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What is Upvote?

This is the campaign of the UPLB – USC for the USC-CSC

elections 2011. Every year, students are encouraged to choose who they
want to vote both in the university level (University Student Council)
and their respective college student council level.

This year, it is a milestone for our university to take part in the

first automated elections. This automation aims to:
• Minimize the specifics of the electoral process in terms of time
and manpower
• Avoid chances of cheating in the elections
• Increase voter’s turnout by coming up with a more creative way
to gauge the students to vote

Why vote?

All students are entitled to their right to suffrage, as guaranteed by the

UPLB Student Council Constitution. Going out to vote, despite the
hectic academic and extra-curricular schedule, is an exercise of the core
principle of democracy—participative governance. It is from the
students where the elected student leaders get their mandate to lead, and
giving our vote is the same giving them our trust that they will serve us
to the best of their abilities. Thus not only is voting wisely a choice, it is
more importantly an obligation of every Iskolar ng Bayan.

For so many years, we have seen an unenthusiastic participation of the

students in the student council elections since the voters’ turnout has
never surpassed the 50 percent mark. Now, more than ever, is the time
for us to prove that we are actively involved in shaping the political
landscape of the university and that for us, there can never be any room
for apathy.
• Aside from the flow chart given, please do
not forget your UPLB Form 5 or valid ID.
• Prepare your SystemOne v2 Account
The 2011 USC-CSC Automated Elections
with password.
• Sample ballots will be distributed by various Campaign to Vote
parties and candidates; please do not forget to secure a list
for you before voting to avoid delay. Week 1: Automated Elections
• Precincts will be open during office
Week 2: Why vote?
hours (1st day) and before 12NN (2nd day).
• Let’s secure our votes. Let’s volunteer in poll Week 3: UPvote Updates
watching and be vigilant to observe a clean and peaceful
elections. Please forward your concerns or any suspicious Week 4: Vote wisely.
incidents to task force Upvote.
Important Dates:
EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE! February 7: (12NN) Deadline for submission
Certificate of Candidacy
For inquiries: 8: Start of Campaign Period
14 – 18: Feb fair: “iFair”
Task force upvote 22: meeting de avance, harapan
23 – 24: Election Proper
Aya Mula 09278417728 25: Canvassing and checking
CR Buendia 09273377557/09498601778
Calai Conde 09166195616