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the speed at which

Kotronakis can 'knock out'
some of this music is quite
breathtaking... This is a
startlingly exciting
recording which captures
the amazing artistry of a
very distinct player.”

Steve Marsh, Classical

Guitar Magazine

“...I was delighted by the variety and

the quality of the music on this CD,
and more than delighted by the way in
which it was performed by Kotronakis.
This CD is worth making a little
extra effort to acquire.”

Raymond Tuttle, classical.net

Guitar Soloist
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Curriculum Vitae:
Dimitris Kotronakis was born in Heraklion, Creta (Greece), in 1973.

His studies on classical guitar begun when he was at the age of seven, and were
completed under guidance of Vassilis Kanaras in 1992, when he graduated from
the “International Conservatory of Athens”, obtaining his guitar diploma.

He attended post-graduate studies on classical guitar at the “Athens

Conservatory”, graduating again in 1996, under supervision of Costas Cotsiolis.

Meanwhile, he further expanded his theoretical musical knowledge (obtaining

diploma in Fuge, under tutoring of Giorgos Sioras) and attended Musicology
classes (obtaining diploma from the Musicology branch of the University of
Athens, in 1996).

Today he is a PhD student of the above University, with his thesis having as its
subject: “Greek composers for guitar in the twentieth century”.

He has been awarded many prizes in guitar competitions, including:

1st prize in the Volos guitar festival (Greece 1994),
1st prize in the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria guitar festival (Spain 1996),
2nd prize in the National Conservatory’s composing for guitar contest (Athens-
Greece 1998),
1st prize in the Sinaia guitar festival (Romania 1999) and
1st prize in the Chalkis guitar competition (Greece 2002).

He has recorded two CDs with music by Nikos Mamagakis, namely “New
Excursion” for solo guitar and “Spring symphony” for guitar and voice, based
on poetry by Yannis Ritsos.

In cooperation with the guitar quintet “Epsilon”, of whom he is the lead guitar,
he has recorded another CD titled “Angel guitars”. (Music for five guitars by Ch.
Nicolopoulos, arrangements by “Epsilon quintet”).

His fourth CD titled “Echomythia” has been released in USA by the ClearNote
publications (www.clearnote.net). This disk contains pieces of the modern guitar
repertory, influenced by the streams of Jazz, Latin and Brazilian music.

He has performed in numerous individual guitar recitals in Greece and

worldwide; he has also co-operated as a soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra
of Kielce (Poland), the Philarmonic Orchestra of Craiova (Romania), the
Orchestra of Colors (Greece), the National Symphonic Orchestra (Greece) and
the “Nicolaos Mantzaros” orchestra (Greece).

He teaches classical guitar in the Music School of Alimos-Athens, the

“Panormonio Conservatory of Athens” and in the “International Conservatory of

“Echomythia”, Clear Note records, 2007.

Jazz, latin and brazilian music for solo guitar.
Composers: Dyens, Fays, Barrios, de Lucia, Rak,
Pereira, Zea, Reinhardt, Korsakov, Ivanovic.

“New excursion”, Idea records, 2007.

Solo guitar music by Nicos Mamangakis.
Two songs for guitar & voice included.

“Angel guitars”, MBI records, 2006.

“Epsilon” guitar quintet
Lead guitar: Dimitis Kotronakis
Music for five guitars by Christos Nicolopoulos
Arrangements by “Epsilon” quintet

“Spring Symphony” Idea records, 2007.

Guitar and voice.
Music by Nicos Mamangakis
Poetry: Yannis Ritsos.
Singers: Tassis Christoyannopoulos &
Chara Kefala
"Dimitris Kotronakis is a young classical guitarist from Greece, and I'm sure we will all be hearing a lot more about him, the
world over, soon. The first thing you will notice about his playing is his "insane" virtuosity. Yet, his is not the virtuosity of the
immature player who wants to "play fast" no matter what. That is NOT virtuosity. Through the crystal clear textures that
Dimitris Kotronakis delivers, at any tempo, one can feel a musical maturity and depth of understanding that few -young or
old- achieve. Dimitris Kotronakis has transcended the inherent difficulties of smooth interpretation on the classical guitar,
building a unique repertoire he delivers with unique zest."
Alex Cortes, guitar-theory-in-depth.com, July 2009
“Get ready to be awed and dazzled by the nimble fingers of Dimitris Kotronakis and his anthology of brilliant classical guitar
works with flavors of Latin/Jazz on his disc, “Echomythia.” Kotronakis is an exquisite guitarist who plays with emotive and
intense precision. The trills, turns, and bends he so eloquently plays gives rise to the versatility of this artist as he plays with
various tempos and powerful dynamics...“The Flight of the Bumblebee,” a song known for its vigorous spirit, is truly amazing
as Kotronakis runs full throttle across the fret board. Fans of classical guitar embedded with the essence of Latin/Jazz will
not be disappointed when hearing the entertaining and delightful songs of “Echomythia.”
Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
“...Kotronakis has a tremendous technique...I was delighted by the variety and the quality of the music on this CD, and more
than delighted by the way in which it was performed by Kotronakis.
This CD is worth making a little extra effort to acquire.”
Raymond Tuttle, www.classical.net, September 2008

“...The speed at which Kotronakis can 'knock out' some of this music, is quite breathtaking...The items are
exceedingly well presented and especial mention ought to be given to the Paco de Lucia classic La Cueva del Gato,
which if one didn't know to the contrary, you would be forgiven for thinking that this was the great man himself
playing. Altogether this is a startlingly exciting recording which captures the amazing artistry of a very distinct
Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine, August 2008

"For these creations, Kotronakis derives with intelligence, from his full “gun rack”, the incomparable technique,
the flowing, without boastfulness speed, the ripe, evident and tone-related contrasts in interpretation, like a
distillation of a good old wine. In addition, the quality of the recording, thanks to the studio of Musical Acoustic
Technology of Athens University, rivals that of the leading studios, like the Capitol Studio of California. If you
combine all the above with the deep, sweet and particularly personal sound of the interpreter – result of many
years of study– then you should not omit this recording."
Nafsika Chatzichristou, Classical Music Review Magazine, Summer 2008
“... The selector, and interpreter of the 19 tracks of the collection, is the Musician (with a capital “M”, of
course), Dimitris Kotronakis, a musicologist and repeatedly award-winning guitarist… one could characterize him
unexceptionable, sufficient, and infallible, to astonishing, unique, and exquisite. He is somewhere among all
these. Where exactly is of no interest. The final result is so appreciable that any intention to criticize comes
second, urging one to derive enjoyment from the sound first… What else is there to say? That, save for beautiful
musical moments, D. Kotronakis proposes specific ideas for the guitar’s future, as a communication instrument.
He is probably right about all of them. Listen to him…”
Kornilios Diamandopoulos, Jazz & Tzaz magazine, May 2008
“… He is one of the youngest members of Greek guitarists’ family, which has welcomed him as one of the best
guitarists of his generation… Consequently, and given the artist’s interpretation skills, his album titled
“Echomythia” attracts our attention as a complete collection of guitar compositions. The selection of the tracks is
exceptionally well done… the tracks that are quite distinct from each other keep the interest unflagging…”
Liana Malandrenioti, Difono magazine, May 2008
“… His technical facility, as well as his ability to give shape to the sound, conveying all its tone-related dynamics,
is considered as one of the album’s strong points. Moreover, the selection of the tracks, constituting the album, is
considered sufficiently imaginative and welcome. Skating on thin ice, among the different trends of the modern
repertory, and closing his album with a demonstration composition (The Flight of the Bumble Bee by Rimsky -
Korsakov, adapted by Kotronakis), the album’s arrangement reminds us of a concert, with the necessary encore.
Therefore, the audience feels at no point tired, but is constantly experiencing new sound surprises…”
Alexandros Charchiolakis, classicalmusic.gr, April 2008
“...Kotronakis Dimitris showed the most fluent (and fast) technique I have ever seen...”
John W. Duarte, Classical Guitar Magazine, August 1998
“...Dimitris Kotronakis is one of the best virtuosos of his generation worldwide. This I write without any
Costas Cotsiolis, classical guitar soloist, June 1997
2010 – 2011 Program:

VOJISLAV IVANOVIC (b. 1959) : Café 5, Nostalgia

MARCO PEREIRA (b. 1956) : Marta

: Pixaim

ŠTĚPÁN RAK (b. 1945) : Swan song of a dying guitar

: Hora

ROLAND DYENS (b. 1955) : Hommage à Villa-Lobos

- Andantinostalgie
- Tuhũ

LUIS ZEA (b. 1953) : Pajarillo


NICOLO PAGANINI (1782-1840) : Capricio No 1 (arr: Dimitris Kotronakis)

: Capricio No 20 (arr: Dimitris Kotronakis)
: Capricio No 16 (arr: Dimitris Kotronakis)
: Capricio No 24 (arr: Dimitris Kotronakis)


(1885–1944) : Las Abejas

ΑSTOR PIAZZOLLA (1921-1992) : Souite Troileana (arr: Dario Bisso)

- Bandoneon
- Zita

RAPHAEL FAŸS (b. 1960) : Dans les yeux de Michèle

(arr: Dimitris Kotronakis)
: Romantique voyage
(arr. Dimitris Kotronakis)

Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes approximately