modernization tools, systems and servi
ces. For more information, please visit www.metex.com, or Contact Mr. Michael B.
Wellstead, 789 Don Mills Rd., Suite 218, Toronto, ON, CANADA M3C 1T5. Tel: (41
6) 203-8388 ext 313; email: Michael.Wellstead@metex.com.
Nancy Pezoulas
QTECH Hybrid Systems Inc.
38 Auriga Drive, Suite 200
Ottawa, Ontario K2E 8A5
613-233-8939 x104