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a me mm mom | ENTAL MANUAL A GUIDE TO THE... CONSTRUCTION OF... SEGMENTAL BRIDGES ‘TRANSPORTATION lg 1 és ma + al aaa t acknowledgements ‘his guide for construction and inspection of seg- mental bridges was comaissioned by the Florida Department of rransportation to HDR Engineering, Inc. (HDR). 8. Hubert Janssen, P.E., of Janssen, Spasns & Assoc., Inc., acted ss project’ manager for HDR in a capacity of special consultant to HDR. Most of the text and graphics were provided to HOR by Alan J. Moreton, P.E., State Structures Engineer cf the Florida Department of Transportation. Cay eh ak aks cco Disclaimer The Construction Bureau of the Florida Department of Transportation has prepared this guide to the “construction and inspection of segmental bridges for information only. The intent is to promote understanding, improve quality and avoid problems previously encounteced on’ various segnental projects. It is not a supplement to, nor an interpretation ef, any contract documents or specifications. !In cases of conflict between this guide and particular project specifica~ tions or plans, then the specifications and plans shall be followed. Although this guide covers various construction practices related to segmental bridges, it is not intended to imply that other practices not déscribed herein are less suitable. Contractors can,- within the limits of the appli- cable contract documents, plans and specifications, always elect a method that better suits their own operations. |