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He e she sempre aparecerão no começo de uma frase, pois executam uma ação.

• He is driving too fast.

• She runs everyday.

Já him e her aparecerão sempre ao final das orações, quando recebem uma ação, ou como pronome possessivo
(indicando posse ou propriedade).
• I need to talk to him.
• He needs to talk to her.

HIS e HER indica posse/propriedade.

• His car is blue.

• Her name is Laura.

Reflexive Pronouns

Os pronomes reflexivos em inglês (reflexive pronouns) são termos utilizados quando uma ação praticada pelo
sujeito incide sobre ele mesmo.
Geralmente, essas palavras aparecem após o verbo, concordando sempre com o sujeito da oração.
São construídas com as terminações “-self”, no singular, e “-selves”, no plural.

Os pronomes reflexivos podem desempenhar três tipos de funções em uma frase:

Função reflexiva
Ocorre quando a ação do verbo recai sobre o próprio sujeito.
O pronome concorda com o sujeito da frase e é empregado depois dele.
The boy cut himself with a knife. (O garoto se cortou com uma faca.)

Função enfática
Na função enfática, o pronome reflexivo é usado para dar ênfase à pessoa que pratica a ação.
Nesse caso, o pronome concorda com o sujeito sendo empregado depois dele ou depois do objeto na frase.
Amanda wrote the letter herself. (A própria Amanda escreveu a carta.)

Função idiomática
Na função idiomática, o pronome é precedido pela preposição by.
Nesse caso, o sujeito pratica a ação sem ajuda ou companhia de outra pessoa, ou seja, pratica a ação sozinho.
Did you go to school by yourself? (Você foi à escola sozinho?)

A. Read the question. Then fill in the blank in the second sentence with the correct reflexive

1. Did you walk the dog? Yes, I did it ____________.

2. Did the three of you build that sand castle? Yes, we did it ____________ .
3. Would you get the ketchup for me? Why don’t you get it ____________ .
4. Did Laura paint that picture? Laura painted the picture ___________ .
5. Do people like this book? Yes, this book sells _______________ .
6. Did their mother work late last night? Yes, the children prepared dinner _____________ .
7. Are your parents sick? Yes, today we have to take care of _____________ .

B. Complete each of the sentences below.

1. My brother likes to practice his English by talking to ______________________.

2. James wasn’t careful and he cut ______________________ with a knife.
3. My sister and I looked at ______________________ in the mirror.
4. The repair shop was closed, so I fixed the car ______________________.
5. Did you enjoy ___________________________ at the party last night?
6. Cats can get clean by licking ___________________________.
7. (A) Did the cleaners cleaned the house? (B) No, I did it ______________________!
8. Mr. Smith burned ______________________ while he was cooking.
9. He dried ______________________ after he took a shower and went downstairs.
10. Can you teach ______________________ to play the piano?
11. My little sister dressed ___________________________. She didn’t need any help.
12. Why is your dog scratching ______________________? Does it have fleas?
13. John and Thomas, did you ask ______________________ the question?
14. Mrs. Brown, please help ______________________ to the cookies and drinks.
15. I introduced ______________________ to my new classmates.
16. He fell down the stairs and hurt ___________________.
17. When she sends an important email, she also sends a copy to ________________.
18. The boss told us to give ____________________ a 15-minute break every two hours.
19. Wow! You made a lot of cookies. Don’t bring them all to the party. Keep some for
20. The children drew beautiful pictures. They were proud of ___________________.
21. We really enjoyed ____________________ at the party.
22. My grandparents are 95 years old. They need help taking care of ____________________.
23. I usually listen to other people’s advice, but then I trust ____________________ to make the
right decision.
24. You need to be careful with that sharp knife. Don’t cut _________________.
25.The bird thinks the reflection in the window is another bird, but it's really looking at
26.After she got better, she still had to take the antibiotic for three more days. She had to remind
____________________ to take it.
27.When I was in Washington, I took a picture of ____________________ in front of the White
28.The sign was confusing, so it’s not surprising that you got lost. Don't blame
____________________ for making a wrong turn.
29.She’s teaching ____________________ to play the guitar.
30.When the new neighbors moved in, we knocked on their door and introduced
31.Sometimes he talks to ____________________ while he works.
32.I was angry at ____________________ for forgetting my friend’s birthday.
33.I don’t know what was wrong with my computer. When I turned it off and then turned it back on,
it fixed ____________________.