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Pre-School Aquatics Lesson Plan D.

3-5 Minutes: On Pool Deck: Intro: “Welcome “Acknowledgment of who we are

and everyone else’s gets to know each other’s name. “Check in Registration”
Opening Song “I’m Guessing a Letter That Begins With” (Intro to Get to know
The Youngsters’/ us) “Recognition of Lifeguard”.

3-5 Minute: Warm-Up: On Deck: Proper Entry/Exit Techniques demonstrated

by one of us while the other monitors/ instructs the kids having them pay-
attention from the graduated steps to the small pool dock and from the pool
dock to the steps nearest the dock. Next, it’s the children’s turn. “All around
the Mulberry Bush”/Gutter Swim from graduated steps to toddler dock where
all of them should be.

10 Minutes: Psychomotor Activities: From Toddler Dock: “Can you dunk your
head under water” Intro for kids becoming comfortable with putting their
heads under water and popping back up for. 3 seconds only. (3 Minutes)

Can You Hold Your Breath? Each Student Monitored 1 at a time holding
breath then together in as a group with one of us taking the role of assistant
and monitoring all students as they come back up. (3 minutes)

Next, “Bubble Blowing” how many of you can blow bubbles? Can blow
bubbles out your nose? Song “Can You Blow A Big Bubble” (Taken From
Muffin Man). Do as one big group while assistant tests everyone individually
to see if they are doing it properly blowing water out of nose and out of
mouth. (4 minutes)

10 Minutes: Psychomotor/Ending: Near Gutter away from toddler Dock:

Transition to “Motor Boat” song and kicking legs. Move to open area a little
bit away from the toddler dock near open gutter area. (3 minutes)

Now that we’ve worked hard time to relax “Back Float”. Initiated as airplane
emphasis. Demonstration by either instructor or assistant while whoever’s
the instructor monitors the students. Restless students engage them by
practicing bubbles, monitored by instructor. Next, each student individually
by the assistant will practice “Back Float”. Instructor shall help as needed,
but focus should remain on kids. Transition back to Toddler Dock (4

Small Review: Let students volunteer to show what they learned. Who can
blow bubbles? (Bubble Song as needed) Who can dunk their heads? Who can
hold their breath? What’s the sign of back float? (Airplane Body Should be
seen). Gutter swim to toddler dock or steps nearest the exit. Class ended (3

Criteria for Swim Planning

• Safety

• Orientation/Warm- Up Song/ Game

• Any Combination of 3 Aquatics Techniques: Breath Control, Floating,

Propulsion: Arms Legs.

• Fun

• Closing