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Reproduction, in whole or in part, without written permission from the publisher is prohibited.

Jay Abraham's Marketing Contracts is a publication of:

Abraham Group
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Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274 • 310-265-1840

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Each technically superb example in this collection of successful advertising was chosen
because it clearly illustrates an important advertising principle. To help guide you in the learning
process, each ad, direct mail piece or sales letter begins with an introductory note alerting you to
the technique(s) used within the piece.

Keep in mind, these ads were chosen for good reason — they are winners. They've earned
millions upon millions of dollars for the people that conceived and ran them. More than a few of
them are mine. But I also wanted you to be exposed to a broad range of other, equally profitable
styles and approaches.
Study these ads. Absorb the way they tell their story. Emulating their style is not just
educational — it could be one of the most lucrative studies you've ever undertaken.

I hope you'll profit from the study of these advertisements in two ways: first, I want to
inspire you to take these time-proven techniques and apply them to every ad you write.
But more importantly, I hope they'll open new windows of awareness and cause you to
examine the advertising and direct mail you see every day with a more discerning and informed
eye. This way, you will continue to advance and grow and profit even more from your study
every day — for the rest of your life!


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Listing of Contents

1. Challenge Systems
2. Bicentennial Papers
3. $495 Transcript
4 Method To My Madness
5. Coin Dealers
6. True Story
7. Muscles
8. Lugers
9. Endorsement
10. American Media Group
11. Direct Response Agency
12. Unique Selling Proposition
13 Baseball Cards
14. Virgin Customer List
15. Marginal Net Worth Theory
16. Marginal Net Worth Theory II
17 Post-Purchase Possibilities
18. Better-Than-Risk-Free
19. Killer Headline
20. The Right Pitch
21. The Moving Parade
22. Working the List
23 Great Retail Ads
24. The Ultimate Tax Shelter
25. Blitzkrieg Survival
26. The Bump
27. The Magic Word
28. The list Is Crucial
29. Free Seminars
30. Consultations
31. Post-Purchase Reassurance
32. Self-Promotion
33. Tax Shelter Seminar
34. Joel Nadel's Boot Camp
35. Financial Intelligence Reports
36. GaryHalbert
37. More Halbert Tidbits
38. Marketing Test
39. Special Importance
40 Grow or Die
41. John Schauub
42. Ethical Bribes
43. Financial Survival
44. Bizar Financing
45. Contingency Client Solicitation
46. Selling a Business
47. Irresistible Bonus
48. The Perfect Diamond
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Robert G. Allen
2010 Jimmy Durante Blvd./Suite 224
Del Mar, CA 92014

9:20 a.m., Thursday

December 22, 19 8 8
Del Mar, California

Dear Friend,
As you can see, I have attached a penny to the top of this letter
for two reasons:
1. I have something very important to tell you and I
needed some way to catch your attention.
2. Since what I am writing about concerns money, I thought a
little "financial eyecatcher" was especially appropriate.
My name is Robert Allen. On March 13th, my staff hand-selected and
taught 189 people from all over the country my secrets to wealth.
Within 60 days, those people had profited an average of $12,916 per
person. 5
This same staff will be in Southern California January 5th thru 14th
and, if possible, they would like to meet with you on a personal
On those days, a brand new way to make some very serious money in
the 1989 real estate market will be revealed to a select group of
people, utilizing two almost unknown advantages "hidden" in the new
tax law.
With the changing economic climate that follows a presidential
election, right now is the best time to buy real estate. If you're
interested in high cash flow real estate, spending the day with
these specialists could be worth a virtual fortune to you. In fact,
we personally guarantee your success. Not only will you learn the
latest techniques of real estate investing from us...
"You Must Make $10,000 Or More In The Period
Of One Year Or We Will Refund Your Tuition!"
This intense training is not for everyone. It is only for those
people who are serious about having or controlling huge sums of
money. When you meet with us, you will receive FREE a special
collection of four reports containing information not included in
my two best-selling books: "Nothing Down" and "Creating Wealth".

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 6
Here are the titles of those reports:
1. A Hidden Twist In The New Tax Law That Once Again
Makes Real Estate The Number One Investment In America
2. An Amazing Secret That Lets You Talk To Owners Of
Bargain Properties Before Anyone Else
3. 12 Telephone Numbers That Can Double Your Income In
The Next 12 Months
4. A Simple 4-Paragraph Letter That Helps Yc. Flush Out
Motivated Sellers

These reports alone are worth the $59 cost of tuition. Yet they
reflect only a sampling of the money-making information that will be
shared with you.
I have enclosed a ticket to reserve your seat and FREE reports. All
you have to do is call and confirm your reservation. Pre-register
with your MasterCard or Visa when you call, and the cost of tuition
is only $39. Call and pre-register before January 4th, and you'll
receive FREE this additional bonus:
All The Forms You'll Ever Need To Profit
In The New 1989 Real Estate Market
We'll meet from 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.; the check-in desk will open
at 8 a.m. Location details are included on the enclosed ticket.
Please call now. Because of the extremely low tuition, we have an
idea this meeting will fill up fast. (We turned away 169 people
last time!) Call toll-free:
1-800-345-DO IT (3648), ext. 2B0
or 1-619-755-5501, ext. 280

Robert G. Allen

P.S. Please let us know even if you cannot come so the reports
reserved for you can be released to someone else. Thank you.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 7
Bicentennial Papers
This promotion provides plenty of meat for the prospect to chew on while making his decision.
Note how the copywriter addresses the issues and questions that are probably foremost in the
reader's mind concerning the papers: rarity, condition, contents of a sample issue, significance of
offering, etc. This "greases the chute," removing objections and obstacles from the customer's
path of buying.

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$495 Transcript
Note the hot "bullets" on page 11. They cover a lot of territory quickly, and are bound to hit a
bull's eye with a fairly large percentage of the readership's concerns.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 18
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 19
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 20
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 21
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 22
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www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 28
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 29
Method To My Madness
A great example of taking customers on a journey through the workings of your mind, clearly and
logically showing them why you can make such a seemingly overgenerous offer, and why it is
mutually beneficial for you both to follow the call to action.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 30
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 31
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 32
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 33
Coin Dealers
These letters go a long way in establishing confidence in a few practitioners in a profession with
many operators of questionable integrity.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 34
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 35
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 36
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 37
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 38
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 39
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 40
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 41
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 42
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 43
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 44
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 45
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True Story
The specificity of the case history in this ad presents compelling case for calling this dealer.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 50
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 51
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 52
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 53
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 54
Testimonials, plus a great story, make this easy and pleasureable to read; the realistic tone is crucial
to the believability of this ad.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 55
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 56
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 57
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 58
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 59
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 60
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 61
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 62
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 63
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 64
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 65
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An endorsement carries so much more weight than bloated first-person claims of greatness.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 71
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 72
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 73
American Media Group
This letter invites the reader into the "inner workings" of the organization, building credibility,
trust, and business.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 74
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 75
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 76
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 77
Direct Response Agency
A novel approach to the concept of an ad agency— improved results on advertising are possible at
no financial risk and guaranteed. The testimonials are sincere and confidence-building.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 78
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 79
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 80
The Lazy Man's Way to Riches
The classic ad that built an empire. If you learn nothing else from this ad, learn that the warm,
one-on-one conversational tone in advertising yields results.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 81
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 82

Unique Selling Proposition

A great example of a Unique Selling Proposition; the coin dealer who will undo the wrongs of
other dealers at no charge. It exudes confidence as well as good will— a genuine concern for

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 83
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 84
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 85
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 86
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 87
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 88
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 89
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 90
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 91
Baseball Cards
The impressive display of facts arranged in an easy-to-analyze manner, coupled with the high
perceived value bonus, make this a compelling offer. Also note the continuity nature of the
offering, as explained on the coupon.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 92
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 93
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 94
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 95
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 96
Virgin Customer List
This headline would pique the interest of just about any business owner, the letter than proceeds to
educate, and offers a way to take advantage of this newly-discovered "asset."

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 97
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 98
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 99
Marginal Net Worth Theory
This bargain-basement offering of pricey newsletters made its money from the fact that a certain
percentage of readers re-subscribed at the regular rate after their cheap subscription ended. The
newsletters got the opportunity to prove just how valuable they could be to the reader. A
customer's value must be computed to figure out just how much you can spend to acquire him and
still turn a reasonable profit over the course of his business lifetime with you.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 100
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 101
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 102
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 103
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 104
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 105
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 106
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 107
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 108
Marginal Net Worth Theory II

Here's another angle on Marginal Net Worth Theory, well-presented for the average reader. By
investing in marketing before tax time, you can delay profits until the next fiscal year.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 109
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 110
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 111
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 112
Post Purchase Possibilities
This post-purchase letter does a few things simultaneously; it builds good will with the free gift, it
offers another expensive kindred item for sale, and finally, it warms up the respondent to fill in a
marketing survey questionnaire, which will be of great use in effectively planning future

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 113
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 114
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 115
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 116
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 117
Better Than Risk Free
The valuable bonus offered at the bottom of the coupon could be the kicker that makes the deal
enticing enough for a customer to give it a try. That kicker, or bonus, can vastly increase the
profitability of the offering. The key is to get a bonus with high perceived value and low actual

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 118
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 119
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 120
Killer Headline
The headline on this letter is a real grabber. The sincere, believable tone is convincing and easy to
get involved with. It's an entertaining and convincing pretense for a letter.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 121
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 122
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 123
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 124
The Right Pitch
This letter contains an effective outline to emulate: first, offer free, useful samples of
information to bring the reader into the copy—then, plenty of benefits promised to be delivered
to stir his interest and desire, and finally, a risk-free guarantee with a call to action to get the
reader to place an order.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 125
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 126
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 127
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 128
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 129
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 130
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 131
. ■ I

The Moving Parade

This story about Jay's experience with an interior decorator clearly illustrates the necessity of
building growing client relations.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 132
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 133
Working the List
This letter starts off by first validating the prospect's original wisdom in purchasing the basic
course, and gracefully segues into the compelling reasons for stepping-up to the advanced course.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 134
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 135
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 136
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 137
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 138
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 139
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 140
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 141
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 142
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 143
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 144
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 145
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 146
Great Retail Ads
These ads tell a complete story. They satisfy the prospect's hunger for knowledge about the

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 147
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 148
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 149
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 150
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 151
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 152
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 153
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 154
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 155
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 156
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 157
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 158
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 159
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 160
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 161
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 162
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 163
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 164
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 165
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 166
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 167
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 168
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 169
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 170
Challenge Systems
Robert Allen does a lot of things right: The bold guarantee. The eye-catching penny that leads
naturally into the text of the letter. The $59 price that promises great value. Note also the
postscript which asks for action, even if the prospect is not interested in coming to
the seminar at the present time. Any mail order responsive name is a valuable asset, and
capturing those names is a lucrative endeavor. Finally, the plain simple envelope with a first-
class postage stamp will be opened more readily because it looks like personal mail.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 171
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 172
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 173
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 174
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 175
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 176
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 177
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 178
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 179
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 180
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 181
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 182
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 183
The Ultimate Tax Shelter
By presenting the features of a familiar product, annuity life insurance, in a fascinating new light,
instead of eliciting disinterest or groans of boredom, the promotion generated massive numbers of
leads that catapulted this broker head-and-shoulders above his competition.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 184
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 185
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 186
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 187
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 188
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 189
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 190
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 191
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 192
Blitzkrieg Survival
A well crafted ad, with the reasons for the preferential price clearly and convincingly articulated.
The "stipulations" on page 3 help authenticate that this is truly a test, and not just a promotional

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 193
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 194
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 195
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 196
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 197
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 198
The Bump
Here's a classic example of a "bump" or upsell; the options provided on the coupon (the
husband/wife plan, and the smokers supplement)
Upselling add
is critical to dramatically to the profit potential.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 199
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 200
The Magic Word
The word "free" is, was and always will be a strong enticer. The headline in this piece is really just
another way of phrasing the contingency client arrangemenL

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 201
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 202
The List Is Crucial

This lead generating device operated initially at a loss, but ended up

producing millions upon millions of dollars from working the customer list

it produced.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 203
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 204
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 205
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 206
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 207
Free Seminars
The exclusivity factor of these seminars greatly increases their appeal. They offer real value for the
respondent talcing the time to come listen to the firm's sales pitch.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 208
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 209
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 210
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 211
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 212
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 213
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 214
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 215
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 216
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 217
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 218
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 219
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 220
This ad offers a true bargain with a complete transference of risk onto the seller. The nine month
guarantee enhances confidence that the seller can truly deliver on his promises.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 221
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 222
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 223
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 224
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 225
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 226
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 227
Post Purchase Reassurance
This letter went out with the first shipment of vitamins to a continuity-type customer. It reinforces
all the benefits that will accrue to the customer by using this product "You are smart; you have
chosen well," should be the underlying message of all post-purchase letters.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 228
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 229
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 230
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 231
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 232
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 233
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 234
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 235
These ads present a variety of propositions with similar strategies underlying most of them:
Jay takes the onus of risk upon himself. He effectively conveys the upside, while explaining the
downside. He explains his motivations up front He makes the deal attractive for both parties. And
he presents himself as a knowledgeable, savvy player.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 236
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 237
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 238
page 2

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 239
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 240
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 241
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 242
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 243
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 244
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 245
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 246
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 247
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 248
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 249
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 250
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 251
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 252
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 253
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 254
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 255
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 256
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 257
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 258
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 259
Tax Shelter Seminar
The credibility of the speaker is firmiy established, and the income criteria is formulated to bring in
highly eligible prospects. Note also the ease of registration with the 800 telephone number.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 260
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 261
Joel Naders Boot Camp
The deeply detailed background story brings the man to life. Note the clever, credibly formed
guarantee under the heading "A No-Lose Deal." It rings true.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 262
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 263
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 264
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 265
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 266
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 267
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 268
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 269
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 270
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 271
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 272
Financial Intelligence Reports
This testimonial-based ad shows how kind words from third parties carry plenty of credibility.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 273
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 274
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 275
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 276
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 277
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 278
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 279
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 280
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 281
Gary Halbert
Yes, the man is outrageous, wildly funny, and utterly unique. But look at how convincingly and
charmingly this approach can get free copy writing work done on speculation, perhaps by top

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 282
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 283
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 284
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 285
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 286
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 287
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 288
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 289
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 290
Marketing Tests
This package involves the distilled essence of a number of wealth building principles. It's a clear
example of how packaging kindred items can enhance their value.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 291
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 292
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 293
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 294
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 295
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 296
Special Importance
This offering, directed to a small select group, is designed to make the reader feel especially
important, part of an elite cadre—this is the sort of recognition we all crave on some leveL By
recognizing customers as valuable and special, they become that much more receptive to your sales

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 297
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 298
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 299
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 300
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 301
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www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 307
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www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 310
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 311
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 312
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 313
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 314
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 315
Grow or Die
A densely informative ad, covering a huge number of questions a prospect might initially raise,
designed to produce extremely hot leads.

www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 316
www.abrahaminternetstrategies.com 317
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John Schaub
The endorsements Schaub has garnered add greatly to the credibility of the promotion

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Ethical Bribes
Cayman Island telephone numbers with top secret information. Free Gold. Ridiculously low prices
on valuable information. These are ethical bribes; they sweeten deals and fatten profits.

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Financial Survival
Check out the first four paragraphs after the salutation; it's a mini-short course in copy writing!
Plus, it congratulates the reader for his discerning intelligence in reading this far—an excellent
approach if you want the reader to make it through your whole letter.

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Bizar Financing
A seminar that
opportunity promises
crowd biglarge
seeking benefits forprofits;
instant $15 admission. It'skey
notice the clearly targetedinatlarge
hot phrases a business

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Contingency Client Solicitation
These letters have a triple purpose: a) they establish Jay's credibility b) they give a firee sample of
his techniques and c)they provide the criteria Jay is looking for in a contingency client

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Selling a Business
The basic questions any prospective buyer might have arc cogently and credibly answered right up
front The image projected is of a very fair, responsible, sincere, and honest businessman.

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Irresistible Bonus
The bonus in this case is worth more than the actual item the prospect is being asked to buy.
Here's a perfect example of high perceived value with a low cost of actual fulfillment being used to
sell a continuity-type item.

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The Perfect Diamond
This extremely well-crafted ad takes what in reality is a fairly common item and imbues it with
greater value by revealing little known facts about it. This is called "pre-emptive" advertising; facts
presented for the first time are thought to be unique to the merchant who first informs the prospect.
All or most fake diamonds may have the same specifications—but did you know these are created
at 5,000 degrees, etc.