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Procedure for issuing a Bulgarian ID card for foreigners

I. Submit to the office of International Student Services (ISS) the following

documents 10 days before the card/ visa expires:
 Info form, available in the office of International Student Services or on line;
print legibly;
 International passport, with which you have entered Bulgaria.
The passport must be valid for at least one year;
 Two passport copies;
 BG ID card ( two copies)– only returning students.
 1 picture(taken in Blagoevgrad);
 If you are on campus, Certificate in Bulgarian; take it from the hall director
and then go Purchasing office, AUBG main building, room # 106 for an
outgoing number stamp. Ask the work study student to make a copy of the
 If you are off campus, a notarized contract with the landlord.
 Certificate from a local bank that you have opened an account with
2 880BGN ( if you apply for one year) or 1 440BGN ( if you apply fro 6 months);
 Enrollment certificate in Bulgarian (Uverenie) stamped and signed by
Registrars office.
* If you are over 18 and you apply for BG ID card for the 1st time, you will need
a Police clearance report issued in your home country, certifying that you have
never been convicted. The document should be legalized and translated into
Bulgarian. Legalization means that the document should be stamped at the
Bulgarian Embassy in your country or should have an Apostille if your
country has signed the Hague convention.

II. Go back to the office of ISS. Take your documents and go to the local police
department. There you will need to pay 11 lv. service fee. You must apply for a
new card no later than 7 working days before the old card or visa expires.

III. Go back to the police in a week. In accordance with the introduction of the new
Bulgarian ID documents with biometric data, you will be taken a digital photo. You will
be printed an Application Form (Zaiavlenie). You should check the data there. It is in
Bulgarian so you should have someone who reads and writes Bulgarian with you.
Otherwise you should take the Application Form (Zaiavlenie) and come to office of
ISS. Pay the following fees:
♦ Stay extension fee : 510 lv. for a year or 210lv. for 6 months
♦ Issuing of the card: regular service : 48 lv. or
express service : 95 lv.

Make sure you carry your old BG card, your passport and its copy, and a copy of the
certificate form the hall director.

IV. Go to the police and pick up your card.

Working hours of the police: 8:30 – 12:00 am 1:00 – 4:30 pm

The office of International Student Services working hours with students:

9 – 12 am 2 – 5 pm.