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Calvin’s Chronicles

The newsletter of the California Theta Chapter Alumni

of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity

Summer 2010

A message from
our chapter
brother and
former SWGP
John Ciccarelli
August 1, 2010

Dear Brothers of
California Theta,

I wish to take this

opportunity to thank so
many of you who have responded to the tremendous efforts of Brother
Gene Wilk # 334 who has volunteered while living with his wife and kids in
New Jersey to personally contact and help create a chapter membership e-
mail roster by which we now have the capability to forward correspondence
to help keep everyone informed. Gene’s example and devotion to Phi Psi is
all the more remarkable as he is a colony advisor for Phi Psi at Rutgers

As most of you may know, our California Theta chapter has been inactive
for nearly fifteen years following the campus effects of the '94 Northridge
Earthquake and declining chapter numbers.
Fortunately our chapter house Occidental College, UC Riverside
corporation led by President and Cal State Long Beach,
Brother John Soukup # 168 – who complementing existing groups at
has personally USC, UCLA, UC Irvine
invested hundreds of and San Diego State.
hours – and also
Vice President It has always been the
Brothers David goal of the California
Freidman # 209, Theta House
Treasurer Mark Corporation to help
Morgan # 126 and facilitate a return of our
attorney Robert chapter to CSUN. A
Winston # 68 have decision has been made
together maintained to start a recolonization
the physical chapter process that can take
house property at two to three years by
18116 Nordhoff which the campus host
Street located across the street institution and our national
from the CSUN campus and the organization work together with
soon-to-be Los Angeles County chapter alumni to help make it a
Valley Arts Performance Center reality.
(the former music field). The
current tenants of our California A first step in this process will
Theta chapter house are four require a petition for recolonization
CSUN students and the overall with our Executive Council
property condition is good. scheduled to be undertaken this
fall. At that time, additional
The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity information on these efforts will be
continues to enjoy great success sent to all of our chapter brothers.
nationwide as a reemphasis on
member scholastic achievement, From the many comments received
life skill learning and member and shared by Brother Gene Wilk’s
career networking is helping to contact roster campaign, it is
bring renewed interest and purpose gratifying to hear of individual
for all Greek letter organizations. personal Phi Psi undergraduate
and alumnus experiences that
In the last three years, Phi Kappa have helped to create many
Psi has installed three new lifetime friendships.
chapters in Southern California at
The California Theta Chapter can take great pride in the fact of its many
accomplished alumni including screenwriter and author Tom Parker # 49,
Mt. Everest climber Kurt Wedberg # 280 and retired bank executive Wayne
Bailey # 110 who was recently named one of the newest directors of the
CSUN Foundation.

I am excited of the prospect of an alumnus collective effort to bring an

eventual return of our California Theta Chapter to the Northridge campus
and encourage all of our chapter brothers to actively help support this effort.

Our special thanks to Brothers John Tostado # 186 and John Dart # 264
who have led a FACEBOOK forum tied to alumns of the early eighties and
by which we may plan to further expand to cover the entire California Theta
family umbrella.

Best wishes to all the Brothers of California Theta!


John Ciccarelli...
Anthony C. De Longis (#46)
With over 38 years of
experience teaching
various types of
dangerous combat
stunts to actors,
Anthony C. De Longis
(#46) is receiving this
year’s Action On Film
Dragon Award for
excellence in martial
arts acting and
choreography. The
award is “presented to action stars who have re-defined the roles of action
heroes, fight choreographers and stunt men.”

As an actor, Anthony has co-starred in several movies including

“Roadhouse” and “The Sword and the Sorcerer” and has made
appearances on numerous television shows such as “ER,” “The Outer
Limits,” and “Babylon 5.” Moreover, for “Star Trek: Voyager,” he created the
role of Kazon leader Maje Culluh, guest starring in five of the series'
episodes. He currently stars as Sheriff Leigh Marshal in Rock Star Games’
“Red Dead Redemption.”

In addition to his own acting, Anthony is a sword master, whip expert,

horseman and period weapons specialist. In fact, all on horseback, Anthony
is able to use and teach the use of a blade – both fighting
and throwing – in styles encompassing the European
(Italian / French / Spanish Rapier and Dagger, smallsword,
saber, etc.), Japanese katana and the Filipino bladed arts.

As a whip master, he trained Harrison Ford for the Indiana

Jones movie “Crystal Skull” and Michelle Pfeiffer for her
role as Catwoman in the Batman movie series. His work of
sword master skills may be seen in the movies “Fearless”
featuring Jet Li and “Highlander,” and his knife fighting skills
were used for the movie “Leverage.”
Fred Berson (#2)
Fred Berson’s (#2) daughter Samantha won a
California State Team Trap Shooting championship in
2004 with a score of 194/200. In the same year,
Samantha beat USA Olympic Gold Medalist Kim
Rhode in a “friendly” media competition with a score of
25/25; Rhode shot 24/25. The 22-year-old Samantha
was a Tri Delta at CSUN and the
University of Kentucky, and she recently graduated as
a Recreation, Tourism, Management major. As a side
note, Fred himself won two California State Trap
Shooting championships in 2003 and 2004. In an
incredibly tough competition, Fred shot 200 straight
just to get into the shoot off.

Russell “Russ” Widmar (#24)

Russell “Russ” Widmar (#24) has spent his career in
airport management and presently serves as the
Director of Aviation for the City of Fresno. Shown in
this photo behind him as a glass background is a
section of 11,700 solar panels, a project completed at
Fresno Yosemite International Airport about two years

Michael de Ayora (#47)

Michael de Ayora (#47) recently retired as a professor

from Merced College.
Tom S. Parker (#49)
Tom S. Parker (#49) is a screenwriter and novelist. With
his writing partner Jim Jennewein, he has authored the
screenplays for numerous films including “The
Flintstones” and “Richie Rich.” His third book,
“Runewariors: The Ship of the Dead,” published by
Harper Collins, will be out in December 2010.

Monte Reed (#53)

Monte Reed (#53) works in the real estate industry in
Southern California and has his own blog about
finances at www.montereed.com.

Bob Winston (#63)

Bob Winston (#63) has operated his own law firm in
Siskiyou County, California since 1979. He also serves
as City Attorney for the nearby towns of Weed and Fort
Jones, and as District Counsel for the community of Lake

Kenneth M. Stern (#87)

In his law practice, Kenneth M. Stern (#87) recently won a case in the
United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, in which the Court overturned
his client's 28-year-to-Life three-strike sentence as being cruel and unusual
punishment under the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. As a
result, his client will now be released, credit for time served, after about
eight years in prison.
John Ciccarelli
John Ciccarelli (#106) recently
took his family on a European
vacation and are shown here in
front of the Roman Coliseum.

Wayne R. Bailey
Wayne R. Bailey (#110) is one of three new members of
the CSUN Foundation Board of Directors. Wayne brings to
the Foundation Board the experience of a 30-year career in
banking at Bank of America and the Santa-Monica based
Fremont General Corporation.

Jeff Sanders (#115)

Having retired as Fire Captain
in November, Jeff Sanders
(#115) recently went on a
cruise to the Caribbean with
his family including his wife of
30 years Carol, herself a
retired teacher and former
National Vice President for
the Kappa Kappa Gamma
Sorority. Joining them were
Jeff & Carol’s daughter
Lindsey, a UCLA graduate
and school teacher, with her
husband Kyle.
Richard G. Rosenman (#153)
A career foreign service officer, Richard G.
Rosenman (#153) is now back in the United States
having previously served in
overseas posts: Brazil, the
Philippines, Mexico, Canada,
and most recently Russia
where he was Consul/First
Secretary in Moscow.
Richard is shown here with
his wife is Dulce and children
Beki and Alex in front of Saint
Basil’s Church in Moscow’s Red Square last year.
Richard is also shown in Volgograd in front of the
"Motherland Calls" statue.

Shawn Blaney (#201)

Shawn Blaney (#201) shown on an Alaskan brown
bear hunt in 2009.

Scott D. Chambers (#212)

Scott D. Chambers became a Brigadier General in
the U.S. Air Force in June 2009 and presently serves
as the Commander of the Defense Supply Center in
Philadelphia. Scott entered the Air Force in 1984
through Officer Training School. He has served in a
variety of logistics positions in numerous Air Force
commands and on the Joint Staff. He has commanded two supply
squadrons, a mission support group, and he was the Commander of the
75th Air Base Wing at Hill AFB in Utah.
Mike Shepard (#238)
Mike Shepard (#238) lives in Florida now, but still tries to
catch as many Lakers games as he can.

Steven Smith (#257)

Steven Smith (#257) enjoys spending his free
time riding his motorcycles and visiting with his

John Livingston (#265)

John Livingston (#265) lives on the
southeast shore of Lake Tahoe,
Stateline Nevada.

Garth Sanders (#291)

Garth Sanders (#291) is shown with his wife
and three children at Hearst’s Castle.
Garth’s daughter Hayley made “All Stars”
this year, and Garth has been volunteering
as an umpire for the post-season
Kurt Wedberg
Kurt Wedberg (#280) made
his second ascent to the top
of Mount Everest in May
2008, an incredible feat but
among many great
adventures he has had in
mountain climbing throughout
the world. In fact, Kurt has
climbed the highest mountains on six of the seven continents. Kurt is the
founder of the Bishop, California-based Sierra Mountaineering International
and has been a professional mountain guide since 1986. He has 74 major
expeditions on his resume including his two successful ascents of Mt.
Everest in 1995 and 2008. He has led expeditions to peaks in Africa,
Alaska, the Alps, Antarctica, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nepal,
Peru, Russia, Tibet, and Turkey. Kurt was a senior guide on Mt. Rainier
from 1991-2006 and currently has 119 ascents of this peak. He has been
mountaineering in the Sierra for over 25 years.

Alex Gallegos (#302)

Alex Gallegos lives with his family in
Northern California.

Derek Greenlee (#322)

Derek Greenlee lives in Las Vegas with his daughter Aime.
Louis Geller (#316)
Louis Geller (#316) was honored twice by his
colleagues at Focus Diagnostics for being
instrumental in creating the first commercial
molecular test for the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus.
The product helped doctors around the country
much more easily determine if their patients were
carrying the disease. Within just two weeks of the
beginning of the pandemic, the H1N1 assay was
available for physicians. Several months later, after
much coordination and FDA approval, the test kits
were sent out to certain Quest Diagnostics offices
as well as other clinical labs throughout the nation. His first award for
outstanding achievement was presented to him by Focus’ top local vice
president shown here at an award ceremony in Southern California in June
2009. As a result of the product’s success, Louis was flown out to the East
Coast this past March by Quest to represent his Focus Diagnostics
Business Unit and receive a second award for the new product launch by
Quest Diagnostic’s CEO.

Kevin Erlandson (#331)

Kevin Erlandson (#331) with his family.

William Gomez (#340)

William (#340) & Andrea Gomez on their wedding
Gene Wilk (#334)
Gene Wilk (#334) lives with his family in central
New Jersey and is one of the alumni advisors to
the NJ Gamma Colony at Rutgers University.

Alumni Pins

You are eligible for the 10-year or 25-year alumni lapel pin, depending upon
the date of your initiation. The pins are $7.50 each (postage included & no
sales tax). If you’re interested in ordering one, you may contact Pamela
Graves, the bookkeeper at Phi Psi HQ, at PLG@PhiKappaPsi.com. You
may also mail a check to:

Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity

Attn: Pamela Graves
5395 Emerson Way
Indianapolis, IN 46226

When ordering, please make sure to include your full name, initiation year
and that you are a Cal Thetan.
This edition of Calvin’s Chronicles has been e-mailed out to 237 Cal Thetans. However, there are
many Cal Thetans for whom we have not yet been able to successfully contact in order to get their e-
mail addresses. If you have e-mail addresses for any of our following chapter brothers, please
forward them to me at genewilk500@yahoo.com. Please also encourage those you know to log onto
“Phi Psi Connect” at www.phikappapsi.com or e-mail their current contact information to

Michael Adams Timothy Gerrity Christopher Parks

Frank Alegria Scott Gilbert Richard Parmenter
James Allen Phillip Gill Gregory Quinn
Steven Allen Joseph Gonzales Richard Rabis
David Anderson Jerome Grant Henry Rivera
John Atkisson Cary Green Michael Rodriguez
Carlos Barba Gregory Hamlin Michael Rose
David Bengston David Hankins Howard Rosenman
Bruce Berg Thomas Hansen Jeffery Ross
Barry Berg David Hoffman Lawrence Rowe
Richard Bergman Juan Jauregui Jay Samuels
Herbert Bonesteel Steve Josephson Jeffrey Selk
William Bulaich David Kern Steven Silver
Lyn Byars Steven Kolinski David Smith
Jeffrey Cohen Kenneth Kottenbach Gary Stark
Fermin Cortez Martin Krause Bruce Stewart
Jeffrey Coss Thomas Leahy Ronald Stover
Thomas Der Robert Livernois Martin Strand
Michael DeSantis Harry Luchtan Steven Sugii
Don Dilley Jeffrey Maltzman Edmund Suriano
Edward Drenner James Mannes Steve Suzuki
Robert Dunks Anthony Masi Steve Weinberg
Stephen Dunlap Robert Melford Robert Weinstein
Mark Engman Dan Melideo Lee Whitney
Don Everett Randall Michel Brian Wilhite
George Fee Timothy Mitchell Glen Winter
Steven Firestone Jeffrey Morgan Terry Witherill
Edward Forbes Jack Musgrove Dean Woo
Benjamin Fox Charles Orr Richard Wright
Andy Frank Richard Owens Gary Yamaguchi
David Friedrich Paul Painter David Yuwiler

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