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This is the year of the Lord.

For have I not said in the year past and have I not done it?
This is the year where I will begin to bring an alignment and new alliances.
I have brought you into the ways.
Last year was a year where I have positioned you,
and this is the year where my spirit and my word will begin to align you,
work in you and out of you and through you.
You will begin to feel the pressure and strength,
but at the same time you are going to feel my glory upon you as I align you to m
y word and my purpose.
This will be a year where you're gonna see an increase of the miraculous.
You're gonna see an increase of my glory in this place.
Get ready for a revival, get ready for a move of God, get ready for the unthinka
ble to happen, and the miraculous to be a common place right in my house.
Do not say "I have heard that and I have sense that before" because you are feel
ing a stirring even right now and that stirring and that hunger
and that posibility faith for the miraculous have increased.
And when it comes, do not say it is me, but it is my spirit rising up the tide o
f the faith, rising up the tide for the miraculous to happen in you, expect it t
o happen, even right now, and all the time.
I will begin to send help, I will begin to send in annointing, and I will begin
to draw a line between those that will carry my glory,
and those that will carry it carelessly, and those of those who may not wanna ca
rry it at all.
You decide today as you stand in my mighty presence, will you be those who will
carry it seriously, will you be those will carry it carelessly, and will you be
those who will not carry it?
I will draw distinction, and I will cause those who carry my glory seriously to
be exalted, and they will be recongized, they will be seen,
for I will release my glory in this place, because this is my house.
I will not allow man, or demon, or anything to steal the glory that I have place
d within the very foundation of this house.
Rise up and be that man that will carry my glory, be that woman that will carry
my glory seriously.
This will be a year of new alliance, even in this nation.
Be careful, those of you outside there in the market place.
Stand loose in your commitment towards anybody or any alliance,
For this year will be a sudden change of alliance.
Some of the change of alliance, you will not be surprised and some of them, will
surprise even the very core of this nation.
For it is my way to begin to prepare for my glory and for my hands to take over
this nation with my glory and my purpose.
Hold on to those relationships outside there loosely, be ready to move on anytim
e to a different alliance when there is a shift,
because this year is a year of shifting alliance even in Malaysia.
MALAYSIA, this will be a year where you will see reformation,
in the way that you have never seen before in your land.
There will be new voices of reformation that will arise within this nation,
and many of them will be younger man and woman that you have not heard before.
And you will also suddenly realize that they are not only the sons and daughters
of this nation,
but they are also, when they are manifested, so connected to the other sons and
daughters of reformation,
that is around the world and in other country.
Their cry of change will be heard loud and clear, and it will not only be suppor
ted by the establishment,
but you will suddenly realize when they open their mouth, they are supported by
great nations that is around the world.
Let the church be the church, let the church separate herself and be the light t
o the nation.
Let the church begin to declare the glory of God and the wonders of God in this
I will begin to bring rain, plenty of rain. This is gonna be a wet year, for thi
s country.
I'm gonna bring plenty of rain, not only to this country but also into the churc
h of God in this nation.
Even as you enter and begin a new decade, I will begin a new work in the churche
s of this country, and also in this church.
And some will stumble away because they are not ready.
Some will be left out because they are careless. Pray that they will not be left
In METRO, I will begin to draw back your sons and daughters. Some of them will c
ome back with a limp but they will come back.
First to me, then to you.
Some of them will come back with a new annointing,
some of them will come back with resources,
some of them will come back with need.
But when the prodigals begin to come back, they are not gonna come back for you.
they're gonna come back to this place because this place will be a place not onl
y for glory, this will be a place of provision.
This will be a place of insipiration, a place of life, and a place of God's bles
There will be a closer relationship between SINGAPORE and MALAYSIA.
That which is whispering behind the boardroom will be a murmuring sound before i
t becomes a loud shout.
Im gonna bring my sons and daughters to gather in this two nations.
ASIA, watch out CHINA. Pride has creeped into the hearts and the spirit of that
God will begin to humble this great nation, so that God can lift up this great n
ation again.
God will begin to give wisdom to the leaders of China, that they will begin to m
ove to the coastland right into the interior.
And instead of navigating the sea, they will begin to move in land towards Cambo
dia, towards Vietnam and toward Thailand.
Instead of moving Eastward, they will begin to make road towards west. Get ready
for the western world.
Do not hear what is being said because that which you hear, has been ocrastrated
much of it by the works of men and the diabolical systems of the devil.
With the beginning of this new decade, the United States of America will begin t
o surprise the world once again.
With this surprise, many will gain, and many will lose as well.
The Malaysian people, you are not the only people in this world, I have sons and
daughters who are praying for my destiny, and for my blessings upon their natio
Begin to walk with wisdom, begin to walk with humility, begin to walk with great
faith, begin to invest in the Kingdom of God.
Begin to work for me, for my eyes move to and fro to see those whose heart is co
mpletely solo to me.
I am sending a mighty move of God among the young working adults in this nation.
They are going to spearhead the work of God.
There will be a new shout.
Shake yourself free from the encompasses of old thinking.
Learn new things, new ways.
Get back to the ancient of days and the ancient boundaries.
For I am a faithful God, and I am a God who will stand by my word and fulfill my
Massive changes in Australia,
Unrest in the nation of Australia.
For a season of time, this great nation will be shaken.
Because God is repositioning this great southland, that it will truly be the sou
thland of the Holy Spirit.
I will begin to raise up new leaders, not only in this church but also new leade
rs who will begin to rise up in this nation among the people of God.
There will be a change of guards but the old will sit with the new, they will le
arn from one another.
the young will sit with the old and they will converse together.
Get ready for a new voice, get ready for the new things of God, get ready for th
e move of God in this church and in this nation.
For this is a decade of reformation, this is a decade of revival for Malaysia.
And it will begin even right now.
You will have no lack,
but you will face 3things,
1. You will face a period where your faith will be tested,
Please me, with your faith.
2. You will face a season where you have to learn and relearn, the wisdom ways o
f God in your life.
When you are going to have to rethink, not only the word of God but also the pro
phetic voices of God.
God will begin to open your ears to hear, get back to the word, and get back to
the life that come from a true prophetic word.
For you will have no lack in this congregation.
3. You will see an unravelling of alot of attitude and things in your own life,
If I have shown it to you, do not brush it aside. Do not try to cover those ston
es and those pebbles and those rough edges with excuses.
For I am forming the people after my image. For I am forming the people after my
heart. And these are the people who have no lack irrespective of what is happen