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What Is the Cost of the


The retreat is offered free of charge. GENNESARET

The retreat staff volunteer their time and
service. Donations from the Archdiocese RETREAT
of Louisville, retreatants’ parishes and The Healing at Gennesaret FOR THE
generous friends cover the operations “After making the cross, they came to land at
costs for the retreat. Gennesaret and tied up there. As they were SERIOUSLY
We are always in need of free will leaving the boat, people immediately recognized
offerings to offset expenses especially him. They scurried about the surrounding country ILL
for medical transportation, medical and began to bring in the sick on mats to
supplies (including oxygen) and wherever they heard he was. Whatever villages or
hospitality needs for our retreatants. towns or countryside he entered, they laid the sick
If you wish to contribute please send in the marketplaces and begded him that they
your offering to: might touch only tassel on his cloak; and as many
Gennesaret Retreat as touched it were healed.”
Saint Barnabas Church Mark 6: 53-56
3042 Hikes Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40220

Where and When Will the St. Barnabas

Retreat Be Held? PARISH OFFICE
3042 Hikes Ln., Louisville, Ky. 40220
Phone: (502) 459-4251
Each Gennesaret Retreat for the FAX: (502) 459-9815
Web Site: www.stbarnabaslou.org
Seriously Ill is held at the Abbey of
Gethsemani, Trapppist, Kentucky. Elaine Hulsman
Contact Coordinator
The next scheduled retreat dates Phone: (502) 499-2360
are: October 22-24, 2010.
Who Can Attend? How Will the Retreatant’s participate and profit from the retreat
activities (e.g., prayer with others and
Medical Needs be Cared alone; ability to read, listen and speak
Anyone with a serious chronic illness
may be a candidate for the Gennesaret
For? about the scriptures; willingness to
interact with others; and ability to endure
retreat experience. The retreat is open
The retreat staff includes a full nursing a three-day overnight schedule).
to people of all faiths, though it is a
Roman Catholic retreat in format, style staff available for the entire retreat. The
retreat nurse coordinator will contact and Second, the nursing staff must be able
and prayer.
interview each prospective retreatant to meet the retreatants’ medical needs.
prior to the retreat. A full medical history This may limit the number of retreatants
will be gathered, as well as current who would require maximum attention
What Does Seriously Ill information on the person’s medical and care.
Mean? condition and medical needs.
Arrangements will be coordinated with Participation will be made on a case by
This retreat is designed for persons family members and/or the retantant’s case basis; after the retreat roster is full,
whose medical condition would normally physician for ongoing care during the a waiting list will be maintained for last-
be considered a hindrance to retreat. A planned course of action will minute openings and for future retreats.
participating in an overnight retreat be set in place in the case of any
program. The retreatant’s medical unforeseen medical emergency. Each decision will be made on a case
condition must be considered chronic by case basis. A waiting list will be
and potentially health threatening. We maintained for last minute openings and
welcome persons with life conditions as for future retreats.
varied as advance multiple sclerosis
(MS), diabetes, ALS, cancer, stroke,
How Will Retreatants Be
AIDS and the like. Selected? 
A member of the nursing staff will
assess each prospective retreatant’s
How Many Retreatants Can medical condition and current care
Be Accommodated For This needs. In addition, the retreat directors
will conduct a separate interview for a
Retreat? spiritual care assessment. Selection for
participation will be made on the basis of
The retreat is limited to 15 persons. a two fold criterion.

 First, a retreatant must manifest a level

of mental awareness, alertness, and
stamina that would allow the retreatant to