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A Global Leader in Well Optimization

KUDU’s Specialized Technology Reduces Operating Costs and Enhances Well Production

Thanks to their high resistance to abrasive

and corrosive conditions, customers see
longer pump life and lower operating costs.
KUDU Tough Coat is a revolutionary spray
metal coating applied to PCP rotors using
advanced proprietary technology. The pat-
ented Tough Coat rotor is a unique technology
that is far more corrosion-resistant than the
industry standard practice of electroplating
chrome. Tough Coat reduces wear associ-
ated with both abrasion and corrosion, so
rotors will last longer and require replacing
less frequently — saving customers money. In
95% of field tests, Tough Coat prolonged rotor
life in adverse conditions, and continually
achieved high production rates. Tough Coat
When it comes to saving oil and gas producers money, KUDU Industries has proven itself in light, medium and heavy
oil applications, with significant rotor run life
Inc. stands in a class of its own. Calgary-based KUDU offers specialized improvement in all well conditions — result-
technologies that reduce operating costs and enhance well production, ing in increased oil production for producers.
and can double recoverable reserves from an oilfield.
KUDU High Temperature Pump
A privately-held Canadian oilfield service and the High Temperature Package, which features With the High Temperature Package PCP,
supply company with more than 200 employees the only metal-to-metal pump for temperatures KUDU has taken progressing cavity pump tech-
worldwide, KUDU is a global leader in well up to 350˚C; and Tough Coat rotors, which nology and applied it to the oilsands, where
optimization and an industry-leading manufac- are significantly more resistant to corrosives companies are using steam to stimulate energy
turer of complete Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) and abrasives than typical chrome rotors. in the wellbore. Until now, PCPs have not been
systems. Founded in 1989 by Robert and Ray used in high temperature or steam applications,
Mills, KUDU is dedicated to quality, PCP Well Manager because the elastomer could not withstand
consistent performance and technical KUDU’s PCP Well Manager high temperatures. What sets KUDU’s High
excellence, and was recognized as reduces costs and improves Temperature Package apart, is that it features a
Calgary Manufacturing Industry’s profitability for customers. Well PCP with a stator made of metal, not elastomer.
2008 Best Employer for medium Manager is an automation tool that “With that technology in the stator, we can run
sized manufacturers and the Alberta works by measuring the actual flow that the pump at much higher temperatures, like
Export Award for Oil and Gas a well is delivering, then matching up the those we encounter in SAGD or cyclic steam
Manufacturer 2009. pump speed to maximize that flow. Well stimulation (CSS) up to 350˚C,” Mills says.
KUDU’s PCP systems are Manager prevents damage to a KUDU, which has field tested the
inherently more efficient pump in the event of a pump- High Temperature PCP package
than other forms of artificial lift on off situation where the for nearly three years, released
the market, including the pumpjack and pump runs dry. “Well this technology for commer-
electric submersible pump (ESP). Manager allows us to cial use in early 2009.
KUDU’s PCP systems have been saving safely produce the well With its High Tempera-
producers money for years in two major ways, at its maximum poten- ture PCP package, KUDU
says KUDU Industries CEO, Ray Mills. In terms tial, without having to has brought to producers the
of capital costs, the PCP in most cases is less worry about pumping the same inherent advantages
expensive than a pumpjack or ESP. It also saves well off and damaging that PCPs enjoy over pump-
producers money on their electricity bills, which the pump,” Mills says. jacks and ESPs in the more
can be high for a mature field that is on water “The ultimate benefit, is that conventional markets. “The only
flood, or in the case of a natural aquifer that is we see payout in as little as limit to our growth is overall invest-
charging the oil reservoir in order to maintain weeks or as much as a few months, ment in the oilsands,” Mills says. n
pressure. In high water cut wells, the PCP cuts in terms of additional production.”
electrical consumption by one-third, compared Contact for more information
to a pumpjack; and in half, compared to an Tough Coat Rotor Jennifer Wiens, Marketing Manager
electric submersible pump. “It’s significant.” The Tough Coat rotor pumps more fluid KUDU Industries Inc.
KUDU, which places a huge emphasis on over an extended period in highly corrosive T: (403) 203-9896 F: (403) 263-7158
ongoing research and development, is now environments, reducing operating costs by www.kudupump.com
offering three innovative products that will save providing a superior pump with high efficiency
you money: the Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) rates and longevity. Tough Coat rotors perform KUDU Industries Inc.
Well Manager for optimum well performance; extremely well in corrosive environments. 20 Years of Innovation • 1989-2009


KUDU continually reinvents the status quo through innovative designs

that benefit your productivity and bottom line. With 12 Canadian field
stores and multiple global offices; KUDU understands, adapts and
responds to your operating environment. KUDU’s dedicated team of
industry specialists have the best service standard in the artificial lift
industry and are always available for troubleshooting and training.

Not only can KUDU pump it up, but we optimize your production
through smart well technology. The PCP Well Manager adjusts
pump speed, monitors torque and measures flow rates. It reduces
premature pump failures due to pump off and the field monitoring
of fluid levels. The data is logged in real time and enables you to
view and implement changes remotely.

KUDU holds over 20 patents using Progressing Cavity Pumps in the

artificial lift field. This strong commitment for advancing Progressing
Cavity Pump technology exemplifies KUDU’s dedication to quality
and performance.

Bringing solutions to the surface since 1989.