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A note from the desk of the Commanding Officer

Battalion Landing Team 2/2

22d Marine Expedionary Unit
04 March 2010


Marines, Sailors, family, and friends of the Warlords,

As Marines, we serve as America’s 9-1-1 force-in-readiness. We always

stand at the ready, to do our nation’s bidding, in any clime and place, at
any time. Specifically for Battalion Landing Team 2/2, we have been
serving as part of II Marine Expeditionary Force’s Global Response Force.
It is our responsibility to be the most ready at all times, when we are

I am writing to inform you that our current status has changed. We will
no longer be completing our pre-deployment training program as scheduled.

The 22d Marine Expeditionary Unit, alongside our Navy partner, the
Amphibious Squadron 6, will embark aboard an amphibious ready group and
transit to the Mediterranean Sea. We have been ordered to deploy to
support the commanders of the U.S. Africa and European commands. We have
been ordered to leave in April of 2011 and relieve the 26th Marine
Expeditionary Unit from their deployment. We will provide the President
of the United States flexibility on a full range of military options.

We have plenty of time to complete all of the necessary pre-deployment

actions to ensure every Marine and Sailor has all of their affairs in
order to support this deployment. I want to personally ensure that all of
the families are informed, prepared, and ready for this deployment. I
understand there are a lot of questions; we will have a pre-deployment
brief before we leave to ensure the families are informed, prepared, and
ready for the deployment. We have an outstanding family readiness program
that will provide you with all of the resources you may need. The
families of the Battalion Landing Team are strong and dedicated, and we
cannot perform at the superior levels that we do without the love and
support from our families on the homefront. I want to thank you for all
that you have done, and will do, supporting your Marine or Sailor for this

Your Marines and Sailors have been training hard since our return from
Afghanistan. They have performed superbly, from the heat in Camp Lejeune,
to the frozen snow-covered fields of Fort Pickett. I know that they are
trained, prepared, and ready for any mission that will come our way. The
Warlords have a tremendous reputation for professionalism and success over
the past 85 years. Together, we will continue the great legacy of the

Semper Fidelis
Gordon D. Miller
Lieutenant Colonel USMC