Raising Missouri Pasture-Fed Beef

While pasture fed cattle have been in Missouri as long as the earliest settlers, this is actually one of humankind’s oldest interests and occupations. The ability to domesticate animals in order to provide a regular food supply has determined civilization's rise and fall throughout our histories. However, it is modernly as precise and specific as any other trade. It isn't anything you can just start doing once you graduate high school. While you can always get a job as a "hired hand", there's a wide gulf of learning between being able to drive a farm truck to actually caring for and raising live animals - and a host of responsibilities you can't learn to shoulder from any text book. You just can't go out into a pasture and pick up a steak. Most who raise livestock have done so their entire lives, and have been able to listen to their parents and grandparents, uncles, and aunts to glean their experience in order to make it their own. However, any farmer can tell you that every day out there is another one in the classroom. And most farm living rooms are filled with books and magazines which tell the new methods and techniques which are being tried. In our farm, we are descended from a long line of farmers in every generation we've been able to trace. You'll be able to find a bit more about our farm managers and operators at the About Us page. In this section, we want to tell our story of what we've found workable and sustainable in order to both maintain this way of life and continue to provide you with the healthiest beef and produce available. Visit http://worstellfarms.com for more information.

If you find you have questions as you go along, feel free to contact us on the form provided, and we'll see how fast we can get back to you. (If we spent all day at the computer, our cows and their calves wouldn't appreciate it much...) ---For more data on raising pasture fed beef, as well as other information on prime beef as health food – visit http://worstellfarms.com

Visit http://worstellfarms.com for more information.

About Worstell Farms
Our family goes back on both sides with farmers. As far as we can trace. And that tradition came to Mexico, Missouri around 1960 to purchase the current farming operation. Jim and Laura Worstell established a working farm there and then, and raised a big family of 8 kids, along with several dogs, cats, and an occasional pet squirrel or raccoon. And don't forget the llama's and peacocks... In 2000, Robert Worstell returned to the farm to take over operations management (as well as the day-to-day chores) and shares these duties with his mother and sister (well, not the chores, so much.) On approximately 250 acres of land, which is mixed hillsides, bottom, and woods, we raise a combination of annual row-crops and also our beef. Typical of this area, we have marginal land which is better suited to cattle than cultivation (which is typical of most cattle-farming). We've found that where we run our cattle actually improves the soil and its health - as long as we pay attention and actually manage how long and when they graze where. As we continue to study and learn about and from our cattle, our daily lessons help us to improve the quality and quantity of beef we raise.We practice managed grazing and are transitioning over to ultrahigh-density stocking, as this is even better for the land and actually requires more cattle per acre to keep up with the lush growth and pasture renovation. All our beef is from local stock. Mostly black Angus cross-bred cows, with our current Belted Galloway bull named "Gene Autry" is servicing these well.

Ordering Our Beef
We only take local orders, so contact us via the website or call directly. Due to Federal laws, we cannot sell our beef out of Missouri – you'll have to buy it here. Generally, our beef is spoken for well before it's ready for processing. However, contact us for what we have coming up and we can give you an estimate on when the next one is coming available. We are also offering La Cense beef, which is USDA inspected and can be shipped anywhere in the US. Please see http://worstellfarms.com for details.

Visit http://worstellfarms.com for more information.

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About the Author:
Dr. Robert Worstell retired from a corporate career in graphic design to the much calmer and healthier American Midwest, to inherit running the family farm. His constant work and research has been to improve the sustainability of this Missouri “beef ranch”. The results show that grass fed beef, locally and directly marketed is the route to profitability, not following commodity trends. Dr. Worstell's training in web design has helped him move the operation more online, as well as giving him new networking opportunities to promote Worstell Farms beef products. He is also a prolific author and has recently completed research into the all-time best self help books, with his “Freedom Is – (period).” Out of the 7 books published this year, he's also produced a fiction work, “The Dreamer Dreamed” - itself a breakthrough use of fiction to explore the metaphysical aspect of dream meaning. All of these are available at http://midwestjournalpress.com Dr. Worstell may be contacted through his several blogs and websites for interviews and appearances.

Visit http://worstellfarms.com for more information

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