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Proper Leave Management increases performance of employees

Friends Radio Communication

Internet Networking Company


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Proper Leave Management increases performance of employees

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1. Friends Radio Communication – Corporate Overview

1.1 Over View
1.2 Origin of Group
1.3 Beginning of FRC
1.4 Objectives
1.5 Mission
1.6 Focus
1.7 Goals
1.8 Coverage

2. Organizational Structure
2.1 Management Hierarchy
2.2 Employee Management

3. Market Approach
3.1 Product Portfolio
3.2 Services Portfolio

4. Major Clientele

5. Contact Information

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Proper Leave Management increases performance of employees


An overview

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Proper Leave Management increases performance of employees



Type Sole Proprietor

Headquarters Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Key person Shakir Ali Khan,

Director, Sales & Marketing

Industry Networking (Datacomm)

Products & Solution

Products Networking Products & solutions,

computer hardware range & printer parts

Parent Company ABM Data Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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Proper Leave Management increases performance of employees

1.1 Friends Radio Communication

A Bird’s Eye View
Friends Radio Communication combines 20 years of executive leadership in the IT
industry with the Energetic experience of handling the clients with the way they deserve.
FRC belongs to a group of companies that holds its origin with direct customer
interaction. Hence we understand that satisfaction of clients is our prime responsibility.

We offer a variety of products & services to business both large and small. We can
realize the limits of any organization both monetary and physical. We can help devises
and execute a plan that will steer your technology needs and implementations in the right
direction. We’ll build scalable systems that will grow as the demand of your organization
grows. And, we’ll maintain your networking needs at a cost much less than employing a
full-time information systems staff. Our company provides consistent satisfaction through
value-added solutions in management, engineering, technical support and information
systems. We aggressively pursue focused growth opportunities in the creative and
challenging environment.”

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Proper Leave Management increases performance of employees

1.2 ORIGIN OF Friends Radio Communication &

Its Group
Friends Radio Communication belongs to a group of companies that came into existence
in 1988 as Friends Radio Corporation. It was founded by Late Mr. Sharafat Ali Khan. He
was assisted by his 4 sons namely:

Mr. Azam Ali Khan, Mr. Sarfaraz Ali Khan, Mr. Sajid Ali Khan & Mr. Shakir Ali Khan.

The business started from a shop at Corporative Market Saddar Karachi. They started
with sales & purchase of Semi-Conductor Integrated Circuits (ICs) locally and then
entered in the import & export of semi-conductor IC business.

After establishing themselves in Semi-Conductor devices they expanded their business &
included Computer Systems in their Product Range. Due to high costs & low revenues
this part of business did not worked as was expected. The major reason behind it was that
the target market was very limited.

Than another product was added to the range i.e. Testing Equipments. These equipments
were used to Measure, Detect & Test Voltage Distance, Ampere, Resistance & LAN
testing. The business grabs its pace once again and good profits were earned.

Than in early 1999 the family decided to diversify their business & hence purchased a
Company having a running business. The Company is called as ABM Data Systems and
holds the Country Dealership of Epson Printers & HP Computer Server. The major
shareholders of this company are Mr. Azam Ali Khan, Mr. Sarfaraz Ali Khan, Mr. Sajid
Ali Khan & Mr. Shakir Ali Khan. The office of ABM Data Systems was located at a
distance from the existing shop. It is located at Dr. Dawood Pota Road near Shara-e-
Faisal Road. All the selling was done from the same premises. Not only selling was done
but company believed in providing good after sales service. The business prospered with
passage of time.

Than in the year 2007 Mr. Shakir Ali Khan decided to own a business of his own. Hence
he chose to work in the networking field. A Networking Company was established with
the name of Friends Radio Communication. It holds its office at ABM Terrace along with
ABM Data Systems. Selling of products is done from its main office & shop located that
is located at sadder.

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1.3 Beginning of Friends Radio Communication

In the year 2007 Friends Radio Communication initially started with mere 5 employees.
The brand portfolio was limited. FRC started with the reselling of major networking
products. The clientele was satisfied with our work.

FRC is a company that rose from humble beginnings to newly-defining success by

keeping in touch with customers' needs and always aspiring to the stars today, our
presence reaches into industries spanning telecommunications, financial services,
pharmaceuticals, government, and consumer services and emerging businesses.

We have a broad range of technical and networking skills supporting environments

ranging from PCs, client-server, to thin client systems with emphasis on
LAN/WAN/VPN/Security and Radio Links design & management.

Today Friends Radio Communication is proud to be associated with Internationally

Acclaimed Brands.

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Proper Leave Management increases performance of employees

Our objective is to become the most reliable IT solution provider so we can full fill the
needs of our valuable customer’s with full support to our international and local buyer.
We want to see you happy and satisfied with us, as we know that we are here for
guaranteed satisfaction of yours. Our objective is to provide you the quality product so
you can relay on us and have faith on us, as we know that we are here with you as long as
we are doing the best for you. Our objective is to give you the total services and solution
rounds the clock, as we know we are here to give you the total support at the time of


“To be the leading Datacom & Telecom Solution and Service enabler, renowned for its
technologies, competitiveness and quality customer services, while maximizing value of
the company and rewards to its employees”


As one of the leading Data & Telecommunication Solution providers, we are specialized
and focus on the following:
ƒ Networking and Integrating solutions
ƒ Enterprise system solutions
ƒ Network storage & infrastructure

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Our goals are to approach end users for solution and sales and we are also looking
forward to reseller’s network all over Pakistan as we are already in touch with 500
resellers for different network products through out the Country with respect to our
clients and customer’s. For that we have set an Internet networking division where we are
totally focusing on services, solutions and sales. We have a team of professionals for
there relevant departments and they perform there task with full attention and dedication
as we need you satisfaction. We are always at your doorstep so we can full fill you needs
and requirements. For sales we have sales executive to be in touch with you for ant
requirement and products. For Solution we have certified professional to give you the
services that you need and to perform all the trouble shootings and back up recoveries.
Our main goal is to work with you and provide you the highest quality products along
with best of best services.

FRC is always in search of opportunities with emerging technologies and products that
can complement and provide synergy to its present business activities.

Education Sector, Power and Energy, Banking and Financial Sector, Hospitals,
Assembling and Manufacturing, Public/Government, Telco/ISP sectors etc.

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2.2 Employee Management

The Management structure is centralized. All the final decisions and approvals are given
by the Director of the Company. Management welcomes any healthy idea for the benefit
of its customers, employee or company growth.

Friends Radio Communication believes in equal employment opportunity for all.

Management makes sure that the employees are satisfied under their roof. A healthy
working environment is provided for all employees.

The employee-management relationship is good hence resulting in long term retention of

employees. We believe that the key for customer satisfaction & success is the retention of
satisfied employees.
Primarily there are 4 major departments at FRC. They are as follows:

1. Marketing & Sales Department

FRC has some finest marketers in its Organization. The marketing team is responsible for
launching of marketing campaigns, up gradation of websites, PR building etc.

2. Networking Department

Networking Department has expertise in all products. We provide 24/7 service to our
valued clients. Networking Engineers are always working in order to get the best
solutions for its customers.

3. Accounts/Finance Department

Accounts department works on specialized software in order to maintain its records.

4. HR Department

For the benefit of employees & company a proper HR department has been setup. HR
department looks after all the HR-issues. A specialized HR policy has been designed
keeping in view the employees rights & company’s needs. A proper HRIS is used for
employee data management.

All the departments work in a hierarchy as shown above.

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In today’s technical era customers are facing a continuous dilemma in selecting an

appropriate gadget to solve their business needs in the first attempt. In the current
environment rarely does a single vendor possess all the necessary capabilities, products
and techniques, which can produce meaningful solution towards customer’s business

Friends Radio Communication work proactively to provide a host of solutions and

services to various businesses. While specializing in different areas, these business areas
complement each other, presenting a combined front that ensures value added and
enhanced services to our clients.

We have designed two portfolios in such a way that all needs of a customer can be
fulfilled from one front. We believe in quality and customer satisfaction.


Our product portfolio consists of several brands that can fulfill different needs of our
various customers. Our product portfolio has been designed in a way to cadre all types of

We cadre all three types of market i.e. brand conscious, price conscious & product
conscious market. Our ultimate objective is to make Pakistan a wireless networking zone
where connection is on tips of your finger.

Our brand & product information is as follows:

Communications, Inc is your wireless networking solution provider. There is a wide

range of products to its name
Wireless/broadband router
Managable/Unmanagable switches 6,8,16 port
Wireless LAN cards, PCI, PCMCI, Print Server

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Being the SMB partners of Cisco Systems we deal in


Systimax Solutions provides high performance cabling which makes business run
faster & enables new ways of working. It provides:

Structured Cabling Solution

CAT 5, CAT 6 &
Optical Fiber

Jaguar Broadband offer carrier class efficient Point to Point and Point to Multi
Point wireless solutions. Ethernet Bridges

Point to Point connectivity, Point to Multi-Point Connectivity

Also provides OFDM & Wimax services

Motorola provides commercial OFDM products today. All its products are designed
with futuristic approach.

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OXCA Technology Co. Ltd. provides a wide range of

KVM Switches, Rack Mounts & LCD Base.

Sonic Wall security solutions enable organizations of all sizes to secure their
network, systems, users & data with a deep level of protection. We deal in IP Based
security products of sonic wall.

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• Designing & Implementing troubleshooting all types of Networks

(LAN/WAN Solutions)

• Cisco Solutions

• Radio Links (Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multipoint)

• Routers’ Integration and Routing Solutions

• VPN and Security Solutions

• Voice Over IP Solutions

• Network Management System Solutions

• Structured Cabling Solutions

(Fiber Optics and Copper)

• Help Desk Solution

• Internet Access & Services

• Network Security Solution

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Govt. Sector Financial Sector Corporate Sector
Pakistan survey Allied Bank TCS
Police headquarters MCB OCS
PAF Masroor Base Citibank Yunus Textile
Sindh High court EFU General/Life KICTL
PTCL Al-Baraka Bank GAC Shipping
Pharmaceuticals ISP’s
Abbot Laboratories Cybernet
Efroze Chemicals Netneed
Bayer Pakistan Gerry’s Group
Bosch Pharma Eworld They are geared
Getz Pharma Multinet with friends

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Corporate Office

ABM terrace Safety Pride CL-7/18/16

Opp.F.G Public SchoolDr.Daud Pota Road Karachi

Tel : +92 21 5214423 / 5214436 / 5214437/5214465 /5215321

Fax : +92 21 5681361

E-mail : sales@frcpk.com

Lahore Office

Office 401,4th Floor, Eden Towers

Main boulevard Gulberg111, Lahore

Tel : +92(42) 5782234-36

Fax : +92(42) 5782241

E-mail : shakir@frcpk.com

Islamabad Office

Office No.19, First Floor, Al-Babar Centre

F-8 Markaz, Islamabad

Tel : +92(51)2252343-5 www.frcpk.com

Fax : +92(51) 226-4804

Email : ahsan@frcpk.com

Hyderabad Office

F-23 Mezzanine Floor, Shelter Cantt. Shopping Mall Saddar, Hyderabad.

Tel : +92(022) 2720937

Fax : +92(022) 2720938

Email : asad@frcpk.com

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Gear Up With Friends To Communicate

Always Willing to Fulfill your Desires

Friends Radio Communication

(Internet Networking Company)

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