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The Source Is Here

The Seven Stages Of Life

About The Author

Seth Garrison is an author and
spiritual healer. His work has been
published throughout many
sources. His first paper publishing
book called The New Planet Earth
will appear in 2009.

His empowering message about

the new consciousness for
humanity details the new human
behavior that is happening now.

The Source Is Here

Seth was born on the Canadian

Prairies and now resides in
Quebec He had traveled
extensively in his 20's and again
after a spiritual awakening
experienced in 2000.

With the awakening, his life and

everything in it transformed. The
journey to following his true
calling for this lifetime had begun.
He began teaching and
counseling others who seek their
path to enlightenment

More information on Seth can be

obtained at The Source Is Here
or his constantly updated blog
at The Source For Seth.

The Source Is Here

Distribution and Use

This information is given freely and from the heart.

You have full rights to use it however you choose with
a couple exceptions. I only ask that you do not sell it or
use it for commercial purposes.

If distributed I also ask that you keep the content

intact with credit to the author.

The Source Is Here

Table of Contents
Basic Assumptions. . . . . . . . . . . . Page 5

The Seven Stages . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 7

Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 18

The Source Is Here

Basic Assumptions

There are a few basic assumptions that one must

entertain before any of this makes any sense. If this list
seems too “out there” for you the rest will also.

Even if you don't fully comprehend it, the information

may at least start you on a path of self-examination and
hopefully on the path to remembering your true identity.
This may give you some “aha” moments where you can
relate it to your own life and start to make sense of the
human experience

There is lots of blanks to fill in but this is a start to inner

peace and having the knowledge that there is more to
this sometimes wild ride that we are all on.

1. There is an assumed belief that we are simply energy

which can never die but can only change forms or
simply put re-incarnation.

2. There is an assumed belief that we are actually

spiritual beings experiencing life in human form.

The Source Is Here

3. There is an intrinsic belief that we experience life

within a field of polarity, therefore, we see us as
separate from one another when, in reality, we are
inseparable. Thus, the concepts of "good and bad" "right
and wrong" "black and white" "love and fear" etc. are all
illusions of polarity.

4. There is an understanding that humanity is

undergoing a quantum leap in our evolution, causing us
to seek higher truths to support our newly heightened
state of awareness. (enlightenment).

5. There is an understanding that the human spirit is an

incredibly powerful force of creation, and as such, life is
simply a self fulfilling prophesy.

The Source Is Here

The Seven Stages Of Life

Stage One
The Planning Stage
Prior To Birth

This stage occurs prior to birth when we actually plan

the life we are about to experience. It is during this
stage that we ask certain people to play various roles
to help us with the specific lesson we have chosen to
work on in this lifetime.

This stage is rarely remembered. The reason is if we

did not have a veil of for forgetfulness in place, the
game of life that we have come here to play would
have very little meaning. And it is just a game. A
drama that is full of people and events that are put in
our path to learn and remember the masters that we

The Source Is Here

Stage Two
The First Transition

Conception Through The First Year

The most difficult transition we will make is the journey

we take through the birth canal. The process of birth is
when the soul transitions into physical form by
intentionally lowering it's vibration. This experience is
the most dramatic vibrational shift a soul will
experience in physical form.

One of the first things that happens is to bond

energetically with our parents or guardians, then with
other family members and any other important people
in our environment. As soon as these connections are
made, the search for higher meaning begins. This
stage and the next three stages of life are spent
searching for a definition of God.

The Source Is Here

The first definition is to think that the parents or the

caretaker is God. This is when the baby first looks to
the omnipresent being hovering over them taking care
of their every need as God. This is also where we get
the idea that God is in the sky above us.

It is at this time that we begin to look outside

ourselves for answers.

We are also looking to connect with an "energy role

model". This is someone with the same wiring. It could
be mother, father, aunt or the gentleman on the bus.

If you think to your childhood memories there will be

one person that will be remembered as very important
to you and is often not the parent. The connection is
made through eye contact and lets you understand
that you are safe and everything will be okay.

The Source Is Here

Stage Three
Age Two Through Early Teens

Exercising Our Power

As the soul gets comfortable in the human body it

begins exercising power. This is also known as the
"terrible two's." Now the scream that used to be a cry
often becomes an expression of power.

This is the time we begin our relationships. It is

through these relationships that we begin to
experience our power. This stage is here we receive
energy stamps.

Energy stamps are events like emotional, physical and

sexual abuse. These are directly related to our personal
power. It is also the set up for taking our personal
power in the years ahead.

The Source Is Here

Stage Four
Responsibility and First Maturity

Late Teens through Mid Thirties

Here we, as souls in physical form, begin to take our

power by attempting to make decisions that direct our
lives. We often rebel in this stage simply to exercise
our power.

Nothing is sacred and all things are examined with a

fresh perspective. Strong beliefs from parents and
teachers are examined and possibly rejected in the
new power of the first maturity.

We also learn that with power comes responsibility. We

learn that personal responsibility is the balance or trade
off to personal power.

This is when the primary life lesson will begin if it

hasn't begun already.

The Source Is Here

A catalyst will be introduced into your experience such

as a spouse or close associate that will trigger the
emotions needed to will start you on your way to
creating your "story" and setting up your life lesson

The catalyst is an extremely important soul that may

take on a negative role but the draw to them will be
unstoppable. You may realize that this person is “not
right” for you but are unable to easily break away.

A lot of first marriages that end is divorce have this

element. You may learn from this and master your life
lesson but a lot of times you will be attracted to
another that has the same qualities as the previous.

These relationships are part of the pre-planning

contracts that have been agreed to before conception
as described in Stage One. These souls have great love
for you to act these sometimes negative roles and with
this knowledge comes a change of heart about the

The Source Is Here

Stage Five

Forties through Seventies

This stage is where we discover what is really

important. We become enlightened seekers in the area
of our passion.

We have survived the times of raising children. This is

a stage where we learn to allow and draw to us the
things that bring us joy. Life begins at 50 is a phrase
that many repeat during these times.

This can also be a time when the life lesson may be

reactivated bringing up old stuff that we had thought
we had dealt with. We re-define our relationships with
everything and everyone around us. This can appear as
"mid-life crisis" but it is a re-evaluation of everything in
one's life. Old relationships and possibly marriages end
as a result of this process of priority examination.

It is also the time when spirituality develops if it hasn't

already. We start to look at the big questions of what
life is about.

The Source Is Here

Stage Six

Becoming Childlike

This is a very important stage of life. It is where we

prepare for the final transition. Many of the illusions of
life have been removed and we now choose simplicity.
This stage may be short or it may go on for years.

Matthew 18:3

And he said: " I tell you the truth, unless you change
and become like little children, you will never enter the
kingdom of heaven."

Adopting a simple childlike attitude enables the final

stage to complete the process. We see older people
becoming more dependent. We watch our parents
become children again.

The Source Is Here

This is not a negative event but one to be celebrated,

not dreaded. It is a natural occurrence at the end of a
lifetime. People who fail to become like this can
experience mental or physical effects that can push
them in this direction. Alzheimer's and other like
conditions help the soul to accomplish this.

There are people that fight this transition and will live
an extended period of physical or mental pain that
affects all the people around them. The loved ones
watching will often be wishing for the end to come for
the good of all.

The second transition, death, is much easier to

experience. We only have to deal with the fear of the
unknown. There is an important part of this transition
and it is a contract made with someone close to the
heart. That person gives permission to leave with the
final contract being acceptance of this permission.

If you have a loved one that is in this position of

seemingly wanting to leave but hanging on, give them
that permission. You may be the one.

The Source Is Here

Stage Seven

Incorporating Life Experiences into the Core

This is the stage of life where a soul reviews all

choices, experiences, actions and results. This is called
life review, judgment day, purgatory and many other

We evaluate whether we have mastered the primary

life lesson that we came in to achieve. All experiences
are remembered as a joyous human experience. Even
the pain is recalled as a joyous event.

As we revisit every experience we will decide which

ones to incorporate into our core personality and which
ones to reject.

The Source Is Here

Well, if you are still reading this then hopefully you

gained some insight into a perspective of life that is at
the heart of the Overlight process. Even using one
small part may answer some questions for you about
what this human experience is all about.

There is really only two questions that need to be

asked in the seventh stage of life. Can you answer
them now?

Did you dance in your passion?

Did you play in your joy?

The Source Is Here


This information may seem wildly unbelievable for you.

I can only hope that instead of communicating with your
head that I have just had a conversation with your
heart. The heart is where the truth lies. The mind (ego)
can be a trickster. Your heart knows these concepts to

When I speak in this text about lessons I am referring

to the Primary Life Lessons as described in this article
taken from The Source Is Here. These are the lessons
that usually begin in the third or fourth stage of life.

If you desire an Overlight reading to help identify your

Primary Life Lesson I can be contacted at

The intent of identifying this lesson is to help you

change the seemingly negative experiences in your life
to the knowing that there are put there to teach. With
that knowledge the event becomes positive which then
has the power to heal and balance your body, mind and
spirit putting you on the path to mastery.

The Source Is Here

With mastery comes awareness and with awareness

comes perfect health.

These readings can be done by email, in person by

phone or instant message.

Espavo (The Power Is Within)

Seth Garrison