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Chat started hello! Please send help for our fles @ Seca ympany name and your position) and wel provide all ne econ, Deed ur network is the Broward County please tall me what to do next Pras Cotte he naan seine ane ae h ae mace Pree etn eee Se een ere ane oe Seer) this data is published, you willbe subject to huge court and government fines, Lee a ree aca iy creeper rennet Metre Poe en entero emi kek @ _ \et speechless. Surly his is @ mistake? are there extra zeros in that number by mistake? jenus is more than 4bilions, So itis a possi mar finance and know that you own the required amount am so confused. this is a PUBLIC school district. public, meaning itis free for students to attend @ _*Wisannet pessy ink we have anything cle ot What your poston?” Ye fnat do you meen? ry position is shock and horror that anyone thinks a taxpayer-funded school district could afford this kind of moneyl am also quite curious about this terabyte you mention. what sorts of documents can you share: th me to prove ths claim? Se ee deeryption-tool and delete al leaked files from our servers. Otherwise, we will have to upload all 1.578 of leaked files on the blog and delete the decryption-tool for your network in ordar to EEE eae CE): tof the realm of possibilty. We arent an global company generating that we can spend on everything. The taxpayers dollars that croate uted to pay for salaries, resources, Benefits, and more expenditures fe understand that this is your career, but we need to be realistic with (@)__ eachother. Do you understand our position? @ at financial damage you have suffered due encryotion and will sufer, ifwe remove the eas tee en rece eet emer ea exeed then even $50M. Ve have a list of other companies were we should continue our work Therefore, we do not have a time to bargain with you. You still have 12 hours to pay $15M and you guys are guaranteed fo solve your problems, otherwise you will losemoe then SS0M Even if we had money like this to pay which we ABSOLUTELY do not, all banks are closed right now, there is nothing n do about that think there is some confusion about the term revenue. We do not HAVE revenue. this is not a business, and we do not have ‘profits. We get money from the state every year, and that money is (@) _ Pre-spent on teacher salaries and education resources, Y fe know that you have this money even right now in Bitcoins, so dont try to play with us. You saw 1.5TB of leaked data, after § hours we will start publishig. Time is running out and you have 5 Dae eVaiE What on earth are you talking about) itis the weekend, banks are closed, we dont have 16 million in regular money and we certainly do not have it in bitcoin if anything about us or our files are published, there will be no payment at all and we willbe told to cutoff ths conversation. as long ee.|@m in a conversation with you, | need your promise that our files and our name will remain private and not published ‘play with us, your chiefs have this requited amount in Bitcoins. We don't have time, or you Soe eo Ronn corn a a er cins! this is a schoo! district. no one here uses 0 ay this again, this is a weekend and we could not even pay you $10 today let alone milions when our bank is closed You are not a school, we know who you are and what you have. If you will not pay today 15M$ you Tost your prof from this school and be sure you will lose your reputation in this sphere, hat are you talking about?? this is @ public school district, what else would we bo? Guys, you wore hired by the Broward Schools and we know exactly who you are. There are some Royal families in our leaked files and be sure it will destroy your reputation and we will help to do it fastor. 's00 that if a wasting of our time and you are not going to pay today, that's why wo are staring to upload archives(~1-2 hours from our servers) and continue our work with other bigger ey yes, of course I'm with Broward County Public Schools. this is what I've been trying to tell you. we mpany with ri ‘end have no idea why you think we can pay this much. all we ork out a solution with you so we can pay and get our files to be unblocked. ifs impossible for us to pay anything until the banks open. if you post our files before then, then all deals are off. you have fo Understand that if you breach cur trust by posting the files, then there's no reason for us to pay anything, MIC Peter re enantio hea tar ay Pere ta ecient en a toe i nave no idea what you mean bout a royal family. we are a public school district. its ie possible for us to pay anything because tho banks are closed. | dont understand why you Ou want to work out @ deal so we can pay you to unlock our fles? fare doing this. don't LEM ek Le ac Sree eM Ears /nat you're demanding is impossible. let it be clear that fmm here and willing to work this fa payment this weekend Is impossible. if you post the files before i can pay, then al with you is dead. your choice. out with you PL ee ee ad 0 servers) untl today (safety reasons), that's why ~1,20 hours and 1,5T8 leaked fles(including Royal Family data) wil be uploaded with all our chat-conversation on our blog, We can't wart until Pe naar hate: one mee es casera first came here yesterday and you demand a payment in less than 24 er the weekend when you know a payment is impossible because the banks are closed it seems to me that you don't want to get paid. just know that Im here and wiling to work with you me to a successful conclusion. 8s up to you now if you want this to work out or not. Ml be jo know that you are lying, We know that you have possibilty to send this 15M$. Who values his. reputation he pays at the spaced time. | will repeat one-more time, Your time ig running outl You eens ur choice. cant force you to get ‘Archives will be uploaded especially with our whole conversation with you and leaked Royal art smone ce ene nea ray con coach oe ne) Ecue me RCN Lre yn fe have already Uploaded all archives, our chal-log etc. in our blog. Now we can press one button PSP! ne there to help us? we stil want to have @ conversation with someone but only ifit is with We gave you the price. itis reasonable and offensive. huh? offensive? © @ % Eee es Pawan eth cee nr re en gaara Cee hemo calculated your possible losses from lawsuits from both your staff and your students for the eee ee me nk Re ree che eatery the loss of reputation, which in our opinion costs much more. sir, we dont have a financial condition. you did not attack a business or a company. ths isa state funded school. our salaries are paid by taxing the people that live in the state. we do net sel products or receive revenue like a company maybe you have us confused with someone else, because our files should clearly show you this (One more time, we examined all previously and offer a realist sir please you are not hearing me. this is NOT a business with profits. we operate much like a charity operates. you know how a charity only runs on donations? it similar to us. we are not a charity, But we are a school that is donated a limited amount of money by the government every. year with al spending n before we spand it One ore tte, we earner france, then give a real price, not 15 milion or 30 oF 40 milion. iam not asking fora diecount, i am asking 0 review the correct documents and give a new, correct price based on reality. then i will know ju are treating ths as a professional Ce what makes to discuss ou think this? i am trying my hardest to explain why you have the wrong information sten to me and admit you gave the wrong price to start, then we have nothing more ich is disappointing because we did want io reach some kind of agreement ® Scere ar err eed pear Santer ena Ne didnt want to waste time either, but unfortunately this chat conversation has have been Lnprofessional and confusing from day 1. have no idea who | am talking fo you and itis clear you are not listening to anything we say now what that link is you sent me, there's nothing for m look at or download then I dont see the point of talking to you ck to this chat to ask for help and but if you are only interested in throwing threats at us After payment you get decryptor too! returning you in business within 1-2 hours (with instruction), unty report with advice how to prevent such incidents in future, full directory listing of your Sere ena eC an came nee ren rate ent secret. What kind of help do you need more’ need to speak to som ally listen to our situation. Not someone who shouts threats at us or just repeats "we examine your finance” over and over again. We are listening to you, but we know the fll picture ofthe situation and that's why we know that Perera arts lerstand how public school funds operate? If no, then you are not listening to me so please do not insult me by saying you are. i rather you just be hor st and tell me you dont c At this point Can you send some of the sample files you have from our network so | know you are not ‘am reviewing these no. ® Mit ee en cane eas rt Naa arte i ei Sekt eaten hen i 'm stil here. 'm stil very nervous about speaking to you because when we were fist talking, you called me a liar over and over. Then you told me all my files were already uploaded and published on a weekend after we had been talking less than 24 hours. | want to trust you, but | dont know when you are going to start acting like that again TET oe ee parent rt toe eer ka rect en Set Back to this again? Why can't you understand this? We are e SCHOOL. A public school. Public free, ike free to come here. We collect no tultion or revenue or profits or whatever itis you think we have. And we certainly do not have even $1 in biteoin, forget 15 milion. We wil feiluntl you can understand and agree your price fs incorrect. and until you give Us a fair price. Toes a ener Pe aU OC ee ue ore Sey most important your reputation We paid and hired the outsource-company and we know exactly that your recovery-company. received a wire transfer from Broward{bankofamerica), that's why we are ready to agree with Continue this discussion tomorrow 0 we can start to make progress but whatever recovery any you're referring fois nat one Im aware of. | am speaking fo my superiors in the morning to ask them about it, maybe they just did not tell me. Crit ake kes We can't wait for you anymore, we are wailing for your 10MS payment today, because we should Gorat eta canta