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A Report on

Comparison of Ufone and Warid


SUBMITTED TO:Mr. Rana Faqir M. Aslam


M Afzal
Ali Raza
Asim Mahmood

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology

Pakistan Telecommunication

From the beginnings of Posts & Telegraph Department in 1947 and establishment of Pakistan

Telephone & Telegraph Department in 1962, PTCL has been a major player in

telecommunication in Pakistan. Despite having established a network of enormous size,

PTCL workings and policies have attracted regular criticism from other smaller operators and

the civil society of Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation (PTC) took over operations and functions from

Pakistan Telephone and Telegraph Department under Pakistan Telecommunication

Corporation Act 1991.

In 1995, Pakistan Telecommunication (Reorganization) Ordinance formed the basis for PTCL

monopoly over basic telephony in the country. The provisions of the Ordinance were lent

permanence in October 1996 through Pakistan Telecommunication (Reorganization) Act. The

same year, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited was formed and listed on all stock

exchanges of Pakistan.

Warid Telecom
Warid Telecom International is an Abu Dhabi based mobile telecommunication
providing telephony services in Bangladesh, Congo, Pakistan and Uganda.

Warid Pakistan launched its services in May 2005. Within 80 days of launch Warid Pakistan

claims to have attracted more than 1 million. Users. According to Pakistan

Telecommunication Authority, currently Warid Telecom has 18.14 million subscribers as of

July 2009. It is ranked as the fourth largest operator in Pakistan. Warid Pakistan claims it has

the largest "post-paid" subscriber base in Pakistan.


Ufone GSM is a Pakistani GSM cellular service provider. It is one of six GSM Mobile

companies in Pakistan and is a subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company. It has a

subscriber base of 20.05 million as of July 2009. It is currently owned by United Arab

Emirates based Etisalat.

The company commenced its operations under the brand name of Ufone from Islamabad on

January 29 2001. Ufone expanded its coverage and has added new cities and highways to its

coverage network.
Significance of Report

In this report for the comparison of Warid and Ufone telecommunication in Pakistan, which is

provided best services, and call rates? This report helpful in future for both Warid and Ufone

who they can improve their services and increase sales. we analysis the Warid and Ufone

telecommunication through collection of facts and figure then interpret two communication

companies on the basis of different communication service also find the weakness and

strength of Warid and Ufone in prepaid and postpaid services.

Then we give the suggestion and recommendation to improve the services of two
telecommunication companies.
Problem Identification

The problem in this report is discussing that why the Warid telecommunication is declining

day by day. We find the major problem of Warid, not interesting in promotion through different

marketing tools and not offering different attractive packages with respect to other

telecommunication companies. On the other hand, Ufone is going ahead due to best

promotion and they also provide routine services as well. In a general analysis if you watch

Pakistani channels on T.V you will imagine during break of any program Ufone commercialize

their ads so many time but Warid very rare. Its effects on user’s mindset.
Gather relevant data about problem from

 Students

 Franchise

 Internet

The methodology and procedure use for comparison of Warid and Ufone Telecommunication

Company is questionnaire. We make the questionnaire for the comparison of both

telecommunications. Companies on the basis of following services provide are:

 Prepaid services

 Postpaid services

 Quality of voice

 Network area coverage

 Day to day services

 Reasonable call rates

 Best SMS and MMS packages

 Helpline and extra services

 Best promotion

 Suggestions from public.

Analysis of Warid and Ufone

Services Ufone Warid

Network like to use

Attractive call rate
Best SMS package
Best MMS Package
Best call rates
Prepaid services
Postpaid services
Extra services (e.g. jokes, news)
Best promotion
Best help line service











We analysis and interpret through questionnaire. We get the following information for the

comparison of Warid and Ufone. In our survey we found that most of people are using Ufone

that 72% are using Ufone while 16% are using Warid. Ufone has more customers because of

following that it has best call rates, best services, and helpline services. Ufone promotion is

also another factor that creates awareness between the people.


Our facts and figure shows that 72% people are using Ufone while 16% Warid. So there is

huge difference between Ufone and Warid customer. Ufone progress and profit more than

Warid. Warid is far behind in all such fields so it has fewer customers than ufone.
 People are unaware of warid because of lack of advertisement. So they must
the strategies to inhance it through T.V ads, newspaper, and bill boards to aware
the general public about their product.

 Makes their heads stable and make the aware of their packages.

 Marketing strategies are unsuccessful nd not meet customer wants.

 Website not provides the basic information about WaridTel.

 Warid should offer the best SMS, MMS packages, best call rates and services to
attract their customers.
 Ufone should offer best MMS packages and provide attractive postpaid service.