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Period: 2 3 4 5 7 8

Study Guide – Articles 4-7

Reasons for, and Basics of the Constitution (Principles, Goals, and “State of Nature” stuff.)

1. What are the principles of the US Constitution? eat a lot

2. Why do you need consent to have a successful government?
3. What are the 6 goals of the Preamble?
4. What is a state of nature?
5. What is the difference between a republic and a direct democracy?
6. How can we be good citizens?
7. What can we do to influence our politicians?
8. What are the articles of the US Constitution?
9. What is consent?
10. What is the common good?
11. What kind of government do we have in America?
12. Compare and contrast direct democracy and republicanism.
13. Why would a direct democracy fail in America?
14. Why do we need government?
15. What are we as Americans required to do in order for our government to function?

Article 1
1. How old does a senator need to be?
2. Who is our representative in the House of Representatives?
3. Who leads the Senate?
4. What is equal representation?
5. What is proportional representation?
6. What were the New Jersey and Virginia Plans?
7. What was the Great Compromise?
8. Who backs up the Senate leader, the Vice President? pr
9. Who is the most powerful person in the U.S?
10. How many people are in the House?
11. Who elects the President pro tempore?
12. What two people can be impeached?
13. What are whips?
14. Which chamber approves the appointment to the supreme court?
15. What is the Elastic Clause?
16. What is the Vesting Clause?
17. List the steps in the impeachment process.
18. Who is the Representative?
19. How does a bill become a law?
20. Who leads the Legislative Branch?

Article 2
1. What is an indirect election of the president?
2. How many terms may a president serve?
3. What can the President do?
4. Who comes to power if the President dies? After that?
5. After president, Vice president, and the Speaker die, how do they go through the president’s
cabinet for the next president?
6. Who is the president?
7. What is a pardon or reprieve?
8. What are the duties of a president?
9. Name 5 Cabinet positions of the president.
10. Can the president command the military?
11. Why does the president represent all people?
12. What date is the President elected?
13. Why does the president represent all people?
14. What day is the president inaugurated?
15. What are the qualifications of the president?
16. What is the equation to find the number of electoral votes in each state?
18. How many people are in the electoral college?
19. What are some of the powers of the president?
20. What is the equation for the electoral college vote?

Article 3
1. Does a Supreme Court judge have to be a certain age?
2. How many district courts there? Which which one are we?
3. What is the Extradition Clause?
4. Who leads the Supreme Court? Who is currently leading it?
5. How many cases does the Supreme Court hear per year?
6. How many justices are in the supreme court?
8. How long does the Supreme Court Justices serve?
9. What preamble goal is it the duty of the Judicial Branch?
10. Who appoints judges in these courts?
12. Does the Supreme Court rule Unconstitutional or guilty?
13.True or False:You have to be 35 to be in the SCOTUS?
14. What is the example that is set by lower courts called?
15. Who decides the number of judges and creates courts?
16. What is the power of the Supreme court to declare laws/actions unconstitutional called?

Article 4
1. Each state must respect the ______, court rulings, and certifications of other states.
2. Does each state have to have a republican government?
5. What is the Fugitive Slave Clause?
6. What is the Extradition Clause?
7. Can a state break away from another to create a new one? If so how?
8. New states must be approved by who?
9. What is the Privileges and Immunities clause?
10. What is the Full Faith and Credit clause?
11. Who protects the states from invasion?
12. What type of government must each state hav

Article 5
1. How many votes does it take for an Amendment to be approved?
2. How many Amendments are there in total?
3. How many “actual” Amendments are there?
4. How many states are needed to approve an Amendment?
5. Does an Amendment have an expiration date?
6. What is the “Free Exercise Clause?” (covered in class on 3/17)
7. What is the “Establishment Clause?” (covered in class on 3/17)
8. What 5 freedoms does the first amendment protect?
9.How many amendments are there?
10. What is the first amendment?

Article 6
1. If state and Federal laws come in conflict, what is supreme?
2. Can US also make treaties and laws which concern the nation, but not the states?
3. What is the Supremacy Clause?
4. The U.S. also cannot require a __________test for the Federal office
5. Whenever a state’s laws come in ___________ with a Federal law

Article 7
1. Does each state’s government vote on the Constitution?
2. What number of states were required to ratify the Constitution?
4. What state was the first to ratify?
5.What is it called when 9 of the 13 pass the Constitution?
7. What was the 9th state to ratify the Constitution?
8. What was the last state to ratify the Constitution?