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Fair Future

Resource Conflicts, Security, and Global Justice

Edited by Wolfgang Sachs and Tilman Santarius

‘The world has enough for everyone’s needs, but not enough for everyone’s
greed.’ Mahatma Gandhi
Oil crisis, water conflicts, declining food security - we hear one report after
another about resource scarcity - while with growing populations and huge
poverty, nations are demanding their right to development. In the age of
globalization this right cannot be disputed, yet the planet is already exhibiting
signs of acute environmental stress. Indians want more roads and Chinese
more oil: the struggle over nature will partly shape the crises of the twenty-
first century. Clashes over resources, both major and minor, are often the
unseen factor behind chaos and violence and it is vital to start thinking about
Available: April 2007 how the distribution of resources can be made more just.
Pb ISBN: 9781842777299 This book, written by specialists from the internationally renowned Wuppertal
£16.99 / $27.95 Institute, provides an account of what is involved in the resource conflicts
Hb ISBN: 9781842777282 of today and tomorrow. It puts forwards perspectives for resource justice
£60.00 / $89.95 and outlines a global economic and environmental policy equally committed
288 pages to nature and to humanity This new work, rich in analysis and information,
offers a compass to anyone looking for ways in which global society might
216mm x 135mm
face the challenge of the future.
‘Factually accurate, conceptually pertinent, ethically grounded-what
Published in association with more could one ask? Like anything from Wolfgang Sachs, Fair Future
the Wuppertal Instsitute is top-of-the-pile for both scholars and concerned citizens.’ - Susan
www.wupperinst.org George

1. Justice for Realists 2. Unequal Shares 3. Arenas of Appropriation
4. Paradigms of Resource Justice 5. Fair Wealth 6. Governance for
Ecology and Fairness 7. What is Europe Worth?

Wolfgang Sachs is an author and research director at the Wuppertal Institute

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Tilman Santarius joined the Wuppertal Institute in 2001 and is a senior
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Website: www.zedbooks.co.uk globalization.

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