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Jennifer Parker

Assignment #4

Stateline Shipping and Transport Company’s Danville plant received 54 bbl of

waste from the plants in Kingsport and Allentown. The Macon plant received
36 bbl of waste from Kingsport and Selma. The plant in Columbus received 36
bbl of waste from Selma. 126bbl of waste was dispatched to the plants while
126bbl of waste was received.

Stateline Shipping and Transport Company should ship 80 bbl of waste to

Danville, 78 bbl of waste to Macon, and 65 bbl of waste to Columbus. This is
the optimal arrangement for this transshipment model. The total cost of the
shipment is $2,630. The plants are supplied with 223 bbl of waste;
accumulate 223 bbl of waste; and dispose of 223 bbl of waste.