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Spanish-English Business Dictionary

Over 2,000 terms. Updated regularly.

Compiled by Reed D. James



Spanish: a continuación
English: below

Spanish: A decir verdad

English: to tell the truth

Spanish: a diferencia de
English: unlike

Spanish: a este respecto

English: in this regard

Spanish: a favor de
English: in favor of, for the benefit of

Spanish: a fondo perdido

English: non-recoverable

Spanish: a grandes rasgos

English: roughly

Spanish: a la atención de
English: for the attention of

Spanish: a la intemperie
English: outdoors

Spanish: a mano
English: by hand

Spanish: a petición
English: on demand

Spanish: a petición
English: by request

Spanish: a principios de
English: at the beginning of

Spanish: a raíz de
English: as a result of

Spanish: a raíz de
English: as a result of

Spanish: a razón de
English: at the rate of

Spanish: a saber
English: namely

Spanish: a tal efecto

English: to that end

Spanish: a todas luces

English: clearly

Spanish: abandonado
English: abandoned

Spanish: abandono
English: abandonment

Spanish: abanico
English: range

Spanish: abrecartas
English: letter-opener

Spanish: abrumar
English: overwhelm

Spanish: absoluto
English: absolute

Spanish: absorción
English: absorption

Spanish: abstruso
English: abstruse

Spanish: abundantemente
English: abundantly

Spanish: abuso
English: abuse

Spanish: acarrear
English: cause
Spanish: acarrear
English: bring on

Spanish: accesibilidad
English: accessibility

Spanish: accesorios
English: accessories

Spanish: acciones nominativas

English: nominative shares

Spanish: acciones ordinarias

English: ordinary shares

Spanish: acciones propias

English: treasury stock

Spanish: acciones y participaciones sociales

English: corporate shares and participations

Spanish: accionista
English: shareholder

Spanish: acelerado
English: accelerated, quick, rapid

Spanish: aceptable
English: acceptable

Spanish: Ácido
English: acid

Spanish: acomodar
English: accommodate, adapt, fit

Spanish: acompañante
English: guide

Spanish: aconsejado
English: advised

Spanish: acontecimiento
English: event

Spanish: acontecimiento
English: occurrence

Spanish: acontecimiento
English: happening

Spanish: acontecimiento
English: occasion
Spanish: acontecimiento
English: affair

Spanish: acortamiento
English: shortening

Spanish: acoso sexual

English: sexual harassment

Spanish: acreedor comercial

English: commercial creditor

Spanish: acreedor no garantizado

English: unsecured creditor

Spanish: acreedores a largo plazo

English: long-term debt

Spanish: acreencia
English: credit

Spanish: acrónimo
English: acronym

Spanish: acta de consignación

English: minutes recording the decisions

Spanish: actividad económica

English: economic activity

Spanish: activo circulante

English: current assets

Spanish: actualidad
English: current events

Spanish: actualización
English: update

Spanish: actuar
English: act

Spanish: acuerdo social

English: directors' resolution

Spanish: adecuación
English: adaptation

Spanish: adecuadamente
English: adequately

Spanish: adeudo
English: debt

Spanish: adherir
English: adhere

Spanish: adiós
English: goodbye

Spanish: administrador único

English: sole agent

Spanish: administrativamente
English: administratively

Spanish: administrativo
English: administration

Spanish: adoptar
English: adopt

Spanish: adorar
English: worship

Spanish: adosar
English: attach

Spanish: adquirida
English: acquired

Spanish: adquisición
English: acquisition

Spanish: adquisición
English: purchase

Spanish: adyacencia
English: proximity

Spanish: aeródromo
English: airfield

Spanish: aeropuerto
English: airport

Spanish: afectado
English: affected

Spanish: afiche
English: poster

Spanish: afiliación
English: affiliation
Spanish: afiliado
English: member

Spanish: afirmar
English: affirm, assure, state, declare

Spanish: AFP
English: pension fund company

Spanish: agencia de publicidad

English: advertising agency

Spanish: agilidad
English: agility

Spanish: agilidad
English: flexibility

Spanish: agradable
English: pleasant

Spanish: agresión
English: attack

Spanish: agresivo
English: aggressive

Spanish: agricultor
English: farmer

Spanish: agricultural expert

English: ingeniero agrónomo

Spanish: agronomía
English: agronomy

Spanish: ahí
English: there

Spanish: ajustes por periodificación

English: accruals and prepayments

Spanish: ajustes por periodificación

English: accrual accounts

Spanish: al año
English: yearly

Spanish: al límite
English: to the limit

Spanish: al margen de
English: apart from
Spanish: al mismo tiempo
English: at the same time

Spanish: al momento
English: instantly

Spanish: al momento
English: immediately

Spanish: al portador
English: to the bearer

Spanish: alabanza
English: praise

Spanish: alarife
English: master builder

Spanish: albañil
English: mason

Spanish: alcance
English: scope

Spanish: alcance
English: range

Spanish: alcancía
English: collection box

Spanish: alcancía
English: piggy bank

Spanish: alcanzado
English: reached

Spanish: alcanzar
English: attain

Spanish: aleatorizado
English: randomized

Spanish: alegre
English: happy

Spanish: alentador
English: encouraging

Spanish: aliado
English: ally

Spanish: alianza
English: alliance

Spanish: aliciente
English: incentive

Spanish: aliciente
English: attraction

Spanish: aliciente
English: lure

Spanish: aliciente
English: charm

Spanish: alma
English: soul

Spanish: almacén
English: warehouse

Spanish: almacenaje
English: storage

Spanish: almacenista
English: wholesaler

Spanish: almoneda
English: auction

Spanish: alpargata
English: espadrille

Spanish: alquiler
English: rental

Spanish: alrededor de
English: around

Spanish: alta dirección

English: senior management

Spanish: alternativamente
English: alternatively

Spanish: alto ejecutivo

English: top executive

Spanish: amabilidad
English: kindness

Spanish: amarillo
English: yellow
Spanish: ambos
English: both

Spanish: América Latina

English: Latin America

Spanish: americano
English: American

Spanish: amigo
English: friend

Spanish: amor
English: love

Spanish: amortización
English: amortization

Spanish: amortización acumulada

English: accrued depreciation

Spanish: amortizaciones
English: accumulated amortization

Spanish: amortizar
English: amortize

Spanish: ampliación de capital

English: increase of capital

Spanish: amplio
English: generous

Spanish: añadido
English: added

Spanish: análisis de riesgos

English: risk analysis

Spanish: ancestral
English: ancestral

Spanish: anecdótico
English: anecdotal

Spanish: anejo
English: annex

Spanish: anfiteatro
English: amphitheater

Spanish: anhelar
English: covet
Spanish: animación
English: animation

Spanish: año calendario

English: calendar year

Spanish: anómalo
English: anomalous

Spanish: anotación
English: note

Spanish: ansioso
English: anxious

Spanish: ansioso
English: desperate

Spanish: anticipos
English: Advances

Spanish: anticipos e inmovilizaciones materiales en curso

English: advances and constructions in progress

Spanish: antiguamente
English: in the past

Spanish: anuncio
English: advertisement

Spanish: anuncio
English: ad

Spanish: apaisado
English: oblong

Spanish: apalancamiento
English: leverage

Spanish: aparentemente
English: apparently

Spanish: aparentemente
English: seemingly

Spanish: aparentemente
English: apparently

Spanish: aparición
English: appearance

Spanish: apenado
English: ashamed

Spanish: apenado
English: grieved

Spanish: apenado
English: pained

Spanish: apenado
English: troubled

Spanish: apertura
English: opening

Spanish: aplicabilidad
English: applicability

Spanish: aplicación
English: application

Spanish: aplicar
English: apply

Spanish: apoderado
English: agent

Spanish: aportación dineraria

English: money contribution

Spanish: aportaciones de socios para compensación de pérdidas

English: Shareholder's contribution to offset losses

Spanish: apoteósico
English: enormous

Spanish: apoteósico
English: huge

Spanish: apoteósico
English: tremendous

Spanish: apoyo
English: support

Spanish: apoyo financiero

English: financial backing

Spanish: apreciación
English: assessment

Spanish: apreciar
English: perceive
Spanish: apremio
English: urgency

Spanish: aprendizaje
English: learning

Spanish: aprovechamiento
English: exploitation

Spanish: aprovechar
English: capitalize on, make good use of, take the opportunity to

Spanish: aprovisionamiento
English: supply

Spanish: aprovisionamiento
English: provision

Spanish: aproximación
English: approximation, approach, nearness

Spanish: aproximadamente
English: approximately

Spanish: aproximadamente
English: about

Spanish: aproximadamente
English: roughly

Spanish: aproximado
English: approximate

Spanish: apto
English: suitable

Spanish: apuesta
English: bet

Spanish: APV
English: Voluntary Retirement Savings

Spanish: árbitro
English: arbitrator

Spanish: archivador
English: file cabinet

Spanish: arena
English: sand

Spanish: arma blanca

English: knife
Spanish: arqueado
English: arched

Spanish: arquitecto
English: architect

Spanish: arquitectónico
English: architectural

Spanish: arrecife de coral

English: coral reef

Spanish: arrojar
English: yield

Spanish: arruga
English: wrinkle

Spanish: arte
English: art

Spanish: artesano
English: handmade

Spanish: articulación
English: articulation

Spanish: articulación
English: joint

Spanish: articulándose
English: include

Spanish: artículo
English: item

Spanish: artículo
English: object

Spanish: artificial
English: artificial

Spanish: artístico
English: artistic

Spanish: asegurado
English: insured

Spanish: asegurador
English: insurer

Spanish: aseguramiento
English: insurance

Spanish: asentado
English: situated

Spanish: asentado
English: located

Spanish: asentado
English: established

Spanish: aseo personal

English: personal hygiene

Spanish: asequible
English: affordable

Spanish: asertivo
English: assertive

Spanish: asesor financiero

English: financial advisor

Spanish: asesoría
English: advice

Spanish: Asia
English: Asia

Spanish: asiático
English: Asian

Spanish: asiento
English: seat

Spanish: asignable
English: assignable

Spanish: asignatura pendiente

English: unresolved issue

Spanish: asistencia técnica

English: technical assistance

Spanish: asistente
English: attendee

Spanish: asociación
English: association

Spanish: asociado
English: associated
Spanish: aspecto
English: aspect

Spanish: asterisco
English: asterisk

Spanish: asumible
English: satisfactory

Spanish: atentado
English: attack

Spanish: atentado
English: assault

Spanish: atentado terrorista

English: terrorist attack

Spanish: atento
English: polite

Spanish: atento
English: courteous

Spanish: atípico
English: atypical

Spanish: atractivo
English: charm

Spanish: atractivo
English: appeal

Spanish: atraer
English: attract

Spanish: atribuir
English: attribute

Spanish: atributo
English: attribute

Spanish: aunque
English: although

Spanish: aunque
English: even though

Spanish: ausente
English: absent

Spanish: auténtico
English: genuine
Spanish: auténtico
English: real

Spanish: auténtico
English: true

Spanish: auto admisorio

English: writ of admission

Spanish: autodidacta
English: self-taught

Spanish: autoliquidación
English: self-assessment

Spanish: automáticamente
English: automatically

Spanish: autónomo
English: independent contractor

Spanish: autónomo
English: autonomous

Spanish: autopista
English: expressway

Spanish: autoportante
English: self-supporting

Spanish: autoría
English: authorship

Spanish: autoservicio
English: self service

Spanish: avalista
English: guarantor

Spanish: averiguación
English: inquiry

Spanish: avión
English: airplane

Spanish: azafata
English: hostess

Spanish: bahía
English: bay

Spanish: bajas pasiones

English: animal passions

Spanish: balance de situación

English: balance sheet

Spanish: balneario
English: health resort

Spanish: bálsamo
English: comfort

Spanish: Banco Central Europeo

English: European Central Bank

Spanish: Banco de España

English: Banco de España

Spanish: banco de inversión

English: investment bank

Spanish: baremo
English: scale

Spanish: barrio
English: neighborhood

Spanish: barrio
English: quarter

Spanish: basado
English: based

Spanish: basado en
English: based on

Spanish: báscula
English: scales

Spanish: base
English: basis

Spanish: base contable

English: account basis

Spanish: bautizo
English: christening

Spanish: bayeta
English: cloth

Spanish: becario
English: scholarship holder
Spanish: beneficio
English: benefit

Spanish: beneficio neto

English: net profit

Spanish: beneficio neto

English: clear profit

Spanish: beneficio neto consolidado

English: consolidated net profit

Spanish: beneficio tributario

English: taxable gain

Spanish: bien público

English: public property

Spanish: bienes de consumo

English: consumer goods

Spanish: bienes de inversión

English: capital goods

Spanish: bienes duraderos

English: durable goods

Spanish: bienvenido
English: welcome

Spanish: bilingüismo
English: bilingualism

Spanish: billete
English: bill, ticket, note

Spanish: bisutería
English: costume jewelry

Spanish: blanco
English: white

Spanish: bodega
English: winery

Spanish: boletinar
English: blacklist

Spanish: bomba
English: pump

Spanish: bombardeado
English: bombarded
Spanish: bonificación
English: discount

Spanish: bonista
English: bondholder

Spanish: borrador
English: rough draft

Spanish: borroso
English: blurry

Spanish: bote
English: jackpot

Spanish: botella
English: bottle

Spanish: botijo
English: mug

Spanish: brevemente
English: briefly

Spanish: bricolaje
English: do-it-yourself work

Spanish: bricolaje
English: do-it-yourself

Spanish: bricolaje
English: DIY

Spanish: brillante
English: shiny

Spanish: brillante
English: brilliant

Spanish: bruscamente
English: suddenly

Spanish: bruscamente
English: brusquely

Spanish: bruscamente
English: sharply

Spanish: Bruselas
English: Brussels

Spanish: burocrático
English: bureaucratic

Spanish: buscado
English: desired

Spanish: C.P.
English: CPA

Spanish: cabecero
English: headboard

Spanish: cachet
English: fee

Spanish: cadena de frío

English: cold chain

Spanish: caja de seguridad

English: safe deposit box

Spanish: cajero
English: cashier

Spanish: cajero
English: cashier

Spanish: cajón de sastre

English: jumble

Spanish: cajón de sastre

English: hodgepodge

Spanish: cálculo
English: calculation

Spanish: calidad de vida

English: quality of life

Spanish: calle
English: street

Spanish: cama doble

English: double bed

Spanish: Cámara de Comercio

English: Chamber of Commerce

Spanish: cámara fotográfica

English: camera

Spanish: camarero
English: waiter
Spanish: cambio de guardia
English: changing of the guard

Spanish: camerino
English: dressing room

Spanish: campaña
English: campaign

Spanish: campo de golf

English: golf course

Spanish: campos de golf

English: golf course

Spanish: canal de distribución

English: distribution channel

Spanish: canal de televisión

English: television channel

Spanish: cancelación de hipoteca

English: mortgage cancellation

Spanish: canción
English: song

Spanish: candidato
English: candidate

Spanish: candidatura
English: candidacy

Spanish: canje
English: exchange

Spanish: cantidad
English: amount

Spanish: cantidad
English: sum

Spanish: cantón
English: canton

Spanish: capa
English: layer

Spanish: capital autorizado

English: authorized capital

Spanish: capital de riesgo

English: venture capital
Spanish: capital pagado
English: paid-in capital

Spanish: capital social

English: capital stock

Spanish: capital suscrito

English: subscribed capital stock

Spanish: capital suscrito

English: Capital stock

Spanish: capitulación
English: marriage settlement

Spanish: capítulo
English: chapter

Spanish: capricho
English: whim

Spanish: captación
English: securing

Spanish: captar
English: capture

Spanish: característica
English: characteristic

Spanish: característico
English: characteristic

Spanish: carátula
English: title page

Spanish: carga de trabajo

English: workload

Spanish: cargo
English: in care of

Spanish: Caribe
English: Caribbean

Spanish: carpintero
English: carpenter

Spanish: carretera
English: highway

Spanish: carta de ajuste

English: test card

Spanish: carta de crédito

English: letter of credit

Spanish: carta de intención

English: letter of intent

Spanish: carta de pago

English: receipt

Spanish: carta de representación

English: letter of representation

Spanish: cartera
English: portfolio

Spanish: cartera de control

English: holdings

Spanish: cartera de valores a largo plazo

English: Long-term investments securities

Spanish: casa de bolsa

English: brokerage firm

Spanish: casa de cambio

English: money exchange office

Spanish: casino
English: casino

Spanish: castigado
English: damaged

Spanish: Castilla-La Mancha

English: Castilla-La Mancha

Spanish: catástrofe
English: catastrophe

Spanish: categoría
English: category

Spanish: catolicismo
English: Catholicism

Spanish: caución
English: guarantee

Spanish: CCAA
English: Annual Accounts
Spanish: cedible
English: transferable

Spanish: cédula fiscal

English: taxpayer identification document

Spanish: celador
English: attendant

Spanish: celebración
English: celebration

Spanish: celebrado
English: held

Spanish: cena de gala

English: gala dinner

Spanish: Cenicienta
English: Cinderella

Spanish: ceñirse a
English: adhere to, limit oneself to, stick to

Spanish: censal
English: tax

Spanish: centígrado
English: Celsius

Spanish: central
English: head office, main office, headquarters, main station

Spanish: centralización
English: centralization

Spanish: centrar
English: focus

Spanish: centro de coste

English: cost center

Spanish: centro de distribución

English: distribution center

Spanish: centro neurálgico

English: nerve center

Spanish: cercano
English: approachable

Spanish: cerillo
English: match
Spanish: certificado de garantía
English: guarantee

Spanish: certificado de incorporación

English: certificate of incorporation

Spanish: cesante
English: unemployed

Spanish: chapuzón
English: dip

Spanish: cheque certificado

English: certified check

Spanish: cheque de caja

English: cashier's check

Spanish: cheque nominativo

English: order check

Spanish: China Meridional

English: Southern China

Spanish: chino
English: Chinese

Spanish: ciclomotor
English: moped

Spanish: cierto
English: certain

Spanish: cifra
English: figure

Spanish: cifra
English: figure

Spanish: cinematográfico
English: cinematic

Spanish: circular
English: circular

Spanish: circular
English: handbill

Spanish: circundante
English: surrounding

Spanish: circunvalar
English: encircle

Spanish: cita
English: appointment

Spanish: ciudad
English: city

Spanish: Ciudad de Madrid

English: City of Madrid

Spanish: Ciudad Real

English: Ciudad Real

Spanish: ciudadano
English: citizen

Spanish: cizañero
English: troublemaker

Spanish: claridad
English: clarity

Spanish: clasicismo
English: classicism

Spanish: clasificación
English: classification

Spanish: clasificación
English: classification

Spanish: clasificación arancelaria

English: tariff classification

Spanish: clasificado
English: classified

Spanish: clave
English: key

Spanish: cliente final

English: end customer

Spanish: clientela
English: clientele

Spanish: clientes por venta y prestación de servicios

English: trade receivables for sales and services

Spanish: clima laboral

English: work environment
Spanish: cobertura
English: coverage

Spanish: cocina
English: kitchen

Spanish: codificar
English: encode

Spanish: codificar
English: code

Spanish: coercitivo
English: coercive

Spanish: coherencia
English: coherence

Spanish: colaborar
English: collaborate

Spanish: colchón
English: mattress

Spanish: colega
English: colleague

Spanish: colina
English: hill

Spanish: colmado
English: grocery store

Spanish: colonial
English: colonial

Spanish: color primario

English: primary color

Spanish: color secundario

English: secondary color

Spanish: colorista
English: colorful

Spanish: combinación
English: combination

Spanish: combinar
English: combine

Spanish: comedidamente
English: courteously
Spanish: comentario
English: comment

Spanish: comentario
English: remark

Spanish: comercialidad
English: marketability

Spanish: comercializable
English: salable

Spanish: comercialización
English: commercialization, marketing

Spanish: comité directivo

English: management committee

Spanish: comité ejecutivo

English: executive committee

Spanish: como mínimo

English: at the very least

Spanish: compañero de trabajo

English: coworker

Spanish: compañía
English: company, enterprise, association

Spanish: compañía aérea

English: airline

Spanish: comparativo
English: comparative

Spanish: compatibilidad
English: compatibility

Spanish: compensar
English: compensate

Spanish: competencia
English: jurisdiction

Spanish: competidor
English: competitor

Spanish: competitivamente
English: competitively

Spanish: competitividad
English: competitiveness

Spanish: competitivo
English: competitive

Spanish: complejidad
English: complexity

Spanish: complejo
English: complex

Spanish: complementariamente
English: in addition

Spanish: complementariedad
English: complimentariness

Spanish: completo
English: complete

Spanish: completo
English: complete

Spanish: complicidad
English: complicity

Spanish: componente
English: component

Spanish: componente
English: part

Spanish: componente
English: member

Spanish: comportar
English: entail

Spanish: composición
English: composition

Spanish: compraventa
English: bargain and sale

Spanish: comprensible
English: understandable

Spanish: comprometerse a
English: promise to

Spanish: compromiso
English: commitment
Spanish: cómputo
English: calculation

Spanish: común
English: common

Spanish: común
English: shared

Spanish: comunicado de prensa

English: press release

Spanish: comunicado de prensa

English: press release

Spanish: comunidad
English: community

Spanish: comunión
English: communion

Spanish: con agilidad

English: swiftly

Spanish: con éxito

English: successfully

Spanish: con posterioridad

English: subsequently

Spanish: con vistas a

English: with a view to

Spanish: concepción
English: conception

Spanish: concepto
English: heading

Spanish: concesionario
English: concessionaire

Spanish: concesiones, patentes, licencias, marcas y similares

English: concessions, patents, licenses, trademarks, etc.

Spanish: concienzudo
English: conscientious

Spanish: concretamente
English: specifically

Spanish: concretarse
English: become definite
Spanish: concurrencia
English: concurrence

Spanish: concurrente
English: concurrent

Spanish: concursal
English: bankruptcy

Spanish: concurso
English: bid

Spanish: condiciones económicas

English: economic conditions

Spanish: condolencias
English: condolences

Spanish: conectividad
English: connectivity

Spanish: conexión
English: connection

Spanish: conferir
English: give

Spanish: confiable
English: dependable

Spanish: confianza
English: trust

Spanish: confianza
English: confidence

Spanish: confianza
English: familiarity

Spanish: configuración
English: configuration

Spanish: conforme a
English: pursuant to

Spanish: confort
English: comfort

Spanish: confortante
English: comforting

Spanish: confuso
English: confused

Spanish: conmemorativo
English: commemorative

Spanish: conmemorativo
English: memorial

Spanish: conocido
English: known

Spanish: conocimiento
English: knowhow

Spanish: consciente
English: aware

Spanish: consecuencia
English: consequence

Spanish: consecuencia
English: outcome

Spanish: consejería
English: department

Spanish: consejería
English: board

Spanish: consejero delegado

English: managing director

Spanish: consejo asesor

English: advisory board

Spanish: consejo de administración

English: board meeting

Spanish: consejo de administración

English: board of directors

Spanish: consentidor
English: indulgent

Spanish: conservado
English: preserved

Spanish: consignatario
English: consignee

Spanish: consiguiente
English: consequent
Spanish: consolidación
English: consolidation

Spanish: consolidado
English: consolidated

Spanish: consorcio
English: consortium, association

Spanish: construido
English: built

Spanish: consultor
English: consultant

Spanish: consultoría
English: consultancy

Spanish: consumidor
English: consumer

Spanish: consumidor final

English: end consumer

Spanish: consumidor final

English: end consumer

Spanish: consumista
English: consumerist

Spanish: consumo
English: consumption

Spanish: consumo interno

English: domestic consumption

Spanish: contabilización
English: accounting

Spanish: contacto
English: contact

Spanish: contemplar
English: have provision for, have provisions for

Spanish: contenedor
English: container

Spanish: contenido
English: content

Spanish: contenido
English: contents
Spanish: continente
English: premises

Spanish: continuidad
English: continuity

Spanish: continuo
English: ongoing

Spanish: contraargumento
English: counter-argument

Spanish: contraargumento
English: side of an argument which presents the opposite point of view

Spanish: contraponerse
English: be opposed

Spanish: contraportada
English: back page

Spanish: contraportada
English: back cover

Spanish: contraprestación
English: consideration

Spanish: contravalor
English: countervalue

Spanish: contravalor
English: exchange value

Spanish: contribuyente
English: taxpayer

Spanish: control de costes

English: cost control

Spanish: controversia
English: controversy, dispute, debate

Spanish: contrrol de costos

English: cost control

Spanish: convencer
English: convince

Spanish: convencer
English: persuade

Spanish: convencer
English: satisfy

Spanish: convencimiento
English: conviction

Spanish: conveniencia
English: convenience

Spanish: conveniente
English: suitable

Spanish: conveniente
English: advisable

Spanish: conversar
English: talk

Spanish: conversar
English: converse

Spanish: convivencia
English: coexistence

Spanish: convivir
English: coexist

Spanish: convocatoria
English: invitation

Spanish: convocatoria
English: call

Spanish: cooperativo
English: cooperative

Spanish: coordinación
English: coordination

Spanish: coordinador
English: coordinator

Spanish: corazón
English: heart

Spanish: corchetes
English: square brackets

Spanish: corporativo
English: corporate

Spanish: corredor de bolsa

English: stockbroker
Spanish: correduría
English: brokerage

Spanish: correduría de seguros

English: insurance brokerage

Spanish: corregido
English: corrected

Spanish: correspondencia
English: correspondence

Spanish: corresponder a
English: correspond to

Spanish: costa
English: coast

Spanish: costa este

English: East Coast

Spanish: coste directo

English: direct cost

Spanish: costos directos

English: direct costs

Spanish: costumbre
English: custom

Spanish: costumbre
English: habit

Spanish: cotidiano
English: daily

Spanish: cotillear
English: gossip

Spanish: cotización, quotation, estimate, appraisal

English: price

Spanish: coyuntural
English: relevant to now

Spanish: creativo
English: creative

Spanish: creativo
English: creative

Spanish: crediticio
English: credit
Spanish: crédito hipotecario
English: mortgage loan

Spanish: créditos a empresas asociadas

English: loans to associated companies

Spanish: créditos a empresas del grupo

English: loans to group companies

Spanish: creencia
English: belief

Spanish: cristalino
English: crystal-clear

Spanish: cristiano
English: Christian

Spanish: criticidad
English: critical nature

Spanish: cronista
English: commentator

Spanish: cuadrado
English: square

Spanish: cualitativo
English: qualitative

Spanish: cuantioso
English: considerable, abundant, plentiful, numerous, profuse

Spanish: cuantioso
English: considerable

Spanish: cuantioso
English: considerable

Spanish: cuantitativo
English: quantitative

Spanish: cuantitativo
English: numerical

Spanish: cuartel
English: barracks

Spanish: cuenta corriente

English: checking account

Spanish: cuenta corriente a la vista

English: sight current account

Spanish: cuenta de ahorro

English: savings account

Spanish: cuenta de explotación

English: trading accounts

Spanish: cuenta de pérdidas y ganancias

English: profit and loss statement

Spanish: cuestionamiento
English: questioning

Spanish: cuestionario
English: questionnaire

Spanish: cuestiones
English: points

Spanish: cultura
English: culture

Spanish: cultura corporativa

English: corporate culture

Spanish: cultural
English: cultural

Spanish: cumplido
English: polite

Spanish: cumplido
English: courteous

Spanish: cumplimentar
English: carry out

Spanish: cuota
English: quota

Spanish: cuota de mercado

English: market share

Spanish: cuota de mercado

English: market share

Spanish: cuota patronal

English: employer's contribution

Spanish: cuota tributaria

English: tax liability
Spanish: cursado
English: dispatched

Spanish: cursar
English: dispatch

Spanish: cursillo
English: minicourse

Spanish: dar cabida

English: make room

Spanish: dar parte de

English: report

Spanish: dar por

English: take for

Spanish: dardo
English: dart

Spanish: de cortesía
English: complimentary

Spanish: de excepción
English: exceptional

Spanish: de hecho
English: in fact, as a matter of fact, actually

Spanish: de la misma manera

English: likewise

Spanish: de modo exhaustivo

English: thoroughly

Spanish: de modo que

English: so that, in order that

Spanish: de momento
English: for the moment

Spanish: de ordinario
English: ordinarily

Spanish: de peso
English: powerful

Spanish: debilidad
English: weakness

Spanish: debitar
English: debit
Spanish: década
English: decade

Spanish: decenas
English: tens

Spanish: declarado
English: declared

Spanish: decoración
English: decoration

Spanish: decorado
English: decoration

Spanish: dedicación
English: dedication

Spanish: dedicado
English: devoted

Spanish: dedicatoria
English: dedication

Spanish: dedil
English: fingerstall

Spanish: deficiencia
English: deficiency

Spanish: deficiencia
English: defect

Spanish: deficiencia
English: shortcoming

Spanish: deformar
English: deform

Spanish: del orden de

English: in the neighborhood of

Spanish: delegación
English: delegation

Spanish: delegación
English: branch

Spanish: delegación
English: office

Spanish: delegado
English: representative

Spanish: demoscopia
English: opinion research

Spanish: denegación
English: denial

Spanish: denominación
English: name

Spanish: densamente
English: densly

Spanish: Departamento de Administración y Finanzas

English: Administration and Finance Department

Spanish: Departamento de Compras

English: purchasing department

Spanish: Departamento de Contratación

English: General Contracting

Spanish: dependencia
English: dependence

Spanish: dependencias
English: outbuildings

Spanish: depositar
English: deposit

Spanish: depositario
English: depositary

Spanish: depósito
English: deposit

Spanish: depósito legal

English: copyright

Spanish: derecho de compra

English: right to buy

Spanish: derechos de cobro

English: collection rights

Spanish: derechos de traspaso

English: leasehold assignment rights

Spanish: desajuste
English: alteration
Spanish: desaparición
English: disappearance

Spanish: desapasionado
English: impartial

Spanish: desatender
English: neglect

Spanish: desconcentrar
English: distract

Spanish: desconcertantes
English: disconcerting

Spanish: deseabilidad
English: desirability

Spanish: deseado
English: desired

Spanish: desempeño
English: performance

Spanish: desenvolvimiento
English: development

Spanish: desértico
English: desert

Spanish: desesperante
English: maddening

Spanish: desesperante
English: infuriating

Spanish: desesperante
English: exasperating

Spanish: desfavorable
English: unfavorable

Spanish: desfavorable
English: adverse

Spanish: desgastado
English: worn

Spanish: desglose
English: breakdown

Spanish: desgracia
English: misfortune
Spanish: desgracia
English: bad luck,

Spanish: desgracia
English: mishap

Spanish: desgracia
English: accident

Spanish: desgraciadamente
English: unfortunately

Spanish: desinversión
English: disinvestment

Spanish: deslizar
English: swipe

Spanish: deslumbrante
English: dazzling

Spanish: deslumbrante
English: dazzling

Spanish: desnudo
English: bare

Spanish: desnudo
English: naked

Spanish: desnudo
English: nude

Spanish: despensa
English: pantry

Spanish: despiadado
English: ruthless

Spanish: despiadado
English: merciless

Spanish: despilfarrar
English: waste

Spanish: despilfarrar
English: squander

Spanish: despojado
English: bereft

Spanish: destinado
English: assigned

Spanish: desventaja
English: disadvantage

Spanish: desventaja
English: drawback

Spanish: desventajoso
English: disadvantageous

Spanish: desviación
English: deviation

Spanish: desvinculación
English: disassociation

Spanish: detectar
English: detect

Spanish: detenido
English: thorough

Spanish: detrimento
English: detriment, damage, harm

Spanish: detrimento
English: detriment

Spanish: deuda
English: debt

Spanish: deuda financiera

English: financing debt

Spanish: deudores varios

English: sundry accounts receivable

Spanish: devengo
English: amount due

Spanish: día de pago

English: payday

Spanish: diariamente
English: daily

Spanish: dieta
English: per diem allowance

Spanish: diferencia
English: difference
Spanish: diferenciación
English: differentiation

Spanish: diferenciado
English: differentiated

Spanish: diferenciador
English: differentiating

Spanish: diferencial
English: differential

Spanish: diferenciar
English: differentiate

Spanish: diferencias positivas en cambio

English: exchange gains

Spanish: diferido
English: deferred

Spanish: difícilmente
English: with difficulty, hardly

Spanish: difuminar
English: soften

Spanish: difusión
English: dissemination

Spanish: dignatario
English: dignitary

Spanish: dinámica
English: dynamics

Spanish: dinamismo
English: forcefulness, force, dynamism, drive

Spanish: dinamizar
English: expedite, rush, quicken

Spanish: diosa
English: godess

Spanish: dirección general

English: general management

Spanish: directamente
English: directly

Spanish: directamente
English: straight
Spanish: directivo
English: director

Spanish: directivo
English: manager

Spanish: directivo
English: board member

Spanish: directo
English: direct

Spanish: director general

English: managing director

Spanish: director gerente

English: managing director

Spanish: directriz
English: directive

Spanish: dirigido
English: directed

Spanish: disciplina
English: discipline

Spanish: disconformidad
English: disconformity

Spanish: discontinuo
English: discontinuous

Spanish: discreción
English: discreetness

Spanish: discriminatorio
English: discriminatory

Spanish: discurrir
English: flow

Spanish: diseñador de interiores

English: interior decorator

Spanish: disfrutar
English: enjoy

Spanish: disfrute
English: enjoyment

Spanish: disperso
English: dispersed

Spanish: dispuesto a
English: willing

Spanish: distrito
English: district

Spanish: divergencia
English: divergence

Spanish: diversidad
English: diversity

Spanish: dividendo a cuenta entregado en el ejercicio

English: interim dividend paid during the year

Spanish: divisa
English: foreign currency

Spanish: divisar
English: make out, discern, distinguish

Spanish: doblar
English: double

Spanish: docente
English: teaching

Spanish: docente
English: teacher

Spanish: docente
English: lecturer

Spanish: docente
English: professor

Spanish: documento
English: document

Spanish: dólar
English: dollar

Spanish: domicilio fiscal

English: tax domicile

Spanish: donativo
English: donation

Spanish: dotacional
English: institutional
Spanish: dotado
English: endowed

Spanish: dramatic
English: cordial

Spanish: dramatic
English: heartfelt

Spanish: dramatic
English: friendly

Spanish: dramático
English: dramatic

Spanish: droguería
English: cleaning supply store

Spanish: dto.
English: discount

Spanish: dualidad
English: duality

Spanish: duplicidad
English: duplicity

Spanish: durabilidad
English: durability

Spanish: durante
English: for

Spanish: economía
English: economy

Spanish: economía global

English: global economy, overall economy

Spanish: editorial
English: publishing

Spanish: EE.UU.
English: U.S.A.

Spanish: efectivo
English: staff

Spanish: efectivo
English: effective

Spanish: efecto
English: efecto
Spanish: efecto
English: result

Spanish: egreso
English: graduation

Spanish: ejercicio social

English: fiscal year

Spanish: el Renacimiento
English: the Renaissance

Spanish: elaboración
English: development

Spanish: elaboración propia

English: author's compilation

Spanish: electrodoméstico
English: electrical appliance

Spanish: elegancia
English: elegance

Spanish: elegante
English: elegant

Spanish: elegante
English: smart

Spanish: elegante
English: stylish

Spanish: elemental
English: elementary

Spanish: elemental
English: basic

Spanish: elemento
English: element

Spanish: elementos
English: elements

Spanish: elitismo
English: elitism

Spanish: elogiable
English: laudable

Spanish: elogiable
English: praiseworthy

Spanish: embalaje
English: packaging

Spanish: embarcación deportiva

English: pleasure craft

Spanish: emblemático
English: representative

Spanish: emergencia
English: emergency

Spanish: emocional
English: emotional

Spanish: emocionalmente
English: emotionally

Spanish: empatía
English: empathy

Spanish: empresa financiera

English: financial institution

Spanish: empresa matriz

English: parent company

Spanish: empresas asociadas, deudores

English: recievables from associated companies

Spanish: empresas del grupo, deudores

English: recievables from group companies

Spanish: empréstito
English: loan

Spanish: en activo
English: in business

Spanish: en aras de
English: for the sake of

Spanish: en cambio
English: in return

Spanish: en caso de
English: in the event of

Spanish: en caso de
English: in case of
Spanish: en ciernes
English: budding

Spanish: en contraste
English: in comparison, by comparison

Spanish: en cualquier momento

English: at any time

Spanish: en cuanto a
English: as to, regarding, as for, in the case of, insofar as, in regard to, in terms of,
with reference to

Spanish: en curso
English: in progress

Spanish: en definitiva
English: in short

Spanish: en el tiempo
English: over time

Spanish: en este caso

English: in this case

Spanish: en exceso
English: in excess

Spanish: en función de
English: in terms of

Spanish: en función de
English: according to

Spanish: en funciones
English: acting

Spanish: en la medida que

English: insofar as

Spanish: en línea
English: on-line

Spanish: en materia de
English: on the subject of

Spanish: en particular
English: in particular

Spanish: en particular
English: especially

Spanish: en pos de
English: in pursuit of

Spanish: en principio
English: to begin with

Spanish: en profundidad
English: deeply

Spanish: en referencia a
English: with regard to

Spanish: en relación con

English: relating to, in relation to, with relation to, in connection with

Spanish: en señal de
English: as a sign of

Spanish: en señal de
English: as a token of

Spanish: en serio
English: seriously

Spanish: en vísperas de
English: on the eve of

Spanish: encabezado
English: title

Spanish: encabezamiento
English: heading

Spanish: encaje
English: lace

Spanish: encanto
English: charm

Spanish: encargado comercial

English: commercial manager

Spanish: encargo
English: order

Spanish: endémico
English: endemic

Spanish: enganche
English: down payment

Spanish: enhorabuena
English: congratulations
Spanish: enriquecimiento
English: enrichment

Spanish: enriquecimiento
English: enhancement

Spanish: ensayo
English: test

Spanish: enseguida
English: immediately

Spanish: enseguida
English: promptly

Spanish: entablar
English: establish

Spanish: entidad aseguradora

English: insurance company

Spanish: entidad aseguradora

English: insurance company

Spanish: entidad bancaria

English: bank

Spanish: entidad de crédito

English: lending institution

Spanish: entidad de crédito

English: credit institution

Spanish: entrada en vigor

English: entry into force

Spanish: entre corchetes

English: in brackets

Spanish: entrega
English: installment

Spanish: entretanto
English: meanwhile, in the meantime

Spanish: envejecido
English: aged

Spanish: envergadura
English: extent

Spanish: envidia
English: envy
Spanish: envío
English: shipment

Spanish: época
English: period

Spanish: época
English: age

Spanish: época
English: era

Spanish: época
English: season

Spanish: época
English: length of time

Spanish: equidistante
English: equidistant

Spanish: equilibrio económico

English: economic balance

Spanish: equipamiento
English: equipment

Spanish: equitativo
English: equitable

Spanish: equitativo
English: equitable

Spanish: escarpia
English: spike

Spanish: escarpia
English: hook

Spanish: escaso
English: poor

Spanish: escobilla
English: brush

Spanish: escudarse
English: defend

Spanish: escudarse
English: hide behind

Spanish: escudarse
English: use as an excuse

Spanish: escudarse
English: protect

Spanish: escultor
English: sculpter

Spanish: escultura
English: sculpture

Spanish: esencia
English: essence, substance

Spanish: esencial
English: essential

Spanish: espacio radioeléctrico

English: airwaves

Spanish: esparcimiento
English: recreation

Spanish: especialidad
English: specialty

Spanish: especialista
English: specialist

Spanish: especialización
English: specialization

Spanish: especificar
English: specify

Spanish: espectacular
English: spectacular

Spanish: espectáculo
English: scandal

Spanish: espontáneo
English: spontaneous

Spanish: esporádicamente
English: sporadically

Spanish: esquina
English: corner

Spanish: estabilidad
English: stability
Spanish: estable
English: stable

Spanish: establecimiento
English: establishment

Spanish: estado contable

English: accounting statement

Spanish: estado de cuenta

English: bank statement

Spanish: estancamiento
English: standstill

Spanish: estancia
English: stay

Spanish: estándar
English: standard

Spanish: estar a la altura de

English: measure up to

Spanish: estatuto
English: bylaw

Spanish: estatutos sociales

English: corporate bylaws

Spanish: estético
English: esthetic

Spanish: estilismo
English: fashion

Spanish: estilismo
English: style

Spanish: estilo
English: style

Spanish: estilo de vida

English: lifestyle

Spanish: estilo de vida

English: way of life

Spanish: estimular
English: stimulate

Spanish: estímulo
English: stimulus
Spanish: estímulo
English: stimulation

Spanish: estímulos
English: stimuli

Spanish: estrategia
English: strategy

Spanish: estrechar
English: make narrower

Spanish: estrecho
English: narrow

Spanish: estrella
English: star

Spanish: estreno
English: new release

Spanish: estropajo
English: scourer

Spanish: estructura de costo

English: cost structure

Spanish: estudios de marketing

English: marketing studies

Spanish: estupor
English: astonishment

Spanish: estupor
English: amazement

Spanish: ético
English: ethical

Spanish: etimológicamente
English: etymologically

Spanish: etnia
English: ethnic group

Spanish: ETT
English: temporary recruitment agency

Spanish: evaluable
English: evaluable

Spanish: evaluación
English: evaluation

Spanish: evidentemente
English: evidently

Spanish: evitar
English: avoid

Spanish: evitar
English: avoid

Spanish: exactamente
English: exactly

Spanish: exactitud
English: accurateness

Spanish: examinado
English: examined

Spanish: excelencia
English: excellence

Spanish: excelente
English: excellent, first-rate

Spanish: excepcional
English: exceptional

Spanish: excitante
English: stimulating

Spanish: excluir
English: exclude

Spanish: exclusivamente
English: exclusively

Spanish: exclusivo
English: exclusive

Spanish: exhaustivo
English: thorough

Spanish: exhaustivo
English: exhaustive

Spanish: exhaustivo
English: comprehensive

Spanish: exigencia
English: requirement
Spanish: exigencia
English: demand

Spanish: exigente
English: exacting

Spanish: existencias
English: inventories

Spanish: existente
English: existing, existent

Spanish: éxito
English: success

Spanish: exotismo
English: exoticism

Spanish: exotismo
English: foreignness

Spanish: expandir
English: expand

Spanish: expansión
English: expansion

Spanish: expectación
English: excitement

Spanish: experimentado
English: experienced

Spanish: experimentado
English: tested

Spanish: experimento
English: experiment

Spanish: experto
English: expert

Spanish: exploración
English: exploration

Spanish: explorar
English: explore

Spanish: exploratorio
English: exploratory

Spanish: explotación
English: operation
Spanish: exportación
English: export, exportation, exporting

Spanish: expositor
English: display stand

Spanish: extender
English: spread

Spanish: extenso
English: vast

Spanish: extorsión
English: extortion

Spanish: extorsión
English: blackmail

Spanish: extranjero
English: foreigner

Spanish: extraordinario
English: extraordinary

Spanish: extremo
English: matter

Spanish: exuberante
English: exuberant

Spanish: fabricación
English: manufacturing

Spanish: fabricante
English: maker

Spanish: faceta
English: facet

Spanish: fácil
English: easy

Spanish: facilidad
English: facility

Spanish: facilidad
English: ease

Spanish: facilitar
English: enable

Spanish: factura pro forma

English: pro forma invoice

Spanish: facturable
English: billable

Spanish: facturación
English: total revenue

Spanish: facturación directa

English: direct invoicing

Spanish: fallido
English: bankrupt

Spanish: fallo
English: failure

Spanish: falso
English: false

Spanish: famoso
English: famed

Spanish: fantasía
English: fantasy

Spanish: fecha de emisión

English: date of issue

Spanish: fecha de pago

English: payment date

Spanish: fecha de terminación

English: termination date

Spanish: felizmente
English: happily

Spanish: festivo
English: holiday

Spanish: fideicomiso
English: trust

Spanish: fidelidad
English: accuracy

Spanish: fidelización de clientes

English: customer loyalty program

Spanish: fiduciaria
English: fiduciary
Spanish: Filarmónica de las Naciones
English: Philharmonia of the Nations

Spanish: filosofía
English: philosophy

Spanish: filosófico
English: philosophic

Spanish: filosófico
English: philosophical

Spanish: filósofo
English: philosopher

Spanish: filtro
English: filter

Spanish: financiación
English: financing

Spanish: finanzas
English: finances

Spanish: fino
English: fine

Spanish: flagelo
English: scourge

Spanish: flexibilidad
English: flexibility

Spanish: flota
English: fleet

Spanish: flujo
English: flow

Spanish: flujo de caja

English: cash flow

Spanish: folleto
English: brochure

Spanish: fomentar
English: promote

Spanish: fondo
English: background

Spanish: fondo de comercio

English: goodwill
Spanish: fondo de maniobra
English: working fund

Spanish: fondo de pensiones

English: pension fund

Spanish: fondo de reversión

English: reversion reserve

Spanish: fondo mutuo

English: mutual fund

Spanish: fondo propio

English: own funds

Spanish: forma de pago

English: terms and conditions of payment

Spanish: formado
English: instructed

Spanish: formar
English: form

Spanish: formativas
English: educational

Spanish: fortaleza
English: strength

Spanish: foto
English: photo

Spanish: fotomontaje
English: photomontage

Spanish: fototeca
English: photograph library

Spanish: fracaso
English: failure

Spanish: fragilidad
English: fragility

Spanish: frecuente
English: frequent

Spanish: freno
English: deterrent

Spanish: frente a
English: as opposed to

Spanish: frigorífico
English: refrigerator

Spanish: frío
English: cold

Spanish: frontera
English: border, boundary, frontier

Spanish: frontera
English: border

Spanish: frustrado
English: unsuccessful

Spanish: fuente termal

English: hot spring

Spanish: Fuerzas Armadas

English: Armed Forces

Spanish: fugaz
English: fleeting

Spanish: función
English: function

Spanish: funcional
English: functional

Spanish: funcionalidad
English: functionality

Spanish: fusión
English: merger

Spanish: futbolín
English: table football

Spanish: futuro
English: future

Spanish: galería de arte

English: art gallery

Spanish: gama
English: range, scope, gamut

Spanish: garantía hipotecaria

English: mortgage security
Spanish: garantía pignoraticia
English: pledge

Spanish: gas natural

English: natural gas

Spanish: gasolinera
English: gas station

Spanish: gasto indirecto

English: indirect expense

Spanish: gasto indirecto

English: indirect expenditure

Spanish: gastos a distribuir en varios ejercicios

English: deferred charges

Spanish: gastos de ampliacion de capital

English: capital increase expenses

Spanish: gastos de constitución

English: organization expenses

Spanish: gastos de establecimiento

English: start-up expenses

Spanish: gastos de investigación y desarrollo

English: research and development expenses

Spanish: gastos generales

English: overhead

Spanish: gastronomía
English: gastronomy

Spanish: gastronómico
English: gourmet

Spanish: generación
English: generation

Spanish: generalidades
English: general outlines

Spanish: generar
English: generate

Spanish: generar
English: create

Spanish: generar
English: produce
Spanish: género
English: goods

Spanish: gerente administrativo

English: general manager administrative

Spanish: gerente de producción

English: production manager

Spanish: gerente general

English: general manager

Spanish: gesta
English: heroic deed

Spanish: gestión
English: management

Spanish: gestual
English: gestural

Spanish: gigantesco
English: gigantic, enormous, colosal, huge, mammoth

Spanish: globalizar
English: globalize

Spanish: glorieta
English: traffic circle

Spanish: gobierno
English: government

Spanish: góticogothic

Spanish: gozoso
English: joyful

Spanish: gozoso
English: happy

Spanish: grabado
English: engraving

Spanish: gracias a
English: thanks to

Spanish: gracias a
English: due to

Spanish: gracias a
English: through

Spanish: gráfico
English: graphic

Spanish: gran consumo

English: mass commodity

Spanish: Gran Muralla China

English: Great Wall of China

Spanish: grandes superficies

English: major retail outlets

Spanish: granítico
English: granitic

Spanish: gratificación
English: bonus

Spanish: gravoso
English: burdensome

Spanish: gravoso
English: costly

Spanish: gris
English: gray

Spanish: grueso
English: bulk

Spanish: grupaje
English: joint cargo system

Spanish: grupal
English: group

Spanish: guardarropa
English: cloakroom

Spanish: guiar
English: guide

Spanish: habida cuenta de

English: taking into account

Spanish: habitable
English: livable

Spanish: habitación
English: room
Spanish: habitante
English: inhabitant

Spanish: hábitat
English: habitat

Spanish: hacer aguas

English: founder

Spanish: hacer efectivo

English: cash in

Spanish: hacer notar

English: point out

Spanish: hacer realidad

English: carry out

Spanish: hacia
English: toward


English: VAT receivable

Spanish: helipuerto
English: heliport

Spanish: heredado
English: inherited

Spanish: hermoso
English: beautiful

Spanish: hidroterapia
English: hydrotherapy

Spanish: hipermercado
English: superstore

Spanish: hipoteca
English: mortgage

Spanish: histórico
English: historic

Spanish: hito
English: milestone

Spanish: hoja de servicios

English: service record

Spanish: homogeneidad
English: uniformity
Spanish: homogeneización
English: homogenization

Spanish: homologable
English: equivalent

Spanish: honorarios
English: fees

Spanish: hora hombre

English: man hour

Spanish: hospitalidad
English: hospitality

Spanish: hotel
English: hotel

Spanish: hotelero
English: hotel

Spanish: hoy
English: today

Spanish: huracán
English: hurricane

Spanish: huso horario

English: time zone


English: Short term investments in unlisted shares


English: Short term investments in unlisted shares

Spanish: idealización
English: idealization

Spanish: identificable
English: identifiable

Spanish: identificar
English: identify

Spanish: identificar
English: recognize

Spanish: identificar
English: detect

Spanish: idiosincrasia
English: idiosyncrasy

Spanish: idóneo
English: suitable

Spanish: igualarse
English: be equal

Spanish: igualarse
English: be compared

Spanish: igualarse
English: on the same footing as

Spanish: ilusión
English: illusion

Spanish: ilustrar
English: explain

Spanish: ilustre
English: illustrious

Spanish: ilustre
English: famous

Spanish: imagen corporativa

English: corporate image

Spanish: imaginado
English: imagined

Spanish: imitación
English: imitation

Spanish: impacto
English: impact

Spanish: impedimento
English: impediment

Spanish: impedir
English: prevent

Spanish: impensable
English: unthinkable

Spanish: implantación
English: installation

Spanish: implementación
English: implementation
Spanish: imponer
English: impose

Spanish: impopular
English: unpopular

Spanish: importador
English: importer

Spanish: importancia
English: importance

Spanish: importante
English: important, major

Spanish: imposible
English: impossible

Spanish: imprescindible
English: indispensable

Spanish: imprevisible
English: unforeseeable

Spanish: impuesto al activo

English: assets tax

Spanish: impuesto predial

English: property tax

Spanish: impuesto sobre el patrimonio

English: capital gains tax

Spanish: impuesto sobre la renta de las personas físicas

English: individual income tax

Spanish: inacabado
English: unfinished

Spanish: inactividad
English: inactivity

Spanish: inauguración
English: inauguration

Spanish: incisivo
English: incisive

Spanish: incluido
English: included

Spanish: inconveniente
English: drawback
Spanish: incrustado
English: embedded

Spanish: indecisión
English: indecision

Spanish: indicar
English: indicate

Spanish: indirecto
English: indirect

Spanish: indispensable
English: essential

Spanish: indistintamente
English: indistinctly

Spanish: indistintamente
English: indistinguishably

Spanish: indistintamente
English: undiscernibly

Spanish: inducido
English: induced

Spanish: indumentaria
English: clothing

Spanish: industria
English: industry, factory

Spanish: inestable
English: unstable

Spanish: inexcusablemente
English: inexcusably

Spanish: inexistencia
English: nonexistence

Spanish: inexistente
English: nonexistent

Spanish: infinito
English: infinite

Spanish: infinito
English: limitless

Spanish: infinito
English: boundless

Spanish: infinito
English: immeasurable

Spanish: infinito
English: immense

Spanish: infinito
English: vast

Spanish: inflacionario
English: inflationary

Spanish: influencia
English: influence

Spanish: influyente
English: influential

Spanish: informado
English: informed

Spanish: informativo
English: informative

Spanish: informe de gestión

English: performance report

Spanish: informe final

English: final report

Spanish: infraestructura
English: infrastructure

Spanish: infraestructura económica

English: economic infrastructure

Spanish: ingeniero en electrónica

English: electronics engineer

Spanish: inglés
English: English

Spanish: ingrediente
English: ingredient

Spanish: ingresos a distribuir en varios ejercicios

English: deferred revenue

Spanish: ingresos accesorios

English: casual income
Spanish: iniciado
English: initiated

Spanish: inicialmente
English: initially

Spanish: inicialmente
English: at first

Spanish: inicialmente
English: in the first place

Spanish: inicialmente
English: at the beginning

Spanish: iniciar
English: start

Spanish: iniciar
English: initiate

Spanish: iniciar
English: launch

Spanish: inigualable
English: unequalled

Spanish: inmediaciones
English: vicinity, outskirts, surroundings

Spanish: inmediato
English: immediate

Spanish: inmejorable
English: unbeatable

Spanish: inmejorable
English: unsurpassable

Spanish: inmersión
English: immersion

Spanish: inminente
English: imminent

Spanish: inmóvil
English: immobile

Spanish: inmovilizaciones financieras

English: long-term investments

Spanish: inmovilizaciones inmateriales

English: intangible assets
Spanish: inmovilizaciones materiales
English: tangible fixed assets

Spanish: inmovilizado
English: fixed assets

Spanish: inmovilizado inmaterial

English: intangible assets

Spanish: inmovilizado material

English: fixed assets

Spanish: innecesariamente
English: needlessly

Spanish: innecesariamente
English: unnecessarily

Spanish: innovación
English: innovation

Spanish: inquietud
English: concern

Spanish: inserción
English: insertion

Spanish: insignificante
English: insignificant

Spanish: insignificante
English: unimportant

Spanish: Insólito
English: strange, unusual, weird, extraordinary, uncommon, unheard-of

Spanish: insólito
English: unusual

Spanish: insólito
English: uncommon

Spanish: insolvente
English: bankrupt

Spanish: insostenible
English: untenable

Spanish: inspección
English: inspection

Spanish: inspirado
English: inspired

Spanish: instalaciones técnicas y maquinaria

English: plant and machinery

Spanish: institución financiera

English: financial institution

Spanish: institucional
English: institutional

Spanish: instrumento financiero

English: financial instrument

Spanish: insuperable
English: unsurmountable

Spanish: integración
English: integration

Spanish: integral
English: comprehensive

Spanish: intelectual
English: intellectual

Spanish: inteligencia
English: intelligence

Spanish: inteligente
English: intelligent

Spanish: intempestivo
English: intempestivo

Spanish: intempestivo
English: untimely

Spanish: intempestivo
English: inopportune

Spanish: intempestivo
English: ill-timed

Spanish: intención
English: intention

Spanish: intención
English: intent

Spanish: intencionalmente
English: intentionally
Spanish: intencionalmente
English: deliberately

Spanish: intensión
English: intensity

Spanish: intensivo
English: intensive

Spanish: intentar
English: attempt

Spanish: intento
English: attempt

Spanish: interactivo
English: interactive

Spanish: intercambio
English: exchange

Spanish: interés moratorio

English: penal interest

Spanish: interés moratorio

English: penal interest

Spanish: interés ordinario

English: ordinary interest

Spanish: interés ordinario

English: ordinary interest

Spanish: interés real

English: real interest

Spanish: interesante
English: interesting

Spanish: interfono
English: intercom

Spanish: interlocutor
English: listener

Spanish: internacionalidad
English: international character

Spanish: internamente
English: internally

Spanish: intervención
English: intervention
Spanish: intrascendente
English: insignificant

Spanish: inútil
English: useless

Spanish: invención
English: invention

Spanish: inventario
English: inventory

Spanish: inventario físico

English: physical inventory

Spanish: inversiones financieras temporales

English: Short-term investments

Spanish: inviable
English: nonviable

Spanish: invitado
English: guest

Spanish: IRPF
English: income tax

Spanish: irrepetible
English: unrepeatable

Spanish: isla
English: island

Spanish: itinerario
English: itinerary

Spanish: jardinero
English: gardener

Spanish: jornada laboral

English: workday

Spanish: jornalero
English: day laborer

Spanish: jubilación
English: retirement

Spanish: jubilado
English: retiree

Spanish: jubilado
English: retired

Spanish: juego
English: gambling, gaming

Spanish: juegos de azar

English: games of chance

Spanish: jugador
English: player

Spanish: junta directiva

English: board of directors

Spanish: junta extraordiinaria

English: special meeting

Spanish: junta general de accionistas

English: shareholders' meeting

Spanish: junta general ordinaria

English: regular stockholders' meeting

Spanish: juramento
English: oath

Spanish: justificante
English: written proof

Spanish: justificante justification


Spanish: juventud
English: youth

Spanish: kilómetro
English: kilometer

Spanish: la q de Tobin
English: Tobin's q

Spanish: lago
English: lake

Spanish: Latinoamérica
English: Latin America

Spanish: latinoamericano
English: Latin American

Spanish: laudo arbitral

English: arbitral award
Spanish: lavabo
English: sink

Spanish: lavar
English: wash

Spanish: legendario
English: legendary

Spanish: legítiimo
English: real

Spanish: legítimo
English: real

Spanish: ley orgánica

English: organic law

Spanish: libertad
English: freedom

Spanish: libro
English: book

Spanish: libro indicador

English: index of documents

Spanish: líder
English: leader

Spanish: líder
English: leader

Spanish: líder político

English: political leader

Spanish: liderar
English: lead

Spanish: ligeras
English: legendary

Spanish: ligero
English: light

Spanish: limpiar
English: clean

Spanish: limpieza
English: cleaning

Spanish: línea
English: line
Spanish: línea de crédito
English: line of credit

Spanish: liquidable
English: payable

Spanish: liquidez
English: liquidity

Spanish: lista de espera

English: waiting list

Spanish: litoral
English: seacoast

Spanish: litro
English: liter

Spanish: llamar la atención

English: to attract attention

Spanish: lleno
English: filled

Spanish: llorar
English: cry

Spanish: lo contrario
English: the opposite

Spanish: local comercial

English: business premises

Spanish: localización
English: location

Spanish: locutor
English: announcer

Spanish: logística
English: logistics

Spanish: lotería
English: lottery, raffle

Spanish: luchar
English: fight

Spanish: lúdico
English: recreational

Spanish: lujo
English: luxury

Spanish: luna de miel

English: honeymoon

Spanish: Macao
English: Macao

Spanish: madrileño
English: of Madrid

Spanish: maestro repetidor

English: rehearsal master

Spanish: mágico
English: magical

Spanish: magnífico
English: magnificent

Spanish: mahón
English: jeans

Spanish: majestuosidad
English: stateliness

Spanish: majestuoso
English: majestic

Spanish: mallorquino
English: Majorcan

Spanish: mañana
English: tomorrow

Spanish: manejable
English: manageable

Spanish: mangle
English: mangrove

Spanish: manipulación
English: handling

Spanish: manipular
English: manipulate

Spanish: mantener
English: maintain

Spanish: manualidades
English: arts and crafts
Spanish: manufacturera
English: manufacturer

Spanish: mapa
English: map

Spanish: maquetador
English: layout artist

Spanish: máquina
English: machine

Spanish: máquina expendedora

English: vending machine

Spanish: maquinación
English: scheme

Spanish: marca
English: brand, trademark

Spanish: marca blanca

English: house brand

Spanish: marcado CE
English: CE marking

Spanish: marco conceptual

English: conceptual framework

Spanish: margen bruto

English: gross margin

Spanish: margen financiero

English: financial margin

Spanish: marina
English: marina

Spanish: marítimo
English: sea

Spanish: marketing relacional

English: relationship marketing

Spanish: maruja
English: housewife

Spanish: más
English: more

Spanish: masajista
English: masseuse
Spanish: materias primas y otros aprovisionamientos
English: raw materials and other supplies

Spanish: matiz
English: nuance

Spanish: matriz
English: matrix

Spanish: matriz
English: original

Spanish: matriz
English: master copy

Spanish: mayoritariamente
English: generally

Spanish: mecanismo
English: mechanism

Spanish: mecenazgo
English: sponsorship

Spanish: medieval
English: medieval

Spanish: mediodía
English: noon

Spanish: medios de comunicación

English: media

Spanish: meditación
English: meditation

Spanish: mediterráneo
English: Mediterranean

Spanish: megafonía
English: public-address system

Spanish: mejora
English: improvement

Spanish: membrete
English: letterhead

Spanish: memorando de entendimiento

English: memorandum of understanding
Spanish: memoria
English: report

Spanish: mención
English: mention

Spanish: mensualmente
English: monthly

Spanish: meramente
English: merely

Spanish: meramente
English: simply

Spanish: mercadeo
English: marketing

Spanish: mercado
English: market, exchange

Spanish: mercado de consumo

English: consumer market

Spanish: mercado de valores

English: stock market

Spanish: mercado internacional

English: international market

Spanish: mercado mundial

English: world market

Spanish: mercadotecnia
English: marketing

Spanish: mercancía
English: goods

Spanish: mercancías duraderas

English: durable goods

Spanish: merma
English: reduction

Spanish: mesa de dinero

English: money market desk

Spanish: metafísica
English: metaphysics

Spanish: metafóricamente
English: metaphorically
Spanish: metodología
English: methodology

Spanish: metro
English: meter

Spanish: mezclado
English: mixed

Spanish: microindustria
English: microenterprise

Spanish: mientras que

English: so long as, while, whereas

Spanish: mierda
English: shit

Spanish: milenario
English: ancient

Spanish: minera
English: mining company

Spanish: minimizar
English: minimize

Spanish: mínimo
English: minimum

Spanish: mínimo
English: minimal

Spanish: Ministerio de Economía y Hacienda

English: Treasury Department

Spanish: minorista
English: retailer

Spanish: misión
English: mission

Spanish: moda
English: fashion

Spanish: modelizar
English: model

Spanish: modelo
English: model

Spanish: modelo
English: form

Spanish: modelo de gestión

English: management model

Spanish: modelo de gestión

English: management model

Spanish: moderno
English: modern

Spanish: mojón
English: landmark, boundary stone, boundary marker

Spanish: molde
English: mold

Spanish: monádico
English: monadic

Spanish: monografía
English: monograph

Spanish: monto
English: amount

Spanish: monto
English: sum

Spanish: monumento
English: monument

Spanish: monumento nacional

English: national monument

Spanish: morfología
English: morphology

Spanish: morfológico
English: morphological

Spanish: morosidad
English: arrears

Spanish: mostrarse
English: appear, give the appearance of being

Spanish: motivado
English: motivated

Spanish: movimiento
English: movement
Spanish: mudéjar
English: Mudejar

Spanish: mueblista
English: furniture maker

Spanish: multimarca
English: multibrand

Spanish: múltiple
English: multiple

Spanish: multiplicidad
English: multiplicity

Spanish: multitarea
English: multitasking

Spanish: mundial
English: worldwide

Spanish: mundo
English: world

Spanish: museo
English: museum

Spanish: musicalmente
English: musically

Spanish: músico
English: musician

Spanish: musulmán
English: Muslim

Spanish: mutua
English: mutual benefit society

Spanish: mutuo hipotecario endosable

English: endorsable mortgage loan

Spanish: n/
English: our

Spanish: nacarado
English: nacreous

Spanish: nacarado
English: pearly

Spanish: nave
English: industrial building
Spanish: navegable
English: navegable

Spanish: negociable
English: negotiable

Spanish: negociación
English: negotiation

Spanish: negocio
English: business

Spanish: neoyorquino
English: New Yorker

Spanish: nevada
English: snowfall

Spanish: nevisca
English: light snowfall

Spanish: nicho
English: niche

Spanish: nieve
English: snow

Spanish: nivel
English: level

Spanish: nivel de servicio

English: service level

Spanish: nivel de vida

English: standard of living

Spanish: no verbal
English: nonverbal

Spanish: nombrar
English: name

Spanish: nombre propio

English: proper noun

Spanish: nomenclatura
English: nomenclature

Spanish: normalidad
English: normality

Spanish: nota de crédito

English: credit note

Spanish: notoriedad
English: prestige

Spanish: nuestro
English: our, our own

Spanish: número de referencia

English: reference number

Spanish: número de salida

English: issue number

Spanish: nunca
English: never

Spanish: objetividad
English: objectivity

Spanish: objeto social

English: corporate purpose

Spanish: obligación tributaria

English: tax liability

Spanish: océano
English: ocean

Spanish: ocio
English: leisure

Spanish: ocupación
English: occupation

Spanish: ocupado
English: occupied

Spanish: odalisca
English: odalisk

Spanish: oficina
English: office

Spanish: ofrecer
English: offer

Spanish: ojo
English: eye

Spanish: omnisciencia
English: omniscience
Spanish: ondulado
English: wavy

Spanish: onírico
English: oneiric

Spanish: oontrol presupuestario

English: budgetary control

Spanish: operario
English: operator

Spanish: operativizar
English: implement

Spanish: opinión pública

English: public opinion

Spanish: oportunidad
English: opportunity

Spanish: oportunidad
English: occasion

Spanish: oportunidad comercial

English: business opportunity

Spanish: oportunidad de negocio

English: business opportunity

Spanish: óptica
English: viewpoint

Spanish: optimización
English: optimization

Spanish: orden del día

English: order of business

Spanish: ordinariamente
English: usually

Spanish: ordinariamente
English: ordinarily

Spanish: organigrama
English: organizational chart

Spanish: organizativo
English: organizational

Spanish: órgano de administración

English: managing board
Spanish: orgullo
English: pride

Spanish: orgulloso
English: proud

Spanish: orientación
English: orientation

Spanish: oriente
English: orientation

Spanish: originalidad
English: originality

Spanish: originario
English: original

Spanish: oscilar entre

English: range between

Spanish: otras instalaciones, utillaje y mobiliario

English: other fixtures, tools, and furniture

Spanish: Otros ingresos a distribuir en varios ejercicios

English: other deferred revenues

Spanish: pabellón
English: stand

Spanish: pacto social

English: articles of incorporation

Spanish: pádel
English: paddle tennis

Spanish: país de origen

English: country of origin

Spanish: paisaje
English: landscape, scenery, countryside

Spanish: palabra
English: word

Spanish: palet
English: pallet

Spanish: paleta
English: palette

Spanish: pálido
English: pale

Spanish: palio
English: canopy

Spanish: palo
English: suit

Spanish: panadería
English: bakery

Spanish: papel de carta

English: writing paper

Spanish: papel de seguridad

English: safety paper

Spanish: papelería
English: stationery

Spanish: para siempre

English: forever

Spanish: parador de turismo

English: state-run hotel

Spanish: paraíso fiscal

English: tax haven

Spanish: paraje
English: spot

Spanish: parámetro
English: parameter

Spanish: pared
English: wall

Spanish: parlamento
English: speech

Spanish: paro
English: unemployment

Spanish: participación de mercado

English: market share

Spanish: participaciones en empresas asociadas

English: investments in associated companies

Spanish: participaciones en empresas de grupo

English: investments in group companies
Spanish: particular
English: private individual

Spanish: particular
English: special

Spanish: particular
English: individual

Spanish: particular
English: particular

Spanish: particularmente
English: particularly

Spanish: pasión
English: passion

Spanish: pasivo
English: liabilities

Spanish: pasmado
English: aghast

Spanish: pasmado
English: thunderstruck

Spanish: pasmado
English: stunned

Spanish: pasmado
English: flabbergasted

Spanish: paso a paso

English: step by step

Spanish: patio
English: patio

Spanish: patrimonio de la humanidad

English: world heritage

Spanish: patrimonio neto

English: net assets

Spanish: patrocinado
English: sponsored

Spanish: peaje
English: toll

Spanish: peculiar
English: peculiar
Spanish: pedido
English: order

Spanish: pelele
English: puppet

Spanish: película casera

English: home movie

Spanish: peluquero
English: hairdresser

Spanish: pendón
English: banner

Spanish: pensar
English: think

Spanish: pensión
English: pension

Spanish: pensionado
English: pensioner

Spanish: pequeño
English: small

Spanish: pequeño
English: small

Spanish: percepción
English: perception

Spanish: percibido
English: perceived

Spanish: pérdida
English: loss

Spanish: perdido
English: lost

Spanish: perdido
English: lost

Spanish: perdido
English: missing

Spanish: perfecto
English: perfect

Spanish: periodicidad
English: periodicity

Spanish: periódico
English: newspaper

Spanish: periodista
English: journalist

Spanish: perla
English: pearl

Spanish: permuta
English: exchange

Spanish: permutar
English: exchange

Spanish: pernicioso
English: pernicious

Spanish: pernicioso
English: malignant

Spanish: pernicioso
English: damaging

Spanish: pernicioso
English: harmful

Spanish: persona jurídica

English: legal entity

Spanish: persona moral

English: legal entity

Spanish: personaje
English: character

Spanish: personalidad
English: personality

Spanish: personarse
English: report

Spanish: personificación
English: personification

Spanish: perspectiva
English: perspective

Spanish: persuadir
English: persuade
Spanish: perteneciente
English: belonging

Spanish: Perú
English: Peru

Spanish: pesca artesanal

English: small-scale fishing

Spanish: PIB
English: GDP

Spanish: pieza
English: piece

Spanish: pignorante
English: pledgor

Spanish: pincelada
English: brush stroke

Spanish: pintor
English: painter

Spanish: pintoresco
English: picturesque

Spanish: pintura
English: painting

Spanish: piscina
English: swimming pool, pool

Spanish: piscina
English: swimming pool

Spanish: placer
English: pleasure

Spanish: plan de acción

English: action plan

Spanish: plan de negocio

English: business plan

Spanish: plan de trabajo

English: work schedule

Spanish: planteado
English: proposed

Spanish: planteamiento
English: approach
Spanish: plantear
English: propose

Spanish: plástico
English: plastic

Spanish: plateado
English: silvery

Spanish: playa
English: beach

Spanish: plaza
English: public square

Spanish: plegarse
English: yield

Spanish: plegarse
English: give in

Spanish: plenamente
English: fully

Spanish: plenitud
English: plenitude

Spanish: pliego de clausulas administrativas particulares

English: specific administrative conditions

Spanish: poblado
English: settlement

Spanish: poco a poco

English: little by little, step by step, gradually

Spanish: poderío
English: might

Spanish: poesía
English: poetry

Spanish: polémica
English: controversy, dispute

Spanish: polémico
English: controversial

Spanish: polígono
English: industrial estate

Spanish: polivalencia
English: versatility

Spanish: póliza de crédito

English: credit policy

Spanish: polución
English: pollution

Spanish: ponderación
English: consideration

Spanish: ponente
English: speaker

Spanish: poner en evidencia

English: expose

Spanish: poner en hora

English: set

Spanish: por ciento

English: percent

Spanish: por escrito

English: in writing

Spanish: por excelencia

English: par excellence

Spanish: por otra parte

English: furthermore, besides, in addition, moreover

Spanish: por otra parte

English: on the other hand

Spanish: por último

English: finally

Spanish: porcentaje
English: percentage

Spanish: porcentaje de participación

English: percentage participation

Spanish: porcentual
English: percentage

Spanish: porque
English: because

Spanish: portadocumentos
English: copyholder
Spanish: portador
English: carrier

Spanish: porte
English: freight charges

Spanish: porte debido

English: carriage forward

Spanish: Portugal
English: Portugal

Spanish: positivo
English: positive

Spanish: potencial
English: potential, possibility, capability, potentiality

Spanish: potente
English: powerful

Spanish: práctica
English: practice

Spanish: prácticamente
English: practically

Spanish: precio de venta

English: sales price, offer price

Spanish: precio unitario

English: unit price

Spanish: precioso
English: precious

Spanish: precisar
English: specify

Spanish: preciso
English: necessary

Spanish: predeterminado
English: predetermined

Spanish: predisponer
English: predispose

Spanish: predisposición
English: predisposition

Spanish: predominan
English: prevail
Spanish: preferente
English: preferential

Spanish: preferentemente
English: preferably

Spanish: prehistoria
English: prehistory

Spanish: prelación
English: priority

Spanish: preliminar
English: preliminary

Spanish: premio mayor

English: grand prize

Spanish: prenda
English: pledge

Spanish: preocupado
English: worried

Spanish: preocupado
English: concerned

Spanish: preparar
English: prepare

Spanish: prescindible
English: expendable

Spanish: prescindible
English: dispensable

Spanish: presea
English: award

Spanish: presea
English: prize

Spanish: presencia
English: presence

Spanish: presentación
English: presentation

Spanish: presente
English: present

Spanish: presidencia
English: chairmanship

Spanish: presidente
English: president

Spanish: prestamista
English: moneylender

Spanish: prestigio
English: prestige

Spanish: prestigioso
English: prestigious

Spanish: presumiblemente
English: presumably

Spanish: presupuestal
English: budgetary

Spanish: preventivo
English: preventive

Spanish: prever
English: foresee

Spanish: previsiblemente
English: foreseeably

Spanish: previsión
English: precaution

Spanish: previsto
English: provided

Spanish: prima de asunción

English: issue premium

Spanish: prima de emisión

English: paid-in capital

Spanish: prima de emisión

English: additional paid-in capital

Spanish: primavera
English: spring

Spanish: primer
English: first

Spanish: primitiva
English: national lottery
Spanish: principio, rule, axiom, law, fundamental law, policy
English: principle

Spanish: principios contables generalmente aceptados

English: generally accepted accounting principles

Spanish: principios de contabilidad generalmente aceptados

English: generally accepted accounting principles

Spanish: prioritario
English: priority

Spanish: priorización
English: prioritization

Spanish: priorizar
English: prioritize

Spanish: privacidad
English: privacy

Spanish: privación de libertad

English: loss of liberty

Spanish: privilegiado
English: privileged

Spanish: privilegiado
English: privileged

Spanish: probabilidades
English: odds, likelihood

Spanish: probablemente
English: probably

Spanish: probidad
English: honesty

Spanish: probidad
English: integrity

Spanish: problemática
English: set of problems, problems

Spanish: problemático
English: troublesome

Spanish: procedencia
English: origin

Spanish: producir
English: produce, cause, bring about
Spanish: productivo
English: productive

Spanish: producto de impulso

English: impulse product

Spanish: producto final

English: end product

Spanish: producto final

English: finished goods

Spanish: profesionalidad
English: professionalism

Spanish: profundamente
English: profoundly

Spanish: profundidad
English: depth

Spanish: profundizar
English: analyze in depth

Spanish: profundo
English: profound

Spanish: profusamente
English: profusely

Spanish: programado
English: programmed

Spanish: prohibido
English: forbidden

Spanish: proliferación
English: proliferation

Spanish: prólogo
English: prolog

Spanish: promedio
English: average

Spanish: propiamente dicho

English: strictly speaking

Spanish: propicio
English: suitable

Spanish: propiedad
English: property, belongings ownership

Spanish: propiedad social

English: corporate ownership

Spanish: proponente
English: bidder

Spanish: proporcionar
English: give

Spanish: proporcionar
English: provide

Spanish: proporcionar
English: supply

Spanish: proporcionar
English: furnish

Spanish: propuesta económica

English: economic bid

Spanish: prorratear
English: prorate

Spanish: proteger
English: protect

Spanish: protesorero
English: deputy treasurer

Spanish: provechoso
English: worthwhile

Spanish: proveedor
English: supplier

Spanish: provisiones
English: provisions

Spanish: provisiones
English: allowances

Spanish: provisiones para impuestos

English: provisions for taxes

Spanish: provisiones para pensiones y obligaciones similares

English: provisions for pensions and similar obligations

Spanish: provisiones para riesgos y gastos

English: provisions for contingencies and expenses
Spanish: proyección
English: projection

Spanish: proyectado
English: projected

Spanish: publicacione corporativa

English: corporate publication

Spanish: publicado
English: published

Spanish: publicitar
English: publicize

Spanish: publicitar
English: advertise

Spanish: publicitar
English: make public

Spanish: publicitar
English: bring to the attention of the public

Spanish: público
English: public

Spanish: público
English: audience

Spanish: puertas abiertas

English: open house

Spanish: puerto
English: port

Spanish: puesto de trabajo

English: workstation

Spanish: pulcro
English: neat

Spanish: puntaje
English: score

Spanish: punto de encuentro

English: meeting place

Spanish: punto de partida

English: starting point

Spanish: punto de referencia

English: benchmark
Spanish: puntuación
English: score

Spanish: puramente
English: purely

Spanish: puro
English: pure

Spanish: púrpura
English: purple

Spanish: PVP
English: RRP

Spanish: PVP
English: recommended retail price

Spanish: PVP
English: RRP (recommended retail price)

Spanish: PYME
English: small and middle-sized businesses

Spanish: PYME
English: small and medium-sized business

Spanish: queja
English: complaint

Spanish: quinela
English: football pool

Spanish: quiniela
English: football pools

Spanish: quizás
English: perhaps

Spanish: racional
English: rational

Spanish: racionalidad
English: sensibleness

Spanish: racista
English: racist

Spanish: radio
English: radius

Spanish: ralentización
English: slowdown

Spanish: ralentizar
English: slow down

Spanish: rasgo
English: feature

Spanish: razón de ser

English: raison d'etre

Spanish: razonabilidad
English: reasonableness

Spanish: reafirmar
English: reaffirm

Spanish: reanudar
English: resume

Spanish: rebuscado
English: elaborate

Spanish: recaudar
English: collect

Spanish: recesión
English: recession

Spanish: recibo
English: receipt

Spanish: reciclaje
English: recycling

Spanish: recientemente
English: recently

Spanish: reclutamiento
English: recruitment

Spanish: reclutar
English: recruit

Spanish: recomendable
English: recommendable

Spanish: recompensa
English: reward

Spanish: recompra
English: buyback
Spanish: reconfortante
English: soothing

Spanish: reconsiderar
English: reconsider

Spanish: recopilar
English: compile

Spanish: recordación
English: brand recognition

Spanish: recorrer
English: travel, traverse

Spanish: recreación
English: recreation

Spanish: recrear
English: recreate

Spanish: recreativo
English: recreational

Spanish: recuerdo
English: reminiscence

Spanish: recuerdo
English: memory

Spanish: recuperar
English: recover

Spanish: recursos propios

English: equity capital

Spanish: recursoshumanos
English: human resources

Spanish: redoblar los esfuerzos

English: redouble one's efforts

Spanish: reemplazar
English: replace

Spanish: referencia
English: reference

Spanish: referencia
English: reference

Spanish: reflejado
English: reflected
Spanish: reflexión
English: reflection

Spanish: reforzada
English: reinforced

Spanish: refrán
English: adage

Spanish: región
English: region

Spanish: registro
English: registration

Spanish: registro de acciones

English: stock register

Spanish: Registro Especial de Cajas de Ahorro del Banco de España

English: Bank of Spain Special Register of Savings Banks

Spanish: registro mercantil

English: commercial registry

Spanish: regularidad
English: regularity

Spanish: relación
English: ratio

Spanish: relación
English: list

Spanish: relación
English: record

Spanish: relevante
English: relevant

Spanish: Remanente
English: retained earnings

Spanish: remarcar
English: stress

Spanish: remesa
English: remittance

Spanish: reminiscencia
English: reminiscence

Spanish: remuneración
English: remuneration

Spanish: renta fija

English: fixed income

Spanish: renta fiscal

English: taxable income

Spanish: renta privada

English: private annuity

Spanish: renta vitalicia

English: annuity

Spanish: renta vitalicia

English: annuity

Spanish: rentabilidad
English: profitability, lucrativeness

Spanish: rentabilidad
English: profitability

Spanish: reorganización
English: reorganization

Spanish: reorganizado
English: reorganized

Spanish: repartir
English: issue

Spanish: repentino
English: sudden

Spanish: repercusión
English: repercussion

Spanish: repercutir en
English: have influence upon

Spanish: repitición
English: repetition

Spanish: reportaje
English: report

Spanish: reposicionamiento
English: reopositioning

Spanish: repostaje
English: refueling
Spanish: repostar
English: refuel

Spanish: repotenciamiento
English: uprating

Spanish: representado
English: represented

Spanish: representante comercial

English: company representative

Spanish: representatividad
English: significance

Spanish: reproducción
English: rendering

Spanish: República Popular China

English: People's Republic of China

Spanish: reputar
English: consider

Spanish: rescate
English: redemption

Spanish: reserva
English: reserve

Spanish: reserva de revalorización

English: revaluation reserve

Spanish: reserva legal

English: legal reserve

Spanish: reserva voluntaria

English: voluntary reserve

Spanish: reservas estatutarias

English: bylaw reserves

Spanish: reservas para acciones de la sociedad dominante

English: reserves for parent company shares

Spanish: reservas para acciones propias

English: reserves for treasury stock

Spanish: resguardo
English: safeguard

Spanish: residencia
English: home
Spanish: resolver
English: resolve

Spanish: resolver
English: determine

Spanish: resolver
English: decide

Spanish: resolver
English: solve

Spanish: respaldar
English: back, support

Spanish: respaldo
English: support

Spanish: respecto a
English: as for

Spanish: respetando
English: respecting

Spanish: restauración
English: restaurants

Spanish: restaurante
English: restaurant

Spanish: restaurar
English: restore

Spanish: restricción
English: restriction

Spanish: restrictivo
English: restrictive

Spanish: resultados de ejercicios anteriores

English: prior year's income (losses)

Spanish: resultados financieros

English: financial results

Spanish: retardo
English: delay

Spanish: retención
English: withholding

Spanish: retirar
English: remove

Spanish: retiro
English: retirement

Spanish: reto
English: challenge, dare

Spanish: retomar
English: return to

Spanish: retorno de carro

English: carriage return

Spanish: retraso
English: delay

Spanish: retrato
English: portrait

Spanish: retribución
English: retribution

Spanish: retribución
English: payment

Spanish: reutilizar
English: reuse

Spanish: revalorización
English: appreciation

Spanish: reverso
English: reverse

Spanish: revitalizador
English: revitalizing

Spanish: revolución
English: revolution

Spanish: revolucionario
English: revolutionary

Spanish: rico
English: rich

Spanish: rico
English: wealthy

Spanish: riesgo asegurado

English: insured risk
Spanish: riesgo cambiario
English: exchange risk

Spanish: riesgo financiero

English: financial risk

Spanish: riesgo laboral

English: occupational hazard

Spanish: riesgoso
English: risky

Spanish: riesgoso
English: dangerous

Spanish: riesgoso
English: suspect

Spanish: rincón
English: corner

Spanish: riqueza
English: riches

Spanish: rítmico
English: rhythmic

Spanish: roce
English: friction

Spanish: rodeado
English: surrounded

Spanish: rojo
English: red

Spanish: ropa de cama

English: bedclothes

Spanish: ropa de cama

English: linen

Spanish: rotulista
English: signwriter

Spanish: rótulo
English: heading

Spanish: rotundidad
English: firmness

Spanish: rueda de prensa

English: press conference
Spanish: ruegos y preguntas
English: any other business

Spanish: sábana
English: sheet

Spanish: saber popular

English: lore

Spanish: sabiduría
English: wisdom

Spanish: saborear
English: savor

Spanish: saborear
English: relish

Spanish: sala de estar

English: living room

Spanish: sala de proyección

English: projection room

Spanish: sala VIP

English: VIP lounge

Spanish: saldo de caja

English: cash balance

Spanish: salvamento
English: rescue

Spanish: salvo buen cobro

English: subject to final collection

Spanish: satélite
English: satellite

Spanish: satisfacción
English: satisfaction

Spanish: satisfactorio
English: satisfactory

Spanish: saturar
English: saturate

Spanish: secano
English: dry land

Spanish: seco
English: dry

Spanish: secretario no consejero

English: non-board member secretary

Spanish: secretismo
English: secrecy

Spanish: secreto
English: secret

Spanish: secreto
English: secret

Spanish: sede social

English: head office

Spanish: segmentación
English: segmentation

Spanish: segundero
English: second hand

Spanish: seguramente
English: surely

Spanish: seguro
English: secure

Spanish: seguro
English: safe

Spanish: seguro de caución

English: surety bond

Spanish: seguro de contenido

English: contents insurance

Spanish: seguro de desempleo

English: unemployment insurance

Spanish: seleccionado
English: selected

Spanish: selectivo
English: selective

Spanish: semanal
English: weekly

Spanish: semestre
English: semester
Spanish: semiología
English: semiology

Spanish: señalado
English: distinguished

Spanish: sencillez
English: simplicity

Spanish: sencillo
English: simple

Spanish: sensibilidad
English: sensitivity

Spanish: sensible
English: sensitive

Spanish: serio
English: serious

Spanish: sesionar
English: hold a meeting

Spanish: setenta
English: seventy

Spanish: SGAE
English: Spanish Society of Authors Composers and Publishers

Spanish: si bien
English: even though, although, if, albeit

Spanish: siglo
English: century

Spanish: significado
English: meaning

Spanish: significar
English: mean

Spanish: significar
English: imply

Spanish: significativo
English: significant

Spanish: signo
English: symbol

Spanish: silencio
English: slience
Spanish: silencioso
English: slient

Spanish: simbiosis
English: symbiosis

Spanish: simbólico
English: symbolic

Spanish: simbolista
English: symbolist

Spanish: similitud
English: similarity

Spanish: simplemente
English: simply

Spanish: simpleza
English: simplicity

Spanish: simplicidad
English: simplicity

Spanish: simultáneamente
English: simultaneously

Spanish: simultaneidad
English: simultaneity

Spanish: sin falta

English: without fail

Spanish: sin otro particular

English: nothing

Spanish: sinagoga
English: synagogue

Spanish: sinceramente
English: heartily

Spanish: sinceramente
English: genuinely

Spanish: sinceramente
English: sincerely

Spanish: sincero
English: sincere

Spanish: síndico
English: trustee

Spanish: sinopsis
English: summary

Spanish: situación económica

English: economic situation

Spanish: situación financiera

English: financial position

Spanish: situación patrimonial

English: financial position

Spanish: sobre
English: packet

Spanish: sobregiro
English: overdraft

Spanish: sobresalir
English: stand out

Spanish: sobrio
English: plain

Spanish: socialización
English: socialization

Spanish: sociedad anónima

English: corporation

Spanish: sociedad civil

English: civil society

Spanish: sociedad dominante

English: parent company

Spanish: Sociedad General de Autores y Editores

English: Spanish Society of Authors Composers and Publishers

Spanish: sociedad mercantil

English: company

Spanish: sociedad mercantil

English: trading company

Spanish: sociedad participada

English: investee

Spanish: socio
English: partner
Spanish: socio
English: member

Spanish: socio fundador

English: founding member

Spanish: socio mayoritario

English: senior partner

Spanish: sol
English: sun

Spanish: soledad
English: solitude

Spanish: solvencia
English: good reputation

Spanish: soporte
English: support

Spanish: sorprendente
English: astounding

Spanish: sorprendentemente
English: surprisingly

Spanish: sorprendentemente
English: unexpectedly

Spanish: sorpresa
English: surprise

Spanish: sorteo
English: raffle, drawing, sweepstakes

Spanish: suavidad
English: softness

Spanish: subdirector
English: assistant director

Spanish: subida salarial

English: pay increase

Spanish: subíndice
English: subscript

Spanish: suboficial
English: noncommissioned officer

Spanish: subsanable
English: rectifiable
Spanish: subsidiar
English: subsidize

Spanish: subsidiariedad
English: subordination

Spanish: subsidiario
English: subsidiary

Spanish: subvenciones de capital

English: capital subsidies

Spanish: subyacente
English: underlying

Spanish: sucesión
English: succession

Spanish: sucursal
English: branch office

Spanish: sucursal
English: branch

Spanish: sudeste
English: southeast

Spanish: sueño
English: dream

Spanish: suerte
English: sort

Spanish: suerte
English: type

Spanish: suerte
English: kind

Spanish: sufrir
English: suffer

Spanish: sujeto pasivo

English: taxable person

Spanish: sumamente
English: extremely

Spanish: sumamente
English: highly

Spanish: sumilla
English: summary

Spanish: suministrado
English: furnished

Spanish: suministrador
English: supplier

Spanish: suministrar
English: furnish

Spanish: suministrar
English: provide

Spanish: suministrar
English: supply

Spanish: suministrar
English: furnish

Spanish: supeditar
English: subject

Spanish: superación
English: conquering

Spanish: superar
English: exceed, surpass

Spanish: superficie
English: surface

Spanish: superficie
English: area

Spanish: Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros

English: Chilean Securities and Insurance Commission

Spanish: supermercado
English: supermarket

Spanish: suprimido
English: annulled

Spanish: suprimido
English: cancelled

Spanish: suprimido
English: deleted

Spanish: suprimir
English: suppress
Spanish: suprimir
English: eliminate

Spanish: supuesto
English: assumption

Spanish: surrealista
English: surrealist

Spanish: surtir efecto

English: work

Spanish: surtir efecto

English: be effective

Spanish: suscripción
English: subscription

Spanish: sustancial
English: substantial

Spanish: sutilidad
English: subtlety

Spanish: táctico
English: tactical

Spanish: Taiwán
English: Taiwan

Spanish: talante
English: disposition

Spanish: talla
English: carving

Spanish: tamaño
English: size

Spanish: también
English: also, as well, too

Spanish: tan sólo

English: only

Spanish: tanque
English: tank

Spanish: tapicería
English: upholstery

Spanish: taquilla
English: locker
Spanish: tara
English: defect

Spanish: tarde o temprano

English: sooner or later

Spanish: tarifa plana

English: flat rate

Spanish: tarima
English: pallet

Spanish: tarjeta de visita

English: business card

Spanish: tarjetahabiente
English: cardholder

Spanish: tasa de crecimiento

English: growth rate

Spanish: tasa de interés real

English: real interest rate

Spanish: teatral
English: theatrical

Spanish: techo
English: roof

Spanish: técnico de sonido

English: sound technician

Spanish: tecnológico
English: technological

Spanish: teleconferencia
English: teleconference

Spanish: telefónicamente
English: by telephone

Spanish: telefónico
English: telephone

Spanish: telepromoción
English: infomercial

Spanish: teletexto
English: teletext

Spanish: televisión abierta

English: broadcast television

Spanish: Televisión Digital Terrestre

English: Terrestrial Digital Television

Spanish: televisivo
English: television

Spanish: temática
English: subject matter

Spanish: temático
English: thematic

Spanish: temerario
English: reckless

Spanish: temperatura
English: temperature

Spanish: tendencia
English: trend, tendency, inclination

Spanish: tenis
English: tennis

Spanish: terciarización
English: outsourcing

Spanish: terciarse
English: arise

Spanish: término
English: term

Spanish: terna
English: list of three candidates

Spanish: terreno
English: land

Spanish: terrenos y construcciones

English: land and structures

Spanish: terrestre
English: land

Spanish: tersura
English: softness

Spanish: textura
English: texture
Spanish: tiempo
English: time

Spanish: tiempo libre

English: free time

Spanish: tiempo libre

English: leisure

Spanish: típico
English: typical

Spanish: tipo impositivo

English: tax rate

Spanish: tipología
English: typology

Spanish: tirabuzón
English: ringlet

Spanish: titular
English: headline

Spanish: título de acciones

English: stock certificate

Spanish: toalla
English: towel

Spanish: todos los gastos pagados

English: all expenses paid

Spanish: tolerante
English: tolerant

Spanish: tolerante
English: lenient

Spanish: tomar nota

English: take note

Spanish: tonelada
English: ton

Spanish: trabajador
English: employee

Spanish: trabajo en equipo

English: teamwork

Spanish: trabajo en grupo

English: group work
Spanish: traducción simultánea
English: simultaneous translation

Spanish: traducir
English: translate

Spanish: trama urbana

English: urban structure

Spanish: tramoyista
English: stagehand

Spanish: tranquilidad
English: peace of mind

Spanish: tranquilo
English: calm

Spanish: transar
English: trade, transact

Spanish: transbordo
English: transfer

Spanish: transferencia electrónica

English: electronic transfer

Spanish: transferible
English: transferable

Spanish: transformar
English: transform

Spanish: transparencia
English: clarity

Spanish: transparencia
English: transparency

Spanish: transparencia
English: transparency

Spanish: transportado
English: shipped

Spanish: tras
English: after

Spanish: trascendencia
English: relevance

Spanish: traslapar
English: overlap

Spanish: trasnporte marítimo

English: shipping

Spanish: traspalet
English: pallet truck

Spanish: traspaleta
English: pallet truck

Spanish: trastorno
English: disruption

Spanish: trastorno
English: disorder

Spanish: trastorno
English: disturbance

Spanish: trébol
English: club

Spanish: tremendo
English: huge, tremendous, formidable

Spanish: tribunal arbitral

English: arbitral tribunal

Spanish: tributación
English: taxation

Spanish: trimestral
English: quarterly

Spanish: tríptico
English: three-fold brochure

Spanish: tromba
English: whirlwind

Spanish: tropical
English: tropical

Spanish: tubo
English: tube

Spanish: tumba
English: tomb

Spanish: tumba
English: grave
Spanish: tupido
English: thick

Spanish: turbiedad
English: murkiness

Spanish: turismo
English: tourism

Spanish: turismo residencial

English: residential tourism

Spanish: turista
English: tourist

Spanish: turno de preguntas

English: Q&A session

Spanish: tutorizar
English: run

Spanish: tutorizar
English: oversee

Spanish: TV de pago
English: pay TV

Spanish: últimamente
English: lately

Spanish: últimamente
English: recently

Spanish: último
English: ultimate

Spanish: unánimemente
English: unanimously

Spanish: únicamente
English: only

Spanish: únicamente
English: solely

Spanish: uniforme
English: uniform

Spanish: unión de hecho

English: common-law marriage

Spanish: urgencia
English: urgency
Spanish: uso
English: use

Spanish: uso
English: use

Spanish: utilidad
English: usefulness

Spanish: utilización
English: use

Spanish: vacacional
English: vacation

Spanish: vacaciones
English: vacation

Spanish: vacante
English: available position

Spanish: vademécum
English: vade mecum

Spanish: vademécum
English: guidebook

Spanish: vademécum
English: handbook

Spanish: vale de despensa

English: food voucher

Spanish: validación
English: validation

Spanish: validez
English: validity

Spanish: valor añadido

English: added value

Spanish: valor catastral

English: assessed valuation

Spanish: valor de mercado

English: market value

Spanish: valor de mercado

English: market value

Spanish: valor neto realizable

English: net realizable value

Spanish: valor residual

English: residual value, salvage value, junk value

Spanish: vanguardista
English: avant garde

Spanish: variado
English: diverse

Spanish: variado
English: varied

Spanish: vehículo
English: vehicle

Spanish: velar por

English: look after

Spanish: vendedor ambulante

English: street seller

Spanish: vendedor ambulante

English: street seller

Spanish: Venecia
English: Venice

Spanish: venta cruzada

English: cross-selling

Spanish: venta directa

English: direct sales

Spanish: venta en firme

English: outright sale

Spanish: ventaja
English: advantage

Spanish: ventana
English: window

Spanish: ventas
English: sales

Spanish: verdadero
English: true

Spanish: verdadero
English: real
Spanish: verde
English: green

Spanish: versátil
English: versatile

Spanish: vestidor
English: dresser

Spanish: vestidor
English: dressing room

Spanish: vía
English: via

Spanish: vía troncal

English: main road

Spanish: viabilidad
English: viability

Spanish: viajar
English: travel

Spanish: viajero
English: traveler

Spanish: vida
English: life

Spanish: vida útil


Spanish: vida útil

English: useful life

Spanish: vídeo
English: video

Spanish: video bajo demanda

English: video on demand

Spanish: vídeo bajo demanda

English: video on demand

Spanish: videoclub
English: video club

Spanish: vigilante
English: guard

Spanish: visiblemente
English: visibly
Spanish: visión
English: vision

Spanish: víspera
English: eve

Spanish: visto bueno

English: approval

Spanish: visualmente
English: visually

Spanish: vocación
English: vocation

Spanish: vocal
English: member

Spanish: volatilidad
English: volatility

Spanish: volumen de negocio

English: turnover

Spanish: vuelo
English: flight

Spanish: vulcanizar
English: vulcanize

Spanish: y
English: and, plus

Spanish: zona
English: area

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