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Calculation Formula of Vacuum in common use

1.Boyle Law 2.Cay·Lussac Law 3.Charles Law

4.Average free lift 5.Suction capacity 6.Communication conductor

9.Estimation of the suction capacity

7.Pumping time of vacuum 8.Maintain pump's selection
of the diffusion vacuum pump

10.The fore stage suction capacity 12.Rough vacuum pump's suction

11.Leakage rate
of the Roots pump capacity selection

14.Calculation formula of the 15.Geometry calculation formula

13.Selection of the fore pump's
suction capacity of the diffusion of the Rotary vacuum pump's
suction capacity
pump suction capacity

17.Square shape rubber groove

16.O- ring rubber groove depth

1.Boyle law

Volume express by V,Pressure by P,P·V=constant

Definite amount of air,while the same temperature,the relation of the air pressure and
volume is reverse proportion.

It is: P1/P2=V2/V1

2.Cay·Lussac law

While the pressure isn't changed, the relation of the definite amount of air's volume
and absolute temperature is reverse proportion:


While the same pressure to the definite amount of air, its volume would increase (or
decrease)1/273 of its initial volume if the temperature was improved (or reduce)1℃.

3.Charles law

To the definite amount of air, while the air keeps its volume not to change, the relation
of its pressure intensity and temperature is reverse proportion:

To the definite quatity air, while the same volume, the temperature increases (or
decreases)1℃,its pressure intensity would improve (or reduce )1/273 of the initial

4.Average free lift:

λ=(5×10-3)/P (cm)

5.Suction capacity:

S=dv/dt (L/s) or S=Q/P

Q=Flow volume(Torr·L/s) P=Pressure Intensity(Torr) V=Volume(L) t=Time(s)

6.Communication Conductor: C=Q/(P2-P1) (L/s)

7.Pumping time of vacuum :

The calculation formula of the pumping time from ATM to 1Torr:

t=8V/S (experience formula)
V represents the volume,S reprensents the suction capacity,the "t" is usally selected during the 5~10

8.Maintain pump selection:

S Maintain=S Fore/10

9.Eltimation suction capacity of the diffusion pump:

S=3D2 (D=Diameter cm)

10.Suction capacity of the fore pump of Roots pump:

S=(0.1~0.2)S Roots (l/s)

11.Leakage rate:

Qleakage-system leakage rate(mmHg·l/s)
V-system volume(l)
P1-the system pressure intensity when stop the vacuum pump(mmHg)
P2-the pressure intensity of the vacuum pump after passing the time "t"(mmHg)
t-the pressure expends the time(s) from 1L to 2L

12.Rough vacuum pump's suction capacity selection:

S=Q1/P Pre (l/s)
S=2.3V·lg(Pa/P Pre)/t
S-the efficient suction capacity of the chemical pump
Q1-the vacuum system leakage rate(Torr·L/s)
P Pre-need reach to the preparation vacuum (Torr)
V-vacuum system volume(L)
t-the expending time to reach at the preparation pressure

13.Fore pump suction capacity selection:

The convery pump that exhaust port pressure is lower than the ATM such as Diffusion
pump,oil add-pressure pump,the Roots, molecule pump etc. They need the fore pump to keep
the preparation pressure is lower than the critical date.The selected fore pump must
discharge the suction capacity of the main pump.According to the pipe path, every cross
flow volume is equal by bellow condition:

PnSg≥PgS or
Sg-the efficient suction capacity of the fore pump(l/s)
Pn-the main pump's critical pressure intensity (the max suction capacity)(l/s)
Pg-the highest working pressure of vacuum(Torr)
S-the efficient suction capacity of the main pump at Pg.(l/s)

14.Suction capacity calculation formula of the diffusion pump:

in equation:S-experiment pump's suction capacity(l/s)
n-the oil post in the burette increase scale
t-the expending time to increase n scale for the oil post(s)
P-the measure pressure intensity near the casing mouth(Torr)
K-the burette coefficient(Torr·L/s)
thereinto V0-initial volume of the burette and vacuum rub pipe(L)
L-the length of the burette scale part(mm)
n-the scale number of the buretter scale part
Υ0-specific gravity of oil(g/cm3)
Υm-the specific gravity of Hydrargyrum(g/cm3)
Pa-the local ATM(Torr)
△Vt-one scale of the burette is corresponding volume (L/Scale)

15.Geometry calcutaltion formula of the Rotary pump's suction capaity:

S=πZnLKv(D2-d2)/(24×104) (l/s)
in formula:Z is the vane number,n is the rotated speed(rpm),L is the casing cavity length,D is the
diameter of casing cavity,d is the Rotor diameter(cm),Kv is the volume using coefficient(usally is 95

16.O-ring rubber groove depth B=0.7D

D is the diameter of the rubber,the groove wide C=1.6B

17.Square shape rubber groove depth B=0.8A

A is the side length of the square shape rubber,the groove wide C=1.67B

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