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Breast Cancer Survivors and Advocates from Across California Call for Continued

Support of the Every Woman Counts Program

Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Advocates Stress Importance of Early Detection. Breas
t Cancer Survivors and Advocates from Across California Call for Continued Suppo
rt of the Every Woman Counts Program
Sacramento, CA, March 16, 2011 -- Breast cancer survivors and advocates from acr
oss California traveled to Sacramento Wednesday, March 9th, to stress to policym
akers the importance of the Every Woman Counts (EWC) program that helps detect b
reast cancer early. Organized by the state’s Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Affiliates
, the breast cancer advocates also urged lawmakers to maintain their commitment
to women in California, by preserving funding to the EWC program, which provides
vital breast cancer screening services for California’s uninsured and underinsure
d women.
“We fully understand the tough economic situation our elected leaders face and the
difficult choices they must make,” said Laura Farmer Sherman, Executive Director.
“It’s important to remember that early detection through regular cancer screening i
s a key to surviving breast cancer. For many women, the state’s screening program
ensures that a lost job or lost insurance doesn’t result in a lost life.”
“We are all just one biopsy away from a changed life. That’s why we need to focus on
prevention and early detection measures so that we begin treatment early, when
it’s more successfully and cost effectively treated,” said Farmer Sherman.
In January 2010, the California Department of Public Health (DPH) shut the EWC’s d
oors for the remainder of the fiscal year and closed access to the program for w
omen ages 40 to 49. That last cut was particularly troubling because almost half
of the women screened by EWC are in their 40s.
The California Affiliates of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® applaud the bipartisan e
ffort of our state leaders for honoring their commitment to women in California
by restoring funding to EWC in the state budget last October. On December 1, 201
0, the DPH officially reopened the doors and began providing life-saving breast
cancer screening to eligible women ages 40 and over. The California Affiliates c
all on our state leaders to protect funding for EWC for the next fiscal year.
The California Affiliates recognized the efforts of Senator Noreen Evans (SD-2)
by awarding her the “Legislator of the Year” for leading the way to restoring EWC fo
r women in California last year.
The California Affiliates also honored the tireless commitment by late Senator J
enny Oropeza for her work on women’s health issues during her tenure in the state
legislator. As a tribute to Senator Oropeza’s dedication to fostering protections
for women’s health issues, the Los Angeles County Affiliate, in joint collaboratio
n with the California Affiliates, have established the Senator Jenny Oropeza Pub
lic Policy Internship. Ms. Rebecca Rodstein, a Master’s of Public Health student a
t USC, is the first intern to serve in the Senator Jenny Oropeza Public Policy I
The Komen Affiliates noted that they are critical community partners. Komen has
invested more than $23 million in active research grants in California and there
are currently 73 active research grants in the state, including awards to UCLA,
UCSF, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, California Pacific Medical Center, Stanford
University, UC Davis School of Medicine and the Burnham Institute for Medical Re
The Komen Affiliates that serve California invested over $10 million in their lo
cal communities last year for early detection and treatment of breast cancer, br
east health education and outreach. Nationwide, Komen Affiliates invested a tota
l of $130 million in their local communities.
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