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Reading Charts


Symbolcraft is a universal form of knitting instructions. Instead of writing out a stitch pattern with words and
abbreviations, symbols are used. Each symbol represents the stitch as it appears on the right side of the work. For
example, the symbol for a knit stitch is a vertical line and the symbol for a purl stitch is a horizontal one. On right-side
rows, work the stitches as they appear on the chart—knitting the vertical lines and purling the horizontal ones. When
reading wrong-side rows, work the opposite of what is shown; that is, purl the vertical lines and knit the horizontal ones.

Symbolcraft chart
Selvage or edge stitch sl st purlwise (to create a float): inc 1 st: Increase one stitch as
With yarn in front, slip stitch purlwise on follows: Knit in front then in back of stitch
st st: Stockinette stitch (knit on RS,
RS; with yarn in back, slip stitch purlwise on RS; purl in back then in front on WS.
purl on WS).
on WS.
Increase one stitch to the right
rev St st: Reverse stockinette
k1-b: Knit stitch in row below on RS; as follows: With right needle, pick up
stitch (purl on RS, knit on WS). p1-b: purl stitch in row below on WS. next stitch on left needle in row below.
yo: Yarn over. Place loop on left needle and knit it.
p1-b: Purl stitch in row below on RS;
twisted St st: Knit stitch through k1-b: knit stitch in row below on WS. Increase one stitch to the left as
back loop on RS; purl stitch through follows: With left needle, pick up next
m1: Make one stitch as follows: On
back loop on WS. stitch on right needle one row below and
RS, insert left needle from front to back
knit it.
twisted rev St st: Purl stitch under horizontal strand between stitch
through back loop on RS; knit stitch just worked and next stitch on left Increase three stitches in two as
through back loop on WS. needle. Knit this strand through the back follows: Insert right needle knitwise into
loop. On WS, insert left needle from back next two stitches on left needle. Knit one,
sl st knitwise: With yarn in back, to front under strand as before and purl it purl one, knit one. Drop loops off left
slip stitch knitwise on RS; with yarn in through back loop. needle.
front, slip stitch knitwise on WS.
Make one stitch to form an
sl st purlwise: With yarn in back, eyelet as follows: On RS, insert left k2tog: On RS, knit two stitches
slip stitch purlwise on RS; with yarn in needle from front to back under together.
front, slip stitch purlwise on WS. horizontal strand between stitch just p2tog: On WS, purl two stitches
worked and next stitch on left needle. together.
SKP: On RS, slip one stitch. Knit
Knit this strand. On WS, insert left needle dot-knot stitch: Insert RH needle
next stitch and pass slip stitch over knit
from back to front as before and purl it. from front to back under horizontal
stitch. On WS, slip next two stitches
knitwise. Slip these two stitches back to p3tog: On RS, purl three stitches strand between 1st and 2nd sts on LH
needle, wrap yarn and draw through a
left needle without twisting them and together. k3tog: On WS, knit three
stitches together. loop loosely; insert RH needle between
purl them together through the back
same sts above horizontal strand, draw
loops. sk2p: On RS, slip one stitch, knit two through another loop loosely; bring yarn
ssk: On RS, slip next two stitches stitches together. Pass slipped stitch over to front between needles and purl the
two stitches knit together. On WS, slip first st on LH needle; with point of LH
knitwise. Insert tip of left needle into
two stitches to right needle as if knitting needle, pass the 1st loop over the 2nd
fronts of these two stitches and knit
two together. Slip next stitch knitwise. loop and the purled st and off needle;
them together. On WS, slip one stitch,
Slip all stitches to left needle without pass the 2nd loop over the purled st and
purl one stitch, then pass slip stitch twisting them. Purl these three stitches
over purl stitch. off needle.
together through back loops.
p2tog: On RS, purl two stitches peppercorn st: K next st, [sl st just
k4tog: On RS, knit four stitches knit back to LH needle and knit it again
together. together. p4tog: On WS, purl four tbl] 3 times.
k2tog: On WS, knit two stitches stitches together.
together. make bobble: [K1, p1] twice into
next st, turn, p4, turn, k4, turn [p2tog]
p2tog tbl: On RS, purl two stitches
twice, turn, k2tog.
together through the back loops.
k2tog tbl: on WS, knit two stitches make bobble: [K1, p1, k1, p1, k1]
together through back loops. in the same st, making 5 sts from one;
then pass the 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st sts
k3tog: On RS, knit three stitches over last st made.
p3tog: On WS, purl three stitches
make bobble: [K1, p1] 3 times, k1
together. in one st (7 sts made), then pass 2nd,
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th sts over last st