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2/28/2011 RF Optimization: Bad Quality (Interfe…

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Selasa, 01 Desember 2009

Bad Quality (Interference) Analysis Search

Interference can be divided into two Ads by Google

categories: Dish Netw ork Channel
Multiple Channel RF
Internal Best Radio Channel
AM Radio Interference
Co-channel or Adjacent channel interference causing internal
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interference. Possible problem of this is due to bad frequency plan,
External Quality Audit
bad site location, congestion or too high antenna location. GSM GSM Mobile
100 Channel Scanner
External Dow nlink Frequencies
Exists when there is another transmitter or something else acting
as a transmitter outside the network such as TV transmission,
CCTV, Wireless Cord Phone, AMPS network, repeaters or Subscribe via email
microwave links. To avoid the disturbance, the operator has to
change affected frequencies or take action on the source of the
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Uplink Interference – Probable Reason

Poor MS Power MS at cell borders areas interfered by other m
regulation the co-channel or adjacent channel cell borde Delivered by FeedBurner
transmit in all directions.

Bad frequency plan Uplink interference might no be noticed by Au Link

Frequency planning tool. The reason is that it
assumed that the radio link is reciprocal, the
equal to the downlink. Sometime the case mig
imbalance. Healthy Body for Men & Women
Beasiswa DIKTI 2010
C isco Exam Answer and C isco Free E-
No BTS Diversity Lack of BTS diversity might loss 3-4 dB sensit Book
Oil,Gas,Mining,Telecom and IT C areer
Faulty BTS receivers Receiver sensitivity may be lower than specif

High Antenna Could cause co-channel sites overhead. Pengikut


Downlink Interference – Probable Reason Follow

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Poor BTS Power Non working BTS power regulation will increas
regulation interference in co-channel cells.

Bad frequency plan Uplink interference might no be noticed by Au

Frequency planning tool. The reason is that i
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assumed that the radio link is reciprocal, the
equal to the downlink. Sometime the case mi
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2/28/2011 RF Optimization: Bad Quality (Interfe…

Low BTS output Output power is less than intended. Co-chan

power interferers will be heard.
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▼ 2009 (16)

Faulty BTS Transmitter sensitivity may be lower than spe ▼ Desember (11)

transmitter TC H Assignment analysis

TC H Assignment analysis
C ongestion Analysis
Feeder problems Water in feeders might cause disturbances. SDC C H C ongestion Analysis.
TC H C ongestion Analysis
Drop C all Analysis
Environment Open water might cause too large coverage a Low Signal Strength Analysis
causing disturbance. Bad Quality (Interference) Analysis
Excessive Timing Advance (TA)
Sudden Loss
Handover Analysis
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Evolution (LTE)
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The following procedure should be performed for interference

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2/28/2011 RF Optimization: Bad Quality (Interfe…
Check the drop call performance for that particular cell. When the
interference problem occurs in the cell, the drop call will be higher
than usual. This might depends on the severity of the interference
whether it is co-channel or adjacent channel.

Check the handover performance of the cell. The HO performance

will also look bad especially when you look into the neighbor
relation that has interference. For e.g. adjacent channel. (CNA
consistency checking can detect this)

Check the antenna direction, position etc. This is to see whether

the direction covers the right area, open space area (this can be
seen by having good and updated map)

Check if the site is a dragon site. If the site is a dragon site, it

might be possible to get interfered by co-channel from far away.

Check the co-channel sites, if found, change frequency and see

the result. Mostly, changing the frequency will solve the
interference problem.

Check the Intracell handover (normally for Intracell handover 25%

Uplink and 75% Downlink) and if the variation is different from this.
Intracell handover usually indicates bad quality and high signal
strength. Too high number of intracell handover show a bad
quality cell and if possible, you can reduce the number of intracell
handover of MAXIHO to a smaller value based on the channel

Locate the interference from statistics based on MS reversion to

old channel of total attempt. High number of reversion will show
that the target frequency might be interfered.

Check the statistics from Outgoing Handover decision due to bad

quality Uplink or Downlink from handover decision. High decision of
handover due to quality will show the direction of interference.

Check if the interference is uplink interference (this might be an

interference from other MSs) by analyze the ICM band for other
band (not include band 1). If found on ICM > 3, change frequency.

Check the MS power regulation setting. If any poor setting found,

correct the parameter. Improper setting of MS power regulation
might cause interference. The feature used to reduce the MS
power when the MS is near to the BTS and hoping that it might
not interfere the uplink.

Check if the frequency hopping on or off. If more than 1 TRU, turn

on the frequency hopping. Turning on the frequency will help to
reduce interference by interference averaging.

Check if DTXU feature is on or off. If off, turn the DTX feature on.
This will save the battery in the MS and reduce the interference.

If the interference is downlink (causing by other BTS

interference), Check BTS power regulation. If any poor setting
found, correct parameter setting.

Check if DTXD feature is on or off. If off, turn the DTX feature on.
This is used to reduce interference and decrease BTS power

If changing frequency or parameter cannot solve the interference

for both uplink & downlink, it might be external interference.

Check antenna installation, ensure that the antenna is correctly


Check if another mobile network like AMPS is near to the location.

…blogspot.com/…/bad-quality-interfe… 3/4
2/28/2011 RF Optimization: Bad Quality (Interfe…
Check from the statistics if there is any pattern of bad quality
reason. For example, for surveillance purpose, the CCTV or
wireless alarm system might be turn on during nighttime only.

If external interference problem occurs, do drive test and report

the usage of the frequency to authorities.

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Label: Bad Quality (Interference) Analysis

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