Introduction The industry of Sports marketing in India is an area undergoing slow, yet steady growth.

Since there are not too many sports marketing executives working specifically in this area, it offers a huge potential waiting to be tapped. More interestingly, potential sportsmen themselves do not perceive sports to be a full time career , it s more of a co-curricular activity. Our understanding is that GISMM aims to be a digital portal for all sports related management topics, membership and links with other sporting bodies working towards changing perceptions about sports in the Indian psyche. To optimize goals and work towards a vision of providing quality expertise GISMM can consider offering the following services/trainings :-

-Negotiating and preparing contracts for athletes -Strategizing about how best to leverage sponsorship -Planning and coordinating sports events -Conducting market research and analysis -Producing promotional material, including mailings and web-pages -Talking with athletes and sports organizations about their needs -Monitoring sports activities and new trends -Overseeing the development of new merchandise and products associated with a team, player or a particular sport -Overseeing the upkeep and maintenance of a sports facility -Overseeing ticket sales

RESEARCH OBJECTIVE ³To understand the viability and relevance of Sports Marketing in India´

Our goal can be narrowed down to two research objectives : 1. Understanding the perception of sports as a career and as a market amongst the public and the industry. This study will help us answer the following questions:y y y Does a market exist for such a venture? Should a separate educational establishment be formed, say in India? Could it become part of MICA s offering as a separate entity?

2. To identify the needs of the sports industry in marketing and management perspectives. This will help us focus on creating and developing a potential market for GISMM. Also, a better understanding of the market s needs will enable us to create better value for the services offered . It will answer the following questions : y How can the institution create a global market for its offerings? y If viable-how should it be developed further and marketed?

New Delhi . Karaikudi. marketers. Dept. Secondary research We can gather data from students of PGP-2 who have worked on the first 3 parts of the project. of People 6 to 8 (FGD) 3 to 5 6 to 8 (FGD) 3 to 5 8 to 10 3 to 5 8 to 10 4 to 6 Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science. television anchors) No. attended sports seminars organized by MICA. 2. Qualitative research We shall use the tools of Focus group discussion (FGD) and personal interviews. Tamil Nadu Alumni Network of MICA working in sports marketing industry Mission Olympics under the aegis of Indian Army Sports clubs and Health Resorts sponsoring sports events. bloggers. alumni of institutes offering sports education. . This will aptly suffice our requirements and also reduce the budget. of Sports Management. trainers and physiotherapists. New Delhi .associates and sponsers Sports enthusiasts ( Columnists. The quantitative data required for our project will be gathered through secondary research sources. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 1. We also plan to use research data available at Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science. Justification Since we are foraying into a relatively new market it is very important to understand the clientele thoroughly. budding sportsmen. sports enthusiasts. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Respondents Students of Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science Sports Agents Trainers and Physiotherapists Sports Marketeers Sportsmen Sports Authorities Sports event managers. Alagappa University. agents. A qualitative research is better equipped for this purpose. No. Interaction with various sports authorities.RESEARCH DESIGN We will conduct qualitative and exploratory research. Sources of respondents :y y y y y SAMPLING S.

) 0 1500 500 200 As Applicable . 1 2 3 4 5 Particulars Secondary Research Focus Group Discussion Telephonic interviews Mail/Correspondence Travel charges Amount (Rs. No.BUDGET S.

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