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Photo (left) by Kay Nygaard-Graham

Covering the Neighborhoods of CARAG and ECCO in the Uptown Area April 2006 • Volume 2, Number 3

Birchwood Offers Loving Care Uptown Shocked and

and a Good Home Saddened by Murder
By Eric Petersen

Pedestrians and motorists who

frequently pass through the
intersection at Lyndale and 31st
street heading either east or
west probably have noticed the
frequent gathering of friendly
folks who hang out in front of
the Birchwood Care Home. I
often pass by myself, and I’m
almost certain to be greeted by Photo by Jeffrey Farnam Photo by Jeffrey Farnam
hand waves, hellos and some
friendly banter each and every The neighborhood has been
time. shaken by the murder of
Michael Zebuhr, 25, during a
But what exactly is Birchwood? robbery on March 18. While the
And why are its residents over- topic of crime has been on the
whelmingly so nice?
Photo by Kay Nygaard-Graham minds and in the conversations
Birchwood Care Nursing Home
of many Uptown residents for
Birchwood opened in 1966 as a Brown said, smiling, that his tends to be among the most almost a year, escalation of vio- Photo by Kay Nygaard-Graham
privately run facility to care for primary duty at Birchwood is contentious decision that gets lence was a shock to the collec-
those with myriad health prob- to “keep the residents busy.” made. tive psyche of this area.
lems and behavioral issues. At CARAG monthly meeting
the time, not all places designed And that he does. Current owner and 19-year Residents held two vigils to where city and police represen-
to deal with such people pro- administrator Randy Hage- mourn the death of Zebuhr. tatives spoke.
vided the specialized care that Marilyn Swanson, Director meyer gets much credit from On March 22, Community
Birchwood hoped to. Then, as of Nursing Services, said that Swanson for his running of the Crime Prevention Specialist Another vigil was held Satur-
now, many marginalized peo- residents have the option of program. She said, “He under- Tom Thompson invited folks day, March 25, at the same spot.
ple often were not getting the between 95 and 115 “therapeu- stands the impact his decisions to “a show of solidarity for our
care they need and love they tic recreation” opportunities have on staff and for the quality neighborhoods. Let’s show the Police say they are working to
deserve. each month. These options of life for our residents.” Many “thugs” out there that we won’t find the killer(s), but report no
include bingo, television, long-term employees also share be intimidated. We will work news yet. Police have released
You’ll often see Jarion Brown darts, board games, visits from the credit. “Honest caring and together to get them out of our a vague description of two
outside, mingling with the resi- local daycare kids, visits to the the closeness between staff to neighborhoods. We will do male suspects in dark clothing.
dents. Brown has been work- library, seeing plays and trips the residents, it’s like a family whatever it takes, as a commu- Authorities said the suspects
ing at Birchwood for a bit over to the YMCA. These activi- for many of them,” she said, nity, to bring peace and justice got into a white, four-door car
two years, and he enjoys his job ties aren’t just plucked from a “People who come to work for the victim, his family and that headed south in the alley
accompanying the residents as hat, either; the Resident Coun- here, stay here.” our neighborhoods.” between Girard and Hennepin
they foray en masse for outings cil has its say in every activ- avenues. More people may have
to the movies, to a fishing hole ity choice. This democratically Neighbors have been great to Residents met at the site of the been waiting in the getaway car,
or summertime BBQs, among elected group of residents helps shooting on 31st and Girard for police have said. Police urge any-
the many other “outside” to shape the monthly itinerary. Birchwood a candlelight vigil, then walked one with information about the
group recreation opportunities. Brown said the TV schedule continued on page 2 to Bryant Square Park for the robbery to call 612-692-TIPS.

Memorial Fund for Michael Zebuhr

Congressman Sabo to Retire Residents of the Uptown area have set up a Memorial Fund
for the family of the West Virginia native killed

After 28 Years in Congress

Saturday, March 18th, near Calhoun Square. If you’d like
to contribute, send your donation to:
The Michael Zebuhr Memorial Fund, c/o TCF Bank,
612 Washington Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
U.S. Con- then. He said, “Now, at age 68, But the real news right now
gressman it’s time to stop. In my gut, I is the rush of local Minnesota
from the know the time is right. It’s time politicians and office holders
5th District, to open the door for a new gen- tripping over each other on the
Martin Olav eration of leadership.” way to filing for the office. It WRITERS!
Sabo, has is the chance of a lifetime, and Want to write for the Uptown Neighborhood News? It is a
announced In a dependably friendly, Dem- many are taking advantage of fun, volunteer job. You don’t need to be a professional, but
Martin Olav Sabo that he will ocratic district, Sabo has faced the rare opening. Voters will you do need to care about your neighborhood.
retire at few challengers and has easily be hard pressed to sort out the
the end of this term, in Janu- won reelection every time he growing list. The DFL conven- CALENDAR EDITOR
ary 2007. Sabo first served as a ran. He has been widely consid- tions will appraise them, and an We are looking for someone to spend a few hours every
representative in the Minnesota ered an effective representative, endorsement may come out of month assembling the Community Calendar.
House, from 1960 to 1978. Then admired by many as a reason- the June state convention, but
he was elected to Congress in able voice in the cacophony of SABO to Retire Call or write: 259.1372 or uptownews@yahoo.com.
1978, and every two years since Washington. continued on page 13
 •  Uptown Neighborhood news April 2006

birchwood have, over the course of years,

come to see Birchwood truly as
continued from page 1
home, and wish to spend their Meet Your Neighbors at Birchwood
the residents at Birchwood as remaining time there.
well. As Birchwood holds a By Steven Nelson Mary Hebzyski Mary Molloy
special state permit, residents The waiting list attends to the Where are you from? Where did you live before
often stay for many years, and fact that Birchwood is highly I have lived here for two New Hope. you came here?
become community figures in regarded in the field of home years now and I like the How long have you lived in Chicago.
their own right. Swanson men- health care facilities, and turn- area very much. The buses the area?
tioned a resident who stayed at over remains low. Of the 60 are very good. You can get Four years. How long have you lived here
Birchwood for 31 years. Swan- current residents, the attrition around very good. The park in this area?
son also noted that the annual rate amounts to about a resi- is good to go for walks in and What do you like about this Four years.
December open house often dent a month. Some of these watch the people play in sum- area the most?
attracts 350 people, which are people who were able to mer and winter, like games. I like the fact that I can take What do you like to do the
includes many neighborhood move on to other types of sup- Where I live is good too. I live walks. most for fun?
folks as well as family members porting housing, such as Sec- at Birchwood. The people are Walks in the area to the
of Birchwood residents. tion 8 or some type of foster very good there to live with. How do you like the many stores, out to eat, etc.
care arrangement. They take very good care of food places to eat?
Swanson also mentioned the us there. Yes. I like to go out to eat a lot If you had something you
Bryant Lake Bowl as a resident Birchwood has 24/7 profes- to get pizzas a lot. could see different what
favorite. It has been dubbed sional nurses, and a registered There is a lot to do there, too. would it be?
“the hideout” by the many dietician oversees the kitchen Rec. Dept. keeps us so busy. Mary, what do you like most It would be stop signs at the
regular visitors from the home. operations. For Valentine’s Day Some of the things we do is go about Birchwood? corners of Aldrich and 31st
She said some residents were this year, residents were treated shopping at K-Mart, go out to The people there. so it would be safer to walk
horrified when she went there to a romantic setting and dined eat and go to the movies on across.
Saturday so we stay busy. What do you do in the sum-
for dinner a couple weeks ago, on shrimp, steak, vegetables
as if she had intruded on a pri- mer there? What do you like about
and potato. And dessert.
We have good staff, who take I sit outside in front and drink Birchwood the most?
vate club.
good care of us too. They look pop and smoke cigs with my The people, the food, the Rec.
Above all, according to Swan-
out for us. I like going to my friends. Department.
Birchwood currently has resi- son, the residents at Birchwood
church, too.
dents aged from 30 to 85. The want to fit in, help the commu-
What are some of your hob- How is the bus transport sys-
average age is about 55. Many nity and lead normal lives.
Following are two interviews bies? tems?
residents stay there until they with residents of Birchwood. I make crafts a lot for my Very good.
are unable to move about of CARAG resident Eric Petersen is friends and family.
their own volition, and even a student at Metro State. Well then you would say it’s a
when they are moved out, Well, thank you, Mary, for good place to be for now.
Swanson said that Birchwood your time.
also offers hospice care for some This is reporter Steven Nelson
at the very end. Many residents on the inside for you.

Dining Out for Life April 27 Local restaurants donate profits to The Aliveness Project
Thursday, April 27 is the 12th families. The event last year Donating 100% Donating 25% Donating 15%
Annual Dining Out for Life raised $70,000. If you dine at Auriga 1930 Hennepin Ave. Five Restaurant 2917 Bryant Emma’s Restaurant 2817 Lyndale
event. Local restaurants con- these restaurants on that day, Pizza Luce 3200 Lyndale Ave. Ave.
tribute a share of the profits they they will donate profits to the Donating 35% Rudolph’s Bar-B-Que Falafel King 701 Lake St.
make that day to The Alive- project. Bar Abilene 1300 Lagoon Ave. 1933 Lyndale Ave. Giorgio’s 2451 Hennepin Ave.
El Meson 3450 Lyndale Ave.
ness Project, a local nonprofit
The Independent Calhoun Sq. Donating 20% Donating 10%
organization that provides on- Go to the web site for a complete Victor’s 1959 Cafe 3756 Grand Ave. Aura Calhoun Sq. JP American Bistro 2937 Lyndale
site meals, food shelf and other list of participating restaurants Barbette 1600 Lake St. Ave.
supportive services for HIV- (www.diningoutforlife.com/ Chiang Mai Thai Calhoun Sq. Uptown Diner 2821 Hennepin Ave.
infected individuals and their participating.php). It’s Greek to Me 626 Lake St.

Uptown Neighborhood News

Uptown Neighborhood News is a monthly publication of Calhoun Area Residents Action Group
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april 2006 Uptown Neighborhood news •  

opinions letters
What One Person with TAKE NONVIOLENT unarmed but highly visible 3120 HENNEPIN OWNER
ACTION street patrols. RESPONDS

Resolve Can Do Last weekend, a horrible crime

was committed on our streets.
Please join a neighborhood
walking group. Be safe,
When I purchased the apart-
ment building at 3120 Hen-
We all reacted with shock and respectful and forceful. Let’s nepin Avenue S., it was my
By Ellen Bouroughf “Petition for a Moratorium on horror at this seemingly capri- not have the annual summer intention to convert the apart-
Development in Uptown cious and brazen murder. increase in person-on-person ments into condominiums. I
Ruth Cain may look like a Nobody can change what hap- crime that we’ve seen in the requested that my attorney
harmless little old lady who’d The top concern of 10th Ward pened, but we are now making past. assist in handling the notifi-
wear tennis shoes, but she isn’t. voters in the recent City election decisions for the future. cation to the existing tenants
A former Associate Chair of was the number of development It’s in our hands. regarding the condominium
the Minnesota DFL, she has proposals that would radically I have noticed a much more conversion. Unfortunately, my
remained involved. Whether a change the area’s scale and char- visible police presence, and this Eric Petersen attorney did not provide me
champion of a candidate or of acter. A master plan involving is welcome to keep our streets CARAG with accurate information
an issue, she is a powerful pres- substantial neighborhood input safe. At the same time it is regarding the law to provide
ence. Ruth wrote a resolution was widely supported and a plan- unsustainable, there are much proper notification to the ten-
proposing a moratorium on ner has been hired by the city to higher crime areas in our city, ants.
and they deserve attention. INTERESTING CAUCUS
development in the Uptown begin the process in April 2006.
area, which she introduced at Staffing levels are dangerously I would like to officially apolo-
low as it is. Police also, no mat- The “Why Go To A Caucus” gize for any inconvenience this
her precinct caucus. Since she Developer proposals continue to
ter how high the presence, can article by Ellen Bouroughf was situation has caused the ten-
distributed copies of the resolu- move forward in the absence of
not possibly stop every crime. excellent. She convinced me to ants at 3120 Hennepin Avenue
tion widely, it was introduced such a plan.
go and I went. Before, I really S. It was never my intention to
at other caucuses, too. At my
I also have heard the cry for had no idea why anyone would push or bully anyone out of the
caucus, it was passed without Therefore we request a morato-
blood. If anybody else reads bother going to something like building. As stated in your arti-
discussion by unanimous vote. rium on all development projects
the Craig’s List message boards, that. It seemed like a lot of cle (Anatomy of a Condominium
You were, of course, at your in the 10th Ward which do not
there is an increasing call for weird insider political maneu- Conversion, March 2006) I have
own precinct caucus. What strictly conform to present zoning
vigilantism. “Arm yourselves!” vering or something foreign. issued new leases to all of the
happened to Ruth’s resolution and Shoreland Overlay laws until
“Eye for an Eye!” “Anyone But now I know. occupants of the building and
there? Was it introduced? Was a master plan for the Uptown
it discussed? Did it pass? area, which includes substantial messes with me like that and have put the conversion project
they’ll regret it!” These are I have been thinking, hey, on hold until some time in the
input from 10th Ward residents,
understandable given the cir- why don’t we have health care future.
Several of our neighbors, is adopted. In the meantime, no
cumstances, but must at all for all? Light rail in plans for
empowered by the resolution’s zoning variances or conditional
costs be avoided. Do we want Uptown? A farmer’s market I am now aware of the law
passage, formed a group to use permits should be granted
to be walking home from Cal- within walking distance? So regarding proper notification
encourage the powers that be except those for single-family
houn Square and get caught in now I get it. Go to the caucus. and will be sure to incorporate
to take notice and take action. homes and duplexes.”
crossfire? Our children? Meet the neighbors, make our this knowledge into any future
“Hey! Other areas have mora-
voices heard. I will begin to condominium conversion proj-
toriums on development. We Ruth’s “petition posse” wants
In a story for this issue of UNN, make my voice heard. I really ects.
want one, too.” Beware. These your signature. Expect to hear
I visited the Birchwood Care like her writing.
people aren’t harmless either. from them. If you’d like to join
Nor is Ruth’s dog. His name the group, call Ruth Cain at Home and conducted a couple Jason Quilling
of interviews. I also, while At the caucus, I volunteered Quality Trusted Commercial
is Digby, and he’s been a cam- 822.4483.
waiting for an appointment, to be a delegate and went to Construction & Roofing
paign mascot. You’ve prob-
spoke with a resident, Mariah. the Senate District 60 conven-
ably seen him holding court Ellen wrote the Uptown News
Her speech is sometimes hard tion at Washburn High School
at the Dunn Brothers coffee- article that urged readers to go STADIUM REFERENDUM
to understand, and her struc- March 25th. It was all very
house at 34th and Hennepin to their precinct caucuses. Since
turing is sometimes hard to confusing at first and hard to
Avenue. While he may growl no Act of God prevented her If you want to vote on wheth-
follow. Some of her messages navigate with my toddler in my
viciously at passing Rottweilers attendance, she went and was er to pay an extra sales tax for
were abundantly clear. But arms, I’m glad I went. I got to
and Great Danes, all he really intrigued by this resolution and a stadium, please ask your
one resonates with me tonight: vote yes for resolutions such as
wants to do is play. Digby is its empowering effect. state legislators to obey the
Take our streets back from rights for GLBT people, get the
dangerous because he steals law requiring a referendum.
thugs. We were talking about troops out of Iraq, and support
hearts. Ruth Cain and her For your senator’s phone, call
street patrols. Non-violent, of universal health care. But
group aren’t dangerous because 651.296.0504. For representa-
it was so stressful being there
they steal. They’re dangerous Opinions Policy: Please submit tive, call 651.296.2146.
your opinion pieces to the edi-
with my little boy I left early
because they work. Right now
tor. We encourage thoughtful Letters to the Editor Policy: and didn’t go back. I will go
they’re organizing a petition Michael Barrett
essays about anything that’s Write to us, provided you write again, but I need to find some
drive. The petition gets rid of Minneapolis
going on in the neighborhoods. fewer than 250 words! Your babysitters! Next time, it won’t
all the “whereases” and “be-it- On occasion, we will solicit letter may be edited and we seem as confusing.
resolveds” in the resolution but contrasting views on one sub- don't know if it will be pub-
captures its intent. It reads: ject and run multiple opinions. lished, but we will certainly try
We reserve the right to edit for to do so. We need to know your Kelly Newcomer
space or clarity, taste and legal name, address, phone number CARAG
concerns. and neighborhood.

Heard Around Uptown Tell us what you think!

By Mary Ann Knox dent again. Lee and his wife arrived Fri-
moved to California in 1997 day, Febru-
Former 10th Ward City Coun- after many years in ECCO. ary 24 (6
cilmember Dan Niziolek is now They heard that their old house lbs. 10 oz).
working as an Inspector in the was on the market again, and as They are
Mpls. Liquor Licensing divi- they missed their family back all well...
sion. He says his experiences
as a city councilmember made
here, decided to return. They
bought back their old house
just adjust- Spencer Wayne Devens
ing to the
him realize that his commu- on Irving Avenue, next to Kit new sleep schedule (or “lack 0%4)4)/.
nity is affected by the presence and Joan Bottkol, who wel- of sleep schedule”), says new
of licenses in Uptown. He hopes come back their old friends and mom Christy. Congratulations, Uptown
he can help the division improve neighbors. Devens family! is not Downtown
CARAG residents Christy and If you hear news around   
Former ECCO resident Lee Scott Devens have a new baby Uptown, let me know! Email
Todd is a current ECCO resi- boy. Spencer Wayne Devens uptownnews@yahoo.com. HTTPMORATORIUMFORTHETENTHWARDBLOGSPOTCOM
 •  Uptown Neighborhood news April 2006

housing & real estate

Can I Sell My House Last Gasp of Winter
by Myself?
By Al Olme comps. To that you add market of it is required by some branch
trends, seasonality and your of government.
First a bit of old business; last personal goals in selling your
month you heard about the home. Weigh all those factors We haven’t even started to talk
plight of Andy Paupore, a ten- and set a price. If your price is about fixing up your home or
ant in a building that was about too high, folks won’t even come staging it so it will appeal to the
to go condo. You also heard to look at your place. One of broadest range of buyers. We
about the mistakes the owner the biggest mistakes sellers haven’t done any marketing,
and his attorney made in giv- make is to set their price high no advertising and nothing was
ing notice and starting work on thinking that they can “always said about any of the paper-
the building. Andy rallied his come down.” The problem is work that is required to actu-
co-tenants and got help from a that your house lingers on the ally make or accept an offer on Photo by Gary Farland
number of sources, including market. Your best chance of your property. I guess we’ll talk Late season snowfalls in mid-March covered the city. While making it dif-
the Housing Preservation Proj- selling at your asking price is about all that next month but ficult to get around, it was a beautiful sight.
ect. When presented with the during the first two to three until then I want you to know
facts in the matter, the owner, weeks that the home is on the that while I’ve talked about
Jason Quilling, checked into the market. Studies say that if your how complex selling your own
facts and sent a letter rescinding
all the conversion notices. It
initial price is too high you will
get less in the long run than
real estate is, I can assure you
that there are alternatives to
appears that Quilling was given you would have if you had both hiring a Realtor at full fee Saturday, April 8
some incorrect legal advice and priced your house well in the or going it alone. The First Annual Southwest The fair will be held from 9
when he discovered his error first place. Journal Home Improvement a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday,
he set about trying to correct There is a new breed of real Fair will feature over 50 ven- April 8, in the west gym at
things. We learned two very Making you home ready for estate company that is rapidly dors, presentations, food and Southwest High, 3414 47th St.
important lessons from this epi- sale is an important step. Since growing in popularity, the “flat free admission.
sode. First, don’t just roll over we live in Minneapolis, we have fee” or “fee for services” broker.
to authority without knowing to get a “Truth-in-Housing” I’ll talk about that alternative
your rights and second, when (TIH) inspection before offer- next month but here’s a tip that
presented with good informa-
tion the “bad guys” might not
ing a home for sale. A “licensed
evaluator” must do this inspec-
could save you thousands of
dollars this month. Real estate Recent Local Property Sales
really be so bad after all. Both tion. The city says, “The Truth- commissions are negotiable,
Address List Price Sale Price
Andy Paupore and Jason Quill- in-Housing ordinance is meant BY LAW. There is no such
ing deserve to be congratulated to provide accurate information thing as a standard commis-
for bringing this situation to a on the condition of property for sion, only customary commis- 3542 Emerson Ave. S. $649,900 $603,800
reasonable conclusion. sale and to help Minneapolis sions. For years it was seven (4-unit multi-family)
keep up the quality of hous- percent but now six percent or 3505 Irving Ave. S., #A $499,900 $449,000
Enough about condo conver- ing available in the city.” As a even less is common and if you (2-unit multi-family)
sions for now. Is it possible to Realtor, I feel that goal is being are both selling and buying you 3345 Colfax Ave. S., #101 $245,000 $249,000
sell your own home without met. The TIH inspections are can often get a sizable reduc- (5-unit condo conversion)
a Realtor? It stands to reason a good thing for the consumer tion. Even if you’re just selling 3345 Colfax Ave. S., #202 $249,000 $247,000
that the answer must be yes although sometimes, as a seller, it doesn’t hurt to ask about a (5-unit condo conversion)
–– and it is –– but are you will- you’ll think they are a bit picky. lower rate.
ing to go through what it takes When you pass the TIH you’ll This information is from MLS listings. The information is
to market and sell your own get a “Certificate of Approval” If you have a real estate related deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.
house? Maybe the following and you’ll need it when you get question send me an email at
will give you an idea if a direct to the final settlement on your aolme@scc.net and I’ll try to
sale is right for you. sale. For the scoop on the Truth answer or get you started in
in Housing exam go to www. the right direction toward an
What should you expect from a
Realtor if you decide to use one
tions/TIH-home.asp. Also
answer. If your question is of
general interest maybe it will be
What is the MLS?
in selling? A Realtor should before offering your home you the subject of a future column.
help you set a selling price by must provide a disclosure of The Multiple Listing Service she really knew what was to
providing you with enough facts about the condition of the Al Olme is a licensed Real Estate (MLS) takes listing informa- come. Now that information
information on homes simi- property. This is called a “Sell- Agent working primarily in the tion from all its members is available to everyone and
lar to yours that have recently er’s Disclosure” and it became ECCO and CARAG neighbor- and compiles it into a central the real estate professionals
sold in your area. The indus- the law in January 2003. Along hoods. He is not a legal profes- repository so the information are paying for it.
try calls those homes “comps” with the disclosure there is a sional. If you have a legal or on property for sale is avail-
and the best way to get a real- Lead Based Paint Disclosure, financial question you should able to the real estate com- You can search the MLS
istic value for your home is to a Well Disclosure and a dis- seek the help of a professional in munity. A few years back (thanks to the self interest of
make an OBJECTIVE AND closure about the production the field. Realtors found out about your Realtor) for the home of
DISPASSIONATE compari- of methamphetamine on your homes for sale using a book your dreams but you usually
son between your home and the property. Lots of paper but all that was printed by the MLS. can’t directly approach the
The books were out of date seller. The seller has entered
before they were even printed into a contract with a real
and because of the number of estate company to find a will-
properties each listing was ing and capable buyer and
HOME AVENUEtM A Better Way To Buy And Sell A Home very small and contained only usually the contract specifies
www.homeavenue.com the very basic information. that even if the seller finds
Flat Fees Are In. Commissions Are Out. New Then one day the Internet the buyer for the real estate
Check out our new Homefree program, (draft for approval) happened and even Realtors agent, the agent’s company
the no-fee way to sell your home. Call or email me could see the benefit of get- gets paid. Besides, showing
for a brochure or visit www.homeavenue.com
First-time home buyers my specialty. ting the information faster. your home to folks who walk
See ALL the listings at www.homeavenue.com That same day I’m sure that up to your door and knock is
some very wise Realtor said, dangerous and you need to be
CARRIE BERGUM, Licensed Realtor® “This will change the way available for all the showings.
612-334-7538 CELL
612-824-2171 HOME OFFICE we do business.” I wonder if All in all it just isn’t practical.
april 2006 Uptown Neighborhood news •  

faith & community

Easter, Spring, New Life
T Services: Celebrations of
he Uptown Neighborhood News has been
talking with local clergy at our churches,

Passover and Easter

synagogue and Buddhist center. This
immediate area is home to about 20 places of wor-
ship. Occasionally, we will ask the people who lead
these institutions to share their thoughts with us. PASSOVER CHURCH IN UPTOWN SALEM ENGLISH
Meets at Emerson Elementary LUTHERAN CHURCH
This month we asked Salem Lutheran Church to 910.0360 610 W. 28th St. • 872.4650
weigh in with thoughts of spring, Easter and the 2534 Henn. Ave. S. • 377.8680 Sundays 3 pm Maundy Thursday, 7 pm
rebirth of life. Wed, Apr 12, 6 pm – Passover Good Friday, 7 pm
Eve SPIRIT GARAGE Easter Sunday, 8:45 and 10:30 am
Thurs, Apr 13, 10:30 am – Pass- Mpls. Theater Garage •
Salem Lutheran Church over Festival Worship 827.1074 THE CHURCH OF THE
Thurs, Apr 13, 6 pm – Congre- Lyndale and Franklin INCARNATION
life. And yet it’s in this dark- gational Seder Good Friday, 8 pm (at Bethle- 3801 Pleasant Ave. S. • 822.2121
ness and fear that God meets us Wed, Apr19, 10:30 am – Yizkor/ hem Lutheran, 4100 Lyndale) Good Friday, 12 pm
time and again. That’s the deep Passover Festival Worship Easter Vigil, from Fri, 9 pm Easter Vigil Sat, 6:30 pm Eng-
power of Easter. to 10 am Easter Sunday (any- lish • 8:30 Spanish
where) Palm Sunday – Mass 9:30 am
One of my favorite lines comes EASTER APRIL 16 Easter, 10 am at the Theater • Spanish Mass 11:15 am and 7
from writer Anne LaMott in Garage pm • Penance service 4 pm
Traveling Mercies: “Grace FIRST UNITARIAN Easter Sunday – Mass 9:30 am •
always meets you where you SOCIETY OF MPLS BETHLEHEM LUTHERAN Spanish Mass 11:15 am, 1 pm,
are, but never leaves you 900 Mount Curve Ave• CHURCH and 7 pm
there.” This grace meets us in 377.6608 4100 Lyndale Ave. S. • 312.3400
the depths of despair and in the Easter Breakfast, 9:15 to 10:15 Maundy Thurs, 11 am and 7
mundane day to day struggles am – Annual Easter Breakfast. pm ORTHODOX
Photo Supplied by J. Nagel of life. And yet it doesn’t leave Lower Assembly Hall Good Friday, 11 am and 7 pm EASTER APRIL 23
Salem Minister Jen Nagel us there. Easter Assembly, 10:30 to 11:30 Easter Vigil, Sat, 6 am to 6 pm
am – Rev. Wendy Jerome. Easter Sunday, Sunrise 6 am • ST. MARY’S GREEK
By Jen Nagel The Christian faith tradition Upper Assembly Hall Festival 8, 9:30, 11 am and 7 pm ORTHODOX CHURCH
Pastoral Minister –– Outreach doesn’t stop with the No! of the 3450 Irving Ave. S. • 825.9595
Salem Lutheran Church cross, but rather leads through ST. LUKE’S EPISCOPAL ALDRICH AVENUE Palm Sunday, Apr 16, 9:30 am
the dark days of waiting to the CHURCH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH – Children/Great Entrance
As Christians, Easter and the Yes! of Easter morning and the 4557 Colfax Ave. S. • 824.2697 3501 Aldrich Ave. S. • 825.2479 Holy Retreat, Fri, Apr 21, 9 am
holy days that lead us there, Yes! of Jesus risen, alive, and Palm Sunday, 9 am – Contem- Easter Sunday, 10 am to 2 pm
shape who we are, what we liberating. plative service • 11am – Festival
believe, and how we act. The service
days approaching Easter are
times for remembering, even
Salem Lutheran Church, at the
corner of 28th and Lyndale,
Maundy Thursday – 7 pm
Good Friday – 7 pm
Joyce United Methodist Church
31st and Fremont • (612) 823-0537
rehearsing, how it is that states, “We are a welcoming con- Easter Vigil, Sat – 7 pm www.JoyceChurch.org
though death and fear sur- gregation committed to Christ, Easter Sunday, 9 am– Contem-
round us, they don’t get the last our community, and the diversity
of our neighborhood.” Faced with
plative service • 11 am – Festi-
Worship and Sunday School
10:30 a.m.
word. New life is possible. val service
a huge and failing building, and
Some 2000 years ago a radical determined to act justly in our JOYCE UNITED Everyone welcome
fellow named Jesus overturned neighborhood as well as remain METHODIST CHURCH regardless of age, race,nationality, creed,
the old institutions with new a worshipping community, the 1219 W. 31st St. • 822.5288 sexual orientation, income or ability
ways of being community, a people of Salem are making Palm Sunday, 10:30 am –Wor-
new hospitality for those most plans for redevelopment of their ship and Sunday School The Joyce Food Shelf
outcast, a new law to love one site. It is hoped the development Good Friday, 7 pm – Service at The Joyce Preschool
another, and a new promise of will include retail space, for-sale Edgewater-Emmanuel UMC, Worship Handicapped Accessible
wholeness and life, even life town homes, family workforce 5144 13th Avenue S
eternal. Jesus’ way both then rental housing that is affordable, Easter Sunday, 10:30 am – Wor- Open Hearts Open Minds Open Doors
and now threatens those with and a ministry center to be shared ship and Sunday School
privilege and power. Out of between Lyndale United Church
this threat comes the hatred of Christ and Salem Lutheran LYNDALE UNITED
and violence of the cross. Church. Watch for more details CHURCH OF CHRIST
as their plans evolve. 810 W. 31st St. • 825.3019
As Christians, we see the world Easter Vigil, Sat evening
from the foot of this cross. Visit www.elca.org and www.dis-
From the caves of Afghanistan coversalem.com.
to our own street corners, we
know well the pain of human

Greek Orthodox Church
3450 Irving Ave. South (overlooking Lake Calhoun)

Divine Liturgy (612) 825-9595

Sunday 9:30 am www.stmarysgoc.org
Fr. Harry Pappas
 •  Uptown Neighborhood news April 2006

CARAG report Calhoun Area

Residents Action
CARAG Board Profile
Lake St.
The mously. An organizing event mously that CARAG gives ten- By Mary Ann Knox
CARAG will be held soon; watch www. tative support to the Chain of
Board meets carag.org for details. The next Lakes Coalition statement. Get to know a little bit about your neighbors who
Hennepin Ave.

Lyndale Ave.

the third meeting of the Crime & Safety

Tuesday of Committee will be Monday, Upcoming Bylaws and
serve on the CARAG Board. Each month, we will
each month, April 10, 6 p.m. at Urban Bean. Accounting Procedures feature Board members. They welcome your advice
7 PM at Change: (Cindy Christian) and your help in trying to improve CARAG. When
36th St. Bryant Park Lake Street Reconstruction: Cindy gave notice of items to
Community Center, 31st and (Gay Noble and Catherine be discussed and voted on at the you see them on the street, stop and say hello.
Bryant. All CARAG residents are Geisen-Kisch) Gay and Cath- April 2006 CARAG meeting.
welcome and urged to attend. erine are the CARAG repre- A change to the UNN bylaws
sentatives to a sub-committee is proposed which clarifies vot- Thatcher Imboden He has an interest in history,
Monthly Meeting Minutes currently gathering input for ing privileges of UNN board particularly of this area. He
March 21, 2006 the upcoming reconstruc- members. Also proposed is a and his sister wrote a well-
tion of the western portion of change to the UNN accounting received book about local his-
Subject to Approval at the April Lake Street, from Blaisdell to procedures, which modifies the tory, Uptown Minneapolis. He is
2006 CARAG Meeting Dupont avenues. Two vision- invoice approval process prior currently researching the past
ing sessions have been held to to payment. 60 years of the business com-
This CARAG meeting was bring forth priorities and values munity in Uptown, analyzing
abbreviated due to the extend- of the neighborhood as inputs Adjourn: Motion to adjourn by address the types of busi-
ed community discussion about into this reconstruction proj- passed unanimously. nesses that have comprised the
the recent armed robbery and ect. Several of the tools used are business district. Most of this
shooting in Uptown. available at the CARAG web Due to time limitations, the work is just for fun. He has no
site (www.carag.org). The West following board actions were particular plan for it, other than
Board Members Attending: Segment sub-committee plan- addressed in advance by the that he wants to know.
Jill Bode, Rick Bojko, Cindy ning group is meeting every full CARAG board:
Christian, Thatcher Imboden, two weeks. One current topic is He landed his first job in the
Ellan Meyer, Bill Morton, Kay the configuration of the street Treasurer’s Report: (Cindy neighborhood. He works for
Nygaard-Graham, Aaron -- how many travel lanes, turn- Christian) CARAG has the Ackerburg Group, as an
Photo by David Peterson
Rubenstein and Howard Ver- ing lanes, etc. A strong theme $8859.19 in the operations assistant to a commercial real
son. (Absent: none) of the input so far has been account, $6990.88 in asset estate broker. He enjoys the
Thatcher joined the CARAG
pedestrian friendliness, such as accounts. The contributions marketing and data manage-
transportation committee when
Welcome: The CARAG Board wider sidewalks. Three resolu- to local charities, as approved ment work he does there. It is a
he was a senior in high school.
is made up of volunteers who tions were proposed on behalf last fall, were distributed this good opportunity for him to see
He grew up in CARAG, at
also volunteer time on other of CARAG regarding the month. In addition the pro- how the private sector operates,
33rd and Dupont, and always
neighborhood committees and design process, calling on Hen- ceeds from the CARAG Chilly and to see how property owners
had an interest in cities, so he
organizations. Scott Engel, nepin County to provide fur- Chili Fest, about $650, were make the decisions they do.
thinks it makes perfect sense
the CARAG community coor- ther research and information forwarded to the Joyce Food that he started young. Now at
dinator, can be reached at on street and sidewalk design, Shelf. The UNN account has He wants to see a great city,
the ripe old age of 23, he is serv-
612.823.2520. CARAG is a pedestrian movement, impact a balance of $1213.16 as of Feb- and is concerned as everyone is
ing on the Board. He left the
democratic organization; mem- on businesses, historic build- ruary 28, 2006. about all the development dis-
neighborhood for a few years to
bership and voting privileges ings, etc. A further resolution cussions in this area. He hopes
attend the U of M, but is back
are open to residents, property stated that CARAG does not Board Actions: The board the conversation can be posi-
now, with a degree in Urban
owners, and business owners in support a 5-lane configuration unanimously approved the tive, and that the community
Studies, safely ensconced at
the neighborhood. on Lyndale Avenue from 29th addition of Jill Bode as a can articulate what they want
34th and Hennepin this time.
to 31st streets. All four resolu- third signatory to the UNN to see here.
Approve Agenda & Minutes: tions passed unanimously. account. The board unani- He wants to be part of creat-
Motions were passed to approve mously approved our “Client As for his career, he may go
ing change. He says he has a
the agenda and the February Minneapolis Chain of Lakes Response” to the MN State into city planning, he may pur-
romanticized view of a com-
meeting minutes. Coalition: (Carl Holmquist) Auditor’s Report, which noted sue his interests in real estate,
munity where people of all ages
Carl presented the formation only three small suggestions. he might want to make pub-
and experiences work together,
NRP Updates: (Scott Engel) statement of this new coalition Finally, the board voted unani- lic policy. A third generation
listening to different viewpoints
The Project Description and being assembled with represen- mously to renew the lease on Uptowner, he is not sure exact-
to create positive things. He
Guidelines for the newly formed tatives from neighborhoods bor- our CARAG office space for ly where he is going, but he is
provides a different perspective
CARAG Stroll Patrol were pre- dering the Chain of Lakes area. another year. This is paid using sure he is in a neighborhood he
from others on the Board, as he
sented and approved unani- A resolution was passed unani- NRP funds. can call home.
is a young renter.

CARAG Votes Will Impact Lake Street

By Gay Noble at the second workshop elected to businesses, designation as a
to stay an additional hour and a pedestrian overlay district, and
Over the past several months, as half to continue the discussion. the historic designation of the
part of the Lake Street Recon- Lyn-Lake area. These resolu-
struction Project, the CARAG Three priorities emerged for tions will be presented to both
neighborhood has sought input the street design of both Lake Hennepin County and the City
from residents and business Street and Lyndale Avenue: of Minneapolis.
owners by holding two vision- on-street parking, continuous
ing workshops and conducting significantly wider sidewalks, At this time Hennepin County
an Input Survey. and bike lanes. The preferences is proposing that Lake Street
combined were continuous sig- remains a four-lane with no
The second CARAG neighbor- nificantly wider sidewalks with increase in continuous sidewalk
hood visioning workshop on on-street parking or continuous width. The County also pro-
March 13 focused on gaining wider sidewalks with on-street poses that Lyndale from 29th
input from CARAG residents parking and bike lanes. These to 31st streets be reconstructed
and business and property own- priorities were put in the form to a five-lane street reducing the
ers on Lake Street between of resolutions that were passed sidewalk by five feet on both the
Dupont and Garfield ave- at the March 21 CARAG neigh- east and west sides, for a total
nues and on Lyndale Avenue borhood meeting. Two more of ten feet in reduced sidewalk
between 29th and 31st streets. resolutions were passed to call area.
The goal was to create a vision for analysis and study of this
for a street design for Lake special area. The study will Gay Noble is CARAG’s
Street and Lyndale Avenue. It address the context of the street representative to the Lake Street
should be noted that attendees design to land use, the impact Reconstruction Project.
april 2006 Uptown Neighborhood news •  

crime & safety environment

A Neighbor Takes Back the Rain Garden
FOR $15
Neighborhood from Crime Free rain garden workshops
and $75 grants for perennials
and garden installation costs
The City of Minneapolis is pro-
viding 1000 trees for residents to
plant in their yards. Order now
are being offered to Minne- – quantities are limited.
By Mary Ann Knox committees, the graffiti task back at Lyndale Avenue. Cross apolis gardeners. Sponsored
force and block clubs. City offi- the street into the next neigh- by the Community on Urban
Lyndale resident Dennis Koch cials and police came to listen borhood and patrol there. Because so many trees were lost
Environment’s (CUE) Min- to Dutch Elm Disease in 2005,
lived through some of the tough and offer help. neapolis Blooms Program, the
times of the ‘80s. There was He suggests that one mem- the city is offering these trees to
workshops are open to any Min- fill the void. One tree per yard is
a bit too much crime around No whining or complaining. ber of every block club volun- neapolis resident who registers.
here and he thought of mov- The message was positive. How teer to check all the list serves, available to anyone who wants it.
ing away, but could not sell his can citizens become aware, and then put out a message to You will learn how to plant a
house. He is glad he stayed. He become involved, and turn our the block. If you see suspicious Order from a selection of
rain garden. You will create a Autumn Spirea Maple, Autumn
discovered that people began neighborhoods around. behavior, like drug crimes, beautiful natural area in your
walking around the neighbor- spread the word to the other Brilliance Serviceberry, Bicolor
yard that attracts birds and but- Oak, and Black Hills Spruce.
hood, gardening, creating a Over 50 people signed up to be nearby neighborhoods, so when terflies. Rain gardens allow rain
presence on the streets, and block leaders, to start or rein- that drug dealer, or that suspi- Each is about 6 feet high with
and melting snow to seep natu- a 1-1/4-inch trunk. Trees are
calling 911. Crime decreased. vigorate lapsed block clubs. cious car is seen a few blocks rally into the ground. This helps
People signed up to join walk- away, the police can be alerted. available for $15 each while
recharge groundwater and pre- supplies last. Applications are
Now it is happening again. An ing patrols, to join list serves vents polluted water from run-
armed robbery at Crema, 34th and spread the word of crimi- His block is planning to buy available from Mayor Rybak’s
ning into storm drains, which website, (www.ci.minneapolis.
and Lyndale, was the last straw nal behavior. front yard lights. The ideas flow directly into lakes, riv-
for him. All neighborhoods in were flowing fast and furiously. mn.us/mayor), or Tree Trust at
ers and streams. You may even www.treetrust.org.
this area are experiencing rising “We accomplished what we Let’s communicate with each reduce the stormwater fee on
crime levels – he is concerned wanted to accomplish,” said other, not just with the police, your utility bill when you keep
about his daughter waiting at Koch of the meeting. It seemed he said. Tree pick-up dates are May 13
rainwater on your property with and 20.
bus stops. So he took action. to energize everyone. “Our a rain garden.
fears have been that armed rob- No griping, just positive solu-
He organized a meeting on beries would escalate, and now tions. Each workshop has two sessions: FREE TREE CARE
March 8 to “stir things up,” to it’s happened. We are saddened
create awareness that crime is and troubled by the murder in For more information, contact
Session 1 covers designs of rain
gardens and their value, and WORKSHOPS
increasing, to get people out to Uptown. We can’t even imag- your neighborhood group or advice on the kinds of perenni-
create positive solutions. With ine what the family is going SAFE. als to plant. Session 2, about two Learn about tree planting and
the help of others, he distribut- though. We could picket and weeks later, includes hands-on care at a free workshop hosted
ed 4,000 flyers in the CARAG, scream. Even if the police hire help from landscape architect by Tree Trust. Learn how to
East Harriet, Kingfield and more people, it will take time interns and master gardeners. plant a tree correctly, and how
Lyndale neighborhoods invit- to train them and get them on During the second session, you to care for it. Identify insect
ing people to a meeting at the streets. The only way we will get advice about applying and disease problems, hazard-
ous trees and other tree health
Painter Park. can turn this around is with the
walkers, the block clubs, 911…
Tom Thompson for the stormwater reduction
fee. issues.
Over 200 neighbors showed up. being nosy neighbors.” Crime Prevention Specialist
Register in advance at www. Workshop dates are Tuesday,
Speakers at that meeting spoke Koch believes we can and (612) 673-2823 minneapolisblooms.org or at April 4, 6:30 to 8 p.m. at North-
of SAFE, the Lyndale Walkers, should cross the invisible bor- 673.3014. east Bank, 77 NE Broadway
list serves, community impact ders between our neighbor- and Saturday, April 8, 10 a.m. to
statements, Court Watch, hoods — if you are out with Sessions are held from 6:30 to 12 noon at Nokomis Communi-
neighborhood crime and drug your walking patrol, don’t turn 8:30 p.m. on a choice of days ty Center, 2401 East Minnehaha
from early April until late May. Parkway.

For more information, contact

Lorrie Stromme, 612.673.2003 or

Crime News from 5th precinct Mimi Hottinger, 651.644.5800.

ECCO and CARAG crime statistics from February 2006

February 1-28, 2006




Homicide 0 0

Rape 0 0


Robbery 0 3

33rd STREET Agg Assault 0 2













Burglary 2 5

34th STREET Larceny 8 21

CONAR’S WAY Auto Theft 1 2

35th STREET Arson 0 0

TOTAL: 11 33 Rbe^SX”TY^^Ub”\QdU^YWXd

!& g\Q[Ucd\Q[UYbfY^W
 •  Uptown Neighborhood news April 2006

ECCO report East Calhoun Community Organization

PUBLIC OPEN FORUM 6:30 p.m. These are trees you may plant PARK COMMISSIONER
ECCO meets
Lake St.
in your private yard! REPORT
the first Thurs- 6. Healthy City Award: If you Tracey Nordstrom, Park Com-
1. New City Voting Method
day of each
Hennepin Ave.

Lyndale Ave.
Proposed: Jeanne Massey, a would like to nominate an 11. Industrial Land Use and missioner reported.

month, 7 PM individual who has carried out Policy Plan: Attend a neigh- 1. Need Boulevard Trees? If
representative of the Better Bal-
at St. Mary’s extraordinary work to make borhood meeting on the indus- the stump on your boulevard
lot Campaign, introduced their
Greek Ortho- Minneapolis a world-class trial land use and policy plan has been ground out and there
campaign for Instant Runoff
dox Church, health citizen for an award, to discuss and provide feedback is a gap waiting for a tree,
Voting in Minneapolis. Jeanne
36th St. 34th & Irving. contact joyce.d.krook@allina. of the study. See the website call the Forestry Park Board
will be on the April ECCO
All ECCO residents are welcome com for info and a nomination www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us / Department and request a tree.
meeting agenda. ECCO Secre-
and urged to attend. form. planning/industrial-landuse. You will probably get your tree
tary Al Anderson has informa-
tion. asp or call Mary Bujold at quicker if you call and then
Monthly Meeting Minutes 7. Park Board Naturalist Pro- 338.0012 or email mbujold@ check from time to time.
March 2, 2006 2. Uptown Food Shelf Ben- grams: Received notice of sever- maxfieldresearch.com.
efit: Bill Morton, pastor at Joyce al naturalist programs sponsored 2. Request for Lake of the Isles
Board members present: Al Church: announced that on by the Minneapolis Park Board. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Funds: Governor Pawlenty has
Anderson (Secretary), Anne G. Sunday, March 19 all sales at Six scheduled in March. AND AGENDA requested $2.7 million to fin-
Chase (Vice President), Carrie Great Harvest Bakery will go to The meeting agenda with ish the project. Five million has
Menard, Tim Prinsen, Jim Ste- the Uptown Food Shelf to help 8. Know Your Renter’s Rights: changes was approved. Previous been requested to finish the
man, Ted Ringsred, Keith Rud- feed the hungry. Learn your rights as a tenant at month’s meeting minutes were entire project.
dick, Lara Norkus-Crampton, this workshop. Renters Rights approved as well.
Bruce Sabatke, Carrie Menard, 3. Project Homeless Connect: Workshop, Wednesday, March 3. “Pedestrian” Grand Round:
Matt Carter, Lara Norkus- Deborah Jans, board member, 8. Call 341.1617. CITY COUNCIL OFFICE Tracey said that a citizen is
Crampton, Deb Jans. announced that a project to pro- REPORT promoting the idea of a Grand
vide homeless people access to 9. Midtown Global Market Lisa Miller from Councilman Round Greenway for pedestri-
Others present: Kay Anderson many services they may need is in Sears Building: Midtown Remington’s office reported. ans which would connect Parade
(resident), Bill Morton (CARAG taking place on Monday, March Global Market is set to open Stadium, Walker Arts Center,
board), Gail Ellis (NRP Coordi- 6, at the Minneapolis Conven- this spring in the Sears Build- 1. Talking Trash: City garbage/ Loring Park, Loring Greenway,
nator), Duane Thorpe (resident), tion Center. They anticipate ing. Executive Director Mihailo trash hauling contract is being the Nicollet Mall, Peavey Plaza
Gary Farland, (alt. board mem- 1,000 hot meals will be served Temali will be joined by a small opened up for new bidding to and the River Road.
ber), Michael Weinbeck (resi- in addition to making these ser- business owner to preview and include minority and women
dent), Tracey Nordstrom (Park vices available. explain the project. Wednesday, owned businesses. 4. “Park Dedication Fees”
commissioner), Dan Niziolek March 15, 8:15 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Being Considered: A fee
(resident), Jeanne Massey (Better 4. New CPED Contact: Aman- St. Martin’s Table, 2001 River- 2. Hearing Trash: City is plan- charged to a developer which
Ballot organization), Lisa Miller da Arnold is replacing Beth side Ave. ning to designate a set schedule would be used to develop park
(City Councilperson assistant), Elliot as the CPED planning for garbage/trash pickup down- or green space area adjacent to
Steve Buckley (resident), Mar- rep for our neighborhood. 10. Get a Tree from the City town to eliminate early morn- a building development is being
vin Peterson (resident), Jean for $15! City of Minneapolis ing noise of various companies tried in the Bassett Creek area
Matthes (Kingfield). 5. Eagles Presentation: Eagles will make available a thousand making pickups. and considered by the City.
have been sighted often around trees for $15 each. If you can’t
Welcome: Vice President, Anne Lake Calhoun. Attend an Open afford the $15, there’s a number 3. Wi-Fi Citywide: Two pilot 5. Proposed “Sailing Village”
G. Chase, called the meeting to House by Mississippi River to call, too. Trees to be picked projects are being conducted to on Lake Calhoun: Asked about
order, welcomed board mem- Gorge Stewards and hear eagle up May 13 and May 20. Contact decide who will provide the city the status of the sailing village
bers and others, and initiated expert Duke Addicks talk on Lorrie Stromme, City of Mpls with Wi-fi service. A public- proposal, Tracey said there does
introductions. eagles in the Mississippi River 612.673.2003 or Mimi Hot- private partnership will provide not seem to be a lot of support
gorge. Tuesday, March 28 at tinger, Tree Trust 651.644.5800. citywide wireless communica- for the project. She has received
tion coverage of wireless access. lots of phone calls about it. Trac-
Boxes will be spread across the ey said it’s just “out there” as an
city for this system. System was idea, that there hasn’t been an
initiated by a need to upgrade official presentation to the Park
the city department commu- Board. She mentioned an idea
nications. This system will not she had heard about “tweaking”
replace DSL systems, which are the Tin Fish building to create a
fast. It will provide advantages second floor.
over the older “dial-up” systems.
Participation should cost about Later, Kay Anderson informed
half of current dial-up systems. Tracey that the project had been
presented to the Park Board
4. Edgewater: Steve Buckley (approximately two years ago).
said that the neighbors are expe- Tracey is meeting with East
riencing some problems with Isles and Ralph Remington
the Edgewater condo develop- on how to deal with traffic
ment. He indicated there is some and congestion in the Uptown
concern that the building is not area, including East Calhoun.
being built as it was initially ACTION: Commissioner Nor-
proposed. A meeting will be dstrom will notify Lara Nor-
scheduled with Steve to review kus-Crampton, Board member
these concerns at the site. and Zoning Chair when these
“traffic/congestion” meetings
5. Lander Proposal: Asked with East Isles and Councilman
about the state of the Lander Ralph Remington will be tak-
Proposal, Lisa said she would ing place.
check and get back to Lara
Norkus-Crampton, the ECCO 6. Tree Trimming: Gary Far-
zoning chairman. land expressed concern about
whether Park Board tree trim-
6. 59th and Girard Project: mers when trimming an infect-
This project has been postponed ed elm can transfer the disease
several times. A small parcel of to another healthy tree. Tracey
land on the edge of Grass Lake. said she did not think that is
Parcel consists of a steep slope happening. She said that the
on a wetland. Builder wanted beetles are described as transfer-
a 45-foot wide house very close ring the fungus. She said that
to the lake. City is studying the concern has never come up.
april 2006 Uptown Neighborhood news •  

CM Remington Begins Zoning Discussion

Tracey said that there are three of Lakes. A motion was made By Mary Ann Knox Planning Supervisor Jason the case to go against the zon-
new tree diseases headed to and passed that the board elect Wittenberg and Assistant City ing. When asked what per-
Minneapolis. a representative to participate Concilmember Ralph Reming- Attorney Erik Nilsson. They centage of CUPs are granted,
in that coalition. Lara Norkus- ton sponsored what he says will explained the history of zon- Wittenberg replied, “ 95 to
7. Park Board Consultant: Kay Crampton was nominated, sec- be the first in a series of work- ing policies and code, and the 100 percent.” Laughter broke
Anderson asked about the “con- onded and elected to represent shops about zoning and plan- authority of planning in a city. out; that seemed to sum up the
sultant” that the Park Board ECCO to this new coalition. ning. He opened the March basic frustration of this audi-
had hired. Tracy indicated that Lara solicited and received a list 4 “Land Use Planning 101” Most of the questions from the ence. A resident asked, “ Non-
she wasn’t informed in detail of needs or issues that this meeting by saying that he has audience of about 50 people conforming CUPs always win.
regarding the purpose of the organization could consider come to realize that the City related to citizen input into Why bother to have a Master
consultant. She referred Kay addressing. Council has four main areas of decision-making. The ques- Plan?” Remington answered,
to Jennifer Ringold, indicating accountability and responsibil- tions sought to clarify how the “That’s when representational
the there was a document that 2. Lander Buldings: Lara ity: legislative, “quasi-judicial,” decisions are made and what leadership happens.”
described how an internal and reported that the Lander pro- advocacy and fiduciary func- the community can do to influ-
external assessment was going posal was approved by the tions. He did not fully under- ence those decisions. The par- Another topic was the Over-
to be conducted. CIDNA neighborhood: two stand that before he was elected ticipants appeared well-versed lay District—a special area
buildings, 83.6 feet plus 13 feet to office, and thinks that other in the ins and outs of vari- with extra zoning rules that
8. Food and Beverages in Parks: 10 inches for mechanicals atop people might not understand ances, conditional use permits are more strict than the zoning
Al Anderson commented that of the tallest building and 72 that, either. (CUPs), land use applications, code. There is concern in this
the “Sailing Village”, if it hap- feet with 13 feet of mechani- public hearings, zoning overlay area about the Shoreland Over-
pens, features an Event Center, cals atop the second building. His purpose is to build an districts, master planning and lay District (SOD) around Lake
which will be serving food and These buildings will go up on understanding of the zoning general zoning rules and regu- Calhoun, and the perception of
beverages. Beverages are really the north side of Lake Calhoun code and then to work with lations. many residents that policymak-
it appears. We have heard that across from North Beach, situ- residents to “create the commu- ers are ignoring it.
this is an exciting thing for Supt. ated on the current site of the nity we all want,” said Reming- Much of the specific discus-
Gruban. He has been around Weisman building. ton. “We’ll go down the path sion was about the granting of Remington stressed that all
reviewing sites for food and together.” He repeatedly said CUPs. The law defines when these issues will be addressed in
beverages in the Parks. That’s CONFLICT OF INTEREST that this is the first step in “my these can be granted, but it the upcoming process of creat-
his vision for making money off Ted Ringsred provided infor- effort to establish transparency is a gray area where the City ing a Small Area Plan for the
the parks. Anderson indicated mation related to whether in this office. My door is always Council uses the “quasi-judi- Uptown area. This process will
this seems to be the broader ECCO should have a conflict of open. Contact my staff. This is cial” powers to grant or deny begin in April, and he says all
vision for the Parks, to put food interest policy built into the by- just the beginning.” applications. Nilsson explained stakeholders will be at the table.
and beverage all over the parks. laws or whether we should have the presumption is that the A Steering Committee will be
He asked, have you heard any- people signing conflict of inter- At the workshop to explain the zoning code is the standard, established soon.
thing more about that? Tracey, est statement. The information law and answer questions were and the applicant has to make
said she did not know about was accepted, to be reviewed,
that. She did say that at the end for action at the next board
of this month, March, they are meeting. Secretary Al Anderson
going to be meeting as commis- has Ted’s reference materials, Uptown Activity Center Master Plan PUBLIC KICK-OFF MEETING
sioners to talk about that over- which are available to anyone
all vision. Tracey said Gruban upon request at 822.1822 or e- Saturday, April 22, 10 a.m. to noon, Bryant Square Park
indicated that 35 projects were mail amrsurvey@aol.com. What area should be included in the Uptown Small Area Plan study? How will the plan-
going to be reviewed for the ning process take shape? Come and give your input. Info: City Planner Amanda Arnold
Commissioners and have them NEW NRP COORDINATOR –– 673.3242 or amanda.arnold@ci.minneapolis.mn.us
“rank” them. Gail Ellis, the new ECCO NRP
Coordinator, who will be guid-
Tracey indicated that part of the ing the progress of Phase 2
problem with the Park Board NRP, was introduced. She will
is that the policies should come
from the Commissioners, not
be working to define exactly
what amounts of money are
East Calhoun Community organization
the Superintendent. And, the remaining from Phase I and meets the first Thursday of every month
Park Board has not been run available for use in Phase II.
that way for a very long time.
7:oo p.m. at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church,
Adjournment: A motion to 35th & Irving Ave. South
ZONING COMMITTEE adjourn was made and passed.
REPORT Next board meeting will be
Chair Lara Norkus-Crampton Thursday, April 6, 2005, 7:00
Next meetings: Thursday, april 6
reported. P.M. at St. Mary’s Greek Ortho- Thursday, May 4
dox Church. West 35th St. and
1. Proposed Chain of Lakes Irving Ave. So. Open to the
Neighborhood Coalition: Lara Public.
Norkus-Crampton introduced
an idea being promoted to For more information on these
having a yard sale in East Calhoun this spring?
establish a coalition of individu- subjects, contact Al Anderson at Plan to have it on Saturday, June 3, 2006, as part the
al board members representing 822.1822 or e-mail amrsurvey@
neighborhoods adjacent or near aol.com. Complete minutes can
neighborhood-wide ECCO Super Sale!!
the City’s Chain of Lakes. This be viewed at eccoinfo.com
group would meet to review
and discuss events, goals, and
proposed plans for the Chain 34th annual ECCo suPEr salE –– JunE 3
Name: _______________________________________________________

Ta x P r e p a r a t i o n Phone: _______________________________________________________

Jack D. Manders Sale Location: Front_____ Back_____ Inside_____ Refreshments_____

Certified Public Accountant

1900 Hennepin Avenue South $5.00 Fee – deadline – Thursday, June 1st. Checks are payable to ECCO Board
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Mail or deliver registration to:

Call Jack at 612-874-7884 Sylvia Kafkas, 3505 Humboldt Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55408, (612)824-9200

10 •  Uptown Neighborhood news April 2006

Minnesota Zen Center Offers Meditation

on Shores of Lake Calhoun
By Erin Connors lin in San Francisco. But 2006 Center moved to its present center, generally attending the this side of the river, he is also
did mark the first time that the location on Calhoun Parkway. Sunday introductory mornings Executive Director of People
Near the southeast corner of Minnesota Center has put on He has been the head teacher or a meditation instruction held Incorporated, one of the metro
Lake Calhoun, a large white the event two years in a row, at the Center for about three every other Tuesday evening. area’s largest organizations
house rambles up the hill- and head teacher Tim Burkett years. He leads daily morn- devoted to the needs of people
side. Inside, hardwood floors ing meditation and frequently Although there has been a with mental illness. From
and creaky staircases give delivers the weekly Sunday lec- marked increase in American the Buddhist teaching of the
way to carpeted bedrooms ture that follows the 8:30 a.m. cultural awareness of Eastern Bodhisattva, by which certain
which, converted into cozy introduction to meditation. He philosophy, the Zen Center beings undertake the responsi-
office spaces, invite visitors to also trains future teachers in the itself has not seen a huge traffic bility of helping others become
leave their shoes at the door. ways of daily meditation, key increase in recent years. Bur- free from suffering, he derives
Indeed, people most often find Buddhist teachings and leads kett attributes this fact to the the motivation to dedicate his
out about the Minnesota Zen practice meetings for newcom- dispersion of resources: “Yes, energies to serve others.
Center simply by spotting it as ers to the Center. there is more interest, but there
they walk or drive around the are also more Buddhist centers,” The Zen Center offers morning
lake. Through daily exercises Meditation is a skill like any he says. After the founding meditation Monday through
here, practitioners combine sit- other, and Burkett estimates teacher, Dainin Katagiri, died Thursday and Saturday, eve-
ting and walking meditation in that it requires from one to in the early 1990s, those he had ning sessions Monday through
efforts to focus their conscious- three years of daily practice to trained as meditation instruc- Wednesday, and an introduc-
ness on the present moment reach a point at which the med- tors branched off to begin their tion to meditation every other
and cultivate mindfulness. Head Teacher Tim Burkett
itative state comes naturally to own centers. Because the con- Tuesday as well as Sundays at
The ultimate goal is to achieve a practitioner. Occasionally, nection between a practitioner 8:30 a.m., followed by a talk at
enlightenment by freeing one- newcomers will dive right in to and a teacher is often a very 10:00 and social hour at 11:00.
self from the desires of the hopes to continue the tradition. an all-day meditation retreat, personal one, instructors tend They also hold half-day and
thinking mind, which, accord- but he generally recommends to bring their students with all-day retreats at their city
ing to the Four Noble Truths Burkett began meditating at developing a sitting practice them to new locations. center and annual retreats at a
of Buddhism, are the root of all the age of 21 when, living in first to become comfortable center in southern Minnesota.
suffering. San Francisco, he had culti- with being still for 30 to 40 At least in part, Burkett, who For more information, check
vated an interest in Zen Bud- minutes at a time. is a Ph.D. licensed psycholo- out mnzencenter.org or call
The Center’s recent benefit dhist meditation, and in the gist, credits his own meditation 822.5313.
took place on a slightly smaller calm that results from altering Last year, eighty men and practice with granting him the
scale than the first “Zenefit,” one’s consciousness. He was women of varied ages main- ability to lead two nonprofit CARAG resident Erin Connors is
a full-on 1960s counterculture ordained as a Buddhist priest tained paid memberships. organizations. In addition to a middle school teacher.
bash headlined by Janis Jop- in 1978, the same year the Zen Many others “pass through” the his work at the Zen Center on

Our founders, back in the day...


Celebrating 30 years in business

During April, every alteration over $25will recieve
a $5 “Sonny money” for use at Crema Cafe,
34th and Lyndale, now open from 7AM till 10PM
Tues. thru Sunday. Limit one per customer.

3040 Lyndale Ave S. Mpls. MN 612•824•2800


Uptown Neighborhood News available at

april 2006 Uptown Neighborhood news •  11

The Soo VAC: Open to All

By Tracy Armstrong or for-profit gallery, but rather
a free visual art center with a
The Soo VAC is a local gem in lot to offer.
our back yard – just down the
street at 2640 Lyndale. If you’re The Soo VAC is continually
asking yourself …the what …is supporting the local art com-
where?… keep reading; we’ll munity while also attracting
get you caught up. If you’re national exhibitions. Many
familiar, you know what the local artists are featured during
others are missing out on (but various shows throughout the
we still have details on upcom- year. Currently on exhibition,
ing shows, so you keep reading, in conjunction with the Ox-Op
too). Arts and Juxtapoz Magazine
(the authority on the art world),
The Soo Visual Arts Center is The Juxtapoz Group Show.
(named after the old Soo Line This show has never been host-
railroad), AKA the Soo VAC, ed outside of LA, San Francisco
is a non-profit gallery founded or New York, and features over
in June of 2001 by visual artist 70 internationally acclaimed
Suzy Greenberg. According artists who exemplify the most
to Greenberg, the Soo VAC is current trends in fine art. The
“a place where community can exhibition was kicked off with
be built and where artists and a sold-out concert featuring
viewers challenge each other the Melvins and runs through
to learn, create, and question. April 22nd at the Soo VAC and
It’s a place where accessibility Ox-Op Arts (1111 Washington
of the arts has been considered Ave. S. in Minneapolis). Photo by Tracy Armstrong
from the start.” The Soo Visual Arts Center at 2640 Lyndale features cutting edge art in the regular gallery exhibits and there is also a bou-
Also worth mentioning is the tique full of inexpensive art objects with a sense of Uptown coolness.
If that mission statement seems Soo Too Boutique located at
intimidating, don’t let it be. the front of the gallery. The a shopper who loves unique, The Soo VAC is open Wednes- CARAG resident Tracy Arm-
One of the greatest things about boutique features clothes, arts handmade items from local day to Friday 12 to 6 p.m. and strong is not artistically inclined,
the Soo VAC is its accessibility. and crafts made by local artists. artists, or just curious about Saturdays 12 to 4 p.m. For but when she’s not kickboxing or
As casual, warm and welcom- Everything is under $250. My the inside of the building that more on exhibitions, openings, snowboarding, she enjoys writing
ing as Greenberg is, so too is favorites are the unique t-shirts you pass every day, stop in and concerts, fundraisers, mem- and visiting local art galleries.
the gallery. Greenberg stresses starting at $12. The boutique check it out; it’s not often you bership (all centered around
the importance of bringing itself is worth a visit. have a nationally recognized visual art, of course) and more,
visual art into the community gallery in your own back yard... visit the Soo’s web site at www.
setting. It is not a destination So whether you are an art snob, for FREE. soovac.org.

Sunday is Family Night

with purchase of an adult entree

Open for Dinner, Lunch and Weekend Brunch

Dine-In | Carry-Out | Private Rooms | Catering

Corner of Lake and Irving | 612.823.0250 | www.amorevictoria.com | Free Parking
12 •  Uptown Neighborhood news April 2006

government & politics

News From Margaret Anderson Kelliher

Class Size Reduction Is Key Education Issue In 2006

Chief among these is improving ing for public education. In state funding to lower our class
our public education system. If Minneapolis, our community sizes in Minneapolis. The bill
we want to prepare our stu- came together in 2000 to agree would also require the state
dents for college and to succeed that low class sizes would help Commissioner of Education to
in a competitive global econo- our students succeed, passing include class size information
my, we need to provide them a citywide class-size reduction on school performance report
with the best learning environ- levy. Unfortunately, the state cards.
ment possible. That’s why I’m has not kept up its side of the
supporting a bill this session to school funding bargain. Cuts to The Governor is proposing
provide state funding to keep state education funding in 2003 a new mandate that would
class sizes low in Minnesota. by the Governor and House require schools to spend 70 per-
Republicans have kept Min- cent of their budget in the class- enough to ensure that no stu-
As a parent, I know that if my neapolis schools from meeting room. School districts across the dent slips through the cracks.
child winds up in an elemen- our class size goals. state are meeting this threshold,
60A Rep. Margaret Anderson Kelliher tary classroom of over 30 stu- and still dealing with class sizes If you have comments or ques-
dents, she’s at risk of falling This session I am supporting in the 30s and 40s. This new tions on this or any other legis-
The 2006 Legislative Session behind. Teachers will tell you legislation to provide additional mandate is not the answer. lative issues, please contact me
is shaping up to be short, and that smaller classes allow them state funding to schools to meet at 651.296.0171, by e-mail at
packed with activity. Our main to better manage their class- recommended class size guide- We ask a lot of our public rep.margaret.kelliher@house.
task in this non-budget year rooms. They have more time to lines of fewer than 20 students schools. We call on them to mn, or at 261 State Office
is to pass a bonding bill that spend identifying the individual in K through 3 classrooms meet the diverse learning needs Building, 100 Rev. Dr. Martin
invests in our public infrastruc- needs of students, whether the and fewer than 25 in grades 4 of our students while prepar- Luther King Jr. Blvd., Saint
ture through state borrowing. student is struggling to keep up through 6. In English, math, ing the next generation to com- Paul, MN 55155.
Meanwhile, I remain focused or learns easily and needs extra science and social studies class- pete on a global level. If we
on advancing the key areas of challenges. es in middle school, class sizes expect our schools to succeed,
job growth, education, health would be maintained at 25 stu- we must provide teachers with
care and the environment that Across the state, class sizes have dents and 28 in high school. tools that are proven to boost
will move our state forward. gone up over the last several achievement. We should keep
years due to eroding state fund- This bill would provide new class sizes in Minnesota small

Benefit for
Jefferson School
On Friday, April 7, join the Jefferson is the make it or break
NOT JUST ANOTHER it difference for many of our cit-
BAKE SALE to support the ies’ poorest communities.
Jefferson Community School,
sponsored by the Suburban Enjoy a night of food, drinks,
World Theater and the YBPG dancing, a silent auction for
Exceptional Nights Out pro- amazing items and a drawing
gram. for great prizes. The VIP recep-
tion will feature Mayor R.T.
Jefferson Community School is Rybak and a presentation about
an exceptional school with a his- this project and amazing school
tory of creating Minnesota lead- in the heart of Uptown.
ers in our poorest communities
— yet last year the city almost 7 to 9 pm: VIP RECEPTION.
closed this important asset. Featuring a premier presenta-
tion, some words from Mayor
In response, a group of influ- R.T. Rybak. Hors d’oeuvres and
ential volunteers have started cash bar.
the One Last Bake Sale Proj-
38th AND NICOLLET ect to give voice to this excep- 9 pm to 1:00 am: BENEFIT
Eco-friendly Lander design, convenient to everywhere. tional school. This innovative CELEBRATION. Featuring
education project will meet an outrageous auction and a DJ!
the school’s most dire financial Hors d’oeuvres and cash bar.
needs, but will primarily focuses
on long term legislative, efficien- Held at Suburban World The-
cy, and volunteer goals that will ater, 3022 Hennepin Ave. S.
ensure that our city’s poorest do Valet parking available.
not need one more bake sale.
To buy tickets: www.jcsbenefit.
Jefferson is a public school locat- org. $45 for reception and party.
ed on Hennepin Avenue serving $25 for party only. Your tickets
a diverse student body. A stun- will be held for you at the door.
ning 85 per cent of its students
live below the poverty line and 4 Young Business Professionals
WHERE ORIGINAL MEETS AFFORDABLE. PRICED $160K-$430K percent are homeless. The school Group provides exceptional nights
has great specials needs and has out to provide great parties, net-
recently lost 40 percent of fund- working, and to connect young
ing — yet the exceptional staff and talented individuals with
have bucked the norm and con- excellent charities.
Brought to you by 38 LLC
tinued to improve test scores.
april 2006 Uptown Neighborhood news •  13

Many announce their March 7 Caucus Results

candidacy for Sabo’s seat ECCO and CARAG Precincts Generally Follow State in DFL Straw Poll
SABO • Former State Sen. Ember By Gary Farland their state totals in the race for will be the 5th Congressional
continued from page 1 Reichgott Junge Governor, as did Mark Ritchie District convention to be held
• Civil rights lawyer Jorge DFLers generally voted at their in the race for Secretary of May 6 in St. Louis Park to
several candidates have already Saavedra March 7th precinct caucuses State. ECCO (10-3) cast a lot of nominate a successor to Martin
said they will not abide by the • Henn. Cty. Commissioner along the same lines as the rest undecided votes for Attorney Sabo. The state DFL conven-
endorsement process, so a pri- Gail Dorfman of the state, with several excep- General, Secretary of State and tion will be held June 9 to11 in
mary battle in September is a • Mpls. Park Board Pres. Jon tions. Republicans did not hold State Auditor. The CARAG Rochester.
sure bet. Olson a straw vote at their caucuses. precincts were especially unde-
• Mpls. City Councilmember cided for State Auditor. The Minnesota Green Party
While more candidates Paul Ostrow The ECCO neighborhood is met in a caucus for Senate Dis-
announce every day, these are • Sabo chief of staff Mike Precinct 3 of Ward 10. CARAG DFLers in the 60th District trict 60. No votes were taken,
some candidates who have Erlandson is all of 10-6 in its southwest next proceeded to their senate but they discussed resolutions
announced: • Corp. exec. Anne Knapp corner, almost all of 10-4 on its district convention on March that will be forwarded to the
north side, and half of 10-7 on 25th. The city DFL conven- State Convention in Duluth
DFL GREEN its west side. All are in the 60th tion will be held May 13th to June 3 and 4. Two candidates
• St. Thomas professor Jack • Jay Pond Legislative District. nominate candidates to the have announced a run for
Nelson-Pallmeyer was • Michael Cavlan Minneapolis School Board, and office, seeking Green endorse-
ahead of the pack with a These precincts were over- the Hennepin County conven- ment: Michael Cavlan for US
campaign underway; he REPUBLICAN whelmingly for Amy Klobu- tions will be held June 1 (for Senate and Dave Berger for
announced months ago that • Tim Anderson char, as was the State DFL. the county commissioner race) State Auditor.
he was challenging Sabo. • James Turnham However, Becky Lourey and and June 3 (for all other county
• State Rep. Keith Ellison • Alan Fine Steve Kelley did better than offices). Especially interesting
• Mpls. City Councilmember
Gary Schiff

DFL Straw Poll – Minnesota and

Straw Poll Precincts
– Minnesota and ECCO and CARAG Precincts
SEN. DIBBLE PROMOTE Office and State of Ward 10 Ward 10 Ward 10 Ward 10
Minnesota Precinct 3 Precinct 4 Precinct 6 Precinct 7
U.S. Senate No. Votes & % No. Votes No. Votes No. Votes No. Votes
VEHICLES Amy Klobuchar
Ford Bell
20,320 (77.3%)
4,071 (15.5%)
Sen. Scott Dibble and Rep. The legislation would define Other/Undecided 1,880 (7.2%) 6 1 1 4
Frank Hornstein are authoring hybrid engine and other low- Governor
legislation to promote the use of emission vehicles, and exempt Mike Hatch 10,162 (38.9%) 14 10 14 4
gasoline-electric hybrid engine them from the state’s motor Becky Lourey 5,884 (22.5%) 18 9 16 17
vehicles by providing financial vehicle sales tax. Steve Kelley 5,767 (22.1%) 18 4 17 3
incentives to individuals who
purchase them. Senator Dibble said the legisla-
Kelly Doran 1,681 (6.4%) 3 0 2 5
tion would benefit the state in Ole Savior 85 (.3%) 2 0 0 0
Hornstein said encouraging the the long-term. Other/Undecided 2,559 (9.8%) 10 2 2 6
use of gasoline-electric hybrid Attorney
engines had a number of ben- “Studies have shown that the General
efits. “From an environmental most significant factor con- Matt Entenza 19,563 (81.9%) 44 17 43 28
standpoint, there is no ques- tributing to air pollution in the Other/Undecided 4,336 (18.1%) 24 6 5 7
tion that hybrid engine vehicles Metro Area are fumes and pol-
Secretary of
are superior to traditional gas- lutants given off by motor vehi-
only vehicles,” Hornstein said. cles, and we should not wait for State
“… the rising price of a gallon Minneapolis to become the next Mark Ritchie 8,471 (37.9%) 31 13 31 23
of gas is becoming a real issue Los Angeles before addressing Christian Sande 3,555 (15.9%) 3 0 2 1
for the family budget. Vehicles the quality of our air,” Dibble Dick Franson 1,201 (5.4%) 3 0 2 1
with gasoline-electric hybrid said. “By encouraging the use Other/Undecided 9,131 (40.8%) 31 9 8 10
engines answer both of those of hybrid-engine vehicles, we State Auditor
concerns, and represent a posi- can start to make a dent in
Rebecca Otto 10,245 (46.3%) 24 6 29 16
tive choice Minnesotans can our air pollution problem and
make when choosing a vehicle at the same time, reduce our Reggie Edwards 2,756 (12.5%) 10 2 2 4
to drive,” Hornstein said. dependence on oil as an energy Other/Undecided 9,125 (41.2%) 34 14 14 15
source. These are positive steps
we can take for the long-term Source: Minnesota State DFL
health of both the economy and
CM Remington will the environment.”
meet with residents
Tenth Ward Councilmem-
ber Ralph Remington has
announced that he will
make appointments to
meet residents every Mon-
day at Gigi’s Café (36th
and Bryant) between 1 and
5 p.m. Call his office at A cozy little neighborhood diner minutes from home or work.
673.2210 to get a 15-min- HOURS: Mon-Fri 6:30 am - 3 pm
ute personal appointment Sat. 6:30 am - 2 pm, Sun. 7 am - 2 pm
with him.
14 •  Uptown Neighborhood news April 2006

TAXES Q & A Calhoun Square shops

By Rick Krolak the previous refinancing is fully
deductible. Other closing costs
Comings ... and ... Goings
Q. I am a teacher in the Min- such as appraisal fees and agen-
neapolis public school system. I cy fees are not deductible.
heard that there is a tax deduc-
tion for educators. Can you Q. I started a new business
give me the specifics? and will be working out of my
home. Can I take a deduction
A. If you are an eligible educa- for that or is it a red flag with
tor you may subtract up to $250 IRS?
of qualified expenses when
calculating your adjusted gross A. A deduction for a home
income. To be eligible you must office is not a red flag as long
work at least 900 hours dur- as you follow the rules. You can
ing the school year as a teacher, take this deduction if you are
instructor, counselor, principal self-employed or an employee.
or aide in a public or private Qualifying expenses are the
elementary or secondary school. business portions of mortgage
Expenses that qualify are books, interest, real estate taxes, home-
supplies, computer equipment owner or rental insurance, utili-
and related software. If you ties, repairs and maintenance,
teach health or physical educa- depreciation and association
tion the expenses and supplies dues. You must use your home
are deductible only if they are regularly and exclusively as your
related to athletics. principal place of business as a
place to meet or deal with cli-
Q. We refinanced our home ents, customer or patients. If
this year and paid fees as part you have a separate structure
of the refinancing. Can we or if you use your home for
deduct those costs? storage of inventory or product
samples you may also deduct
A. Points paid to refinance you related expenses. Qualified
home are deductible as mort- daycare providers have special
gage interest on Schedule A of rules for calculating this deduc-
your tax return. Points paid tion. Portions of the deduction
solely to refinance you home are limited by income if your
are deductible over the term of gross income from the business
your loan. You divide the points is less than your total expenses.
Photos by Kay Nygaard-Graham
paid by the number of payments If you are claiming the deduc- Left row from top to bottom: New shops include Ivy, SK2 (clothing stores), and ZRS Fossils and Gifts.
you’ll make over the life of the tion as an employee, the regular Right row from top to bottom: Recently closed shops include Uptown Traders, The Fixery, and Sara Cura Silver.
loan and points may only be and exclusive business use must
deducted for the number of pay- be for the convenience or your Because of the impending Traders, Little River Creations, residents will stay through the
ments made within the tax year. employer. reconstruction of Calhoun Sara Cura Silver, The Fixery, redevelopment. ZRS Fossils,
However, if the loan proceeds Square, changes have been and Maud Borup Chocolates Ivy, Sk2, Bremer Bank, Bay
were used to pay for improve- Rick Krolak, owner of The Clar- happening at the mall. The end closed their doors. Street Shoes, Main Street Out-
ments to the home they may be ion Group, is an accountant, tax of 2005 saw many shops depart fitters, Sox Appeal and others
fully deductible in the current advisor and consultant for indi- and in the past few months a Several new stores have moved have stayed. A new men’s store
year. Also, if the homeowner is viduals and small business, cel- few more have left. Uptown in, and some of the long-time is slated to open soon.
refinancing for a second time, ebrating his 29th year in business.
the balance of the points from 2524 Hennepin Ave.S. 825.5700.
Cute Kelly Newcomer H E N N E P I N B A R I AT R I C C E N T E R
Minneapolis Transportation Plan Ceramic Magnets
at Soo VAC boutique

The City of Minneapolis is host- Meetings are 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. kellynewcomer.com
ing public meetings for discussion Wed, Apr 19 – St. Olaf Catholic
and input about the City’s 10- Church, 215 S. 8th St.
Year Transportation Action Plan Thurs, Apr 20 – Communica-
(TAP), which is under develop- tions Workers of America Hall,
ment. The public is invited. 3521 East Lake St.
Tues, Apr 25 – Harrison Recre-
When completed, the TAP will ation Center, 503 Irving Ave. N.
be a citywide plan that addresses Thurs, Apr 27 – Martin Luther
a full range of transportation King Park Recreation Center,
options and issues, including 4055 Nicollet Ave. S.
pedestrians, bicycles, transit, Tues, May 2 – East Side Neigh-
automobiles, and freight. It will borhood Services, 1700 2nd St.
also include a transit and street N.E.
operations plan for downtown For additional information:
and new street design guidelines Charleen Zimmer, Project Man-
that reflect the characteristics of ager, 673.3166 or Charleen.Zim- If you’ve been battling obesity alone, the skilled physicians at
the surroundings. mer@ci.minneapolis.mn.us. Hennepin Bariatric Center can help you find a lasting solution.

Tax Preparation
Plucked from under the butts of
Larry’s chickens for us since 1993. Our physicians are leading regional experts in bariatric surgery.
Together with nutritionists, exercise physiologists and psycholo-
gists, we provide compassionate care in a dedicated hospital unit.
American Society of Bariatric Surgery
& ACCOUNTING SERVICES Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence

Professional. Accurate. Reliable. HealthPartners Bariatric

Surgical Network
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april 2006 Uptown Neighborhood news •  15

community events calendar uptown


(Editor’s Note: We will run community WALKER LIBRARY BOOK BRAVE NEW WORKSHOP
event listings every month on this page. CLUB 2605 Hennepin Ave. S. • 332-6620
Contact uptownnews@yahoo.com to 2880 Hennepin Av. S. • 630.6650 www.bravenewworkshop.org Will Steger Speaks on Global Warming
submit your event information by the
www.mpls.lib.mn.us Opens Fri, Apr 28, 8 pm –– See
17th of each month to be included in the
next issue.) Mon, Apr 10, 6:30 pm –– The No. Dick Shoot(and Other Signs of the
1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alex- Apocalypse). It’s open season on the
2534 Henn. Ave. S. • 377.8680
ander McCall Smith. This infor- foibles of modern life in this off-
visual arts mal book club has been meeting beat, well-informed, hilarious new
for several years and welcomes new show!
Mon, Apr 17, 7 pm –– Auditorium, meet-
HIGHPOINT CENTER FOR members, both men and women of
and-greet reception to follow.
PRINTMAKING all ages. Members select the read- JUNGLE THEATRE
Global warming affects us all. If you have
2638 Lyndale Ave. S. • 871.1326 ing list; discussion is always lively 2951 Lyndale Ave. S. • 822.7063
any doubt about whether global warming
www.highpointprintmaking.org and fun. No sign-up is required; www.jungletheater.com
is occurring, want more evidence, or would
Fri, Mar 31, 6:30 to 9 pm –– Gal- just read the book and come. Apr 7 to May 21 –– The House of
like to become involved in preventing climate change, attend this
lery Opening and Reception: Con- Blue Leaves by John Guare. Direct-
presentation by Will Steger, the renowned polar explorer, educa-
temporary Scottish Prints. On
view through April 28. author events ed by John Clarke Donahue with
Bain Boehlke and Wendy Lehr.
tor, writer and photographer. Steger led the most significant dog-
sled exploration in history, including treks to the North and South
ONCE UPON A CRIME MYS- Poles. His slides and stories document his first-hand observations of
TERY BOOKSTORE film dramatic changes at the Arctic and in Antarctica, where the effects
604 W. 26th St. • 870.3785 of global warming are most apparent.
www.onceuponacrimebooks.com BRYANT LAKE BOWL Temple Israel is hosting this presentation because it is committed
Wed Apr 5,7 pm –– Randy Wayne 810 W. Lake St. • 825.8949 to being a community leader in making the world a better place for
White Dark Light • Sat Apr 8, 1 to 3 www.bryantlakebowl.com our children.
pm –– Laura Childs Blood Orange Tues Apr 25, 8 pm –– CAPTURE:
Brewing signing • Sat Apr 15, 1 to A Dance Film Series produced by
3 pm–– Dave Case Out of Cabrini Catalyst. Features two films from
debut signing • Mon Apr 17, 7 pm Rosas with choreography by Anne general from 9 am to 7 pm. For info, call
Grand Opening Volunteer Hot-
Minnesota Book Award Nominees: Teresa De Keersmaeker. Directed line, 910.0249 or e-mail grandvol-
Mary Logue, Ellen Hart, William by Thierry De May and Walter MINNEAPOLIS BLOOMS unteers@mplib.org
Kent Krueger and David House- Verdin. $6. DAY
wright panel discussion • Sat Apr Sponsored by Committee for the
22, 1 to3 pm –– Jess Lourey May SUBURBAN WORLD Urban Environment (CUE) classes
Day (Debut MN author) THEATER
3022 Hennepin Ave. S • 205.4734
Logan Park Community Center workshops
MAGERS AND QUINN www.suburbanworldtheater.com 690 13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis.
3038 Hennepin Av. S. • 822.4611 Sat, Apr 8 –– Fearless Filmak- Sat, Apr 29, 9 am to 1 pm –– mas- CENTER OF LIGHT
INTERMEDIA ARTS Calhoun Square • 986.5575
2822 Lyndale Ave. S. • 871.4444 www.magersandquinn.com ers Festival. Short Films by Local ter gardeners will answer ques-
Sat, Apr 22, 5 pm –– Poetry By Directors and Live Music tions; free seeds, plant sale, door www.centersoflight.org
www.intermediaarts.org Starting Sun, Apr 19, 12 to 1:30
B-Girl Be Call for Artists. B-Girl Heart hosted by Michael Den- $10 cover. • 7 to 8 pm –– Cock- prizes, refreshments.
nis Browne. Got a favorite poem? tails and complimentary hors pm –– Introduction to Christian
Be: A Celebration of Women in Mysticism. In these classes we will
Hip Hop invites submissions from Got a yen to perform? Join in for d’oeuvres • 8 pm –– Screening of BRYANT SQUARE PARK
a night of poetry recited by heart. 7 short films followed by filmmak- 3101 Bryant Ave. S. • 370-4907 discuss what the Mystical Path is.
women artists for event, June 29 to Classes will cover subjects such as
Aug 19. Visual artists, performers, All are welcome, but advance reg- ers Q&A • 9 pm –– Live music www.minneapolisparks.org
istration is required to perform. from Nothing Static • 10:30 pm Internet Registration for Summer meditation , prayer, and
dancers, and filmmakers. Appli- soul. Free.
cations and guidelines available on Email your name and a copy of –– Live music from Solid Gold • 2006 is available for select programs
web. Deadline for application: Fri, the poem to davidu@magersand- Late Night –– DJ Greez • Res- starting April 22 at 9 am.
Apr 14. quinn.com. Free. Open to public. ervations: 987.5191 or reserve@
Refreshments. project-spotlight.com LYNDALE FARMSTEAD
earth day
2640 Lyndale Ave S. • 871.2263 theater FIRST UNITARIAN SOCIETY 3900 Bryant Ave. S. • 370-4948 sat, april 22
www.soovac.org OF MPLS www.minneapolisparks.org
Hours: Wed to Fri 12–6, Sat 12-4. 900 Mount Curve Ave• 377.6608 Sat, Apr 15, 10 am to noon –– Egg LYNDALE FARMSTEAD
Through Apr. 22 – Juxtapoz. www.firstunitariansociety.org Hunt. Annual egg hunt includes PARK
“Underground explosion of street Fri, Apr 28, 7 pm –– Crash. Acad- petting zoo and basket-making 3900 Bryant Ave. S. • 370-4948
art.” Artists that have been identi- emy Award Nominees Film Series. activity, egg hunt and treats for the www.minneapolisparks.org
fied in this flourishing genre are Sponsored by the Social Commen- whole family. Fee $2. Contact the 9:30 am to 12 noon ––Earth Day
primarily young urban artists who tary Through the Arts Discovery park to register. Clean-Up–– Check in at the recre-
are mostly self-taught. Group. Chalice Room. Free movie, ation center to pick up gloves and
popcorn and beverages. THE BAKKEN MUSEUM bags. Refreshments provided for
3527 Zenith Ave. S. • 926-3878 volunteers, and some special sur-
book clubs music www.thebakken.org prises for children who volunteer.
Photo from Old Arizona Center Through Apr 21 –– Visions of Sci-
ONCE UPON A CRIME Livelihood at Old Arizona ence, exhibition by photographer ANNUAL EARTH DAY
Center for Performing Arts
604 W. 26th St. • 870.3785 CHURCH tions of natural phenomena The annual Earth Day Watershed
www.onceuponacrimebooks.com 4557 Colfax Ave. S. • 824.2697 Clean Up is part of the MPRB
Apr 26, 6:30 to 7: 30 pm –– Ruth www.st-lukes.net CARAG ARCHITECTURE and City of Minneapolis’ efforts
Rendell’s Judgement in Stone OLD ARIZONA CENTER Fri, Apr 21, 7:30 pm –– Pastiche. TOUR to involve citizens in reducing the
FOR PERFORMING ARTS The ensemble of acclaimed per- Sat, Apr 29, 1 to 3 pm –– Meet at amount of trash and litter enter-
BOOKS & BARS 2821 Nicollet Ave. S. • 871.0050 formers from the faculty of the Lakewood Cemetery (administra- ing local lakes and streams. The
Bryant Lake Bowl • 810 W. Lake www.oldarizona.com joint music department of the Col- tion building). Tour guide Aaron Earth Day Watershed Clean-Up is
St. • 825.8949 Fri, Apr 7 to 22, 8 pm –– lege of St. Benedict and St. John’s Rubenstein will lead a tour of his- the largest Park Board sponsored
www.bryantlakebowl.com LIVELIHOOD. Scream with Univ. Members perform regularly toric buildings and homes along volunteer event. Clean Up sites
Tue, Apr 11, 6:30 –– Love in the laughter as college graduate Jason on campus and off and have a rep- Hennepin Ave. Free. include: The Chain of Lakes. Call
Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia- desperately struggles to secure a ertoire that is varied and growing the Earth Day Hotline at 313.7722
Marquez job that he knows he’ll hate with a and includes many new works to become involved in local Earth
company he completely despises, all
in the name of paying for his cable.
commissioned by the ensemble.
Free. get involved Day activities.


Volunteers needed. Are you a
thoughtful, patient person with meetings
Calendar Editor 810 W. Lake St. • 825.8949
3400 Dupont Ave. S. • 825.1701
www.firstuniv.org a few hours a week to give to any
Thurs and Fris April 6 to 28, 7 Sat, Apr 22, 7:30 pm –– Claudia resident in need of companion- TAKE BACK THE NIGHT!
Would you like to edit this pm. $12 to $15 (pay what you can). Russell. Claudia has shared stag- ship? Contact Debbie at Redeemer Thurs, Apr 27, 6 pm, Loring Park
calendar every month? It’s Verbatim Verboten. The idea is es with Kris Kristofferson, Bill Health and Rehab Center to find ––MPIRG’s annual march and
easy and fun! Learn lots of simplicity itself: select maybe 20 Staines, Willie Nelson, and other out more at 827.2555 x 142. rally to raise awareness about the
cool stuff about your neigh- word-for-word transcripts of the prominent musicians, and brings issue of sexual and domestic vio-
borhood. Training provided. famous and powerful speaking, off her own expressive singing and MINNEAPOLIS PUBLIC lence. If you are interested in help-
About 4 hours per month. the record, ask talented actors to unique guitar voicing to her songs. LIBRARY ing out and getting involved, now is
sharpen their wits and clear their $10 donation requested. Volunteer to help at the Grand the time!! Contact Kate Suchomel,
Contact us at: throats, then let ‘er rip. Every line- Opening of the Central Downtown MPIRG Program Director at ksu-
uptownnews@yahoo.com up is different. Library on May 20. Volunteers are chomel@mpirg.org to see what
612.259.1372 needed throughout the day in 4- you can do to help end violence in
hour shifts (including a break) our communities.
16 •  Uptown Neighborhood news April 2006

tidbits small news you might use classifieds

ANTOINE’S CREOLE MAI- MPLS GALLERY has opened McGhee’s book All Rivers Flow CARPENTERS improvement – skilled carpen-
SON RESTAURANT (2819 at Lyn-Lake (3017-1/2 Lyndale to the Sea is nominated for an Experienced. Windows and try, restoration, wood and wall
Hennepin Ave.) offers a $2.00 Ave. S.) They say their mis- award. The book features 17- doors replaced, sills repaired. repair, doors and windows, to-
breakfast! How can you beat sion is to bring affordable art to year old Rose who flounders to We build fences and decks, do lists and more. Licensed,
that? 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a lim- everybody, and to offer a venue find purpose in her life after her and apply all siding. Finish bonded, insured. Call Carl at
ited time. Get it while it’s hot. for local artists to sell their sister is rendered comatose by a carpentry. Sheetrock, plaster HandyPro (www.handypro.
work. They solicit submissions car accident. McGhee teaches repair, and texture. Local ref- com) to schedule a free esti-
SURLY BEER. A north Min- in all media for future shows. creative writing at Metropolitan erences, free estimates. Tom mate: 612.823.8128.
neapolis brewer is producing Hours are Monday to Friday State University and is a three- 612.824.1554.
beers that are poured at Bryant from 3 to 8 p.m.; Saturday, noon time Minnesota Book Award ECCENTRIC
Lake Bowl, Liquor Lyle’s, Pizza to 9 p.m. and Sunday noon to 5 winner. www.minnesotahu- RUBBISH HAULING/ REMODELING JOBS
Nea, Punch Neopolitan Pizza, p.m. www.mplsgallery.com. manities.org/Book /awards. TREE SERVICE Kustom room additions, patio
Old Chicago and Campiello’s. htm. Small trees cut down or decks, kustom garages, siding,
PILOT STORE (3045 Hen- trimmed. Licensed and insured. aluminum trim, soffits, gutters
GREENSTONE FLORAL. nepin Ave.) will showcase a U OF M ARTS STUDY. A 612.869.8697. and interior painting. Marty
The nursery store at 36th and new collective of local artists new study from the Humphrey 612.724.8819.
Bryant has changed ownership. who call themselves Pilot art Institute of Public Affairs, JEAN-LOUIS LESAOUT
It will operate under a new group. Their mission is to help “Artists’ Centers: Evolution and Work done with a French STRONG HANDS - HOT
name, with a new owner. emerging and mid-career art- Impact on Artists, Neighbor- accent and a European work STONES - WORLD PEACE
ists who work towards bringing hoods, and Economies,” shows ethic. Handyman jobs to full- Barbara Glommen, certified
THE NORTH FACE. Out- a national eye to a Midwestern that Minnesota’s strong creative room renovations. Local refer- massage therapist. Energy
door sportsters may soon have a sensibility in creating art with economy owes much of its suc- ences. 612.824.8295. work – deep tissue – relaxation
local source for gear and appar- substance and integrity. Grand cess to the unusual number and – hot stones. Call for appoint-
el if the rumors are true. The opening is Saturday, April 8 quality of dedicated gathering WANTED ment 612.821.1416.
outdoor store is rumored to be from 7 to 11p.m. Hours will be spaces for artists in the state. Motivated and teachable people
negotiating for a lease in a new Thursday 12 to 7 p.m. and Fri- Minnesota is home to dozens of integrity with a heart for oth- CLASSIFIED AD SALES 40¢ per word,
8- to 10-thousand square foot day through Sunday 12 to 5 p.m. of artists’ centers that provide ers. $800/month. 612.987.2344. 10-word minimum. Classifieds must be
paid in advance. Please send a check and
building that will be built on Go to www.pilotarts.com for workspace, equipment, and net- the ad copy to: Uptown Neighborhood
the site now occupied by The information on special events. working opportunities for ama- HANDYPRO News, C/O CARAG, 711 W. Lake St.,
UPS Store and Tibet’s Corner teur and professional writers, Professional Handyman Suite 303, Mpls. MN 55408. Ad and pay-
at Henn-Lake. The only other MINNESOTA BOOK musicians, and visual and per- Service. Home repairs and ment are due the 17th of the month.
Midwest store is in Chicago. AWARDS. The 18th Annual forming artists. Local centers
This is another sign of Uptown’s Minnesota Book Awards will be Highpoint Center for Print-
shift from small individual busi- held Saturday, April 29 at 8 p.m. making and Intermedia Arts
nesses to national chains with a at The Women’s Club. ECCO and SASE: The Write Place Do you collect something interesting?
regional audience. resident Alison McGhee will
be at an event featuring finalists
were featured as case studies in
the report. Read the report at
Tell us about it!
THEATER ANTIQUES in the Young Adult Fiction cat- w w w. h h h . u m n . e d u / i m g / uptownnews@yahoo.com
(2934 Lyndale Ave. S.) closed at egory on Wednesday, April 26, assets/6158/artists_centers.pdf.
the end of March. 7 p.m. at Maple Grove Library.
or 259.1372

Gather your friends & rally your neighbors!
Clean out the garage, attic & closets!
It’s time to prepare for the... GARAGE

  SALE

 
 
  
 SALE LOCATION: Front Back Inside
FEE: $5.00
 Bryant Square Park (Circle)
REFRESHMENTS: Yes No (Circle) (Checks Payable to CARAG)
(40 letters or less) SEND REGISTRATION TO:
Rick Prichett 3236 Colfax Av
 MORE INFO: 822-3330
 NAME:_____________________________
 PHONE:____________________________
 
 

 
 
 Join CARAG Neighbors on a walking tour of historic buildings and homes along
711 West Lake St., Suite #303 Hennepin Avenue. Tour guide, Aaron Rubenstein, will lead the group from beautiful
Minneapolis, MN 55408 Lakewood Cemetery Chapel up Hennepin Avenue to architecturally significant homes
(612)-823-2520 and commercial buildings. We’ll end at the historic Suburban World Theater learning
 about architectural styles and old home preservation along the way. Please join us for
this FREE and fun educational activity! Contact CARAG for more information.

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